Reactions: Ep 3.18 “The Murder of One”

Oh, man. Vamp-death loopholes. Crazy klepto, murderous alter egos! Just another typical day in Mystic Falls, eh? Well, not a lot to say here, so let’s just get to it! Our round table reactions to last night’s TVD!

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, and Stephanie (SBH contributors and friends).

Christina: You can’t kill the originals because then it kills all vamps they sired! YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Loophole FTW!
Abby: I’M SO HAPPY!!!!! Seriously, you guys, I really loved this episode.
Melissa: Sweet goodness, I love retconny loopholes. I’m not forgiving TVD for the last 2 episodes but I’m sure as hell willing to overlook it if the rest look like this.
Cin: Deus Ex Machina (for about the 34th time this season, but who’s counting…) FTW!!!
Stephanie: SO saw this plot twist coming but I don’t care if it means that the Originals stay forever!!!! Seriously, I super enjoyed this ep.
Dayna: Someone just tell me Rose descended from Elijah and I will never bitch about anything on this show ever again. Pinky-swear. Although I did have to get a teeny bit ragey — Damon: “No one better get their pity on again.” Elena: “No, I’m good. Go ahead and kill Elijah with the rest.” Me: “Fuck. You. Elena.”
Abby: Rose descending from Elijah would make sense. Also: EEELLIJJJAAAAH!!!!
Cin: It would make PERFECT sense. Then he could be the only Original they could never kill. THEN he’d be every vamp on the show’s Pimp Daddy for reals. I mean, he already is. He owns them all, but if he really WAS their daddy? *dies forever*
Christina: And thus my tweet about Damon being the Worst. Shit list for sure for even cooking up this whole hair-brained scheme.
Cin: Let’s be real for a sec, Christina: If Damon’s plans are actually good they still get foiled. Honestly I don’t even see why he tries anymore. F-ing pathetic.
Dayna: Well, to be fair, Damon has ALWAYS wanted to off the Originals if given a chance. I expect better from Elena. Still. For some fucked up reason, because Jesus, she’s ELENA.
Abby: I have the feeling that this whole doppelganger thing is going to come back into play soon. The fact that it was the first doppelganger (Tatia) whose blood created the Originals is certainly going to make a difference at some point. My guess is that it’ll help save Tyler if Klaus *wibble* dies. WHICH HAD BETTER NOT HAPPEN, SHOW.
Cin: SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH, ABBY!!! Don’t give them any ideas. If Tyler lives and Klaus dies… I just don’t even know. That is like cosmically unfuckingfair. BUT, I do think you could be right about the doppelganger thing. Let’s just hope it has a different purpose for rearing it’s ugly head. Like, more flashbacks of Klaus and Elijah (with perfect flashback hair) both sexing Tatia up. I’m actually surprised Dobrev hasn’t pushed for that ‘sexy-time scene with every hot man on the show’ thing with Gillies & JoMo. Lord knows I’d be in that front office stomping my foot and splashing the writers with coconut water until that shit happened!
Dayna: Co-Fucking-Signed, Cin! Co-Fucking-Signed.
Abby: You know I’ll lose my mind if anything happens to Klaus. LOSE. MY. MIND. However, they’ve made the goal “KILL KLAUS!” for so long that I’m not sure how they can get out of it (though, they’re on a pretty good path with this whole bloodline thing) without making the fans freak out about no payoff. Personally, I want him to stay forever and for team Mystic Falls to learn that sometimes you CAN’T kill the big bad, you have to work around it.
Cin: Abby, you know how I always said he was Voldemort? Well, I’m over it. He needs to stay forever. Or at least live. I mean, Elijah is still my boo, but I’m right there with the lot of you. Klaus dies and Cin will be one un-fucking-happy angry bitch.
Abby: Welcome to I-Love-Klaus-Land. I’ve been saving you a spot since he walked out of that damn trunk. 🙂
Cin: *covets my spot* Awwww, you knew I’d come around. And I did. Oh, I so did. And why wouldn’t I? We’ve seen what TVD is like without Klaus these last 2 episodes, and it fucking sucks.
Abby: What is TVD without Klaus? A WASTELAND OF SORROW, THAT’S WHAT. Seriously, you guys. We were all ready to come in here and be a RAGE RAINBOW and instead we’re bouncing around going YAY KLAUS! It’s fantastic.
Cin: Well, Klaus is fantastic. Period.
Stephanie: I just really want to see his painted mural of all the My Little Ponies with the Care Bears looking down on them.
Cin: I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. Stephanie, your brain is like a wonderland. I love you completely. LOL
Stephanie: Haha. I don’t know if my brain is a wonderland. Probably more like a scary funhouse but SERIOUSLY I need that mural. I bet the Louvre has it locked away just waiting for the perfect time to unveil that majestic piece.

