Reactions: Ep 2.22 “As I Lay Dying”

Welp, that’s it. The season’s over. And you know what, we all agree: that was a pretty good finale. There’s rage and there’s cliffhangers, but we’re all so hopeful for the next season. We had a lot to say, so let’s just jump in, shall we?

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Colleen (SBH contributor and friend); and special guests Abby, Maria, and Dayna.

Box o’ Originals
Abby: I WANT THE WHOLE SET! They even come with collector’s cases now!
Christina: Hahahaha! Wait! No! Don’t make me laugh. I’M IN MOURNING!! EEEEEELLLIIIIJJJJAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! 😥
Cin: WHY? Just, I don’t UNDERSTAND?!? Why are we back to the land of #pullthedaggerout? Do Julie & Kevin like the hashtag so f-ing much they want to make us use it all fucking summer? Do they HATE our #Elijah4Mayor campaign so much they put our candidate in a box? Nothing makes sense anymore. Nothing. I am trapped in a #glasscaseofemotion!!!!!!!!!!
Christina: It’s so damn hot! Milk was a bad choice!
Dayna: The only story logic I can see to this is that they want to let Klaus run amok with Stefan for a while before the efforts get serious to kill him.  Now we have to wait for someone to find him, unless Stefan passes on the info.
Cin: I’m almost positive that Elena & Damon will find them with the help of Bonnie in 3.01 or 3.02 at the latest. So much so I’m not even really that worried about it – but STILL! Our Elijah is in a box. He has a dagger in his chest. AGAIN! *wibbles*
Dayna: How many times do they reasonably think they can mine that? I’m waiting for Kyle and Stan, for realz.
Abby: I seriously think they keep stabbing Elijah right before the breaks so he can’t get away during hiatus. 😦
Christina: Well, that’s balls! I need my Elijah alive and kicking! Not in a casket in a fucking WAREHOUSE with that dagger in his chest. Speaking of which, question: If there was only one dagger, and it’s currently (AGAIN! GRRRR!) in Elijah’s chest, what’s keeping the other Original family members dead? Are they actually still alive? Or is Klaus just fucking with our boy?
Abby: Probably the same thing keeping Elijah dead. Daggers w/white oak ash on them. Klaus is no dummy, and if the witches or whoever gave ash to the Gilberts, you can bet there was more around, and Klaus stocked up.
Christina: But wasn’t there only one dagger that could be used? The dagger specifically forged by the “balance-obsessed” witches?
Abby: They never said there was only one, I don’t think. Elijah specified that it had to be ‘a silver dagger’ but he didn’t say it had to be THIS silver dagger. Plus, Klaus predates the burning of the tree, he might have stockpiled branches for stakes. Being quite literally the bastard of the family, it would have been a wise precaution.
Cin: Plus, I’m quite sure NO ONE will ever find the dagger that Elena gave back to Elijah. That thing got thrown from Mystic Falls to Bermuda or something. No way Elijah kept that thing in play when he was the only being on earth it was fatal to (or at least he thought).
Dayna: I thought that was the one that Klaus stabbed him with. ??  But what about the white oak ash?  Maybe ALSO in Klaus’s “luggage?”
Cin: I still think it’s a different dagger. And I’m quite sure if Klaus has spent these centuries killing his family he has a supply of the ash. I mean, for all we know Greta could know the spell to forge the daggers too. All of what is done by witches can be duplicated by another witch. We’ve seen that happen time and time again on this show. So it’s totally explainable.
Dayna:  *sigh*  Fucking witches. I do think there had to have been several daggers. If they were stakes they would have been dead-dead, not just inconveniently dead.
Abby: True. Or at least, I think so. That would certainly motivate them to have burned the tree, if stakes from it could kill them for good.
Cin: That is exactly what I have been thinking. I don’t think the tree was burnt at least until after the parents were killed.
Christina: This is very true. Klaus is completely diabolical, so anything is possible. But I doubt Greta was around when Klaus killed the rest of his family. Though, I’m sure he always had a witch waiting in the wings. Regardless, I am so looking forward to more flashbacks come next season. We need to know where he came from. But, really, Elijah will be back. They need him. He will not go that quietly into the night, you know?
Maria: He is DEFINITELY going to be back, I’m just glad they didn’t have Klaus kill him in like Timbuktu or something, he’s still in Mystic Falls (right?) and judging by the moonstone we KNOW Mystic Falls is not the safest place to hide anything in.
Abby: Seriously. Not enough soap in the WORLD.
Colleen: I AM SO UPSET!!! UPSET! You make me love him and then you stab him…AGAIN!!! *sobs* SOMEONE #PULLTHEDAGGEROUT OF OUR MAYOR!
Christina: Wo-or-or-or-ord! *sobs* Sorry, I just don’t like to think about him laying there with the dagger in his chest. The pain… it burns.
Abby: There, there, girls. We’ll see Elijah again. Of that I have NO DOUBT. Hopefully once he gets out of the box this time he’ll start wearing some protective gear or something, this dagger problem is really out of hand.
Cin: Also, as Vee pointed out on twitter last night, our man will wake up this time with a very powerful sense of vengeance on his mind. Niklaus betrayed him big time. There will be a reckoning!
Dayna: Klaus was clearly taking lessons in word games from his big bro.  He technically did do as promised and reunited him with the family. 😛
Cin: I agree Dayna, I agree. He did ‘reunite’ them, but still. Daggers in chests shall NOT go unanswered. I hope it gets apocalyptically ugly. Like, for serious.
Dayna: I want a good old-fashioned throw down, roll around in the dirt, schoolyard fight between the two.  Only with, you know, leveling buildings and shit, because they’re Originals.
Cin: Naked of course. 😉
Dayna: Gurrrl, Goes. Without. Saying.
Cin: I mean, how can clothes possibly survive the epicness this battle will be? It’s impossible. They are just threads. THREADS!
Dayna: Same way they survived a flamethrower? *eyeroll*
Cin: Ughhh. Party pooper. :-p
Colleen: Elijah should really invest in some chainmail or a dagger proof vest or something next time someone #PULLSTHEDAGGEROUT
Christina: For real. I’m thinking we should dip into the Mayoral Campaign budget and spring for some Kevlar vests or something.
Maria: I’m down with this plan, but we gotta make ‘em classy, we know our man isn’t going to be wearing some trashy piece of metal, he needs his swagger…jus’ saying.
Christina: Maybe we can get Hugo Boss to design it? 😉
Dayna: Someone on Twitter mentioned the comment about Klaus having a lot of luggage. I kinda feel like I should have thought about that when Klaus said they weren’t buried at sea. FWIW, in her post-finale interview Julie Plec did say “when” we see Elijah in the present again, not “if”, so that’s something.
Cin: That was me with the luggage. Yeah, Klaus has baggage. But of course, I have absolutely no doubt that both Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan will start the season as regulars. Julie loves them. Or at least we KNOW she loves DG and Elijah.
Dayna: Couldn’t remember who that was. That was during the height of my rage blackout.  See, I would have thought if they were going to start DG as a regular then the daggering wouldn’t have been necessary.  It kind of smacks of pre-midseason hiatus Sweeps Stunt to me.
Cin: The dagger-ing leaves the more casual viewer *cough*non-fangirls*cough* in the lurch, so I see it’s usefulness as a plot device. Also it gives them something to make it possible to introduce the other originals so handily as well as allows Klaus to skip town with Stefan with Elijah out of the picture. So I get it. Doesn’t mean I’m happy about it at all – BECAUSE I AM SO NOT – but I guess I understand it from a storytelling standpoint.
Dayna: And how frigging creepy is it that Klaus is just travelling all over and hauling the bodies of the whole dead family with him?  I almost want to meet the parents to see just where this level of damage comes from.  Dude has some Fucking Issues.  Also:  Notice the two Bubba-like beflanneled goons doing the heavy lifting for him.  Klaus is clearly embracing his werebilly heritage now.  Poor Stefan.  I wonder if he realizes he’s doomed to leave Mystic Falls in a crappy redneck trailer.
Cin: Mega-ultra-extra creepy. Like, he seriously is past insane. Luckily for us, his big brother Elijah is not. *sigh*
Abby: I love it! I love the weirdly pretty giant shipping crate, too. It’s like a really twisted traveling curio cabinet. Like he’s very carefully keeping them all niiiiceee and safe. Forever. Chills!
Christina: Okay, I hadn’t even considered that he was traveling with his family. Holy crap. This guy is even beyond serial killer-level creepy. Unless the Box o’ Originals isn’t in Mystic Falls. Also, if we find out that he’s keeping them all in a Pod, I’m going to piss myself.
Dayna:  It IS, though.  Klaus made that clear when he was talking about taking care of this “before leaving this tragic little town.”  CREEPER.
Cin: Creepster CREEPER.
Christina: Creepmaster CREEPER.
Abby: Creeptastic CREEPER…but I still love him.

