Reactions: Ep 3.08 “Ordinary People”

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, and Cat (SBH contributors and friends).

A Giant Rainbow of Squee
Christina: Oh my God. I can’t even… Elijah… I’M IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION! Elijah! We got to see Elijah walking around WITHOUT having a dagger shoved in his chest (thank god we didn’t have to see him getting turned by Mama Original). And it was fanfuckingtastic. It was glorious. You guys, I always knew that I had missed him, but I didn’t realize just HOW MUCH I had missed him until I saw him on my screen once more. Squee isn’t a strong enough work for it. I had a fucking MOMENT. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think. ELIIIIJJJJJAAAAAAHHHHHHH!
Cin: I’m still on a euphoric high over his entire 6 minutes (I’m totally guessing, but whatever. It just makes me dislike Rebekah more that she didn’t ‘remember’ him in every single flashback. Bitch) that I was giddy the entire episode. Like, I can’t even fully explain it. Elijah was on TVD guys, and nothing hurt. NOTHING AT ALL! I have got to rewatch for info, because even with all the exposition – I was in my Elijah place. Fuck origins of the originals. DID YOU SEE HIS HAIR?!? HIS ARMS?!? How am I supposed to concentrate on plot and try to see their justifications of origin stories when he’s in the background making my insides QUIVER WITH DELIGHT?!? *deep breath*
Dayna: That’s what the second viewing is for. Last night was ALL ABOUT the Elijah. This morning was about the rest of the episode. When he comes back in the present day, he NEEDS to be shirtless. Because if those arms are any indication, it is a crime to be covering that shit up with a suit. Even if they ARE nice suits.
Christina: Dayna, do you WANT me to die? Eh, I’ve liked a good life. Bring on the shirtless Elijah!!
Cat: I’m not even exaggerating when I say that my very first thought this morning was “If Klaus is such a bad ass, why hasn’t he done a single thing as awesome as that quarter through the cafe window?”
Cin: Cat, as much as I’ve come to appreciate some of Klaus’ attributes – WORD TO YA MOTHA!!! He’s not. He can’t be. Because Elijah is the most awesomest fly vampire ever. Elijah is so fly, he makes Lestat look like a hipster. And no, I’m not talking about Tom Cruise’s Lestat – I’m talking book/Stuart Townsend Lestat. Hipster. Freaks.
Melissa: There’s just something about that restraint. Elijah’s all prim and proper most of the time and then he lets it out and it is sooo fraking hot. Like Stefan. Except Elijah’s better. And sword fights!!! BTW, did anything else happen in this episode because I got sort of distracted by Elijah’s arms and forgot to pay attention. 😀
Cin: That’s what I’m screamin’.
Abby: ELIIIIJAAAAAHHHH. Oh please, show, let us keep him forever. I know Klaus will probably be killed off eventually–that whole uber-villain thing–but please, please PLEASE let us have Elijah as a regular recurring guest. He makes everything wonderful.
Cin: Guest?!? The hell you say! Full cast. Shit, spin him off. I know we bitched & moaned the entire time he was daggered last season, then we wrote a huge essay and moaned all summer. Heck, we’ve been moaning every single episode for them to #pullthedaggerout — but you guys, the power of the Gillies is ALMIGHTY. He was little more than very pretty scenery this episode and we got more exposition than we have gotten since 2.19 — but you know what? HE MADE MY SUN SHINE AGAIN. For his 6 glorious minutes of screen time, I was in my own personal Valhalla. This is a bold statement, but without him, I’m broken. Empty. Shattered. And what makes it worse is they DANGLE him in front of us like this. I should feel dirty and cheap, but it feels too good to be ashamed. *sigh* Now I’m babbling. Ignore me.
Christina: First of all, PREACH. Second, that little clip [[SPOILER ALERT]] of Elena pulling a dagger out next week better not be a tease. Having Elijah back is like finding out your long lost love is back in town. If I have to find out he’s married with kids not actually the one getting dedaggered, I’m going to be pissed. And absolutely wrecked.

