Reactions: Ep 3.19 “Heart of Darkness”

19 episodes down. 3 to go. The episode was polarizing and very shipper heavy, but as always we are ready to talk that shit out. Christina is away on vacation so we are doing the best we can to do this thing up right in her absence. Enjoy!

Main Players: Cin and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, and Stephanie (SBH contributors and friends).

Matt Donovan: Double Agent Of Awesome
Abby: I love, love LOVE that Matt Donovan is on the team now. I really hope he doesn’t get killed for it.
Melissa: Matt’s too good to get killed. Everyone falls in love with him so they just can’t bear to kill him, right? RIGHT? PLEASE. Even Klaus wants Matty around to make babies with Elena.
Dayna: Now that Matt’s in on everything I’m cool with him staying. Someone has to represent Team Human.
Stephanie: Matt is seriously trying to make me love him the best. His team contributions are always the best. I mean, he did kill Finn which that alone makes me want to kiss him.
Cin: Matty is the wind beneath my wings. And I kinda feel dirty about liking the fact that Rebekah is crushing on him, but at the same time – it’s Matt. Who WOULDN’T crush on him? *sigh* He’s perfect. Oh, and he called Caroline “Care” and I died. DIED.
Stephanie: I just want them to make out again already!
Cin: I know! I still miss Caroline & Matt. Actually, I think I’m so easy I would be team Matty with anyone (as long as he was getting naked), except Bonnie. No.
Abby: I just hope Rebekah doesn’t kill him when she realizes he’s playing her.
Cin: Is Rebekah even an issue anymore? I mean, is she dead or just temporarily possessed? At any rate, she’s not behind the wheel & since Momma O has a goal parallel to Matty’s deception, I think he’s safe for now.
Melissa: The only thing I ship Bonnie with is Death. Coincidentally, I’m open to her being in a threesome with Death and Tyler. But I was swooning like you would not believe when Matt called her “Care”. Also I’m crediting Matt with killing Sage since he killed Finn.
Stephanie: That’s totally a Hunger Games thought process right there.
Melissa: Well I have been trying to volunteer as tribute in the sexual frustration dungeon all night.
Stephanie: LOL. DEAD. Also who wouldn’t want to volunteer as tribute for that?
Cin: ROFLMAO! Bonnie/Death/Tyler is my absolute OTP. Thank you, Melissa for giving word to my brainwaves.

No Amount Of Good Sex Makes Up For A Pony Sketch
Melissa: Who says sex with Tyler is good?
Abby: *dies*
Dayna: Okay, I’ve watched twice now, and I’m still trying to figure out why Tyler is having a little man-hissy because Klaus gave Caroline a drawing.
Abby: He knows he’s outclassed.
Melissa: Because Tyler is a dick. And because not only does Klaus give better bracelets, he is also clearly more artistically talented. *psst* Caroline you have a type!
Stephanie: Ugh, Tyler. I don’t see him having any paintings hanging up in art museums. He’s just jealous because seriously who can compete with a sexy British artist? No one.
Melissa: THIS. Also maybe now Caroline will see that Klaus cares about HER while Tyler clearly only wants her for sex and can’t carry on an adult conversation.
Cin: Tyler is just so typical teenage jealousy crap. I honestly do not see anything of depth at all in the Forwood relationship. It’s just so beneath Caroline to be saddled with his dumb ass. AND TYLER KNOWS THIS. Ugh.
Stephanie: Tyler sees her as property, in my opinion. God, I hope he hasn’t peed on her as a way to mark his territory. Caroline does NOT deserve golden showers.
Dayna: *DEAD*
Melissa: HAHAHAHA. Caroline deserves pearl necklaces. From Klaus.
Cin: Also, this is totally non-PC and anti-Caroline’s free will – but dammit – I’m not above wanting Klaus to compel her to at least go to Europe with him. Leave the rest to chance, just go on a trip and live like she deserves. Anything to separate her from the dog.
Abby: I think I’m the only one here that doesn’t actually hate Tyler. If he’d stop being a jealous idiot, I’d even like him with Caroline (though not when there’s Klaus around!). I’d like him a lot better if he could be the mature kid on the block, though. Lord knows we need another one, Matt’s getting very lonely.
Cin: Tyler being mature? That’s a very optimistic dream. That’s like asking Bonnie to be rational. Or Elena to be decisive. Or Elijah to be NOT AWESOME.

