Reactions: Ep 3.22 “The Departed”

The dearly departed. *sigh* So many deaths, and death fakeouts, and maybe deaths, and are they deaths? Just general confusion over a lot of things. But, here we are. At the end of another season. I should probably try to sum up the season here or something, but really, there was so much. So I give y’all the final reaction post of Season 3.

(Cin and Abby couldn’t make it today. Hopefully we still had enough Elijah and Klaus love to suffice. Because you can never have enough Elijah love. Or Klaus love.)

Main Players: Christina (SBH staff); Dayna, Erin, Melissa, and Stephanie (SBH contributors and friends).

Matt ‘Bit ‘O Honey’ Donovan
Erin: He had some major balls tonight. I love him. I am struggling to find his relevance outside of being the last human left ever but I love him.. Also, is tea THAT hard? Yikes. Matty is not in AP classes obviously.
Melissa: Matt had killer balls of steel tonight. Which makes me very proud. Although it kind of makes him very Damon-like in the whole I’ll do what it takes to save Elena, even if she doesn’t like it. Which further confuses me because I can’t love Matt & hate Damon for the same stuff! I really want Matt to become bffs with Stefan in S4 so he adds more relevance. Because I love him. Well he was roofie-ing the tea so I think he does know what he’s doing. Sort of. Because Matt, honey, sweet tea is best with white sugar.
Dayna: I share your struggle, Erin. I sort of wanted him to be the sacrificial lamb on the altar of Elena’s becoming a vampire. Something along the lines of Matt (former life-guard) freeing himself from the car and pulling her out of the water, but it’s too late as she’s already drowned. Then she revives and makes Matt her first meal, completing the transition into vampire. Lots of good angsting for Elena down the road if she had been the one to kill him.
Stephanie: I don’t know guys. I just kept flashing back to Zach as Cash in FNL last night. But Dayna, your theory would have been awesome.
Christina: Dayna, that’s actually similar to what I had been expecting. I hadn’t plotted everything out like that, but yeah I didn’t figure Elena would have sacrificed herself for him, though it DOES make sense with her character. So, do we think Stefan got Matt out in time? I’m not so sure, and as much as I love Matt, I don’t think I would be totally upset if he didn’t. This could still be a cause of angst for Elena down the road.
Stephanie: Matt is alive. Julie confirmed it to EW. I don’t mind Matt but I also would not have been upset if he died.
Erin: There is no way I could have handled losing Matt. I love him. His fit in the car when he thought Tyler was dying just endeared him to me even more. This show needs his human element now more than ever. I can’t wait to see his reaction to Elena being turned.

Freaky Friday
Melissa: I WANT MY FIRST DOUCHEBADGE. I am positively thrilled (and a little squicked out) for this development. Obviously it keeps Klaus around which I love and because I actually like Trevino (just not Tyler), I’m more than a little intrigued as to how he’ll play this. Especially since I’m betting Klaus may be in Tyler’s body for more than a couple episodes. It’s a little icky to think about how the whole Caroline/Tyler when it’s really Klaus will go. But at the same time this is The Vampire Diaries, not True Blood, so I’m betting it ends up less twisted and more romantic. Wow that sentence just confused me. I just really want Caroline to be pissed first, then realize that regardless, since she loves Tyler, she has to help keep his body safe (even with Klaus in it) for the day that Tyler comes back. And that’s when Klaus can sneak in and win over her heart without Caroline even realizing. So when Tyler gets his body back, Caroline will be like um, I like the other guy better so I’m gonna go make out with the hot version of Klaus. YES I HAVE THOUGHT THROUGH THIS WAY TOO MUCH.
Dayna: I’m confused… is Klaus’s body still going to be viable, or is this a permanent residence kinda thing? Because he DID get staked w/ the white oak and go all flamey and stuff. (Literally flamey, as opposed to figuratively)
Stephanie: Julie said in a post-finale interview that she didn’t see Klaus’ entire body burn to a crisp. So I’m going to take that as Joseph Morgan will be back eventually.
Christina: Ooh, that’s good news. Because I thought it was gone for good. I mean, I would LIKE Tyler to be dead forever, but if I had to choose between that and having Klaus’ body, y’all KNOW I’d choose the body. 🙂
Dayna: WORD. I’d ten times rather have Joseph Morgan than Michael Trevino. VERY interesting dilemma for Caroline, though.
Erin: I love Klaus but there is no way I can love Klaus wearing the Tyler skin for very long at all. I miss JoMo already. AND, how come he could open his eyes? That was shifty.
Christina: I feel the same way. I was really squicked out (to steal Melissa’s word) at that. It… was SO much weirder than his being in Alaric’s body. Which wasn’t weird at all, but awesome. Re: the opening eyes thing… he wasn’t dead, just desiccated. Mikael could open his eyes too in that state. It’s like a… suspended animation, kind of.
Stephanie: Klaus in Alaric’s body was awesome but Klaus in Tyler’s body is just gross. I don’t like it. Give me back JoMo NOW! It’s just too much ‘eww’ for me especially if they’re going to continue to play up the whole Caroline/Tyler relationship next season.