Klaus Bait
Cin: Ok, I have issues with them just always using Caroline for all of the kinda shit jobs, but when said shit job includes being KLAUS BAIT, ummm, yes please! But Oh FUCK NO, it was nothing but a tease! They didn’t use her as Klaus Bait at fucking all. They TEASED KLAUSOLINE AND DIDN’T DELIVER! And then. THEN, they used her as fucking babysitter. Again. Which is what she was doing last fucking episode too. UGH!!!
Abby: To be fair, she IS the only competent person in town, pretty much. If you need someone to babysit, she’s basically the only option that won’t end up with whoever needs to be watched wandering off and killing everyone lots.
Cin: OMG, ya’ll. What if SHE has the last ever white oak stake? What if Serialaric THINKS he has it but really Car found it and took it? OMG, that would be so fucking awesome. Unless she kills Elijah (she wouldn’t off Klaus, since he sired the dog), in which case my heart would turn into a thousand specks of dust and float away forever.
Abby: I LIKE THIS IDEA. Can I give it a hug? Um. Except for the part with the Elijah death. I won’t hug that part. I won’t even shake its hand. ELIJAH LIVES FOREVER.
Stephanie: I thought the same thing last night about Caroline taking it!
Christina: Ooooh, that is an AWESOME idea. I mean, yeah, except for the killing Elijah bit. But… but… she can’t kill Klaus. She needs him to show her the rest of the world because I kind of feel like she won’t ever fucking leave Mystic Falls, which basically puts her back to where she was before Klaus was all awesome for her.
Melissa: I just want to say that I really do love that Caroline is so willing to kill Klaus in order to save Tyler. Now I love Klaus, I love Caroline, I ship Klaroline so hard it’s insane and I hate Tyler with a passion. But Caroline is the one character who I feel hasn’t had her personality changed to fit the story. And Caroline’s personality includes being loyal to a fault. And she loves Tyler. Just as I liked that she wouldn’t fall sway to Klaus’ seduction attempts, I do like that her character is, er was, willing to kill him. I want Care to be with Klaus but I just really adore the way the writers are keeping Caroline true to herself. Of course, now that killing Klaus will kill Tyler, I can’t wait to see how this plays out. I’m curious to see if the others would consider Tyler an acceptable loss (I kind of think even Tyler would agree with that), allowing them to go after Klaus. Because we all know that Elijah sired Rose. I refuse to believe this show will kill Elijah. Anyway, I’d love to see Caroline tell Klaus about a plan to kill him, in an attempt to save Tyler and just see how all that unravels. This is going to be quite fun & a much more interesting triangle.
Dayna: I agree that they’ve kept Caroline true to her loyal self, which is why I’m glad they HAVEN’T gone the Klaroline route. That said, I would more than consider Tyler an acceptable loss, but I LIKE Klaus. Just, you know, not with Caroline, or tamed to the point where they’re all hanging out at the Grill together.
Christina: I said it last night and I’ll say it again: Killing Tyler is the ONLY ACCEPTABLE excuse for killing Klaus. It is the silver lining in an otherwise horrible, horrible plan. I know, I know. They HAVE to kill Klaus. He’s the big bad and all that jazz, and… I just pray that they take Tyler down with him. That would be glorious. But that said, I really don’t want Klaus dead. And I think they can keep him around (with Caroline, because YOU GUYS REALLY) without having to have him hang out at the Grill. Because I agree — that would be BAD. Not just… the whole taming of the beast thing, but zero drama = bad TV.
Stephanie: I’d be A-OKAY with Tyler dying but Klaus magically surviving thanks to some weird loophole dealing with his werewolf side. I just really don’t want Klaus to go y’all. He’s the BEST.
Abby: NO KILLING KLAUS. NO. Just. NO. I’m pitching my tent on the banks of denial and I’m staying here until this latest danger is past. I like Tyler now, but I’d rather lose him than Klaus. Ideally, though, we’ll get to keep both of them.
Christina: Ideally, so many of the characters on this show would die, if I’m going to be honest with y’all. Seriously, gimme Klaus, Caroline, Elijah, Stefan and Alaric, and give them their own show? I’d be peachy keen, jelly beans.
Cin: Seconded.
Dayna: I want to keep Damon, too. He’s fine as long as Elena isn’t around to pussify him. And he gets all the best lines. (Honestly, I’d just as soon have Damon INSTEAD of Stefan.)
Cin: Pussify. Best word since cuntbasket. (If I do say so myself) 😉