Klaus: Yup. He’s Still Awesome.
Dayna: He DOES have a way of cutting through the bullshit, doesn’t he?
Stephanie: No one can argue that he’s passive aggressive.
Cin: You guys, what are we going to do if they kill him? [Abby: How do you feel about seppuku?] I’m so damn attached now… he gives new meaning to snarky and I’ve noticed that since he’s come, everyone else on the show’s snark just comes out as cheese. Not the good stinky cheese either.
Stephanie: Klaus adds a whole other dynamic to the show that you definitely notice when he’s gone. The show just seems more boring and basic without him.
Dayna: I definitely enjoy the show more with him on it. That said, if I can only choose one Original to keep…
Cin: ELIJAH. Duh. I can’t even conceive of the Salvatores not being of Elijah’s line. Also, as I’ve said over and over again – Elijah is my line in the sand with this show. They final death him, I’m out. Over. Done. He doesn’t have to be in Mystic Falls – just alive somewhere in the universe. But ANYWAY… Klaus has just evolved into so much more than what was on paper. All of the Originals have. I’m still not over the fact that they haven’t taken over the show completely. Lord knows they are more compelling than the trio of boring. (more on that laters)
Melissa: I too can’t imagine the Salvatores not being from Elijah. I mean it’s ELIJAH. He has to stay forever. I’m thinking Elijah leaves for a while to go play doctor in Canada, then that show gets canceled and the Originals spinoff as a midseason replacement next year. Because I want to support Gillies in his new show but not so much that it takes Elijah away. But I also desperately want Klaus to stay. I need them both. Having Klaus back last episode gave me warm tingly feelings that I never want to go away again.
Abby: I’m just going to sit here in a corner and cover my eyes until this “what if Klaus dies” conversation is over. I can’t cope. He makes everything so much better. WE NEED TO KEEP HIM, SHOW. WE NEED TO.
Cin: I agree, Abby. I totally agree. I don’t see how they can write themselves out of this one when so much of the fandom adores him. They changed the game with the Originals. In changing that game they have changed every dynamic on the show. To strip that down now… I just don’t even know. Man I can’t wait until our ‘State of the Show’ post after this season. I’ve been formulating these thoughts this entire f-ing season.

Stefan & Alaric Do It In The Dungeon
Melissa: Ya know what I love. Alaric dies. AGAIN. And fandom literally has no reaction. He might as well have poured himself another drink.
Dayna: Both things happen just about as often.
Cin: We have grown immune. I swear if we were still doing #VDBingo we’d have made it a freaking square already.
Stephanie: I’m seriously disappointed they didn’t take off their shirts to get rough. But yeah, Stefan and Alaric? I’d ship it.
Dayna: Seems fair. It’s not like Stefan and Damon don’t trade off lovers all the damn time.
Stephanie: Exactly. It’s in their nature. In fact, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. Elena may get cast to the side when they start fighting for Alaric’s affections. Actually, I’m sort of hoping that happens.
Melissa: I was really hoping when Klaus showed up that he was there to teach Stefan the best way to get his stake out of one person and stick it in another. Plus after Gillies at TVDChicago, I sort of ship Alaric with everyone. Er, everyone who is male.
Cin: When Klaus said “I would have been more gentle” I almost pissed myself. ROFL!
Abby: Am I the only one who thinks that this whole “Hey, punch me until I’m evil!” plan was just hilarious? I mean, I love Creepy Alaric, and I love how everyone is always yelling at Stefan to give in to the dark side and then freaking out when he’s dark, but Alaric suggesting this as a reasonable plan was awesome.
Stephanie: That’s because Alaric in ALL forms is awesome. Plus, I think he prefers darker Stefan. I imagine his broody attitude made his history essays hard to read.
Melissa: Didn’t Damon comment on all of Alaric’s chains and other paraphernalia that he carries around once? And that’s just normal Alaric. I bet Evil!Alaric is into some kinky shit.
Stephanie: God, I hope so. These sexually frustrated and power hungry peeps would totally give off on shit like that.
Melissa: I keep trying to think of a response but I just spent the last few minutes with Alaric’s voice in my head grunting things like ‘pull the chains tighter, Damon’ and “harder, Stefan, hit harder.’ I have so many issues today.
Stephanie: Those thoughts were running through my head during the episode and every moment since. I’m starting to freak myself out about how much I wish it would happen.
Melissa: So at the Chicago con, a fan asked Gillies who he thought should be Elijah’s love interest and without hesitation Gillies answered “Alaric. I don’t need to explain. Have you seen Matt Davis? Wow.” And basically ever since I’ve been shipping Alaric with everyone. This ep did not help. Willow decided halfway through BtVS that she was gay. Can’t Alaric do the same thing?
Stephanie: With his lady luck, I’m surprised he HASN’T switched teams yet. Needless to say, this episode totally inspired the next round of Damon/Alaric letters.
Cin: Like all living creatures Elijah could so seduce that ass. (PUN!) And Alaric would like it. A LOT.

