Reactions: 3.14 “Dangerous Liaisons”

Alright, so I warned y’all on twitter that this reaction post was going to be intense. It’s also filled with so much straight-up bananas craziness, you don’t even KNOW. That’s what this episode did to us. It fills us with ALL THE EMOTIONS. But I can’t say any more. You’ll just have to read it 😉

Unfortunately Cin couldn’t be with us for this reaction post as she had to drive to Nashville — too bad she doesn’t have one of those magical TVD portkeys! — so she’s only here with us in spirit. But don’t worry. I fully expect an EXTREMELY long comment from her at some point.

Here we go!

Main Players: (Spirit of) Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, Erin and Stephanie (SBH contributors and friends).

“Fondly, Klaus”
Christina: I can’t handle it! I can’t handle the goddamn adorableness of Klaus fucking FANCYING Caroline!
Spirit of Cin: I. KNOW! He told her he fancied her and enjoyed her! CHRIST! He gave her a drawing of her and a horse. I SHIP THEM SO GORRAM HARD!!!!!
Christina: ME FUCKING TOO! GOD! I mean, how did he KNOW that she was Miss Mystic Falls? The way he looked at her. The way… Jesus… the way he looked after she told him what was what, that he doesn’t try to understand people because he’s got some abandonment issues for real. And then the way he GAVE HER THAT DRAWING OMG THE SWOONAGE IS TOO HIGH DANGER DANGER MELTDOWN IMMINENT! GAAAAAHHHHH. 🙂
Christina: “Perfection wrapped in homicide.” JESUS, Abby. I love you so much, hahahahaha. Also, YES. Klaus just needs a fucking hug, and Caroline is just the person to give IT to him, don’t you think? Well, he needs more than that, but. I ship them. I ship them hard.
Christina: ME TOOOOOO. Every time he opened that FANCY mouth of his. Even though I was alone, I was all, “SHUT UP HE’S SPEAKING!”
Stephanie: lol. Me too! I literally held my breath so I didn’t miss a single word that he uttered from those perfect lips. Seriously, how was Caroline NOT ripping off her dress and just telling him to take her especially after he offered to show her Europe?!
Christina: I don’t even fucking know. I can’t fathom wanting to be clothed around him after that either. I mean, JESUS. You know, I don’t quite know what it is about these two, but they drive me so bonkers with the thought of them being together. I ship them harder than anyone else I’ve ever shipped on this show.
Dayna: I really liked how all of that played out. I would have been disappointed if Caroline had just swooned into Klaus’s arms after everything. The whole thing was perfection, from Klaus’s twitterpation to Caroline rolling her eyes and shutting him down to the screeching-record sound when she got his note and drawing in the jewelry box instead of the bracelet back. Absolute perfection. And I’m amused that, after 1000 years, Klaus really has NO game with the ladies.
Abby: Except us. Because Klaus has ALL THE GAME with us. ALL OF US. Except Caroline.
Christina: You’re absolutely right. I would have momentarily been please if she was like “TAKE ME KLAUS!” but in the long run, this is much better. Everything was just perfectly executed. And I guess Klaus doesn’t really have game because he’s been more concerned with other things for those 1000 years. Though you know he’s hella charming when he wants to be. He can turn it on and off. We’ve seen him do this. Like a fucking SWITCH right in the middle of conversations. It’s what makes him so terrifying. But yeah. He’s got a lot to learn. And, god, just the thought of him trying to COURT her. You guys… I can’t… I need to rewatch all of these scenes immediately.
Stephanie: I do love a good chase especially if we get more Klaus uttering magical sayings last night. I think it’s safe to say that Pacey Witter has been fired as ‘Ruiner of All Men’ for me and replaced by Klaus _______ (I refuse to give him the last name Mikaelson since, well, he’s not).
Christina: I’m about to say something shocking, so brace yourselves… I was never a Pacey Witter fan. I KNOW! I KNOW! I’m sorry! But it’s true. But WORD to Klaus ruining men. Klaus… I just. I really want to see another flashback (even if it HAS to be Vikings in Virginia again) just to see Elijah and Klaus both trying to date the same woman. Who wants to bet that it’s the same deal as with the Brothers Salvatore and their dynamic has changed — that Klaus was the timid one and Elijah was all powerful. Oh god, I’m giving myself the vapors just thinking about Elijah as POWERFUL.
Dayna: I want to see him working HIS woman-wooing magic!! *swoon* Like seriously, a woman is actually torn between him and Klaus?
Christina: That’s what I’m saying. I mean NOW, in the present… with Klaus the way he is, I would TOTALLY be torn. But I want to see if it was always the case. Like you said, how does he have zero game? He must never have had it. But then, how was the OP torn between Elijah and him then? I just want to see it.
Dayna: Totally. THAT’S the flashback I want. And I’m not sure how much I believe that they had agreed to the bros before hos thing BEFORE mama “took” the girl to use in whatever spellwork she was doing. That seemed… off when Elijah was describing it. Is it too much to ask to get an Elijah flashback where he’s telling his own backstory instead of someone else’s?
Abby: If Elijah starts wooing people, I think we’re going to need to pack the entire fandom in dry ice. OR WE’LL ALL DIE.
Christina: Yeah, I think that convo last week was for show. YOU GUYS! We totally forgot to mention something — not only was Klaus so goddamn swoonworthy… are we forgetting that Caroline was wearing the bracelet he gave her?! SHE WANTS IT TOO. GOD THESE TWO.
Stephanie: He even called her out on it when dancing and she had no answer. UGH! I CAN’T WITH THESE TWO. They make me feel ALL THE EMOTIONS.
Christina: ALL THE FUCKING EMOTIONS. And all the fucking emotions too. 😉
Dayna: (I think that would be fucking MOTIONS. No E.) I’m so torn. I WANT it to be all epic love story-y, but… this can’t possibly end well for Vampire Barbie, ya know? She’s gonna get hurt, either physically or emotionally or both.
Stephanie: DAYNA! DO. NOT. DESTROY. MY. DREAMS. Let me live in a land of delusion for at least today.
Dayna: But maybe before the inevitable happens, she can show him how he’s capable of such beauty and shit if only he’ll stop being an insecure, control-freak asshole who makes really bad choices all the damn time.
Christina: YES YES YES.
Stephanie: God, I hope so.
Abby: If they don’t at LEAST have one outrageously passionate, fandom-igniting kiss, I will be disappointed FOREVER.
Christina: OH, god. I am such a fucking tween. A kiss?! You almost killed me. Also, I agree. Disappointment for all eternity. I mean, I think Caroline is probably the first person in a really, really long time that Klaus has actually fancied. He almost had KLEARS in his eyes when she was shooting him down and being honest with him. And yet HE STILL GAVE HER THE DRAWING AND NOTE. And GOD I COULD TALK ABOUT THEM ALL DAY IM NOT EVEN TYPING WITH THE CAPS LOCK I AM HOLDING DOWN THE SHIFT KEY THAT IS HOW MUCH EMOTION I AM EXPERIENCING.
Stephanie: Damn, the shift key? That’s serious emotions.
Melissa: Damn ya’ll went to town! There’s almost not anything I can add. I kid. There’s a shit ton of stuff to add because ya’ll took care of the swooning and now I can insist on the analyzing. Because I need this to actually happen. I need Klaus to fall in love and still be like Klaus and all testy with everyone but to let Caroline in. And then Caroline can let Klaus in. As one does when a man draws them a picture. And gives them diamonds. And basically a pony. But small swooning aside, I really liked the fact that Caroline was considering Klaus’ words but she wasn’t buying it and she wasn’t going to be bought. I know that was a worry for some in the fandom (not us, because we basically ship everyone and adore Caroline and all things Original) that Caroline would become a crappy version of herself just for the sake of pretty things and some sweet words. But Caroline is so much better than that. I sort of went off on tumblr about this last night too but it was like she was compassionate and gracious with Klaus without allowing him to win the arguments. She kept calling him out to take responsibility for his own actions but she didn’t do it in a way that belittled his art or his relationship with his dad or the way he feels about different things. I want to compile these scenes into one video, send it to every other TV writer on the planet and say ‘This is how you write a storyline that seems impossible without assassinating your characters.’
Stephanie: Wow, Melissa you went to town yourself. [Christina: That’s what she said.] But yes I love how Caroline is still herself and isn’t giving into Klaus and being caught up in all his Prince Charming ways (unlike me who would have said ‘Fuck, you win’ last night). They truly, truly understand each other on a deeper level. She’s not afraid to call him out on his issues and he understands her need to feel appreciated and valued. Seriously, I hate using the line, but they complete each other.
Christina: I don’t understand these fandom people that would worry about her not yielding (hehe) to him right away. There was weird thing that happened this season, where they turned Caroline back into her former self, the superficial party planner, who dated *gag* Tyler. But I think this potential romance with Klaus is going to turn her into the badass ass-kicking chick that we know she can be. And the fact that she can deal with Klaus this way — not falling for his charm or his gifts, even though they are breaking her shell — makes her even stronger. She’s getting back to the Caroline that is fierce. And Klaus can help her become that.
Stephanie: WORD. I just hope she doesn’t adopt a nickname like ‘Sasha Fierce’.
Christina: Girl, don’t even.
Melissa: Don’t even suggest such nicknames! ICK. I was annoyed at the superficialness of Caroline’s character in some of these early episodes with Tyler but now that we’re a little further on in the story, I can see what they’re doing with that. Caroline’s big thing has been enjoying senior year and being a teenager and while I don’t doubt that she loves Tyler, I think it was in a lot of ways, Caroline trying to force herself to be a teen and to basically be human. And because she has shitty examples in the Salvatores on how to be a vampire, she only sees life as pushing one world away for an attempt at another. It’s either lose a lot of your humanity for the bloodlust or be pretty miserable for the sake of humanity. WHICH ISN’T TRUE. And that’s what Klaus is starting to show her, that she can love all of these other things without having to sacrifice who she is. Wow I rambled a bit. Pulling it back, I think sometimes in fandom, we go with the “how could she or why the hell would he” responses and forget that no matter how much crazy happens in an episode of TVD, the character development has always been a slow and natural process. So people think how on earth could Caroline fall for the guy who’s been so evil but the writers are smart enough not to let it happen overnight. Now I’m going to go all psych major for a minute but there’s this whole thing about how love triangles in stories, especially with a girl at the center (though I think it works for both), aren’t so much about the girl choosing the guy but about the girl choosing herself. It’s like each guy, in a way, represents an aspect of who she could be. So the girl in the triangle has trouble deciding or floats back and forth because she’s figuring out who she wants to be as an adult and as a person and until she gets there, both guys fit a part of who she is. Tyler, in this case, seems to represent the human side of Caroline while Klaus represents the vampire side. But I have the feeling that Klaus and Caroline together are going to help each other find balance between both of their natures, humanity and supernatural.
Christina: *wipes tear* I love you. That was amazing and sums up my thought so much better than I could ever dream of doing myself.
Stephanie: I’m stealing a Patrick Swayze line but DITTO.
Erin: I am going to make my husband read this. I for serious had to pause the show last night so that we could argue about Klaus. He doesn’t get why I am in love with him or the idea of him and Caroline. “Didn’t he murder so many people? Didn’t he make a mess with your precious Stefan? And you’re just going to forgive him?” YES!! Because he is beautiful and broken and perfect and he has an accent. Mostly the accent. “So if I had an accent, you wouldn’t mind if I murdered your loved ones?” You would also have to buy me way more diamonds and be good at drawing.
Stephanie: LOL.
Dayna: Perfection.