Sibling Bonds
Melissa: I find it intriguing that Rebekah understands the bonds of family better than Damon while Damon understands the need to be loved better. Both understand some of the other but they’re very similar characters, but I like the nuances there.
Dayna: I don’t think Klaus quite realizes how fully he just lost Rebekah there. Even after the family resurrection scene, I don’t think Rebekah was as ready to wash her hands of him as she acted. But I think his attitude toward Finn was an eye-opener for her. When things come to a head again, Klaus better make sure Rebekah isn’t at his back.
Stephanie: Rebekah is totally NOT Team Klaus now after his little spiel right at the end. I actually felt bad for Rebekah because you can honestly tell that all she wants is her family to come together in a big kumbaya circle and love each other.
Abby: Rebekah is such a great character. I think one of Klaus’s biggest flaws is his treatment of her, because you’d think it’d be easier for him to see (as Damon does) that she basically just needs attention and affection. Give her those things and she’d be loyal forever. Poorly played, Klaus! You’re smarter than this!
Cin: I’m still torn on Rebekah. Half the time she annoys me and the other half I think she’s awesome. I like her though, especially lately since they are giving her such depth. I think all of the torture shenanigans last night (aside from taking Damon out of the action and proving how very pussified — hehe — he is) were about showing us another layer of how woefully alone Rebekah has always felt. Then again, this would work better if she hadn’t been in a box for almost 90 years, but that’s not the point. The point is, with her issues I’m shocked she stays latched to Klaus. Elijah would nurture her. He’d give her attention. He’d fill all of her brotherly needs. *sigh* Anyway, yeah. Klaus fucked up, but he has always treated her and the rest of his siblings this way. Why are they surprised? That’s another reason Elijah is awesome. He’s totally not every shocked by Klaus’ bitch control freak nature. Klaus is not a giver. Which is ANOTHER reason his spark of feelings for Caroline were so damn refreshing. We have only ever seen him interact with siblings and minions and lowly humans. We have never seen him even attempt to respect anyone. And honestly, that is everyone’s fault. Even Elijah and Rebekah who he made his pact with. They indulged him and now he’s this huge headed monster. Elijah has known this for a long time which is why he had resolved himself to kill him. Rebekah, regardless of her short lived anger toward him about their mother, hasn’t reached that point yet. But I think last night she started taking her first steps in that direction.
Dayna: I don’t think Elijah would indulge Rebekah’s tantrums or her wantonly vampirish behavior. For all that Klaus may boss her around, he also lets Rebekah have her torture-porn fun, etc. Elijah only let her menace Elena because he needed to use her for something, and then he felt bad about it. He’d make her behave, and Rebekah wouldn’t like that.

