Reactions: Ep 3.09 “Homecoming”

Still lots of thoughts and feelings here in the SBH round table discussion today. I’m not going to delay you with a flowery intro… so let’s get to it, bitches!

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, and Melissa (SBH contributors and friends).

Now They’re Just Fucking With Us
Christina: Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me. They teased us with the trailer last week, but as soon as they showed Mikael daggered on the floor, I KNEW that it was going to be Mikael she undaggered. And then Klaus said he was going to reunite his family once Mik was dead. And he was SO GODDAMN CLOSE. So fucking close, I could TASTE it. But no. Fuck you, Stefan! And I’ve never said that before. Goddamn you and your plans of revenge. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY ELIJAH? I CAN’T HANDLE NOT HAVING ELIJAH! AAHHHHHHHH >:O
Cin: I have rage. SO MUCH RAGE. Last week they gave us glorious naked armed, and the most perfect HBO QUALITY WIG flashback-hair-ever ELIJAH, and he just acted as window dressing to distract us! I feel violated & used. They know all of the brainy fangirls get all wibbly-wobbly about Elijah, so they feed us that blatant & senseless mis-historification knowing we’d be all “Elijah is perfect & nothing hurts, nothing at all”… And yeah, it kinda worked. But you know what? I have MADE myself not rewatch last weeks episode because every time I even think about it I get sick. But that’s not the point – the point is, they DANGLED HIM. They used him & us and UGHHHHRRRGGGHHH!!! All fucking day I was a mess about nothing else except needing SOMEONE to #pullthedaggerout – and when it became obvious fairly early that it probably wasn’t going to happen & then they TEASED US SOME MORE with it. Jesus I hate feeling like a rabbit in a cage with a carrot being dangled over my head. Do we ask for so. fucking. much? All we want is E L I J A H! *deep breath* That said, that thing has to be coming out soon.
Dayna: Rage. Blackout. And now that Stefan has run off with the coffins, and Katherine has headed for the hills, and Rebekah is daggered in the dungeon, there is NO ONE to undagger Elijah. Stefan sure isn’t going to be in any hurry to add MORE Originals to the mix. AAAAARGH!
Cin: I kinda think that Stefan knows that he needs to undagger Elijah now, and he’s the perfect person to do it since pre-daggering he & Elijah had reached an understanding. Actually, Elijah was speaking to Stefan about family and why he didn’t keep his end of the deal when he turned around and Klaus slipped the stick in him [Christina: that sounds so dirty] [Cin: Shut up. You love it.] – so yeah, Stefan definitely is the perfect candidate. PLUS he can spin Elijah’s thirst for revenge since he’ll be the one to hand Elijah the rest of the Coffins o’ Originals.
Melissa: Oooh, plus Elijah obviously got over that little pact they made back in Mystic Village. He only saved Klaus to get the rest of his family back and, like Rebekah, he probably doesn’t know how his mother was really killed. So to find that out, plus learn that Klaus killed Mikael and Elijah will totes be out for revenge. Rebekah only had a few days to realize what her brother did but she’s loved him for a thousand years. Elijah’s been over it for half a millennium. Elijah’s so in on the revenge. IF THEY WOKE HIM UP. I too am pissed about that tease.
Christina: I am not by an means okay with this. But… you know… I really wasn’t expecting Stefan to run away with the coffins (and store them in an actual funeral home? That’s what it looked like. Maybe it’s because it was just the room full of coffins…). I wasn’t expecting him to steal them right out from under Klaus. So, I’m fucking impressed, show. Don’t be fooled. I am ANGRY. But also… well-fucking-done.
Abby: SERIOUSLY. I saw the coffin-theft coming about 2 minutes before Klaus opened the trunk, but it’s just PERFECT. The perfect revenge. Klaus deserves it. But one of those coffins is PRECIOUS FUCKING CARGO. Stefan, I like your style these days but you handle that thing like gold or *I* am going to stake you, got it!?
Christina: Exactly. As soon as he answered the phone and it was Stefan, I was like “OH, no. NO NO NO NO NO!” I just had this feeling the trailer was going to be empty. I could feel it in my daggerless gut. 😦
Melissa: I feel like everyone watching knew the minute Stefan was on the phone with Klaus that those coffins wouldn’t be there. But really, Stefan, you couldn’t have just opened one to see how Elijah was doing. Make sure his suit wasn’t getting too dusty.
Christina: Word! I just want to know that he’s still dapper as shit! (Which he is, OBVS).
Cin: How awesome would it have been if after they panned out to show the coffins, they showed ONE open and then at the last second, Elijah is like standing against the wall just looking on with that smirk of his. They totally missed an opportunity there. I mean, they could have had Gillies shoot that shit when he was doing the window dressing work for last week AND it would have calmed a whole lotta fandom hearts. We NEEDED some good faith going into this hiatus and they totally fucking blew it. *spits*
Christina: Cin, I seriously got all tingly reading that description. That would have been the goddamn bee’s knees. I may have wet myself a little thinking about it.
Abby: I say we FedEx Cin to LA to present this marvelous idea in person, so we don’t miss another good chance when the show resumes.
Cin: Slap some postage on my bosom & I’ll HANDLE THAT SHIT!