First Come, First Serve, Gets Elena Gilbert’s Love
Erin: I resent the title of this section. She explained herself. He makes her glad that she is alive. I have a hard time making sense of things here. I lost my own mother so young, not much later than Elena did,. When she cries for her mom I cry harder. When she says that Stefan saved her from that, I believe it.
Melissa: I knew that title would get you. & I don’t think that’s actually Elena’s reasoning. But I felt like the wording on the part of the writers was kinda shitty and hinted at that. I really think it could have been worded a lot better. But that’s actually a major frustration. I feel like sometimes the writers don’t really know how to explain Stefan & Elena’s love. Like they say oh it’s epic and then they try to have Elena explain it and it just doesn’t come out right. Ya know? I really do believe that Stefan (not Damon) was who she needed then and who saved her and that she will still need him. But when the show has Elena try to explain it, it comes off too cold for me. Like when she told Matt a few episodes ago that Stefan appealed to her initially because as a vampire he wouldn’t leave her. The dialogue made it sound like Elena just picked him because he’s immortal when that isn’t it at all. Maybe I’m way off base but it just tends to feel like the writers spend so much time trying to explain why Damon and Elena can make sense, that they don’t think through why Stefan and Elena make more sense.
Dayna: I do think the wording was unfortunate. But I really do feel like, while Stefan was the one she needed in the past, Damon will be the one who is better for her in the future. By having Elena “choose” Stefan now, it makes me more inclined to think that Damon is end-game, not Stefan.
Stephanie: This was my thought exactly last night Dayna. As much Stefan is “good” for her in the past, Damon has always seemed to get her the best. I think that now she’s a vampire (or will be one come September) the triangle will become juicy again as Elena works her special vagina magic as she tries to figure out who is good for her NOW. I also think she’ll come to understand Damon more as both their choices to vamp out were taken from them. Granted under completely different circumstances and scenarios.
Erin: If that’s really how it plays out, I am going to feel very cheated. Whatever. She doesn’t deserve Stefan anyways. No one loves him like I do.
Dayna: I don’t like to think of it in terms of anyone “deserving” anyone else. They all have their issues. It’s a matter of who best fits into the life you want to lead. Elena’s “life” just became very different, and what fit before may not fit going forward.
Stephanie: EXACTLY. Who a person needs in their life at one point is not always the case in the future. That’s why a lot kids who get married very young end up getting divorced because over time they grow into different people. However, I wouldn’t worry too much about who she ends up with in the end because I’m pretty sure the show will end with Elena’s death and the brothers Salvatore travelling the world perfecting their two man comedy show.
Erin: I really hope you’re right Steph. I hate the thought that her choosing Stefan last night was just to placate us (Stefan fans) while we watch the Damon and Elena show next year.
Stephanie: From what I read of post finale interviews, it seems you’ll get Stefan and Elena together for a little. I’m not overly thrilled about having to watch that play out again because we’ve been there and done that BUT I understand how it can add to the storytelling and Elena’s journey of trying to figure out who she is and what she wants in this new vampire era she’s entering.
Erin: I know that I should be walking on water today, running on rainbows even but I kind of feel like the girl who gets everything she ever wanted only to realize that she doesn’t want it anymore. Maybe I’m just not looking forward to the price that will need to be paid for her choosing Stefan last night. These next 4 months are going to be HELL.
Christina: I agree with Stephanie and Dayna. Look, I’m a Stefan girl. I would choose Stefan for myself, and I think overall, Stefan is a better choice. BUT, I do agree that Damon seems to GET her more. Damon and Elena… they aren’t so different deep down, I don’t think. I think that they can bring out the worst but also the best in each other. I don’t really want to see them be endgame, but their relationship would make sense to me, you know? I do agree with you, Erin, that it sucks to have to sit through ups and downs and heartstring pulling only to have her end up with Damon, but I’d much rather see Stefan with, like, Caroline or something. If Klaus wasn’t in the picture, how fucking adorable are Stefan and Caroline?
Stephanie: If Klaus is out of the picture, Stefan and Caroline should be endgame. Those two are just SO KEWT.
Christina: So kewt.
Erin: Caroline is pretty much the only character on the show even close to being good enough for Stefan. And once upon a time I really wanted that. I am just not sure they could have fire though. They should probably make out so I can judge that better.

