Reactions: Ep 3.22 “The Departed”

The dearly departed. *sigh* So many deaths, and death fakeouts, and maybe deaths, and are they deaths? Just general confusion over a lot of things. But, here we are. At the end of another season. I should probably try to sum up the season here or something, but really, there was so much. So I give y’all the final reaction post of Season 3.

(Cin and Abby couldn’t make it today. Hopefully we still had enough Elijah and Klaus love to suffice. Because you can never have enough Elijah love. Or Klaus love.)

Main Players: Christina (SBH staff); Dayna, Erin, Melissa, and Stephanie (SBH contributors and friends).

Matt ‘Bit ‘O Honey’ Donovan
Erin: He had some major balls tonight. I love him. I am struggling to find his relevance outside of being the last human left ever but I love him.. Also, is tea THAT hard? Yikes. Matty is not in AP classes obviously.
Melissa: Matt had killer balls of steel tonight. Which makes me very proud. Although it kind of makes him very Damon-like in the whole I’ll do what it takes to save Elena, even if she doesn’t like it. Which further confuses me because I can’t love Matt & hate Damon for the same stuff! I really want Matt to become bffs with Stefan in S4 so he adds more relevance. Because I love him. Well he was roofie-ing the tea so I think he does know what he’s doing. Sort of. Because Matt, honey, sweet tea is best with white sugar.
Dayna: I share your struggle, Erin. I sort of wanted him to be the sacrificial lamb on the altar of Elena’s becoming a vampire. Something along the lines of Matt (former life-guard) freeing himself from the car and pulling her out of the water, but it’s too late as she’s already drowned. Then she revives and makes Matt her first meal, completing the transition into vampire. Lots of good angsting for Elena down the road if she had been the one to kill him.
Stephanie: I don’t know guys. I just kept flashing back to Zach as Cash in FNL last night. But Dayna, your theory would have been awesome.
Christina: Dayna, that’s actually similar to what I had been expecting. I hadn’t plotted everything out like that, but yeah I didn’t figure Elena would have sacrificed herself for him, though it DOES make sense with her character. So, do we think Stefan got Matt out in time? I’m not so sure, and as much as I love Matt, I don’t think I would be totally upset if he didn’t. This could still be a cause of angst for Elena down the road.
Stephanie: Matt is alive. Julie confirmed it to EW. I don’t mind Matt but I also would not have been upset if he died.
Erin: There is no way I could have handled losing Matt. I love him. His fit in the car when he thought Tyler was dying just endeared him to me even more. This show needs his human element now more than ever. I can’t wait to see his reaction to Elena being turned. Continue reading

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Reactions: Ep 3.21 “Before Sunset”

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Erin, Melissa, and Stephanie (SBH contributors and friends).

Vigil Candles For Klaus
Christina: I have to constantly keep reminding myself that he’s not really dead, he’s just desiccated. He’s just desiccated. He could come back. He could come back. HE WILL COME BACK. HE WILL COME BACK! AAHHHHh *sobs* A life without Klaus isn’t worth living! 😦
Dayna: I’m not happy to have Klaus gone, because Joseph Morgan is SO good, and Klaus always brings some great snark along with the, you know, threat of imminent death, but DAMN they did a good job of catching me by surprise. I totally did not see that coming.
Stephanie: I SO did not expect that twist and I was sad for one second because it’s Klaus and he’s pretty much been the bees knees this season; however, I KNOW he’ll be back. That character and Joseph Morgan are too good for the writers to keep him away for too long.
Cin: As if everyone didn’t have enough reasons to hate Bonnie. It’s almost like the writers have said “fuck it, everyone hates her already – she can do the dirty work”. Fucking Bonnie. Why the fuck is she even still alive? UGH!
Abby: *deep breath* Okay, I feel a little better. I’m going to be sad forever if they kill Klaus in a permanent way, but I have to admit, the desiccation thing was smart. I have ALWAYS maintained that Klaus would, eventually, have to be defeated in some way or the storyline would be horribly pointless. That he could never be truly redeemed. Klaus is, and always has been, a villain. He’s a villain with depth, a wide range of emotions and a beautiful tragedy about him, but he IS a villain. Without a moment where the home team triumphs over Klaus, there’s no payoff. As much as I love him, I have to admit, this was necessary. I just hope it’s not permanent, because I ALSO think that Klaus is sufficiently developed that he could ride off into the sunset now that they’ve bested him once, and be the world’s most charming plot device in future episodes. Elijah and Klaus are the two Originals that I feel make excellent recurring guests, because it makes sense for them to come in, do things, and then vanish again until the next time. Fingers crossed we get to keep them both for future fun. Continue reading

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Reactions: Ep. 3.20 “Do Not Go Gently”

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, and Stephanie (SBH contributors and friends).

