Reactions: Episode 2.01 “The Return”

That was a hell of a way to start the season, huh? There were just so many primal emotions flying around here at the SBH. We had to get them down. Instead of a mini-recap (we’ll come back atcha with a full recap early next week), we just wanted to have a little breakfast table-type discussion around here about what we thought about what happened, and what we thought would happen next. It’s like a gut reaction/speculation conversation. It seemed like all anyone wanted to talk about was Damon, which isn’t always the case (even though we LOVE Damon), but that was the resounding theme that stuck with us all after the episode. This is what we had to say:

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Michelle, Mel, Erica, Krista, and Cat (SBH contributors and friends).

Cin: I was expecting Jer to make it, but I didn’t think it would be that easy. Oh well…
Cat: Sigh. He’s still alive.
Christina: I had actually considered the whole Anna’s blood healing his dying body thing. I’m not surprised that he survived, though I was still holding out for him snacking on some EMTs!

Bad Stefan
Cin: How hot was Stefan when he was threatening Uncle/Daddy Creeper? Stef, you can stay on the animal blood if you promise to keep being BADASS!
Christina: I LOVE BadAss Stefan! It’s almost like he’s on Human Blood again! He needs to threaten to kill people more often! That’s a lot of exclamation points!
Michelle: It was almost like Stefan was channeling Damon there for a sec. But it just shows that there’s more darkness in Stefan than he wants to admit to himself OR Elena. Notice he threatened Uncle Creeper AFTER Elena left the room. But yeah, Stefan’s all about the honesty…grrr.
Christina: This is true, but he does tell her about it — which she TOTES APPROVES! Maybe there’s a bit of darkness in Elena too… which is awesome.
Mel: Badass Stefan is SO hot! It really was like he was on human blood again. It was fantastic! Badass Stefan needs to stay around for a very long time because Melissa likey Stefan this way, haha. Katherine brings out the badass in him. Here’s to hoping she stays around for a very, very long time.
Cat: For the first time ever I didn’t roll my eyes at Stefan and found him even slightly interesting.  There’s hope there.
Erica: PW is obviously an amazing actor, because he goes right from Sweet Stefan with Elena to Killer Stefan with Uncle John. Stefan is the total picture of calm anger in this episode.
Krista: I am starting to halfway like Stefan now after he is finally threatening people and such.  Before he was just another one of those lame-assed emo vamps that may as well sparkle and need to be staked.
Christina: HUSH! Stefan would NEVER sparkle! Don’t make me cry, Krista!! 😥
Cin: I agree. Stefan is not a sparkler!
Mel: How dare you compare our KitKat to one of those sparkly vamps! I am in shock! SHOCK! LOL 😉

Cin: Bonnie! Ugh. I can’t even stand her face anymore. The entire convo with Damon at the funeral thingy was such BULLSHIT!  DIE NOW PLEASE! But yes, THANK YOU, Katherine for being SO above the bitch as we knew you would be. Next time, kill her! Actually, you want to know who I really want to kill Bonnie? Stefan! I want him to have to kill her for her going too far with the assholery or to save Damon. BUT I don’t really want Elena to know this. Let her blame Katherine. But Damon knowing – now that would make me super happy. Yes. My mind is made up. Bonnie must die & Stefan must do it. Muhahahaha!
Christina: Boo a little bit on Stefan for saving her, then. But I REALLY hate the way Bonnie gave Stefan that “asshole, I coulda took her!” look after he SAVED HER LIFE. Ungrateful whore.
Michelle: Bonnie canNOT die soon enough for me. Seriously, why didn’t Kat just off her? Unless she needs her for something? She mouths off to Damon one more time I’m going to punch her in the face!
Mel: I agree with the whole killing of Bonnie thing, but if she were to get killed off (which I doubt she will) hopefully it doesn’t happen too soon because as much as I can’t stand her face I think we need her around a bit longer. I have a feeling she’s gonna be needed for something big.
Krista: I REALLY hate Bonnie.  I always hate superior bitches.  I get so angry when she even shows up on the screen.  She probably will be needed later on but I do hope they eventually kill her … slowly and very painfully.
Christina: Bonnie needs to die. Seriously. Caroline needs to live, and Bonnie needs to die. She contributes nothing but a source of drama. She has lost redeeming qualities to me.
Michelle: If Bonnie blames Damon for what happens to Caroline, I’m going to cut a bitch. SHE ASKED HIM TO HEAL CAROLINE WITH HIS BLOOD. Because she feels GUILTY about the accident SHE CAUSED. Man up, bitch. Caroline’s dying/turning is on YOU.
Krista: I can TOTALLY see her blaming Damon for Caroline being turned.  She REALLY needs to be taken off her high horse.  Preferably painfully so.
Cin: Ugh.. I just fucking HATE Bonnie.
Cat: The only way to save that character is to have Katherine snap her neck.

