Reactions: Ep 3.10 “The New Deal”

I think the main consensus around here is that last night’s episode, TVD‘s return from Winter hiatus, was a little… not quite as action-packed as we would have liked. But that’s not to say that we didn’t enjoy it. And for such a set-up of an episode, we sure did have a lot of thoughts. Let’s get to it!

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, Stephanie and Erin (SBH contributors and friends).

Oompa Loompa Doopity Doo
Christina: Has Damon learned NOTHING from Jersey Shore? Orange is not a good look for ANYONE. I mean, wtf was going on there?
Stephanie: Oh thank god, I wasn’t the only one thinking Damon got a little to happy with his mystic tan. My only thought to this is that he and Elena were playing make-up earlier in the day after going to see Sherlock Holmes 2 and Damon wanted to prove that he looked better in make-up than RDJ.
Christina: Which he doesn’t. I haven’t seen Sherlock Holmes 2, but just in general, is what I’m saying.
Cin: LOL. The ‘everyday’ makeup has always sucked on this show. Honestly, I think some of us just noticed it again because we got a break from the suck. You know, marathoning old TV shows and movies over the hiatus YEARS ago showed us how it could be done right, so our expectations got high again. We should have known better. They need to clean house in ATL and fly out some real makeup ppl, because I’m sick and tired of the pancake sun baked look. And don’t even get me started on the hair people. That’s a whole other section of suck right there.
Abby: It wasn’t just you. Something was definitely up with the make-up last night. Yikes!
Melissa: There was bad makeup? I didn’t notice compared to Elena’s sheer-velour-animal-print shirt nightmare [Stephanie: what the fuck was that thing?]. (Kidding, I noticed the oompa loompa too).
Stephanie: Truthfully, I chose my font color for this post as a tribute to Damon’s exceptional makeup last night.
Dayna: I can deal with the orange if I have to, but something must be done about that mess on his head. Also, Matt Davis’s hair was looking good, but did he drop a shit-ton of weight or something? I mean, not that he looked heaving before, but his face looked really thin last night. (Or maybe it’s just that he finally shaved.)
Stephanie: Oh geez, Damon’s hair kills me. It used to be so good (Night of the Comet is the best example) and then bam it turned into a wet Joe Dirt mullet. WTF?
Erin: Damon’s hair is the least of his problems. Not to down play its horror show. Can we talk about how Stefan just looks yummier the more devious he gets? Evil does a body good!
Abby: Mean is an *excellent* look on Stefan Salvatore. I hope he stays this way forever.
Stephanie: Not going to lie, Erin, but I started to have some dirty thoughts about Evil Stefan during last night’s episode. I guess I just love it when guys act like soulless dicks.
Erin: Hands off babe. He’s mine. LOL. But for reals. Despite his total lack of any human quality, this is Stefan’s time to shine. I said it in my recap: He is better than everyone else. In so many ways.
Stephanie: Don’t worry girl, I know you get first dibs. Just let me have turn after you get through.
Christina: Erin, you are totally right: he IS better than everyone else. I think we’ve all known this for a long, long time. And I’m talking Rippah/Evil Stefan. He is just delicious.
Cin: Rippah/Evil Stefan is one of the few joys I have left on TVD. He is perfection.
Stephanie: May Rippah/Evil Stefan live FOREVER.
Erin: What is so great about him is that he is just going about his merry way, trying to get his life back(ish) and get his vengeance. He’s not trying to pull anyone in. He doesn’t need anyone. He is just PISSED OFF. And he’s not compelled anymore. He is just dark. Because what happened to him over the course of a few months with Klaus is worse than anything that has happened to him over 165 years of life. Can you imagine?
Cin: I’m just kinda glad he made Elena cry again. I used to be Stelena, but now I’m over it. I’m still not Delena – that day will NEVER come, but Elena was a noose around his neck. That has never been more plain to see than it is now seeing how fucking awesome he is on his own. I simply LOVE it.
Dayna: I actually enjoy watching Stefan a whole lot more this way, and I’m glad they’re not trying to sell him going back to being Mr. Nice Guy. It was be false and unrealistic. But it doesn’t mean I think that he should get a free pass on his actions.
Erin: Dayna you just made me get that Alice Cooper song stuck in my head. Thanks.
Dayna: Here to serve, babe. 😉
Erin: I don’t think anyone should get a free pass. Stefan will pay for what he did. How he pays is yet to be seen. It will probably (and most certainly, currently) cause him an unmeasurable amount of despair.
Christina: Despair, I think Stefan can handle. I used to be STELENA too, but now, no. I really like revenge-intent Stefan. I love him. I like him as an asshole. I think that’s why I was so upset when he told Damon that he saved Klaus to save him. I mean, WE already knew that, and it’s not like Stefan is soulless. He’s just pragmatic to the core. I think mostly I was mad at Damon for not being worthy of Stefan’s love, in my eyes. Stefan, for real, call me. You don’t need these losers. Come live with me in the real world.
Erin: If anyone needs Christina or I, we’ll be manning the Stefan Salvatore house of WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH but will pretend not to because you don’t want that right now. How bout a blood bag and a snark?