Goodbye, Alaric
Christina: HAHA J/K! Oh, you fucking show. Build up his death all fucking episode long, then give it to us, and have everyone properly sad about it (though that living memorial, candle light vigil thing was beyond stupid corny), have Damon sadly and symbolically put the cork in the bourbon bottle… and then fucking have EstherBonnie feed him blood and vamperize him. FUCKING FIGURES. Oh, and also? PLEASE LET THIS MEAN THAT BONNIE IS GOING TO BE DEAD! Knowing this show, it’s not going to work out that way, but a girl can dream.
Dayna: Yeah, you keep dreaming, Christina. Keeeeeeeeeep dreaming. Seriously though: the only way this Alaric thing is going to work for me is if all traces of the old Alaric truly ARE dead. I can deal with him being the Big Bad Vampire Vampire Hunter, and let all the emotion around Alaric’s death stand, if only they don’t try to play the “hehehe just kidding lol” now that he IS vamped, Original-style. Otherwise, it was just a wanton manipulation of our emotions as viewers and I. Will. Be. PISSED.
Christina: Word. I mean, they went ahead and did it, you know? There HAS to be a change. And I want Alaric to be all-out, balls to the walls EVIL. EEEEVVIIIILLLLLLL. That’s the only way I won’t roll my eyes out of my head at this plot turn.
Cin: Let’s back up the bus for a second. I want to go back to just them teasing Alaric’s death for maximum fan reaction AGAIN. And they went all the way out this time too. That candlelight wordless group goodbye was possibly the cheesiest thing I’ve seen outside Glee in like forever. It worked, had most of twitter in stitches and tears and rage — I was like, ‘meh’. Literally, zero mist happening. They have cried wolf with Alaric dying too many damn times. I’m over it. Especially when Elena is wailing about losing everyone. CHICK, YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE BESIDE THE UNDEAD. Anyway… I’m sorry, it just did less than nothing for me. Now if they had extended that Damon/Alaric scene at the end and cut the cheese a bit – I might have been affected. The bromance is matters to me with Alaric. The pseudo family he had going on with Elena was mostly borderline creepy. It worked with Jeremy, but with Elena… not so much. Anyway, if they would have made the bromance or even Jeremy the focus, I would have bought into it more. But no. It’s all about Elena, Elena, Elena. Anyway, and then the twist. So f-ing typical. When they hit us out of left field and magically undo things with magic EVERY WEEK – ugh. I’m sorry, but it’s just gotten old. I don’t know how I feel about vamp’d Alaric. Because when they do things like this now my brain just slow blinks at the screen and I kinda just say ‘whatthefuckever’. *shrug* Also, Matt Davis has another job folks. We knew this (or something along these lines) was coming.
Stephanie: I know a lot people were not fans of this twist. Not me obviously since I want to keep Alaric around anyway I can get him. BUT I see why people feel manipulated. The thing is I think Alaric has gone completely evil and there won’t be any saving him from this. That’s why the vigil and that heartbreaking goodbye between him and Damon was so important because they were saying goodbye to the Alaric they knew and loved. This new Dr. Claw (or is he more of a Shredder?) of Alaric won’t be any of that and as I said I don’t think he will ever be like his former self so it was important to allow his character and those close to him, ESPECIALLY DAMON, the chance to say goodbye and close the book on Alaric the history teacher/drinking buddy. Hell after rewatching Esther’s little spiel to Elena totally gave away this plot twist. Also I just want Bonnie to FUCKING DIE.
Cin: Who doesn’t want Bonnie to die? I mean, seriously. I need a roll call of people on team BonnieLives. But seriously, the best part of the entire Alaric funeral thing for me was when this happened::: When Elena & Alaric were looking out of the tomb at the makeshift living memorial with all the other character – Megan (my 14 year old) looks over at me and goes “OMG, he was in Legally Blonde! Wasn’t he? He was Warner right?” I spittled on my BlackBerry & then kinda forgot in the crazy that was my twitter & bbm chat with Christina – but yeah. Gold. (PS: She’s not my brain legacy child – that would be my 9yr old Brady)
Christina: Stephanie, I agree with you that it was important, but I kind of feel like because we got the twist, the emotions were kind of wasted. Until we know that the Alaric that we know is actually dead, it’s just the story twisting at our guts again, and that’s no good. Now, I do sincerely hope that he is All Evil All the Time. 1) That’d be interesting, and 2) then it makes the fact that the Alaric everyone loved is gone all the more true. But until then… *shrug*
Stephanie: I totally get that and I will be the first one to tell you that I’ll be pissed if becomes un-evil again because that was a perfect goodbye to that side of him. Evil Alaric is always amazing and I’m excited to see Matt Davis destroy at it but TVD is known to backtrack on shit like this so I get the hesitation. I just don’t want Alaric gone gone because I can’t handle that again. Even if he’s evil I still get to keep Alaric which will allow me to work up myself to saying goodbye permanently to this character though I’m still hoping the bromance will survive somehow. Evil Alaric and Damon could amazing.
Cin: THAT would be amazing. Let’s revisit our idea from a while back about a bromance spin off of awesome. Because now it comes with double immortality and that’s always much more fun. Continue reading

