Reactions: Ep 3.11 “Our Town”

I’m not even going to preface this reaction post because we seriously felt ALL the emotions, and now I’m drained and I just can’t… even finish my own sentences at this point. Here we go! 🙂

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Melissa, Stephanie and Erin (SBH contributors and friends).

Christina: OMFG, YOU GUYS. I CAN’T EVEN. Look, I make no pretenses. This was a good episode, but I had a hard time paying attention to it. Maybe it was because I’m manning the live-tweet. Maybe because there was too much Tyler (any Tyler is too much Tyler in my book). BUT THIS FUCKING SCENE. I want to watch it over and over again. I want to marry it. I want to make sweet, sweet love to it. From Klaus’ “On your birthday?? Do you really think that low of me?” to the gift left on her nightstand. And this isn’t a jumping-the-gun, shipper moment, though I am gladly boarding that ship. It was just an HONEST and sweet, touching moment. I love Klaus when he is an evil, scheming asshole, and daggering Elijah aside, I love him completely. But THIS side of him makes me feel things I haven’t felt since the last time Stefan wept. The side of Klaus that cries his perfect man tear when his father plays on his weaknesses. The side of Klaus that cries as he redaggers his sister. THE FUCKING SIDE OF HIM THAT TELLS CAROLINE THAT SHE DESERVES TO SEE REAL BEAUTY. I hated Klaus last season, but I am SO grateful that we’ve been able to see him develop onscreen this whole season. He is among my favorite characters on this show now (next to Stefan and Caroline). I will die when he dies, y’all. He’s wrapped his fingers around my heart, and not in the scary way he did to Damon a few eps ago. His fingers are around it as it swells. I can’t handle it. #glasscaseofemotion
Cin: I have so many feelings. I mean, I’m still not all TEAM KLAUS, because I hold grudges and all that, BUT you guys – he owned me. OWNED ME! Damn this show and it’s ability to make me lose all rational thought. Plus for Caroline, this was so huge. I mean, will she finally be in the forefront? [Christina: The FORBESfront! Oh god, I need sleep.] She should be, but could this be the key to getting her into the action. I say YES and HALLELUJAH!!!
Abby: I-love-klaus-land used to be a lonely, lonely place. I used to sit around waving the TeamKlaus flag all by myself. You know what? WELCOME ABOARD, EVERYONE. Joseph Morgan now owns the fandom. WITH ONE SCENE.
Stephanie: Just promise me that when I die you all write “Klaus and Birthdays. The things that make girls swoon.” on my headstone.
Melissa: Hey I’ve been a fan of Klaus for a while (though admittedly no one’s been fangirling as long as you, Abby 😀 ) [Abby: 🙂 ] but this may have just thrown all of my shipperyness for a loop. There was totally too much Tyler but I’m hyperventilating in swoonage over that scene. I could kiss Klaus right now! The real beauty thing. Gaaah!!! Klaus just seemed so broken over the idea that Caroline only saw herself as dying and it was like he knew she wasn’t just talking about Tyler’s bite. And he was vulnerable with her! And when he called her sweetheart? I don’t know how to describe all of the emotions. Joseph Morgan owned this episode. Oh & is it Klausoline or Caraus? Because one does a lot of carausing and the other puts Klausoline on fire.
Cin: I admit, the burn to all things Tyoline *might* be influencing a bit of my squee. But I can live with that completely. There is also the possibility that Klaus played this entire thing so that it ended up exactly like this. He would totally earn a golf clap for that for sure. He might have asked Tyler to bite her knowing he could still make him do it but still be feeling out Ty’s loyalty outside of the sire relationship. BUT he wanted to swoop in and save the day to attempt to get a chunk of Team Stefan swinging to his side just a bit. Stefan was very much not a team player this episode – you know, with trying to scramble Matty’s brains and kidnapping/threatening to kill Elena… It’s just all such a great complexity that I have missed some this season. Delicious stuff.
Melissa: I honestly don’t think that Klaus planned this that well. Maybe the save the day thing to get Liz on his side (and against Damon) but I think Klaus genuinely reacted to Caroline and her heart. As one does.
Cin: I’m inclined to agree with you, Melissa. Klaus has his moments but I think this one kind of flowed together for him. BUT I think he is capable of having started this in motion only to be faced with Caroline and fall in love with everything that is BEAUTIFUL in the world again at that moment. Because she is perfect and can make every living being better. It really just worked so damn brilliantly that I’m almost at a loss because of all the awesome. (I just rewatched the clip, is it obvious?)
Christina: I totally fucking agree with you guys. Sorry for the expletive. I just can’t. I can’t handle it. I just rewatched it too… and I’ve had to pause it several times. Shit. What was I saying…? Oh, yeah, I agree, it may have started out as a plan, but Klaus IS vulnerable. I think, in his way, Klaus is totally capable of love (we’ve seen this with his family. The tears were not for naught, y’all), and any sort of spoilery interviews aside, I’m pretty sure Klaus is capable of falling in love with Caroline. If anyone is capable of making him do it, it’s Caroline.
Melissa: And like not even a plan involving Caroline. She was just collateral to him until he looked into her eyes.
Stephanie: I want them to have babies. Beautiful blonde, blue eyed babies!
Abby: Evil, devious, calculating, stylish babies!
Cin: If the reading public only knew the amount of general babbling going on in our side chat right now… It. Is. GLORIOUS!!!
Melissa: Speaking of reading, if JoMo wants to start narrating bedtime stories, I would not be opposed.[Stephanie: I would own every single book. His voice… mmmmmmm]
Stephanie: JoMo not only owned the episode this week, he owned the whole universe with that scene. I’ve NEVER fallen so hard for a fictional character or ‘ship in my life and I’ve been rooting for Damon and Elena since the beginning. I’m telling you what though, that scene puts pretty much every other ‘shipper scene to shame whether Stefan/Elena, Damon/Elena, Matt/Caroline, Damon/Alaric, Stefan/Klaus, etc. Abby, I just have question for you. HOW DID YOU KNOW?!
Abby: Any guy who can make an entrance out of a traveling trunk is pretty much guaranteed to succeed in a story like this.
Stephanie: WORD.
Melissa: But those interviews from the TCA today have all of my feelings towards this ship. I love that the show is very clear that right now, there’s no way in hell Caroline would be interested in Klaus but that doesn’t mean he won’t develop an interest in her. But that things can change and they’re all being like well Klaus uses people but he is capable of emotion and just omg. Am I the only one who is saying screw everything else (except Elijah though I’d screw him for sure), I just need to know how this story line is going to develop?
Stephanie: You are not the only one wanting to say screw it. I honestly never gave these two being together a thought but now that I’ve gotten a taste of it it’s all I WANT. I could watch that scene over and over again. Gah y’all it’s the next day and I’m still getting all the warm and tingly all over just thinking about it. I think it’s because Klaus didn’t lose his badassness with Caroline but instead just let his guard down for her to see. Joseph Morgan you have destroyed me for men now after that scene. Heck I was THISCLOSE to going to search for #CARAUS fanfiction [Melissa: It exists, and some of it is good [Stephanie: Damn you Melissa. Now I have to check it out. Maybe.]] last night after the episode.