Dayna: Nice to have the rules laid out for us like that. Don’t ask me how anyone knows how a hybrid can be killed — unless Klaus did some experiments to find out. Which is simultaneously hilarious and disturbing.
Stephanie: Oh you know Klaus did experiments. He’s twisted like that. What I really want to know now though is if Klaus can be killed the same way as other hybrids or if he’s “special” and gets his own death rules because he’s also an Original vampire.
Abby: Why do we never get to SEE those scenes? I’d have loved a few minutes of Klaus practicing the fine art of trial and error, because it would have been freaking hilarious.
Erin: I keep thinking that any head removal would be appropriate. Hybrid or not. It’s like a rule right? Even for an Original? Remove head from body, problem solved. I suppose that would be too easy though.
Melissa: But maybe its supposed to be that easy. Rebekah told us that they were once susceptible to the sun & vervain so they aren’t truly invincible. Okay take baseball. When my brothers played, there was one kid in little league who pitched no hitters. He was faster than everyone else who pitched at that age and the other kids were scared to stand up at the plate so they’d just let him strike them out. True story. And then one day my brother got up to the plate and just said to hell with it, I’ll at least strike out swinging. He connected with the ball and hit a home-run. And from that moment on, the other kids started hitting against that pitcher too. They just needed to know it could be done.That long story is basically to say that maybe killing an Original isn’t actually as difficult as it sounds. Other than the crazy juju on Klaus and the initial staking of Elijah, no one has actually tried to straight up kill them. Maybe it is as simple as a head chopped off but the Originals create such a scare factor that no one thinks to try it. Plus I’d find it hysterical if the secret to killing Klaus was something really simple.
Abby: Heart-snatching is still better, though. Heart-snatching will always be my favorite.
Dayna: Klaus seems to be super-special and thus not susceptible to the normal rules. But it’s pretty hard to argue that something is going to survive with it’s head cut off. I mean, does he just grow a second evil head?
Abby: It might be, as with flamethrowers on Elijah, that you just CAN’T remove an Original’s head. That isn’t logical because you CAN stab them, but it’s the only thing I can think of offhand. Like they’re too tough to cut through? I don’t know. All I know is that I don’t want anyone beheading my Klaus. Back off, would-be Klaus killers!
Stephanie: Obviously their skin is like marble. We’d need a meat cleaver with a diamond edge blade to chop off the head of an Original.
Christina: Stephanie, did you really just say that? 1) Because I was just thinking that, and 2) because that’s some Twilight shit right there, haha. I would think that an Original’s head COULD be cut off, especially since they can be stabbed. But… y’all are right. It just seems too easy. Or maybe it wouldn’t be. Someone should find Rebekah now that she’s indisposed and try it out? Hint hint. Also, switching hybrid-y subjects, I really enjoy that Klaus is using his supplies as missiles. Mostly because I like that Klaus is diabolical, but also because it keeps our gang on their toes. Just me, or are Elena and Alaric, like, the most unobservant people/guardians ever? I mean, it’s 10pm, do you know where your Jeremy is? I realize now that I’m making an argument for the villain, but I don’t care. Klaus is awesome. (Full disclosure: I may or may not have had a dream about Joseph Morgan last night, but that is — allegedly — not influencing my opinion today.)
Stephanie: I did say that. You can’t help but throw in the marble Twilight analogy when talking about Originals. And yes, Elena and Alaric are SUPER unobservant. How the fuck did they not hear Jeremy get up and walk out the door. Shit I feel it when someone is or is not 5 feet from me.
Christina: Right?! They’re so self-absorbed. I can’t take it. It’s probably good they sent Jeremy away. Now these two knuckleheads don’t have to worry about babysitting.
Stephanie: But with Jeremy gone who is going to think he’s Thor and climb to the top of a very tall building only to have his unqualified babysitters help him out of a jam? Let’s be real though, Elena and Alaric wouldn’t even realize Jeremy scaled a building or that he morphed into a Norse god.