VampCaroline & Damon’s Sexual Healing
Christina: Oh, and speaking of Caroline — holy crap! Was NOT expecting that! Is it just me, or did it take her a very short amount of time to be smothered? Ah, the magic of television.
Mel: I wasn’t expecting that either! It was a huge “WTF?!” moment. I’m really excited to see her all vampy and what not.
Cin: I was expecting the Caroline. Like, almost to the letter, exactly that. But still – it’s awesome. I hope more than anything they don’t pull a Vicki & kill her right away but keep her around as a vamp sister for the Salvatores for a long, long time.
Cat: My first thought was “Why is she smothering her when she can just snap her neck? That is not even remotely efficient.”  I think being a vampire will be a huge improvement for her.
Christina: I honestly can’t wait to see how VampCaroline turns out. I have a feeling that it’ll be Stefan doing most of the “raising,” but I really hope that Damon teaches her a few of the finer points of being a vamp, things that Stefan has ignored or forgotten. Reel in the humanity switch flip thing, though, Damon.
Cat: Damon should do the raising. Fuck the humanity switch. Keep it off.
Mel: I think Stefan should do the “raising” also. It would be interesting to see the difference between how Damon “raised” Vicky and how Stefan would “raise” Caroline. I hope this happens.
Cin: I definitely want Stefan to do the “raising” but can Damon do the “sexing” cause we need some naked, sexually satisfied Damon right now at least!
Christina: I agree. But is Damon even capable of that right now?
Cin: Is Damon capable of sex? You did NOT just say that. LOL – He’s a vampire. OF COURSE he can have the sex!
Christina: No! Haha, of course he’s capable of sex. It’s Damon Fucking Salvatore for crying out loud. I guess what I meant was he’s so hurt, so vulnerable right now, I’m scared that in order for him to do that, he’s going to have to hit the Humanity Switch again, and I don’t particularly think that will be fun for anyone. Don’t get me wrong — that would be GREAT television. I’m just thinking of my poor Damon… 😦
Cin: I think he could be with her in a vampy way without getting emotional. Almost like he was with Vicki. BUT the kicker here is, how are his feelings for ‘Liz’ and the town going to factor in to how he treats VampCaroline? I’m just excited.
Christina: Oh, I am super excited for how all this will play out with Damon feeling what he does about the whole damn town — he already admitted he’s perplexed by this in 1.22. I don’t think that’s a switch he’s going to be able to flip. Also, feelings for Liz, hahaha. That makes me laugh, but the more I think about it, I think he does have them. Not in a sexual way, but in a friendship sort of way. I think once he realizes this, it’s going to freak him out. Which will make for excellent television.
Cin: Of course not sexual you PERV! But yeah, he does care about the entire town. It’s all part of this humanity thing. But yeah – everything else I totes agree.
Michelle: I loved Damon comforting Liz. The SheSheriff needed a hug! Aw. And he was there for Mrs. Lockwood too. It’s just a strange dynamic. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out. I wonder how Alaric’s going to react to the Damon/Jer necksnapping?
Christina: I don’t know if Alaric will be that upset about it. I mean, there’s not much he can do. The BIGGEST question here is how are they going to keep Caroline’s vampirism hidden from Sheriff Mom?! Ms. Vamps-Must-Die, herself!
Cin: I agree on the Alaric front. I mean, Damon killed/turned HIS wife. I’m not so sure he can be surprised by his actions especially in a time of emotional duress. I DO think Alaric will be concerned with the issues of the quadrangle as a whole though. I mean, shit is fucking danga! Also, totes agree on the Sheriff Mom/Caroline thing. Good times.

