Reactions: Episode 2.08 “Rose”

Judging by the Twitter stream last night, this episode left everyone with mouth agape. Our reaction was pretty much exactly the same! There were a lot of OMGWTF moments, and quite a few OMWoobie moments. We learned a lot of really important information about vampires, specific and in general. It was madness. And because it was such madness, Cin and I spent a record 4 hours on the phone last night analyzing and over-analyzing everything ever in the world! Thus we’ve both been zombies all day (that reminds me! I need to set my DVR for The Walking Dead!). So… stick that in your juice box and SUCK IT! Anyway, check out our initial reactions roundtable discussion to last night’s ep:

Main Players: Cin and Christina (SBH owners); Cat (SBH contributor and friend).

Whoa, MYTHOLOGY!Christina: Wow, I think we learned more about the mythology of these vampires and this supernatural world than we have in any other episode. I mean, seriously, let’s count them out. We have the Originals — which are TOTES more awesome than any silly Volturi. Psshh. We also learned that Elena is a Petrova Doppelgänger. PETROVA DOPPELGÄNGER! WTF? Oh, and the best part? She’s the SECOND one. Katherine/Katerina was the FIRST one. WHATWHATWHAT?!
Cin: Well, we are ASSUMING she is the 2nd one. She very well may be the 6th for all we know.
Christina: True. They did only say that Kat was the first. But then the whole deal with the moonstone and the doppelgänger. What was the rule, Cin?
Cin: Rule? Do you mean what Rose said? “The moonstone binds the sun & moon curse, the blood of the Petrova doppleganger can break it”?
Christina: Yes, that’s it. I mean… the implications of what that means! Especially since Elijah said he knows “for a fact” that Katherine’s in died out with her. How old is that line?!
Cat: It’s the blood of the doppleganger! I love that phrase (even though it has implications for our fair damsel) Elena’s sacrifice.  Why exactly would you want to break the curse? What curse? For all vampires and weres or just these? I’m still confused.
Cin: They said the ‘sun and moon curse’ or something. I think it’s that same thing that Jer & Alaric were reporting to Damon in 2.05 (Kill or Be Killed) – something about an Aztec shaman? Then Damon later said ‘Why would Katherine want to free you of a curse that would enable werewolves to destroy all vampires’. Here is my guess: The “curse” affects vampires by keeping them from walking in the sun and it affects werewolves in that it keeps them from turning at any time EXCEPT during the full moon. In other words, giving them control over when they turn or if at all. Basically it makes both more powerful. BUT the weres would have the upper hand because their bite can kill vamps. BUT I don’t really see that as an issue when a vamps super-speed would enable them to run up & rip out furry hearts & break furry necks. Anyway, it’s a really big deal. LOL
Christina: That was my understanding too. So while it would allow vamps more mobility, it would also up the potential danger they could face. Maybe the originals know something else we don’t, because is it really worth it?