Flashback Hair Do’s and Don’ts
Cin: ELIJAH WINS ALL THE FLASHBACK HAIR AWARDS!!!!!!!!! Haters to the left, that was the best wig I have seen on this show yet. Bar none. Klaus on the other hand looked like Tom Cruise’s Lestat. Just, YUCK.
Christina: OMG, it totally was Lestat hair! *snorts*
Abby: *sings* Oh say can you see, my eyes…if you can then my hair’s too short! (+10 to anyone who gets the reference)
Cat: I love the flashbacks, I really do. I like the story, But man, that hair. I can’t do it without chuckling. Also, how old is Elijah supposed to be in relation to Klaus?
Christina: You know, I asked this question to Cin last night. He looked a lot older, no? I actually thought he looked a lot older than he usually does in his dapper suits.
Abby: Agreed.
Cat: His long hair was really setting off his 5:00 shadow.
Cin: If I had to guess, I’d say Elijah is at least 5 yrs older than Klaus & 8-10 yrs older than Rebekah. But I’m not sure we’ll ever get that kind of exposition, I think they will bust out and tell us he’s older eventually, but how much? Nah.
Dayna: When has the show ever given us a reliable timeline on ANYTHING? But yeah, it kind of left me wondering why the hell Elijah was still “living at home,” as it were, and not in a tent or hut or whatever of his own with a wife and kids.
Cin: Are we sure he wasn’t? I mean, he very well could have. Maybe Mikael killed his family too when he went on the rampage and that was another reason the highly moral Elijah sided with Klaus and didn’t just scatter like the rest of the Original (un-named for now, of course…) siblings.
Melissa: Maybe Elijah’s family died in that plague in Eastern Europe? Elijah said in S2 that he was older and Rebekah said after one kid died in Europe, their parents moved. She also noted that she was born in America (well future America) and we know Klaus was due to the werewolves.
Cin: When did she say that about being born in America? Cause that makes no sense with the rest of the history — plus, this is supposedly around 1000 AD. The Europeans didn’t even know North America was here then. I’m confused.
Dayna: Cin, she said the family had been living there peacefully for like twenty years, and that her parents had more children once they’d gotten there, including her. I don’t think Elijah could be THAT much older than Klaus and Rebekah.
Cin: Screw that. This history thing needs to be addressed. NEW SECTION!
Melissa: If he’d been recently married? Like between the plague and a newish bride maybe still weak from childbirth. Naw that is too old. As I rethink it. Yeah and Beks didn’t say “America” she said the village, I just noted that its what would become America. Sorry, didn’t mean to be confusing.
Dayna: Clearly what we need is an entire episode where Elijah flashes back and tells his entire life story. Can I get an amen?
Abby: AMEN!
Melissa: Amen and hallelujah! Okay actually I think Elijah has to be a decent amount older than Klaus & Rebekah because it seems like he was born in Eastern Europe while Klaus, Rebekah and obviously Henrik were born in America. I think a 10 year age difference is a fair assumption. The interactions too implied (to me at least) even more of that older brother/slight father figure in Elijah towards Klaus while Rebekah and Klaus are the bffs of the siblings. Elijah’s tight with his siblings, he’s just slightly more removed. (And if we don’t find out differently, I bet his family was killed either by Mikael, the wolves in retaliation or maybe Elijah did it before he learned to control his vampire nature. We’ve never seen him drink human blood in modern times,right? Maybe that’s with very good reason.)
Christina: Oooh, I like that theory. I’m such a sucker for self-loathing, guilt-stricken characters…
Dayna: We saw him drink from a bloodbag, but never from a person directly, and we’ve never seen him show fangs and vamp out. I agree on their interactions. And 10 years sounds about right.
Abby: If Elijah wasn’t living at home, that might explain why he wasn’t around enough (and by enough, I mean ALL THE TIME, IN EVERY SCENE). Can we talk about how awesome Elijah + Klaus + swords is, though? I mean…SWORDS!
Cin: There were swords? All I saw were GILLIES’ ARMS?!?
Dayna: I’m not gonna lie: I may have swooned a little. And Klaus cutting off his belt? I love when they put the “Yay!” in the HoYay. We need shirtless Elijah so he can be properly objectified like the other men on the CW.
Christina: The swords was pretty freaking awesome. But now that Cin brought up the other siblings, that reminded me of my own wonder on that topic. They never showed any other siblings besides Henrik, right? How many did Elijah say he had? 7? Where the fuck were they?
Cin: My bitchy side says they were just A – too lazy to cast/name them, B – want to make us sit & spin on the who others could be for the next season or two or C – I don’t have a C. But yeah, I’m pissy about it. BECAUSE not only did we not meet them in the flashbacks, but how STUPID is it that Alaric translated the names on the wall – which didn’t he say all of the names were there? And yet, even fucking ALARIC can’t tell us their names?!? *spits*
Dayna: There were two people in the background when they showed the tree burning; Elijah, Klaus and Mikael were up front, Rebekah was in the background, and there were two other people, neither of whom was Mom, so it may have been the as-yet-unnamed two missing siblings. Elijah said his mother bore 7 children. If he was counting the one who died before they left the Old World, then there would have been 5 left after Henrik died.
Abby: Which means we have an extra coffin! I really hope it’s the bones of Henrick or something weird like that. I love it when Klaus is simultaneously freaking creepy and touchingly sentimental.
Christina: In that case, it might be Mama Original!
Dayna: He’d have had to dig her back up, but Lord knows he’s creepy enough to have done it.
Abby: I’d rather it be Henrick. All that guilt about getting him killed by werewolves should have manifested somehow. Klaus deals with his feelings in strange ways.
Cin: Did anyone else notice that the Petrova girl who the FUCKING DOPPLEGANGERS were fashioned after was conspicuously missing from Rebekah’s tale? I mean, that’s KIND OF a big fucking deal considering it’s the turning point of the entire curse, right? So who the fuck was she? Where was she? Did they think we wouldn’t notice? Discuss.
Abby: SERIOULSY. I noticed, and it was glaring. I can’t believe Elena didn’t ASK. I get that they want to break up the reveals, but that was a little silly. Elena should’ve asked about the doppelganger and her part in all this mojo and family history.
Cin: Elena’s a fucking idiot. #thingswealreadyknew
Dayna: That’s its own flashback episode. It was too big a deal to include here. Plus, I suspect she wasn’t someone who was a big deal to Rebekah. Even Klaus has never acted toward Katherine or Elena like the original was anything special to him. It’s Elijah who seems to have that connection and COULD HE JUST MOTHERFUCKING HAVE HIS OWN SHOW NOW INSTEAD OF GILLIES GOING OFF TO BE ON SOME GODDAMN MEDICAL DRAMA WITH ERIKA-FUCKING-DURANCE? (Um, sorry. I’ll go take my meds now.)
Melissa: I was gonna say the problem is now he does have his own show. 😉 What if Elijah married into the werewolf villagers but married specifically another human? Sorry that’s a little confusing. Like, if the original Petrova also lived with the werewolf villagers before the Originals arrived and Elijah met and fell in love with her. She’d represent an opposing side to the Original family and probably support the wolves and maybe Mama Original (and Papa) used it to teach Elijah a lesson about family loyalty. That’s a hodge podge idea but it’s what I’ve got.
Dayna: That’s sorta the story I’m telling in my own head, until they give us the Petrova story.
Christina: That’s actually what I was thinking too. The only reason they didn’t show the doppelganger in this flashback was because they didn’t show Mama Original putting the curse on Klaus. That’ll be a different episode. The doppelganger was used for that. Plus, like Dayna said, they can’t reveal it all at once. And I’m sure it has something to do with Elijah, so hopefully we get to see even more of him. Seriously, if this episode was it, shitfit. Get ready for it.