All Jeremy’s Friends Are Dead…And Where’s His Dog?!
Dayna: I sure hope the “family friends” he’s been staying with are the understanding sort, since Jeremy has taken off and left the dog with them.
Stephanie: This is why if you’re a teen involved in supernatural tug of wars all the time you shouldn’t own a dog. Let’s hope this dog doesn’t try to go all Homeward Bound because it’s safe to say that Mystic Falls is probably not very dog friendly with all the vamps on animal diets. And by vamps, I just mean Stefan.
Dayna: I am totally adding that question to my puppy buyer applications: “Are you a teenager involved in supernatural tug-o-wars all the time?” If they WTF at that, I probably don’t want to sell them a puppy anyway. *nods*
Stephanie: LOL. It’s a very appropriate question to ask. Speaks to their character and all that.
Abby: I’m very concerned about the dog! It doesn’t seem to have come back with him. If he ditched it as soon as his new friend turned out to be an Original vampire with anger management issues, he’s clearly not cut out to be a pet owner.
Stephanie: Obviously the kennel or breeder did not look into Jeremy’s past carefully enough nor did the contact references.
Melissa: Maybe Kol ate the dog.
Cin: LOL! Don’t confuse Kol with Stefan. Kol is allllll about the human blood.
Stephanie: See, that right there is why the supernatural tug of war question is a must.
Dayna: I am so not selling puppies to anyone who is vampire-adjacent.
Melissa: We’ll make them register on a list. And then knock on the neighbor’s doors. “Hi, just wanted to let you know that I’m registered as an animal predator and live 3 houses down. Have a nice day.”
Um, but in a totally serious note about Jeremy, I’m rewatching the opening scene with him and realizing that he’s not supposed to have much of a clue about this whole vampire business right? I mean Damon compelled him pretty good to not think about a lot of this stuff and enjoy his life. And yet Elena & Damon show up and somehow Jer is totally clued in and ready to jump back on board the MF Scooby train? I know I’m wasting my time fan-wanking on this point but it kind of bothered me.

Cin: You are so right, Melissa. And he just acts like he is willingly there on a trip. The entire things smelled fishy to me. But it’s kinda become par for the course plot fuckery that I’ve unfortunately gotten used to.

Take Me Out To The Kol Game
Melissa: I sort of want Kol to take me on that bed and do really dirty things to me after tonight. Except not sort of. I am so happy that he took his revenge out on Damon for messing with him. And the gifs from those scenes are fan-fucking-tastic. Seriously, Kol can be my national pastime.
Cin: Melissa, I more than ‘sort of’ want that. He is, beyond a single doubt, my most lusted TVD character. Don’t worry, I love Elijah the most – but that’s a deep soulful love. Kol… Damn. I just want him to help me WORK IT OUT!
Dayna: Sorry. I do not give the tiniest shit about Kol. Stay, go, whatever. All the same to me.
Melissa: That’s okay. This way we can all share. I’ll take Kol and Erin will take Stefan and Steph will take Damon and Abby can take Klaus and the rest of you can fight over Elijah. Unless you want Finn? 😉
Dayna: Seriously, don’t make me barf my coffee.
Melissa: *innocent look* What?
Cin: Ahem! Melissa, you can not HAVE Kol. You had f-ing better be ready to share. Although, yeah – if Elijah I might not fight too much, but I have to at least have a taste of Kol’s candy.
Melissa: I can share. I have Alaric, Jeremy, Matt and Stefan on my list too as well as a request for share time with Klaus and Elijah so obviously there’s some free time for you to enjoy Kol.
Abby: I’m only down with this plan if Elijah is shared. But I appreciate that I got dibs on Klaus.
Stephanie: I’m with Dayna. Kol could just disappear and I’d be like whatever.
Melissa: Well when he does disappear, can you send him my way?
Stephanie: DONE.
Cin: I don’t even understand the Kol dislike. He’s like Spike, but hotter. Yeah, I totally went there.
Cin: I KNOW!!!
Stephanie: There is NO WAY Kol is like Spike. That’s blasphemy!
Abby: My only complaint about Kol, who I generally think is delightful in his cheerful evilness, is that he’s way too easy to take out. Admittedly, there’s precedent for a stake through the heart putting an Original out for a while (Elijah staked to the door) but even so, he went out like a light in the first scene. He did redeem himself by wrecking Damon with the baseball bat, though.
Cin: My hotness level during that second scene was like off the charts. I should feel guilty about that, but I totally don’t. My only regret is he didn’t final death him. Once again, it’s totally implausible that a Salvatore lives in the face of an Original. But I forgot, it’s in the script. *rolls eyes*
Melissa: Ugh. Seriously. I do kind of adore though that Kol’s like “I need revenge because you killed my brother” and then just hits him a few times. Sorry Finn, but no one loves you.
Cin: Right?!? In no conceivable universe should Damon not be a rotting corpse. But I don’t blame the Originals. It’s so glaringly the writers – and yeah, I know, I know: Damon, Elena & Stefan are untouchable on the show — but screw that shit. That’s one thing I miss the shit out of about Joss Whedon. CONSEQUENCES! There are creative ways to get yourself out of jams without compromising the story in a supernatural universe.

