#VDBingo Episode 211

It’s 9:04 pm EST, and “Elijah” is trending worldwide on Twitter. Just wanted to make note of that. 😀 Elijah was so awesome, as usual. Damon and Alaric were also awesome, but their bromance always is. That was a good way to end out the Fall half of the season and bring us into the winter hiatus. That said, let’s see how everyone did with #VDBingo 🙂

Here is the list of tonight’s official marked squares: (12 total)

  • Whoa… MYTHOLOGY!
  • Elena the Protector
  • Katherine and Elena are Doppelgängers. What? WHY? HOW?!
  • Elijah does it better. (SO MUCH BETTER! ELIJAH!!! FFS, CALL ME!!!)
  • Tyler flips his furry lid! (and it was kind of gross… )
  • MIND BULLETS and other witchy-juju!
  • Caroline not human? AS IF! (Car, you are so good staying with Ty like that. I wouldn’t have. Peace, Tyler).
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes (Jules…)
  • Stefan is SHIRTLESS (a thing of rare beauty: naked Stefan back. *drools*)
  • Damon + Alaric = BROMANCE!
  • Brotha-ly love!

So, how did you do? Remember, if you got bingo, be sure to e-mail us (the address is over there to the right). Put “VDBingo 2.11” as your subject line, and remember to include your card #

Now, I’m off to rewatch so I can oggle Elijah some more… Mmm Elijah…

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5 Responses to #VDBingo Episode 211

  1. Inna Kagan says:

    If damon is shirtless,mob hands, someone just died, or the get out of death free ring was marked, I would’ve had a 4way bingo.. grr. 😦

  2. Chantal says:

    ugh one away again! All I needed was someone just died grr.

  3. Sofia says:

    I guess it was just too much to ask that someone would actually go to school two eps in a row…

  4. Dani says:

    could someone please send me a card for this coming week? please?

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