#VDBingo Episode 2.22

Happy Finale, House Guests! First of all, writers: ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?! Sticking Elijah AGAIN?! *tears* How much killing can one vamp take? And locking him away in the Box o’ Originals. *sigh whimper tears* But besides that, HO-LY CRAP. Stefan! Klaus! Jeremy?! We are all going to have a lot to discuss this summer.

First thing’s first, though. Let’s tally up the officially marked squares in tonight’s game of #VDBingo: (17 total)

  • WTMindfuck! (So much. But mostly Elijah! *weeps* and Jeremy)
  • Elijah does it better. (we’re calling it. He looks SO GOOD in the blazing sun :D)
  • Someone just died
  • Caroline is SO still Caroline
  • Klaus is a creepy creepster. *backs away slowly*
  • Elena the Protector
  • Damon + Alaric = BROMANCE
  • Boy Bling Alert!
  • Magically Delicious is, well, DELICOUS! (FREE SPACE)
  • Someone else just died.
  • Brotha-ly love!
  • Damon is like a real live boy!
  • Aww, Jer’s being all supernatural sidekick-y. Cute.
  • MIND BULLETS and other witchy-juju!
  • plus one free square of your choice.

We picked “Katherine and Elena are doppelgangers” because, 1) it gives us our second bingo tonight, and 2) this is only like the second episode this season where someone didn’t say “doppelganger,” haha. So, there you go.

How did you do? If you got bingo (we got double!), be sure to email us and let us know! (our address in on the right). Be sure to include your card number, and put “VDBingo 2.22” in the subject line.

Now we wait 4 months.

Breathe, fandom. Breathe.

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8 Responses to #VDBingo Episode 2.22

  1. Dayna Barter says:

    Bingo on Card 330. Going to go have a rage blackout now.

  2. Lauren Knott says:

    😦 Elijah!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! *weeps* Lauren is sad. Lauren does not see how Season 3 will be the Year of the Originals. Lauren thinks that the writers have some explaining to do.

  3. vanessa says:

    omg, but there is HOPE for Elijah. Stefan need to tip off Damon to pullthedaggerSout and then Klaus is dead

    • Elin says:

      I’m counting on Kath to be the one to rescue him. She did not look happy about what Klaus did to Stefan..

  4. Jenay says:

    I am really at a loss to say much after last night… and 4 months is just to long to have to wait. Even my husband sat with his jaw dropped lol. Klaus has to go down! But even more what is up with Jeremy? Possible change? Soooo much to look forward to in the coming months. Great Job writers!!!!

  5. Lisa says:

    What about the square “Someone just got compelled… It must be Thursday!”? Klaus compelled Katherine to take the cure to Damon didn’t he?

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