Historical Facts? What’s that?
Cin: I consider myself a bit of a history buff, and while American history predating the civil war is not my forte, I am educated enough to know that what we were fed last night was full of down right poppycock. And like my issues with the geography this show has shoveled down our throats this season, just, why? It’s so much easier to work with what you already have and is historically accurate. Why do they have to make it harder? As well as confusing fans who might actually believe some of this fake history? UGH!
Dayna: I can hand-wave a lot with the explanation they gave of the witch learning of the New World by mystical means, but if that’s the case then why did all of that village look like Europeans rather than the presumably Native people who were already there with their werewolf selves? Did Mikael take an entire village with him when he left Europe, and not just his family?
Cin: And how did they get there? Didn’t Europeans think the world was flat until the late 15th century? Was this inside information to the supernatural only? HOW does this relate to Native American or Aztec or Inca historical facts? There are just so many holes. SO MANY. The fact is they are spreading a false history that very probably has no basis in fact, and that bugs the shit out of me.
Dayna: If they’d gotten word of this land from the witchy-woos I guess they’d be reasonably confident they weren’t going to fall off the edge of the world. Plus, that whole thing where everyone thought the world was flat was has been a little oversimplified.
Cin: True, BUT why would he go that way? I don’t understand. This rumor of stronger species? Codswallop! I’m sorry, it’s all just so flimsy. And again, I say WHY?!? There are so many places and things that have long and rich histories that have never been tapped into before. A few that have. When we first heard the Eastern European thing, it fit. It so fit. Why relocate? It would have been easier to say that the cave drawings were done by the transported Lockwood ancestors (because the thought of them still being in cave man mode in the 16th century is actually believable seeing as how evolution turned the screw) as a warning on this family. Especially if Niklaus is technically a part of that family too. BUT to transport much of the origins of the Original family? No. I don’t buy it. Elijah called it the ‘armpit of civilization’ – that hardly sounds like a place to call home.
Christina: Hey, I live that armpit and it’s called New Jersey. Oh… you were talking about Mystic Falls… Okay, so first of all, who said anything about the Native Americans being werewolves. This isn’t goddamn Twilight. Second, it could all make sense if they say that they found the land by mystical powers (i.e., the Ayana found it and told them). And maybe the Original Family wasn’t there long enough to to really make an impact on the history that we ALL know, but no, totally. It’s disconcerting, and if some ancient peoples made the rune drawings, SOMEONE had to know. And I can’t believe that it was just OMITTED from stories. THEN again, vampires seem to have been. Guarantee the Founder’s Council knows about these shenanigans.
Cin: Christina, see – this is the problem. You are in the world of TVD and are just saying “OK, in their mythology this is what history is. It’s not right, but if they want to use it – cool, whatever.” And that’s fine. BUT YOU KNOW BETTER. My issue is that some people, don’t have a clue that what they are dishing out here is inconceivable. And I just don’t see why they did it. There is other ways than to monkey with historical facts.
Dayna: I did a little internet research this morning to try and nail down a history of the Native peoples who were in Virginia, and didn’t find a shit-ton of it. It gives the writers some leeway in that regard, so I’m not gonna go off on them for that, but trying to bring the Vikings into it was totally WTF. There’s no reason whatsoever. Did the writer have such a hard-on for Eric Northman that they figured they’d throw some Vikings in here, too?
Christina: Yeah, why Vikings? I mean, granted they are a LOT more attractive than, like, Neanderthals, so I appreciate it in that regard, but all these vampire stories out today seem a little too connected, you know?
Cin: I think the Virgina/Mystic Falls location makes it even more atrocious. Forget North America. Parts of Canada – I could maybe swallow at some point? But Virginia?!? No. The natives had never seen a white man prior to the 15th/16th century. No. Just, no fucking way.
Christina: It just seems funny to me that they all want to descend on Mystic Falls. I wouldn’t want to live there. They have more founders functions than NYC has parades.
Melissa: Okay so first, I’ve been rewatching, trying to see what I missed. And it’s all white people in the village. There’s no weird Indians are werewolves thing going on. Which makes me think that the Vampire Diaries is creating a very isolated history. Like, you know how a lot of supernatural stories imply that the real reasons for world events were supernatural beings, not disease or war, etc? I get the impression that TVD is saying there’s a human history and a supernatural history and for the most part, the two don’t mix. So perhaps this mystical land, that we know as Mystic Falls, has a separate history than most of America. Like take the civil war. Sure Damon fought but a lot of able-bodied men were staying in town, handling the vampire problem. In any other town, that wouldn’t fly at all. I feel like as the show goes on, there’s going to be more of an emphasis on Mystic Falls past, present and future as a very special land and rather unique in history. That said, perhaps too, the witches had a way of protecting the village from outsiders. Sort of like the Quidditch Cup thing were Muggles who wander too close start feeling lost. Anyway, I think that if the show had chosen to root the TVD history in actual history, they could have done that with very little difficulty and I think it would make more sense. But I definitely have the impression that TVD is choosing to write a separate supernatural history, one that existed alongside human history but was not so interwoven with it. In that case, I’m accepting of a nonsensical historical tale.
Christina: I see what you’re saying, I and totally get it. I’m thinking this myself, but when they’ve been positing the whole “vamps really exist in our world” thing, it gets… dissonant, and harder to follow or to suspend your disbelief, you know? If we had gone into this knowing that it was a fucked up town in an alt-version of the U.S. (You know, MORE alt than a world that includes Vamps and Weres), it’d be totally fine. And I get it all, and I accept it. But it just FEELS off…
Cin: Yep. Just like that wacky TVD canon geography & travel guide, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I RebeKAN’T Anymore
Christina: Look, I like Rebekah. And I really appreciate that she could have all those flashbacks for us, but… are they trying to make us like her so she can stay forever? I don’t know. I just have this feeling they’re trying to make her stick. I’d much rather have Elijah. Though, I guess that can’t happen now (But Congrats to Daniel Gillies!!!). I don’t know. Am I just thinking about it too deeply?
Cin: No. I’m right there with ya. Although, I think you like Rebekah more than me. I barely think she’s tolerable. Especially with her spotty memory of her most important brother.
Christina: Well, I suppose there is reason for that (he’s older, she was more bffs with Klaus, etc.), but it’s still unacceptable. I agree there. I don’t mind her so much… as long as she’s not being a raging, snotty bitch, which is honestly quite often. But when she’s like she was last night, all flashbacky and emo, I’ll take it. I guess this was the only episode I liked her in, haha.
Dayna: Once she gets over her little emotional breakdown, could she NOW go and undagger Elijah? Also, someone asked on Twitter last night if Elijah knew about Klaus and the matricide thing. What do we think, ladies?
Cin: If Elijah knew, no way he stuck with baby bro. None.
Melissa: But if Elijah was closer with the Petrova, who was then used as a sacrifice in the curse on Klaus, I’d think that would turn Elijah away from Mama O as well. I can see him taking Klaus’ side in this case. I’d be curious to see if Mama Original had to build in the doppelganger thing or if Ayana did that.
Dayna: That’s my read too, Melissa. Mom sacrificing someone he cared about would definitely rank above Klaus simply being a hybrid. I mean, that’s not HIS fault. So I can see him turning away from his mother after that. But it does seem weird that if he knew, he’d conspire with Klaus to hide it from Rebekah.
Melissa: I don’t know that Elijah knew that Klaus killed their mother at that moment but at the same time, he could’ve been so angry about the Petrova dying that he didn’t care what Klaus did. I feel more like Elijah may not know that part. And Rebekah mentions that Elijah’s enhanced personality trait is morality, which I think would explain why in modern times, Elijah seems to want to return to his family. He’s seen the bad sides of Klaus and realized it’s not so one-sided. Anyway, and on Rebekah, I quite like her and I feel like she could end up sticking around long after Klaus and Elijah are gone. I’d like Elijah around too but Rebekah seems like she’d be able to both shake things up but assimilate as well and find a home again. Caroline is awesome enough to be my Mystic Falls Buffy (except you know, a vampire) and Rebekah can be her Faith foil. The compassionate blond cheerleading vampire versus the bloodthirsty, mean one.
Cin: Also, regarding the dagger… have you seen the Canadian promo yet? That’s all I’ll say but, ummm, yeah… *crosses fingers*
Dayna: Just watched it. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease…
Abby: Word on the undaggering. I’m torn about whether or not Elijah knew about what Klaus did, I think it’s possible, because he did swear this pact with Rebekah and Klaus, plus his mom was mortal and would’ve died eventually. Elijah’s honor is awfully spotty at times, I’m not sure how he’d rank family members in terms of importance, under these weird-ass circumstances. That said, I don’t think we’re going to get to keep Rebekah forever. I think they’re making her sympathetic so that when someone kills her, we’ll be extra sad. And I WILL be extra sad, because Rebekah is awesome. And has pretty hair.
Cin: I don’t think Elijah’s honor is spotty at all. And what’s so special about Rebekah’s hair? Caroline’s hair laughs in the face of Rebekah’s hair. And it’s an evil laugh of dominance.
Abby: Not spotty perhaps, but he ranks things. It makes sense but it makes him hard to figure. He gave his word to Stefan and broke it for an older promise (to find his family), but I’m just not sure if he’d side with Klaus or with his Mom. Either way, he’s choosing one family member over another, talk about agonizing. Caroline’s hair is certainly better than Rebekah’s, but her hair is still pretty. I like her braids in the flashbacks. 🙂
Christina: Her flashback hair was pretty, but Caroline still wins, haha. As for Elijah’s honor/morality… I see what you’re saying about how he ranks things. It’s not spotty, he just has priorities, which is CLEARLY family. But in the case of Klaus vs. Mama… I’m not entire sure he knew right away. I think that for a while, when he was actually trying to help Klaus break the curse, he might have believed Klaus’ version of things. But I think ever since then, he started to question things, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he found out the real version of things, and was just placating Klaus because he also knows how dangerous he is. Elijah is nothing if not a very calculated man. He may know what’s going on now, but I don’t think it was always the case.