Stefan Fell Off Got Pushed Off the Wagon… Again
Christina: Just gonna say it. Stefan on the HB is SO FREAKING HOT. YES, PLEASE!
Cin: Is it wrong that I was purring just a little bit at the end? Yes? TOUGH!
Dayna: Too messy with his food.  Can you imagine having to deal with his laundry?
Cin: Well, there is that – but he’s now *sniff* gone from the house, so that’s someone else’s problem. Believe me, Damon will keep us busy enough. Plus he’s a RIPPER now. He can just steal new clothes.
Christina: Don’t you mean RIPPAH?
Cin: RIPPAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dayna: Just remember all of the awesome now will be paid for with the guilt and whining later.  I remember this show. It was called “Angel.” Stefan is going to need an airplane to get over himself.
Cin: Oh come on. He is so much better than Angel ever was. Plus there is an in-between with Stefan, he can be the ‘Ripper’ and still be Stefan inside. With Angel/Angelus there was no in between. Stefan’s soul is still in tact, he is just – well, he’s a bloodaholic!
Dayna:  Although: Puppet Stefan and Puppet Damon?  Sign me up!
Cin: Word. We actually used Puppet Angel in the 1.22 recap. lol But still, the point is, Stefan is bad-fucking-ass. His power, it’s just VERY hot. I do believe because of his calm and calculated manner he has always had the potential to be much more dangerous than Damon who is all about action. And Paul Wesley is so amazing it just blows me away when he’s able to let it rip like this. RIPPAH!!!
Christina: Is it wrong that right before he fed on that girl, my only thought was “She’s SO lucky to be filming there, standing in front of KitKat, with him LOOKING at her like that. GAH!”? What? I was distracted by the pretty. Vamped-out Paul Wesley does it for me… *drools*
Cin: No. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with anything in that thought process. I just can’t even over how my insides quivered just looking at him.
Abby: PREACH ON! I like Stefan much better when he’s dripping blood & being all badass. That moment where he looked at Klaus? Holy horror movie perfection! I feel like Paul Wesley has so much more to show us. He’s been stuck in the ‘good Stefan’ role too long. I cannot WAIT to see what they do with him when he’s all fangtastic.
Dayna: He’s all yours, ladies.  I’m a one-vampire woman.  I’m only here for the Elijah.
Cin: Don’t do that to us, Dayna. Our devotion to The Gillies & Elijah is nearly legendary, but come on! Are we not all allowed our dalliances? lol
Christina: WORD. “Good Stefan” is done, and I cannot be happier about that. I mean, it sucks and all that he’s off with Klaus, but from a storyline POV, this is going to be awesome. Klaus is pitting Stefan against his own worst enemy: himself. I think we may need to resurrect our “Stefan is strung out our human blood” #vdbingo square from last season. This is a GOOD development, really.
Dayna: Can we just ask Stefan to drop a text with the address to the storage facility before he goes all evil?  Please?
Maria: A text, a note, hell, a freaking smoke signal would be good enough at this point, damn, you would think they lived in the middle of nowhere.
Christina: I don’t think that’s really high up on his To Do list, unfortunately. Our gang is going to have to do this the old fashioned way… Witchy-Google Maps.
Cin: Preach.
Colleen: Why are these vamps such messy drinkers? I mean the blood bags practically come with a straw?! Stefans face covered in blood BEFORE he drank that girl…manners child! Manners!
Christina: Word. He’s like a three-year-old drinking Kool-aid. Most of it ended up on his face and clothes. And I don’t think that girl seemed scared enough. A badass like Klaus kidnaps you, DOESN’T compel you, bites you, then basically engages you in a “Most Dangerous Game” (that wasn’t too hard to lose)? You’d think she’d be more screamy. Then again, her reaction is probably what mine would be. I don’t run. I don’t scream. I just shake. My fight or flight response is “become a dead fish”. But I digress… So, yeah, having to face all that shit frightening. And I love how Klaus is doing it to make Stefan bad.
Cin: *sigh* You really are going to be useless in the zombie apocalypse aren’t you? I swear, Cat’s gonna have to pick you up and make a woman out of you before you make it to my hood or I’ll probably use you as bait. Mmmmm.. BAIT… *sidetracked* You’re lucky I love you like I love my right arm, because that attitude just will not fly!
Christina: Hey, I warned you about that. If I had a weapon, I think I might be better.
Dayna: I got your back Christina. It’s widely known that when faced with the zombie apocalypse I’m just going to curl up in a little ball and die.
Cin: Jeez. Another one? Remind me NOT to let you in on our Zombie Plan ™ then. I can only carry so much dead weight on my Raft of Righteous Survival.
Dayna: It’s roughly the same reaction I have when faced with camping. If it doesn’t have a microwave and cable, do not sign me up.
Cin: Gotcha. Dayna’s brains want to be zombie food. Alas, I’m usually the exact same way, but I love my plan so much that I can’t wait to go all Up With Human’s on those undead fuckers.
Dayna: Those are going to be some sadly starving zombies.
Cin: ROFL! Not hardly. Ok, what were we talking about. Oh, yeah, damsel of the week. I got to say, it would have had more impact if it had been NOT NOW DANA instead of an unknown girl. *sigh*
Dayna: Yes, her or someone else with whom Stefan had a passing acquaintance.  It would have made it harder for him to just tear into her throat.
Abby: Agreed, but it *was* a nice nod to Stefan bringing Damon over with Unknown Girl v.1864. Here, Stefan, have another serving of tasty, tasty self-loathing!
Maria: I have said it before and I will say it again, they need a sassy Spanish girl on that show, she should be around 5’2, black hair, big brown eyes (sound familiar?), I would have been running and screaming bloody murder, I would soooo not go down without a fight.
Cin: I agree, Maria. They sooooo need a sassy Spanish girl. Do we know any in the Covington, GA area??? l think we do! 😉
Dayna: I’m liking the fact that Stefan will no doubt get ten times more interesting. The flip side of that, though, is that he’s going to be ten times more WHINEY when he comes down off of it. I’m not sure this is a trade-off I’m down with.
Cin: I don’t think that will be the case. I’m hoping that he never fully comes out of it. Isn’t this what happens in the books?
Dayna: I haven’t read those. It would be nice if he struck a balance between the two. Maybe this will finally force him to deal with handling the demon rather than either denying it completely or giving into it completely.
Cin: Yes, I think that is where this is going. Because he now knows he can’t go back to what he was before the HB. He needs the power to survive in this new world order. I think he’s going to have to deal with his issue and move past it. All in all I’m kinda stoked about where this could put him in the long run.
Christina: You know how much I love Stefan, but I’m really excited that this has sort of turned into an opportunity for him to grow some real substantial balls. He’s really sweet, and understanding and perfect, but he trusts too much, he doesn’t keep secrets very well, and I’m ready for him to cause a little mayhem when necessary (like earlier in the season when he stood up to Kathi. Awesome). I love interesting character growth more than anything on a show, and this has real potential. I’m not pissed or scared about this. I’m ecstatic.
Dayna: In the “trusts too much” department, can he and Elijah maybe take a seminar together or something?  Because damn, dude.
Christina: They both have a caretaker-complex when it comes to family. And they’re easily manipulated because of it. *shakes head* It makes me sad.
Dayna: So do we think Elena is going to get to witness any of the RIPPAH action?
Christina: Eventually, most likely. Once they find him, of course. She’s seen a baby-version of it before. I have a feeling when she sees true RIPPAH action, it’s going to shatter her a bit.
Dayna: This kind of brings it back to “how do they keep the show in Mystic Falls” scenario.  I was thinking that would come up with Elijah looking for the family, but now the Originals are all boxed in MF and it’s Stefan who will be MIA. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with that.
Cin: I agree, but I kinda hope they do branch out. The show isn’t called Mystic Falls. It’s The Vampire Diaries. Let’s take this bitch global!
Christina: Or at least to Georgia again! Isn’t that where they always end up? 😉