Katherine, Damon and Necksnappin’
Cin: Katherine doesn’t want Stefan. It’s the game. She never cared a lick about either one of them or she would have found them in the last 150 yrs. She knows that Stefan doesn’t want her so she says she wants him. She knows that Damon does/did – and he didn’t make things better for himself by stopping THE SEX that was about to occur & wanting to talk & feel feelings. *shakes head* So she shattered him. Kat – I don’t even like your badness. You hurt my Damon. Prepare to DIE!
Christina: We can take you! We’ve studied our Agrippa! (Inigo? No?) But seriously, the look of hurt on Damon’s face after Katherine tells him it was always Stefan. I couldn’t breathe. I was just waiting for him to start crying. And then maybe crawl through the screen so I could rub circles on his back and… um… 🙂
Cin: I’m pretty gutted by Damon/Ian after the Katherine scene – so him showing up at Elena’s I KNEW wasn’t going to end well. I don’t fault Damon for being drunk & doing & saying the things he did to Elena – he WAS feeling his humanity & being honest. I also don’t fault Elena for telling him the truth. Unfortunately the truth was the worst thing in the world she COULD have said to Damon right then. By echoing Kat’s words “It will always be Stefan” Elena has made Damon feel he HAS no choice but to flip the switch. So he does. It flips. It flips & then he does something that he regrets not 30 seconds later — killing Jeremy.
Christina: Damon tries his damndest to flip his humanity switch, and to keep it off, but it’s impossible — especially where Elena (and formerly Katherine) is involved. He might be able to turn it off with Kat now, but the damage has been done. But I don’t know if he can do it with Elena. After he snaps Jeremy’s neck, everything goes quiet. We don’t hear Elena crying or screaming. We don’t hear it because Damon doesn’t hear it. This part of the scene is from his POV. The silence lasts just until Damon is out of the room. That’s as long as he can keep the flip switched. After that, he’s upset — far too upset.
Cin: I know I should feel mad at Damon, but I can’t. Even if Jer had stayed dead (would have been fine with me personally) and would have driven the wedge even deeper between Damon & Elena – I don’t think I could stay mad at Damon. Which would be confusing b/c I don’t think what he did was right OR even just him being a soulless vamp. He acted out AT Elena when he flipped that switch. *sigh* But I can’t stay mad or even disappointed in my Damon. Not ever. BUT I agree with Christina on how brilliant the scene was shot with Jer & ppl, I TOTES called him at some point in the episode “dying” and being SAVED BY THE RING! Like, 3 weeks ago.
Michelle: I’m not mad at Damon either. It’s just not in me; I love him too much. Poor guy just wants someone to love him. Is that so much to ask? I don’t think Elena knew until that moment just how much power she has over him. He said earlier in the episode, that he doesn’t need Kat to send him over the edge, he has someone else who can do that, which of course is Elena. It strongly reminded me of Buffy and Spike in Fool for Love. Being told you’re not enough by the only two women you’ve ever loved will make you snap. He WANTS Elena to hate him because it’s easier. Or so he thinks. Elena will eventually forgive him, I’m certain of that. He’s put himself out there, now it’s her turn to chase him. 🙂
Krista: I felt so awful for Damon through that whole scene with Elena and Jeremy.  He was so broken and she just unknowingly made things so much worse by echoing Katherine’s words.  I guess we are supposed to be mad at Damon for hurting Jeremy (I too would have been fine if he had stayed dead) but it just made me love/want to console Damon that much more.
Mel: My heart broke for Damon. It was literally really hard to watch. I’m not mad at Damon for what he did either. He was just so upset after finding out that Katherine never loved him (which of course is just a game) and then finding out Elena doesn’t feel anything for him either. I mean, did I expect him to flip out the way he did and “kill” Jer? Hell no! But I understand why he did so. I just hope Damon will be ok.
Cat: I can’t even talk about this yet.
Erica: The scene with Kat and Damon was literally the best scene I’ve seen on TV in a long time. My jaw was dropped the entire time (very much like our good friend Jeremy). But seriously, Damon’s instant remorse was incredible. This whole episode was so intense and showcased some amazing acting by the trifecta.
Cin: Another pivotal Damon/Elena moment leading up to the end was that during the porch convo she was all like “I know you’re hurt” and he says “I don’t need her for that”… then she says that stuff about “I’m surprised you would think I would kiss you back” & he says “Now I’m hurt”. That should have told Elena right there how much Damon really cared for her. I really loved that scene & it’s getting overlooked because of the ending – but it was crucial IMO.
Michelle: It totally was. I don’t think Elena was ready to face it though. She’s still in denial mode about just how much she cares about Damon. She doesn’t want to be Katherine, stringing both boys along. That’s not who she is. But she was seriously upset when he killed Jer and not just because Jer’s her brother. She was upset because it was DAMON who did it. But she understands him. Once she’s had sometime to process everything she’ll understand. And if she doesn’t then she’s not the Elena I love.
Christina: I don’t know if she’s so much in denial as just not in love with him yet. That scene was crucial though. It tells you everything you need to know. That’s one of the things that I love about this show: nothing is wasted. Everything we see is given to us for a reason. I noticed this is my marathoned re-watch of Season 1. Nothing is mentioned if it’s not going to come up again later in the episode. At the very beginning, Stefan has to really examine Jeremy to determine that he hasn’t begun his transition into a vampire. This lets us know that it will be very difficult for people to realize that it’s Katherine duping them into thinking she’s Elena. The fact that they set up Damon being forthright about how Elena hurt him, and is the one who can send him over the edge, TELLS us this is going to be revisited. It’s not over. OH, NO!
Cin: It’s NEVER over!