The Originals and the Vamps Who Fear Them
Christina: I’m just going to go ahead and say it. I know he’s the “bad guy” — but HOW FREAKIN’ AWESOME is Elijah?! I mean, just the obvious — how the FRIG do you die… and then NOT DIE?? He is also quite easy to look at, which is nice.
Cin: How do you get more badass than ripping out a spine or heart? YOU SLAP A VAMPS HEAD CLEAN OFF!!! Ninja! So awesome. And the UN-dying thing – like, wow. That’s like Lestat bullshit right there. I’m still like in awe.
Cat: Elijah may be my favorite vamp to date.  Are originals truly immortal? Can they only die with the breaking of the curse? Is that why Elijah wants the doppelganger & the moonstone – not to break the curse but to make sure it’s not broken?
Christina: That’s actually was I was thinking. Which makes him even more awesome and potentially dangerous. There was also Trevor and Rose.
Cin: Are we really supposed to believe that a vamp who is 500+ years old and who maybe turned Katarina/Katherine is named “Trevor”? This could be an alias, but for reals? TREVOR? Trev?
Christina: Oh, Trev, dost though knowest of the Petrova Doppelgänger? TREVAH!
Cin: ((Beel Compton voice)) Trevahhh! Yes we are retarded, but moving on… I liked Rose a bit, she seemed both interesting & clever. But I find it hard to respect too many vamps, no matter how old they are, who haven’t found themselves a witch to spell them up some daywalker bling.
Cat: It is kind of a let down that the cool new kids aren’t daywalkers. 😦 How will they interact at the founders festivalapaloozas?
Cin: I KNOW! How stupid is that? I mean, I’m almost positive that Super Elijah was a daywalker (but maybe not) and from promo pics I’m guessing either Rose already is/was or the Salvatores hook a sista up. Huh… Does Bonnie realize she could probably go into the vamp accessories business & make buttloads of cash? Maybe Damon could be her agent. I’M SMELLING SPINOFF COMEDY!
Cat: Wasn’t it daytime when he came to the captivity house?
Cin: Yeah, that’s what I think. And in next week’s Rose is too – so maybe it was just Trev that wasn’t because she couldn’t trust him to behave.
Christina: But they have been on the run. Maybe they just never came across any witches? OR Maybe the Bennetts are the ONLY WITCHES IN THE WORLD. That seems much more likely.
Cin: I mean, they MUST be. Then again there was Bree (the marvelous Gina Torres – our first heart-removal death) last year…
Christina: Well, Bree could have been. I mean, I don’t understand the effed up family math that Lucy was doing last week. Maybe Bree’s like some Third Cousin Half a Baker’s Dozen Times Removed for all we know.
Cin: ROFL! True facts. You’re cousins, we get it, but why try to make our brains hurt? What has the viewing public done to deserve the MIND BULLETS?!? I promise you that Bonnie didn’t understand that shit either. Does anyone? But anyway, Bree didn’t know the jewelry/daywalker spell either. Maybe Emily & her all-knowing Grimoire hold the patent on that ju-ju.
Cat: I just assumed it was a Bennett specialty. Otherwise they’d all be daywalkers.
Christina: That’s a certain possibility. In that case, I suppose you can’t fault Trev and Rose. I don’t know… I don’t know if I totally trust Rose. Showing up to OUR house like that. Just waltzing in like she owns the damn place. Me no likey.
Cin: I’m not overly FOND of that part either, but seriously they have GOT to get themselves a human in that house. This has been a reoccurring problem since S1. They can’t protect the property because it’s like an open clubhouse to all vamps.
Christina: More than that, I just don’t know if I totally trust her motives. She’s there to help Stefan and Damon keep Elena safe, right? I don’t know. There has to be something else she wants. I just don’t trust her.
Cin: I think her motive is more to keep herself off the ‘Originals’ shit list. I mean, she made the deal with Elijah, but Elijah was then killed. Even though he has risen he might still count that as a betrayal. I don’t think she gives a rats ass about anything but not pissing these vamps off.
Christina: That’s a good point. But Stefan was the one who actually did the impaling. So, if we’re saying that attempting to kill Elijah is enough to get someone on the Originals’ Shit List, then Stefan would be on it. So how would helping Stefan keep her off their list? See? This is why I don’t fully trust her. Plus, I don’t trust anyone who runs around with a 500-year-old Vampire named TREVAHHHH!
Cin: That is a fantastic point. Really she’s going to HAVE to get Damon naked for me to fully trust her. *nods*
Christina: And how can we forget the worst baddie of them all: KLAUS! OMG book tie-in! Just the way they sort of mentioned him in passing, but it was totes ominous… I’m nervous. I wonder if Klaus is going to be the uber-creep that he was in the book. Ooh! Or what if Klaus isn’t even a dude?! What if (s)he’s the ORIGINAL Petrova?!?! I just blew my own mind…
Cin: Totally. When we were talking about that last night it just – well, it’s the kind of thing that I think Williamson/Plec would pull. It would be all kinds of double rainbow fantastic too.
Cat: Isn’t Rose supposed to be getting into Damon’s pants?
Cin: That’s what I thought. She needs to get on that pronto. If we don’t get a shirtless Salvatore in the next few episodes I’m going to pitch a fucking tantrum! Damon NEEDS to be sexed up. Often.
Cat: Now I have all of these spinoff ideas in my head “Salvatores After Dark” with nekkid Damon and whomever hahahaha
Cin: *purrs* Salvatores After Dark is soooooooooooooooooo what I want someone to write as a fic series for SBH. Wouldn’t that be just entirely too fuckawesome? LOL