I Can’t Take the KLEARS!
Christina: You know, I never really get it when people say that TVD makes them cry. We had this discussion a few weeks ago. I don’t generally get upset over this show. But listening Mikael BERATE Klaus, watching him have to endure that… watching his eyes get shiny from anger and tears when he realized that Mikael had outsmarted him. The actual, streaming tears that streamed down his face. You guys, I got misty. My heart hurt. My eyes watered. I just wanted to cuddle that scary-ass monster. I love this. I love the character of Klaus that they have created. He’s big and bad, but deep down he’s wounded. And I am a sucker for those kinds of characters. Did you notice how the thing that really set him off was Mikael telling him that there’d be no one with him at the end? My fear too, Klaus. My fear too. Come, let’s be lovers until the end of time (with Elijah of course. Y’all can take turns. My body is ready.)
Cin: I didn’t get wibbly, but they did give him some enormous depth this episode and I appreciate the shit out of that. And Mikael is just a mother fucking bastard of the highest order. No wonder Klaus & Rebekah turned into psychopaths – he is over the top mentally abusive. So yeah, Klaus came a long way with me – but the crying, well, go see what Sarah at said in her photo caption: “Oh you’re good, Klaus. But you, sir, are no Dean Winchester.” Word, Sarah. So much word. Dean is the barometer with which I measure all male character tears. And it’s a tough hill to climb. But still, props to JoMo for sure.
Abby: I-Love-Klaus-Land is positively crowded these days! Please excuse me while I take a moment to be incredibly smug. I’ve always loved you, Klaus! Always, from the first. I hope you stay forever.
Dayna: I think, with very few exceptions, one of the shows strengths has always been to give all of its characters depth, with relatable emotions and understandable motivations, so it’s not exactly a surprise that they would do the same with a character who has been given as much build-up and as much screen-time as Klaus. Even with Mikael’s short tenure, we understood what made him who he was. Who he was was a raging douchebag, but at least we understand why. JoMo has done an awesome job with the role, and while he’ll ultimately have to die, we can definitely empathize with how he got to be the way he is.
Cin: I don’t know, he became a bit less Voldemort-y to me this episode. To see that after getting his Hybrid army off the ground and dealing with Mikael his goal might have been just to reunite his family… I’m not sure, but they are making a good case for him to be allowed to live.
Christina: Well said, Dayna. I don’t think I fully appreciated Joseph Morgan last season, but he has definitely BROUGHT IT this season, and I can unequivocally say that because of him, Klaus has become my favorite (on screen) character (not to be confused with Elijah, who spends all his time daggered in a box, so OFF screen. Because Elijah is still my best guy). I’m telling you. Elijah, Klaus, Stefan. That’s the show I want to see. [Cin: CHRIST, YES!] [Abby: AMEN] But it’s not just that the show tries to give all characters relatable emotions and understandable motivations… it’s that they’re able to pull it off with a BAD guy that is the key point here, the thing to honor and mention. They did it last year with Elijah (who I loved right off the bat BECAUSE he was an awesomely BAMF badass). He came in guns drawn, basically, then they gave him depth so that he’s now pretty universally loved. They keep trying to do this to Tyler and Bonnie, and that shit ain’t sticking to me. So the writers’ plans don’t always work. For me to be moved to the fact that my eyes actually watered over some emotion that KLAUS is feeling?? Well done. Well done indeed. The writers AND JoMo.
Abby: *waves all of the pom-poms* GO TEAM!
Dayna: On another note, though, what in the nine hells makes Klaus think he can just undagger the rest of his siblings, shrug and give an Ally McBeal-esque “Bygones!” and have everything be okay? Somehow, I don’t see Elijah waking up and being all, “Oh, you killed Dad? Well then, nevermind how you killed everyone and carted them around in coffins that one time. Let’s party!” Jeez, what the hell is Klaus thinking?
Abby: I think he’s thinking he’s an all around good guy for protecting them from Mikael all these years and that everyone will thank him for that, eventually. Scary thought, ain’t it?
Christina: I think you’re right about Elijah, Dayna. This goes back to the point I made last week when Elena told Damon that Stefan’s love for him is what’s going to save Stefan from himself. I think that Elijah’s brotherly love (or hate, but I’m going to side with love) is what’s ultimately going to bring Klaus down. It has to. It’s such a nice parallel, and we know how much this show loves parallels. I mean, hell, just look at last night’s episode title.