Shipper Madness
Dayna: Maybe I closed my laptop too soon, or maybe I just don’t follow the people who are annoying about the shipping, but my Twitter timeline never actually exploded last night — except with people saying “and Twitter explodes.”
Stephanie: Ditto Dayna. Though I’d be lying if I say I hadn’t been waiting for the kiss too. I’ve always secretly loved Damon and Elena together. It probably has to do with the ‘want but can’t have’ mentality. I’m interested to see how it all plays out. But for the record, I’m Team Salvatore. I just want the brothers to open up a nice little B&B and play solitaire every evening while sipping on their bloody cocktails. Why can’t we get in a shipper frenzy about that?
Erin: I have tried really hard to just be Team Stefan which I have never kept secret. My favoritism has never been a question. I tried so hard. But the kiss hurt me. I cannot tell a lie. It felt a lot like when my football team played my husband’s team and I lost. There was no hate or hard feelings but I still walked away with the loss.
Abby: My timeline did not explode, but there was a certain amount of screaming. On the other hand, there’s ALWAYS a certain amount of screaming on my timeline during TVD.
Dayna: I’ve always preferred the Damon/Elena story to the Stefan/Elena story, so I wasn’t displeased, but shipping isn’t my focus with this show. Unless it’s shipping ME with Elijah.
Abby: With regard to the kiss, I will say that a) it’s about time, and b) I liked the way they did it. I’ve missed Damon’s swagger, it’s been a bit hollow for a while and I didn’t want him to walk off the porch and not kiss the girl. He just isn’t the guy to walk nobly off into the night, and the fact that he tried, realized he wasn’t that guy, and came right back up on the porch was nicely done. Good for you, Damon.
Erin: I agree that it was well done, not forced, not false, totally real and appropriate and in character. And that is probably why it hurt me so much. Because (unlike thousands of bat-shit crazy kids) I can admit that it was time and it was right. But I can also say that my heart broke a little bit over it because that is the way that I feel. I think I am allowed that.
Stephanie: Yes the kiss was perfectly executed. It felt right and natural and stayed true to the characters’ personalities. I do wish it was little sexier and contained a little less clothing but that’s just me wanting to see some washboard abs. A girl needs some nice eye-candy every now and then.
Christina: Haha, and you can’t fault ANY girl for that! It’s no secret that I’m pretty staunchly Team Stefan in every regard, but I did enjoy the kiss, if only because it was a LONG FUCKING TIME COMING. There’s a point where the tension just builds up to such a great height that if you DON’T do something about it, everyone loses, you know? If Damon hadn’t kissed her, that would have been the death of it I think. It’s gone on too long, and last night — as much as I hate to admit this because I honestly think they’re both shitty characters at this point in the show — was the perfect time for them to get together. And so I enjoyed the kiss. I too wished it would have been a little sexier because despite my Team Stefan status, I also belong to the corniest team of all time, Team (Good) Love(in). Maybe because Ian and Nina are together in real life they were trying to tone back the kiss? I don’t know. It just… didn’t seem as intense as I thought it would have been. And I watched it twice (not the whole episode. Just the kiss, haha).
Dayna: I’m trying really, really hard to forget everything having to do with Nina and Ian so that it doesn’t color my view of Damon and Elena. I’ve been mostly successful so far. Mostly.
Christina: I try really hard not to let that shit color my view too, but it’s so hard. I… I just can’t. You guys know I feel about that, haha. But that said, in that moment, I DID just see Damon and Elena, and that dude has been so fucking PENT UP for her… the kiss was just closer to dead fish than passionate fire.
Stephanie: I might or might not have sung “just jizzed in my pants” at the end of the kiss because Damon… dude has been aching to get on that love train. His Elena blue balls must be about to explode.
Erin: I can honestly say Ian & Nina didn’t come to mind at all. I am pretty proud of myself for being able to separate the two. I’m not usually so able. I think it played a bit cold fish because ELENA wasn’t really ready yet. I think she has thought about it, maybe even hoped for it, but I think that even when she says that she is done with Stefan, a part of her isn’t ready for what that really means. I am ridiculously optimistic at times so y’all are free to ignore me and all of this.
Stephanie: I will say Ian and Nina acted out this scene in the right way which I think helped us all separate Damon and Elena from Ian and Nina. Still while it was the right time for it to happen, it was kind of lackluster in comparison to when Damon kissed Katherine thinking it was Elena. That kiss had me fanning myself.
Christina: Dude. Word……………….
Erin: I have always been pretty set on Damon/Katherine and Stefan/Elena endgame (not thinking at all about how the vamp/human thing would work long term because I don’t have to and I still believe Buffy & Angel are away living their lives happily together) but Carina had an interesting thought about Elena finding a human that she would never love as much as she loved the Salvatore brothers but she is human and they are not and they would just watch over her and her life and it would be so tragic and beautiful and I kind of like the idea despite myself.
Stephanie: Shut your mouth,Erin! Buffy is living happily with Spike! Also I did see Carina’s thought and I too thought it was poetically beautiful and I would be okay with it happening.
Erin: You keep telling yourself that, Steph. Even Spike would tell you that you were full of hopeless crap.
Stephanie: I tell it to myself everyday, Erin. You just don’t stop believing.
Melissa: There’s really no great place to put this comment since ya’ll have this awesomely streamlined discussion going but here’s my couple of thoughts on the whole kiss business. First, to clarify, yes I still hate Damon (the hiatus didn’t change that), still don’t care for Delena and still think Elena would be better served if she pulled a Buffy and left her cookies in the oven a little longer. BUT I’ve always said that I like how the show has handled the entire Damon/Elena relationship. I’m very much in agreement that this was the right time for the kiss as if you build up the tension too much but never allow it to pay off, people stop caring *cough* Bones *cough*. The other thing is that I think it had to be simpler, not all full of passion. The Damon who kissed Katherine in S1, thinking she was Elena, isn’t the same Damon we know now. (The old one was interesting). This is a Damon who loves his brother again and loves Elena differently and I don’t think the crazy passion works. At least not initially. I guess I’m saying that while I’m not part of an exploding fandom, I thought the kiss was well done and moves that relationship in the right direction.
Cin: I can totally see your point, and I agree with every character thing you said, but my only problem is that I personally don’t want to see the Delena being serviced at all. But since it did happen, I will admit that it was done right this time. I don’t would rather chew on glass than view the internet fallout and I have absolutely nothing invested in them continuing to evolve this relationship – but for what it was, it was alright.