Christina: I’m almost hesitant to start this section. We need to talk about it, but it… IT HURTS, CIN! My heart! The DEARS… they killed me! *cries*. Damon, man. All that emotion. I think what was so upsetting was 1) we KNOW how much he cares about Elena — when Stefan is running off to save her and is surprised that Damon wants to go. What was Damon’s response? “It’s Elena!” I KNOW! — and 2) I did NOT expect the tears. I had heard tell there was going to be a declaration of love/affection this episode, but I had totes written it off as Bonermy or something. I didn’t expect it to be Damon. And the tear! Oh, the tear as he’s compelling her!!!
Cin: Actually, I think it was just the ONE DEAR, which of course is TOTES worse. I was sooooo not expecting any of that. My notes say something like “DAMON!!! OMG – I’M DEAD!!!!” I’m still kinda blown away by it.
Christina: Yeah, it was just one. But STILL! It’s really upsetting, but you just KNOW that Elena is going to remember somehow. Whether it helps or hurts him, I don’t know. But it’ll come up again. I’m pretty much positive.
Cat: No offense to the Stelena fans, but those 2 minutes of Damon blew everything that came before away. That speech alone puts him in the “worthy” column for Elena (even though I think she needs to work on the worthiness 🙂 )  I can’t believe how awesome that was. I’m going to watch that 50 times just like the porch kiss.
Cin: I agree that Ian was amazing, as was the scene – as far as ‘worthy’… Yeah, I agree there too. But my big thing is, I don’t think they belong together. The more scenes like this we get of him wanting her love & her rejecting him or just being his friend – it pushes me FARTHER away from the couple instead of closer to it. It’s hard to explain, but the word ‘worthy’ doesn’t cover it for me. It’s not supposed to happen IMO (and yes, that is ONLY my opinion). I think that Damon shouldn’t have to prove himself but should be loved for just how he is. He can be good & he can be bad & he can be terrible & he can be wonderful. Love isn’t tests. Love isn’t worth. REAL soul mate love is compatibility in all things and it just being right. A friendship & a partnership. Total acceptance & support at all times. Trust me – tomorrow (11/6/10) is my 11th wedding anniversary. LOL
Cat: Cin, I’m in 100% agreement with you. “Worthy” was his word, not mine. I don’t think they should be a couple either because he’ll never be enough for Elena and I think he’s got more to offer than apologies.  Damon needs a woman who appreciates who he is. All of it.
Happy Anniversary.
Cin: Thanks! And I love that line “he’s got more to offer than apologies”. That’s it in a nutshell.
Christina: I’m totes in the DamCar, but I also have a soft spot for Delena (Okay, Stelena too. This show makes me feel like a 13-year-old the way it toys with my emotions!). But just because Elena rejects him now doesn’t mean that she always will. I don’ t think Damon will ever really change (and I DON’T WANT HIM TO!). Elena is just so… up in her own ass, so to speak, that she doesn’t see it. Maybe I’m projecting. I’m just not going to write them off yet.  But think remembering that scene… *sigh*

Bonnie’s Got the Bleeds
Christina: I like that Bonnie is willingly helping people out still. And that spell where she sent Elena the note was pretty damn cool. The whole “I push too hard, it pushes back thing” about her witchery makes me a little nervous. Not that I really fear they’re going to kill her (even though I sometimes wished they would), but still. Though, if she and Jeremy become Bonermy, she’s going to HAVE to die. Amiright?! Also, I was totes just waiting for them to make out at like every turn.
Cat: I may regret this, but I’m starting to feel warmly about both Jeremy & Bonnie.
Cin: *gulp* me too. It makes me feel kinda dirty actually.
Christina: I’m kind of okay with it too. I need a shower…
Cin: Jeez, are we turning into softies or what? LOL
Christina: I’m actually liking Jeremy more and more as the episodes go on. I mean, I don’t even really notice his mouth-breathing as much as I used to! I’m really enjoying that he really is turning into a mini-Alaric. Though I wish we would see more of the REAL one more, writers!!
Cin: I know! And he’s almost like dashing. People were all pissy that I called him a mini-Padalecki last week, but was Padalecki that fucking dashing when he was on Gilmore Girls? I don’t really think so! It’s almost like McQueen’s been watching new step-daddy Alaric super close because he is NAILING the broody-dashing-protective-angry thing. And he gave us JEARS last night, and they didn’t make me want to die inside! It was sweet. Sometimes I’m so easy. Well, most of the time, but you know what I mean.
Christina: Haha, they didn’t make you want to die inside. Word. I’ve caught myself really digging his new attitude. He suddenly seems like a peer instead of a little brother (though, that is admittedly one of the parts of Bonermy that makes me feel dirty). And he is dashing for sure…
Cat: I’m so confused by your post Cin. LOL First of all, who is the alleged mini Padalecki? Cuz neither is that hot or awesome.  And was there another Alaric? I don’t get it.
Cin: Do you even play #VDbingo? Mini-Alaric is Jer’s square. And OK, McQueen is what, like early 20’s? I say put Padalecki at that age next to him & no – Padalecki still has stupid hair most of the time, he’s just too hot for people to bitch about it. I think McQueen will be super hot when he’s older. And since he’s not emoland all the time this year, I think it’s starting to show a bit now.