Motel Makeout Madness
Dayna: I thought, given how the season has progressed, that the kiss was earned. I was a little alarmed that Elena was getting all hot and bothered with her brother over in the next bed, however.
Stephanie: That kiss was definitely earned but then again I’m sucker for things involving walls (seriously that type of shit turns me on) so it could’ve involved anyone and I’d need a cold shower after watching it. That being said, it was totally a Damon/Elena appropriate type of kiss. You just know that when those two bone finally it’s going to be crazy sex time.
Dayna: At which point I’ll be very happy that this show does not air on HBO.
Stephanie: Oh good lord, don’t get me started on HBO sex. *shudders*
Melissa: Eww. HBO sex has issues. I was happy that Elena at least walked out of the hotel room because Jeremy in the next bed would have been a little too fanfic creepy for me. But yes, it was very much the perfect style of kiss for Damon/Elena. I totally thought it was hot. And I love that she went for it. Just said okay, you know what, if I have to decide what it is I feel, then fuck it, let’s see how it feels. HOT.
Stephanie: SO HOT.
Melissa: Am I weird if I say the hand holding almost did me in more than the kiss?
Stephanie: Not at all. There was something seriously sexy about that too which is weird because I don’t particularly care for hand holding in bed. I think what made the hand fondling so hot was that when you start a new relationship, the simplest touches give you the tinglies. Not say that ever goes away. Besides have you ever had someone lightly caress your fingertips? It’s kind of a turn on, at least for me. (Man, y’all are getting to know all my turn-ons this morning. Now don’t try to seduce me you hear ;p)
Melissa: I will try to restrain myself. But in all seriousness, the perfection of the Damon/Elena stuff up through the kiss is why I found myself frustrated with the stuff later. First Damon’s whole demands that she can’t just kiss him and still try and decide pissed me off. Like it’s totally a Damon reaction. So good writing on that. He wants things right away and what has always been interesting to me is that while Stefan will wait to keep something completely to himself, Damon will take what he can get if he gets it now. And I felt like that aspect of Damon was pretty accurate with his wanting Elena to pick him now. If she chose him now, off of one really hot kiss, he’d never really have all of her (don’t say dirty it’s too easy) because she’d still struggle with her feelings for Stefan. Whereas if he’d give her the chance to say ‘okay, I took a major step forward here and acknowledged that I’m attracted to Damon. Now I have to figure out what I need to do with these conflicting emotions and make a choice’, I think Damon could have a chance. But this ultimatum bullshit is going to drive her away. And that frustrates me because I think the show did a disservice to Elena in this scene by making her seem like an indecisive ho instead of really delving into her inner struggles.
Dayna: Wow, we did not read that scene the same way at all. To me, Damon was understandably a little WTF with Elena’s sudden turn around and playing tongue-hockey with him after she’s been constantly pushing him away and telling him they can’t kiss, etc. I didn’t see him as giving her an ultimatum and telling her she has to choose between him and Stefan right then and there. What he was pointing out was that Elena came on this road trip sort of expecting that Damon would do something to fuck it up, which would make her decision easy. Which is true. It was also true when she said that he has a habit of doing just exactly that. So he asked what if there WAS no speedbump, meaning what if he DIDN’T do something stupid, like snapping Jeremy’s neck, to fuck it all up. When he told her she was going to have the make the decision on her own this time, he didn’t mean she needed to do it then and there, pick between him and Stefan. What he was saying is that he wasn’t going to fly off the handle and sabotage himself, as has been his pattern, and make it easy for her to discount him. She was going to have to figure out her feelings on her own, make her own decision about them — he’s not going to make it easy by fucking up for the 4,325th time.
Stephanie: Dayna, you and I are on the same page with this scene. I agree he wasn’t telling her to pick right then and there. He was simply saying that I’m not going to give you a reason to just throw what we just experienced/could have aside because I fucked up yet again with my impulsive actions.
Dayna: Steph, you are my TVD kindred spirit (TM Anne Shirley).
Melissa: Wow yeah we definitely saw it differently because I got a very strong, pick one vibe from him and it really made me mad. I watched the scene a couple times but maybe I need to watch a few more. So far it felt like he was in a way sabotaging himself by insisting she figure it out on her own. That line in particular just did not register well with me. But admittedly, I’m not a Damon fan so that probably colored my understanding of his intent.
Dayna: I need at least one more watch through to completely nail the dialogue down, but Elena was pointing out his tendency to self-sabotage and throw a bump into things, and he asked what if there was no bump? Then the line about him not making it easy, she would have to make the decision on her own. But the scene read the same to me both times I watched it.
Melissa: I will definitely rewatch then. I know I usually don’t have the inclination to give Damon the benefit of the doubt so I’ll see if I just totally misread the scene in the moment. I think I also in a weird way (weird as in I didn’t think I would feel this way about any DE stuff), I wanted Damon and Elena to kind of have a moment to just be happy in the kiss. Ya know? Like I just thought after all this build up, all this emotion, couldn’t they have like 5 minutes to be happy with each other before all the other bullshit had to come into the picture? As a major SE shipper, I really needed DE to have their moment. No interruptions, no Stefan, just a good bit of time for those two.
Abby: I thought the kiss was great, it was well done and it definitely acknowledged the endless tension they’ve been building up. I’m disappointed that it turned immediately to snark and drama, not because I care who Elena ends up with, but because I’m tired of the relationship related bullshit she has going on with the Salvatores. Sleep with them both, pick one, pick none, just make a damn decision already. I know it’s important to the show, but the love triangle stuff gets tedious after a while….and a while was a ways back down the road.
Stephanie: WORD Abby!
Melissa: Honestly, I would love a decision. It just felt like after all the indecisiveness Elena’s been allowed with Stefan, that the show would give her a little bit of leeway with Damon. But then there’s the other part of this that pissed me off even more and that was Rose’s exposition. I honestly don’t even know where to start. I think Rose was very accurate in her assessment of Elena’s relationship/potential relationship with either Salvatore. But I hated that the show felt like we needed to hear the explanation. I vehemently despise the idea of Damon & Elena together but I understand her attraction to him. I understand why that relationship would need to be explored and what the draw is and the potential benefits or fallouts. And it just felt like it was this ‘hey crazy SE shippers who wonder how DE could ever happen, this is why’ expository dump. Part of me could just not have the patience with the shippers who don’t take the time to understand and dump a show after one episode and that’s why it rubbed me the wrong way but either way I just felt like the exposition was pandering a crowd that just needs to be ignored.
Dayna: I totally agree with you on that Exposition Fairy moment, Melissa. I completely agree with Rose’s assessment, I just didn’t feel like it needed to be ham-fisted in there, especially via Rose, speaking to Jeremy of all people. Just… no. It definitely played like a “Here, if you’re too dumb to figure out what three seasons of this show have been trying to say, let me draw you a fucking picture,” and the show should be above that. Because the people who are intelligent viewers already know, and the people who need a fucking Vingh diagram are never going to “get it” anyway.
Cin: I give so little fucks about Delena & the triangle and basically I don’t have a whole lot to say in this section. If I had been scrolling past the channels with no prior knowledge of the show and saw that kiss, yeah, I’d think it was hot. As it was, I rolled my eyes. I’m so bored with all of it. And the Rose talk to Jeremy. UGH! Give me a break. I totally agree with Dayna, we didn’t need that. Why does Jeremy need to be OK with it? And it was all propaganda bullshit anyway. “He could be the best thing for Elena or the worst thing for Elena” – what the hell is that shit? I just can’t.