Christina: Oh, I’m totally behind telling every other story line to go screw itself (except Stefan pulling the damn dagger out already). [Abby: amen!] It took me a few episodes to like Klaus, but I full on love him right now, and an episode of TVD isn’t complete without Klaus. My heart isn’t complete without Klaus. Abby, every time you talked about Klaus and I would say “But but but, he’s EVIL.” I stand corrected, haha. Yes, he IS evil, but… god it’s the chewy chocolate center. How many licks does it take to get to the vulnerable center of Klaus? LET’S FIND OUT.
Cin: I think everyone knows by now how I feel about that damn dagger, and I still think Klaus is Voldemort. That hasn’t changed. I am just OK with wanting Caroline to be wooed by Voldemort a bit more than the Tyoline is working for me. PLUS it will allow so much awesome stuff to happen if he like is crushing on our girl. Just imagining the possibilities is exciting me to no end.
Abby: I think the glory of Klaus is that it doesn’t take many licks at all to find the gooey, but underneath the gooey is another layer of FUCK YOU UP just waiting to emerge.
Melissa: I feel like I need to go wash my mind out with soap at all the thoughts that just conjured up.
Stephanie: Is his outside coating the flavor of ‘cum and get it’?
Christina: LOLS. Of course.
Erin: I’m late to the party but my GOD I loved that scene so much. I’ve watched it half a dozen times already and can’t get enough. That is a lot of times in 12 hours for a scene that made me cry as hard as I did. It was everything. It was SCARY! I was scared!! Because you never know what to expect from Klaus. And of course it made me think of that season one episode when Caroline asked Damon the exact same question: “Are you going to kill me?” in that same terrified voice. This time she got a much different answer though. The entire thing was just so unexpected. I still feel really blown away by it. Beautiful.
Cin: Can we talk for just a second about what is truly important for a second: THE BLING! I mean, HE GAVE HER DIAMONDS?!? Is that the very best gift anyone has ever given on this show? I think YES! Also, if he didn’t have my panties at my ankles already – shiiiiiitttt…. Now if you want to read how very symbolic and awesome the gift was, please go read the wonderful review by SB over at OCTV. But here, I’m all about the squee-ing about the seriously swagger it took for that bitch to bust EVERYONE’S gift giving habits in MF and make them look like the cheap ass punks they are. BOOYAH!
Christina: Not only that, but — and SB puts it far better than I could — the fact is that the bracelet was that much better than anyone else’s gift because KLAUS himself is much more…. eloquent than everyone else. What Klaus wants Caroline to experience, the reason he ALMOST begged her (without begging, of course) to ask him for a chance to live and experience the BEAUTY in the world is perfectly symbolized in that diamond bracelet. Like SB mentions, it’s Caroline in her NEW life. The life that she can have now. The dinky little charm bracelet that Tyler gave her is the old her (and seriously, it was dinky. It looked like something that comes out of those 25 cent machines at the grocery store). The high school her. The Caroline who is obsessed with planning parties and events. Small town Caroline. The diamonds are Worldly Caroline, the Caroline that only Klaus seems to be able to see behind those eyes FRAUGHT with torture that we only fully saw this episode. Klaus recognized that and gave her a new bracelet for a new Caroline. He even tells her that he knows what she’s going through. I kind of feel like Caroline is this work of art that no one, not even the viewers who have loved her always, have ever truly understood. And maybe I’m getting shippery here, but maybe Klaus is the first one to really and truly GET her. I really hope that I’m right here, and that’s what’s going to happen. It was perfection. I wanted to dream about it. But lo, when I woke up, the only thing on my bedside table was my cell phone.
Melissa: OH MY WORD. Christina you are being my spirit animal right now. That’s so the moment I melt, when Klaus just looks at her and understands everything she’s ever struggled with and hidden and pretended to get over and its like he sees her soul in that moment and I am being epically shippery right now but FUCK. And there’s that moment where Klaus is just saying his normal cultish spiel about how she’s free and Caroline looks at him and says “I’m dying” and Candice puts all the weight of the world in her eyes in that moment. It’s genius. She’s not commenting on the fact that she’s dying because of Tyler’s bite. She’s saying she’s dying, and has been, ever since Katherine turned her and that she’s been telling herself it will get better but she’s never believed it and tonight on her birthday it all came to a head. And it’s like she made this peace with her life ending in the next couple days because she believes it ended months ago. And Klaus just looks at her and sees all of it. It felt like he just went what have you been told that you think your life is over and that you aren’t worth anything. How could anyone have possibly let you believe that your life wasn’t worth anything. Let me tell you how magical you are and how genuinely beautiful you are. (Damn. I just read what I wrote and fuck it all, I don’t want Caroline back with Matt ever. Even he hasn’t seen just how beautiful Caroline is and Klaus does. I need this. More than Elijah back, more than ripper Stefan, more than Bonnie dead. I need Klaus to make Caroline realize how precious she truly is).
All the props in the world to Rebecca Sonnenshine (the writer of the episode) for writing the best “it gets better” speech in history.
Christina: OH GOD. That’s exactly it. When I realized that’s what Klaus was possibly (I DO tend to get carried away sometimes) saying, even if he wasn’t saying it with words, but with his eyes and his meaning, I died. That was the end of the episode for me. And yeah, fuck it. I’m being shippery. But… just GAH.
Cin: Woah, woah, woah. Let’s get our priorities straight here: NOTHING IS MORE NEEDED THAN ELIJAH. EVER. Got it? Good.
Christina: Oh, I don’t begrudge you that. I totally agree. But the beauty, Cin! We are lost in the beauty!
Cin: I feel you, but as much as we are loving this right now – just imagine what Elijah/Caroline would have done to us. I’m pretty sure we would have died repeatedly. [Christina: I wouldn’t be here right now, haha] But we are getting off topic. DIAMONDS, BITCHES!
Melissa: Also, diamonds in an infinity design at that. Fucking A, Klaus wins forever. He went out at night and bought Caroline a fucking diamond bracelet in an infinity design and he will own my heart forever and a day.
Cin: Let’s be real Melissa, do you really think he bought it? But you are right, it’s the thought that counts. And he had me thinking that I wanted to mount him. LOL
Melissa: Bought it? No actually I think he’s been secretly saving it for the first person since Stefan who can make him feel all tingly. I could help him with that. Though I’d also be okay with meeting in the middle of that measuring contest between Klaus & Matt. Just saying.
Cin: Preach.

WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! Just kidding.
Christina: Low blow scaring the shit out of Elena by almost driving her off Wickery Bridge. Not gonna lie though. I totes forgot that’s where her parents died. I only remember it from the books as the place where (spoiler alert) Elena dies. IF ONLY.
Cin: Word to ya’ mother. I think it’s a bad sign that every time Elena, our shows heroine, is in mortal danger Christina & I chant “KILL HER” over BBM. LOL
Abby: Stefan was incredibly scary in this episode, and then heartbreaking there on the bridge. The whole thing was beautiful, I’m not going to lie I was climbing the walls during the car scene.
Cin: I was too busy chanting. But yes, Stefan was amazingly unhinged. It totally turned me on.
Melissa: I completely forgot too. (About Wickery Bridge). It wasn’t until Elena started screaming at him about it that I remembered. Did anyone else feel like she wasn’t so mad at him for threatening to kill her to piss off Klaus as she was for choosing the bridge as the place to do it? I mean she was obviously pissed about both but I got the impression that it hurt her more that Stefan would choose the one place she hates more than anything.
Stephanie: I totally got that impression too. I find it funny that her reaction to Stefan feeding her his blood didn’t hold the same hostility as it did when Damon did it. I don’t know if it was a conscience decision on part of the writers to make it seem that she still had hope that he was just ‘acting’ or what.
Melissa: Honestly it seemed to be a deliberate choice on Nina’s part. Because I think there’s a level where Elena would understand Stefan’s need to show Klaus just how far he’ll go in order to win. She wouldn’t agree, but she’d understand. But choosing the Wickery Bridge, when there were a million other ways to go about it…that’s where I see Elena being all who the fuck are you and get out of my life. (Nina so earned that PCA).
Abby: I like that he picked the bridge, because it’s unclear if he did it to scare her more (real terror based in the fact that she’d nearly died there before) or because there’s only so many places in Mystic Falls you can dramatically drive off a road, but either way, it was heartless, brutal, and totally effective. Perfectly Stefan, in his present mindset. Elena’s reaction was also totally believable. It’s not about her life, or her safety, she’s so used to being in danger now that those things are almost incidental, but to have him stomp on her most fragile emotions like that…ouch.
Stephanie: It was some spectacular acting on Dobrev’s part as you really believed that Elena had no idea just who and what makes up Stefan Salvatore now. (PS- Y’all have no idea how hard I have to concentrate not to write Stephanie in place of Stefan every time. Stephanie would have bitchslapped Elena and yelled ‘WAKE THE FUCK UP! I’M DEAD INSIDE!’)
Cin: Can I get in on that bitchslapping? Pweetty Pwease? But I got to give credit where credit is due, Dobrev – I think for the first time this season – blew me away as Elena. Even though I had just got done chanting for her death I got sucked into her emotions big time.
Christina: That scene was pretty anxiety-producing. I think Dobrev sells is almost every single time. But Elena. Her I cannot stand most of the time anymore. I understand why she was more upset about the location than the act (and thanks for pointing that out, Melissa. I hadn’t actually noticed), but the way she’s been getting in her own way a lot lately… she’s not the heroine she used to be (and yes, blah blah blah character development, fatal flaw blah blah blah, I don’t care.). I was more amused by the fact that Stefan left her on the bridge, haha.
Stephanie: I literally laughed at that. It was kind of awesome. Also it totally mirrored Meredith’s dump story. Go figure.
Cin: Agreed, leaving her out on the bridge without a cell phone – best. thing. ever! LOL
Abby: I’m surprised ANYBODY wants to restore that bridge, truth be told. Also, I kind of ship Stefan’s Car/High Speeds now.
Stephanie: I can get behind that ‘ship. [Melissa: I can get in front of that ship]
Erin: Stefan was SO SO SO hot changing gears in that speeding car. And I want to be mad at him for what he did, I really do but I’m not. Mostly because it’s REALLY hard for me to get mad at Stefan about anything and also because Elena is on my shit list. My heart is broken for Stefan who feels that all he has left in the entire world is revenge. He deserves so much more. *sob*
Cin: I’m right there with you Erin. I know I probably SHOULD be mad at Stefan and not Elena & Damon – but I just can’t help myself. Although, Stefan DID threaten Elijah… That is the closest he’s gotten to being on my shit list all season. But I know he was just looking for a reaction out of Klaus, so I’ll overlook it. Stefan isn’t stupid, if there is one Original he knows he could enlist to help him with Hybrid Daddy, it’s Elijah. So, you know, #pullthedaggerout already Stefan!
Melissa: I did my Elena defense spiel last week so I’ll mostly give it a rest (though I still adore her) but she really got to me more than usual. I was extremely overwhelmed with emotion at that. And there seemed to be a split second where Stefan hadn’t actually considered all of the implications of Wickery Bridge and did feel bad about that. He covered quickly but just for the briefest flash, the dimmer switch got turned down & his humanity shone through.

