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Reactions: Ep 3.19 “Heart of Darkness”

19 episodes down. 3 to go. The episode was polarizing and very shipper heavy, but as always we are ready to talk that shit out. Christina is away on vacation so we are doing the best we can to do … Continue reading

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One (+) Cap Per Episode ~ S2 ~ ELIJAH!

The most famous One Cap Per Episode has finally arrived. And because Elijah is so very special (as well as only being in 10 episodes, non-daggered) he gets TWO Caps Per Episode. How awesome is that? What’s not awesome is … Continue reading

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Poll: Episode Name Change

Alright, kiddies. We’re back with another poll! This was a topic that we’d discussed a bit during last season — some of the episodes had awesome names. They were apt. Like “The Sacrifice,” “Katerina” or even “Bad Moon Rising”. Others titles, … Continue reading

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One Cap Per Episode ~ S1 ~ Damon Salvatore

Welcome friends & readers. I am having a case of the ‘bored now’s with the Quote of the Day. It happens. Not only that, but I’m kinda running low on quotes that inspire me. Doing this for 300+ days will … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day ~ 7/12/11

2.22 ~ “As I Lay Dying” Emily: Why have you come here, Stefan? Stefan: I need your help. I need to know if there’s a spell that can heal a werewolf bite. Emily: No. Nature ensures a balance to everything. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day ~ 6/14/11

2.22 ~ “As I Lay Dying” Caroline: All this waiting around for news is ruining Scarlett for me! ~*~ Gif credit to*~

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10 Local Businesses That Love Damon Salvatore

I know I can be a little hard on Damon, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love him. In fact, a lot of people love Damon, including a few that you might not expect. Despite his destructive tendencies, Damon Salvatore … Continue reading

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