#VDBingo Episode 2.08

Um, damn. We learned A LOT of the mythology this episode!! Petrova Doppelgänger?! WTF! Kathi was the FIRST one?! WTFF! Original vampires — who don’t really die?! AHHH! And not mythology, but still a shocking moment: Damon! OMWoobie! *cries forever* My world is crumbling down!!!

But before that happens, let’s get you the list of officially marked squares: (9 total)

  • Holy frak! Who knew Dark Side Stefan could be this hot?! (Vampspeeding around to save his girl? Hardcore!)
  • Damon is like a real live boy! (And I am a dead girl! HOLYOMG, Batman! Emotions! SO MANY EMOTIONS!)
  • Awww, Jer is like a mini-Alaric!
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes
  • Katherine and Elena are doppelgängers. What? HOW? WHY?!
  • School? What’s that?
  • Tyler flips his furry lid!

Cin and I would also like to point out that there were no less than 5 appearances by our old VDBingo squares of cards past: SBH Nightcap time, JEARS, SCARF!!, Someone just died, and The love triangle/quadrangle gets AWKARD! Man! Are we on it, or what?! 😉

So, how did you do? Did you get bingo? If you did, be sure to e-mail us (address on the right) with your card #. And be sure to include “VDBingo Ep 2.08” as your subject line!

I’m going to go grab some tissues, a blanket, and rewatch the Damon Declaration scene some more. We’ll resurface in the morning to give you our reactions!

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12 Responses to #VDBingo Episode 2.08

  1. mak75231 says:

    Ddin’t bingo, but who gives a frick?! Awesome episode. BTW, I kept searching for the old squares! lol

  2. Cat says:

    Grrr! One get out of death free ring from another bingo!

  3. Allie says:

    oh damon ❤

  4. DJ says:

    oh my god, what an episode. I’m far from bingo (was searching for the scarf and someone just died squares the whole time, probably missed half of the episode, rereading all the squares. lol) but what about Jenna being an outstanding parent (Jerema saying that she’s totes cool with Stelena sexing it up as long as it’s in her house) and Damon making a lewd remark (ok, i know, i’m desperate and klinging at straws. i so WANT damon to make lewd remarks. but what about that “cute pjs” line? no?)

    • mak75231 says:

      Okay, me and DJ are down with the “Cute PJs” line being lewd–we knew how he meant it!

      • Haha sorry guys. “Cut PJs” isn’t really lewd in and of itself. Though, yes, I desperately wish we’d get some lewdness out of him already! He hasn’t made a lewd remark since episode 2.03! (I checked my old bingo cards, haha).

        And, yes, Jenna is a HORRIBLE parent, but the rules say we have to SEE her being a horrible parent. Don’t mark it ’til you see it! 😛

      • DJ says:

        dang it!

        glad you’re with me on this one mak 🙂 he said it in a totally lewd way 😉

        “cute pjs” might not be lewd in and of itself, but neither is “that’s what she said”

        i accept the not counting of jenna though. although her total absence in all of this is worse parenting than anything she could be doing on screen 🙂

      • Hahaha DJ. Yes, her absence is the WORST PARENTING EVER. But the rules…. the rules…. :\ haha

        You’re right, “that’s what she said” isn’t really lewd either. But Damon didn’t say it suggestively. I think you girls are just hoping 😉 Believe me, I am too. I seriously sat here and thought about whether it was really lewd. That’s ones hard (that’s what she said?).

  5. DJ says:

    ahahahahahaha, you just made me lol! fine, i’ll accept your judgement 🙂

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