Sweet Caroline
Cin: Caroline was pretty awesome as usual. LOVED the DamCar scene at the head of the episode & how badass she was when abusive Tyler tried to vamphandle her. Umm, NO WAY WOLFY! That is one girl who will beat your fuckin’ ass if lay hands on her. I mean, Caroline is what? A month old now? And she is already a better vamp than Vicki & Isobel put together. Sure she ‘disobeyed’ Damon, but she had to tell Tyler something. AND she still protected the Salvatores. Plus for that.
Christina: YES! I was so super impressed with Caroline this episode (when am I not?!). I really enjoy how unselfish VampCaroline is — always concerned with how others react, and how others are dealing with things (Hello, Matty!). I like how she’s not afraid of anyone anymore, how she can just twist Tyler’s arm and shove him to the ground — not to mention elbow the boy she loves IN THE FACE to keep him from getting himself mauled. Her and Tyler being so chummy is a little weird though. Friends? Totes. Some people in the Twitter stream were suggesting they should be more than that… Yeah… not so sure about that.
Cin: What I am NOT digging is the Caroline/Tyler crap. If it stays on a friendship level that’s OK. ANYTHING more than that I’m totally against. I still don’t like Tyler. I feel kinda bad for him right now, but I don’t like him. If my DamCar sire/child hookups aren’t happening then she belongs with Matty/Peeta. And OK, everyone KNOWS how much I love me some Matt – but how in the world does he stay relevant if he’s not in the mix with every other character on the show. I mean, he & Jenna & Carol & Sheriff Mom are now the only semi-regular cast who aren’t mixed up in the shit. Everyone but Matty lives with other people kinda keeping them relevant. *sigh* It just makes me uncomfortable.
Cat: Sorry Cin, but Matty/Peeta isn’t on the “key personnel” list. Caroline is not going the distance with that one.  DamCar! DamCar!
Cin: I’m OK with all of that – but how is his story so important then? So speaking of DamCar – how awesome was the sire/child scene at the beginning? I loved how easy it was. I really wish this mythology had a sire/child connection. It’s the only watchable part of TB for me and it would only make this show more awesome. *sigh* I just don’t understand WHY there are two attractive vamps who aren’t bumping uglies whenever they can. I mean, you have a humanity switch. Flick that bitch & go to funkytown!
Christina: Hahaha #soundsdirtybutisnt #okayitkindofis. I agree. I LOVE Matty/Peeta, but if he’s not directly involved with our core group, what relevance does he have? Like Jenna. She comes and goes. Not really relevant. She’s a prop, essentially. I don’t want Matty to become a prop, but he def is in danger of becoming so. But yes, the maker/child relationship. I wish that was part of this mythology — like can a sire/maker sense their child/progeny’s presense? Or vice versa? There can’t be NO significance to that relationship. Damon and Caroline have potential for GREATNESS in their relationship. I wish they’d explore it more.
Cin: I think that Damon considers Caroline part of his family now. I don’t think she is as important to him as Stefan or Elena quite yet but if she were in danger he would do just about anything to save her. He has seen that Caroline is NOT Vicki or Isobel. That he made a child who is useful & clever & awesome! Now, he needs to totally make more 😉
Cat: I agree. I wish sire/child mattered. I don’t want Caroline palling around with the boring vampires. I want her with Damon all the time. Sexy time or no.
Cin: They are so fantastic together. Actually, I think the DamCar is almost as amazing as the Bromance. It’s gotten that good. And Caroline so needs to move into the SBH. Pronto!
Christina: Totes agree. I’m really hoping that this branching out — her proving that she can disobey Damon and yet still have the situation completely under control (provided she actually CAN keep Tyler under control) could be a big step in that direction. So so much potential… to go either way. It’s exciting. And that’s good telelvision! 🙂

So, what do you think? Questions, comments?! Declarations of Woobie love? See below!