Melissa: I don’t have a ton to say about this stuff (Rose is icky and please woman the only person “dripping with sex” in Mystic Falls is Elijah) but I did like that the MF Scoobies weren’t able to get their bloodlines answer right away. Plus what the fuck was with Scary Mary trying to get her own episode of Hoarders?
Dayna: Oh man, can you imagine how much hoarding a several hundred year old vampire could do? o_0 But anyway, I was admittedly disappointed that a heretofore unheard of Originals groupie was the one to turn Rose, just to cloud the waters a little longer. Clearly, we need Elijah to come back and give another of his patented history lessons.
Stephanie: Look, I know they want to drag out the whole ‘who descended from who’ plot but come on already. Also I refuse to believe that none of these ancient assholes didn’t keep a record of who turned who. Genealogy was huge back in the day. Plus with this show having ‘diaries’ in the title, you know someone wrote this shit down in a slam book somewhere. It read something along the lines, ‘Ugh, how could Kol turn Eugenia. Her hair is so dull and lifeless. AND THOSE TEETH! Her fangs are going to be crooked as fuck.’
Cin: ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!
Melissa: Stephanie will you make this tumblr with me? BECAUSE I NOW NEED A VAMPIRE DIARIES SLAMBOOK LIKE YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE.
Stephanie: LOL. Sure!
Dayna: We need a vampire If only Elijah hadn’t suicided Slater… Seriously, though, the bloodline thing seemed like it was news to Klaus when Stefan told him. Since we’ve seen that there is no real bond between a vampire and their sire (Klaus & Tyler being some kind of jacked-up hybrid exception), maybe no one thought that it was ultimately very important. So even if a vampire had a running tally in their heads of who they themselves turned, they wouldn’t have much reason to keep track of who their progeny turned, and on down the line.
Cin: Wait. What happened to all of Slater’s things? He had alllllllllll of that information. And there was a ton of information on lineage back at Duke in Isobel’s department. Why hasn’t anyone on the show thought of this?
Melissa: Technically, I think the sire bond has worked with all the hybrids & Klaus, Tyler is just the only one that Stefan or Damon hasn’t killed yet. That said, I can’t imagine keeping track either. Although Kol (and I guess Klaus too) obviously knew that Scary Mary turned Rose so maybe they do keep track to a point? I’d wonder if they know who they’ve turned for several generations but just never realized the bloodline tie in. Which makes sense as there’s never been a reason to acknowledge the bloodlines until now.
Cin: I think they definitely know who sired her. If they don’t it’s because it really WAS Elijah. But the point is, it doesn’t matter if the Originals know – they are closing ranks and not going to blab on one another. It’s how the MF Scoobies are going to find out.
Dayna: Since Rose was turned not long before the events in Katerina, Klaus probably knew about her as they were all in the same circle at the time.
Abby: Seems to me that they should’ve taken a lock of Scary Mary’s hair so Jeremy can talk to HER and saved everyone a lot of trouble. Also, what the hell was up with just leaving the kid outside after Kol made his appearance?! Elena fails at this little brother protection thing in such a major way.
Stephanie: YES! I was thought, ‘Why not have Jeremy talk to this dead bitch now!?’
Cin: Because it’s not episode 3.22 yet? That’s the only damn reason.