Farewell, Jeremy
Abby: Jeremy left? Wow. Honestly, compared to the rest of this episode, I barely noticed. Um. Bye? That sounds so terrible, last week I was cheering him (and the meat cleaver) right on.
Melissa: I really liked the hint of Bonnie planting a seed that his leaving wasn’t normal but I think the story was better served if he’d just been gone when this episode started. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Jeremy, but it seemed unnecessary to have those few moments.
Christina: I actually thought he’d be gone at the beginning of the episode too. I honestly drifted in and out whenever Jeremy was mentioned, so I didn’t realize he was still there until Bonnie and Elena spotted him in the hallway at school. Oh well.
Cin: I even missed the hint I was paying so little attention. *shrug* So long Jermy! Even though I’m sure you’ll be back in like 3 episodes or something. Compulsion by Damon is NOT what it used to be.
Stephanie: Unlike last week, I could really give two-shits about Jeremy leaving. I did like the song that was playing though.
Christina: Was that the Coldplay song? There was a scene where all I could hear was the song. I don’t even remember who was in the scene, haha.
Stephanie: I have no idea haha. I was just like, “Oh that’s a pretty song. Now Bonnie get the fuck off my screen.”
Abby: I was super afraid that Bonnie was going to ruin everything (I mean, it’s Bonnie, that’s often her deal, right?) but I’m glad they let it go. I do think Jeremy will figure out sooner than later that he’s been compelled, but for now, I’m kind of glad to have him out of the way, it makes more time for the bigger stories.
Stephanie: Agreed. Bonnie is the worst about fucking things up so I appreciated her keeping her trap shut this time. Jeremy will probably come back and take the Original Witch down, who can we agree is really the big bad this season, during the season finale thus making Klaus indebted to him like Stefan was to Klaus during the first half of this season.
Melissa: From your lips to showrunners’ ears. I’ve wanted Klaus to stay around for awhile but after last night, I need him forever. I never really thought Jeremy would clue in right away but I was totally stoked that Bonnie planted the seed. And it seemed to clear up that they didn’t take all of Jer’s memories away this time. Damon made sure he would leave and I guess maybe later forget about Mystic Falls but they didn’t send him to school unaware of vampires. So Bonnie’s comment was nice in that it seemed to make Jeremy think. So he can come back all slayer-ific.

The Kool Aid
Stephanie: I’ll drink Klaus’ Kool-Aid, if you know what I mean.
Melissa: I bet Klaus’ Kool-Aid tastes so good going down. When it comes to Klaus Kool-Aid, drink deep. Too far?
Christina: Never too far where Klaus is concerned. I’d drink that Kool Aid. I’d drink that Kool Aid all night long.
Cin: Klaus’ Kool Aid makes all other Kool Aid (seriously, how big of a shout out was that to the Kool Aid drinkers in this fandom?) look like coconut water. BOOM!
Christina: DEAD. Also… well, well, well, Tyler. Now who has free will? LOLS
Abby: I admit it, I feel bad for Tyler. His position in all this is just so awful. Props to Michael Trevino for playing self-deluded so well. I genuinely believed that Tyler thought everything would be okay and then had a moment of OH MY GOD I’M ENSLAVED.
Cin: But seriously, if I HAD to be enslaved by someone, behind Elijah (of course) I’d have to go with Klaus. Unless Stefan tried to kill me. Then it wouldn’t be as fun – but the rest of the time? AWESOMETOWN!
Christina: Hahah, yeah that was pretty funny. I know that makes me sound heartless (and, well, let’s face it…). I really don’t like Tyler. Never have. My heart started to warm to him a while back, but that lasted like 2 episodes. I guess I feel sorry for him, but… Save it, Patty Hearst. I’m not buying any Stockholm Syndrome today, thank you.
Melissa: I completely agree with you Abby. I knew it would be a disaster but Trevino did an awesome job showing how much he genuinely believed he had free will. And as an audience member, I think a little bit of me wondered if he’d be able to at least fight the siring bond. Instead, Tyler didn’t even think through his actions when he bit Caroline, which to me makes it a little more scary. Stefan could at least try to fight compulsion. Tyler’s just fucked. Also, understanding does not equal forgiveness in my book so Tyler deserves to lose his girl to his hybrid master and die quickly and alone.
Cin: Melissa, you are my spirit animal. *muah*
Christina: I really enjoyed the whole “British guy” thing… and then he goes and quotes John Lennon. Klaus, you really do know the way to my heart, don’t you?
Abby: All the hearts for Klaus! Which, actually, may be really hard on all of us later. I have fears about the future, you guys.
Christina: So do I. Which is why I’m so nervous about how willing I am to drink the Kool Aid. Which, if you think about it, is really funny considering how I feel about Tyler drinking it. Ah, the life of a hypocrite.
Stephanie: Hahaha. I just don’t want Klaus to leave now guys. But I especially don’t want him to leave now that he has beautiful hands around my heart. At least give me a diamond necklace before you go.
Christina: I’d take a pearl one.
Stephanie: Get down with your bad self Christina!
Cin: She is a dirty, dirty girl. AND I LOVE HER SO MUCH!
Christina: I stand by what I said. Hahaha

