Reactions: Ep 3.07 “Ghost World”

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, and Cat (SBH contributors and friends).

Ghost Cockblocking 101
Cin: To be clear, I wanted ONE thing out of last night’s episode: Jeremy/Anna ghost sex. Hot, sweaty, passionate GHOST SEX. And then when they turn around and proclaim undying eternal love for one another my heart did a little skip & I wanted it even more – but OH, HELLS NO! Not while Elena Gilbert is on the case. Fucking cockblocked. Not once, but twice. UGH!!!
Christina: ME TOO! I think their kiss was one of my favorite moments of the night. It’s funny because I didn’t like Anna when we first met her last season. Not at first. She grew on me, though, and I really did enjoy her with Jeremy. So that kiss melted my icy, icy heart. I just wanted some GhostSex. But NOOOOOOO. And now we’ll probably never get it. DAMMIT.
Dayna: I was content with the kiss. Actual ghost sex? Just… no. And I liked Anna, and was happy to see her again for this little while, but I think it was time for her to go. Now Jeremy can find a new girlfriend who will die by virtue of having kissed him, and Bonnie can start dating Matt and make him somehow relevant.
Cin: But DAYNA! Ghost sex would have been HOT! Did you see how much sizzle they had when they just held hands? I was kinda melty. Which is pathetic to admit, I know – but still! lol And Bonnie needs to stay away from my Matty &, just die – but I’ll get to her later in her section.
Melissa: I totally wanted ghost sex too but of course for story purposes, the kiss was best. And Jeremy so deserved to be cockblocked. I mean I have all the hearts for Anna and for Jeremy and my shipper heart beats triple time over the two of them but Jeremy was being a cheating scuzzbag and he needed to be called out on it. I’m very conflicted over this whole situation. But I was in mad favor of the girl code stepping in on Jeremy. Though I do have major issues with all of the comments I read that said Jeremy wasn’t cheating, it was Anna’s fault so Bonnie should be pissed at Anna?! Like what the fuck people?!
Christina: It takes two to tango and blah blah blah. Alright, fine. So he was cheating and that was a lame move… but it’s Bonnie. She sucks. Anna all the way.
Cat: Quick, I need a YouTube music tribute mashup of Jer/Anna Swazye/Moore.
Cin: Don’t. We. All. *dies*

Damon just got Indiana-Jones’d
Abby: Poor Damon! I don’t say that often but damn, dude got the HURT put on him. Every time he turns around someone is impaling him on something; after a while that’s got to be really annoying. I don’t normally suggest people invest in metal undershirts, but I think maybe Damon is the exception.
Dayna: I know some people in the fandom complain that Damon never gets called on his shit, but seriously, he is Karma’s bitch. The universe has, like, everyone’s backs, ever, on speed-dial. No one gets stabbed, throttled, slammed around, burned, or fucked with like Damon Salvatore. So: Dear Karma, I’d like to introduce you to this guy who is charmingly referred to as a “Ripper.” Oh, wait. Stefan’s not responsible for his actions, because Klaus compelled him. *gigantic eyeroll*
Cin: He is soooooooo karma’s bitch. I kinda love it. Also, the title of this section, that was my spontaneous reaction to him getting skewered by the boobie-trapped caves. It was kinda awesome but cringe worthy at the same time. Not that I love to see Damon hurt, but yeah, sometimes he deserves it & I think he knows that. One of my favorite things about Damon is how unapologetic he really is. That said, the scene between him & Ric at the end was one of my favorites of the night. He knows he’s not nice but he’s just l-i-v-i-n how he knows how. I don’t want that to change. As much as I call Damon out for being irresponsible and not using his brain and all that – I definitely don’t want a fluffy nice Damon to spring up. Never have.
Cat: There’s a fine line between saint & martyr. Damon has struggles that he doesn’t always win – in that way he’s way more “human” than any other vampire on that show. He’s more honest with the people around him about what he’s going through than anyone. He has love, hope, anger, despair and they all play out in front of you. He’s not perfect – he’s a little twisty -but it’s real and that’s why I like him.
Dayna: Preach!
Christina: Amen.
Abby: How much did I love Damon’s ‘apology’ to Alaric? So much. The half-smirk was used to great effect there, kudos to Ian and Matt Davis. I felt like that scene was perfectly played.
Dayna: I liked that scene, and while I’m glad there’s a bit of a detente in their argument, I do hope that they don’t fall immediately into old patterns. Let’s learn from past mistakes, boys.
Cat: Damon had him at “I have no one else to call” You can’t kill a bromance that deep and strong. I need them together. They are often the most interesting & realistic relationship on the show. Sigh. I heart them.
Dayna: I don’t like when mommy and daddy are fighting.
Cin: But Dayna, the make-up sex is FUCKAWESOME! #duh
Dayna: And I could hear the sounds of a thousand keyboards writing that very fanfiction as the scene finished up last night. 😉
Cin: I have GOT to look some of that shit up. I hope Damon is catching. Sorry, did I type that out loud? 😡
Christina: AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Breathe! I can’t breathe! Dammit, Cin! Mental images!!
Dayna: I think they take turns at bat. Just sayin.