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Reactions: Ep 3.19 “Heart of Darkness”

19 episodes down. 3 to go. The episode was polarizing and very shipper heavy, but as always we are ready to talk that shit out. Christina is away on vacation so we are doing the best we can to do this thing up right in her absence. Enjoy!

Main Players: Cin and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, and Stephanie (SBH contributors and friends).

Matt Donovan: Double Agent Of Awesome
Abby: I love, love LOVE that Matt Donovan is on the team now. I really hope he doesn’t get killed for it.
Melissa: Matt’s too good to get killed. Everyone falls in love with him so they just can’t bear to kill him, right? RIGHT? PLEASE. Even Klaus wants Matty around to make babies with Elena.
Dayna: Now that Matt’s in on everything I’m cool with him staying. Someone has to represent Team Human.
Stephanie: Matt is seriously trying to make me love him the best. His team contributions are always the best. I mean, he did kill Finn which that alone makes me want to kiss him.
Cin: Matty is the wind beneath my wings. And I kinda feel dirty about liking the fact that Rebekah is crushing on him, but at the same time – it’s Matt. Who WOULDN’T crush on him? *sigh* He’s perfect. Oh, and he called Caroline “Care” and I died. DIED.
Stephanie: I just want them to make out again already!
Cin: I know! I still miss Caroline & Matt. Actually, I think I’m so easy I would be team Matty with anyone (as long as he was getting naked), except Bonnie. No.
Abby: I just hope Rebekah doesn’t kill him when she realizes he’s playing her.
Cin: Is Rebekah even an issue anymore? I mean, is she dead or just temporarily possessed? At any rate, she’s not behind the wheel & since Momma O has a goal parallel to Matty’s deception, I think he’s safe for now.
Melissa: The only thing I ship Bonnie with is Death. Coincidentally, I’m open to her being in a threesome with Death and Tyler. But I was swooning like you would not believe when Matt called her “Care”. Also I’m crediting Matt with killing Sage since he killed Finn.
Stephanie: That’s totally a Hunger Games thought process right there.
Melissa: Well I have been trying to volunteer as tribute in the sexual frustration dungeon all night.
Stephanie: LOL. DEAD. Also who wouldn’t want to volunteer as tribute for that?
Cin: ROFLMAO! Bonnie/Death/Tyler is my absolute OTP. Thank you, Melissa for giving word to my brainwaves. Continue reading

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Reactions: Ep 3.18 “The Murder of One”

Oh, man. Vamp-death loopholes. Crazy klepto, murderous alter egos! Just another typical day in Mystic Falls, eh? Well, not a lot to say here, so let’s just get to it! Our round table reactions to last night’s TVD!