“Feel free to warn your friends.”
Christina: First of all… he was in Portland. How did he get back to Mystic Falls so fast?! Portland, OR or Portland, ME. Doesn’t matter! Goddamn portkeys!
Abby: It was the case of Heisler. I’m sure of it. Fake beer makes great portkeys.
Dayna: Wait, when did he say he was in Portland? I totally missed that.
Christina: He said it when he was on the phone with Stefan at the beginning. He was complaining about the music and the healthy people, haha. Which is what makes me think he meant Oregon. Not that there aren’t healthy people in Maine, but you know the rep Portland, OR has (love you, Portland! But it’s true).
Cin: He HAD to have flown. I mean, how hard would it be for them to all just compel ppl at the airlines? Not hard at all. The fact that they don’t utilize this more is embarrassing. But yeah, they all flew in for the “wake”. LOL Got to love Klaus’ sense of humor. It’s almost amusing that Klaus’ plan would have worked too, if only he didn’t feel the need to warn team good guys. Then again, had to keep them in line. I would have just preferred a no warning, all out massacre myself. *shrug*
Christina: BUT, there were people from all over America with him. Remember he said there was a healthy stock of werewolves in the mid-west? Did he use his frequent flyer miles for them all? Also, you are sick, hahahaha. LOLZ. It def would have been cooler if he didn’t warn anyone. And his sense of humor is awesome.
Cin: They are Sired. He tells them to be in Mystic Falls by 8pm by whatever means necessary, that his health & well being depends on it – and they get there. I think Tyler did a pretty good job of enlightening us a bit into the hybrid ‘sired’ relationship with Klaus. They don’t have to be compelled, they are just faithlessly loyal. Can’t help it. Can’t control it. Don’t really want to.
Abby: I’m definitely in for the massacre. I’m a big fan of Klaus just rolling up and schooling everybody. Dude’s a thousand years old, he SHOULD have skills.
Christina: That is a good point. Hybrids. Kind of boss.
Melissa: Although apparently not that boss since Damon can just walk up and rip a heart out. Geez. Nice to know sired hybrids aren’t that impressive. I’m down with the kiddos making it to Mystic Falls through any means necessary. And I think both Stefan & Damon have shown an affinity towards humanity, so driving a car, fits their style. Katherine just likes nice things so she has fancy cars. But as vampires, these kids can move super fast. I have this feeling that just because our main vamps don’t feel a need to run places, doesn’t mean the others have the same issues. Plus the wolves are all about the outdoors, they probably considered Portland to Mystic Falls a nice jog. And they’re hipster wolves so they’re totally over flying.
Christina: Heart you for that last sentence. Also, you’re right. They are still rather susceptible to the heart-rip.
Cin: I think everyone is susceptible to the heart-rip (duh, it’s why it’s Elijah’s death method of choice), even Klaus is susceptible BUT Elijah said to have him weak enough to be put in that position he needed to be in transition. Actually, I don’t see why if he were vervained/wolvesbaned cocktailed why it couldn’t work… Guess we’ll find out eventually.