Double Agent. Sort of?
Christina: I think it’s very interesting that Elena is trying to lie to Elijah about what Mama Original was talking to her about. I mean, like she thinks she can really out master the master, ya know?
Spirit of Cin: Word! Elijah IS PERFECTION! YOU HEAR ME? That she even THINKS she can lie to him. I think he knows she’s lying to him. Right before the toast. The way he looked at her. He so knows.
Christina: Do you really think that he drank? I mean… not that… I was looking that closely… but his lips didn’t seem wet after he took a sip. Okay, I was unashamedly watching his mouth. I do not recall wet lips. And another thing: don’t you think they’d be able to smell the blood? Even if it was just “essence”?
Spirit of Cin: I think Elijah is Elijah and he’s smarter than these fuckers.
Stephanie: I’m with you both and think Elijah was like ‘fuck this pink champagne’ and did the fake drink motion. You know, the one you do when you’re playing drinking games to avoid getting alcohol poisoning.
Dayna: Someone asked Julie this at the Q&A and she confirmed that Elijah DID drink the kool-aid — er, champagne.
Melissa: Oh good to have that confirmation. Plus, I assumed that since the linking spell worked that Elijah drank. I don’t think that kickass family tree would’ve worked if he hadn’t.
Christina: Dammit 😦
Abby: I tell you what I think: I think Elena is OUT OF HER DAMN MIND. There is nothing in their brief shared history that suggests that lying to Elijah is a good idea. IT’S A TERRIBLE IDEA. On the other hand, I find it TOTALLY HILARIOUS that EVERYONE squirms at the very thought of lying to Elijah. The man can make his own mother squirm with guilt when he isn’t even in the room. It’s a beautiful thing.
Dayna: Are we ready for the RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus tap-dancing mother-loving CHRIST, Elijah has Rebekah and Kol, who are basically spoiled-brat 12 year-olds; Finn, who is a self-loathing Mama’s boy; Klaus, who is a sociopath and crazier than a goddamn shit-house rat, AND a mother who is trying to kill him. And now cunt-face bitch ELENA FUCKING GILBERT is going to screw him over AGAIN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just… I can’t… come here, baby. Let me hold you and make it all better. All of these people can go mother-fucking FUCK THEMSELVES. [pant pant pant… okay, I think I’m all right now.]
Spirit of Cin: ROFL! Dayna, you are so fucking right. Elijah deserves so much better than all this shit.
Stephanie: Elena is officially on my shit list. How dare she conspire with Mama Original to take down Elijah. Bitch, I know you’re smarter than that. Actually, strike that because she has like zero commonsense. If a cult abducted Elena, she’d instantly drink the Kool-Aid and like it.
Christina: She would probably talk so much, the other members would willingly drink the damn stuff just so she’d shut up her self-righteousness.
Dayna: The ONLY thing that is going to spare her from my wrath at this point is if the bitch has a crisis of conscience next week and clues Elijah in. Otherwise, I’m coming for you, wench. And I’m a hell of a lot madder than Rebekah!
Melissa: I haven’t had a “defend Elena” moment in a while and I’ve got a few of those coming in this post so this should be interesting. From a story standpoint and a character standpoint, I love Elena’s choice. (And yes, I still love Elijah but I’m talking Elena for now). For 2 seasons now, the goal has been to get rid of Klaus and Elijah was merely a means to that end as far as Elena’s been concerned. Then we got to the end of S2 and Elijah caved to his family. I have no problem believing that Elena thinks he’ll do that again. She knows she’ll do anything, even if it isn’t right (Jer) or it seems crazy (Alaric), to protect the people she loves, and I think she gets that Elijah will do the same. So while I was pissed in the moment, I’m really proud of Elena for making that decision. It fit who she is, in making the hard choices to take care of the people she cares about.
Melissa: But more importantly, I like that even within this episode, she had second thoughts throughout and afterwards. Elena said when she stabbed Rebekah that her ability to care about people would make her a liability and I feel like that’s one of the great things about Elena. When something needs doing, Elena does it and then thinks through it afterwards. (Brief tangent but that also shows the difference between Elena/Caroline/Bonnie. Bonnie tends to overthink everything and all the ramifications and as a result things don’t get done. Caroline often acts but doesn’t worry about thinking things over later and Elena also steps up and acts but really analyzes her actions afterwards.) So I feel like after Elena did it, that she realized somewhere along the way, Elijah stopped being the guy protecting her endangered species list and he became one of the people on it.
Stephanie: Damn you Melissa and your responsible analysis of Elena’s actions. Fine. I guess maybe you’re right and Elena doesn’t deserve all the rage but she totally did in the moment.
Dayna: I could see her going along with Esther’s plan, but I really expected/wanted/needed her to give him the side-eye and stop him from drinking the champagne. And I do understand her reasoning, I guess, but still…
Christina: Ugh. Melissa, you and your logic. Elijah and Elena are very similar in that regard. It’s quite interesting actually. It makes sense for who she is (and for the record: TV Elena is SO MUCH COOLER than Book Elena). But I’m still mad because you do not fuck with Elijah. It’s the first and second rule of I Heart Elijah Club.
Stephanie: Is the third rule you make out with your hand while imagining it’s him?
Dayna: Your hand? Stephanie dear, there are things with batteries.
Stephanie: Dayna, I’m not going to make out with my vibrator but I’ll let my other set of lips go to town. Too far?
Dayna: I’m not sure the SBH HAS a too far.
Stephanie: Good point. PG-13 we are NOT.
Christina: NEVER! My favorite thing to do is make dick and ejaculation jokes. PG-13? Please 😉
Melissa: Us? PG-13? Ha. I am curious though, if Elijah & Elena can make up, do ya’ll think he’ll give her a pearl necklace? These Originals do have a thing for family jewels.
Stephanie: Pearl necklace? Nah. Maybe a couple of pearl earrings and a pendant.
Dayna: I’m suddenly wishing this show aired on HBO or Showtime.
Stephanie: COULD YOU IMAGINE?! We’d have a field day with episodes if they were on those networks.
Melissa: I don’t know if those networks could measure up honestly. I thought that last night after the hot as fuck Damon/Rebekah scene. I haven’t seen a scene that hot on cable for a long ass time. And those two were basically still clothed! Which also if they’d wanted to give us another minute or two of that scene, I wasn’t complaining.
Erin: This is too effing perfect. Lots of pearls for Elena. Maybe she wouldn’t be such an idiot if she was getting pearls regularly. Obviously lying to Elijah is a bad idea. He is going to end up saving her ass yet again and she’ll feel like a moron for lying. Mommy is not on our side. She wants to hurt Klaus and Elijah. Do what you want with Finn & Kol mommy but leave mine alone. Bitch.
Stephanie: Yes her vajayjay needs to be bedazzled by many pearls. Repeatedly.
Dayna: Bitch ain’t good enough for Elijah’s pearls right now. #bitter
Stephanie: That’s why she’ll get the pizza boy’s right now to maybe help her stop being so stupid. I honestly think her dumb decision making stems from sexual repression. Bitch might even need to swim in a pool of pearls before she can move from sexually repressed to just sexually dissatisfied.
Christina: Christ, you guys. Amazing, hahaha