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, and Stephanie (SBH contributors and friends).

Christina: You can’t kill the originals because then it kills all vamps they sired! YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Loophole FTW!
Abby: I’M SO HAPPY!!!!! Seriously, you guys, I really loved this episode.
Melissa: Sweet goodness, I love retconny loopholes. I’m not forgiving TVD for the last 2 episodes but I’m sure as hell willing to overlook it if the rest look like this.
Cin: Deus Ex Machina (for about the 34th time this season, but who’s counting…) FTW!!!
Stephanie: SO saw this plot twist coming but I don’t care if it means that the Originals stay forever!!!! Seriously, I super enjoyed this ep.
Dayna: Someone just tell me Rose descended from Elijah and I will never bitch about anything on this show ever again. Pinky-swear. Although I did have to get a teeny bit ragey — Damon: “No one better get their pity on again.” Elena: “No, I’m good. Go ahead and kill Elijah with the rest.” Me: “Fuck. You. Elena.”
Abby: Rose descending from Elijah would make sense. Also: EEELLIJJJAAAAH!!!!
Cin: It would make PERFECT sense. Then he could be the only Original they could never kill. THEN he’d be every vamp on the show’s Pimp Daddy for reals. I mean, he already is. He owns them all, but if he really WAS their daddy? *dies forever*
Christina: And thus my tweet about Damon being the Worst. Shit list for sure for even cooking up this whole hair-brained scheme.
Cin: Let’s be real for a sec, Christina: If Damon’s plans are actually good they still get foiled. Honestly I don’t even see why he tries anymore. F-ing pathetic.
Dayna: Well, to be fair, Damon has ALWAYS wanted to off the Originals if given a chance. I expect better from Elena. Still. For some fucked up reason, because Jesus, she’s ELENA.
Abby: I have the feeling that this whole doppelganger thing is going to come back into play soon. The fact that it was the first doppelganger (Tatia) whose blood created the Originals is certainly going to make a difference at some point. My guess is that it’ll help save Tyler if Klaus *wibble* dies. WHICH HAD BETTER NOT HAPPEN, SHOW.
Cin: SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH, ABBY!!! Don’t give them any ideas. If Tyler lives and Klaus dies… I just don’t even know. That is like cosmically unfuckingfair. BUT, I do think you could be right about the doppelganger thing. Let’s just hope it has a different purpose for rearing it’s ugly head. Like, more flashbacks of Klaus and Elijah (with perfect flashback hair) both sexing Tatia up. I’m actually surprised Dobrev hasn’t pushed for that ‘sexy-time scene with every hot man on the show’ thing with Gillies & JoMo. Lord knows I’d be in that front office stomping my foot and splashing the writers with coconut water until that shit happened! Continue reading

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Reactions: Ep 3.17 “Break On Through”

I don’t know about you guys, but we here at the SBH seem to be kind of blah about last night’s ep. It wasn’t a very exciting, plot-driven episode. I think it was a lot about setting up what’s to come. But we just had a hard time getting excited about it. We liked Alaric, and despite the fact that he wasn’t even in the episode, Klaus somehow managed to dominate our discussion in our first section. As he should. Because he is awesome. But you’ll read our thoughts in a moment. Don’t forget to let us know what YOU thought about it in the comments!

Main Players: Cin, Christina (SBH staff); Dayna, Erin, and Stephanie (SBH contributors and friends).

