Reactions: Ep 2.11 “By the Light of the Moon”

Well, there certainly was a lot of craziness in that ep, no? I mean, Elijah was in it. I KNOW! *swoon* There definitely was some vampire intrigue going on there, and the witches had their play time (*wink wink nudge nudge*), but last night really belonged to the wolves. Tyler changing, a new chick Jules coming into town. Most of the episode revolved around their mythology and what was going on in their world due to the full moon, which we suppose is good in the scheme of things. But we’re not going to lie, we at the SBH do NOT really care for wolves. Like, really at all. There are a few of us who like them, but mostly, we tolerate. Okay, we may even hate. You’ve been warned. On to the reactions!

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Cat, Mel and Colleen (SBH contributors and friends).

Elijah does it SO much better
Christina: I do not think there are words to express just how happy I am that he turned out not to be such a bad guy. And you tried to talk me out of my Elijah love, Cin. Though you DID call him on wanting to take out Klaus.
Cin: I didn’t really try very hard to talk you out of it – but at the time he was full on evil. In this ep, I was right there with ya. He was soooooooooooooo awesome. And yep, I knew he had his own agenda. It seems his word is his bond only as long as it doesn’t make him some reclusive all powerful vamps henchman for almost a millennium. That’s neither here nor there. This is a good play for all involved for now I think.
Cat: I thought we all agreed he was gonna take out Klaus? Or wanted to? This was my problem with the show tonight though. Not much surprise *yawn*
Mel: Elijah is AWESOME! That is all.
Christina: I also love that we got to see Elijah smiling/smirking this episode. As if he knew my heart was just sitting there, waiting on him to come by and make it flutter. *dreamy sigh*
Cat: But oh, my Elijah. My darling Elijah. I squealed when he appeared behind that door.
Christina: Word. I actually wrote in my notes: “I WANT ELIJAH TO SUDDENLY APPEAR IN MY ROOM!!” *dreamy sigh again* I’m warning everyone right now. There will be many, many screencaps of Elijah in the recap, teehee 😉
Cat: Awesome.  I love that he knew Jenna was a sucker too. You know the thought process went like this: “How do I get to Elena? Oh, whatever, that idiot will let me in”
Christina: That was also Katherine’s thinking. Oh, Jenna. It’s just so sad.
Colleen: Is Jenna the most compelled person in Mystic Falls? That heffer is well on her way to being TVD’s version of TB’s Ginger. (Is it Ginger? Or Belinda? Whatevs, you know what I mean)
Cin: Preach. She’s just such an easy mark with her bubblegum smiles & floozy ways. *sigh* SUCH a Hufflepuff. I’m kinda excited to see the side effects on this show of too much compulsion. I hope she goes full on shit house rat on us! Fun!
Colleen:  Elijah scares the holy hell out of me, but I am glad to finally know his plan. Or what he wants people to think his plan is.
Christina: I was thinking that too. I think Elijah may be telling the truth… or at least part of the truth. I think it’s the Martin’s you have to look out for…
Cin: I agree there. Totally.
Cat: I have my fingers & toes crossed that we don’t know what Elijah is up to completely yet.
Mel: As much as I hope Elijah’s plan is the whole truth and nothing but the truth, deep down I know there is something else to his plan that he’s not saying *enter dramatic music here*
Christina: DRAMA!
Cin: *saves*

Juju double-crossing
Christina: Something about the double-crossing seems more ominous than just keeping the moonstone in tact. I think the Martins are up to something devious. I’m sort of afraid that Daddy Warlocks is playing Elijah.
Mel: I was thinking the same exact thing! I really think that Daddy Warlocks has something else up his sleeve. Which makes me hate him oh so much more but also gives me hope that maybe Elijah will kill him! Because of course he’d figure out if he were thinking of double crossing him. I mean hello! Its Elijah for crying out loud!
Cin: Agreed. They are collecting those grimoires and I get the feeling it’s not just for historical purposes. Daddy Warlocks seemed a bit too put upon when he was talking to Luka in the last scene. He has his own game plan and even if it’s not to double cross Elijah exactly, it’s to further himself. I bet he’s the kind who HATES being in vamps pockets. It reeks of no good business.
Christina: Agree. But I think he’s trying to backstab someone. I hope Elijah kills the both of them. I said it. And how REFUCKINGDICULOUS was that fireworks/exploding moonstone shit?! I was LOLing hardcore.
Cat: All they were missing was moaning.  Eyes closed, deep breath, candle explosion, fireworks.  Um, spell porn much?
Christina: Really. The fireworks were totes just a metaphor for sex. Why are you trying to sexualize these two, show? I was almost as bored by this as the wolf stuff.
Mel: That scene was just so ridiculous and cheesy.
Christina: And not even cheesy in a good way! I was… a little appalled, actually. I had to look away.
Cin: I barely watched it because it was so stupid. But at least we know that the warlocks know that Bonnie is naive and stupid. I’m pretty sure that will come back to bite our young Bennett witch.
Christina: I totally agree. I think Luka thought that last episode when he was surprised that she didn’t know she was a witch until recently. And then he “bonded” with her. I think they may have originally underestimated her though. I don’t think Luka expected her to channel him so quickly. But yes, danga is coming!