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30 Responses to Reactions: Episode 2.08 “Rose”

  1. Colleen says:

    Not finished reading this, but I’d like to point out the Fire alarm system here went straight up bananas when I got to the Dears part.

    Be back when I’m done reading the whole thing 🙂

  2. Colleen says:

    I’m 95% sure it’s the Josh Gates quote that started our Destination Truth drinking game. LOL I use it all the time too!!!

  3. Colleen says:

    I’m trying really hard to give Boremy a chance. I’m not there yet. I can’t even remember much else from that episode after that Damon scene. I still have not recovered. Personally, if Elena can’t handle Damon at his worst, she doesn’t deserve him at his best. (to paraphrase Marilyn Monroe).

    Other observations:
    I missed my Alaric 😦

    Caroline is seriously my favorite non-Damon vamp. It’s so natural to her.

    Is never dying a perk of being a super old Vamp?

    Stefan on human blood. I like addicted Stefan far more than bambi eating Stefan.

    That’s all I can remember right now. 🙂

    Love the reactions post!

  4. mak75231 says:

    This week’s Woobie Word of the week HAS to be “LOVE”…*sniff*

    U guys are totes blinded by the Stefan light–DAMON coat-racked Elijah to the door, not Stefan. Stefan was still on the floor reelin from the tumble down the stairs. Trust me! I have it on pause on my DVR right now!

    • Really? Interesting. Even as I was watching it, I was like “yeah, Stefan!” In my defense, my television is very small, haha. Good catch though! Either way — doesn’t really change the point I was making. Rose is now helping the “bad” guys so to speak… isn’t she still going to incur the Originals’ wrath? How is that good for her?

      • mak75231 says:

        Looks to me like EVERYbody is on the OriginalShitList, unless, of course, you’re an Original! #TheOneTheOnlyTheOriginalAcceptNoSubstitutes
        Do we honestly care (at this point) what’s good for Rose? Yea, the Woobie hook-up rumors abound (and it’s ABOUT DAMN TIME–with anybody!), and she’s got a “thing” for the bad boys, but 500 years old and doesn’t know ALL the crap that even Caroline masters? Or hard a witch in her pocket? Who hooks up with a dude named Trevor, anyway? All I gotta say is, Klaus better be fuckawesome…..

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      For the record, I totally knew it was Damon who staked Elijah. Christina cheated & added that part during her own final reread while coding the post.


      • mak75231 says:

        Mutiny in the Boardinghouse! Woobie wuvvers unite! lol Dead shoulda been dead though–decapitate, burn, spread ashes over state…..

      • Cin Salvatore says:

        LOL – beheading WORKS! Just ask Elijah – I’m still in awe over the bitchslap beheading of Trevvvahh. I mean, how do you get more ninja than that?

      • Yeah, yeah, yeah blame it on me. No, it totes was my bad. I get too excited, I don’t think clearly sometimes 😛

  5. mak75231 says:

    *pardon me* “HAVE” a witch in her pocket–all that talk about hookin up with Damon has my mind out of whack! LOL

  6. DJ says:

    oh, this epic episode! i watched it twice and still it overwhealms me to the point where i can not make clear statements about it. but i will say this:
    i agree that damon and elena should not be together. i ship damon, i don’t really care for delena. simply because he is so awesome when he’s on his own. i mean, what would they do as a couple? it might be interesting for like and episode or two (although i doubt that, the show moves too fast) but then, damon isn’t the “romantic” type. they’re not really gonna go play pool and be all touchy feely kissy. he’s not gonna kid around with her in bed in the morning. or at least i hope so, because that would weird me out. i do want damon to not get rejected all the time, but at the same time i think that “happy” “in love” damon would probably annoy me very much. lol. i’m being mean, but damon when sad, alone, maybe a bit angry is just better television 🙂 (please don’t hate me)
    aside from that, …
    1. that confession of love was pure gold. oh my god! ian kills it. he’s so awesome.
    2. liking caroline & tyler bonding, still want her to be with matt, they’re way cute together and also what ever happened to jyler??? he has no one else to talk to? jeremy already told him he knew about the werewolves. what’s goin on?
    3. bonermy (great name, btw) i like, bonnie is getting nicer and more relatable and jeremy is adorable, their affection for each other kinda came out of nowhere though. and i hear bonnie will be interested in someone else… that whole storyline has the potential of annoying me greatly. let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.
    4. yes, alaric was totally missing. fine, main cast is expensive, but still. same goes for matt. i want more of those two.
    5. totally looking forward to next week. the promo looks like it’s gonna give us period costumes, background info, a new übervillain and mad action sequences. can’t wait!!!