Damon, I will straight up murder you…
Christina: If you use that fucking sign to kill Elijah OR Klaus. STRAIGHT. UP.
Dayna: Fucking right!!! Although, I can see them eventually killing Klaus. I like him, and I like JoMo, but it would make sense. Storywise, I think he kind of has to die in the end. Elijah, though… FUCKING DEATH TO WHOEVER KILLS ELIJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cin: For serious, that’s my total line in the sand with this show. They are building sand castles as it is. Although, I do take some comfort in the fact that Damon’s plans almost always don’t work out and the Originals are better than they are. Although the linked thing worries the hell out of me, but you guys they CAN NOT kill Klaus when he hasn’t even been around the last 2 stupid episodes and they had BETTER NOT EVER kill Elijah. *deep breath* I just – UGH!!!
Erin: I miss Klaus. If we are supposed to be hating him at this point, the writers have failed. How can you want that guy dead? I just want him to make out with Caroline and live happily ever after forever.
Cin: I totally agree, Erin. It’s something we talked about about at length in the “All My Children” post – but they have really written themselves into a corner with the Originals. The audience likes them more than the leads at this point – as well they should b/c they are better characters. So how can we root for the leads when they are in conflict with what is like way better and more awesome? I know I can’t even THINK about wishing Stefan & Damon luck on their Original crusade. Like, at all.
Christina: WORD. Hence the title of this section.
Dayna: I like the idea that there is SOMETHING about Klaus that intrigues Caroline, but I would totally lose respect for her if she just completely chose Klaus after everything that’s gone down. It would backtrack over all the growth she’s had since season one, and ruin the character for me. Continue reading

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Reactions: Ep 3.16 “1912”

What’s up, House Guests?! Damn, it certainly has been a while. We’ve been doing a little light spring cleaning around the house in prep for actual spring, so we’ve been keeping busy. Hope everyone had a good hiatus, but we are officially back. And here we are with our reactions to last night’s ep “1912.” We had a lot of feelings y’all. About a lot of things. Personally, I’m disappointed that there were ZERO references to the Titanic. I was really hoping that Zachariah Salvatore had been killed on the Titanic, but noooooo. He had to go and get himself murdered by a fucking townie. Ugh. But that’s neither here nor there. Without further ado, I give you — our reactions!

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Stephanie, Melissa and Erin (SBH contributors and friends).

Cin: IT’S AN INSANITY RING!!! A RING OF INSANITY!!! This shit is buckets of cray ya’ll.
Abby: Am I the only one that wasn’t surprised? I liked it as a story choice, but I was in no way shocked. I’m not amazed. I’m not wowed. I liked it, but I feel like everyone else is reacting like this is huge. Maybe it’s just me.
Christina: I wasn’t shocked that the ring is making him crazy, BUT it makes sense now why they kept relentlessly killing him. I mean, that was getting REALLY tedious, but now at least it had a purpose. And I retroactively accept that.
Melissa: I liked that it wasn’t the theory I had. I hadn’t tied the ring and the killings together. I suspected Alaric as the killer and I felt like the ring was wonky but I didn’t see the two being connected. Which seems stupid in hindsight because hello, this show doesn’t do unconnected red herrings. But shocked? No. I’m impressed by the precedent set by having Samantha Gilbert go through it already. And the possibility that it explains why all the Gilberts went insane but not other founding family members. So yeah, I’d say I’m with you, Abby. As a story choice, I’m quite a fan. I’m just not floored by the development.
Cin: I kinda wish it had been Jeremy all along. Then again, we get to see Matt Davis be crazy again so that’s a win for everyone.
Christina: And we ALL know the level of cray that Matt Davis can achieve when he sets his mind to it. I really love him for it. 🙂 #longliveErnestoRiley
Erin: I must be a world class fool. I was kind of shocked. I knew something was up with that ring but THIS is not at all what I guessed.
Melissa: You are so not a fool. 🙂 I think this is one of those cases where knowing even a few spoilers, or even making a habit of discussing theories all the time (as I am prone to do) leaves me with few ways to be surprised. That’s not always a bad thing on a show with great character development but it does take away the thrill of being completely shocked by a twist.
Stephanie: Guys, I’m so pissed that it wasn’t Jeremy that was slaughtering the poor (dumb) people of Mystric Falls. His emo-ness plus the insanity ring would have been the best thing ever. Also Alaric should really look into Groupon for a discount on an exorcism. Just sayin’.
Abby: HA! You’re right. Jeremy would have been way more fun than Alaric as the murderer, though I have to admit that I am looking forward to seeing Matt Davis unleash his crazy.
Cin: ROFL! See what I get for commenting before I read the entire section, but yes – Jeremy being all ax murderer would have been a hoot, and he needs a purpose. Alaric has a purpose. He’s Damon’s bff and is a lush. That said…
Stephanie: Matt Davis crazy really is the best, isn’t it? Alaric being possessed by Klaus is still one my top Alaric moments. I mean, he was perfect at it. Continue reading

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