#VDBingo Episode 2.01

Holy shit. What a way to start the freaking season, eh?! Damn. I can’t even think right now… We’ll get a little recap up in the morning, but first thing’s first…

How did everyone do with the first game of #VDBingo?! I personally was 1 square away from 2 bingos. How did you fare?

Here’s tonight’s list of officially marked squares: (11 total)

  • Bonnie gets her ass handed to her.
  • Sheriff Mom asks Damon for help.
  • Bonnie threatens someone.
  • The triangle/quadrangle gets AWKWARD!!!
  • Someone just died. (Jeremy and Caroline)
  • Katherine pretends to be Elena and someone buys it (like x10)
  • Katherine and Elena are doppelgängers. What? WHY? HOW?! (Damon said the word!)
  • Damon is SHIRTLESS! (70% of the chest. It counts!)
  • Damon uses sarcasm to cover his man pain. 😦

If you won this week, don’t forget to shoot us an e-mail with your card #. Make sure to put “#VDBingo 2.01” in the subject line.

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5 Responses to #VDBingo Episode 2.01

  1. amilia says:

    For the future, I think you should change “It’s alllright, ’cause Ric’s SAVED BY THE RIIING!” to something that would count if either Gilbert ring saved some one. It could be something like, “It’s alright! A Gilbert ring saved the day!!” Just a thought.

    • You know, I thought something similar as I was watching this episode 🙂

      Some of our squares are purposely specific; I think we’re anticipating something with that square… we’ll see how that pans out. But we’ll definitely consider this!

  2. DJ says:

    Oh my god, what an AWESOME epi!!! And so close to the bingo, too. You guys sure there was no lewd remark? That’s unfathomable 😦 I’ll have to rewatch it and check.

    • I think I was one lewd remark away from bingo as well! I watched it twice and I didn’t hear any. That was one of the questions that come up on Twitter a couple times last night actually. I think Damon was too preoccupied with his man pain to be very lewd and suggestive — though he tried, god love ‘im! But I still have hope for him.

      And judging by the Scenes From Next Week, we might have another VDBingo frenzy on our hands! 🙂

      • DJ says:

        I know, it looks great. I actually changed my mind and decided to follow you guys on twitter now. I’ll just have to avoid it all day friday so I don’t get spioled, but oh well. it’s fun to see other people’s reactions.

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