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Abby: Suddenly, Jeremy is much, MUCH more interesting. I love it. I can’t wait to see where it goes. I’m pretty sure he’s communing with the spirits of the dead who loved him, but we’ll see how it all unfolds. Brilliant plot twist. Love it.
Christina: I’m really excited about this too. When we heard that noise that woke him, I KNEW it was going to be a ghost. I had just figured it was going to be the witches. The vamp ghosts were unexpected. This is going to be interesting.
Colleen: That was super creepy and I loved it. Let him be haunted. You wanted to play with the big boys Jer…welcome to the game!
Christina: OMG! Think we can get TAPS to come investigate?!? Also, word. Jer is FINALLY relevant! Hahahaha.
Cin: I’m super excited to. He talks to undead dead people ya’ll. This could get very very interesting indeed. Love it.
Abby: Gorgeous moment shout-out: Vicky following Jer down the stairs. Perfection.
Cin: It was very nice. I liked the whole end sequence. And Alaric on the couch… perfect. *sniff*
Maria: Jeremy was ALWAYS interesting biatches! Y’all just didn’t know how to appreciate his full potential >.< and OMFG, I think I was still too busy wipping my tears from when I thought he was really dead but then next thing I saw was Vicki looking at him, to say that I am confused would be the understatement of the year.
Cin: I think Jeremy has been interesting this whole year, but S1… not so much. But yeah, it was pretty f-ing bad ass the way they did all of this. Him dying by non-supernatural means – now that was a shock to the system. Then his ‘price’ being this? I’m excited and a bit confused.
Dayna: Was it just me, or did neither Vicki nor Anna look too happy with Jeremy? And will he see just vamp ghosts, or all ghosts?  Because if Mom, Pop, and Aunt Jenna can pop up anytime they want, his love life is about to get really awkward.
Colleen: Wasn’t just you. They looked straight up PISSED.
Abby: I’d be pissed too. Why does he always get to come back to life, and they don’t? From a ghostly perspective, it’s wicked unfair. Assuming that they ARE ghosts, and it’s not some other supernatural situation. Anything is possible…but I confess, I’d like them to be ghosts.
Christina: I want them to be ghosts too. It’s another aspect of supernatural that I love, and I’d love to see how they can weave this into the story. Yeah, it’s ANOTHER supernatural being, but hey, at least they’re not faeries.
Cin: Thank Chrispin they aren’t faeries. *shivers*
Maria: But that’s kind of sad in a way, cause does that mean that any vampire that dies is just doomed to life as a ghost or something? Or is it the fact that maybe because Jer was dead and then he came back he somehow found a way to bring Vicky and Anna with him?
Christina: They’re not necessarily all doomed to being a ghost. Just like humans, if you believe in that. Some move on, and some are stuck here. Vicki died rather tragically, as a pawn in Damon’s games. And Anna died fairly tragically too, being rounded up, staked and burned. BUT, by that logic, shouldn’t Jenna, Pearl, Trevah and Slater also be able to come back? Is it just confined to vamps? If not, Mason, BraDIE and Jules could be back (please, god, no). What about Miranda and Grayson? Uncle John? Is this just something specific to Jeremy? Are we really only going to see his two ex-girlfriends? And is HE going to be the only one who sees? THERE ARE JUST SO MANY QUESTIONS!
Dayna: I think they left themselves a lot of wiggle room to plot that out for Season 3.  If he straight up sees dead people now, that opens the door for almost anyone to return. Which is kind of a cheat, but kinda cool.
Christina: I honestly don’t think it’ll be everyone.
Abby: I have to say a few words about Bonnie: I still don’t like her. I think she’s basically just a plot device now. I have nothing invested in her and honestly I hope she gets killed off soon. I’m sorry, Bonnie fans, but aside from having a useful talent, I just see no use for her on the show at this point. The ‘Bonnie saves the day with magic!’ thing was cool the first few times, and I’m very glad they pulled it out for Jeremy, but it’s Deus Ex Machina and I’m tired of it.
Colleen: I’m on team “Kill Bonnie”. I agree with everything you’ve said Abby.
Cin: Word. I fully was hoping she would be the trade for Jeremy’s life. It should have been. The witches were angry with HER. She is abusing the power here.
Christina: Haha Deus Ex Machina. I feel like I called her that earlier in the season…. I don’t remember. But yeah, that’s all she is. At this point, I’m looking at her like “well, if she dies, they won’t have a witchy anymore.” Because that’s all I care about. How much you wanna bet that Jeremy is alive NOT because Bonnie did her whole “BUT I LOVE HIM!” thing, but more because of those vampy-ghosts?
Maria: AGREED! I don’t like Bonnie, and I too think that those ghosts are going to play a big part on explaining what the hell happened when Jer was on the other side…Have I mentioned the whole bring-in-a-sassy-latina thing? she could be Jer’s new girlfriend *cough* *cough again*
Dayna: I can deal with Bonnie having witchy ju-ju and all, but the Deus Ex ‘Mansion-a’ needs to go, like, yesterday. Someone burn that shit down already.  Shouldn’t be hard, there’s an entire mall of Yankee Candles in that place. Normal level Bonnie is livable. Wasn’t the harnessing dead witches thing just supposed to be a use and throw kind of thing?  One use only?  Also, could this Jeremy going all Sixth Sense thing be the prelude to getting rid of Klaus? Have the ghosts drag him to hell?  Maybe have Bonnie start the body swapping spell but have his spirit snatched mid-switch? It would be some out-of-the-box (too soon?) thinking for the gang.
Christina: I actually hope the “Drag Me To Hell” shit doesn’t happen. We’ve had enough Horror Movie Moments. I mean, I’m sure the ghosts WILL play a part in Klaus’ demise. I just… spare me, haha.
Dayna: Unless some new mythology pops up I don’t know how they’ll get rid of him otherwise, since Julie pretty much confirmed on Twitter that he is now invincible. *insert eyeroll*  But I’d REALLY like for Elijah to get to kill the bastard.
Cin: Nothing is truly invincible. Elijah is too to a degree, but there are always loopholes in that allow for ‘getting rid of Klaus’ without killing him. Entombed forever is one. But this is Jeremy’s section. Bonnie should have died in his place and right now the only ghosts he’s whispering are his past loves. That should cause some issues for our little ju-ju queen. And that makes me very happy.
Christina: If Bonnie died in his place, it would have been too much added drama. I like how it ended with him all “I feel funny” and she’s like “silly boy, you’re just all magicified.” But soon Bonnie’s time will come. And I shall rejoice. Too much? Bite me (Elijah)!