The Party Tomb (Rentals Available)
Stephanie: The party in the tomb gave me a weird Buffy vibe like how they all used to study for the SATs in the graveyard. However, it’s obvious that Mystic Falls is not doing a good job teaching actions and consequences lessons. Shouldn’t these kids know by now that only bad things happen to them in the woods?
Cin: OMG! Or remember what a party palace Spike’s crypt was? PASSIONS!!! I totally didn’t even think of that because the Scooby Gang MF teens are not, but now that I have… brilliant!
Stephanie: Cin, Spike’s Passions love made my life.
Cin: Girlllll, me too! I miss Spike. lol
Melissa: I have so much love for this part of the episode. (I would say partying in the woods is stupid but every vampire in the state of Virginia can get in their homes so…) These kids lives are not going to get any better. They have to deal with the supernatural and as we’re finding out, they have a lot more ties than just a couple vampires stopped by a year ago and now all hell broke loose. And I really appreciate the idea that Elena and Bonnie and Matt are finally starting to say to hell with it all. We may have to be prepared for death and mayhem but we’ll find the little moments when we can. I started to think the whole bit was cheesy and stupid and then the whole say goodbye to the old Caroline and hello to a new one made me cry. Especially when the show followed through with the message via Klaus to Caroline and Matt to Elena. I’m not saying they weren’t partly being the unlit candle in the tomb but it was incredibly sweet to see these teenagers trying to find ways to move on where they can.
Cin: I just couldn’t believe Elena was drinking like a lush. So the entire time I keep thinking about how this has kinda become a recurring theme this season. I mean, we expect that from all of the male characters regardless of age or status of life – but the girls? I mean, I get why Car drinks, she’s a vamp and it helps – but Elena? It just doesn’t look really great on Elena. So yeah, point is, I was on my high horse and the lovey dovey vibes went right over my head.
Stephanie: I do love it when the Bonnie/Matt/Elena/Caroline actually get to act like teenagers and we get a rare glimpse of them just being friends who are worried about making sure their friend’s birthday is special. The funeral scene for the old Caroline I did find touching because I think we’ve all had mini funerals for our old selves even if it was just us staying goodbye to that part of ourselves in a car ride on our way to start our lives somewhere else or each time you hit a new milestone in life. Heck, I’ve had at least five mini funerals for myself now which I think means I’m entitled to five mini cakes but since I hate cake I’ll settle for five cookie cakes from Great American Cookies.
Christina: Dude. That is an excellent idea. Cookies. Mini-funerals too, I guess, but I’ve been on a diet for 2 weeks I want the damn cookies.
Abby: One of my favorite things about this scene was that it was so normal. Even the bickering and snarking. The subject matter and magic candle-lighting were completely beside the point. In this scene, they were small town teens on the verge of a wider world, and their relationships are strained to the breaking point by the changes happening, or about to happen, in their lives.. That’s not supernatural, that’s senior year of high school. Well done, writers.
Erin: That tomb party was definitely the most teenagery (that’s a word, right?) thing they’ve done like EVER. I loved it. And this isn’t supposed to be insulting in any way, but those moments felt like a different show to me. Like a show about high school kids.

White Knight Saltzman
Abby: This whole scene felt like a setup to me. Like Meredith and the medical examiner were playing roles for Alaric’s benefit.
Stephanie: I said it on Twitter but I seriously thought the medical examiner dude was Cillian Murphy for a minute and I was about to start bouncing and clapping in my seat like a fucking seal at SeaWorld. So naturally I was utterly disappointed when I realized it was just some two-bit actor. I couldn’t even focus on the scene after that.
Cin: I thought he was cute. THAT distracted me. #gutter
Melissa: I still don’t even know what the point of that was. Like I love Alaric and I love him telling douches how far up their ass they can shove their own head but the whole scene just seemed random. I know this show doesn’t DO random but for now I just don’t have any real reaction to it.
Cin: I’m with you, Melissa. But I guess setting the guy up for a victim in our Mystic Falls Murder Mystery & to place some red flags over the personality Meredith Fell kinda counts as a point of the scene. About Alaric though, I’m just no so sure I like him sniffing around this girl so quickly after Jenna. It’s not just Jenna, but his general funky ‘only demon’s love me’ vibe he’s had this season – I just don’t see him putting the bottle down and moving forward so quickly. I feel like he didn’t stay angry long enough. ALTHOUGH, he was totally right – why can’t a council meeting not just be a council meeting? Oh yeah, because the COUNCIL DOESN’T DO SHIT!
Melissa: Okay on the Alaric moving on front, I actually have no issue. I liked Jenna and Alaric don’t get me wrong but honestly they weren’t that epic or for that matter that much of a couple. I think there was a point where Jenna liked Alaric more and a point where Alaric liked Jenna more but it wasn’t until the end there that they really seemed to be getting to a good point. Right about when Klaric clued Jenna in and she turned all badass. I guess I felt like Alaric never really invested as much into that relationship as the fans assumed he did. Plus eye-fucking someone is so not the same as falling in love. Unless its Damon & Alaric. Or Klaus & Stefan. Or Matt & Jeremy.
Cin: My point was, I kinda liked broody/angry Alaric we had at the beginning of S3. Except the haircut, that was some awful shit, but I just kinda wanted to see him ease into it all a bit more. Not jump into the deep end without the floaties.