Meet the Mikaelsons
Christina: So the gang was all dapper this evening. Did anyone else notice that Finn DPR was kind of Mama Original’s bitch boy? You know, I would not be surprised if they had some sort of weird incestuous thing going.
Spirit of Cin: That would be fucking hilarious.
Melissa: Oh my gosh, he so does. Or they do. Whatever. Because you know, fucking your son wouldn’t be an abomination but your kids must be because you turned them into vampires and then fucked with their minds! But um yeah please show give me a little weirdness with the Originals.
Stephanie: Dude, familial incest? That might be one historical accuracy they get right.
Melissa: Since we brought it up (don’t say dirty, it’s too easy), I know people were wondering if Klaus had a thing for Rebekah for a while. I totally disagree because they just seem like very close siblings who have each others’ back on everything. But Kol? Yeah he might have a few incestuous tendencies as well.
Stephanie: I think Kol and Damon totally did the nasty back in the day and Damon is that hook up he wishes he could forget. Not that I would ever regret hooking up w/ Damon but Kol seems high maintenance in the sack.
Christina: He’s the kind of guy who has mirrors on his ceiling.
Stephanie: And handcuffs. Possibly a whip and saddle.
Melissa: That’s right! Well I mean not totally but there was supposed to be a flashback scene between Damon & Kol in the 1912 episode and its been cut. No wonder Damon is all butt hurt that Kol doesn’t remember him. Though his ass probably hurt more back then. Kol doesn’t come across as gentle.
Christina: Oh, jaysus. You two. HAHAHA.
Stephanie: DEAD. I bet he’s a top and a spanker. Also 1912 episode? The one at the very beginning of the season? I didn’t think we had a Kol then. Or are we getting another flashback episode?
Melissa: We’re getting another flashback episode. The first one back after the 2 week hiatus, I believe.
Dayna: I thought the flashback was supposed to be Damon and Sage (who they changed to a girl from a boy like in the books)
Melissa: I think Carina mentioned something about it. Hang on, I’ll go figure it out. Yep, one of the things from the Q&A with Julie noted that there was going to be interaction between Damon & Kol but it was cut.
Dayna: Ah, okay. Dang. That little tete-a-tete between them last night was probably supposed to be more meaningful than it will end up coming off, then.
Melissa: It’s internet writing, the English language is always crying. Worse than Bonnie with that tendency. Yeah it was probably supposed to be more meaningful. I’m hoping there will be at least a mention of Kol & Damon meeting before so even if we don’t see the intercourse, I mean interaction, we at least know about it.
Stephanie: It’s a flashback episode so I’m happy. Love those. But also if I don’t see Damon and Kol practicing their downward doggie style I’m going to be so upset.
Melissa: I’m sure there’s fanfic for that.
Abby: I think he’s the oldest, (Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Kol, Rebekah, is my best guess for the age order) and I bet he was Daddy’s favorite. That’s probably why he’s been boxed the longest.
Christina: I think you’re right. Do you think that Klaus was Mommy’s favorite?
Abby: I don’t think Klaus has ever been anyone’s favorite. Thus his enormous luggage.
Christina: That is a good point. And that is incredibly sad. 😦
Abby: I KNOW. They’re killing me with all these glimpses of his deeper personality. Please, show, don’t kill Klaus. We NEED him.
Dayna: I can see Finn being the oldest. It’s definitely between him and Elijah.
Stephanie: Finn and Elijah obviously have a long standing sibling rivalry going on. I just hope Elijah rips Finn’s heart out because, honestly, I just hate his stupid face.
Dayna: I didn’t get that sense. Maybe a little wariness since Elijah is already suspicious, but I didn’t get much feel for what their relationship might have been.
Stephanie: I was just going by what little I saw of the two together. Plus if they really are the oldest two then a rivalry would definitely be happening especially in regards to their parents affections. I will say Elijah, probably a Daddy’s boy, and Finn, total Mama’s bitch.
Melissa: I believe, and I can’t check this one, but I am fairly certain that I heard that Finn shares his dad’s feelings towards vampires. With the whole, we’re evil and a blight on society and should kill other vampires rather than each other. He hasn’t had 900 years to share that with his family but I thought there was an interview that said that. It certainly fits with his willingness to work with his mother to kill all of his family. I also like the idea of Rebekah, Kol and Elijah forgiving Klaus because as it turns out, he made the right move in killing their mother all those years ago and joining with him to go after her and Finn. Actually wouldn’t it be cool if they (and I guess Bonnie) figured out a way to reverse the spell so it only linked Finn & Esther and then they just killed those two? I would enjoy this. I also do see a little bit of a sibling rivalry between Finn & Elijah.
Stephanie: Stop making me feel stupid Melissa 😉
Melissa: Oh! Okay since below has no semblance of decency, I’m going to bring up the other Mikaelson. [Christina: Decency? BAHAHA] Because I still sort of love Kol. Like madly love him. Sure he almost got on my shit list for threatening Matt but really if I didn’t forgive people for fucking Matt over, I’d hate everyone on the show. But I loved the way he looks at Damon and is all “you didn’t make an impression”, when we all know Damon has SUCH a thing for making an entrance. Plus he’s cute and his eyes crinkle up like Josh Hartnett’s and yeah I’m basically falling for Kol. (Though I will say that his accent went in and out like crazy in this episode. Nate’s gotta work out which one he wants to use when playing Kol).
Spirit of Cin: Yes. Love him. LOL at “you didn’t make an impression.” Perfect.
Dayna: I’m totally unimpressed. We already have one spoiled brat, immature Original. I didn’t need a male version of Rebekah. Cute only takes it so far, and it wasn’t nearly far enough for me.
Christina: Word, I’m with you, Dayna. The most impressive thing about Cole for me is that he looks just like Elijah, haha.
Melissa: I definitely can get that. I felt like Rebekah showed some growth in this episode, like Matt’s actions made her realize that she doesn’t have to be a brat but can have a life of her own, separate from either joining or defying her family. So I see her growing away from that a little. Plus the other thing for me with Kol, where I see some differences is that Rebekah can be stopped. He doesn’t. And he has some very “vampires are the greater race” mentalities. That, if he sticks around, could be quite fascinating. Klaus likes his power but he’s not all humans are stupid and vampire power or whatnot. Kol seems like that, making him a liability and a powder keg.
Dayna: Hasn’t Klaus said a lot of times that humans are only there to serve their (meaning the vampires’) purpose? He was talking to Tyler about that a couple eps ago, and back in 1492 w/r/t Katerina.
Melissa: Oh yeah, you’re right. My Klaus/Caroline squee was clouding my judgment and remembering Klaus as using humans but not dismissing them as completely inferior. Though he does seem to care a little more about humans than the impression I get from Kol. Like Klaus would actually consider the usefulness of a human whereas Kol is like, they aren’t useful ever so just kill them all. I just really like Kol you guys. Ya know that reaction you all had to Elijah when he first showed up, but it took me a couple episodes to fall in love? I’m having that reaction to Kol and I can’t explain it.
Christina: I have another question. They’re Vikings, right? Why is it not spelled Mikaelsson?
Abby: Are you really asking for correct surname spellings from the Virginia Viking family? REALLY, CHRISTINA?
Christina: Hey, I have my standards! We all know how I feel about the, to quote Dayna, “Jewish Virginia Viking family.”
Stephanie: It’s obvious they decided to go with the American bastardization of the name. At least they didn’t go with their Native American given name. That could have been just all types of awkward to write on the invitations.
Abby: Let’s here it for bastardization! #TeamKlaus
Christina: Wait, what’s their Native American name?
Stephanie: Isn’t it like Nightwalker or something like that? People would have thought they joined the Justice League or some shit.
Christina: Oh, hahah. I thought you were going to make something more Native Americany. (Is that racist?)
Stephanie: You mean like Bloody Lips which for Rebekah or Ester could have double meaning. And no that’s not racist, how else would we describe it?
Spirit of Cin: ROFLMAO. Stephanie, me love you long time.
Christina: Word. OMG, I actually just snorted at my desk. Yes, that’s what I meant. Or like Loves Same Woman.
Stephanie: Or Doggy Loving. Or maybe Straight Sword Fighters (hint, hint).
Christina: “I see your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now let’s see how well you handle it.”
Stephanie: LOL. We’ve opened up a whole new can of worms.
Christina: I’ll tell you whose worm I’d like to see.
Stephanie: DEAD. I’m lucky I just swallowed my coffee before reading this.
Melissa: Fucking A you guys. Um, having skimmed through to here, and the things my eyes picked up were ‘using a different set of lips on a vibrator’, incest, and “bloody lips” as a nickname, my mind has gone to places I don’t think even Klaus could take me to.
Erin:Speaking of swords, husband said more than once last night that Stefan & Damon should probably duke it out with theirs. I am starting to legit think he wants to see that happen. I wouldn’t be totally opposed.
Stephanie: Why would anyone oppose that? I say let them go at it.