Christina: As soon as we saw this Jules chick, I knew she was a wolf. She just had that bitch look about her. See what I did there?
Mel: WORD. I see what you did there and agree! Haha. ( I just really didn’t like her to begin with because she was on One Tree Hill a couple of seasons ago and she got in the way of Peyton and Lucas being together. But all is well because bitch remembered her place and backed off! LOL.) If she plans on sticking around for awhile, I just hope they kill her fast!
Cin: Hated the gash. Just like I will hate every wolf. And THEN she went and threatened Damon?!? HELLS TO THE FUCK NO!
Mel: I remember that we touched base last week on Tyler possibly finding out the truth about what happened to Mason and how he would react to the news. Now that Jules has shown up I think the truth will definitely come out now. I mean we know she is there for Tyler (why?)  But we can also say that she is also going to get to the bottom of what happened to Mason and then when that happens, shit is going to hit the fan!
Cin: I’m pretty sure she is at the VERY top of the Salvatores “To Kill” list after she busted one of the SBH’s fancy windows, bit Rose, and “marked” Damon. She might squeal to Tyler first but who the hell cares? She’s dead.
Christina: Just a sidenote: How many days has passed since Tyler called Mason? Like… 10 hours? 12? Where in FL did Mason live? Jules drives fucking fast #suspendmydisbelieficannot
Cat: Just a quick shout out to your #yodahashtag
Cin: #giftedsheis
Christina: The wolf thing was painful. For me to watch. Until Tyler’s spine almost popped out of his back, I was yawning. His screaming in pain was a little heartwrenching, but for the most part… meh.
Cin: Ditto times INFINITY. I did feel bad a bit because of the suffering, but that is more because I kinda feel for Caroline and she was so upset. The actual transformation was disgusting. I have said it a thousand time since this season started, but I’m still just not caring or feeling it. Bored and frustrated that it’s taking away from my precious TVD time with all of the characters I do actually like – read: almost everyone else.
Cat: I have nothing to say about this wolf stuff other than *boring*. I don’t care about Mason or Tyler. I used this time for snacking and bathroom breaking.  I did catch that hilarious shot of Tyler standing around in chains. It looked like bondage porn.
Cin: Mmmm, bondage porn….. Nope, sorry. This was nowhere near the greatness of bondage porn. Trust.
Cat: Everyone think about that statement
Cin: It is what it is. 😉
Mel: I can’t believe you guys thought it was boring! I thought the whole wolf changing scenes were so good! My heart was breaking so hard. I also loved how Caroline was there for him and tried her best to make it easier for him. *Sigh* I really enjoyed it. I guess I’ll forever be alone on Team Tyler Island 😦 lol.
Cin: Sorry Mel, but it’s not like you didn’t see this reaction coming. We’ve been pretty upfront about our wolf hate. *nods*
Mel: Ok. so you all thought the wolf stuff was boring, but did you guys at least think Michael Trevino did a good job acting wise?? I thought he did fantastic! Props to Mr. Trevino! Also, yay for naked Tyler! Haha.
Cin: As someone who does the visuals for the QoTD & looks at almost every cap of episodes – I will say that I have only VERY rarely seen any kind of acting prowess or even base expression from Michael Trevino. These past 2 weeks he has been a little bit better – but being basically crucio’d will do that to you. How much real acting is involved in screaming and crying like a maniac? Then again, I’m willing to put my bias against the character & storyline into some of this. If someone I liked was being put through the ringer like that I might be hailing praise on the acting skills. *sigh* I’m just OVER it. And I kinda hate that more & more wolf people and things are making their way into MF and my show. Note to Kevin Williamson: “Cursed” sucked. Just because wolfs are “in” now and all the fashion does not make it NOT SUCK. /wolf rant
Christina: Trevino’s screams were agonizing, and they did pull at my heartstrings, but all I could think about was this wolfy-transformation, which I actually think was more entertaining.

