The Sitting Room

Thanks for joining us in the Sitting Room. We figured we’d set up shop in here so you can get to know us — all of us. Eventually, we may coax our other housemates to add bios about themselves, but for now, let’s start with the Owners and Staff.

By day, Christina is a twenty-something corporate “professional” (the term is used loosely, obvs), but by night… she’s a pen-wielding, book-reading, TV-watching, snark-spewing machine. As one half of the collective legal entity of OWNER of The Salvatore Boarding House, she is responsible for most of the clean up around here. You know, makin’ shit look neat and formatted and HTML-coded. She also writes most of the recaps, and mans the SBH Twitter for VDBingo on live-episode Thursdays. Her favorite color is red. Also, blue. She thinks orange is nice too. She also immensely enjoys writing about herself in the third-person.

During Season 1, you could have found Christina following Stefan around the Boarding House, slipping him blood bags and fluffing his pillows. But during Season 2, she flat-left Stefan to fend for himself while she took to lurking around the house mumbling to herself about “that badass Original,” occasionally stopping to exclaim “HIS EYES! DEAR SWEET BABY JESUS HIS DEEP BROWN EYES!” only to stare wistfully into the wood paneling. She still hasn’t fully forgiven Damon and Alaric for stabbing Elijah during “The Dinner Party,” but she’s taking it one day at a time. Booze helps. Just not during VDBingo. She learned her lesson the hard way with that one. You can follow Christina on twitter at @clrumbaugh.

Cin is a thirty-something reformed slut who is now a devoted wife to a very lucky man and mother of two beautiful spawn. When she isn’t in ‘office manager mode’ (which, let’s be real, is as little as possible), Cin is a TV fangirl, sci-fi geekette, lacquerwhore (nail polish collector/obessive) and troublemaker. As the other half of the collective legal (ha!) entity of OWNER of The Salvatore Boarding House, she is in charge of visuals and general mayhem. All screencap pillaging and Photoshop Fu falls under her jurisdiction. If you see artwork on The SBH, it most likely came from Cin. She posts the daily Quote of the Day feature, helps write the recaps, and lords over the reaction posts like a South American dictator (don’t cry for her, Argentina). Her favorite colors are purple and red, and she loves butter & coffee. Sometimes together. She just follows Christina’s third person lead since they generally share a brain.

With Cin, it’s all about Caroline and Elijah. All the time. Joking, she loves the Salvatores with all her heart, with a love/smack him upside the head relationship with Damon and a wicked protective streak toward Stefan. She doesn’t actively ‘ship’ any couples on TVD, but she does want to sink a few of those ‘ships’ – ‘shipper’ head first. She loves  vampires, heart snatches and her BlackBerry. And she hates werewolves, white oak ash, and not getting her way. You can find her on twitter at @cinjudes.

Abby might have seen part of a third decade stuffed in a corner of her sock drawer, but she couldn’t really say for sure. She is very married to the world’s best husband and they share custody of two small, stripey cats. A writer, educator and sometime puppeteer, she has a professional background in museum education and is the newest resident and Keeper of the Awesome at the SBH.

As a lifelong devotee of the absurd, Abby writes the weekly Top Ten feature, is an outspoken supporter of the Orphaned Bunny Association and also takes care of any little public relations problems that Elijah or Klaus may get themselves into. If it’s particularly whimsical or any kind of running gag, Abby probably had something to do with it. While generally known as the Captain of Team Klaus, she is also very vocal on behalf of Elijah, Damon and Caroline. She loves stained glass, the color blue and defending a vampire’s right to be amoral. You can follow her on twitter at @AbbyGraham.


2 Responses to The Sitting Room

  1. anonymous says:

    Where are you guys? No season 4 posts?? I miss u.

  2. Gabi K says:

    Is there a way to contact any of the house owners to arange a meeting to visit the Salvatore House???

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