Bonnie Isn’t Fucking Useless-Who Knew
Erin: She saved Klaus. Anything she does after this is butter. She finally did something that did not make me want to smack her. I think Abby would be pleased. But does Klaus have to live in Ty’s body? Forever? I don’t care for that.
Melissa: I always figured if Klaus was going to put that much effort into getting inside another man, he’d start with Stefan. Not Tyler.
Christina: HA! ❤
Dayna: Am I supposed to think that this is setting Bonnie up to be the Big Bad next season? Because… that makes no sense. Yes, she saved Klaus, but in so doing she saved the rest of them, since Elijah and Rebekah have now confirmed that Klaus wasn’t lying when he said he sired their line. So really, her goals are still in line with the rest of them. Meh, still don’t give a shit about Bonnie.
Stephanie: I still don’t give a fuck about Bonnie.
Dayna: I wonder if she’s going to cop a ‘tude about making a daylight ring for Elena.
Christina: Maybe. Or maybe Klyler will make her be civil about it. Honestly, I don’t really give a shit about Bonnie either. Also, I feel like we should have known that Klaus was telling the truth about siring their bloodline. It would make sense that he was the one who turned Katherine, you know? Elijah has always been such a gentleman (now if we could get a flashback to prove that sentence wrong, that would be much accepted and appreciated).
Dayna: Well, not technically. I mean, Klaus sure as HELL did not want Katherine turned. [Christina: Oh, right. DERRR. I’m an idiot, haha] But I definitely see him as more the type to go turning groupies (Scary Mary) rather than Elijah. Other than Finn, I’d hazard a guess that he’s probably sired the fewest vampires of any of them.
Christina: You’re right. I forgot about the whole doppelganger/hybrid thing. Also, ROSE turned her, so I’m a double idiot. But still, this whole “Who’s The Sire” (a new sitcom coming this fall on FOX!) is so hella confusing.
Stephanie: Bonnie will probably get all high and mighty over Meredith using vampire blood and then make Elena swear an oath that she’ll only ever eat woodland creatures. I hope Thumper and Flower start building their fucking bunker now. That little bitch Bambi can suck it and fend for himself.
Erin: I am so over Bonnie and everything she does. Her fucking attitude is ridiculous. She is always so God damned put out. I hope Elena eats her first. Right after she gets her ring of course.