Serialaric Strikes Again
Christina: Alaric’s serial killer alter hid the last stake! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Abby: This is what happens when you invite the guy with the sneaky, untrustworthy, murderous alter-ego into the plan, kids. Also, what Christina said: HAHAHAHAAAA!!!!
Dayna: Cue the scene where they tie Alaric up and torture him until the alter ago gives up the intel in 5… 4… 3… 2…
Abby: He’s overdue for a torture session anyway.
Cin: Truth.
Christina: Do you think Alteric is because the audience loved Kalaric so much? Matt Davis is kind of awesome a playing these alter egos. Poor Alaric…
Dayna: I don’t know where Cult is going to film or when, but I kinda wonder if this isn’t them hedging their bets so they can go either way depending on Matt Davis’s availability.
Stephanie: I think it films in Vancouver or at least that’s where the pilot is being filmed. I love all forms of Alaric so much and I don’t want him to leave. DON’T BREAK UP MY BROMANCE TVD! Besides Alaric calling out Damon for his soap dish fuck up was the best thing ever last night.
Cin: I hate to break your heart, Steph, but I consider Matt Davis leaving is a done deal now. The only thing that might save him is if this show doesn’t get picked up. Which we won’t know until the upfronts in May. BUT even if it doesn’t get picked up, they have to have a contingency to get him off the show if it does. I’m smelling looney bin. I mean, I hate it. I really hate that Alaric is one of the few humans on this damn show I honestly enjoy flaws and all – but obviously he wouldn’t even have been open to pilot season if they weren’t trying to work him out. Which is stupid and wrong, but yeah.
Stephanie: You have RUINED my life with this news. RUINED I tell you. Actually, I’ll be okay if he leaves as long as they just don’t kill him. If there’s an avenue that allows him to come back whenever then I’m okay with his leaving (right now). I mean obviously I’ll be devastated that I won’t get my weekly Damon/Alaric bromance fix but at least I’ll be able to imagine their pen pal letters to each other. Damon: ‘My Dearest Alaric, man I bet you’re wishing you hadn’t killed all those brain cells now with a million shots of bourbon. PS- I made you some cookies.’ Alaric: ‘To the biggest douchebag I know, Please bring whiskey to our next conjugal visit. PS- Have you manned up and given Elena a pearl necklace yet?’
Cin: *DEAD*
Stephanie: Look for future fan fiction by yours truly titled, ‘Damon and Alaric: The Pen Pals Saga’. (Title subject to change)
Dayna: Brilliant!

Saw XIV: It’s Damon’s Turn
Christina: I was really just hoping he’d rip his own hands off.
Abby: I admit it. So was I.
Cin: Totally. I was like “Don’t be a pussy Damon, just DO IT!” #isthiswhatbloodlustfeelslike
Melissa: Or grate them off as it were. It was like shredded flesh cheese up in there. Not how I prefer to make quesadillas, just so you know.
Dayna: I just love how Damon is always so cheerfully matter-of-fact about being tortured. He’s just got this attitude like, “Yeah, well, haven’t been tortured in a few days, so whatever. Guess I can schedule it in between my manicure and my bikini wax…”
Stephanie: I think Damon secretly likes being tortured. And did y’all see the look he gave Klaus when he and Rebekah were bickering about the best blood draining methods? It was like, ‘You’re right dude she’s such an amateur.’ Loved that look.
Abby: I think it would’ve been hilarious if they’d hung him by his feet. Not as sexy, perhaps, but HILARIOUS.
Cin: He totally gets off on it. When the wolves were torturing him last season (remember the THIRD time Elijah ‘saved him’) – that remains one of my favorite Damon scenes ever even before Elijah got there. He was so snarky and awesome. *sigh* I miss Damon with a dick.
Dayna: Damon is still snarky and awesome — just not when Elena is around. Which is why I don’t want an Elena/Damon endgame. I want him with someone who doesn’t make him non-awesome.
Stephanie: Girl, you’re preaching to the choir about wanting Damon with snark and badassness back. That Damon is what made me like him over Stefan more in the beginning. His feelings for Elena have him too whipped and it’s kind of like ‘Really? Stop being a pansy and just do something about it already.’
Cin: Can I jump in for a second to talk about how seriously girly Damon’s ‘dream’ was. Yeah, yeah, I know Rebekah was influencing it but did she put the entire thing in his head? *shrug* Even if she did I can totes see this being the kind of dream Damon has all on his own. He was Elena’s damsel in distress. That boy has so many issues with women it’s unfuckingbelievable. It makes me wonder what Mommy Salvatore must have done to him that she didn’t do to Stefan, because seriously? He likes it when women have him whipped. I feel sorry for him, and for all the Damon fangirls who are like peeing themselves that IS was naked for the past 2 episodes, well, they need to take a long look at the ‘man’ they are lusting after. Pussy patrol.
Dayna: We seriously need some flashbacks to Mama Salvatore.
Stephanie: WORD. I’ve been demanding this forever.
Christina: I third this motion.
Abby: Fourth!