    • You have a point about “happy” “in love” Damon. I think he has the potential to be lovey dovey, and I think that deep down, he WANTS to be that, but I agree… it would tone down his badass-ness, haha. UNLESS he’s sweet with her and completely RUTHLESS with everyone else. That would totally be acceptable. Kind of like Eric Northman. Mmmmm, Eric Northman. 😉

      Maybe when Bonnie finds someone else, Jeremy will go running into Tyler’s arms and then… then… we’ll have Jyler!! We can hope, hahaha

  7. Krista H says:

    OMG Klaus!!! My 1st thought when Elena got herself kidnapped (a-freakin-gain!) and the alluding to Katherin pissing off someone by giving away the moonstone last episode was it better be Klaus! Thank u TPTB!

    Rose and Trevor were uber lame.

    Bonnie and Jer just makes me uncomfortable and confused (bitch one day, cradle robber the next WTF? Emo child one day, James bond and king of google maps the next WTF?)

    No Alaric is lame. Someone please kill Jenna. Kthx.

    Tyler is still a douche. (dude better pay for the car repairs that resulted from his trash can rage)

    Caroline is awesome per usual.

    Elena totes wanted to hug Damon. I saw it TV! But Stefan as always is in the freaking way. (don’t get me wrong. I heart stelena but come on! Damon is obvs the better and hotter choice!)

    Damon’s declaration at the end nearly broke my heart! Elena HAS to eventually remember! Or else…

    And srsly undead dead vamps coming back to undead? I am judging both Stefan and Damon for not seeing that one coming and I dunno beheading and then BURNING the guy.

    • I agree to all — except that thing about Alaric. Alaric is awesome. Jenna is weighing him down! Haha

      Also, Stefan and Damon are young… they’ve obviously never encountered anything like this. They just didn’t realize they’d have to burn him. I guess they’ve never seen any other horror film before, though, haha.

      • Krista H says:

        Whoops should have made it clearer.

        I heart Alaric. It was the lack of Alaric that was lame. And yes Jenna is weighing him down which is why she needs to just die already!

  8. Krista H says:

    Oh and if the vamps just want the moonstone/look-a-like for the power to walk in the sun… Um lame! Just kidnap yourself a Bennett witch. Seems easier to bribe a witch to make a bunch of jewelry for you then to hunt down the other (obviously hard to find and even harder to hold on to even for the short time it would take to SACRFICE someone) stuff. Just sayin…

  9. Candig says:

    You guys are so fucking hilarious I can’t even quote which part I like best! But I was thinking the same thing when it comes to Delena! I am a Stelena fan but I love me some Damon too but but not with Elena! I want Stefan and Elena together and Damon with someone who can just have that deep love that Stelena does but with someone else. Because I think if Elena ever gets with Damon she will always have lingering feelings for Stefan and I just think both brothers deserve to be that one and only and not constantly fighting for effection from the same girl but that probably will happen till the end(sigh).

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Exactly! I mean, does everyone who wants this to happen really look at the big picture here? The big picture says it would be messy, and judgy, and tear the brothers apart. That is the LAST thing I was to see.

  10. J says:

    Wow you guys are definitely in the minority about Caroline/Tyler! I’ve seen like 99% of people LOVE THEM including me. Besides, I heavily dislike Matt. He had his chance with Caroline and all he did was whine about his Elena love and then judge her for being jealous. He also has no clue about the supernatural and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. How would Caroline/Matt even work anyway? I’d rather see some hot vampire/werewolf Underworld/Romeo&Juliet action. Caroline and Tyler are so hot together. So much potential there.