Damon’s “Friend”…
Christina: I plastered it on Twitter last night, and I’ll say it again. I not too please that Rose is back. I haven’t really minded her, but when she ran off… ugh. She’s just of such weak character. As someone on Twitter pointed out last night, Rose is the 500-year-old vamp, and she’s got less guts than the 17-year-old MORTAL human girl, Elena.
Cat: I have no love for Rose – but she’s spent 500 years running from a bad ass vampire that your 17-year-old mortal doesn’t have the smarts to be afraid of.  So, maybe running was weak, but it may also make her smart.
Christina: Do you mean Klaus? Elena is scared of Klaus. If you mean Elijah… maybe you’re right. But Rose is static. She’s had 500 years to grow, and as far as I can see, she hasn’t. If we can get a flashback that endears her, or proves me wrong, I’m willing to change my mind.
Cat: Grow? From what do we expect to see growth? She’s had 20 minutes of screen time. She’s there to remind us that Klaus is scary.  Elena is “scared” enough to dumb ass her way right too him.
Christina: Point taken. I suppose I didn’t mean grow the way the characters we see all the time since Ep 101 do. I guess, I just didn’t expect her to be so static. We’ve had how many eps with her, and she’s done nothing but remind us how scary Klaus is. I’m bored.
Cat: She just watched some bad ass sexy vamp backhand her best friends head off.  How many days has it been, MF time? 3?  I’m bored too – but by 85% of this show, not just Rose.  You want growth from a temp character but Stefan & Elena just played out a scene we’ve seen 28 times before.
Christina: Oh, I agree on that front for the most part. They do seem to be playing the whole hot/cold thing a lot. I’m really just waiting for Elena to hook up with Elijah, haha.
Cat: It took me all of .25 seconds to yell Elenijah! at my TV
Christina: Haha I’ve been trying to come up with a good name for them all week. Elenijah it is. But yes, the scene where they shake hands. That was my moment right there 😉
Colleen: Rose, I like Rose. She’s lonely after Trevor lost his head AND hellllloooooo who can resist the Damon.
Cin: I like Rose too. I don’t LOVE her, but I agree with Cat, I think I understand Rose a bit more than you do, Christina. She was right last night that Damon does need friends and he needs special friends even more. Even though I’m still not over the fact that she hasn’t found herself a day walking ring in 500+ years, she can be very helpful in the upcoming dramas to come. Even if she doesn’t last that long, her torturous death will do nothing but fuel Damon’s hatred for all things werewolf. Something I’m in complete support of. I see Rose as a huge plot device most of the time, but any plot device that gets my Damon some sexy time – I’m totes down with that.
Christina: Oh if her death fuels Damon’s hatred of the wolves, I am SO FOR THAT. Sooner rather than later. When we first met Rose, I did think that she was a good match for Damon. I totally approved of her and Damon shacking up, but she’s just… turned out to not be what I thought she was I guess. Also, just something about her. I can’t look at her…
Cin: As I told you last night, I think it’s Lauren Cohen that’s bothering you a bit. She bugged me on Supernatural, because she was a – bad news & b – talks threw her teeth. LOL I do see your points about her personality a bit though. I don’t look for Rose to stick around more than a handful of episodes more, maybe less. But while she is there I’m enjoying her.
Mel: I really like Rose too. I think she’s a good addition to the show. I especially like her chemistry with Damon. I also love how she calls Damon out on his love for Elena.
Christina: Haha I did enjoy that. I cheered her on a little… until I rolled my eyes at her “special friends” line. Anyway, I’m not gonna lie. She’s got the plague, and I’m totes intrigued. But only if she dies. I actually shuddered a little when Damon tried to cop a feel of her special place.
Colleen: “Special friends” Hell to the yes! Sadly, there isn’t an antibiotic in the world that can cure that raging flesh eating disease. No love without a glove there baby.
Mel: YES! To “special friends” and more sexy time for Damon because we all know he deserves as much sexy time as he wants! Haha. I do hope that they find someway to help Rose. It would suck if she would died so soon. But I’m pretty sure someway, somehow she will.