The Sired & the Restless
Cin: I hate to say this, but I was kinda feeling the line Tyler was selling Car at the end. It should be said that Christina & I had a total brainshare during the episode and both BBM’d each other at the same time “Oh No He Di’n’t” when he vervained her – but once he brought Matt into the mix to get her out I started to soften. Then when he kinda laid out how he is perfectly OK with his new Hybrid status AND that he makes it better for him and that he can be ‘Sired’ to Klaus and still do the right thing sometimes… Bold. And actually for a second I wanted Caroline to follow him out of that room and say she understood. I’m SO going to hell.
Christina: I know, it’s weird right? I actually kind of liked Tyler last night? I mean, yeah, initially I was enraged that he vervained her, but then listening to him… I like Sired Tyler. He’s scarily obedient to Klaus, but he’s got… confidence. Tyler has always been a cocky asshole, but now with the hybrids, he has a sense of… sort of a sense of family that he’s never had before. It’s very clear that he enjoys it (duh, he said it), but you also get the impression that he finally feels like he belongs. It’s kind of sad considering what it is and why and who his daddy sire is, but I love it.
Melissa: I got Tyler too. And I think I liked it more because this situation has been built up over the last couple seasons. Tyler doesn’t want to be a werewolf. He doesn’t want to transform and he’s sick of being abandoned. And because Klaus needs friends, Klaus is more trusting of his hybrids. (Though that may change since they can be compelled by other Originals). I was actually 100% down with Tyler vervaining Caroline because I knew/hoped he was trying to save her and then save others. I mean was it the perfect plan no, but it was a plan and it saved my Care-bear and Matty. It seems like Tyler has the chance to be happy for once. He’s trying to find the loopholes in his siring deal and find the good in his situation. It actually makes him very like Caroline in this optimistic pull up the bootstraps approach which is probably why Caroline took issue. Sometimes Caroline’s persevere attitude pushes to a naive level and I feel like she saw that in Tyler’s reaction. But again, even in these small moments, Trevino is doing excellent.
Abby: Count me in for Team Tyler on this one. He’s doing the very best he can to work around a crappy situation. Tyler has never asked for any of this – not to be a werewolf, not to be a hybrid, and he certainly didn’t sign up for being freaking SIRED! On the other hand, he’s making the most of what he’s got now and he’s doing his best to protect the people he cares about. Anything that helps keep Caroline alive is good in my book, and I was actually really sad for him when she shut him down at the end. Poor Tyler!
Cin: How fucking AWESOME was Caroline in full on drama mode about the party & such? “Evil Blood Slut” jealously, glitter gun superiority and outright INDIGNATION that there was a seriously awesome soiree that she had NO hand in planning. Fucking brilliant.
Christina: I seriously loved how angry she was. It amused me so much. How DARE anyone else be Queen Bee?!
Abby: She was the very definition of adorable. All of the hearts for Caroline! (Except that one that Damon snatched, but hey, we don’t begrudge him. That was a slick move.)
Cin: I wish Rebekah had at least made it to the party for the throw down between her & Car. That would have been just awesome to see. I think Caroline’s jealousy about Rebekah’s newfound relationship to Tyler, as well as her usurping her position as HBIC is really pushing all of Car’s buttons in ways we haven’t seen in a while. And I kinda love that. She can be totally badass but also this insecure little girl. Never change Caroline. Ever.
Christina: It was all very daytime tv, don’t you think? I’m a little upset no one got slapped.

Epic Plan Failures
Dayna: It really wasn’t a bad plan. They just failed to figure in Klaus’s ordering the hybrids to kill Damon in the event of his demise. I wonder how long they’ll drag out Stefan (or Katherine or Klaus) revealing that part of Klaus’s plan. I kind of loved how Mikael just stood there all matter-of-fact waiting for Elena to dagger him.
Cin: If Stefan & Kathi hadn’t had their side plan going, it probably would have worked. That said, with the developments in this episode I’m glad they failed. Mikael needed to die. He was a first class bastard and Klaus said he would undagger the siblings, so yeah. But that’s another topic. The plan hinged on Damon trusting Katherine and even though she did the right thing and only betrayed him to you know, save his life, she still double crossed him. Which I find kinda hysterical. Will he never learn? LOL
Abby: While I’m sad to lose Sebastian Roche, whom I adore, I’m okay with losing Mikael. We’ve got enough big sharks in the pool right now, and I’m ALL ABOUT anything that makes it harder to be rid of Klaus. That said, on the balance I thought that Team Mystic Falls had a pretty good plan and it was surprisingly well executed. on the other hand, I’m also glad it failed, because again, I feel like it’s far more realistic for Team Mystic Falls to be repeatedly foiled by the ancient bad guy than for them to outfox the fox.
Melissa: What I find fascinating though is that Katherine still stuck to the plan. She told Stefan that she would see it through, whether he showed up or not. But I liked and didn’t like Damon’s plan. (Because really it was Damon’s plan, Elena’s plan was to trust him). First, it is interesting that Damon didn’t involve Alaric or Jeremy with their magic rings, he kept Caroline as a vamp out of the loop and he only minimally used Bonnie. That is growth, people! And it was a damn good plan, executed perfectly so I think that Damon’s rage was understandable. But i will also agree that Mikael needed to die. I mean, obviously, Klaus is sticking around since JoMo was signed on as a season regular. But I like the idea that Klaus is a continuing problem, not Mikael. He’s been trying to beat his asshole father for centuries, he’s earned the right to win on that front and Rebekah was right that Mikael poses too much of a threat. (Like I don’t think Klaus, if on the other side, would’ve killed Elena under any circumstance. Mikael doesn’t give a shit. [christina: he’s honey badger!] Plus I’m betting Mama O comes back into play. There’s no way the ghost story line is dropping away completely. Everything comes back on this damn show.
Abby: I would like to note that Damon Salvatore needs to stop flinging the goddamn glassware into the goddamn fireplace every time he gets into a snit. Knock it off, dude!
Cin: Damon can’t help it, Abby. When he’s feeling feelings he goes off the rails. Plus OBVIOUSLY Elena is a sucker for the wounded bleeding heart. *dramatic eye roll forever*