I Shot the Sheriff, But I Did Not Kill the Medical Examiner
Christina: So. What is Meredith, or are we only supposed to THINK it was Meredith?
Abby: Can’t she just be a murderer? This town could use some garden-variety murder. Though, I don’t actually think she did it.
Stephanie: Have the spirits possessed Alaric thanks to his defunct ring and are now making him go around just staking normal folk? I did notice that the stake had some nice carvings for decorations. Shit maybe it was Colonel Mustard.
Melissa: I was at a complete loss as to who (Alaric or Meredith) killed the douche until I watched the Canadian promo. Granted it didn’t say/show who did it but I’m kind of leaning towards Meredith now. I’m not too familiar with the books since I got bored but I remember Meredith being pretty badass and slayery. I’m kind of wondering if she picked up on Alaric/Damon’s relationship and sees Alaric as a danger to the council. (This really is out there). But what if Meredith killed the ME but has it set up to look like Alaric did it? Alaric was arguing with the guy but Meredith obviously hated him too. But she could set Alaric up, putting him in jail, which means she can go after Damon without worrying about Alaric getting in the way. I can just totally see this happening and if they make Meredith that hardcore I will jump for joy.
Stephanie: Meredith you leave my favorite bromance (after Brax) alone! I don’t know if the writers would go down this path because I kind of feel that it would put a wedge between Alaric and Meredith and since they’re supposed to be love interests I just don’t know. Of course I wear a dunce hat pretty much every episode because show makes me feel so fucking stupid with its twist and turns so you could be right on the money. Actually if I’m disagreeing with you then it definitely means you’ve hit the nail on the head.
Abby: I’m perfectly fine with Meredith having killed him, but it seems awfully easy.
Christina: That’s exactly why I’m questioning it. Immediately I was like “well, duh, it was Meredith,” but then I thought maybe it was just a red herring, and we’re only supposed to THINK that it was her. Or maybe it was her, and she IS going to pin it on Alaric, but he’s not going to know, so they’re going to get closer and love interest-y together, and then before he knows what hit him — BAM! Jail. Do you think Alaric is a top or bottom?
Stephanie: Come on Christina, you know he’s a middle.
Cin: I don’t think it was either one of them. My money is on Carol Lockwood, under Klaus compulsion. Stew on THAT!
Melissa: Heh. I think if Meredith straight up killed Brian and that’s all there is to the story then it is way too easy. Because if that was the case then she could’ve killed him months ago and knowing what she does about vampires would mean that she would’ve done it in a way that looked like an animal attack, not a murder by someone known for killing vampire douchebags. But I also don’t buy Alaric killing Brian. Alaric’s not that kind of guy. Beating him up sure but I don’t believe for a minute that Alaric would just kill some guy for a girl he just met and has no connection to. There’s definitely more to this story, I’m just hoping Meredith is more devious than we realize. This show needs another girl who actually gets shit done. Speaking of, I miss Katherine.
Stephanie: Oh Katherine, how I wish you were here just to kick some ass. I need her spunk back.
Erin: I think Matt & Torrey have GREAT chemistry but how frickin awkward man. “So I totally made it with your wife all day today. She’s pretty good.” I know I should not let RL stuff leak in here but I just can’t help it. I’m skeeved out.
Cin: Her acting isn’t doing it for me yet. I said it last week, but it bears repeating: I’m overjoyed that Meredith Fell is upon us BUT what they have shown us and done with her so far… I’m nervous.

Matt: Where have all the cowboys gone?
Melissa: I simply must talk about Matt tonight. I’ve never been a fan of Delena anyway but ya’ll I pretty much want this to be the end of them and Elena to go back to Matt. First because it would piss so many people off and with the dumbass fucking death threats towards Julie & Kev, so many fans deserve it. And second because Elena needs someone like Matt who protects her and makes her smile and doesn’t come with two cargo barges worth of baggage.
Stephanie: Who Elena ends up with has never been a concern for me. Yes I like the Damon/Elena dynamic but that doesn’t mean that I see them being the endgame. To me, Stefan and Damon are chapters in Elena’s life that help her grow as a person. Each one brings out different things within her that make her a more well-rounded person. My endgame has ALWAYS been the Salvatore brothers living together and becoming their own form of Hardy Boys against the supernatural forces. As for Matt, he was so goddamn perfect in this episode that I would totally understand Elena saying fuck it and get back with him. Matty proves that you don’t have to be one of the “special” kids to be a hero and save the day.
Cin: Matty can save my day any time he likes. Preferably naked.
Melissa: Speaking of people who are my spirit animal.
Abby: I, too, like Matt, in a background kind of way. I don’t want him deeply involved in the supernatural stuff at this juncture, but I do like that he’s on board enough to still hang out with his friends. He provides a wonderful grounding influence. The moment on the bridge with Elena was charming. It didn’t deeply affect me, but it was sweet. Childhood buddies, former sweethearts, they have a bond and it still feels very real when they’re together like that.
Erin: I am actually ALL FOR a reunion. They were so lovely together in this episode. Klaus was the one who was able to tell Caroline exactly what she needed to hear and Matt did that for Elena. He is just so comforting.
Cin: The fact that this boy is not getting any ass on this show surprises me more and more every episode. Such a waste.
Stephanie: He’s too busy bussing tables and taking names. I secretly hope though he gets a job at the local male strip club to make some extra cha-ching.
Cin: I’d show him busy. *rawr* But a job stripping. YES PLEASE!
Melissa: Thanks to this we know he’s got the body for it. A nice tight, hard…um anyway…

