TVD Hiatus is almost over. But the VDBingo one is just starting…

Yeah, you read that title correctly. Now, now, don’t fret, my pets. VDBingo isn’t necessarily gone forever. But after much, much, MUCH deliberation, Cin and I decided that we aren’t going to do VDBingo this quarter. As much fun as it has been, and as much fun as YOU ALL make it for us, it’s just become too time-consuming. Unfortunately, we don’t get paid to clean up after these goof-offs at the SBH (we’re looking at you, Damon!), so we have to subsidize our lives elsewhere. And the way it’s going right now, our time is best spent doing other things.

But that doesn’t mean that we won’t be live-tweeting the episodes everything Thursday. Because, believe us when we say that is our absolute favorite part about #VDBingo — getting to see everyone’s reactions and chatting with folks via Twitter. We’ve missed all you house guests! You are welcome to continue playing with the cards we used last quarter. We’re just not going to be playing or collecting names of winners. No need to email us if you win — though feel free to shout-out to us on Twitter!

That all said, our recaps and reactions are NOT GOING ANYWHERE. You guys, this show… it just makes us feel ALL the feelings, so we can’t not express them. And we can’t go without knowing what the eps make you think and feel too. So prepare yourselves, because we’re going to come at you hard and fast (that’s what she said) with the recaps once the season starts up again on Thursday.

THURSDAY! I kind of can’t wait. Remember: Stefan done stole ALL the Original Family Coffins, and Klaus is MAAAAD. Stefan, if you don’t see that you have to #pullthedaggerout to even have a chance to survive the Klaus fall-out, then nothing, not even your STEARS, can help you. So, let’s watch together on Twitter, shall we? And we’ll hit you guys up on Friday with our reactions!

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3 Responses to TVD Hiatus is almost over. But the VDBingo one is just starting…

  1. Tina says:

    It looks like CW has seen your idea becuase they are starting their own CWINGO

    • They TOTALLY stole it!!

      Haha. Kidding. Sort of. We know about CWingo. We’re not impressed. Ours is WAY better. If only we had a network to back our project, we could still be playing it. Don’t worry though. It’s not necessarily gone forever! 🙂

  2. Sky Johnston says:

    I totally understand, but am sad that there will be no more VDBingo for the time being. The CWBingo doesn’t let you play if your not in the US. So us Aussie’s will just have to wait for you all to somehow get more free time!
    Thanks for the fun that VDBingo was!!

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