Kathi Wins Again
Abby: I love Katherine so much. Words fail.
Dayna: I kind of wondered if that was her at the party rather than Elena. Just some of her mannerisms there were more Katherine than Elena. I wasn’t 100% sure, but it didn’t shock me when it did turn out to be Kat.
Christina: I wasn’t totally shocked, but I wasn’t really expecting it. Like, I wondered where the hell Kathi was during this. And when Elena and Matt showed up at that party… it was the earrings. There was something about those damn earrings that screamed “Katherine!” to me, but it didn’t totally register in my head. Plus she had Katherine hair. Should have known. Should have known, haha. Also, did you notice how Elena and Damon had a plan, which Stefan foiled and Klaus triumphed, BUT the only reason Stefan foiled was because of Kathi’s manipulation? She is a goddamn all-star. I hate her. That doesn’t change. But sometimes she amazes me. I’ll be honest, there was a bit too much talky talk in that scene in the car and I kind of started to drift in and out, but the gist of what I gathered… HBIC, for real.
Cin: Yeah, I just said basically the same thing up in the “Epic Plan Failures” section. She totally wins all the awards this episode. Of course, all awards would have been rendered invalid if SOMEONE HAD #PULLEDTHEDAGGEROUT but oh, hell no. *spits*
Melissa: I had more of this YES reaction than total shock. Though I wish I’d put it together when Damon said she called to check in. Of course she’d be back to try and get Klaus. I totally heart Katherine too but I wish I’d been smart enough to pick up on it faster. I mentioned this on twitter last night and I’ll say it in more detail here. I think the reason that we didn’t pick up on it being Katherine so fast is that both Katherine & Elena are growing more like each other. The show bookended that concept nicely. Elena’s gotten tougher, more of a do whatever it takes to get shit done attitude, even manipulative and after she daggered Rebekah, we saw that was taking it’s toll on her. She knows she’s got Katherine tendencies and that worries her. Katherine meanwhile at the end was acknowledging that she feels, that she still has some of her humanity. I feel like it’s not a matter of Nina blending the characters together more but the characters growing more like each other. And when I thought that and went back and rewatched, it was not only very obviously Katherine but I was even more impressed by Nina’s portrayal of both characters. She dances a fine line very well.
Cin: Where was Elena during the entire party? I personally think she was at The SBH doing Rebekah’s nails since she, you know, kinda ruined her high school dance experience. Anyway… If I had been trying to figure out the plan I probably would have suspected Katherine, but I really wasn’t until she was standing there at knife point with Mikael. Then it kinda of hit me what Damon started telling Elena about her not liking part of the plan and it flashed me back to “Masquerade” last year and I realized he wouldn’t let her get near that party. Also, ummm, Klaus couldn’t tell he was talking to a vampire and not a living breathing girl? Or even Mikael who FEEDS on vampires — and who fed on THIS PARTICULAR vampire just a few days prior — when he was standing inches from her? I don’t understand this shows vampire mythology sometimes.
Christina: I was thinking the the EXACT SAME THING last night.
Melissa: I was willing to dismiss the fact that Mikael & Klaus didn’t notice Katherine because they were so focused on each other. But some mythological consistency would be appreciated.