Hybrid Theory
Abby: Everybody ready? Here comes the ‘Yay Klaus!’ flag again! Joseph Morgan is seriously making Klaus one of my favorite villains of all time. Klaus is fucking terrifying, from his creepy little smiles to his sudden bursts of violence. Note perfect, every scene. While I’m not at ALL happy that Elijah is back in cold storage, I think having Klaus put him there made perfect sense to the story. Even if it did make me curse at the TV. Which it did. A lot.
Christina: Klaus scares me so much. And I’m kind of turned on by that. Haha kidding. But really. Klaus is some kind of amazing. I am PISSED that he killed Elijah, and I actually almost feel like I’m betraying my Elijah love by enjoying Klaus, but I totally am. Klaus has no regard for anyone but himself. Sound familiar? (*cough* Kathi *cough*). But somehow this feels different. Whereas I hated and still hate Kathi (though keeping her word about “owing” Damon and actually bringing him Klaus’ blood — I was going to say “Klaus’ Elixir” but that just sounds dirty — redeemed her a bit), I don’t harbor those same malicious feelings toward Klaus. He fascinates me.
Abby: Oh thank heavens! I was afraid I was going to be all alone in I Love Klaus Land tonight, fending off the furious hordes.
Colleen: Klaus is a diabolical, sadistic bastard and I love it. He does truly scare the shit out of me. I don’t want to like him, but I do.
Christina: That’s exactly what it is. It’s like I’m enjoying him against my will. WE ARE BEING COMPELLED THROUGH THE TELEVISION! RUN!
Cin: He’s just batshit. I mean, I appreciate it and this episode went a long way in showing us just how fucked up he is – but I still am not loving it. He’s good, he’s creepy, etc.. I don’t know. Then, are we forgetting how HE STAKED ELIJAH! HE PUT OUR ELIJAH IN A BOX! Sorry, I can’t even appreciate his maniacal insanity with shit like that going down. So I’m a lot less fascinated and more just creeped out. He crosses too many lines. In those lines he backs the character into a corner. That is a huge difference between Elijah and Klaus. Elijah has assimilated to society. He can blend, he can and does function. Klaus only lives in a plain of being where he is the supreme being. He cares for nothing and no one. He only wants to have power. That makes for a good villian for a time, but does it have legs? I’m not so sure. He’s like Voldemort. There is only one way to handle him. Final fucking death. Period.
Dayna: Fucking WORD.  That shit right there puts you on my Hate List with a quickness.
Abby: See how Cin & I balance each other out? The servants of nature approve! I think there’s more too him than we’ve seen so far, in terms of the WHY of Klaus, how he got this way and where it’s going. But I think that story is going to be revealed very slowly, through his interactions with Stefan, through Family Flashbacks.
Dayna: There are probably some interesting details, but I think what it is going to boil down to is “Daddy didn’t love me because I was a bastard, wah!!”  So is John Snow, Klaus. Get over it or go take your vows and guard The Wall.
Abby: This show rarely takes the obvious route. I’m sure that’s part of it, but my money says they’ll give Klaus more depth before all is said and done. If not, though, I’ll watch him being evil and love every delicious, creepy, sadistic second.
Dayna: There will definitely be more complexity, but the way he set out to destroy the whole family argues for that being at the heart of it.  Since he never felt truly accepted as part of his family, he destroyed all of them one by one — just as Daddy Original killed Daddy Wolfie and pups — and he is hellbent on siring a new race — creating a new family with himself as head, if you will.
Abby: But he DIDN’T destroy them! They’re freaking enshrined! Issues. So many issues. If I didn’t think he’d rip out my throat, I’d totally let him cry on my shoulder. I’m conflicted! …someone help me.
Dayna:  Well, true. But that seems to be about as “destroyed” as the Originals get. Big. Fat. Issues. with that boy.  Makes me wonder about Mom.  I’m thinking when Elijah revitalizes the rest of the family, maybe he should leave her boxed until Klaus is put down.
Maria: I completely agree on the whole Klaus thing, but I LOOOOVEEEE Kathi, always have and always will and I don’t think that she brought Damon the blood because she wanted to keep her word, I think that she did it because she actually did care about him, especially after she went “It’s okay to love them both” she might have loved Stefan more, but I truly believe she did care about Damon.
Christina: You’re absolutely right. She did love both, just to different degrees. But, honestly, I don’t care. Kathi redeemed herself by bringing Damon the blood, but if she never shows up again, I’m fine with that.
Dayna: I’m trying to keep my HATRED THAT BURNS LIKE THE FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS over the whole daggering Elijah thing out of it (yeah, good luck with THAT), but even without that little bit of business Klaus isn’t quite doing it for me.  What I love about this show is the fact that people are generally people, not just good or evil.  With Klaus, I’m just waiting for him to grow a mustache to twirl, and for Voltaire’s “When You’re Evil” to start playing in the background.  I don’t need Elijah levels of layers, but dang, flesh the guy out a little.
Christina: I agree. We need to see who Klaus really is. This is why I’m so desperate for flashbacks. Even if it’s just more evil doings, if we can see it — and especially if we can get some sort of commentary about why he’s doing it, or even someone (Elijah?) pleading with him not to, but he does it anyway — that would be fangtastic.
Cin: I’ll tell you who he really is: Voldemort. DESTROY THE HORCRUXES!
Abby: As long as the Horcruxes aren’t his siblings…don’t destroy our Elijah!
Dayna: I had sort of assumed that flashbacks would be coming from Elijah, but if Stefan is out amoking with Klaus then it opens up the option of history lessons from Klaus, which will give us his perspective, at least.
Abby: Yes please on the flashbacks. I loved that scene between Elijah and Klaus, with Elijah helping Klaus into his jacket, such a habitual little gesture. I also really like what Joseph Morgan is doing with the physicality of the character. Klaus is so handsy, and he’s still got this creepy ‘my violence is sexy’ thing going on. Pretty much every time he touches someone I want to yell “OH MY GOD YOU ARE *SO* CREEPY!” and that’s awesome.
Christina: Hahaha I agree to all of that. And yeah, I hope we get flashbacks from both, but I feel like we’ll get most of them from Elijah — NOT THAT I’M COMPLAINING! I’m just really looking forward to it 😀
Cin: I don’t even know if I want flashbacks from Klaus’ POV. He’s too crazy to function – his warped sense of the past would just screw us up even worse (remember how KATHI remembered her time with the brothers back in 1864 — in 2.04 for the purists out there). Elijah is a good accurate flashbacker. The man is an exposition machine. So as long as the flashbacks are from his POV, bring it.
Dayna: Was anyone else looking for more of a reaction to one another from Katherine and Elijah?
Christina: Nah, there was no time. Elijah is excellent at compartmentalizing things. There will be more of that in flashbacks too, I’m sure.
Cin: I totally did. I had a good alternate way the Elijah/Katherine thing worked out in my head, so internally I was hoping she’d pull that damn stake out and he’d say “What took you so long?”
Christina: Oh, you mean about the dagger. Yeah, any reaction besides apathy would have fucking rocked. Ass, Kathi. You’re an ass.
Dayna: Me too, Cin.  I kept telling Katherine I would forgive her most anything if only she’d pull that out while Klaus was distracted, but no.  Bitch. I’d like to see more interaction in the present day.  Maybe if she survives Klaus and Stefan hunting her long enough… she’s gotten pretty good at it, after all.
Cin: I said the exact same thing to Christina & Abby during the episode. LOL – but yeah, I totally agree. I think there are so many ways that relationship can go. I mean, whose to say they haven’t met up before now? Layers upon layers of awesome stuff could come of those two. I can’t wait!