    Oh and Matt is soooo not Peeta. Peeta >>>>> Matt.

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      99% of the fandom you see likes Tyler/Caroline – but I can honestly say 99% of the fandom I see doesn’t. And I never will because I don’t ever see myself liking Tyler enough to find him worthy of Caroline’s awesomeness.

      Peeta IS better, but Matt is pretty awesome in his own right. My personal pic for Peeta in THG movie is totally Hunter Parrish. He’s my Peeta.

  11. JC says:

    People are saying that there’s a potential of rose and damon being together… no way that’s WAY TOO AWKWARD, i’ll be skipping every rose damon part if that happens……. I do agree that if damon and elena couple up the whole tension between the salv brothers and elena wouldn’t be there. i actually think that a damon+kat relationship might work and i personally think that it’s possibly the best coupling for damon… i mean come on they’re both so badass. they need that badassness to go sexing around all day. and damon had been loving kat for so so so long like 140 years. i feel that it’s kinda abrupt that damon wanted to kill kat THAT BADLY. i know he loves elena (swoons about damon’s confession scene: LOVE IAN’S EPIC ACTING) but then it’s just wayyy too abrupt for me that he switches from risking his life to get kat out of the tomb to wanting to stake her when she’s drinking alcohol… arghh seems like the plotline is drifting away from the damon+kat relationship thing though D:

    i’m so obsessed with this episode i kept watching the confession part… so sweet and considerate of damon to erase elena’s memory just so he won’t hurt her feelings or make her uncomfortable, much as i hope he didn’t erase her memory. but if elena does turn to a vampy (JUST A HYPOTHESIS with evidence of “another way out of being sacrificed” said by kat) she’ll rmb and yay, maybe elena would be moved by damon’s obsessive love for her and be nicer to damon…. at least give him a hug, the poor guy 😦

  12. DC says:

    Loved this episode.I have to admit I am a Delena fan but Elena is kinda bugging me these days(I’m starting to lean to DamCar side though).The ending with the dear was pure genius.
    I totally agree that Trevor & Rose bored the shit out of me.
    Bonnie,I’m kinda liking her but I’m waiting for her to go all cuntbasket on us.
    Stefan & Jeremy are looking so hot this season.Probably hitting the gym.
    Caroline was awesome & (hopefully) always will be.
    Elijah didn’t surprise me @ all w/ returning(big analyzing fan of the book & show).Fact from the book: Originals can only die by a certain wood & they are immune to everything that a normal vamp isn’t.
    Klaus’ name was totally epic for me(& maybe the best thing Rose said for the entire episode)
    Alaric(& his hotness) was dearly missed by me.P.S. Aunt Jenna is too boring & childish 4 him. The writers should kill her off & bring Meredith to MF to have a sexy student/teacher relationship w/ him.Betcha we mite see some shirtlessness from him
    Over all I ❤ this episode.Favourite part was obs the Delena scene–literally topped every TVD scene that aired 4 me.Every week I ask myself how will the top the week b4 & it always happen.
    Also have to say I love ur recaps & reactions (don't stop)Ur hilarious & awesome.

  13. Linda says:

    Oh too much, too much! Without breaking into tears again, I will just say this about Jeremy..I am liking him more as he shakes his emo off (I cringe whenever I see him fall back into it). I agree with Cin on the mini-Padalecki thing because I am a Gilmore Girls fan and he was about as good looking as Steven is now and then BAM! Supernatural. I also recall that Sam was very emo, oh woe is me, in first couple seasons, so I get the reference.

    ELIJAH IS AN EFFIN’ BOMB ASS VAMP! I about fell off the bed when he came back to the living undead. I mean, I kinda knew he would, only because Elena told him where the moonstone was. That giveaway just ensured it wasn’t over yet. Besides, we already know with Katherine locked in the tomb it would only be a matter of time before someone let her back out again to wreak havoc or maybe even side with the Elena and the Salvatores against The Originals? Who knows? My mind is spinning with possible avenues this can take.

    I LOVE human blood drinking Stefan. When he gets mad or frustrated it is just damned sexy.

    I’m seeing a lot of Supernatural/Vampire Diaries similarities when it comes to the brothers. All they needed during their road trip was some good tunes!

    I’ll end on that note because I cannot discuss Damon and the solitary tear. CAN’T! *cries*

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