Mama Witch Original!
Dayna: The reveal that she hadn’t turned with the rest of the family surprised me. It makes sense, if she felt she could better continue to protect them with witch powers than by being vamped, but I didn’t see that part coming. Also: I know I didn’t pay a shit-ton of attention in biology class, and there was that whole for-real legit nightmare sequence with the dissection and the frog stomach that one time, but I DO recall something about Mendel and his peas and the squares and how dominant and recessive genes work, and I’m pretty sure blond is recessive and therefore two blond people should only make other blond people. Elijah, and especially Henrick, were not blond. So, Mama getting her freak on with the werewolf dude? May not have exactly been a one-time-only occurrence, is what I’m saying. Not that I blame her, because Mikael is a fucking abusive asshole.
Christina: Hahaha I thought the SAME EXACT THING about the recessive blond gene! If I remember bio correctly too, you’re right. I thought it was strange that both the parents were blond yet there were two brunette kids. It’s details like this, that you’d think learned people would know, that really pull me out of the narrative. It’s the same deal with the travel times from earlier in the season. Maybe not EVERYONE knows these things, but you’d think SOMEone would realize….
Abby: I was wondering about that too, but I decided to just be grateful they didn’t make Daniel Gillies go blond, which, after seeing him as he is, would be SO EXTREMELY WEIRD.
Cat: No, hair color isn’t completely determined by recessive/dominant. You can have dark hair with blonde parents & vice versa. Plus, it’s just easier to cast that way.
Dayna: I should have known my biology teacher was a fraud and a liar. Did I learn NOTHING from the frog debacle?
Christina: This is very disappointing. Genetics was my favorite part of biology. I barely paid attention to the other parts.
Melissa: I only thought about the possibility of another wolf kid just because Rebekah emphasized that Klaus wasn’t the only kid born among the werewolves. But I think the only real possibility would have been Henrik. It’s probably just casting though, as Cat says.
Abby: As for Mama Original, I wasn’t surprised to find out that she was a witch, OR that she turned them, and the fact that she didn’t turn herself didn’t shock me either. I suppose I figured if she was still around then we’d have met her by now.
Cat: I knew that Klaus killed his mother – it’s the only thing that makes sense. Way to make the bad guy the one to root for.
Christina: Yeah, I’m still on the side of Klaus in this one. I don’t know why given that we got EVEN MORE proof that he is a horrible person/creature/thing. He’s a tortured soul. I still love him.

Mikael, you ARE the father.
Christina: So, look at that. He IS their father. Wow, dude can hold a motherfucking grudge, eh?
Cin: I don’t get his motivation at all, I mean, I get it – but that’s a bit fucking much. He started this party. He may be prideful and all but how is what he is Klaus’ fault? Did he find out he wasn’t his blood and just decide he was the enemy? Also, he’s been hunting VAMPIRES. He’s who started it. And how did he become an undead eater. Inquiring minds want to know!
Dayna: Plus, not wanting to eat living people, while eating those who DO eat living people? Methinks someone needs to explain the whole food chain concept to Mikael.
Cat: I like Mikael and his attitude. It’s not easy leaving plague-torn Europe for a mystical land. Gotta keep the kids on the straight & narrow. Maybe it’s just Seb Roche whom I love dearly in everything. I bought him as a taller, skinnier blonder Jerry Jax, so I’m gonna love him here.
Cin: I can’t lie, when he was diddling with Damon’s chest cavity, he totally had me enthralled. Well played sir, well played. I don’t know if I can say I feel sorry for Klaus, because I still think he’s as crazy as a shithouse rat and I do think someone needs to get Klaus under control (aka dead at some point, even if he’s amusing) I just can’t abide a self-righteous Daddy Original sweeping in and doing the honors. Elijah and other daggered siblings, sure. (REVENGE OF THE DAGGERED!) The man who started it all? Whose idea it was to become the top of the food chain, who KNEW there were consequences, who is only acting out of 1k year old cuckold male pride? Not so fucking much.
Dayna: I agree, I do have some sympathy for Klaus, seeing what made him the way he is. I mean, he still has to die, but I have some sympathy for him. Mikael, not so much. Dude is a fucking DOUCHE-CANOE! Not even Elijah would stand up to him.
Christina: FOR REAL! I mean, it’s been 1,000+ years. Give it up, dude.Then again, if Rebekah is going to get all ragey about it now, I completely understand that. I’ve never been a husband whose wife was killed by her illegitimate son, so I guess I can’t sympathize, haha.
Abby: HA! Well said, Christina. I don’t think many people were surprised that Mikael was their father. Nor am I surprised that he turned out to be an enormous jerk, because this show’s middle name is “Daddy Issues”. Seriously, having a male parent in Mystic Falls in any era is like the worst thing ever for a kid. I’m totally on Team Klaus here (shocking, I know) and I’m much more concerned with how sad Klaus will be (okay, and how righteously ticked) when Rebekah eventually betrays him. My poor Klaus! He needs a better family.
Dayna: I’m sure he will be sad and ticked when Rebekah sides against him, but since her sympathy was largely based on him being a Lying Liar Who Lies with respect to how Mama died, he has no business getting righteous about it. Major family party foul, dude. Plus, there was that whole thing where he daggered her and kept her in a box for 90 years that one time.
Melissa: According to Rebekah, he’s daggered her a few times over the last millennium.
Abby: DID he lie, though? I’m really not sure this weirdo rune wall is a credible source! Ancient writings have led us astray before, after all. I suspect it would be unwise to take the writing on the wall as fact in this instance.
Dayna: I DO think he lied. I’ve thought he must have killed the Original witch since he told Gloria “She’s very dead.” Just the way he said it…
Melissa: Yeah Rebekah seemed very clear that Klaus had told her Mikael killed their mom because she was both shocked and heartbroken when Elena showed her the other picture. Claire played that really well because I got the distinct impression that the one family member Rebekah has always chosen to trust, even if she doesn’t always choose his side, has been lying to her for 1000 years and she doesn’t know who she is anymore. The runes seemed to be more of a journal, not the falsified writings like the Aztec stuff.

Ancient Runes Homework
Christina: I actually thought this was pretty neat, and it added to my enjoyment of last night’s episode. But I do have one beef. Alaric had been poring over those damn pictures, studying for HOURS, and Elena walks in there for one goddamn second and gets that that mystery symbol was for the Hybrid. It would have been cooler if they’d given us clues so we could have figured it out ourselves. Did YOU see any symbols for vampire that included a sun? Granted I was exhausted watching this, but I saw none.
Abby: It does seem an unlikely leap for a high school senior. I’d rather have had Alaric put it all together, it would have made more sense.
Christina: That’s what I’m saying.
Melissa: Um hasn’t it been established that Elena can’t read? Obviously pictures are her first language. (BTW, I totally disagree and get annoyed by the Elena is illiterate stuff but it seemed to fit here).
Cin: ROFL! Elena is the center of all things. We knew this. #duh
Cat: Saint Elena syndrome.
Dayna: Jesus, where do I even start? Runic writing had been replaced in central and eastern Europe by around 700 A.D., 300 years before the Original family supposedly came into existence. If the family were wealthy and provided their children with education, they would most likely have learned to write in Greek and/or Latin. For that matter, they wouldn’t be self-identifying as Vikings at that point if they hailed from Eastern Europe. Look, I know this is a vampire show aimed largely at teens, and I shouldn’t really look to it for a history boner, but jeez. It’s not like they had to do thesis-level research (RIP, Jenna) and take me out for a fancy dinner and light candles and strew rose petals and all that shit. Just maybe spend half an hour on the internet and give me a reach-around, you know? On the Elena part though, Christina, we saw Alaric label pictures w/ vampire and werewolf earlier. Not sure if he labelled the hybrid one, but having labelled the other two it wasn’t a big leap.
Christina: Then why didn’t HE make it? Sorry, I just have issues with Elena being the smart one, for some reason.
Melissa: Maybe Alaric assumed it was saying that the reason Mikael killed Mama was Klaus but Elena, having heard Rebekah’s side of the story, realized that’s not what it was saying at all. And that it instead noted that Klaus killed Mama.
Christina: Also, actually, the only thing that the Originals put on the wall were their names. They said that other peoples were the ones who drew the pictures (I believe they said it was the “Ancient Lockwoods”. It def wasn’t the Originals. It was the people who lived there after/during/whatever)… which also doesn’t make sense in your timeline, but… whatever, show. Whatever.
Dayna: Since I couldn’t find any evidence against the Native American cultures of the time using pictographs, I’ll give them a pass on it, but I’m lookin’ atchoo, Show. *nods*
Christina: My other question is about the Tin Man symbol, which apparently was the witch…? If the necklace symbol represented the witch, then why was the robot-looking person with the heart holding the witch symbol ALSO the witch? Or is THAT the hybrid symbol? It’s all very confused and fascinating. And you guys probably don’t have answers for my questions, so I’ll shut up.
Dayna: That was supposed to be the witch symbol; I think it just kind of bears an unfortunate resemblance to Kokopelli, etc. when transferred from the three dimensions of the necklace to the two dimensions of the cave drawing.
Christina: But they said that the round necklace was the Witch symbol. Maybe they just needed a way to show that the heart was ripped out so they suddenly had to make it a person, as an after thought.. I don’t know. It’s hurting my brain and your timeline revelation above is making me angry.
Abby: I feel that many of these questions could be explained when we consider WHO wrote the rest of the story, since it wasn’t the Originals who did up the whole thing (otherwise Rebekah would’ve known about that last bit with her mom). Clearly it was a bunch of drunk werewolves who did the rest. Or perhaps some very ticked off and anemic villagers. Or that other witch, (Ayanna?). One thing I do know is that I do NOT trust any kind of ancient writing on this show. Maybe one of the aforementioned parties was trying their own version of the “sun and moon curse”, but with “Who killed Esther?”.
Melissa: Since she only showed up in the reference to the runes, can I just quickly mention how much I loved Bonnie in this ep? And not in a yeah because she was barely there kind of way. It felt like Alaric was talking with her partly because these kids are actually using a phone tree this season and partly because her experience with grimoires might be helpful with the runes. But there was no “we-only-need-you-for-your-witchy-juju” business or “fix-your-mistake-caused-by-the-idiocy-of-boys” business. It just seemed like a very natural way to incorporate Bonnie into the story. I wish the show would realize they can do that more with her. (And Matt). She doesn’t have to be THE WITCH all the time, she can just be Bonnie. I know that doesn’t fit that well into any section but I had to comment on it.
Abby: I also thought Alaric trying to be all parental and kind about her and Jeremy was adorable.
Christina: I actually was really scared she’s going to develop a crush on him now, and it’s just going to be wildly gross and innappropriate. Not because Alaric is older. I mean, HEL-LO, I’d have been all over that in high school (I’d be all over him now). But because it’s Bonnie. Gross, haha.
Cin: Ditto. I loved that he was sharing and caring – but Bonnie looks like the hot for teacher type. And just thinking about it is yack-inducing.