Christina: So… I don’t like this plan. I mean, I’m down for killing Rebekah and DPR and even Kol Cole, but NEVER Elijah or Klaus. NEVER. I do not Mama Original. And I don’t trust her and her little minion DPR.
Spirit of Cin: Shut your mouth! YOU DO NOT KILL COLE. He’s too pretty. He can stay. But I agree. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN will anyone kill Elijah or there will be HELL TO PAY. Let them just TRY it.
Christina: We will be on them like spider monkeys! But no, seriously. Why keep Cole around? They said it last night, he’s a psycho. He scares me, and I don’t trust him either. Like, this family got all the crazy. Only Elijah and Klaus… they’re the only ones I care about surviving this. Please, TPTB??
Spirit of Cin: Now if he’d killed Matty… We’d have problems, BUT now he’s started a feud with Damon. I mean Damon getting his ass kicked is always fun (unless he’s saving Matty or undaggering Elijah).
Melissa: I’m with the Spirit of Cin. Kol fucking with Damon is kinda fun. AND IF YOU PEOPLE KILL OFF TOO MANY ORIGINALS WE DON’T GET A SPINOFF.
Abby: I knew this was going to happen, I just knew it. Mama Original and her Witchier-than-thou attitude needs to GO. It is absolutely cosmically unacceptable to give us this whole clan of beautiful, dangerous, perfect vampires and then take them away. I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS, ESTHER. LEAVE YOUR KIDS ALONE.
Stephanie: How does Mama Original not love her kids?! I don’t understand it. They’re such BAMFs, well except Finn. He’s just a little bitch. Esther better check herself before she wrecks herself because I will NOT stand for her killing my beloved Elijah or Klaus. Hell, I’ll even be pissed if she kills Rebekah because after last night’s hot, steamy hatesex I’m going to need her and Damon to do more of that. Also do y’all think that if the original family dies then all the vampires die since they’re all sort of descendants from the Mikaelsons?
Dayna: Called that shit. *douchbadge*
Melissa: Squeezing in here to say that I wondered if all vampires die too. And for that matter, since Cindy McLennan brought up in her recap last week the fact that the doppelganger and Bennett witches are also intertwined, I’d be interested to know if it would take out them as well.
Dayna: I somehow doubt they’re going to just up and kill all of the Originals next week so I’m not super-duper worried that she’s going to succeed, but this plan of Esther’s is NOT OKAY, y’all! Klaus needs to kill the bitch again!
Stephanie: If not Klaus, then Elijah. This bitch needs to go back to the Dharma Initiative island on the other side.
Christina: I so knew it was going to be one of those dumb-ass “I brought you into this world, I can take you out” bullshit things. Klaus totally needs to kill her. I… just no.
Abby: Kill her AND draw a memorial picture!
Stephanie: Pretty much I just fucking hate all the witches on the show (except Lucy) because they always seem to try to pull this bullshit. NO JUST NO. Not this time you Nature Interpreter. I say nature wants its Original vamps so don’t you dare try to be like ashes to ashes.
Melissa: I agree that it won’t work and we all obviously called it about Esther being up to a lot more but I kind of loved that they just covered it and moved on. There wasn’t this, what is Esther’s plot, what is she up to drawn out thing. It was straight up, I’m going to kill all of my children because they’re an abomination. That is seriously fucked up on Esther’s part but I love that the show not only establishes her true goals in an episode but gets them halfway started in the same one. These back 9 episodes are going to be FUCKED UP.
Dayna: Two weeks in a row I’ve been totally disappointed with them going the obvious route. Last week, it was the Elijah/Klaus fighting over the OP. This week, we have confirmation that the Bennetts are descended from Ayanna. I just… it’s all just a little too ‘pat’, you know?
Abby: I can never decide if the story is being obvious or if the people I talk to most about the show are just exceptionally smart. That said, II, too, am hoping for some twists, as long as they don’t involve killing or removing Elijah, Klaus or Caroilne from the story. Because that would NOT be a good twist.
Stephanie: I feel the same way. I would like to think we’re insanely smart and are so in tune with the show now that we can see these things coming from a mile away but I believe, sadly, they’re just going with obvious right now. Some things that weren’t meant to be shocking I just reacted like, ‘Yeah I already figured that out so now get to the shocking part’ but they never do. I hope the writers have serious twists and turns coming up that none of us can see coming.
Melissa: Not to toot our own horns, but I think we are just that smart and in tune with the show. Because I read through some stuff on twitter or I look at other recaps occasionally (like recaps from people who get paid for it) and they miss pretty much all of this stuff. So I would say we hang out in a pretty damn intelligent corner of fandom and that means we figure things out quicker than most. But again, that’s something that I appreciate about the show. They don’t drag a lot of this stuff out forever. Some of it yeah, but I feel like the writers do pay attention to the theories and get to a point where they just answer that shit in a couple lines in an episode and move on. It surprises some people and it confirms stuff for others. I guess I just don’t mind not being shocked because I love to see how the characters react. I think Candice actually commented on that in an interview. She was like yeah, ya’ll know that Klaus & Caroline dance but you don’t know why, or what is said during it or what the reactions are after it. And that’s why I watch. I don’t mind knowing the plot twist if the character development around it is well done.
Christina: Oh, but back to the topic of hatesex. Ugh, hatesex. Usually I’m all for that shit, but it just felt wrong wrong wrong between them. I don’t want to see that.
Stephanie: What?! I thought it was insanely hot. I mean I knew I should have probably hated it and thought it was wrong but damn it made me consider running outside naked to just cool off. Also I’d let Damon/Ian push me up against a wall and ravage me from behind any day but just as long as Ian didn’t utter stupid Zoolander-esque shit.
Abby: Word. Christina, if you don’t want to see that, Stephanie and I will watch it for you. Because we’re generous like that.
Stephanie: TRUTH. I’ll watch it repeatedly just so I give you a thorough analysis as to why it is so hot.
Dayna: Count me on the “not hot” train. Not so much that it was wrong for Damon to do Rebekah; it’s just that her big “O” face was not attractive, okay? What?! I’m shallow!! Nice use of lyrics though. Hee.
Stephanie: Haha. I wasn’t even looking at her face. I just imagined it was me instead of her. It made the viewing much more enjoyable.
Melissa: THANK YOU DAYNA. I mean I too thought it was hot as fuck and I was totally down with the hate sex but her “O” face had some serious issues. It was like a fucking guppy. Close that shit Rebekah or put something in it. [Dayna: Bwah!!!] Though it wasn’t as bad as Buffy’s “O” face with Spike because geez that shit sucked.
Dayna: The hate-sex *I* want is Elijah-Katherine. Period. The end.
Christina: OH SHIT. Yeah, just… the whole thing made me uncomfortable. You know, I really think Bill/Sookie ruined me for hatesex. Because… it just creeps me out. Though Damon is admittedly WAY LESS creepy than Bill.
Dayna: Dude, Jeffrey Dahmer is less creepy than Bill. Hannibal Lecter is less creepy than Bill. Pretty much all the Stephen King anythings ever is less creepy than Bill. You mean Bill and Lorena? Because THAT was some motherfucking epic hate sex right there. No 8:00 p.m. show on the CW can possibly come close to that.
Christina: That was fucked, but no I mean Bill and Sookie in Season 3 in her childhood bedroom after she and Debbie were fighting. Like, they fucking had that hatesex right on the floor and it was… it was disturbing. And like, fucking OPETH was playing over it, haha. Yeah. Ugh.
Dayna: Oh, THAT scene. Wow. True Blood has, like, a LOT of hate sex.
Christina: True Blood has as much hatesex as Glee has nonsensical plot lines.
Melissa: DEAD.
Stephanie: True Blood sex is just fucking awkward to watch. My legs clinch up because my coochie is embarrassed by the type of fucking that goes on in that show.
Christina: ❤
Dayna: LOL!
Erin: Vampire Diaries does everything better than True Blood. Even on The CW, even at 8PM. And I am still floored that people refuse to see that. TB gets Emmy noms and they’re just going to ignore TVD? ANNA PAQUIN GETS EMMY NOMS??? Gotta be fucking kidding me. The Rebekah/Damon sex was HOT. The dress ripping? I seriously looked around my empty living room to see who might be witnessing my porn watching. And this is the way I love Damon. Love sick puppy Damon is such a fucking waste. People think I hate Damon. I just hate when he sucks.
Dayna: Depends on what he’s sucking on. I nominate Elijah Wood.
Christina: You mean Elijah’s wood?
Dayna: ExACTly.
Stephanie: DAYNA! I HEART YOU. But God, I’d kill to see Damon eat a banana on this show. Also bad, crazy Damon is the sexiest fucking beast ever.
Melissa: Dayna you officially win everything with that comment. But ya know what I love, even though there were a few issues with Rebekah’s mouth [Christina: HAHAHAHA], that scene was pretty hot on its own merits, even without context. Whereas True Blood (and for that matter a lot of HBO & Showtime shows) sex, even with the context, is just awkward. It so often doesn’t fit a story line or is just a chance to throw some shit in there and I tend to skip it because I just don’t give a shit, not because I feel a little worried that someone’s about to walk in and question my sanity. As was the case with tonight’s final TVD scene. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE RESPECT A DAMN CW SHOW FOR FIVE SECONDS?!

