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10 Everyday Things That Can Seriously Hurt You In Mystic Falls

Let’s face it… this is one strange town. Nobody goes to class, there’s only one restaurant, your neighbors kinda want to eat you and your yearbook has an epitaph page. You might think that staying away from people and hanging … Continue reading

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10 Things Dead Characters Might Have Accomplished. (But We’ll Never Know Now, Will We?)

One of the most tragic things about a loss of life (or unlife, as the case may be) is the knowledge of what the dearly departed might have done if they’d been able to survive a little longer.  We all … Continue reading

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The 10 Safest Places for a Bunny in Mystic Falls

Everyone knows that I’m a proud supporter of the Mystic Falls OBA (Orphaned Bunny Association) and so I’m happy to give them the spotlight this week, in the hopes of raising awareness to their plight. It’s pretty tough to be a … Continue reading

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10 Reasons To Elect Elijah Mayor of Mystic Falls

In the wake of C&C’s fabulous Elijah-centric guest post on and since the ever-amazing Daniel Gillies had a few questions on the topic, I’ve decided to raise the Elijah for Mayor campaign flag over this week’s SBH Top Ten. For … Continue reading

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Christina & Cin Do Elijah

It’s up! It’s up! It’s finally up! Cin’s and my essay on our favorite amazing, BAMF, heart-snatching Original, Elijah is up at Check it out! For our essay, we wanted to look at what we knew about Elijah and … Continue reading

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Top 10 Ways In Which The Mystic Falls Board of Education Has Utterly Failed

A few weeks ago I suggested some events that would really help Mystic Falls deal with the unique challenges it faces as a community. There were great responses, but several people brought up concerns about the educational system. The failures … Continue reading

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New TVD Tomorrow — Oh! And Elijah For Mayor!

Let’s tackle the first part of that headline, shall we? After six LONG weeks, we finally get new TVD tomorrow night! Woohoo! Be sure to watch “Know Thy Enemy” tomorrow (and while you’re at it, how about you play some … Continue reading

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