Reactions: 3.15 “All My Children”

You guys, we clearly had entirely too many emotions and thoughts for one episode. So we’ll just jump right into the reactions.

One of our regular guests, Stephanie, couldn’t make it to the reactions this week, so we have some comments in HER spirit like we did for Cin last week. Cin is back, though, and with a FIRE. So let’s get to it!

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, Spirit of Cin (SBH contributors and friends).

Always and Forever: The Original BAMF
Cin: Elijah wins EVERYTHING. And he lives!!! You guys, I just – ok, so I made a deal with the TV gods, that if Elijah lived I’d be A-okay with absolutely anything else that happened in the episode, and guess what – I’m keeping that promise. And how AH-MAH-ZING was he?!? He was more than amazing, he was perfect. He was perfectly perfect Elijah. *DIES OF SQUEE*
Christina: We knew it! We knew Elijah was smart enough to realize that Elena was lying to him!
Dayna: Elijah was a motherfucking BOSS. Seriously. He just owns the world.
Abby: Using his vampire senses! Stomping through the ground! ELIJAH IS THE BEST THING EVER. I was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED that he was going to kill himself at the end, or ask to be daggered. It seems out of character, but he was so depressed and the episode was so INSANE that I just had no idea what might happen.
Cin: The depression over screwing with Princess Gilbert was my one tiny flaw with him this episode. But screw it. He’s alive and off in Europe cultivating Original BAMF-ery and I’m walking on f-ing sunshine.
Christina: And thank FUCK he is alive. JESUS CHRIST if he had died…. I can’t… I can’t even BEGIN to express what the fuck I would have done. You guys, I decided this week that if they killed Elijah, I would be done with this show. There are other characters that I like, like Klaus and Caroline (and I basically live for the two of them together right now), but if my precious Elijah had been forced to leave us… all emotional involvement would have dissipated. I just know it.
Cin: I not only decided that, I stated it publicly on twitter. Elijah is my line in the sand. He doesn’t have to be on the show all the time, as long as he’s alive and well in the universe I can breath easier. I mean, I WANT him with us all the time – but if my choices are him off camera, daggered, or final death — umm, yeah. Off camera works for me just fine.
Dayna: I had to ask a Canadian about 20 minutes in if he survived or not. I could NOT deal with it. Couldn’t. I was in A State. WTF was that Klaus said about Elijah leaving, though? Like, what in the ACTUAL fuck?
Abby: I wouldn’t worry too terribly much. Mystic Falls is like the Hotel freaking California, complete with pink champagne. Nobody ever REALLY leaves. Die? Yes. Leave? No. Continue reading

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Reactions: 3.14 “Dangerous Liaisons”

Alright, so I warned y’all on twitter that this reaction post was going to be intense. It’s also filled with so much straight-up bananas craziness, you don’t even KNOW. That’s what this episode did to us. It fills us with ALL THE EMOTIONS. But I can’t say any more. You’ll just have to read it 😉

Unfortunately Cin couldn’t be with us for this reaction post as she had to drive to Nashville — too bad she doesn’t have one of those magical TVD portkeys! — so she’s only here with us in spirit. But don’t worry. I fully expect an EXTREMELY long comment from her at some point.

Here we go!

Main Players: (Spirit of) Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, Erin and Stephanie (SBH contributors and friends).

“Fondly, Klaus”
Christina: I can’t handle it! I can’t handle the goddamn adorableness of Klaus fucking FANCYING Caroline!
Spirit of Cin: I. KNOW! He told her he fancied her and enjoyed her! CHRIST! He gave her a drawing of her and a horse. I SHIP THEM SO GORRAM HARD!!!!!
Christina: ME FUCKING TOO! GOD! I mean, how did he KNOW that she was Miss Mystic Falls? The way he looked at her. The way… Jesus… the way he looked after she told him what was what, that he doesn’t try to understand people because he’s got some abandonment issues for real. And then the way he GAVE HER THAT DRAWING OMG THE SWOONAGE IS TOO HIGH DANGER DANGER MELTDOWN IMMINENT! GAAAAAHHHHH. 🙂
Christina: “Perfection wrapped in homicide.” JESUS, Abby. I love you so much, hahahahaha. Also, YES. Klaus just needs a fucking hug, and Caroline is just the person to give IT to him, don’t you think? Well, he needs more than that, but. I ship them. I ship them hard.
Christina: ME TOOOOOO. Every time he opened that FANCY mouth of his. Even though I was alone, I was all, “SHUT UP HE’S SPEAKING!”
Stephanie: lol. Me too! I literally held my breath so I didn’t miss a single word that he uttered from those perfect lips. Seriously, how was Caroline NOT ripping off her dress and just telling him to take her especially after he offered to show her Europe?! Continue reading