Major Mommy Issues
Dayna: That was the other spoiler given in the Canadian promo, so no surprise at the end for me. I DO have a major quibble, though: When Klaus was in Alaric’s body, he was able to get around the invitation rule because he was inside a human body. Esther is inside a vampire body now, so she should NOT have been able to get inside the no-vampires-allowed cave. Also, she should not be able to work magic, if a vampire cannot be a witch. And another question: Is Esther actually dead? Was Klaus only able to do the body switching because his body is already “dead,” and any human taking over another body must sacrifice the one they already have?
Melissa: Didn’t Esther technically say she got the idea from Klaus’ trick with Alaric? So maybe she did things a bit differently, thus working around some of the limitations? Though you’re right, there’s a lot of things that don’t work about that particular “surprise”.And it’s weird. I saw the Canadian promo and didn’t even notice Esther.
Dayna: The promo showed Rebekah saying the line “I don’t want one Original dead. I want them all dead.” so I pretty much figured it was a body invasion. Also, there was no blood transfer for preparation like there was with Klaus going into Alaric. I think it was a cool idea, but they took a few too many liberties with the mythology/magic involved with it.
Melissa: I remember that line but it just did not even register to connect Esther with it for me. Kinda feel silly that I missed that. Yeah the mythology/magic stuff is getting all messed up. And like what happens with Esther’s body? Does it get buried by Klaus or does he figure it out or what? Way too many liberties are being taken.
Dayna: Most of the glitches can be fan-wanked, but if it was done right and done well we wouldn’t HAVE to fan-wank it.
Stephanie: Y’all I’m SO over Esther and her “diabolical” plan. We know she’ll never succeed so I can’t get myself to care at all about this plot. As for the whole body invasion, I LOVED it when Klaus did it to Alaric but I’m not sure Rebekah’s will be as much fun because, well, it’s fucking Esther.
Cin: Word, Stephanie. I enjoy Rebekah now. Esther… not so much.
Melissa: All fan-wanking aside (I mean I got over Alaric took an Ancient Runes class from the University of Phoenix so I can get over this), I only care about this storyline if it means that the MF gang and the Originals fight on the same side for once.
Abby: Word, Melissa. So much word.