Another Episode, Another Porch Scene
Abby: Can we talk about Damon? Because I have to say, I enjoyed his “GO STEFAN!…um, I mean, sorry he upset you, Elena. BUT GO STEFAN!” attitude in this episode. Boy is proud of his kid brother and I am a-okay with that.
Stephanie: Yes we can talk about Damon and his ‘I’m a proud big brother’ moment. I loved it and I’m glad he didn’t back down on this just because Elena was being whiny. Damon has wanted nothing to but to tackle the world with his kid brother since the start of the series and the guy is finally getting his wish. I say let him enjoy it. Also it could be because I too am the oldest sibling out of me and my sister but I really connected with Damon here because you could tell that he was really proud that his brother succeeded and as a older sibling you want nothing but your kid brother/sister to succeed at everything (even being evil if they so do wish but only in a fictional landscape, duh). Also I think he could see some of himself in Stefan in this episode and that made him even more proud. You spend so much time watching over and protecting your younger sibling(s) that when you realize that you see some of yourself in them it makes you feel good because it reminds that you will always sort of be their personal hero. Like my mom used to say, “Your sister only annoys you because she looks up to and just wants to be like you.” My mom, the philosopher. (Does any of this make sense because I’m sure it’s just crazy ramblings.)
Erin: I too am the oldest sibling and felt Damon’s pride here. Both as a big brother and as a villain. He seemed to really appreciate how far bad Stefan was willing to go to get the job done. And Damon doesn’t give compliments away very often so it was a pretty nice moment.
Stephanie: Anytime there’s brotherly love between Damon and Stefan it makes my heart melt and the fact that it came after Klaus/Caroline made me a goner.
Christina: I’m just going to say it. I don’t remember this scene AT ALL. It came after the Klausoline scene, right? Yeah, that’s why.
Cin: DITTO! ROFL! I started reading this section and I was like “This happened” and came down here all prepped to confess and Christina already had. I’m pretty sure this was right after the Klausoline scene. We were still under the use of smelling salts I think. LOL

From the Tweetosphere
@redcognito Swear to god, Klaus has just compelled the entire fanbase through our screens. I’m now his bitch. #TVD #Klaus #WhatTheHellJustHappened
@hollye83 There arent even all caps for this you guys. I need a fucking cigarette and a shot.
@coolauntjenna Aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration & braking) wastes gas & lowers your gas mileage by 33%. Please pass this along to Stefan.
@torreyjdevitto If I had a dollar for every time my name and the word ‘psycho’ were in the same sentence, i’d be one rich bitch. [Melissa: I just loved that it only took 2 episodes and maybe 3 minutes of screen time for a Torrey character to be called psycho].
@caulkcrinolines What’s with the circular saw, Klaus? Instrument of torture? Building a doghouse? Several doghouses?
@caulkcrinolines ooh, is Dalaric on a DATE? #TVD
@TVDDelenaFan yayyyy Bonnie is helpful-candles on!
@Angie_peeps Wait, everyone’s on the council now? #TVD
@TikisGrandad Now Darren callin axin if Stefum came back to the house. When!? They’s only been gone 15 minutes…how they could lose each other already?
@AbbyGraham You guys, I think Klaus just sired the fandom.

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13 Responses to Reactions: Ep 3.11 “Our Town”

  1. Let me get my fangirl on: I cannot get over Klaus and Caroline. OMG. That scene was absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, I can’t get over! OMG! It was so beautifully written that I can definitely overlook the randomness of it all. And I know some people were shipping them even before they even had a scene together, and I was like whatever. But now I might ship them, and damn it IDGAF!

    I really don’t think that there’s anything I can say to describe how I feel about Klaus/Caroline because you guys have definitely nailed it. Klaus and Caroline are definitely my favorites right now, and THANK GOD he isn’t falling all over Elena. How sick would that shit be?

    I think one of the reasons I’m so excited about Klaus/Caroline is how impossible it all is. There’s no way Caroline is going actually pursue Klaus. I think her perspective on him might change a little bit, because I mean the guy did save her life, you know? But I really don’t think there’s any way that she’s going to go into a full-blown relationship with him and what’s going to be fun is seeing Klaus chase her. God, I can’t wait.

    Ugh, Tyler. You know, I used to kind of like Tyler–well, only until he became a werewolf–but now . . . ugh, just UGH. He’s totally repulsive to me now. I do feel a little sorry for him. I mean, he’s sired to Klaus and he literally has no free will as long as Klaus tells him to do something. It’s kind of sad. But what’s even sadder is that he BIT CAROLINE!! God, he’s awful now. And people like him over Matt? Bitch, please!

    I adore Matt. We need more of him. Way more.

    I’m sorry, but forget everything else: Klaus and Caroline you guys! Klaus and Caroline!!

    • Man. Tyler. I do kind of pity him because he didn’t MEAN to bite her. He didn’t want to. He REALLY didn’t want to, but because of the whole siring thing, he had no choice. But yeah, my pity really stops there. Because… it’s Tyler and I hate him, haha.

      K&C4EVA 😉

  2. Racheellee says:

    I’ve been waiting for your reactions! I totally agree on EVERYTHING you said about Klaus/Caroline. It was magical. For some reason, I was never afraid of Klaus (yes, he’s evil, whatever, that British accent makes it really hard for me to find him threatening, way too adorable) But I was waiting for a vampire to finally say that being a vampire has it’s good sides as well, that it’s not only doom and gloom.

    Also, what I remember most from the episode was the line where Klaus says: A love like that never dies. I mean, it was obvious that he was thinking of someone. (The Orginal Petrova probably) Maybe Caroline reminded him of her? I don’t know. But when he looked at her, it was like…he recognized something. Maybe something from himself, maybe something from the Orignal Petrova.

    So yeah…er…did anything else happen in this episode?

    (Oh yes, Stefan. I actually think that what did to Elena was the worst thing ever. I mean, getting her to think she would die in a car accident at the EXACT same place her parents died when she basically has no one left. Especially with Jeremy now sort of gone. Badly done, Stefan, badly done indeed.)