Mystic Fall-ing Apart
Melissa: So I watched this episode and I have to say it felt a lot like the gang was falling apart under the surface. On top, the plan was working with the exception of the Katherine/Stefan wrench and everyone was bonded over a common enemy. Yet if you look a little deeper, all of our MF Scoobies chapter is having issues and they’re all very separate from each other. Caroline is dealing with Tyler and trying to be normal (a very Matt concept) and doesn’t really have anyone to confide in. Tyler loves his friends but he has a loyalty to Klaus so he’s fighting two sides. Elena is closing off on trusting people. Bonnie can’t talk to Elena because of family code and Jeremy can’t talk to her because of girl code. Rebekah noted that none of the Originals trust each other and I think that’s happening to our MF gang. The undertones reminded me a bit of Buffy S6. As a depressing as hell season, its no one’s favorite but it speaks a lot to the group needing each other. I felt like this might be a small indicator of the MF gang really splitting apart and they’ll need to fight through that and find each other again to survive. At least I hope that’s the direction this goes.
Cin: Now that you mention it I totally see it. Of course this is also a downfall of a huge cast. They haven’t included Caroline in on the big group plans since “Masquerade”. Which is kinda dumb. I mean, I can see some upside on keeping people like Matt, Jeremy & Alaric in the dark for safety reasons, but other supes? Not so much. Also, the fact that Elena would just blindly follow Damon isn’t sitting too well with me. You’d think both she & Bonnie would be a bit more skeptical of a plan minus significant backup. What is going on in these characters heads is something that I feel is lacking a bit on this show. Not all of the characters, but most of them and that’s because of so much big bad story going on all the time. I think that’s why *I* have started feeling disjointed with the show a bit. So it’s natural that the characters themselves would be acting the same way. I want a good old fashioned meeting of the citizens, seriously an entire episode of them like hashing out all of there mutual shit would be like golden right about now.
Melissa: It is dumb! Absolutely! That’s why I think it showed how disjointed everyone has become. Now it could be that the writers haven’t quite caught on to this with the characters but the fact that Bonnie is finally becoming a worthwhile character and not a plot device seems to say that they know what’s going on. There was a time when everyone would pow-wow and question Damon’s plans. But everyone’s so wrapped up in their own shit and not talking about it to each other that it’s going to destroy them. I think/hope that’s something that comes into play in the second half of the season, the need for these people to really come together and not just when it is absolutely necessary.
Cin: But that’s the thing, how much of a “Them” has there ever really been? I want them to all go up to the Gilbert Lakehouse of Dreams and work their shit out. Or all get locked in the SBH basement dungeon or something. I want old and new shit to come to the surface. This show spends so much damn time moving the plot at breakneck speeds that I think character is sacrificed a bit too much. And again, we as an audience are distracted against this fact because we don’t have time to think about the characters as much either. And that makes me a sad panda.
Melissa: So basically we need a Mystic Falls Retreat with trust exercises.
Cin: YES!!!!!!! Exactly that! ROFL! I’m totally envisioning Damon’s turn at ‘Dead Man’s Catch’ and everyone just stepping aside like they did to Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls. *dies forever*
Melissa: But in all seriousness, with a few exceptions (Bonnie especially), I’ve been a big fan of the way character development happens on the show. The plot moves a mile a minute but the characters develop slowly. That’s worked in two ways. First, unlike some shows, the relationships aren’t a revolving orgy. Sure, there’s a lot of weird stuff going around between the Petrova women but for the most part, people aren’t shuffling relationships as much as many other shows. Second though, and this is my favorite thing, is that the show moves so slowly on the characters. Yeah, all these plot moments happen but people don’t change overnight. It takes time and I like the way the show does this. Caroline may have had the fastest growth of anyone and even she isn’t moving that fast. I don’t really know how to vocalize this that well but I just love that there is this subtlety to the characters in the midst of all the WTFuckery in the story. And on the how much of a them, I think that up until Masquerade, there was a them. A them in the sense of high school friends with a couple additions who look out for each other. And then Tyler got turned, Elena’s doppelganger meant much more than looking like Katherine and the separation started. Now we’re beginning to see the results.
Cin: I totally agree & see that. But yeah, all of the characters individually are changing but lately there just hasn’t been a whole lot of communication about those changes with each other. And the show is just kinda of skating over it for the most part. Tyler made a huge step last night in opening up to Car, but we need to see that more across the board.
Melissa: I’ll agree with the need to see more of this through actual communication. I want the second half of the season to be about these guys beginning to recognize the problems they have as a whole and start to remedy them. (Well also about Elijah and Caroline and an awesome Stefan but you know). I want to see the characters recognize that they need each other for more than a plan. Honestly, my biggest fear is that the writers aren’t doing this on purpose. If they are, I can’t wait to see how it develops. But if it’s happening by accident, I don’t know how that gets fixed.
Christina: Word to ALL of this. You guys covered everything. I hadn’t realized it before either, but you’re dead on, Melissa. But just an FYI: Bonnie will NEVER be a worthwhile character for me. It just ain’t gonna happen. 😉
Melissa: That right there is why I’m hoping the writers see what’s going on between the characters. Bonnie is gaining a few fans from those of us who haven’t totally hated her. But the show spent so much time making her only useful as a plot device that there’s a very long road back to redeeming her and there will be a lot people who aren’t into the roadtrip bonding with Bonnie. The writers nearly wrote themselves into a dead end and it’s going to take more than a three point turn to bring her back. (Yeah that was a lot of road/car references.)
Cin: Does this mean that even after she’s developed I can run her over? Wait. I got lost in the road references. 😉
Christina: LOLS! I was just going to say that. I can pretty confidently say that I will never be able to look at Bonnie as anything other than