Another Freaking Ball
Christina: The best part about this is that everyone got their invitations DAY OF and yet still came dressed impeccably. I bet Elena had that gown in her closet.
Abby: Given the number of fancy events in Mystic Falls, that’s actually not too much of a leap!
Stephanie: Guys, don’t y’all know there’s a dress drive thru service in Mystic Falls? You just choose any of the 1-15 combo deals and viola you have a dress and accessories.
Christina: Shit. That business must be BOOMING! Come to think of it, they must do tuxes too. Matty cleaned up awfully nice. I don’t really see the Donovans (or Donovan as it is) as the kind of people (person) who can afford a tux ever. #poorMatty
Melissa: With all the events Carol Lockwood throws, I bet everyone has their own formal supply store in their house. Also, I have formal dresses in my closet. Not like old prom dresses either. I had a use for one once but several others are just sort of there in case I find an excuse to wear a formal dress. I have a weakness for buying them on sale. I’m aware that’s bizarre. But it means I totally excuse these kids for having dresses. Plus don’t like all teenagers have several prom dress options at any given time?
Stephanie: Oh Matty! I actually loved him last night. I think it’s because they’ve given him snarky dialogue and a sort of purpose. His truck compelling line was just awesome. And yes he does clean up rather nicely, but I too was wondering where he got the tux. Maybe Damon is his new bff and lent him one?
Dayna: Matt was awesome, basically telling Rebekah that she can get fucked (and, um, then she did). And no health insurance? #PoorMatty indeed!
Abby: I’m pretty sure that every resident of Mystic Falls gets a yearly subsidy on dress-up clothes. There’s no other way to explain it. Hell, that’s probably how Mayor Lockwood (the dead one) got elected in the first place.
Erin: I am slightly worried about Matty. I think we could lose him at any moment. I get panic attacks just thinking of it. And while I LOVE Klaus & Caroline, I would not be opposed to Caroline & Matt getting back together. Tyler can give himself a pearl necklace for all I care. But poor Matty. The kid needs a break.
Melissa: Erin, I love you for that Tyler comment. But I really am hoping that Matt is okay. The writers have emphasized throughout all 3 seasons that Matt grounds the others as the human element and that they want him to stay that way. I like the idea of bringing him into the fold more, as long as he doesn’t die. I need my Matty.
Stephanie: Don’t worry guys, Matt has Damon as his body guard. He’s his personal Edward Cullen.