Finally a little BROMANCE!
Colleen: Damon ‘n Alaric. Together again. Even though Jules is smarter than the average bear…err wolf. I just like to see the two of them scheming together over booze. *sigh* booze.
Cin: Even with Jules hanging about it was beyond awesome having them all play acting and plotting together again. I was to the point where I would have taken anything to get Alaric out of la Casa de Gilbert and back in the thick of things, but getting bromance time just made it that much better.
Mel: WORD! Its always a good time when they work together.
Christina: I was enjoying FakeDrunkAlaric so much! I’m also glad that he’s not cooped up in that house eating Chunky Monkey with ditzy Jenna anymore. Even if we did get to see him in his undies. He needs the intellectual stimulation, haha. Seeing the two of them together bring me so much joy. It’s ridiculous.

Cat: *FF* Yawn.  No drama, no pull.  Stefan’s in the tomb for 46 minutes.  Elena gets to do her best pouting.  WHAT WAS THE POINT, SHOW?
Cin: I was overjoyed when they were reunited. Yes, I am coming out of shipper Switzerland and saying I’m full on Stelena. Don’t get me wrong at ALL, I am totes a Damon girl but I love my Stefan too & I think he & Elena are more suited to each other.
Christina: I agree. I clapped, and I may or may not have squeed… 😉
Cat: Ugh.  They’re so f’ing boring.  Oooh we’re so sweet and predictable.  I’m fine with them together because it makes it that much easier to fast forward them. The writing for that couple is stale and not at all interesting. Where’s the conflict? Where’s the drama? This show would be better if they ran into the sunset together hahahaha  I don’t want Damon anywhere near Elena.
Cin: Agree with you there. Damon needs to move on. Yes, Stelena are boring sometimes, but that fits them. They do it together. LOL Plus I have grown more & more fond of Stefan & Paul Wesley’s acting as this season has progressed. His emotions were on high alert, and therefore, so were mine. I don’t find them nearly as boring this year as most of S1 though. Much more conflict as Stefan started to show a bit more of his darker side & Elena showed more of her own rebellion *cough* hard headed & carelessness *cough*
Cat: Oh, I forgot about those 36 second conflicts that got neatly wrapped up with bows within the same show they were introduced.
Cin: No, it was after Damon took her to Georgia and she had found out about Katherine. When Stefan told her about pulling her out of the car with her parents. I don’t doubt that you forgot. You hated S1 Stefan if I recall. You probably fast forwarded threw it. LOL
Cat: Not just S1 Stefan. He’s still pretty milquetoast for a vampire. He’s had about 3 minutes of interesting this season sure. Maybe by S5 he’ll be worth watching. 🙂
Cin: Behave. I LOVE Stefan. Last year I liked him fine, but this season I love him. Not as much as Damon, but he’s really shown some depth this year & me likes.
Cat: I know you like Stefan and I respect that. But if I want to watch bunny drinking emo vamps, I’ll rewatch Twilight.
Christina: HEY! I take issue with that assessment! UGH! OFFENDED! This is SO not Twilight. So what if Stefan snacks on a bunny or two? Maybe it doesn’t make him as badass as Damon, who snacks on sorority girls, but HELLO! MOB HANDS! SCHEMES! PLOTS! THREATS TO KILL KATHERINE! I really do think Stefan is holding his own this season. I LOVED S1 Stefan, and S2 Stefan is even better… but we’re seeing so many other awesome vamps guys, my love is being spread thin, haha. I did applaud when Stefan and Elena ran to each other (literally. I clapped. I wasn’t joking up there, haha). I really do enjoy them together, but… something has been puzzling me. Like you brought up a few eps ago, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if his attraction is more than just attraction — meaning it actually does have something to do with Elena being the doppelganger…. 😦
Cat: It’s not just Stefan. I hate this whole crop of wimpy vamps. If you’re an immortal blood drinker with super powers, I wanna see them. It’s why Elijah curls my toes.
Cin: Christina! You shock me. Don’t doubt that he is true. The only way I’d be able to conceive of it being some kind of doppleganger connection thing would be if he was totes unaware of it. *nods*
Cat: Really? You believe this whole “I keep a picture of Katherine with me wherever I go, even to this day. But I came upon you dear doppleganger Elena and it took me mere seconds to put that love of hundreds of years away and create a whole new separate (no coincidence here! I swear!) love for you” nonsense?
Christina: *cries* I’m just trying so hard to understand it all! The motivations, wtf they came back to town for. I’m reaching, maybe. I do think that he loves Elena, but he didn’t just happen to come to Mystic Falls. There has to be something more! Oh, KitKat! *worries*
Cat: I have no reason to believe that he’s not after Elena because she’s Kat’s doppleganger. None. And until they give me one, I won’t believe it. THAT IS NOT A SMALL COINCIDENCE.
Cin: I saw NOTHING between Kat & Stefan in the tomb that gave any kind of a hint that he did anything but loath her. I get what you are saying in the beginning. He saw her and was intrigued. But as EXPLAINED to Elena that part of what made him stay was the fact that she was SO DIFFERENT. He wanted “to know her”. Cheesy, yes – but I believe him. And I totes feel the Stelena.
Mel: YAY for Stelena reuniting! It makes my heart happy to see them back together and all lovey dovey and crap lol. But oh man I really, really hope that Elena being the doppelganger doesn’t have anything to do with how he feels towards her. That would be highly disappointing. But I can’t say that I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the road they would decide to take…. FOR THE LOVE ALL OF THINGS STELENA, PLEASE DON’T LET THAT BE THE CASE!…. Ok I’m done now.
Christina: Haha, Mel… Oooh! But what if Stefan is working for Klaus?! What if he’s like Bee-uhl Compton!! D:
Cat: Lol that’s the convo Christina and I had last night. AWESOME  If Stefan goes full BEEUL, I’m done with this show.
Cin: SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Do not even think that! As the master plotter, I totes do not see it going in this direction. And who is usually right? Cindy is usually right. *nods*
Christina: *sigh* This is true. I feel better. My fears are allayed for now. I’m sorry, KitKat. I lost my head. Call me. As soon as I’m done with Elijah, I’ll pencil you in. But… no! I won’t even allow myself to think it. STELENA!!!