Original Sibs
Melissa: ELIJAH!!!!!! Did not get enough screen time. But he lived. So he can appear sporadically and then Gillies Canadian show can get canceled and he can be on the last half of S4 to help spin off an Originals series. I LIKE THIS PLAN. CAN I MARRY THIS PLAN? And I get to keep Rebekah (which makes me superbly happy) and Klaus is totally coming back because duh. And maybe just maybe Kol will come stay with Rebekah at that big house and he can bring Jeremy’s dog with him and be shirtless a lot. I have needs.
Christina: First of all, why? Why do you wish ill on The Gillies’ new show? I’m going to watch the shit out of that show, and I want him to be successful! That said, Elijah can never disappear for super extended periods of time again! I’m so glad he survived the finale. Just being allowed to gaze upon his face is a goddamn gift from above.
Dayna: When is Elijah going to learn that he’s never going to be able to control his siblings? Fucking of COURSE Rebekah went off-book and moved to take Elena out. He may have given his word not to do so, but he really wasn’t able to promise for her. Best line reading ever, though: “Perhaps it will finally teach him some manners.” He’s so, like, OFFENDED when Klaus is rude.
Christina: It’s kind of adorable.
Erin: Elijah and Klaus are better than sliced bread. Seriously. I would give up sliced bread if I could keep them forever. Their dynamic is so powerful. I wonder if we’ll get to see Elijah react to Klaus being in Tyler’s body. I see some eye rolling with that.
Dayna: It IS a powerful dynamic, and it’s been horribly under-utilized. And while it will be interesting to see how he reacts when/if he learns that Klaus has taken up a time-share in Tyler (dirty!), I love how JoMo and Gillies play off of one another. Dammit, where’s my spinoff?!!!!
Stephanie: I NEED those two together always.
Christina: Always and forever.
Erin: NALEY!!! (sorry, it’s an automatic reaction I have no control over).

Vampire Elena
Dayna: So, unless Meredith kept tabs on what vial of vampire blood came from where, the whole bloodline question is back in play with respect to Elena, yes? Anyone else think it might be what she tapped from Damon? What if it creates one of those sire bonds “that are rare, but happen?”
Stephanie: I totally think it’s Damon’s blood that brought her. I don’t think any of the other vampires in town donated at the local blood drive, i.e. were drugged and blood raped. However, I do not think it’ll create a sire bond but it could and I don’t put anything past this show. If anything, I think it’ll just draw Elena to Damon more. Also can we talk about how she’s going to get all her Damon compelled away memories. I’m EXTREMELY interested to see how she reacts to them.
Dayna: Definitely looking forward to that.
Erin: I was thinking about this last night. I know that in the past she has been pretty upset every time Damon has taken her choice away from her, I think it’s one of the reasons she loves Stefan. So I wonder if she will be pissed when she realizes how much Damon has compelled her to forget.
Dayna: Maybe some at the fact that he compelled her at all, but I don’t think the content of what he made her forget should be something to piss her off, given the reason he did it (knowing that telling her he loved her was selfish, saying he didn’t deserve her, etc.).
Stephanie: Yeah I don’t think she’ll be mad at him for compelling her to forget but she’ll definitely be curious as to WHY he would do it and never mention it again especially after her “maybe if I had met you first” spiel. He could have easily compelled her to remember during this whole “you must choose” survivor game they had going on.
Christina: I don’t really think she’ll be mad at him either. Not for that initial compulsion. It’s not like he did anything horrible. Just told her to forget she talked to him. Though, I agree. It’s going to be VERY interesting when she remembers this. I don’t know if it’ll change anything, though. Not… immediately.
Stephanie: Definitely not immediately but it will certainly give her something to ponder. And hey maybe her vampire side will make her smarter now!