Deathbed Damon
Christina: Alright. I’ll address the elephant in the room. They kissed. YEAH YEAH YEAH. Alright, fandom. Relax.
Cin: Fucking PLEASE relax. I’m sick of the Delena fan squeeing already. *dramatic eye roll*
Abby: This. I love Damon as a character and I like his interactions with Elena, but in some ways it’s all built up so much that it’s hard to get excited about. It was predictable. Of course she’s going to forgive him. Of course he’s going to recover, and, just as inevitably, of course he’s going to do something next season to complicate things between them again. It’s part of the story, it’s well played by both actors and I enjoy watching it, but nothing about tonight’s Damon/Elena storyline surprised me at all. That said, for anyone in it for the love story, tonight was a big deal. I’ll let those folks have their moment, even if I myself am impatient to get back to blood-guzzling Stefan, havoc-wreaking Klaus and getting Elijah out of that *%#^&@! box.
Dayna: I have to rewatch in the morning. Everything that happened after the daggerfication was viewed through a red, angry haze. But yeah, predictable. I wonder how much of that Elena is going to regret when Damon makes a full recovery and calls her on it.
Cin: I don’t think she’ll regret it. Elena is a compassionate being. First and foremost. And we have known for some time that she cared about Damon a lot. She wants him to be better. She cares about and yes, even loves him, on a level that she cares about Caroline and Bonnie. But does she want to sex him up? I truly don’t think so. Will she one day? Possibly. But I’m not holding my breath.
Christina: And I don’t think he’s going to call her on it. I bet he won’t even mention it unless he’s feeling especially cocky. He’ll internalize it. I definitely felt bad for Damon because of the hallucinations and the biting Elena and the general wanting to die, but I had a hard time really being concerned because I knew they were going to find a cure. One thing though: Damon sweats A LOT.
Colleen: He is quite the sweater…hahaha I crack myself up. The only time was really moved by Damon is this ep was the beginning when he tried suicide. The music was perfect for that scene. Yes, I felt bad for him,but I too knew they’d find a cure. And whoopdee freaking do they kissed. meh. I’m not a Delena shipper. Anyway, pity kissing doesn’t count. Neither does anything without tongue.
Abby: Agreed on the kissing. That was a lovely, chaste, ‘we’re friends and you’re dying’ kiss, and, more importantly, Damon took it as such. He said ‘thank you’, because that kiss was a gift, a gift between friends. I think that’s what’s bugging me about the ‘Damon & Elena kissed!’ commotion…I didn’t see romance, or even sexual tension any of the Damon/Elena scenes tonight. What I did see was a real friendship, and that was in some ways even more powerful.
Christina: Word. Which is why he’ll just internalize it. Though, and I’ll try to make this quick: I can’t lie and say I didn’t squee a little internally (I’m TeamLove, as corny as it sounds. I’ve championed almost every ‘ship on this show — except Tyoline. I just can’t — at least very superficially. I’m not a Delena shipper. I’ve made it clear that if I have to pick one, I’m on Team Stelena, but I do enjoy the thought of Damon and Elena falling for each other eventually. God, I’m such a hopeless romantic. What’s happening to me?! Blood. Guts. Fangs. Ripped out hearts. Sacrificial rituals. *sigh* That feels better. Point is, it’s totally about friendship. It’ll bring Damon and Elena closer to each other in their search for Stefan. And hey, if Damon can redeem himself and REALLY make himself worthy of Elena, great. The whole situation is full of story-telling potential. And if all else fails, Elena isn’t afraid to give Damon a come to Jesus speech, so this’ll all be good fun.
Cin: I don’t want him to have to change for her. And to truly be with her he would have to. Period. It’s why I don’t ship the Delena or even Damon WANTING to be with Elena. He needs to be with someone who falls for him the way he is. Elena is a long, long, LONG way from that ever happening. It’s why I can’t in good conscious condone the shippers going crazy. It builds them up just to rip them back down. And heaven knows they are fragile creatures.
Cin: Case in point.
Dayna: Okay, back after the rage blackout and the re-watch. While I thought it was a nice moment between the two friends, I didn’t see any kind of an “OMG I just realized I loved him” sentiment from Elena, just doing all she could to ease her friend into death. Unfortunately, the other thing I saw was the Four. Long. Months of Stelena vs. Delena battling on the forums crap that I’m going to have to skip over to get to anything of substance. Not that there isn’t always a little of it, but this shit? Is going to be a bloodbath. Not looking forward to it.
Christina: I don’t think it’ll rage for four months, but these next few weeks may be intense, haha. It was just a friendship thing. It was her giving him something at the very end, the least she could do. Like Abby said, Damon even thanked her. It is what it is, and nothing more. Meh. *shrug*
Cin: You seem to be under the impression that this is a rational fandom. *falls off chair*
Dayna: I haven’t had the heart to visit TWoP yet this morning, but Twitter was bad enough. Maybe once we move past reaction and into speculation it will calm down. I try never to underestimate the power of an enraged fandom, yo.
Cin: You go to the TWoP forums? And you haven’t been shanked yet? Wow.