That’s The Power of Love
Abby: Go Damon! I much prefer bar hopping to jail-moping. I think his plan was way better than the Elena/Lexi Rehab thing. He did a good job keeping Stefan from killing anyone, which, it should be noted, IS HUGE. It’s been asserted that once Stefan starts drinking he can’t stop, and while I have an itty bitty quibble over how easily Damon pulled him off of people, I like that the bar adventure was something of an exercise in moderation.
Dayna: I liked the Salvatore bonding in this episode, and while I may not be as optimistic as Damon was at the end about Stefan being on their side now, it was nice to see them spend the time doing what they were doing rather than Damon sticking with the Lexi/Elena playbook. It was a nice callback to the fact that this is sort of the brother Damon wanted all along. He wasn’t trying to say don’t drink people because Elena won’t like it, he made it clear he’s fine with it. And speaking of Elena, I actually LIKED her this ep.
Melissa: Yay! I love when people like Elena because she is my girl!
Cin: I’m about to step off in it (although I’m late to the party) but Elena annoyed the crap out of me this episode. It was basically what she did in “Elijah” “Klaus” just being the sounding board for answers, trying to sway an all powerful being to her cause, etc – but I don’t know. This entire season I’ve been asking myself “Self, why is she the lead of this show again?” And I don’t have a good answer. Sorry, but I’m just over it. Now, about Damon. He earns points for pro-active sibling relations, BUT he was impulsive and stupid. Again. Also, he left Elena alone with an Original – AGAIN, when he swore and promised not even 3 episodes ago that he never ever would. *sigh*
Cat: I loved this. It makes more sense than any weird Lexi bs we saw before. No matter what, no matter who, no girl, no human, no vampire breaks the bond of brotherhood. Damon isn’t going to judge Stefan on HUMAN terms. That makes no sense. They’re immortal – human terms are temporary bullshit. It also gives us more depth and history in this story than any flashback.
Christina: I totally agree. Besides everything Elijah (including Klaus cutting of his belt), this was my favorite moment of the episode, when Elena laid that realization down on Damon. So many thoughts.
Abby: SO much this. I hate human-ish vampires, I want them to THINK differently and have a totally different way of viewing the world. I did love how the show veered away from “romantic love conquers all” to “brotherly love is more powerful”. It’s nice to see a relationship other than a romance taking the lead. If love of Elena magically cured Stefan, that’d be predictable and boring. I’ll accept that great emotion can conquer many things, but it’s nice to be reminded that there are a lot of kinds of relationships, it isn’t romance above all.
Melissa: Weirdly, even that last scene didn’t get me teary-eyed, compared to last week’s waterworks, but I too loved the way the show went right back to family. Love will be what gives Stefan the strength to fight back but it will be love for his brother. And to me, that actually fits in a few ways. 1) Lexi and Stefan are friends, not romantic, probably a lot like a sister so if she’d been able to save him before, Damon saving him now would make a lot more sense. 2) This show, from S1, has established that the bond between Damon and Stefan will always make them choose each other. It always comes back to them. 3) I think Damon ultimately being the reason Stefan goes off the ripper thing will help keep the show from reverting Stefan back to his ultra-righteous do-gooder role. Just as Damon is learning to be a more balanced person, while still a vampire, Stefan can learn that in his way too. That definitely gives me hope that we won’t have brooding Stefan back but will keep the intriguing aspects. All in all, I’m very okay with the brotherly love salvation thing. And what a wonderful way for the Vampire Diaries to clarify once again that they are not every other vampire story on the planet.
Christina: This. Completely. I’ve always loved that the brothers’ relationship was what it was. And it’s going to warm my heart if they can become closer. I don’t want Stefan to go back to being the bunny-sipping emo that he was (even though I loved him even then). But he’s awesome now. And Damon needs to step up and be his big brother. So much love to this potential. And this actually makes me thing of ANOTHER set of brothers on this show, so I’ll put this here as opposed to where we were kind of touching on it above. Klaus has to die, there is no doubt to that, but just like Stefan is saved by his love for Damon, I think it’s only appropriate that Elijah’s love for Klaus enable him to kill him once and for all. This needs to happen, and it needs to happen in the same episode. So, the very last episode of the season, please, because I want Klaus around for as long as possible. Plus, they’re going to need him in the fight with Mikael that is inevitable. But Elijah loves his brother dearly; we know that. It’s going to be that love that has to end Klaus. You guys. When this happens. I’m going to be so emotional… But it has to happen. You hear me, writers?!

So what did you guys thing. We want your opinions in our comments!

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32 Responses to Reactions: Ep 3.08 “Ordinary People”

  1. Other thing about the not being able to do research-thing: They didn’t even use the usual runes, they used runes based on the ancient runes, but done by Tolkien. Like, the guy who wrote LotR. WTH, writers, you couldn’t have used the Futhark, which is the most common type of runes?
    Also: If they’re supposed to be vikings, they have stupid names. No viking would ever be called Elijah, or Niklaus, or Esther. But they aren’t really vikings, seeing as vikings are from Scandinavia (which is why I originally was like yay!, because, you know, I’m from Norway and it’s cool).