Le Love Triangle
Christina: So, we already covered the hatesex, but you guys. This love triangle. I don’t know why I wasn’t surprised when Damon let it slip that he loved Elena. But meh. The part I was more interested in was that Elena clearly still loves Stefan, and this whole if he allows himself to feel all he feels is pain… There were almost STEARS, you guys. And you know how I can’t handle the STEARS.
Stephanie: Is it bad to say that I’m getting so frustrated with the back and forth of this love triangle that I’m finding it kind of boring lately? Yes I want Damon and Elena to get down and dirty, if only for a little bit, but all sides of this isosceles triangle are being drawn out. I’m more invested in every other triangle, whether obtuse or equilateral, at this point than the main one. Also in comparison to Klaus/Caroline/Tyler, Damon/Elena/Stefan are kind of lackluster. Maybe if the Salvatore’s threw around some 1800s vernacular every once in a while, I might start caring about which one Elena will choose. PS- I’ve been really missing Evil Stefan who gets my juices flowing.
Dayna: I really could no longer care less about Elena and the eternal struggle between the Salvatores. Seriously. And her being down with Stefan’s “Killing Klaus is the important thing, the rest are just collateral damage?” She is one teeny, tiny step away from “Better you die than I” territory, ya know?
Abby: I’m on board the “I don’t care about the love triangle” train. First class ticket, seriously. It’s not that the scenes aren’t compelling – the interactions between the three characters and the way they affect each other is beautifully written, acted, and great fun to watch. I just don’t give a damn who Elena ends up with. I’m interested in the characters individually, I have nothing invested in this trio’s specific romantic futures as long as I get to watch the story unfold.
Stephanie: WORD. I just want good storytelling. That’s it. As you said Abby, their interactions are compelling to watch but at this point it’s like who cares who Elena picks because I just want the Salvatores to pick each other while giving me good stories.
Erin: I want to say that I don’t care. I really want to. But when Stefan first held his arm out for Elena last night and I lost my breath, I also lost that war with not caring. They just…. IDK. I am moved by the entire thing. They came so close to kissing last night and I am PISSED but also a bit glad that they didn’t. Stefan’s entire bad boy thing has to have consequences. His struggle with it and with what would be best for Elena vs. what he really wants for himself is amazing to me. And Paul Wesley portrays it so flawlessly. He wears the pain right on his face. The man is perfection.
Christina: It really upsets me that I see the amazing acting (Paul Wesley is superb) and I’m moved by it, but I can’t really get myself to care. I held my breath for a moment when I thought they were going to kiss, but when he walked away, I was like “again? Alright, over it.”

Scenes From Next Week
Dayna: Can I rail about the promo for next week here? I am, like, enraged ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!
Christina: WHAT? My DVR cut it off 😦
Dayna: Well, Elena DOES come clean.
Christina: To Elijah?
Dayna: It looks like he takes Elena to force Bonnie and Abby to help him undo what his mother has done. And because he’s “threatening” Elena the MOTHERFUCKING DAGGER HAPPY SALVATORES ARE ALL WITH THE DAGGER AGAIN. I just can’t keep doing this.
Christina: UGH if he gets daggered again…
Spirit of Cin: I am fucking DONE if they dagger Elijah again. UGH. No words can express the rage blackout. Elijah is the one of the only things I care about on this show anymore, and if they are going to dagger him again — THEY BETTER FUCKING BRACE THEMSELVES.
Christina: Oh, shit. Hurricane Cin!
Spirit of Cin: That’s fucking right! They cannot dagger him again. CANNOT. I FORBID IT.
Dayna: Right?! All because Elena couldn’t fucking give Elijah a side whisper about ipsnay on the ampagne-chay. I am like a fucking nuclear explosion of rage right now.
Stephanie: I’m personally loving it. Your rage explosion.
Christina: These brothers, I swear to god. They treat the symptoms, not the disease.
Stephanie: I fucking hate Elena for lying to Elijah. Bitch
Spirit of Cin: PREACH!
Dayna: I’m at the point where I’m like “just fucking kill him and have it over with and stop fucking yanking on my emotions” because FUCKING GODDAMN
Christina: HAHAHAHA. That was beautiful
Stephanie: Dayna you’re my spirit animal today
Dayna: *panting* There’s really not enough caps lock in the world right now. I’m changing my ‘ship to “Elena + Woodchipper”.
Melissa: I will take my douchebadge next week if I’m right on this but I think, since Elena’s already started rethinking her decision, that she will work with Elijah to reverse the spell and THAT, not last night’s conversations, will be what truly breaks the Salvatores and her. I mean for now duh, it is the love triangle but I think Elena will help Elijah and Damon/Stefan won’t be able to deal. DO THIS ELENA AND YOU WILL BE FORGIVEN. But ya’ll the balls on this show are fucking huge. I didn’t think the spell would work (though I base that opinion off of Bonnie) and then it did and now they could all die and there are just a lot of shows that don’t have the balls to go there.

From the Tweetosphere
@CharWright5 The Klears!!! #TVD @theSBH #ICantEven… (SO MUCH WORD)
@B_inShortsville Klaus. got. NO. game. ZERO. NONE. #TVD
@TVKelly2 I’m glad the whole town knows how to waltz. #TVD
@thomascgalvin So, where exactly did the dress-making mice set up shop? Next to the grill? #TVD
@caulkcrinolines IDIOT GIRL! Klaus > Tyler! UGH! #TVD
@AbbyGraham: Can I say how much I love that Elijah has this weird effect on everybody? He’s like a one-man campaign for civilized behavior.#TeamElijah
@jacobjunior7 When True Blood does “sexy” it comes off tryhard, cheap and icky. When The Vampire Diaries does sexy, I grab the tissues and lotion #TVD

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21 Responses to Reactions: 3.14 “Dangerous Liaisons”

  1. Spirit of Cin–hahahaha.

    Caroline is way better than I am, because if I was her and after Klaus told me he fancied me and after he offered to take me around the world, I would have ripped my dress off, dropped my panties and screamed “TAKE ME!! TAKE ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!” Seriously, we would have been fuckin’. But hey, Caroline isn’t all slutty and easily swayed like me, so good for her I guess. But omg, the looks he was giving her when she first walked in and when they were dancing. I would have died. Klaus/Joseph Morgan is the master of the eyesex. Homeboy can GET. IT.

    Fuck Tyler. I never hated Tyler as much as you guys hated Tyler. In season 1 he was sort of there and it was all, whatever. And in season 2 I liked him enough, even though he didn’t help Caroline when she was being tortured and he pushed her against that car that one time. But now . . . fuck him. Just fuck him. Caroline, ditch Tyler and go for Klaus. I know Klaus is crazy and murders everybody, but . . . so? I know I’m being shallow and superficial right now, but do you think I give a fuck? Nope.

    I don’t know if I like Kol/Cole. I mean, yeah he’s super hot but I don’t know. I don’t think I like Finn. He’s dull. And did Rebekah get a weave? Her hair is way longer than it was before.

    I knew Esther was going to pull some shit like this! I knew that not only was she going to try and murder my baby Klaus, she was going to murder the rest of her family! Ugh, I hate her. She’s scary and she’s a bitch. And I really don’t think that murdering her children would solve the vampire problem–there’s STILL GOING TO BE VAMPIRES IN THE WORLD!

    LOL at Elena lying to Elijah. She was such a bad liar. How could he not tell she was lying? He’s going to be SO MAD when he finds out. Hopefully this will stop him from crushing on her. I’m sorry, but I can’t stand that. She already has two vampires fighting over her. She does NOT need a third.

    Speaking of that stupid love triangle–ugh, I’m so over it. I think it’s kind of obvious that Stefan and Elena are going to get back together eventually. And I am so glad that Damon went and got himself laid by an Original. I’m sick and tired of him moping and following Elena around with his wild eyes trying to get her to fall in love with him. Yeah, she might be in love with him a little, but it’s so obvious to me that she’s going to go right back to Stefan when it’s all said and done. Damon needs to get over it. Everybody else has.