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Episode 313 “Bringing Out The Dead”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Bonnie finds her mom, who no longer has the juju. CarDaddy, Bill, comes back to help Tyler resist the urge of the sire bond. We find out that Meredith is a vamp blood-stealing psycho. Elena tells Stefan about her and Damon’s kiss. Klaus gets all growly and finds the coffins. Blah blah blah whatever. But you guys. HOLY FREAKING GOD DAMON UNDAGGERED ELIJAH! CAN’T. BREATHE. Onward!

We pick up right where we left off: Klaus. Is. Terrified.

You can tell because when Elijah tries to get into it, Klaus deflects and tries to offer him a drink. But Elijah goes all honey badger on Klaus’ ass and punches him, and they get into a row.

Klaus throws open one of the other coffins and pulls the dagger out of a young man who bears a striking resemblance to Elijah and Zac Efron.

Klaus threatens to use it on Elijah, and Elijah dares him. If he does, he’ll have Kol (the recently undaggered brother) to deal with. First of all, no. I can’t. I can’t type the name Kol. Something about the “K” and the “ol” just make me feel really gaggy. Like… *gag*… I can’t… *retch*… I can’t. We’ll call him Cole. Deal with it. Continue reading

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Reactions: 3.13 “Bringing Out The Dead”

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, and Stephanie (SBH contributors and friends).

Like a BOSS
Cin: Ok, like, Elijah is not only back but he is OWNING THE EPISODE. As he always does. Did we expect anything less? No, I most certainly did not – but I can’t lie and say I cared about a single other thing going on in this entire episode except the scenes Elijah was in. The sunlight has been cast into my dark and dreary soul and with it, everything is beautiful. *sigh* And of course, he returns being all sly and watchful but then – BOOM! – he up and kicked the episode on it’s ass. I’m so serious, why isn’t he the focal point of the entire show? Elijah is perfect.
Dayna: Elijah may not have been able to properly kick Klaus’s ass when he first came out of the coffin, but DAMN! Undaggering everyone else, telling Klaus they were doing it HIS way now, reminding him that he would STILL be alone while the rest were together, and then throwing the “you’ll be just like our father” in his face? Woo!! Elijah for the mother-fucking-win-FOREVER.
Christina: Elijah was definitely the reason for all my out-loud “OH SHIT” moments this episode. Amazing. ALWAYS AND FOREVER.
Stephanie: Is it too late to get a fictional character on the presidential ticket?
Melissa: He’d be a better candidate than anyone else on the ticket. I need that stupid Canadian show to be canceled immediately so Gillies can be on the Original spinoff that I’m convinced must happen.So BAMF.
Cin: If he goes, I may actually die. I’m not even kidding. I COULD DIE!