Alaric the Friendly Ghost
Stephanie: Sorry guys but I HAD to talk about how Matt Davis destroyed me in his very-Ghost like goodbye with Jeremy. I hadn’t really felt any feelings until right then and man I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shed a tear or two. It was such a perfect goodbye/maybe I’ll see you later moment. Also I’ve never been more glad that Whoopi!Jeremy exists. I’m going to need him to hold psychic happy hour dates for Damon and Alaric.
Christina: Dude. This show hasn’t really made me feel the sads since LAST season finale. I wasn’t feel any feelings but frustration and anger UNTIL ALARIC SHOWED UP AT THE HOUSE. Immediately, I was all “OMG GhostAlaric!” And then the tears came. They didn’t spill, but they were welled up in my eye. You guys, I fucking love Alaric. I love him so much, and I didn’t fully realize until he was really, really gone. It was like Damon. He already lost him once, and now having to lose him again, the fact that Alaric was really, really truly gone. Gah, it was so sad. But showing up and telling Jeremy it was okay, and that he would ALWAYS be there to watch out for him. Man…
Stephanie: Heart strings were pulled SO HARD at that because it really hit me that I (and Damon) won’t have Alaric around all the time now. I’m just sure I can handle that truth yet.
Dayna: That was a perfect end note for the character. Poor Damon though, without his BFF…
Stephanie: I KNOW! Damon literally has NO friends now. Maybe he should adopt Jeremy’s dog. We all know he’d be the superior owner.
Dayna: He’d have to keep it away from Stefan, though. He likes those Golden Retrievers…
Erin: I could not handle Damon holding Ric while he died, calling out to him. OUCH. That was the worst. They will never be able to find another friend for him like that. True love really has died.
Christina: That’s probably the strongest example of “you choose your family” on this show. They completed each other, you know? I’m not being snarky here either.
Stephanie: WORD.

From the Tweetosphere
@dieslaughing: #MANNERS #TVD
@caulkcrinolines: Who DOESN’T want Klaus’ body? #TVD
@thomascgalvin: Tonight, the Salvatores face their most dangerous opponent: someone who isn’t tragically retarded. #TVD
@AndySwift: I love that Matt “over-honey’d” the tea. Doesn’t he sweat honey? #TVD

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6 Responses to Reactions: Ep 3.22 “The Departed”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Girls, when Damon was holding Alaric and saying, “You are not dead! You are not dead!”… he was talking to ELENA. In absentia.

  2. atsi says:

    i cant believe you guys barely shed any tears! this entire ep from the middle i started crying, expecially with the flashbacks.. and expecially, that last “death” scene with elena and matt in the car, i was hysterically trying. the flashbacks were an amzing touch.. and i complelty agree with you guys.. this is the only ep in the entire season that made me actually feel something. at first i was so astonished with elena seeing her mum, i thought it was an old ep but then, with matt drugging her tea, elena choosing stefan (obvi) damon crying over elena, the entire klaus turning into tyler, the scence with caroline- partically the entire ep was amazing and def better than last seasons finale. x

    btw, what happenned to katherine? did everyone just forget about her??

    • I actually did shed a few tears on a rewatch. I tend to cry when characters react to a death more than during the actual death. But I also knew Elena was vamping out, that Joseph Morgan wasn’t leaving and I’d already said my goodbyes to Alaric. So I only got teary-eyed a couple times.

  3. Christina says:

    In another JP interview, she said quote “99.9% we would be seeing Joseph Morgan back as Klaus” and that it was hinted that we could expect Klaus to be back in his own body by the 2nd or third ep of S4 (THANK GOD!!!). Like you guys, I prefer the hot version of Klaus too. TylerKlaus is just eww and Klaus is not Klaus unless its Joseph Morgan.

  4. Erin, you can’t possibly love Stefan more than I love Stefan! haha
    Going into this choice thing I wanted Stefan to be the chosen one cause Stefan wanted it. For my own taste I’m dying to see the boy with ANYBODY but Elena. The best thing I”ve heard from Julie PLec post-finale is that Stelena will get together for a “little” while but it won’t be peaches and cream. GREAT! Then Delena can fly away together. Hell, I’ll buy the tickets. And I’m already pre-pissed if the writers don’t give Stefan a new love interst at that point. If there’s one thing I want more than to see STefan with a new love interst, it’s that I want Elena to see Stefan with a new love interest.
    I screamed when Klaus flamed up. Julie Plec says both Klaus and Tyler will be back. So I’m okay with that. Love Klaus.
    The only time I cried was when Jeremy realized Elena was dead. I didn’t even know I liked Jeremy but I cried in the previous episode when Jeremy cried.

    I have to share this. I read on twitter that Elena won’t have to get Damon to compel Jeremy anymore. She can do it herself.

  5. when do you blog about season 4?

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