Boohoo Bonnie
Abby: I’m not a Bonnie fan, but I think her reactions are some of the most REAL in the show. No, she doesn’t want to help Damon, she hates Damon. Yes, she did what Klaus wanted, because she’s afraid of Klaus. Yes, she freaked out and broke down in the mansion driveway, because she’s 17 and her life is made of a 100% blend of magic and misery.
Christina: You know what? I thought that exact same thing. Like, that was real emotion, and honestly, that’s the first time I’ve ever been impressed with her. But I still hate her, so I couldn’t really muster the empathy.
Melissa: This is so frustrating to me because I think you’re right Abby, but I also think that Bonnie’s storyline, more than anyone else’s has been so fucked up, that I can’t bring myself to CARE about her. I mean, I hate when the show tries to pull the “Bonnie’s lost so much” angle. Honestly, Bon, everyone’s laundry list of pain is pretty long. Kinda like what Elena told Caroline about how she couldn’t really turn her back on one person doing evil things because of something supernatural & out of their control unless she turned on all of them. Bonnie’s role has been interwoven with the supernatural for generations & yet she acts like she’s the one who suffers more. And that’s really crappy writing for her which frustrates me. It might be different if someone else had the same attitude as her but they don’t. Bonnie’s the only one who acts as though she’s been greatly wronged on a level no one else can understand. Plus, there’s never a scene of Bonnie choosing to not break down, to fight on in her life and try to push past all the pain. She just keeps going & is very cold. And I wouldn’t mind that, if the show would allow us to see Bonnie reaching that point. Instead, we have to see Bonnie get 5 seconds of a breakdown after being kidnapped by an Original. We don’t get to see her start bonding with her mother, thus understanding how Bonnie might’ve let her walls down only to get hurt again. We don’t get to see her be genuinely upset about Jeremy cheating (I agree that she couldn’t talk to Elena about it, but where was the conversation with Caroline?), just this cold, I’m not going to talk to anyone attitude. So when I see Bonnie break down because she’s 17 and she’s tired & sad & heartbroken & just wants to go back to Saturday morning cartoons after a sleepover with her girlfriends, I honestly don’t care. And that truly pisses me off. We know this show can make us invested in a wide variety of characters. Look at our current love for Klaus. Or the fact that I’m almost, ALMOST, on Damon’s side in this stupid love triangle. It’s possible to make fandom fall in love with Bonnie, or at the very least sympathize with her but we have to see her pain. I truly believe that we’d all be a lot more worried about Bonnie if throughout the show we’d seen her struggle to hold it together and not fall apart, only to ultimately fall apart now because the burden got to be too much. Instead, we only learn Bonnie’s emotions when it serves the product placement.
But ya know what? I will be hella fucking impressed if this show can make be interested in Bonnie when she turns into Dark!Willow. I want to see how Bonnie one-ups flaying as punishment.
Dayna: Pretty much Word to all this, Melissa. It’s not as much a character problem as a writing problem, which unfortunately transfers the viewer frustration onto the character herself. I just don’t see them turning the character around enough for me to care if she goes all Dark Willow and everyone has to kill her. It won’t be about her, because nothing is ever about her; it will just be about what having to kill her does to the other characters.
Stephanie: Geez y’all way to steal my thoughts and write them out before I can. You guys are right though. It’s not an acting or character problem, it’s totally a writing problem which makes it obvious that the writers really have no idea what they want to do with Bonnie or know where to take her. I HATE Bonnie but I was also ambivalent about Klaus in the beginning and now I love him so I know the writers can change my feelings about a character with their stories. They just don’t know how with Bonnie.
Christina: Word to all. Dayna, you make an excellent point. Bonnie is a pawn. That’s what she’s always been used as, and I’m pretty sure that’s what she’ll ALWAYS be used as. The character is written poorly, and I’m going to go ahead and say it… I’m not impressed with Kat Graham either. Now, I don’t want to shit on the actors because I know that acting is hard, and you can only do so much with the material you’re given… and maybe I don’t like her BECAUSE I hate Bonnie, but meh. I just… I cannot muster an ounce of fuck to give to anything related to Bonnie Bennett anymore. Zero fucks to give. I don’t follow actor press for this show because I mostly just don’t care, but I don’t get the impression that KG is even happy in this role, and I don’t blame her. All that said… I was slightly impressed with the tears and sadness last night. But other than that, I don’t want to see her face (as Bonnie) on my TV anymore.
Cin: I agree with all of you, but Christina shares my brain. Yes it’s the writing but equally I hate her face. I don’t like Kat Graham as a performer. I hate Bonnie so much I couldn’t be impressed with the tears of sorrow because seeing her cry just makes me think of Hulk Bonnie.

