#VDBingo Ep. 309 “Homecoming”

Thoughts. I’m having a lot of them right now. There’s just so much going on inside. I just… HE WAS SO CLOSE, YOU GUYS. But NOOOOOO, Stefan had to go and seek revenge. DOESN’T HE KNOW HOW MUCH IT MEANT TO US?! And now we have to wait like 2 months for this shit?? *weeps openly*

Until then, let’s check in with VDBingo. Here is the list of officially marked squares: (16 total)

  • WTMindfuck
  • Someone just died. — (And it was GLORIOUS)
  • Vampire Barbie is Awesome
  • Original Family Ties
  • NMatt, what is so great about normal?
  • Elena the Protector
  • Bloodbag!
  • ELIJAH (FREE SPACE) — (I can’t even…)
  • Every Hour is Happy Hour in Mystic Falls
  • Triangle Trouble
  • Someone just got compelled… It must be Thursday!
  • MIND BULLETS and other witchy-juju!
  • Whoa… MYTHOLOGY!
  • Kathi’s a team player. Right…
  • Hybrds have more fun.

So, we had a special surprise planned for bingo tonight if Elijah got undaggere, but alas. I guess we’ll never know the surprise. Stupid Stefan. So, how did you do anyway? If you got bingo, be sure to email us (the address is on the right) and let us know. Include “#VDBingo 3.09” in the subject line.

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