    Rebekah’s face though . . . wow. Just wow.

    That bracelet that Klaus gave Caroline was SO Tatia’s!

    • Mimi says:

      I don’t think the bracelet was Tatia’s…he’s not the Salvatores brothers. He doesn’t steal shit from one mistress to give it to the other. And didn’t they live in cottages when they were humans? They wouldn’t be able to afford that type of expensive jewelry. Plus, it looks more like 17th century jewelry to me. I think Klaus just compelled it out of some royal chick’s hands. That seems like something he would do.

  2. jamie says:

    Last week I told Tash on her show that I thought Mama O would use Elena’s blood to reverse the Vampire spell thing on her kids & make them human again…WHY COULDN’T THAT HAPPEN? WHY ARE THEY TRYING TO KILL ELIJAH AND KLAUS? I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE THIS..CAN NOT. Dayna, all your thoughts on Elena lying to Elijah..YES, SO MUCH. ” Shipping Elena with a woodchipper” !! I mean, now that Elijah has his family back, he would have been all aboard on the kill Klaus train *god I love Klaus though* I don’t want to see Klaus die, but my bet is the entire O clang would have been game for taking out Klaus. If someone had Elena’s family/loved ones & it’s someone she wanted dead, she wouldn’t kill them/ have someone kill them until AFTER she got her loved ones back, why expect different from Elijah? Elijah and Klaus are seriously my faves at this point, and Caroline of course. I just can’t deal with what is happening…I’m so fucking stressed out, and Abby and Cin KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT ELIJAH & KLAUS


    AND YES, YES, YES TO EVERYTHING ELSE. This Elijah and Klaus thing has consumed me, mind, body and soul. I can’t even react to anything that doesn’t involve them. With the exception of the Klaus and Caroline scenes that made me require a coochie fan from Tash.

  3. Racheellee says:

    Loved this episodes, loved reading your reactions even more.

    I sort of don’t want Klaus to die purely because I want to see him with Caroline. Tyler who?
    I’m also totally in love with Kol. Even though his accent is weird. And he’s basically an idiot. But he said AS YOU WISH (like…not in the right context and to Rebecca, but still. And I’m actually pretending that Elijah said it. Could you imagine that though?)

    Also, I laughed so hard when Matt said that he didn’t had health insurance….That was basically the saddest in the thing in the whole episode. Poor Matt 😦

  4. I think Elijah knew Elena was lying to him. Scratch that. I *know* he knows something is terribly wrong. And I think Elena was doing her best to signal that to him by looking pointedly at Esther before responding, and fidgeting excessively. And the way he hesitates, and then held her gaze as he raises the glass to his lips? He knows.

    It breaks my heart every time Elijah allows himself to be betrayed. He’s not an idiot. He’s wickedly intelligent and perceptive, and he understands precisely how people’s minds work. But he adheres to this honor code so strongly that he cannot imagine how anyone else could live without it. And yet despite being repeatedly proven wrong, he still hopes for that one instance when someone can reciprocate that honor, and we saw for one instant how overjoyed he was when Elena keeps her word and returns to the Lockwoods like she promised.

    Even sadder is, I get a sense that Elijah would rather die (or suffer the consequences) than believe that Elena betrayed him. He doesnt really have much else to live for anyways. The family he loved as a human was corrupted beyond recognition, there’s no more vengeance to be taken, and whatever else he wanted to experience and accomplish, wherever else he wanted to go…he’s had hundreds of lifetimes to do all that.

    • First of all, I don’t know quite how pointed her look was. To me it seemed like she was trying to lie, and what do we do when we are trying to conceal the truth about something? We look at it. It’s human nature. It’s like when someone says, “Okay. Whatever you do, DO NOT THINK ABOUT A PURPLE PENGUIN SNOWBOARDING!” What happens? You immediately think of a purple penguin snowboarding, haha. I think Elena’s look to Esther was similar to that. And Elijah totally noticed. I’m like 99% sure that he knows something is up, though I don’t know if he knows what it is.

      It breaks my heart that he allows himself to be betrayed too. You’re right; he’s NOT an idiot. But I think he sees, or wants to see, the best in everyone. Especially his family, which explains why he allowed Klaus to dupe him last season. Plus, I don’t believe for a second that the armistice with Klaus over Tatia was as amicable as they tried to get Stefan and Damon to believe. I’m sure Elijah cared very much for Tatia and still does, and we all know how doppelgangers work. So he feels the same sort of draw to Elena as Stefan and Damon did originally too. So Elijah wants to trust her too. It’s all very psychological, haha.

      I don’t know if he’d rather die than believe she’d betray him. He probably doesn’t want to think that she’s capable of it, but again, he’s smarter than that. I don’t think he’d willingly sacrifice himself for something like that. Maybe if the Tatia came back or something, but let’s hope for the sake of Elijah remaining on our televisions, that that doesn’t happen. 🙂

  5. fani_sbh_fan says:

    I knew Esther was up to no good,but I didn’t think that she was capable of doing sth like that,either!What exactly is her goal?To kill ALL vampires or just her family?And to what end?To get dead witches off her back?Whatever she’s planning to do has nothing to do with maintaining the balance of nature (mark my words)-she wants to GAIN sth out of it.And that’s what really pissed me off about Elena and Esther working together (in addition to the fact that they’re planning to kill Cole and Klaus.Watch it,BITCHES!).Elena is so obsessed with killing Klaus that she ‘s getting herself into situations without knowing what she’s really getting herself into.Elena,Stefan,Damon,Bonnie are so obsessed to kill Klaus (and to protect Elena,DEAR GOD!),that the moment someone shows up claiming to know how to kill him,they immediately trust him/her.Elijah,Jonas witches,100 dead witches,Mikael and now Esther-will they ever learn?
    Sheila (the only witch I liked on the show) told Bonnie not to get involved.What Bonnie did?She trusted a vision and 100 dead witches over her grandmother!100 dead witches who help Esther who is the witch who started this whole mess!Am I the only one who sees that there is sth that doesn’t make sense about Esther’s story?
    Melissa,I agree with everything you said!
    The sex scene was hot as hell and yes,Rebekah’s facial expressions were totally weird!
    I loved Stefan so much in this episode!
    Cole is crazy but that’s why I love him.And that’s why I love Klaus!I hope they don’t make Klaus soft (or softer),not even for Caroline’s sake!
    I loved Cole’s face when he was about to attack Damon!Pure evil face!
    I don’t understand how not one vampire could sense Elena’s blood in the champagne and how Elijah couldn’t smell Elena’s wound!Also,ICK!Elena drank her own blood!!
    I hate to disappoint you ladies,but according to Julie Plec,there will be no Petrova flashback episode this season.She said MAYBE if any of the Originals survive MAYBE he will tell the story,which is total BS ,because what would be the point for us to know the story then?The purpose of the flashback episodes is for the audience to be able to understand the characters in the present better!If there will be no characters from that era left,what will be the point?????
    Sorry for the long comment!XOXO!!

    • onlymystory says:

      I will probably add more later but really quickly, I thought I’d say that while I don’t think we’re getting any Original Petrova insight, I think Julie said ‘if any Originals survive’ because this episode and next week’s hadn’t aired yet. If she made it sound like they’d stick around, we wouldn’t all be worried about them with that spell. At least that’s my hope!

  6. Danielle says:

    Agreed with every single word. My sister and I have length convos about all things Vampire Diaries all the time. Earlier today we were talking about the love triangle and how that is one of the things we care least about on the show (besides Tyler and winy Damon). There are so many other amazing things on the show like ELIJAH, the other originals, the historical aspects and the mythology. We may not always agree with the character’s actions (Elena being fucking stupid and threatening the Original Spinoff!), but they are true to themselves. Elena is the protector to a fault, she will fuck shit up to protect others. Kevin and Julie do an impeccable job in keeping the character in line with who they are. I love the complex and multi-layered aspect that each character has. No one is one dimensional and they are always evolving and adapting while remaining true to the characters we were introduced to.