The Parent Teacher Conference From Hell
Dayna: Well really, it’s not like ANYONE’S plans ever go off as intended.
Stephanie: Word.
Melissa: I don’t know. So far Evil!Alaric’s plan to kill everyone still seems to be in play. Maybe the real secret to planning is to have a psychotic alter ego.
Abby: There are so many people I’d rather see Creepy Alaric team up with! I’m not sold on Esther as a villain. It’ll be interesting to see Claire Holt and Matt Davis share some scenes, especially since they’re both playing messed up versions of their usual characters, but in terms of Esther as a threat, I’m not really with it yet. Maybe they’ll surprise me.
Cin: I agree with all of you, but yeah, what Abby said. I wasn’t overwhelmed with the revelation that she had possessed Rebekah and I’m very leary of any plan they can cook up. At the end of the day Serialaric is still just a human. A crazy human – but a human. Honestly what I feel most after this reveal is sorry for Rebekah. Yeah, it shocks the shit out of me too – but there it is. Anyway, we know they can’t completely succeed b/c then the world would be vampire free. AND how is that restoring the f-ing balance? There are still witches & werewolves. Why can’t nocturnal blood suckers have some place in the world too? Dumb.

Mean Girls, Vampire Style
Dayna: Okay Caroline, you know I love you, but the slut-shaming? Just… no. Not cool. Snipe over hair, shoes, make-up, etc., but this kind of woman-to-woman shaming around sex is severely uncool and just needs to fucking stop, already.
Stephanie: I think once they get past their differences they’ll be BFFs. I want to hear them discuss their romps with Damon and see Caroline get jealous over Rebekah’s obvious Matt crush.
Cin: I love Caroline like she was a part of me, but she is not one to be talking about slutty behavior. If I remember correctly she doesn’t exactly make the fella’s work hard for it. Not that there’s anything WRONG with that, heck, I’m pro-slut. But still. Very uncool.
Melissa: I agree with both of you. I kind of think the bashing fits Caroline, because she has been known to do that in the past and while she’s grown a lot, she hasn’t really had the chance to move past that aspect of being a teenager. But I’m just kind of sick of the show as a whole allowing the girls to keep bitching at each other over sex. It’s really frustrating and not in a Stefan cock-blocked himself in the dungeon again kind of way. That said, I do also think that if Rebekah sticks around and if she and Caroline can get past the pettiness, that they could be really good friends. They both have a lot of the same hangups which could create some great bonding moments.
Abby: Imagine the bonding that’ll occur if Rebekah manages to boot out her mom (seems likely) and then they can talk about how messed up their respective parents are. Which, admittedly, they could already have done, but now it’s much more immediate.
Melissa: I can picture this conversation. Caroline: “So my dad totally hated me but he’s dead now.” Rebekah: “Me too!” Rebekah: “My mom doesn’t understand me and tried to kill me.” Caroline: “Me too!” “I slept with Damon because I was desperate for attention.” “Me too!” “I like shopping.” The list goes on.
Stephanie: Y’all think they’ll play with Easy Bake ovens and make friendship bracelets during bonding time?
Melissa: I bet they decorate each other’s trapper keepers with Lisa Frank stickers.
Stephanie: And Rebekah specifically adds My Little Pony stickers just to show that she supports Klaroline.