Vampire Barbie, She’s Not
Christina: Caroline, I love that you were noble and stayed with Tyler, but that was a dumb ass move. I was actually yelling “RUN BITCH RUN!” at my TV.
Cin: WORD. I even said to you in a text that if something happens to my Caroline I’m not sure what I would do. And I mean that. Like thoughts about quitting the show were dashing threw my mind – which is utter garbage because my love of Damon is ENDLESS AND EVERLASTING. But seriously, I’m going to go full on drastic measures if anything ever happens to my girl.
Cat: I thought that was the end for our dear Caroline. Pleased it wasn’t.
Mel: Christina, I yelled at my TV too! Haha. Caroline should have left the first time he told her too! Such a dumb move to be there through almost all of the changing. If anything she should have stayed until she made sure he was hooked and chained up. Caroline, please don’t be so stupid next time and put your life in danger again. K? Thanks.
Cin: None of this would be happening if she was in the DamCar. *shakes head*

Kathi’s mind games. It must be Thursday…
Cat: Katherine. Still one of the best parts of this show.  Even when she’s predictable, she’s kinda fun and spicy.
Christina: But she can still get mind-fucked by Elijah. Which is awesome. I like the powerful-but-not fine line that Katherine walks. And it becomes a little more defined and interesting each week. This is growth. Love it.
Cin: I loved that she got compelled to stay in the tomb by Elijah. She deserves it. She walked into MF all “I’m better than you” and is finally getting a taste of what she has been running from. Pretty damn epic if you ask me.
Mel: Like I said on Twitter. Elijah compelling Kat was EPIC! lol. I can’t wait to see what he has planned for her!
Cin: I’m putting my plot speculation hat back on… My guess is that when Klaus does arrive, Elijah will compel Kathi to act like/pretend she IS Elena just long enough to momentarily fool Klaus and that will be pivotal in the end game of exposing Klaus and getting to him. It’s shaky for now, but that’s what I’m thinking.
Christina: That would be pretty awesome. And you’re so good at guessing, it scares me sometimes. I’m going to believe you unless we get info that says otherwise 🙂
Colleen: Why am I being teased with Katherine teasing Stefan’s brain with up-against-the-cave-wall sex? That’s just cruel.
Cin: I totes saw the “insert dream” coming as explanation of the promo. Stefan isn’t that weak. Damon, he would totes be screwing her 6 ways from Sunday,  but Stefan has too much resolve. I was also glad it was.
Cat: I didn’t expect the dream because I don’t buy any of it – but then again I wasn’t shocked.  Why would they make Stefan more interesting? Why take a shot there at real conflict when they can take the easy way out?
Mel: Haha! I was SO unbelievably happy when I realized within the first 5 seconds of the scene  that it was all a dream! I literally squeed so hard. I couldn’t believe I doubted Stefan for a whole week! So sorry Stefan. I will never doubt you again! Haha.
Cin: Ditto Mel. I hated doubting him & that’s why I was pretty convinced it was a dream. I was greatly relieved.
Christina: I was relieved about that too, actually. Bummed we were cheated out of the “TIME FOR THE SEX” square in bingo, but, I’ll let it slide, haha. Of course, I have other issues with thoughts about Stefan getting in my brain and festering… but the dream, yes, glad about that, haha. The rest of it remains to be seen… *GULP*