Caroline: Still Fanged, Always Fabulous!
Abby: For me, the scariest moment in the entire episode was Caroline hugging her mom. I was TERRIFIED she was going to get staked. Lighting candles and composing paeans of praise. Thank you thank you thank you for sparing our favorite Forbes.
Cin: Me too, Abby. I was begging the TV gods to not do that to us. And was honestly shocked that they didn’t. But I was sweating like Damon for serious.
Christina: Caroline is so still Caroline. She just wants love and acceptance, and I HATE her mother for not giving that to her unconditionally. That said, I was scared too, and I’m glad it didn’t happen. But I was so scared when Car busted fang to try to save Jeremy. Sheriff Mom was terrified (and Car’s fangs were HOT).
Cin: So hot that we both totes missed her vamp eyes b/c we were ogling her mouth. LOL
Dayna: Oh god, me too, Abby. I was just waiting for the stake in the back trick. SO glad Liz is chilling.
Maria: Ditto! I was literally freaking out and yelling “I don’t feel good about this” but thankfully nothing happened cause I seriously don’t know what I would have done if something had happened to our Caroline (Caroline, may she live forever)
Abby: I loved Caroline in this episode. Granted, I always love Caroline, but she had just the right combination of sweet, supportive friend and HBIC. She is such a complex, strong character now, and we need her SO much to balance out Elena Central. She is so capable, and so caring that she just adds this whole other dimension to the ensemble. I’m grateful that the writers haven’t killed her off for the sake of audience reaction. She really ties different storylines together and bridges character gaps that might otherwise put hitches in the stories when they overlap. She really is Miss Mystic Falls, and I am so, SO glad she’ll be joining us for season three. (Caroline, may she live forever.)
Cin: I truly believe Caroline is here to stay. She adds so much to every story she is in. They use her to humanize other characters for chrissakes! Her awesomeness just knows no bounds. They can never kill her. I’m convinced of it. (Caroline, may she live forever)