And I laughed. Which is so very very wrong, but I laughed at her stupid face.

Klaus Gets ALL the Hearts
Dayna: I didn’t realize how much I had missed Klaus the last couple weeks until he was back in all his smirking, eye-rolling, cheerfully manipulatin’ and murderin’ glory. Bonus brownie points from me for partially calling Stefan out on his misplaced rage.
Stephanie: If someone hadn’t brought this up I was so going to because WORD to all that Dayna. Absolutely loved the scene where he called out Stefan! Klaus aka Joseph Morgan brings such a dynamic force to the screen that when he’s gone it really shows and, truth be told, the show is a little boring to watch.
Christina: WORD to you both! I had missed Klaus so much. And it was totally boring without him. He’s almost become a crutch for the show, you know? Like, he’s the driving force behind the narrative. Everything is done because of or for him. He’s gone, and it’s just a lot of plotting and nothing gets done. Klaus is back on the screen though, and shit goes down. Long Live Klaus! Seriously. Don’t ever kill him, show. Never.
Stephanie: I will straight up RIOT if they ever kill Klaus… or Alaric.
Abby: What I love most about Klaus’s freakout at the end was that it again highlights how much older he is than Stefan, and how different his perspective is. He understands Stefan so much better than most of the other characters, and he gets that his (misguided) old buddy needed something to focus on. I love how upset he was. “NOBODY APPRECIATES ME!” Oh, Klaus.
Dayna: Come on over to the Boarding House, Klaus. WE appreciate you.

Stefan kissing his inner ‘Emily Thorne’ goodbye
Dayna: Stefan decides that this revenge plot against Klaus is a waste of time, but will he take it to the next logical step? I said last night on Twitter that Stefan is never going to move past the whole Klaus/Ripper thing until he can own the fact that everything he did with Klaus was a CHOICE. He CHOSE to drink blood like Klaus asked and to be his wingman. The reason he made that choice does NOT negate the fact that he made it. He wants to blame Klaus for his re-Ripperfication, but that is ultimately on him. He never tried to learn moderation and control, just yo-yo’d back and forth between being an unrepentant and joyful killer, and being a sanctimonious, self-flagellating martyr. Caroline misses “well-adjusted Stefan”? He was NEVER well-adjusted. Until he can realize that, acknowledge it, and move forward from it by trying to change, I have no fucking use for him. Own your shit, Stefan. That’s one thing Damon understands more than anyone. There are some useful life lessons you can learn from your big brother.
Stephanie: Dayna I’m just going to go back and put ‘and Stephanie’ after your name because gurrrl you’re saying everything I was thinking today.
Cin: Thirded. I love Stefan. I truly truly love him, but he’s fucked up and he has noone to blame but himself. Well, maybe Katherine, but Klaus – even in the 20s – was just part of his journey. He was already a rippah when they met. How is what and how he is Klaus’ fault? It’s not.
Abby: I’m very afraid that we’re in for another bout of Stefan Self Pity ™ but I want to believe he’s letting go of old issues because he’s moving forward, not because he wants to mope about new ones. I don’t want him to go back to pretending to be human. He doesn’t have to keep randomly decapitating people, but I don’t want him all “perfect high school boyfriend” either.
Stephanie: I agree SO MUCH. This year’s Stefan has been a blast to watch and I really love when Paul Wesley plays sinister Stefan. Turning Stefan back to into a moppy bitch would be such a regression for the character that it’ll just annoy to no end since we know how awesome he can be.
Dayna: This was my big fear of the Ripper Stefan storyline — the equal and opposite amount of whining we’re going to have to endure because of it.
Cin: Me too. And now that we are on the cusp of brooding and sulking, I’m pissy as shit about it.