Best Laid Plans
Abby: I love Klaus when he’s got swagger but the Original Family Beat Down was pretty excellent. Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan are really good at the whole sibling thing, they play off each other beautifully. I bought the complex relationship completely. There was a ‘little brother being pushed around by the other kids” thing that felt completely genuine…which is CRAZY when you consider all the terrible things that Klaus has done. Also, Elijah is even more badass when he has a posse, so let’s keep going with that, shall we?
Dayna: OMG, I loved how Elijah had a handkerchief handy (because OF COURSE he did), calmly wipes hybrid blood off of his hand, and then FULL ON PUNCHES KLAUS IN THE FACE AND KNOCKS HIM THROUGH THE WALL. I equally loved Klaus’s, “Be careful! I just finished renovating!” Hee! Klaus is all house-proud, just like Damon. He’s gonna be so pissed when Rebekah starts leaving wet towels on the floor and shit.
Christina: The Original Sibling Show Down was really freaking awesome. I felt really torn, actually, while it was happening. I flove Elijah; you all know this. So I was kind of beyond happy that he was like “You know what? Fuck you. You daggered me. I’m not helping you anymore, and I’m going to fucking make you miserable for the rest of your long-ass life.” I was fist pumping, right? But over the episodes, I’ve become really attached to the asshole that Klaus is, that I was a little sad for him. Especially when he turned on the KLEARS. Lord a’mighty. HOWEVER, that said, the whole “you’re going to spend eternity ALONE,” was really fucking badass. And I am PISSED that Mama Original came in all “Why can’t we all just get along?!” UGH. But when they were all stabbing him, did anyone else think of that scene in of Scary Movie 2 where everyone in the movie theater was stabbing that chick? Continue reading

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Episode 312 “The Ties That Bind”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan, Damon are protecting the coffins from view by having the Witch House hide them. Bonnie tries to open the locked one, but to no avail. It’s Caroline’s birthday, but instead of being happy all it does is remind her that she’s dead. Elena, Bonnie and Matt throw her a birthday/funeral party, and Bonnie bitches Elena out for having Damon compel Jeremy to leave town. Meanwhile, Klaus has sire mindmelded Tyler to bite Caroline, which he does even though he really doesn’t want to. Since Klaus isn’t getting rid of the hybrids in town, Stefan kidnaps Elena and speeds down toward Wickery Bridge, threatening to Klaus on the phone that he’ll turn Elena into a vampire, thus ridding Klaus of his hybrid blood supply unless Klaus gets his hybrids to vacate. Klaus finally assents and Elena is safe. But still with plans in place, Klaus heads over to Caroline’s place and in an extremely touching speech, convinces Caroline to drink his blood so that she can live – and get out in the world and experience real beauty – and gives her a very expensive-looking diamond bracelet. Oh, and Alaric and Meredith get closer DID I MENTION THE BRACELET?!

Oh goody another episode that opens with Bonnie in a dream.

She’s wandering through the cemetery looking at the grave stones of all her dead (female) relatives when she comes to the locked coffin.

As she’s trying to open it, Klaus comes up behind her and taunts her: “I can figure out how to open it. Can you?”

And then he bites her! Oh for this to not be a dream! Bonnie gasps awake… but she’s locked inside a coffin. I… I can’t even write about it. *shudder*

She screams and bangs and eventually it opens, and there’s a chick looking inside at her.

Oh, it was another dream. What kind of Inception shit is this?! Continue reading

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Episode 311 “Our Town”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Bonnie finds Stefan hiding out in the old witch house guarding a bunch of coffins that he stole from Klaus. When they join forces, they get the witches to agree to help mask the coffins should Klaus ever stumble in. Bonnie also thinks the locked coffin might only open with a spell. Meanwhile Jeremy is bffs with Tyler, who really was just there to get the Jerm off the vervain so Klaus could compel him to walk in front of a speeding car. Alaric gets hit instead, he meets hot Dr. Fell (Meredith!). Damon finds out that Stefan sabotaged the killing of Klaus to save him, and they decide to join forces too. I love when brothers work together. Damon compels Jeremy to leave town, and oh yeah, Damon and Elena kiss on the porch. Moving on.

Oh, hey look Damon’s awesome shower! He looks awfully pleased with himself.

Elena on the other hand is beating the shit out of a punching bag.

Alaric all “wanna talk about it?” Elena’s all, “nothing to talk about.” Ooh, burn…

Stefan’s come over to the SBH to pick up Damon. They need to go to the witch house, because, as he puts it “Klaus isn’t going to spontaneously self-destruct.” And Damon, of course, can’t hide his gorram smile, and when Stefan asks him why he’s so chipper, Damon replies. “No reason.”

Uh huh.