The Brothers Salvatore
Christina: Did you notice that with Katherine around, the brothers sort of turn into their former selves? Stefan suddenly is the strong one, and Damon is the vulnerable one, just begging to be loved. Poor kid. Not loved by his father, not loved by Katherine, and now not loved (not in the way he wants, anyway) by Elena. Outwardly confident, inwardly dead (no pun).
Cin: Damon & almost everyone else wants to think he is like Katherine – but he isn’t. He’s much more like Stefan. Or maybe being near Stefan & Elena & starting to care about the town has made him be more like Stefan… Anyway – he can’t keep that switch flipped. His humanity is front & center & he can’t keep it pushed down. Damon is so vulnerable, and it’s because he puts himself in the position of not being first choice. Why does he keep going after what he can’t have? I’LL LOVE YOU DAMON!

Cin: And one more thing: I’m not all super upset about the Delena (which I an equal fan of Stelena – what’s that ship called? LOL) being OMG!OVER!!! and here is why: What was it that the wise cuntface Kat said? “You hate me huh? That sounds like the beginning of a love story, Stefan. Not the end of one.” The fact that this was said earlier in the episode. I mean, Duh.
Christina: Ah, foreshadowing. The coolest spot in the yard 😛 Yeah, they’re not over by a long shot. Seriously. It’s upsetting now, but… believe you me, there shall be more Delena! As long as he can get over his man pain.
Michelle: I must admit that my Delena loving heart broke in that bedroom scene, but I’m better now. They are in NO WAY over. What kind of triangle would it be if they were? And that hate being the beginning line is the tagline for the epi, is it not? For the record, I don’t like Stelena. They’re just boring to me. Sorry. Stefan with ANYONE else I can get behind. I’m particularly fond of Kat and Stefan at the moment. But yeah, total foreshadowing. Watch out Stefan, Damon’s gonna steal your girl! LOL

