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10 Town Events That Would Actually Be Useful

Mystic Falls is all about local events. School carnivals, bachelor raffles, tea parties, park clean up days…this town does everything. Well, everything except offer its residents anything remotely resembling useful, that is! How many lives could have been saved if … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day ~ 5/21/11

2.15 ~ “The Dinner Party” Jenna: What happened to Isobel? Alaric: You know, John should have never brought that up. Jenna: That’s not an answer. Alaric: He’s trying to stir up trouble. Jenna: That’s not an answer either. Alaric: I … Continue reading

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New Feature! The SBH Top 10

It’s that time again…the summer hiatus is here. No, wait! Don’t cry. The Salvatore Boarding House has your back this summer. We’ve got all kinds of shenanigans planned to keep the TVD spirit alive and kicking until our show comes … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day ~ 5/12/11

It’s Finale Day, y’all. you know what that means…. *gulp* Oh god, I can’t handle it… I think I need… I think I need to… 2.21 ~ “The Sun Also Rises” Elena: Just turn it off. Jenna, turn it off.

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