    • onlymystory says:

      Whoa really, they’re like LOTR runes? That’s kind of cool. Obviously I (Melissa) had less of a problem with the historical changes but at the same time I would love a few more accuracies or consistency.
      But I will say that if the runes are at least accurate to the language they chose, that’s pretty awesome. I mean, they could’ve just used random stick figures and called them runes so to see there’s a level of research there is nice. Perhaps the choice of Tolkien runes is yet another emphasis that supernatural history may co-exist with human history but it’s not the exact same. In a weird way it fits.

      I don’t think they’re supposed to be Vikings. I got the impression from Rebekah’s story that while people like Elena & Alaric (or any modern person) might initially look at runes and assume vikings but the Original family was not thus associated. Just, my theory. I don’t think the show explained that very well.

  2. Racheellee says:

    Elijah was FA-BU-LOUS, as always (didn’t expect anything else)

    Anyway, I agree with the whole stupidity(because that’s what it is) of the Orginals being in America around the year 1000. Also, I did some research, and just as I thought, the plague did NOT appear between 750 and the 14th century in Europe. So, the reason why they would even flee in the first place is just….well, not true in terms of historical accuracy.

    But since vampires and werewolves don’t exist as well, maybe I can cut them some slack. It’s just weird, the whole story. It doesn’t make sense AT ALL.

    Loved reading your reactions btw 🙂

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      God bless you for going into research mode, I was almost afraid too because with just my general knowledge it made me very angry. If I had hard numbers to disprove every lazy historical inaccuracy I probably would have gone apeshit in the post. As it was I was pissy enough. LOL

      You know, if they would have said a long time ago that this was a fictional land ala Middle Earth, then I could let it ride on the whole ‘but it’s vamps & weres mythology’. BUT TVD is supposedly set in our reality, only with this supernatural element added. Even Stephanie Meyers writes accurate travel times & any historical aspects set in fact (and yes, it pained me to have to write that), so why can’t TVD writers. There is so much ancient European history they could have borrowed from – why make it so ridiculous?!? It’s almost like they are trying to make it more interesting, and all they are really doing is making it harder to believe or care about.

      • Artistic License – History

        But still. Problem is, this doesn’t seem to work when the story is supposed to take place in a Real Life Unless Noted.

        Thinking about this too much hurts my brain.

      • Racheellee says:

        I KNOW, right? I’m from Europe and it annoys the crap out of me when some Americans just sort of assume Europe is one big country and have no regard for European History at all.

        Obviously, everyone on here proves me wrong (thank god) but show, REALLY? Basically it says that the writers just suppose that the viewers will just believe that Vikingstuff (i.e. believe we are fairly stupid).

        Right, I should stop thinking about it, because it pisses me of. I’m just hoping that the writers will come up with an awesome reason for all this crap, a reason that we’re all overlooking. Maybe I should just be grateful that they didn’t only bring Elijah back, but gave him the best hair ever.

      • Cin Salvatore says:

        If there were a questionaire we gave out before someone could be a contributor at The SBH, I know ‘History Buff’ would have to be requirement. Luckily, Christina & I just tend to gravitate to other nerds who get our shared brains and don’t mind all of the cussing & mean girl-itis we are prone to. LOL

        I mean, if you could see some of our side chats while we are doing these reaction posts… Girl geek central. I think all of us have read history for sport at some point – and it’s a beautiful thing. But I totally know what you mean, history is one thing – but like with the US geography inconsistencies (unrealistic travel times, ect) from earlier in the season – you would be AMAZED at how many American’s didn’t even pick up on that or seem to care. I’ll admit, that is part of what makes me so damn livid about the history stuff. This sloppy writing full of inaccuracies just breeds naïve and uneducated thinking. And I can’t abide by that.

        *sigh* Funny how Elijah with those arms & that hair being on screen for only a few fleeting minutes seems to put a balm over all of the bullshit we are fed. Sad but so true. If only they realized he was our Achilles heel and just hire him full time… He truly seems to be the thinking girls crack. Give him to us and we’ll take whatever else comes. LOL

  3. The fact that they skipped over the Original Petrova and the doppelganger issue was SO OBVIOUS.I feel like it must be one big elephant in the room for the Originals–every time there is an opportunity to explain how the curse went down and how the Petrova plays into it, they all avoid over it. And you’re right, Elena is an idiot for not asking about it, but if I were her I would have asked Elijah about it a long time ago. I don’t agree that the Original Petrova was more important to Elijah. It doesn’t make sense why someone Elijah loved would be sacrificed in a ritual that applied to Klaus. I think she must have had some kind of importance to Klaus, and yeah, Elijah was more than likely in love with her. I wonder if she was friends with Rebekah too? It’s obvious that she was someone the Original Family knew and not just some random village girl. And as for her two doppelgangers, I figure the reason Klaus doesn’t care about them is because even though they look like the first girl, they’re NOT her. Elijah might have a soft spot for doppelgangers, but not Klaus. Of course, I could be wrong.

    Mikael is the Original Father. Boo, predictable! I’m definitely not surprised at all. But I love Sebastian Roche. He was awesome on General Hospital,and I’m beyond excited to see him get down on The Vampire Diaries. But, Jesus, Mikael is an abusive, controlling bitch. I felt bad for Klaus. We only got a glimpse of how he was treated by Mikael. Imagine growing up with THAT.

    Esther is the Original Witch. I guess that’s cool. I’m glad that the Original Witch and the Original Petrova are not the same person, and I know there was some dumb rumor going around that Pearl was the Original Witch and I’m REALLY glad that wasn’t the case. The casting sides said that Esther was supposed to be strong and fierce, but she seemed just as scared and subservient as her children around Mikael. I mean, I don’t blame her, but still. That kind of makes me wonder whether or not the whole hybrid curse was even her idea. Mikael is such a jerk, I wouldn’t be surprised if he bullied her into creating the curse or if he hand picked the Original Petrova to be sacrificed.

    I still love Klaus, but dang, murdering your own mother is cold. Now that Rebekah knows the truth, she’ll probably team up against him, which makes me sad. I think she should just confront him about it instead of teaming up with a bunch of strangers to take him down. Or maybe she should? I don’t know, I’m Klaus-biased.

    Sorry for the super long post!

  4. anonymous says:

    Aha! I am not the only one who went SQUEE over the arms! Dang – #PULLTHATDAMDAGGER OUT – but hopefully it will be necessary to remove his shirt to properly remove the dagger (fingers crossed). I loved that Elena said it will be Stefan’s love for his brother that will bring him back. The shippers have always driven me crazy but I guess in a way I am a shipper too – but I ship the Salvatore Bros. Family is the basis of this show not the stupid love triangle. I guess they are going to have to kill Klaus (sob – don’t want him to go) but I truly wish Bex and Elijah would keep coming back. They could work them into season 4 and season 5. Daddy O is a real jerk (the character – the actor is fantastic). Bex and Stefan have fantastic chemistry. I would love to see a Bex-Stefan-Katherine triangle (if we have to have a love triangle) I am already fretting about the first hiatus and it hasn’t even come yet. I CAN’T TAKE MONTH AND A HALF WITHOUT TVD. Clearly Stefan is not the only one with an addiction problem.

  5. Brian in Shortsville says:

    I. Can’t Even.

    The discontinuity failures get worse and worse, and the ratings go UP by 360,000 viewers. People are eating this shit up.

    I needed 3×08 to reveal more of the story, not contradict what was already established as canon, especially after wasting three weeks of my life with that ghost uselessness.

    Our little guilty pleasure is devolving into a rapid-fire montage of disconnected !OMG! WTF! and !HOLY SHIT! moments, culminating in a Damon and Elena make googly eyes at each other scene. It’s all sorry-assed fanservice.