From the Tweetsphere
@TikisGrandad: I’m goin home. I just stepped on a big piece of meat that looks like a heart. I got blood on my crocs. Them kids is animals. [Christina’s note: Tiki’s Grandad is definitely my new favorite twitter account. Cracks me up CONSTANTLY.]
@thomascgalvin: We don’t need *more* daggers… they should have just used the one currently in Elijah. #tvd #pullthedamndaggeroutofelijah
@TVDSweetness: That red dress is horrible! #TVD #Homecoming
@caulkcrinolines: Don’t be sad, Damon’s Eyebrows. #TVD
@theSBH: You know, Tyler, glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept. #tvd [not to toot our own horn or anything, but I kind of struck gold here.]

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11 Responses to Reactions: Ep 3.09 “Homecoming”

  1. ilisek says:

    Ok. I made an account so I wont accidentally take credit for the comments of other ‘Anons’.

    First of all, YES TO EVERYTHING in the first section! When Klaus started talking about the family reunion I actually stood up on the coffee table (which I then subsequently and repeatedly banged my head against 20 seconds later).

    I may have cried a little when Elena/Kat and Klaus had that talk where be commended her for daggering Mikael and she’s like “It’s not my first time” and he’s like “Oh right. Elijah.” *sniffle*

    Dont worry too much about the whole geography thing. Vamp-zoom, remember? (They just drive because it looks cool and cars dont work as well if you dont drive them often)

    “First, unlike some shows, the relationships aren’t a revolving orgy…for the most part, people aren’t shuffling relationships as much as many other shows. Second though, and this is my favorite thing, is that the show moves so slowly on the characters. Yeah, all these plot moments happen but people don’t change overnight.”

    We’ve always known TVD was good but thank you all so much for putting into words the things that set TVD apart from mostly everything else on the CW.

    The first thing: I cant stand watching other shows because it irks me to death how much inbreeding goes on within the main cast. And when everyone has slept with everyone else, the producers bring in a new character, with whom everyone in the main cast takes turns with (yes it is supposed to sound that insanitary), and once everyone’s done with them, the new character peaces out, and another one tags in.

    The second thing: I’ve never really noticed this, so thanks for pointing it out! When we look back to one season ago, so much crazy has gone down (remember when Elijah was the ‘big bad’?), but the characters themselves have grown at a realistic pace, despite how much they’ve been subjected to.

    Now that it’s the dreaded hiatus, what are you guys going to be up to?

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Thank you for your support & YES! You made an account!

      Hiatus plans: Drinking. Relaxing. Catching up on other shows. Drinking. Not thinking about TVD everyday… It’s different for bloggers. We love the show, obviously, but hiatus is like vacation time for us. Gives us time to take a deep breath. Plus, I need a break from the rage. With every episode I’ve been without Elijah my rage has stewed into something terrible. Elijah still be daggered not withstanding, I feel good about where they left everything else in the show with this episode. So we’ll see if we can’t come back in January a bit refreshed and hopeful again.

  2. You guys, I laughed my ass off when Mikael died. But then once I got over the hilarity of it all, I was vaguely pissed. I mean, they had sort of been building this guy up to be the next Big Bad, and then Bam! he’s dead. Not that I don’t feel he didn’t deserve it. No one makes Klaus cry! No one!!

    Speaking of tears, I felt bad when Klaus started crying. I know it wasn’t sad/depressed tears. I think it was more anger/rage tears. But I still felt bad. I wanted to give him a hug. I can’t believe after everything he’s done, I still feel super bad for him. Joseph Morgan is just that good.