Jeremy Necksnappin’
Christina: Also, how lucky Uncle Creeper talked to him about family legacy and gave him the ring? As much as I make fun of Jeremy, I really liked that he came to his sister’s rescue like that though. Damon snapping his neck was shocking, but not totally upsetting.
Michelle: The necksnapping bothered me at first, but after consulting with my fellow Delena worshippers, I feel better about it. So glad that Jer isn’t a vamp though, that would have pissed me off. Maybe now that Damon has killed him Jeremy will stop being so emo and realize he WANTS to live!
Mel: I was actually freaked out when Damon snapped Jer’s neck! I actually jumped up because it scared the crap out of me haha.
Krista: Did Uncle Creeper give him the ring because we didn’t actually see that part did we?  And where are all these rings coming from anyway??  Is Caroline going to get one too?  Have we ever learned what is in them to keep them safe from the sun?  I am still cracking up at my husband seeing the lameness of the rings protecting them from the sun while watching this with me last night. He called them special rings for “special vampires.” lol.  First time he watched this show with me.
Cin: It’s not lame! It’s awesome. The jewelry is magic’d up by witches. Both Salvatore rings were made by Bonnie’s great-great-great-great grandma Emily. Kat’s got her own witch now if she isn’t still wearing the same Emily-made piece… and as for the “Gilbert rings” I would bet money that Em made those too in exchange for her life back in the day. And yes, I guess after Jer was all like “So that was MY Dad’s ring” and they had the family legacy talk that John did give Jer the ring. But it wasn’t shown on camera. We found out when Elena did.

Doppelgänger Hijinks
Erica: How did Bonnie know it wasn’t Elena she was talking to? And how did Stefan know, but Damon didn’t? These are the questions I ask.
Christina: In Season 1, they established that the Bennett witches can tell, though I’m not sure why. As for Stefan and Damon, I really don’t know why one could tell, but the other couldn’t. At first I thought Stefan was fooled, but upon a re-watching, he seemed to know the entire time. Was it because the hair was slightly different? Was it because Katherine’s necklace is slightly larger than Elena’s?
Erica: I personally can tell because Kat looks more whorish. Just sayin.
Cin: Yeah, witches can tell by touching them. It’s like a soul searcher or something. That was actually one of Bitch Bonnie’s first “powers”. Honestly, I don’t think he knew until the hug. The way Katherine said “That’s just what I needed” – was pretty sexual. Elena is a trainwreck right now. He knows this. The voice was way diff. But yes, Kat is a whore. What did Kristin over at E! write yesterday: “The bigger the hair, the tighter the pants, the closer to evil.” — Yeah, that pretty much covers it. LOL
Christina: Ha! The interesting thing, though, is that I think Katherine wanted Stefan to know it was her. If you remember, she had Matt fooled at the funeral, and he and Elena have known each other since diapers. She can turn it on and off. I think she wanted him to realize she was there, that she’s playing this game with them. She hid it more from Damon, made him figure it out for himself. Almost like she’s trying to make him crazy and delusional — like she’s trying to provoke both the brothers so they’ll fight to death over Elena, since they wouldn’t do it over her. That crazy bitch just wants carnage. Still can’t quite figure out how the girls’ looks play into all this… Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

What do you think? Is your heart sufficiently stomped on? Are you out for revenge? Who do you think should be responsible for Caroline? Comment below!

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3 Responses to Reactions: Episode 2.01 “The Return”

  1. DC(Azaniagirl) says:

    Great Review.The premiere had me screaming in almost every scene.I think Damon will ‘raise’ Caroline & she will be badass.Hating Bonnie by the episode, bitch need 2 know when to butt out but I think she will stop with her bitchiness & have fling with Damon(one of the best relationships in the book series).I still get that sisterly vibe from Elena when she’s with Damon, her feelings for him has to grow more.Also you guys did mention Tyler & his HAWT,badass Uncle Mason.Jeremy is boring the shit outta me & if he’s gonna be depressed 4 most of season (like the writers mentioned) just kill him off or send him 2 military school ’cause let’s face it he is one of the most boring characters in the show. Also I’m fast forwarding but I think Katherine’s death has 2 be gruesome & sweet Elena the so-called Light of Mystic Falls should probably be the one to ram a stake in the bitch’s heart.Can’t wait 4 next week.

  2. Thank you! Yes, we noticed that we left out Uncle Mason too. We had meant to mention him, but we were distracted by how in need of a hug Damon was, haha. We can’t wait until Thursday either! In preparation, we’ll have a full recap (with pictures!) of 2.01 tomorrow.

  3. Claire says:

    I miss when you guys were like this :/

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