    Sorry, I don’t squee.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you to a certain extent, and I’m really glad there is someone who can remain sensible through the Elijah-related squeeage (although I myself am extremely susceptible to that).

      This episode was a little disappointing because people were expecting something like Elijah’s narrative on Klaus last season. It was focused, coherent, and gave us just enough questions to keep us curious while giving us the satisfaction of some answers as well. This one left us with questions, but these are questions due to the oversight and laziness of the writers, rather than questions of intrigue. For example, the gaping hole of the absence of the Original Petrova and the other siblings, the whole convoluted Israelites who owned land in Eastern Europe who learned how to write from Vikings and hung out in North America thing.

      3×08 certainly didnt reveal more of the story, and from the reactions across forums, there were no “!OMG! WTF! and !HOLY SHIT! moments” since every possible outcome has been speculated to death over the last couple of weeks, and the writers didnt try very hard to use any new shock tactics.

      I hope whenever we get storytime again, it’ll be Mikael doing the narrative (or Elijah again. I wouldnt mind). Something tells me he would be more proficient at it.

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Let me be clear: I squee for Elijah & Elijah only. The rest, well, I totally agree with you. I have become more & more disenchanted with this show this season and this episode was just too much.

      Fanservice seems to be a big theme this year, unfortunately. I’ve come to suspect that maybe the lack of constant Kevin Williamson supervision (who’s #1 priority this year is TSC) – well, Plec alone is letting me down.

      • Brian in Shortsville says:

        My problem is Julie Plec can’t even SPELL c-o-n-t-i-n-u-i-t-y..

        I re-watched s02e19 (“Klaus”) – the last epic flashback episode, partly to get the taste of ghost out of my mouth, but mostly to get my brain in Original mode.

        In JUST THAT EP alone, she contradicted her own mythology. AlariKlaus tells Kaptive Katherine the ritual has to be performed in the birthplace of the doppelganger. Katherine replies she didn’t realize that was a requirement. Right? Remember?

        Why would she remember? Later THAT SAME EPISODE, Klaus tells Elijah (in a flashback) the full moon is tomorrow, don’t worry about sparing the doppelganger, her life means nothing. They were in England. Were they planning on being in Bulgaria by moonrise the next night or was performing the ritual in the doppelganger’s birthplace now NOT a requirement?

        In “Klaus” Elijah tells Elena “nothing, not the sun, not fire, not even a werewolf bite can kill an original.” In “Ordinary People” Rebekah said they had to stay inside for weeks ’til Mama figured out a way for them to walk in the sun, then looked at her ring. Too much to ask for them to pick a lane? :::honkhonkhonk:::

        There are a million of those. I already ranted on Illiterate Wealthy Landowning Eastern European Vikings elsewhere. I’m starting to feel like I should start huffing paint thinner around 4:00 Thursday afternoon to kill enough brain cells by 8:00 to not hate myself for watching TVD. And I’m not seeing anyone call them on it anymore. Every blog just says “Season 3 gets more epic with each episode.” Guess ending on a shot of Damon and Elena in the same bed qualifies as epic and excuses the previous hour.

        As a great American once said, “Willing suspension of disbelief is one thing, insulting my fucking intelligence is another.”

      • Cin Salvatore says:

        Ok, the bit with the doppleganger birthplace in ‘Klaus’ I caulked up to them maybe having learned something else about the ritual in the last 500+ years, but yeah – it still totally bugged me for sure. And in this episode, I think the ring glancing was a huge red herring. I actually had a long discussion with Abby about it during the episode while I was calling #VDBingo. Abby thought because of the ring glance that would allow us to call our “Boy Bling Alert” (which extends to girl bling too, as we classified during Car’s last torturing this season) – but I took Elijah’s word to heart and thought they threw her ring clad hand out as a fandom diversion from the fact that it is actually another spell, cast by Original Witch Ester, to protect only the originals. Or they will just come out and say Elijah lied to Elena as to not show a weakness.

        *sigh* I know, BUT I can promise you – this blog will never let the inconsistencies or OMG! moments distract is from being fed horseshit. (You should also read OffColorTV – they don’t sit on it for this show or any other for that matter – which is why they are my fav TV blog) First of all, we aren’t huge shippers at all. If anything we are anti-shippers. We fight it tooth and nail and car for character & story, when those slack off we’ll call it or try to. Past that, we are easily distracted at times by silly things – but under analysis we see all the things you do. Speaking only for myself & Christina, I can safely say we am definitely not overjoyed with S3. At all. I’ll go so far to say that I personally am very disappointed with almost 80% of it.

        But as I said, I’m easily entertained by some points and I’ll keep watching. I don’t think a single second of this season can stand up to S2, but I have to believe it can change. If nothing else, as long as I might get Elijah back, I will stay glued to my screen. That’s the only drug this show can lure me in with at this point.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Klaus” was my first episode of TVD, actually, and so Elijah and flashbacks are what got me into TVD.

        After watching through the first couple of episodes this season, I now refuse to sit in front of the TV for a full hour unless it had either flashbacks or Elijah, because everything else is just so ridiculous (and for the brief shining moments, there is Youtube).

        That said, bravo to you guys for faithfully sitting through every episode and actually paying enough attention to conduct VD Bingo and to write such coherent reactions (haha…maybe except for the reactions to 2×15, 2×19 and 2×22, but then again you guys yourselves admitted that you’re not usually this incoherent…it’s just that….Elijah! and nothing else matters)

      • Cin Salvatore says:

        Thank YOU for reading & always commenting with such thought (although, wish you would register so we know who you are because with just ‘anonymous’ we can’t even be 100% sure every one of your comments is yours and not someone elses) . And this season has been a chore for Christina & I – I can’t lie about that. Most of S1 and all of S2 hooked us so hard that we gathered a commitment to this blog and love our readers – that said, this season is testing us.

        Honestly, we are excited for the coming hiatus. We need a break from having this show & what they have fed us this season. But also, the recaps especially are VERY time consuming to write, and Christina is a saint because if those were my responsibility – they probably would have stopped a few episodes ago. These reaction posts are our playground and we truly enjoy doing them – even when the episodes don’t meet our expectations. Because we can be free to be silly and overly dramatic (as in the eps you mentioned about) and we can purge all of our feelings. The good, the bad & the ugly.

        But yeah, Elijah is our weakness. At least we’re not alone in that and we have so much delight in knowing that our ranting rampages are enjoyed and get people thinking outside the box. That, and Elijah fawning NEVER gets old. Ever.

    • Larfein says:

      Sorry for not replying to the post I’m referring to, but for some reason it has no “reply” button. Anyways~~

      “Illiterate Wealthy Landowning Eastern European Vikings” – actually, have you ever heard of the Anglo-Saxons? The Vikings owned a vast part of the British Isles until the 11th century. As for “Eastern Europe” – the Rurik Dynasty (first Russian tsars) itself was founded by a Viking prince. “Illiterate” – sure, their culture was mostly oral, but how many people, except for scholars, royals and the clergy/pagan priests do you think could read in the Middle Ages?

  6. anonymous says:

    I see the many inconsistencies in this “universe” but I still think some of them may get straigthened out as S3 moves along. We are not even at the halfway point and look how long the lame ass curse lasted! I think(hope) the ring flashes (both on Elijah and Rebekah) are meant as distractions. If pulling the ring off and leaving an Original in the sun would kill them then I think Katherine would have suggested it when Damon was trying to barbecue Elijah. I am hoping the doppleganger story is being held in reserve. We have always had at least 3 flashbacks per season (feel free to correct me – I did not look it up) and I think hope) we are going to get a doppleflash. Don’t give up so soon.