From the Tweetosphere

@Dayna_Barter : Damn, everybody ends up inside Rebekah, don’t they?
@onlymystory : Was anyone else hoping that when Tyler griped about Klaus’ drawing that Klaus would storm in, break his neck & scream DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF!
@julieplec: Omitted dialogue. Klaus: “Moby Dick? I see from your many failed attempts to kill me, you haven’t read it. Spoiler alert: the whale lives.”
@thomascgalvin : YOU WHORE ASS BITCH!
@cadlymac: I literally want to punch Elena in her stupid face. “I don’t know.” STUPID
@thomascgalvin : I set the bar low so I can trick bain-addled high school girls into sleeping with me as a reward for not killing people -Damon to Elena
@caulkcrinolines : How bored is everyone with almostdelena? Just me? Ok then.
@jamielynnxo : Let’s be real here. None of them had any f*cks to give for Finn. He just wanted to beat some ass.
@PaulWesleyFans :: That baseball bat hit to Damon by Kol, well was Epic.Can someone please do me a favor and get that on youtube asap.
@Shivarose1 : Here we go peeps..time to take on the Originals…again #GoodLuckWithThat
@caulkcrinolines : The Salvatore Brothers: Enabling Alcoholic BFFs Since 2009.
@thomascgalvin : “I’m not in the dungeon because I’m a schizo murderer, I’m in the dungeon because Damon and I are playing a dirty sex game.” -Alaric
@PhantomRat: With the grunting and pounding and dirty talk, if you happened to be looking away from the TV, that Stefan/Alaric scene was…porn. #TVD
@dieslaughing : BRB, composing lengthy message to @julieplec about how if #Stelaric doesn’t happen soon, I will DIIIIE. #TVD
@PhantomRat : What I learned tonight on #TVD: Matt is the Pacey of Mystic Falls. Damon is the Logan Echolls of Mystic Falls. Alaric is hot when he bleeds.

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5 Responses to Reactions: Ep 3.19 “Heart of Darkness”

  1. Sofia says:

    Oh my God, so much win in this reaction post. As always. You girls are awesome, like Elijah kind of awesome!
    I liked the episode, but Elena is really driving me crazy with the “I don’t know” thing. At this point, I just want her to go for Matt, really. Can’t she just see how troubled a relationship with any of the Salvatores would be?
    What about Katherine? Where is she? In my dreams she’s with Elijah right now, in Paris, supporting french street artists. 😉
    And I have to agree with you, the show is losing too many points where the mithology concerns. It looks like there’s no rules, therefore, no consequences! Which lower the stakes A LOT.
    But I must say I’m optimistic for the episodes to come.
    Anyway, congrats again for the post, it was hilarious.

  2. fani81 says:

    Melissa,I love you!”Caroline,you have a type!”
    Kol is just soooooooo hooooot!!!!Love him!Did you see the look he gave Elena before he hit her???Loooove him!
    I know MF is one fucked up town but Denver is soo much worse!Kol beat Damon up,Damon staked Kol and left him there and no one noticed???Really????
    I don’t understand why the Salvatores waste their time fighting over Elena when they should have been fighting over Alaric!!
    The Mary Porter plot line was BS!Why are they trying to kill the Originals again???
    I wouldn’t bet money on the Delena sex to be hot!Elena had a half naked Damon in her bed and she wanted to talk about how he killed his fuck buddy-if/when they ‘re gonna have sex,she will probably want to know if he ever caught his father doing his mother!(ewwww!!!)

  3. Parallels says:

    What about the portkeys? I could have sworn I heard Damon say something about flying first class and using miles, but then they drove back??? Couldn’t they have flown again? Or was Damon (due to the writers) just making a joke out of the fact that they may as well take portkeys everywhere they go?

  4. Sarah says:

    OMG I will fight to the death for Kol. I love him. And seriously, Abby hit it dead on with his ‘cheerful evilness’ lol. I heard somewhere that Damon and Kol knew one another from the past, is that still true? Or did they scrap that plan? I love him, and I think aside from his sister, Klaus would be the most upset if Kol was killed. BTW I loved this episode, but Elena needs to pick…this is getting old, pick one, both, or neither…I don’t care, just go with one.

    • onlymystory says:

      I know back with the first Sage flashback episode there was originally going to be a scene with a bar fight with Kol & Damon in 1912 but it got scrapped. That’s why in “Dangerous Liasons” with the dance, Damon asks Kol if they’ve met and Kol’s like you don’t stand out. But I’m not sure if the entire back story was scrapped forever or if the scene just wasn’t included.

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