Ring Around the Rosey
Abby: If Alaric spent as much time teaching as he does getting killed in creative ways, those kids really might graduate this year. It does look as if the Magic Mulligan Rings are on their way out – or at least that Alaric’s isn’t working very well anymore, and that, to my thinking, is good. I’m tired of those rings, and I’d like there to be some real danger to the humans on the show. [Christina: This is why I love Klaus!] I also think it’s interesting that it’s sort of sputtering out, rather than just SURPRISE! NOW YOU DIE FOR REAL. They have noted in a few other episodes that it’s taking longer and longer for him to wake back up, so there’s definitely something going on.
Dayna: It makes sense that the ring doesn’t have some infinite supply of power. And seriously, by now the poor thing is probably all, “Fucking REALLY, dude?! Get a new hobby!”
Stephanie: Dayna, I just LOLed for real. But yes that ring’s mojo is quickly fading. Shouldn’t have been searched into the ring’s power back when, I don’t know, Jeremy was her love toy and he died and the ring didn’t work because he was shot. If that had been me I would have been like, “So what the fuck does thing really do? I need a list of do’s and dont’s.”
Melissa: Um also in regards to the ring, the fact that Tyler made a point to clarify that Jeremy cares about Alaric concerns me. I’m already not a Tyler fan but if he hurts Alaric, he’ll be wishing he had a magic ring by the time I get through with him.
Christina: Word, Melissa. WORD.
Erin: I discussed this with Tiff (@Angelized-1st) and she had a great theory about how many lives each ring would save and we talked about how bad Damon would feel if he realized that he took 2 lives off of each ring.
Stephanie: Damon would be devastated if he was the cause of Alaric’s eventual death by out of power life saving ring. That’s his bro-mate! Though I am curious if they called on Captain Planet would his ring get re-energized?
Christina: Klaus can be Earth (because he, we think, dug up his mama), Elijah Fire (because Damon set him on fire), Damon Wind (because, in my eyes, he’s mostly hot air), Stefan can be water (THE STEARS), and that leaves Jeremy as Heart (because he’s the lamest). Yep, I think that’ll work.
Stephanie: Who’s Gaia?! I guess that’ll be Elena since she’s pretty much the one that every dude center’s their lives around. I guess all that’s left to say is, “With your powers combined…”
Christina: Captain Hybrid! He’s our Hero! Gonna take population down to zero!

Cin: I’m going to flash my douchebadge here, but I totally called that shit. NOT that Torrey DeVito (is that how you spell it? I’m lazy) and “Dr. Fell” was going to be THE Meredith – because I’ll be honest. I have thought about this show exactly zero since hiatus started and assumed Fell = death. But back in my Season 3 Wish List I had not only bringing Meredith in, but how awesome it would be to make her a Fell. Now? Eh. Why? Because I’m not sure about Torrey a little. Not sure about the age of “Meredith” and walking in as a ready made love interest for Alaric (even though that is in the books, even when it was HIGHLY inappropriate). Hell, I’m not sure I trust this show anymore not to kill her off in 6 episodes the way they do every other new character and WASTE the potential that is Meredith.
Christina: Not to mention the fact that she’ll be Alaric’s love interest. That dude has about as much luck in the lady department as Jeremy.
Dayna: I thought when the casting side went out for “Mary” that they were actually looking for Meredith. Interesting that they made her a Fell, though. Fells are supposed to be fodder, y’all!
Cin: See, the continual “Dr. Fell” bit probably should’ve clued some of us in, but I truly wonder how many of the thinking part of this fandom just simply didn’t care because of what I said above. How many fans still trust them to cast someone who will live past a fortnight?
Melissa: I think it was sort of a surprise/not!surprise because while a fair number of people speculated that “Mary” and the overuse of “Dr. Fell” instead of a name could make her Meredith, I don’t think any of us really believed we’d get our wish. We can’t even get a viewing of Elijah, like we were going to get Meredith? And now we have her. But I have to do my own little called it moment too. During a conversation over hiatus when several of us were speculating on Dr. Fell, I joked that she’d be with Alaric and say something along the lines of “my friends call me Meredith”. Can I go write for the show now?
Abby: Let’s hope she didn’t take a close look at Alaric’s liver when she was doing all her scans and x-rays.
Stephanie: I’ve never read the book series (I know, I know) so this scene didn’t cause me to get all giddy like others, but I knew Meredith was an important character in the books and a lot of people loved her so I’m glad they finally got their Meredith.
Cin: You didn’t miss much not reading the books. Actually you missed Elena being one of the worst heroines ever and everything sucking. So the universe forgives you. I got halfway threw the 3rd book and that’s all I could handle.
Erin: The books were mostly horrible in my honest opinion but Meredith was the saving grace. I LOVED her in the books. She was smart and sweet and totally relateable. But since I just finished watching OTH all I could think of was Crazy Nanny Carrie when I saw Torrey and I about DIED when it became a trending topic.
Cin: I will agree that Meredith was my favorite character. I also liked Stefan and Damon was, well, less Magically Delicious-like. LOL
Melissa: I attempted to get through the books too and found Meredith & Alaric to be the only parts that kept me going. (Never did finish). I can’t imagine that Meredith goes away anytime soon. I think she’ll make the Fells a more significant part of the story and it seems incredibly stupid of the show to bring her in for such a short time.
Christina: Stefan was my favorite. Damon was an unbelievable asshole, in my opinion. I never understood why Elena “I’m so fucking perfect in every goddamn way” Gilbert liked him. Except that he was exotic and ugh. Thinking back, I can’t believe I liked the books as much as I did. Though, they were better than Twilight.
Stephanie: Excellent! Now I know that I didn’t miss the greatest masterpiece prior to Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight saga. To think I was worried about missing out on the top notch storytelling.
Erin: I hate to say it but writing wise, Twilight was better. The HORROR of the TVD books still makes me shudder. The first 4 were great but the last 3 that I read. I really wish I could get that time back.
Christina: I read the first 5, and I agree the first 4 were great. But then 5th one… about a third of the way through, I only kept reading to see just how bad it would get. And my god. I mean, don’t get me started on the fact that they were written like 14 years apart and the kids suddenly had cell phones for chrissake. Just… I need to lie down.
Stephanie: Note to self, when stranded in a post-apocalyptic YA section of the local library burn the TVD books first, then Twilight.

