Campaign Headquarters

Vote for Elijah!

Due to the recent up in interest and outpouring of support (you volunteers are amazing!), we’ve had to move our campaign efforts out of a small corner of our dining room and commandeer a whole room to set up shop. So welcome to our newly annexed Elijah For Mayor Campaign Headquarters! As our cause continues to gain momentum, you’ll find all our campaign posts and materials here.

Our first official announcement. (Apr 6, 2011)
Our campaign is growing! (Apr 12, 2011)
– We also had a HUGE surge in support on the morning of Apr 30, 2011, and a lot of campaign legwork was accomplished. Some of Elijah’s loyal followers came up with a shitton (technical term) of #ReasonElijahShouldBeMayor. We’re incorporating them into the campaign material, so you’ll be able to see them soon. But rest assured, they are compelling. (Update 6/16/11: Abby Graham has graciously laid out 10 Reasons (and their explanations) why we should elect Elijah Mayor of Mystic Falls. Great job, Abby! Excellent points!)

We’re seeing this thing through until the pay off, so if anyone else has any #ReasonsElijahShouldBeMayor, hit us up in the comments!

Don’t forget to follow our campaign on Twitter @Elijah4Mayor. We’re really going to turn this campaign up to 11 this summer, so brace yourself for the awesomeness!


3 Responses to Campaign Headquarters

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  3. ilisek says:

    Have you guys seen this?

    “Mayor Lockwood says, ‘Klaus has offered to leave me, my family, and this town alone if you can get your brother to behave.'”

    This would never happen if Elijah was mayor. You guys need to give the campaign a jumpstart!

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