    Ugh, Stefan. When Season 3 first started, I was like, “Elijah better be woken up after at least eight episodes.” I should have known that wasn’t going to happen, and now, while I’m not over it, I’m just basically waiting patiently. I think it’s inevitable that we’ll see Elijah again, so there’s no worries there. I want to meet the other two (it’s two right?) Originals, though. That’s what I’m really excited for. I know Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec said that we won’t meet them all at once, but I figure since Esther is dead (I have a feeling we won’t see the last of her) and Mikael is super dead–HAHA–(we’ll probably see him in some flashbacks, though)–then there’s no reason not to meet the other two. It’s two, right?

    I should have known that as soon as I started to really like Rebekah that she’d get daggered. Fucking Elena.

    I feel like Katherine’s hair isn’t as curly as it was last season. The hair department must be getting lazy.

  3. Rachelle says:

    I actually laughed out loud multiple times reading this.

    Anyway, I agree with like…all of the above. I’m not sure if I totally loved this episode or if it was just a bit meh, but for the first time EVER while watching I felt that some scenes were completely unnecessary, especially the flashback scenes. I mean, I get that they wanted the viewers to go OMG WTH? but….it seemed a bit….like a cheap shot? I’m not sure. I loved how Katherine and Stefan had this whole side plan going on, but the last scene/flashback felt unnecessary and the explanation way too long. Just get to the point, Kathi. (And was I the only one who, for a brief moment, actually thought we were going to see Elijah in the car with Katherine? No. Just me then?)

    Also, I started thinking about why some of us aren’t involved with the characters that much this season, I was wondering if it maybe had something to do with the fact that they’re changing. They’re obviously developing, but maybe in ways we didn’t expect. Not saying that it’s either a good or bad thing, but some moments between certain characters just feels weird (As much as I like Elena/Damon moments, they sometimes feel really REALLY weird) Maybe I’m the only one, but yeah, just a thought that crossed my mind. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense at all, it’s really early and I’m not quite sure what exactly I’m typing.

    • onlymystory says:

      I kind of get the cheap shot thing. Like, when I watch Leverage, they do this magic con and then go back and show you the little details you missed. But if I go back and watch the scene in the first place, it’s all there, I just wasn’t observant.
      In this case though, it was more of a oh look, everything’s crazy but we won’t actually show you any of the crazy in the original scene. I think this episode needed to be like a 2 hour special. Spreading it out over 2 weeks wouldn’t work but it needed to be longer to feel more coherent.

  4. Larfein says:

    To be honest, ever since I learned about the trailer, I was kinda prepared that we won’t get our darling back. I mean, whatever is hinted in TVD trailers turns out to be something completely different in the show (which, btw, is a great thing, as I hate any kind of spoilers).

    And still during the closing scene, I was at the edge of my seat, all white-knuckled, begging to see Stefan talking on the phone and surrounded by four (who’s in the fourth coffin anyway?!) pissed Originals sitting on or leaning against their coffins, grimly helping themselves with some blood bags, and of course with Elijah among them! THAT is how it should’ve ended T.T

  5. anonymous says:

    We always talk about Elena and crew not going to school but obviously the Salvatore bros have never been either. They have absolutely NO knowledge of anatomy! I think that during the hiatus you should set up some home schooling at the SBH and teach the boys the difference between the stomach and the heart. Stake in heart kills! Stake in stomach does not kill! Maybe you could use pictures. For all Damon’s bitchin about why the plan went wrong, does he not realize that it went wrong because he went for the stomach kill on the first stab? Wow – I luv the boys but sometimes they are just dumber than dirt.

    • ilisek says:

      Hahaha word.

      At first I was like “Why did Damon stab Klaus in the crotch?”

      And then I realized that he probably just missed.

      But to Damon’s defence, he was coming at Klaus from behind so maybe he couldn’t really see the target?

  6. anonymous says:

    Ilisek – I rewatched that scene and You’re Right! He went for the crotch stab. Oh Damon, that’s so low!

  7. Regina says:

    Wow Yall Are Crazy. Lol. But Anyways Im Still A Bonnie Fan No Matterwhat Just Saying. & I See Yall Are Starting To Like Tyler But To Me He’s Acting Like He Was In Season One A Dick. As For Katherine I Give Here 2 Thumbs Up. Well Done. & I Love Damon For Always & Forever!!!

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