  7. pembo98 says:

    Caroline is right not to fall for Klaus because he nearly used her in a sacrafice! He is not good enough for her I say forwood!
    I like kol because he’s not soppy and loved up and boring he adds more drama and it’ll be interesting to see what happens between him and Damon,but I hate his accent and rebeka’s because they’re just too posh Klaus and elijah’s are subtlety posh and I can’t even remember Finn or Esther’s ,they sound like they should be walking round m&s in Chester before going to a horse race and sipping chapagne and having manicures

    • onlymystory says:

      I love that you brought up the difference in the accents. While obviously each actor’s accent is going to be different, I like to believe they add certain inflections on purpose. I really enjoy that Kol & Rebekah’s accents are almost too arrogantly posh because that’s how they are. They both think they’re smarter, sexier, funnier and all around better than everyone else and the exaggerated accent shows it.
      Whereas Klaus & Elijah both know that even if they are better, their reputations precede them. Everyone knows who Klaus & Elijah are because they’ve never been stuck in a box or had to overcompensate as younger siblings. If you’re in the supernatural world, you know who they are so their arrogance can be displayed more subtly.

  8. pembo98 says:

    Caroline is right not to fall for Klaus because he nearly used her in a sacrafice! He is not good enough for her I say forwood!
    I like kol because he’s not soppy and loved up and boring he adds more drama and I’m interested to see what will happen with him and Damon,but I hate his accent with a passion,him and rebecka have too posh accents intact that whole family does!

  9. Katja says:

    I agree with you in all things. You speak to me from the soul, and I think it’s wonderful how much detail each and every scene is investigated. This is found nowhere else.
    I love ELIJAH and now also a little bit KOL. Kol and Rebekah together are fantastic, like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. The young rebels of the family. Klaus and Caroline … ahhhhh – so hot! And I also find Finn interesting. Just because he takes the opposite pole.
    All Originals are fantastic and irreplaceable. The only thing that annoys me is Esther. The siblings would be able to show a completely different dynamics without her.
    I don’t think (hope) that this unbelievable potential of the Original-Family is removed again after two episodes. That would be very stupid and the writer of this show are not stupid.
    Because when an Original dies, so must all die.
    EVERYONE. No. Never.
    What can they offer yet?
    Since the Originals to come to the show, since that time has initiated a new round of TVD.
    No one wants to do without them. They are too fantastic and great. Nobody in the world wants to see them fall by a witches spell simply dead. If they go down, please just having a blast that shakes the planet and the show are ends. TVD without the fantastic Originals … no go!
    Excuse my mistakes, but English is not my native language.

  10. This episode was bananas! I love Klaus/Caroline! They have so much potential. So happy they didn’t have her fall for him so easily. He’s done too much, and it wouldn’t have been in character. I also love how she was the only one who could tell him about himself, without Klaus going ballistic and killing her.

    Finn? Ek!
    Kol? He makes bat-shit crazy Damon look like the sanest person in town. Loved when he burned Damon. Can’t wait to see what becomes of their convo, but now that I know the backstory in 1912 got cut, I’m worried we won’t get the juicy pay-off we’re hoping for.

    Loved all the Matt action in this ep, and that’s coming from someone who could care less about TV Matt. Love book Matt, though. His chivalry saved his life, and proved why it shouldn’t die. Modern guys need to take note. I also love that Damon knows who Matt is, and that he plays football. That was almost as great at Klaus knowing Caroline was MMF.

    Triangle? OVER IT! I loved how the bros have switched places. I loved how Elena was the one who ordered the hit on Damon. Stefan got to help with her idiotic plan, and get payback for his big bro macking on his girl. I can even deal with Elena hurting Damon if it means we’ll get our bad boy back. What I hated was her not reaching out to him to rectify the damage she did. She knows him, and knew he’d do something crazy, yet did nothing to say, “I’m sorry, and didn’t mean what I said.” Waiting until morning with Damon is asking for someone to die. Then again, if she had gone to him we wouldn’t have gotten hot hatesex.

    Speaking of which, I know Damon and Bex won’t be a couple, but I hope they have a standing booty call appointment. Like every Wednesday, location TBD. I think it would be interesting to see them sneaking around doing it in all kinds off places, and no one really knows. Meanwhile, Damon is hooking up with the hot Grill bartender he was flirting with, and the sorority girls on the other days of the week. If he goes back to being the man-whore we love to hate, I want him to go balls out to the wall out. Let Elena put that in her coffee and sip it!

    I also want Stefan to get a little action. Nothing says I’m over you, and want you to step off like screwing another chica. Even if he doesn’t really mean it. Katherine, perhaps? Just a thought. Elena needs to learn that her coochie isn’t the only one in town.

    Love Esther, but she’s after my Klaus and Elijah, and must die!I hope she takes Bonnie and Abby with her. Love Kat Graham, but Bonnie’s character has been ruined IMHO, and just needs to go.

  11. Gabriela says:

    Dear ladies,
    thank you for all your comments, be they PG or not, we are all adults here 🙂
    I loved the episode so much, it was such a great counterpoint to 3×13. First we have a cosy intimate dinner, now we have the biggest ball Mystic Falls has seen for a long while (does that sound as odd as I think it does?…). And all in order to show the audience Klaus´s love of art 🙂
    By the way, that melancholic Turner painting in his dining room (called “Burial at sea”, how apt is that if you think about all the threats of sinking coffins into the Arctic Sea? I love that little joke the art department of TVD must have had with it) was just shown on German TV as it is being shown at a special exhibition…must be a copy then, as we know where the originals are 🙂
    But coming back to the episode: it was perfect, the costumes, the dialogues, the acting.
    But the dancing? Dear me, that was just pathetic. Waltzing is about the easiest dance to do, and none of them did it right. Do they not go to dancing lessons any more over in the US?
    But that was just a minor point.
    You girls identified my favourite moment of the episode in a few words, and thanks for that:
    Bad, crazy Damon is the sexiest fucking beast ever.

  12. noirgirl says:

    Gonna make this short and sweet, as I think you said it all….beautifully. MOTHER FUCKING ELENA, KEEP YOUR (what did Dayna call you?, oh yeah, cunt-face bitch ELENA FUCKING GILBERT) SHIT OUT OF ELIJAH’S BIZ! sigh…I feel much better now.

    Also, re scenes from next week, there’s been this discussion as to what exactly is Elijah holding in his hand when he’s speaking to Rebekah, in the production stills. Some think Rebekah interrupted Elijah mid-snack, and he just happens to be holding a piece of chocolate. I think he is holding either the burnt stump of sage, or more likely, the dried-out, shrunken head of Tatia. Thoughts?

  13. SOFIA says:

    My stomach is literally hurting after reading this. You girls are pure awesome!
    And I just wanted to say that I’m truly amazed with your capacity of predicting things for season 3. I’ve just read the “10(ish) Things We Want To See In TVD Season 3” and OMG, you’ve got so many things right! Caroline’s dad (though it was a disappointment), RIPPAH Stefan, #thedaggerwaspulledout and the most remarkable — Meredith Fell! Seriously, you predicted even her last name. Unbelievable…
    Anyway, I’m a big fan of the site… Congratulations!

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  15. Tiffany (Stuffed with Fluff) says:

    So, let’s assume that they dagger Elijah (wahhhhhhhh, my heart can’t take it!)…If he’s daggered/”dead” and they’re able to kill one of the other Originals, would Esther’s spell affect him as well (thus permanently killing him)? Or could they take the dagger out and bring him back to life?

    • Hmm, that’s a good question. I don’t know. I’m assuming that if he was daggered while, say Rebekah was killed, according to the spell they’d all die, so Elijah would die too. THOUGH, he’s kind of “dead” already due to being daggered, so maybe it would… pass over him? So many questions!

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