Juju House Rules
Dayna: So sunlight screws up Damon’s ring when he’s in the house, but not Stefan’s? Because Stefan is such a knight in shining armor after his Rippah-ing? WTFever, dead witches. Also, they’re gone, then they’re back and whispering rudely in the background? I am So. Over. The Deus ex Mansion-a.
Melissa: I thought it wasn’t that sunlight affects Damon, not Stefan, but that the witches just like fucking with Damon. I think Damon’s ring works fine, the witches just don’t like him so they make him suffer when he shows up.
Cin: I agree. That’s totally how I took it too. It was only when he stepped into sunbeams in the house it looked like. Once he got into the basement he was fine. But yeah, the witches hating Damon kinda gives me entirely too much glee. It’s awesome.
Christina: Yeah, I think they just like to fuck with him, so the sun burns him because they want it to.
Cin: It’s like the witches are channelling the SBH girls for once! Torturing Damon is fun. 😉
Abby: I’m just not a fan of the witches or their spooky house. They were okay the first time but come on now, we need something new. Or something that doesn’t keep using the same tricks. But then, I’m a wee bit cranky about witches in general on TVD. Somehow they just don’t do it for me.
Erin: I said in my recap: Stefan is right and everyone else sucks and the witches know that. I think they know that his aim is true and that he never had a choice in what ever evil thing he did. Every little thing he did, he did to protect someone he loved or under compulsion. Never just for the fun of it.
Dayna: See, THIS is my problem with Stefan. He’s been playing the “no choice” card since he was turned. Oh, he’s an addict. Fucking Wah. So the fact that these dead witches are giving him a pass on his behavior kinda chaps my ass.
Melissa: Word, Dayna. I love my Stefan but he needs to strap on some balls (Matt’s got enough to spare) and take responsibility for his actions. Maybe this revenge business will finally cause Stefan to take some fucking responsibility and not pull the “I had no choice” business every damn day. (And to be clear, I don’t mind the show giving Stefan an out through compulsion because there needs to be a way for people to forgive him. I mind Stefan taking that out as well.)
Stephanie: I really don’t like the witch stuff at the moment. I feel they keep doing the same thing over and over again and I just want something new from them. Also someone should tell the witches they’re dead and need to let go of the grudge against Damon. Btw, why do they have a grudge against Damon? I’m totally drawing a blank because didn’t he promise to protect the Bennett line and he did?
Erin: I just always think of Emily and what she told Stefan when he turned. About his soul being pure and all of that. There is something special about Stefan that Damon doesn’t have. Not to say that Damon hasn’t done a lot of good. He totally has. He was a total boring nice guy through most of Season 2. But for some reason me, Elena and the witches see something different, something better, in Stefan.
Christina: Power? Heart? Passion? Confidence? I see a lot of that something better in Stefan too. Always have. And don’t forget: Katherine sees it too!
Erin: Have I said yet today how much I love Christina? Speaking of Katherine though…. Where is she hiding her skanky, beautiful ass? No doubt she has something up her couture sleeve.
Christina: Oooh, maybe if it is the Petrova girl in the coffin, Katherine’s help will be required to open it!
Stephanie: Yes! Let’s find a way to make Katherine a major chess piece in the take down of Klaus. I miss that ho’!