Back at Alaric’s pad, he wants to know what’s got Elena all worked up. She gives a silly excuse like being tired (which is so dumb because if she was so tired, why would she have all this extra energy to kickbox, hmmm?). They talk about how the magical rings seem to be low on batteries, and she says it’s another reason why Jeremy has to get out of town.

Then she lets slip that she’s kicking ass because she’s venting sexual frustration.

“I need coffee.” Nice diversion, Elena. But we heard you. Continue reading

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Reactions: 3.12 “The Ties That Bind”


You guys don’t EVEN KNOW. Okay, actually if you’re avid readers, you know EXACTLY what we all went through in those last 20 seconds of last night’s episode. DEAR FREAKING LORD THE DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! So I won’t spend too much time up here gushing, because we’ll take care of that below. So let’s get on it the reactions!

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, and Stephanie (SBH contributors and friends).



Christina: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ELIJAH IS BACK ELIJAH YOU GUYS ELIJAH PRAISE JEBUS ELIJAH DAMON PULLED THE DAGGER OUT HE PULLED IT OUT THE DAGGER IS OUT AND ELIJAH MY DEAR SWEET AMAZING ELIJAH IS BACK AND I CANNOT CONTAIN ALL OF THE EMOTIONS. You guys, you readers, you have NO idea how happy this revelation makes us. NO IDEA. Like holy shit. If I hadn’t been laying down already, I would have keeled over. #hepulledthedaggerout. The whole episode was those last 20 seconds. My brain can process nothing else. AAAAND he ripped out the hybrid’s heart JUST FOR OLD TIMES SAKE. Mother fucking BAMF. Right outta coffin and he’s ripping out hearts. “So Niklaus, what’d I miss?” AAAAHHH I DIE. Like, I need to see it again. And again and again. Thank god the government hasn’t gotten a hold of YouTube’s balls yet because then we couldn’t link you to THIS.
Cin: I GASPED LIKE 3 TIMES IN A ROW & THEN, LIKE, ALMOST PASSED THE FUCK OUT!!! ELLLLLIIIIIIIJJJJJAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! LIKE, I WAS SOOOOOOO NOT EVEN PAYING ATTENTION AND DIDN’T SEE THE DAGGER IN DAMON’S HAND BUT THEN… THEN HE CAME AND **DYING FOREVER** Seriously ya’ll, the outside reader/observer just does NOT even understand. My husband was in the other end of the house and the noises that emitted from me had me coming into the living room to see what had happened. When I could speak all I could say was “ELIJAHHHHHH!!!” – he looked at me & said, “Oh. Finally.” And you guys, he doesn’t even WATCH TVD and he knew. HE KNEW! Because I love Elijah just that much. Elijah is my everything on this show. E-VER-Y-THING!!! I have been miserable and bitchy and half watching and pissed off this entire season. Like literally, all around not fucking happy at all with a lot of stuff simply because my boo was still in that fucking coffin with a dagger in his chest. It was like a black cloud of hurt and anger that hung over everything. BUT NOW? NOW the sun is out again and I can sing!!! And Damon, I’ve been calling for you’re death – and for now I’m kinda glad you are still around because THANK YOU SO MUCH. But then again, you’ve served the ultimate purpose now, so I can be mean to you when you’re stupid again. Which will be soon I’m sure. ANYWAY, *breathes* I am just so f-ing happy ya’ll. Nothing hurts. NOTHING AT ALL!!! My heart was pounding in my chest for an hour and seriously, I couldn’t concentrate on anything but ELIJAH. I rewatched the scene about 15 times, the last few times right before I went to bed and ya’ll – I almost cried. Like, misty things were totally happening and I just smiled and felt whole again. After I got my heart palpitations under control and could just feel feelings… I’m complete now. Also, watch that YouTube clip. Over & over & over again. How AWESOME was it that Klaus was terrified? Minus the sound effect, his reaction of utter shock & horror perfectly compliments the shock & squee of the entire fandom. Excellent.
Christina: His reaction was exactly mine! Only I think mine contained a bit more unadulterated joy.

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