Hey there, House Guests, welcome to our FAQs page. Here, we hope to answer all (or at least most) of your most burning questions for us at the SBH. Let’s start with some easy ones:

So, what is this place?
I’m glad you asked that, visitor. This is The Salvatore Boarding House, a blog devoted to the CW’s The Vampire Diaries. First and foremost, we’re here for fun. We don’t do news, and we only sometimes pretend that the actors actually exist. We may comment on them (or the lovely, amazing writers for this show), but as far as we’re concerned, we exist in Mystic Falls. It’s more fun that way.

How did this blog get started?
In the summer of 2010, Christina and Cin decided that they needed an outlet for their overworked, fangirling brains. The first season of The Vampire Diaries had just ended, and they needed release. Thus, they started this happy little blog. It’s been slowly growing over the months. Now they write reaction posts, recaps, and host weekly (or at least whenever there are new episodes) games of VDBingo. They’ve been expanding so much, they even needed to take on another staffer. Enter Abby Graham. Now, a year later, the happy trio is ready to bring more TVD ranting, raving, speculating, rage blackout-y goodness!

I love your recaps! Where do you get your screencaps?
Aww, thanks! We love doing them for you! We get all of our screencaps from either hotn-caps.com or crystalcaps.

What about your other art?
Unless specifically noted and linked-to, all art on our site is created by the amazing Cin!

Can I follow you on Twitter?
Of course you can, silly! Our handle is @theSBH. The more the merrier!

I cannot be confined to 140 characters! Please, may I email you?!
You most certainly can, you overzealous gem! It’s salvatoreboardinghouse @ gmail.com (delete spaces). Email us if you have questions, comments, Elijah For Mayor campaign art. Anything! We promise we’ll respond… eventually.

Oh, yeah. Speaking of this Elijah for Mayor Campaign thing… Are you guys for real?
Of course we are! Kidding. We know Elijah wouldn’t really ever be mayor. He COULD — he just wouldn’t WANT to. We know this. But we NEED him to stay in Mystic Falls. And since our current Mayor isn’t doing too hot a job… why not Elijah? He really knows how to get things accomplished, eh? But I won’t get into the details here. Want more info? Visit our Campaign Headquarters!

We didn’t hit on your questions? Want to know more? Just comment below and ask!


2 Responses to FAQs

  1. Laurence Houde says:


    I just love reading your website. I was just wondering whether there will episode recaps like before 3.14. I love reading those along with the reactions.

  2. Briana says:

    Im just wondering where you wonderful ladies have been out. Season premier is tonight so am I going to be receiving a recap soon??

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