Bye Bye, Jermy
Stephanie: Oh my god guys! Why are they sending away the only human in Mystic Falls that has killed a hybrid? Also baby brother in that last scene broke my heart. BROKE. IT.
Dayna: It WAS a nice scene. There’s no way that doesn’t come back to bite them all in the ass, but a nice scene nonetheless.
Cin: I’d like to jump in to say that Jer won’t be gone more than 3 episodes. That’s totally a guess but come on! LOL
Abby: If Jeremy didn’t go directly into the house and drink a gallon of vervain right after he got compelled to stand in front of a speeding car, he is an idiot. And while Jeremy HAS, at times, been an idiot, I don’t think this is one of them. I think he faked the compulsion and will leave town for a while, learn some things, and then show up (with his crossbow!) at a critical moment later on.
Erin: Totally with Abby on this one. After the car “accident” they let him continue to be vervain free? Right. Ok. But maybe he goes, because it’s what Elena wants and he loves Elena. Either way, it was a heartbreaking scene. They finally came together as a family for the sole purpose of taking that family apart. I bawled.
Stephanie: I would love it if that happens Abby and Erin. Love. It. Jeremy isn’t even my favorite so I don’t know why I care so much. I guess I just really enjoy when he and Elena have sibling bonding moments. Also I had tears threatening to escape during the scene because it always sucks to say bye your brother/sister who you’re so close to whether for a long time or just a couple of days. I really felt for Elena.
Christina: I felt for Elena here, and it WAS really sad, but Jeremy definitely isn’t gone for good. First of all, this is TVD. Jeremy, not gonna be gone. Also, Jeremy is kind of a bad ass. Abby, I think you nailed it. Jeremy lies low A LOT, but he’ll be back, and he’ll probably be swinging that cross bow (which still makes me think of Daryl on The Walking Dead, btw). Maybe it’s because of this that I just couldn’t bring myself to be really upset. The Jerm rarely elicits emotions from me anyway (unless Anna is involved), so. Yeah. Cold-hearted bitch, and all that. I’m not concerned. And honestly, if his relationship with Tyler wasn’t already tarnished, then I’d be happy that this would at least take him away from that douchetard. When they were hanging out together at the beginning, I was like “WTF is this bullshit.”
Melissa: Jeremy may have his issues but he is a BAMF for the mother-fucking-win. I love him.
Here’s my thing on Jeremy leaving/this episode. I started getting upset when he killed the hybrid on the porch. Because both McQueen and Nina played that really well. There’s this sense of get shit down from both of them because they know that if they don’t people die and they’ve seen so much awfulness at this point that they’ve hardened a bit. And yet in their eyes, Jeremy seems to realize just how far he’s gone in terms of what he’s willing to do and Elena realizes even though she’s been trying to protect her little brother, that little brother isn’t there anymore. He lost his childhood and his innocence with every person that died on him. So it makes sense that he would want to leave Mystic Falls. He’s trying to break free from so much more than Klaus.
And he’s barely 16. If that. Jeremy was 15 when this show started & Elena just turned 18. It’s been barely over a year. The kid is just at 16 years old and he should not have to deal with all of this. And unlike Elena or Bonnie or Caroline or Tyler or Matt, who all were eventually given a chance to choose to deal with this stuff or walk away, Jeremy’s never been given the choice. The evil exists and he’s not alone in life so he can’t just leave. He’s never really been allowed a choice in Mystic Falls and so I found it even more heartbreaking that in the end, he still didn’t really make a choice. He let Alaric, Elena and Damon make it for him. I think ya’ll are probably right that Jeremy isn’t really compelled or that he’ll fight it and be back but that makes it even sadder if he faked it in order to leave. I definitely cried when Damon “compelled” Jeremy but it wasn’t so much for Jeremy as it was for the others. The last time Elena had Damon compel Jeremy, he didn’t know what was going on and when he did find out he was pissed off. Now Elena has to watch as Jeremy just lets go. In so many ways, he’s given up on ever having a reason to be excited about life or to want to make his own decisions and have his own passions. Elena may have found her Petrova fire but Jeremy lost the Gilbert version.

Coffin Conundrums
Abby: I’ve got a theory… (it COULD be bunnies, actually)…I think it’s the remains of Klaus’s mama in there. Because how can you have the whole Original family playset without mama? Plus, it’s exactly the sort of thing Klaus would do.
Dayna: That was my thought too, Abby, when they showed Klaus holding her necklace in Bonnie’s dream. Though he would have had to go dig her up sometime when he wasn’t with Elijah and Rebekah, and I would think they would have noticed. The other option is the original Petrova girl.
Abby: Yeah, that’s theory number 2. I kind of hope we’re all wrong and it’s full of extra Henleys or something, because that would be a surprise.
Stephanie: Guys, I think we’re all on the same page here. It has be Mama Original otherwise why would they cast a spell to keep it locked? Though the original Petrova girl would be pretty awesome too but so would Abby’s idea of extra Henleys. I vote for the Henleys myself.
Christina: HENLEYS! That would be amahzing. At first I thought it was Elijah, but then realized I was just being silly. I thought it’s probably Mama Original too. Though, y’all bring a strong point that it could be the Petrova. I just hope that if it is her, we don’t get another WEIRDO history lesson about how she lived in with the Vikings in Virginia… and yet the doppelgangers hail from Europe. The history and geography. I can’t take it.
Cin: Yeah, the sealed coffin could be Mama Original. But I’m still confused on her – was she a vampire? I thought witches couldn’t be vampires. I’m confused. So I’m hoping it’s the Petrova. It’s about damn time she made an appearance.
Dayna: I think it would be all part and parcel of the same wacky history lesson we already got. There was obviously a village of Europeans that went with the Original family to North America. It follows that she could have been one of those Europeans; the remainder of the Petrova family would have been back in Eastern Europe and that bloodline would have spawned the doppelganger. Unless they’re going to tell us that the original girl had already had a child when she was used in the curse. Also, we all assume that she had to die for the curse to come into existence, but that’s just an assumption at this point.
Christina: All excellent points. But remember Katerina had a baby too that they took away. Now maybe that’s a red herring, but you never know when the writers might pull that one out again. I know that they were Europeans in Virginia, but you would think that the doppelganger would have to be a direct line. Maybe that’s just the logic in my brain saying that. So some of the Vikings went back. They just better have a good explanation is all. Until then, I’m pretending their history lessons don’t exist.
Melissa: Mama Original is not a vampire (because yep, its either witch or vampire) but I kind of think its her in the coffin too. I mean, for one, Klaus is totally the type to go dig up his mother from that grave and cart her around in a coffin. Actually since we’ve seen that murdered witches still have power, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mama started messing with Klaus from the grave and he dug her up and put the spell on the coffin to keep her locked down. Which would explain why she kept trying to get out and get an opening into the world via the ghosts.
Speaking of the ghosts, this whole damn fandom is crazy if ya’ll think that story’s done. We may not get back the reunion moments but I don’t buy that the ghost story is done just like that. I’m betting Bonnie’s dream was a sign. If I’m taking a stab in the dark guess, I think Mama O gets her powers back and can take Klaus down if her coffin is opened and I’d bet her necklace is a key.
Cin: That’s a pretty damn good stab in the dark. I hope you are right because for them to just drop all of that convoluted mythology stuff – well that makes all of the mis-historification (yeah, I am NOT forgetting that shit anytime soon) not even worth anything. And that is like even more unacceptable.
Erin: I had a totally crazy idea that Bonnie’s dream was the real deal and there is a Klaus doppelganger and he totes around his extra self. Remember how he was able to be inside Alaric? Why not be able to be in one of two?
Dayna: Aaaaaaaaaand, Abby needs smelling salts. 😉
Abby: Forget the smelling salts! GET ME THAT COFFIN!
Dayna: I’ll snag it for you when I run in to snatch Elijah’s.
Abby: It’s a deal.
Christina: Y’all are like talking Horcrux shit. Sort of. As much as I love Klaus, I really hope that’s not true. It convolutes things.
Abby: Truthfully, I think a Klauselganger is unlikely, but it’s such a nice idea. I think what’s more likely is that Bonnie sees Klaus in the coffin with the necklace because whatever is in the coffin, plus the necklace, is the key to putting him in there for good. 😦
Erin: I did say it was a crazy idea. But I can’t stop thinking about what is in that 4th coffin and about how he can put himself in other bodies. I have OCD.
Christina: Maybe the henleys are in THAT one.