So, what did you guys think? Are we totally off base in our wolf-hate? Also, don’t lie… Elijah is awesome, no? Let us know what you thought of the episode!!

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4 Responses to Reactions: Ep 2.11 “By the Light of the Moon”

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  2. mak75231 says:

    Lots of hostility on Twitter last nite By The Light of the Moon–apparently the writers have lots of peeps fooled with those teaser promos–it was TOTES obvious there not really gonna be any up against the wall Tomb Sex. That would just be dirty, in SO many ways…EPIC-FAIL. Besides, Damon would do it better…

    Representin here for the apparently small minority who think Elijah is a Euro-Trash douchebag with a vamp-world domination complex. Ah, but methinks we do not have his entire agenda. And do all the bad guys and gals use the same handbook? Jennabait…again?

    Jenna should get a big ass forehead tat that says “Welcome Wagon Ho”–apparently Alaric is tapped out, or he was just doin Team Badass Boyz Nite Out. I vote for a REAL boyz nite out–kegger in front of the fireplace at The SBH getting drunk and talkin women–that would be a party worth catering!

    Is the Grill the only social hangout in MF or what? Since Matty was like an extra this week, did he hafta wash dishes at The Grill just to get two seconds airtime?

    And we come to StarTrek Jules with the Florida-Mystic Falls transporter. Who was Jules reporting in to on the phone? Hmmm And she “marked” Damon–what did she do, pee on his leg at the bar?

    Well the S&M Ty comin out bondage party was really kinda Lon Chaney awesome, even if you don’t like the werewolf story line. An “OMG” escaped from my fingers before I could pull it back and Ctina thought I’d bingoed there for a minute! Car stickin with him thru it (did she really hafta ride him like a mechanical bull?)–and the January promo where Ty totes puts her in a liplock–wouldn’t the Senior Class Vice President be able to see that one comin? He’s “imprinted” on her! lol

    Yea, Rose is a waste of space, but at least our heroes will get to see how the Curse of the Werewolf Bite really works! Damon was even a little spooked by that one–now I know why I can’t get in The SBH–you guys put locks on the doors! And she’s all ready to put Damon in Trevah’s “You’re in love with somebody else but I will totes tap that to stay in practice” role! *that hand crawlin up her thigh was creepy because it was Rose but I found I could not take my eyes away from the TV!*

    I’m gonna pick a Woobie Word of the Week–sometime soon–stay tuned–or not.

    Oh, yea, Elena, Stef, Bonnie, Jer, and Luka were in this ep, too…lol

    There were several baggies bein passed around this week–is Mystic Falls developin a drug habit?

    • Is the Grill the only social hangout in MF or what? Since Matty was like an extra this week, did he hafta wash dishes at The Grill just to get two seconds airtime?

      Hahaha I saw him back there too. Poor Matty. Also, yes, the Grill IS the only social hangout. That and Founders events 😛

  3. mak75231 says:

    After several replays and much consternation, I have decided the Woobie Word of the Week is “Pouty”–it was the bottom lip that got me!

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