From the Tweetosphere
@caulkcrinolines Elena has the worst posture. She’s going to develop a hump. #TVD
@dieslaughing I just really need Klaus to stay forever. It’s very clear to me now.#TVD
@Dayna_Barter The answer is clearly Elijah, Elena.
@thomascgalvin “Well, I could probably pull the chains out of the ceiling, but … ah, fuck it.” -Damon #tvd
@caulkcrinolines Do animal traps just OPEN like that? Whose hallucination is this? #TVD

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12 Responses to Reactions: Ep 3.18 “The Murder of One”

  1. Aislinn says:

    OMFG I’m so happy that Finn is dead

    • @TheNDofUO says:

      You’re mean. But to be honest I don’t care either way. I almost felt sorry for Rapey-Sage though. Wait 900 uears for your boo for them to come back to you for like 5 hours and then be killed? Did he even give her a pearl necklace in that stretch of time?

      • Cin Salvatore says:

        I feel the same way about Sage. Then again, I wouldn’t have taken my true love to The Grill after 900 years to sip tequila. I mean, let’s be real: the only reason they were in that bar was because they were both nothing but big ole plot devices. In the real world naked olympics would have been totally happening. PEARL NECKLACES FOR EVERYONE!

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      You know what’s hysterical, in an episode named “The Murder of One” we totally forgot to even talk about the actual murder and didn’t mention Finn’s name once. ROFL. When we saw this comment we were like ‘whoops’. But yeah, we are totally overjoyed he’s done for – I mean if we cared about him we surely would have at least given him a paragraph.

  2. Je says:

    I *want* to love you girls, but your unadulterated hatred of Damon REALLY pisses me off. Like, SERIOUSLY. He’s the best character on the damn show. Get over yourselves.

    • Cin Salvatore says:


      I’m honestly SHOCKED it has taken this long for the ‘Damon can do no wrong’ crowd to find us and have the balls to comment. But, if you read closely, some of us love Damon too but none of our contributors are going to let bad decisions go unnoticed. And those of us who don’t worship Damon anymore, thank the writers for that, because we didn’t reach this spot overnight. Go read some old reaction posts – when Damon deserves his due, we give it to him. But what we won’t do is blindly worship a character. Unless their name is Elijah or Klaus, but even then – we still call a spade a spade.

      • onlymystory says:

        Yeah um, let’s see
        A) You obviously don’t *want* to love us, you just want to bitch.
        B) Steph & Dayna are both Damon fans and the rest of us more than give him credit when he earns it. We just don’t lay on the floor in front of him and kiss his feet.
        C) If Damon’s the best character on the show…WE ARE CLEARLY WATCHING DIFFERENT SHOWS.

  3. Parallels says:

    Loved the episode, but I’m wondering if I’m the only person who say the parallels to the season one episode “Let the Right One In.” That Damon dream scene was exactly the same as when Elena took Damon from the tomb vamps’ house/hideout and then fed him her blood. He was even strung up the same way, though Rebekah does seem to be more sadistic than the tomb vamps. That said, this reactions post was awesome.

    • Parallels says:

      I meant Stefan. Sorry for the typo.

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      You are totally right. Wow. It was a full circle moment! LOL Yeah and unlike Stefan, I truly think part of Damon likes the torture. Plus I got to say him getting compelled by Klaus was kinda hot. 😡


  4. If Stefan hadn’t made that choice Damon would be dead.

    If the writers ever decide they want us to love Bonnie, we will. Until then she’ll be a plot device.

  5. Shay says:

    😦 no season 4 responces?

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