Goodnight, Rebekkah
Abby: This scene was both heartbreaking and scary. Heartbreaking, because Klaus clearly wanted this whole Utopian family thing to work out, and scary because he’s so driven not to let anything mess up his dream that he’d dagger baby sister again and will probably tell the others she’s dead, rather than let her expose his lie. I do think that it’s that lie (about who REALLY killed their mother) that he’s most desperate to protect, because that’d turn ALL his siblings against him…since originals are apparently willing to let bygones be bygones when it comes to being stabbed & stuck in boxes for a few hundred years. Klaus is such a mess. I love him.
Dayna: He is crazier than a shit-house rat, but oh-so-entertaining with it.
Cin: As much as his crazy drove me crazy in the beginning, it’s kinda what totally endears me to him now. Plus I saw the other side of crazy with Rebekah and, yeah – I totally like Klaus’ brand way better.
Erin: Am I crazy messed up that his single tear created one of my own? WHY DO I FEEL BAD FOR HIM!?!?!? These kids and their daddy issues. I can’t help that I get it. I want to hug them all. Even the rabid ones.
Stephanie: I would pay good money to be Klaus’ therapist. That’s right I would pay Klaus money to get him to tell me all his fucked up family problems.
Erin: Didn’t this week’s Happy Endings say that therapy is a two way street? You can both get something from it. As long as I can be a hugging consultant.
Stephanie: Yes they did mention that on Happy Endings. You can be a hugging consultant, Klaus can be my patient, and I can be his girl Friday. That is as long as Abby doesn’t dagger me in the back first.
Erin: No worries Abby!! I only want a hug or two. Then I’ll be back to “counseling” Stefan full time. He’s been through a lot. I think I could make some serious progress with him.
Abby: For the best. I’m watching both of you. While you sleep.
Christina: Wow, Abby. That wasn’t creepy at all. Hahaha. You guys, Klaus is so beyond fucking nuts. I love it. And Erin, you are NOT ALONE. Klaus’ tear, hanging so delicately from his eyelashes. OMG. Klaus and Stefan (and Elijah, though it’s been a while. DAMMIT) can elicit emotions from me like no other on this show. Klaus’ tear in “Homecoming” was just… ugh, god. 😦 I don’t know what it is. I just love Klaus so much, and I just want to cuddle him. I know you’re hug consultant, but… can I get a couple in? *wibble*
Erin: I just love that there is this overwhelming theme of daddy issues for almost all of our characters. We don’t know dick about Alaric’s daddy but I bet it’s not awesome news. Name one character with a daddy we’ve met without issues that can be directly tied to that.
Christina: Your absolutely right. Alaric is the best daddy figure we’ve seen, and that’s saying something.
Stephanie: Do we know what Dana’s home life was like before her tragic demise? I bet she was a Daddy’s girl.
Cin: RIP #NotNowDana