Alaric Steps Up
Abby: Alaric has annoyed me in recent episodes by being too much ‘one of the gang’ and not enough of a grown-up where Elena and the other teenagers are concerned. Last week, and especially tonight, he came through. He made the right choices, was awesome, and I love him again. Welcome back to my good graces, Mr. Saltzman!
Maria: AMEN! I was actually concerned at the beginning when he was drinking his sorrows away, but when Stefan called and he didn’t even hesitate before saying he would do whatever it took in order to help Damon. Then when he stepped up and stayed with Jeremy I seriously felt my heart slowly melt piece by piece, these men are going to be the death of me I swear.
Colleen: Alaric is my favorite male character on this show. Yes, Damon, Elijah, Stefan etc are important, but I adore Alaric. He’s like an onion…stinky…but makes you cry anyway. I mean he has layers…lots and lots of layers. (Abby: Like a parfait! Sorry. Couldn’t help it.) (Christina: Everybody likes a parfait!) His interaction with Jer made my heart leap.
Christina: Colleen, I think that odor you’re smelling is the booze. But yeah, Alaric makes my heart squench (medical term) with affection. I loved his little moment with Jer toward the end. I was half expecting him to go in there and read Jer a bedtime story. And staying in the house that night. What a champ. I love him so much.
Dayna: And on the couch. *sad face* He just couldn’t bring himself to sleep in Jenna’s bed.
Cin: I KNOW!!! *wibbles*
Christina: Yeah, when he first said he’d stay there, I was like “In Jenna’s room?! No. Way.” Oh, Alaric. Come. I’ll comfort you.
Colleen: BACK OFF, BITCH! Over my dead body…which is a real possibility in that town.
Abby: Don’t worry. Your dead body will either get up shortly or else your vengeful spirit will get down to business just as soon as somebody needs a magical bail-out.
Cin: Behave ladies, behave. I too love Alaric. And this is by far my favorite Matt Davis episode. We saw it all. Drunk Alaric. Bromance Alaric. Badass Alaric. Concerned Adult Alaric. Bestest Step-Daddy Alaric. *sigh* I loved them all. He was amazing. And did he stab Damon with a vervain dart? FUCKAWESOMENESS ALERT! lol
Dayna: I loved him teasing Jeremy with the “and the next day” business. Was anyone else having a fit when he (presumably) DROVE from the Grill to the SBH? Dude was shit-faced. I know, vampires, werewolves, hybrids — Oh My! — and I’m worried about drunk driving? But still…
Christina: Hahaha sometimes there are just things about this show that you have to let go. Drinking and driving isn’t going to be an issue in Mystic Falls. They’ve got bigger undead fish to fry.
Abby: I want to know why the grill was closed while the movie was still going on, with the chairs up and everything! WTF, Mystic Grill? Did everyone just decide to skip out for the night, since Damon was drinking at home?
Dayna: With Alaric and Damon MIA, they just didn’t have enough money coming in to pay staff to stay.
Christina: Actually, the movie on the square was one of the mandatory Founder’s Functions. It’s like a federal holiday for those MFers.