  3. TriniJax says:

    You guys…OMG. This is the first time I’m tearing up reading a TVD recap because it’s as if you read my mind. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING. And Klaroline….I’m speechless. Never saw that coming but it is SO RIGHT. Yes Klaus is using Caroline as part of his diabolical plan to turn the town against Stefan, but by God is he is going to fall for her. Hard.

    I was a complete mess today; couldn’t concentrate on a thing. All I could think about was “Have at it”. How does Klaus make every vamp feeding action sexual??? Bless him. Long live King Klaus.

  4. Gabriela says:

    For some reasons I did not really have high expectations for this episode, maybe because I thought that last week´s kiss was epic and now they would tone things down a bit in order to start a new tension arc. But I was pleasantly surprised.
    The moment I saw the Wickory Bridge model at the fund raiser (justout of curiosity: how loaded IS Damon? I haven´t seen him give away any diamond bracelets lately) I knew that this would not end well!
    The Elena-Stefan-scene on the bridge was heartbreaking and very well acted. And Matt throwing flowers off a bridge – that had me in tears because we have a similar tradition in our family to remember loved ones.
    I wish there were a way to give the writers of this show a big hug!

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  6. atsi says:

    i completely felt that this ep was boring cept for the scene with k+c(!) and when stefan was trying to kill elena(about time)..there should have been more drama for ex. k should have tried to sire c while she drank his blood…and the other thing is that there was way too much t for me too.

    • onlymystory says:

      It’s really hard to understand who you’re referring to with all the initials but if you were saying that Klaus should have tried to sire Caroline, he can’t. The person has to have werewolf blood and then drink Klaus’ blood for the first part. A vampire can’t drink Klaus’ blood and get the werewolf part. That seems to be confusing a lot of people.

      • atsi says:

        yea sorry about the intials..and thanks btw for explaining that sire part…

      • Larfein says:

        Actually, I’m pretty sure it is possible for a vampire to be sired. In 3×06 Damon realizes that Tyler’s been sired and makes a comment that it’s “pretty rare, but maybe not so much in hybrids”. For me it pretty much means Damon’s seen a sired vampire before (how else could he have recognized it? his speech definitely didn’t sound like assumptions).

        Still, I think the chances of Caroline being sired are quite low. For starters, she wasn’t turned by Klaus’ blood, just healed. Damon and Stefan also drank Klaus’ blood and neither of them is sired to him. Then, as Damon said, cases of siring are rare for vampires. Lastly, I don’t think Klaus can consciously decide whether he sires someone or not.

        Of course, sired or not, a vampire won’t become a hybrid. The Salvatores didn’t.

  7. Larfein says:

    Mind if I share some insight on Klaus and The Scene? I mean, did anyone else notice the awesome classical undertone it had?

    First off, when Liz invited Klaus inside? She knew exactly who she was dealing with and what would be the consequences of her decision. And still, she was willing to give up everything to save her daughter. Her “come in” felt like signing a pact with the devil.

    Now for the very scene. If you cross out the fact that Caroline already was a vampire, you get a totally classical seducting-with-eternity motif. And the arguments Klaus used? Aestheticism. ‘Great cities, and art, and music. Genuine beauty.’ – umm, has anyone read “Interview with the vampire”? I honestly had Lestat and Louis in front of my eyes.

    Putting that aside, I think Klaus has given Caroline what she was missing before – the CHOICE. She was unconscious when Damon fed her his blood and she was confused and clueless when she drank blood in her transition. And then comes Klaus and says the decision is hers to make. Yes, he convinces (heck, seduces, if you prefer) her, but it’s still Caroline who gets to CHOOSE.

    Lastly, some thoughts on Klaus. I came across voices saying that Klaus is definitely planning to use Caroline, he’s just toying with her and he’s unredeemable. Of course, they might be right, but the very opinion made me wonder… Before Dan Ross and Anne Rice, we would all assume that a vampire is a cold-blooded monster. That’s the very source of “The Vampire Chronicles'” impact. All of a sudden, people started to see vampires as tragic and misunderstood. Today that’s the default. Like, Damon? At the beginning he was the villain and yet we believed his human side even though the characters were suspicious. But then KW and JP came up with Klaus. And what happens? It’s not only the characters who are distrustful and convinced he’s beyond redemption. It’s the VIEWERS. 40 years after we’ve been shown the redeemable vampire. TVD, I take my hat off to you.

  8. Dayna Dawn Small (AKA Dayna Barter) says:

    Man, fuck Motel 6 and their lack of CW carriers! It was freaking MONDAY NIGHT before I got to watch the show, y’all. Monday night!!!!!!

    I’ve only watched the episode once (I usually do a re-watch before the reaction post), but my first impressions were: 1)OMG Klausoline?!!!; and 2) Fuck. You. Bonnie.

    With all of the interview talk of Klaus having a romance/getting a crush on someone, I suppose I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t. And the scene totally worked. It’s about time someone gives Caroline a heads-up that being a vampire isn’t all horrible and a burden and shit. Sure, it CAN be but fuck, that’s LIFE. She just gets to live it for longer. Without wrinkles or age spots. There is a whole world outside of Mystic Falls for her, and someone has finally pointed that out.

    Although, Cin, it SHOULD have been Elijah. Yes, Candice and Joseph sold the hell out of that scene, but ELIJAH and Caroline? I would most definitely have died repeatedly.

    And Bonnie? How about you have a chat with Luka about the mind-raping and taking away of choice and whatnot? I’m sure he could offer a unique perspective, having been… oh, wait. You can’t talk to him. Because he’s DEAD. Fucking hypocritical plot point. And next ep is Bonnie-centric? I need a barf bag. So. Much. Hate.

    Really, Stefan? Threatening to drive Elena off Wickery Bridge (again)? You, sir, are grounded.

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