Melissa’s Thoughts On Elena
Melissa: At the moment this is unrelated to any current discussion but I have this need to talk about Elena. Ya’ll know that I still love her and this episode was no exception. First when she was running and timing herself on how fast she could go, I was like Yes! She’s still training! And then with Klaus in the bar & he’s telling her to figure out where Stefan is and she’s like that a Klaus and Stefan problem with this total do I look like I give a tiny hybrid ass about this attitude. I love that she just has this business of telling Klaus to go fuck himself because even if she plays by the rules, she still ends up hurt. If that wasn’t enough, then she gets all up in Tyler’s grill about his cult worship of Klaus. Fabulous. But don’t worry, I’m not done with the Elena is awesome spiel.
Then she goes and slaps Stefan for being a dick. And that is why I think Elena’s fallen for this Damon. Before it was just a yeah he’s cute and sometimes I wonder if there’s more. But I think now it’s because Damon is looking out for more people than just himself. He might always choose Elena but it’s no longer at the risk of her loved ones. Whereas Stefan has switched sides. That’s always been Elena’s thing. Mess with her all you want but you go near the people she loves and that Petrova fire comes out hardcore. Damon’s protecting her loved ones and Stefan’s putting them in danger. Like this makes total sense to me.
Finally, Elena’s telling Klaus to stuff it later when she gave him Rebekah was equally great. I love that she’s careful around him but that just like with Katherine, Elena isn’t about to sit around and let people threaten her. She can give as good as she gets and Klaus better learn that. In one line, Elena made it clear that she can take away everything that matters most to Klaus and then she tells him to show himself out. ALL THE HEARTS.

From the Tweetosphere
@thomascgalvin: It would have been hilarious if Klaus’ hybrid was driving a hybrid. #EvilPrius #tvd
@theSBH: Did Tyler just HULKSMASH that bottle? LOLS #TVD
@thomascgalvin: …and my entire timeline is “and twitter explodes” #tvd [It’s funny that most of our timelines had this rather than actual explosions]
@DSylvan: “It’s just stress?” BONNIE WHAT SHOW HAVE YOU BEEN ON? #TVD

Cin’s Special Statement
Cin: Totally unrelated to anything The Vampire Diaries, but I was quieter than usual this week. Mostly because I wish the show had come back next week. Now don’t get all pissy, let me explain! I watch ONE sport, college football. In college football I care about only ONE team, the Alabama Crimson Tide. As every American knows, we are going to be in the National Championship Game against LSU on Monday 1/9/12. My team is in New Orleans, LA right now doing press and I’m totally caught up in the whirlwind and seriously, everything else is completely not on my mind. I can’t focus on anything but football. So, I will rewatch this episode when I feel I can pay better attention because last night – I’ll be honest, I was mentally tuned out for about half of it. Sure I got the big plot points, but it would be unfair for me to really react to things I was barely listening to. I’ll be better next week. I promise.


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6 Responses to Reactions: Ep 3.10 “The New Deal”

  1. jamie says:

    I was hoping someone would question why Alaric was mincing/chopping herbs with a damn meat cleaver to begin with. lol

  2. Gabriela says:

    Hiatus ist finally over, and I have to say, not only was it great to watch all my favourite characters again, I also enjoy having you girls back with all your clever comments. Who is in that coffin? Or what is in that coffin? Henleys, yes, I totally agree with that one!
    My favourite word in your comments this week: Klauselganger!
    Thank you for almost spilling my breakfast porridge because I had to laugh so much reading this.
    Although sometimes I think you are way to critical. Orange makeup, well, maybe that shows up on your TV sets. Me, sitting here overseas, trying to watch downloads on tiny computer screens, I would be happy to watch Damon covered in spinach and I wouldn´t care! Maybe Ian ate too many carrots over Christmas? Stole them from the bunnies?…
    I loved Stefan in this episode. Although I do not see him as clearcut bad as some of you do. There was something in his voice when he talked to Elena, which made me think that the switch is well on and he just pretends to be bad, while struggling with guilt over what he is forced to say. There were these tiny movements of his eyes trying to avoid looking into hers for too long, and I think Paul Wesley is way too good an actor not to do that deliberately.
    Oh yes, the kiss. Definitely not passionate. More like a statement. The corporeal version of Damon´s many declarations of love for Elena. I felt myself not cheering, not melting, but firmly nodding, when I watched it. This is how it should be.

    • I think you have a point about Stefan not being all-the-way bad anymore. I think maybe that’s why I had the problem with him admitting that he saved Klaus to save Damon. I already knew that he did (he and Katherine were talking about this in “Homecoming”), but hearing him say that, hearing him say that he obviously still has part of his humanity because he is doing something out of love for his brother kind of made me mad. I LIKE RIPPAH Stefan. I like seeing him ruthless. BUT, you’re right. He’s realized something. He’s been able to break through the humanity barrier himself. Yes, he’s been uncompelled now, but there’s something else. And that’s the thing that makes Stefan so much more complex than probably anyone expected. It’s that “something special” that Erin and I were talking about.

      And the kiss was like a statement. I was still unmoved by it, haha. 🙂

      • I too agree that Stefan isn’t all the way bad anymore. Well in a way. It’s more like he isn’t blindly bad anymore. The whole compulsion thing worked with the initial RIPPAH because it gave Stefan an out and a way for the people he loved to forgive him. But now that he has part of his humanity (and knows it) but is still doing whatever the fuck he wants makes it so much more delicious. When Stefan does make his way back into everyone’s good graces, it won’t be easy and it won’t be quick. And that makes me not only love the Stefan story more but realize I should’ve trusted the show a little better that they wouldn’t make this an easy fix.

      • Apparently WordPress doesn’t give us “like” buttons for comments.

        So consider this comment Liked. And seconded. 🙂

  3. charlie says:

    I’m glad i’m not the only one who thought Damon looked like he’d rolled in cheetos this episode…what on earth was going on in the makeup department!
    Otherwise great episode !

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