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      I’m not giving up hope at all – I just think they have dug themselves in a mighty big hole now. Where in “Klaus” when Elijah bust the curse wide open all of the pieces (doppleganger birthplace bit excluded) fell into place, in this episode it seemed to create more false assumptions and inconsistencies. Maybe it’s just Rebekah’s mind or recollection (I still don’t think she’s all ‘there’ mentally much like Klaus) but nothing adds up.

      So I still have some hope it can be salvaged, but until it is I have to make noise about it. That and PRAY that at least one of those coming flashbacks is from Elijah & that we get a repeat of that glorious hair!

      • I’m totally not giving up. There are things that have annoyed me, and things that I don’t get, but I have more TV-patience than anyone I know. I am willing to wait this out, but some things needs to be called out.

        Like the geographic/travel issues. Somethings just drive me mental.

        BUT I do have faith that the doppelganger story will be covered later. I didn’t have a problem with the fact that it wasn’t even brought up in this ep. Rebekah might not know. Or, it’s just that each show is only an hour (really, 40-something mins) so you know they can’t cover everything. They can’t cover everything, and it IS only the 8th ep of the season.

        The same goes with the rings. The sunlight might not kill them, but it still could burn the shit out of them. It’s like how Damon’s flamethrower burned Elijah but didn’t kill him. I know we have a lot left to learn about the Originals, so I can overlook these things.

        But the audience is not a bunch of morons, and that’s what I can’t abide. Like I’ve been saying, it’s one thing to let us know from the beginning that this is not a real world, and that they are going to mess with things like history, but to have this be a world that is, for all intents and purposes, OUR world with a few fantastic changes… I can suspend my disbelief a lot, but when you start altering shit about history, I… I can’t.

        And this coming from someone who accepted ALL the wtfuckery of Lost. So there, hahaha 😉

      • Cin Salvatore says:

        But with Lost, unlike TVD, we were told from very early on that no real world rules truly applied. Well, some, but still. The thing was though – some fans let that bog them down and eat at their souls. We let it go and just went with the flow because we were so invested in the characters. ((I say ‘we’ here because as readers might have guessed, Christina & I have had numerous very long Lost centered convos)) BUT on Lost that seemed to be enough. The narrative and characters had us so invested that we bought it all.

        I think I just had an epiphany.

        That’s part of the problem. We can’t swallow all of this because the quality isn’t on par in our minds. It might be OK for some people, but we just aren’t as forgiving of it. Also, Lost didn’t play to ignorance from the viewer or ask to be forgiven for the fantastical. It HINGED on making the fandom think. Also, science aside, it didn’t monkey around with know historical fact. You can monkey more with science ‘fact’ than historical because the nature of science is that so much is undiscovered or unproven.

        OK… I’m babbling now. Stopping the madness. LOL

  7. anonymous says:

    Praise be to Elijah’s Hair (and arms)!

  8. anonymous says:

    Perhaps during the hiatus you can do a 10 (or more) list of issues that need to be resolved and tweet the link to Julie Plec, i.e Katerina’s birthplace vs being in England the night before the full moon. If they don’t get resolved, them maybe at least the writers will be more consistent! If we let them know we mock them it might help.

    • Hmm, perhaps. Though honestly, I don’t see the birthplace thing as a problem. Klaus and Elijah have constantly been learning things about the curse. I mean, Klaus JUST found out a handful of episodes ago that he needed the doppelganger’s blood to make sure the hybrids transition, and that the whole “you need to kill the doppelganger” was a ruse. So, that lapse is completely acceptable.

  9. Mia says:

    Is it just me, or did anybody else notice that we got our first non-black witch this episode?? As in Mama Original?
    I didn’t think about this while watching the episode, but I realized it a few hours later 😛

    • Larfein says:

      It’s not just you. As Rebekah said her mother was a witch, Elena went “What?!” and I went “What?! A WHITE witch?!” But then I read somewhere that Klaus’ male witch was also non-black.

  10. Larfein says:

    I must say, I initially had the idea of the Originals being Scandinavian. Idk, it kind of fitted Elijah’s physiognomy. Then I gave up on it, because a – Elijah said they had land in Eastern Europe (being Polish I would never consider Scandinavia Eastern Europe… though that may be just a matter of perspective), b – they’ve got Jewish names, c – the original Petrova girl was there, and Petrova (or rather Petrov – Petrova is just the feminine declension; funny that Nina didn’t point it out to the writers) is a Slavic surname. Even if the original girl didn’t bear the surname (which was common in the Middle Ages), it still suggested they all lived somewhere near contemporary Bulgaria. In fact, if the original Petrova girl was in the New World, how did her descendants end up in Bulgaria…?

    Now, to elaborate on c. I’m pretty sure in the 11th century, Scandinavia was still mostly pagan, so there’s just no way there would be Jewish names in use. And even if they were christians, Jews weren’t really liked in the Middle Ages, so it’s quite doubtful someone would use names of Jewish origins…

    Still, I think it’s official the Originals were Vikings. Rebekah’s comment during the history class (‘What about the Vikings?’) makes quite a clear statement. In fact, I’ve been told during my history class (both in High School and at the University) that Vikings having reached the New World before Columbus is quite probable. I always thought it would be northern parts of the continent, though…

    Oh, as for plague – Rebekah said *a* plague, and from what I’ve noticed you use definite or zero article with Yersinia pestis. I’m not a native English speaker so I might be mistaken, but doesn’t that mean that she meant simply an epidemic of some disease?

    Now please don’t kill me… Shouldn’t Elijah’s wig be slightly brighter?

    • Did Rebekah say “a” plague? I do not recall. If that’s the case, then I suppose it wasn’t necessarily the Black Death, which is what we were referring to. But Yersinia pestis (WOW! I am impressed you know its name. I had to Google it!), or Bubonic Plague, is the bacterium that caused the Black Death. It also caused the Plague of Justinian in 541-542 AD, so theoretically, we and Rebekah could be talking about the same disease. I don’t know about you, but when you say “The Plague” — I, and most people I know, thing of The Black Death. BUT, if she said “a” plague and not “the” plague, then that’s on us for assuming which she meant.

      Now depending on where they lived before, she might have been referring to the Plague of Justinian, which affected the Mediterranean area/East Byzantine Empire, which could account for the Hebrew names. If THAT is the case, then we need explanation because I’m pretty sure something like 99% of viewers are going to understand ANY plague as being the one in the 1300s. Because, honestly I also just had to Google The Plague of Justinian, haha. ALSO, are the Originals even that old? I can’t remember if we’ve gotten an exact number on them or not…

      Also — I LOVE that our readers are engaging in conversations like this. Seriously, you guys, it warms my heart so much! ❤

      • Larfein says:

        I suppose it was easier for me to understand it as ‘epidemic’, since in Polish we have the word ‘plaga’ which means ‘a plague’ ^^’ Recheelee pointed out that the Black Death didn’t occur in the 11th century (btw I think it could occur, only locally… what historians focus on are only the large-scale outbreaks), so I watched the scene once again to make sure if I heard right, and I still hear ‘a’ plague (and so does whoever did the subtitles I used as an additional reference).

        I’m still convinced the Originals lived in Scandinavia. The Vikings were the only Medieval Europeans who set off for the Atlantic Ocean. Plus the runes (let’s skip the fact they’re Tolkien runes xD). Even if their names don’t make a slightest sense then…

        Wasn’t it stated they were a thousand years old? It would fit when you look at this.

        I’m a real sucker for these kinds of debates ^_^

  11. Stormy says:

    I just love reading these reactions. Thank-you for sharing with us.

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