Continuity? What Continuity?
Dayna: So, in honor of it being the finale and all, was there some kind of a mystical Hall Pass handed out so that, suddenly, vampires didn’t need invitations anymore? Stefan and Elijah just waltz into Alaric’s apartment, when Damon needed an invite two episodes ago? Katherine just waltzes into the SBH? WTF, show?
Cin: I know! I was like, whhhhaaaaat?
Christina: I didn’t realize this until you pointed it out this morning, but you have a point. And that makes me kind of mad. Okay, so maybe Stefan had had an invitation to Alaric’s apartment before. But if he and Damon are bros, why did Damon have to be invited in? Here was my brief thought: maybe Klaus somehow gained domain over the place, so now that Klaus “owns” it, vamps don’t have to be invited in. But that just feels really flimsy. And I don’t know how to explain away Kathi being in our house. She was there before Elena owned it, but she would have had to be re-invited in. Ball dropped, no?
Dayna: I can actually maybe explain Katherine a little more easily by virtue of the fact that Elena did technically die. But unless Klaus somehow bought the apartment complex from Alaric’s landlord, I can’t see how he got ownership, since they sort of made an issue out of the act of signing papers holding sway over the supernatural, which is some pretty big bullshit in and of itself. No one has ever explained the threshold thing better than Jim Butcher in his Dresden Files series.
Abby: I choose to believe that Alaric just gave Stefan an invite off camera. Katherine did say it had been two days since the sacrifice, but also says she hasn’t seen anyone, so no real help there. Same with Katherine getting into the SBH. They might retcon it somehow next season, or maybe just leave it as an unexplained exception. They did that in Angel, when Angel gets into Kate’s apartment without an invite to save her from her overdose.
Cin: I can buy Stefan, but Elijah? No. He definitely has not been invited in by Alaric or his landlord. And the whole Kathi/Elena thing, I don’t think it could be explained by her ‘death’ as much as maybe it has something to do with the doppleganger angle. They do share blood and other mystical shit. Both supernatural beings of the same cloth – maybe that is why. *shrug* Either way it felt sloppy as all fuck. And it disappoints me that this taints our otherwise kick ass finale.

Abby: Okay, so heading into next season, here’s where we’re at:
-Stefan is heading off with Klaus into the bloody sunset, destination unknown.
-Elijah is boxed with the rest of his family in Klaus’ creepy traveling curio cabinet.
-The SBH staff are giving each other drunken manicures.
-Damon is wolfbite-free
-Elena is emotionally exhausted
-Caroline & Sheriff Mom are tentatively reconciled (okay, it was just 1 hug, but I’m hopeful)
-Matt is — NOT NOW DANA!!! — doing dishes
-Tyler is back home with his sling-sportin’ Mayor Momma, who is VERY unhappy with the local Sheriff’s department.
-Bonnie is tired & the dead witches are ticked.
-Jenna is dead *sob* and so is John.
-Alaric is babysitting.
-Jeremy is seeing extra-ex-girlfriends in his kitchen
Cin: Wow. When we look at it like that it doesn’t seem too overwelming AT. ALL. /sarcasm
Christina: *weeps* This is gonna be a loooong summer.

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14 Responses to Reactions: Ep 2.22 “As I Lay Dying”

  1. Weird Vision says:

    Long summer indeed. I think I’ll use it to read your past reactions, which I somehow missed. Great job, everyone!

  2. Tina says:

    Wow last night was amazing! I see dead people anyone? or revenge of the evil exes who knowss. I have not read yr reactions yet, they are soo amazingly long and i look forward to them after every episode!! Going to come back on Saturday to read!! and probably watch the episode again 😛

  3. Lauren Knott says:

    Elijah 😦

  4. G says:

    Word on the long summer. Word. Elijah daggered AGAIN? I. Just. Can’t. 😦 It is really sad. The finale was insane. Insane!

  5. redlightwrithing says:

    THIS ——> “Just remember all of the awesome now will be paid for with the guilt and whining later. I remember this show. It was called “Angel.” Stefan is going to need an airplane to get over himself.”

    I hope Stefan stays a badass or else we WILL pay in whining!

  6. Regina says:

    Im Still On The Team Bonnie Lives!!! Anyways I Totally Agree With The Loving Alaric “and the next day” business.” Too Funny!!! Oh Yeah Team Damon For Life But I Agree That People Dont Need To Get Worked Up With the Kiss Thing. Also Jeremy Is Gonna Have A Great Story Line Next Season!!! Elijah Totally Needs To Come Back & I Hate The Ripper Stefan, I Just Aint A Stefan Fan That Much. Only When He’s With Elena But If Not Then No. & If Caroline Would Have Died I Would Have Had To Go The Sheriff Moms & Kill Her Myself. No One Messes With Caroline Like That!!!

  7. Yayoi says:

    Talking about continuity… What about “the dagger will kill you if you use it”???? Klaus is still alive. Just a thought…

    • AbbyGraham says:

      That right there is an excellent point. Admittedly, they’ve said over and over that Originals are exempt from the usual rules, but you’d think Klaus would have at least twitched a little when using the dagger on Elijah. Innnteressting.

      • This is an excellent point. But again, if it wasn’t THE dagger (the one that was used on Elijah in The Dinner Party), then maybe it didn’t have the same “It’ll Kill You” curse. *shrug* The writers don’t tell us things far more than they actually do. Ugh. I think I’m just mad that he got stabbed again. Poor Elijah. What’d he ever do to… oh right. But still!

      • Vanessa says:

        OR maybe the don’t use it or it will kill you was also a fake thing. So they wouldn’t have to worry about any vampire using it against an original just a thought

  8. vanessa says:

    okay so much! A few things I will mention is that it is possible that Klaus compelled Alaric that he no longer lives in his apartment, so that can explain that with Stefan and Elijah.

    Also after the ritual Elena did die and therefore breaking the ownership but also she moved back to her house since that is where she was in the morning when Damon stopped by.

    AND yes OMGLONGASSSUMMER i just hope they’ll do a summer webseries for the originals. Just saying

  9. Lara says:

    Yay, finally a site which is not all crazy about Delena 🙂 I will check you out in the future 🙂

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      That’d be us! Please do, I think you’re gonna like it here just fine 😉

    • Vanessa says:

      Lara you will love it here! OMG I am like their biggest fan. The TVDBingo, Reactions, Recaps and Daily Quotes are soo funny! I’ve had to pinch my lips closed to keep from busting out laughing

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