Tried to Make Him Go To Rehab, He Said, “No, no, no”
Abby: Lexi is awesome. I am very curious about her desiccate-on-command thing. I admit, I don’t love that she apparently speed-desiccated Stefan, I do see the reason for it. The show can’t afford to have it take 30 years in real time to dry him out. I did like the scene, and I liked seeing her be badass. Her thwapping Stefan into the side of the car was just plain excellent.
Dayna: I totally WTF’d at the hallucination/speed dessication thing. I know a vampire can invade another vampire’s dreams if they’re asleep, but only an Original should be able to mess with their minds once they’re awake. Having Lexi be able to do that came across as a total Powers-of-the-Month-Club plot contrivance. I did, however, greatly enjoy seeing Lexi again, and I want a .gif of her smacking Stefan’s head into the car window.
Abby: If you acquire such a gif, you must share it. I love Ripper Stefan, but he totally had that coming.
Christina: I don’t really know how I feel about this power that she suddenly seemed to develop. Was it a Lexi thing, or a Ghost thing? If it was a Ghost thing, then did the other ghosts have powers, they just didn’t know to use them? And if THAT’s the case, how did LEXI know to use it? It was kind of neat, I guess, but I was mostly just puzzled. And not in a good way. With all the witches gone, are we ever going to find out what the fuck she was doing? Are we going to have to have Bonnie explain it? There are just so many questions.
Melissa: First, Lexi’s “inside voices, please” in a torture chamber was hilarious. But as for the intervention part. My best explanation is that maybe she used to literally drain him of his blood to get rid of the human taste and as a ghost she can’t do it the same way. So like it was still being drained but by a mind thing and not teeth? I wonder if the witch was involved in that side of things at all. I love Lexi more than just about anything but that was pushing it into some weird and completely unexplained shit.
Cat: Personally, I hated the Lexi stuff. So contrived, and not well executed. She can just convince him he’s drying out with a thing that looks like compelling but isn’t? Maybe I expect too much from this show – it is supposed to be YA entertainment after all – but I do want to be entertained, not annoyed.
Christina: I agree with you there. It took me out of the story because I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Also, when she was saying “6 months, 5 years, 30 years” or whatever, and Stefan was reacting, it felt like I was watching an acting class or something. It… I thought she was being hypothetical. I didn’t think she was actually desiccating him with her mind, and that shit’s confusing. Also, I’m going to say it… I’ve never been a Lexi fan. At all. Yeah, sure, she’s cool for “curing” Stefan of his RIPPAH Relapses(TM), but meh. I don’t care. I much prefer Stefan and Caroline.
Cin: Add me to the bandwagon of confusion with the whole detox timeline thing. She wasn’t compelling him, so what was she doing? Voodoo? I never cared one way or another for Lexi. But yeah, it was kinda contrived to say the least.
Dayna: Lexi is kinda of a glimpse at what Caroline might be a few hundred years from now. I like her. I don’t get her constant need to save Stefan’s soul or whatever 516 times, but I guess she didn’t have anything better to do?
Christina: She WAS kind of just plucked from the Other Side. Guess not, haha.
Abby: Elena disappointed me a lot in this ep. Her obsession with Stefan is all-consuming and endangering others. Her running out on the intervention didn’t make me happy either. I like bad-ass ponytail Elena! Where’s she at?
Dayna: I actually thought she took a giant leap forward this episode. She got an up-close look at what it’s going to take to bring Stefan back, she heard herself when she talked to Jeremy about not loving a ghost forever, and when she knew that having the ghosts around was proving to be a Bad Thing, she told Caroline to tell Bonnie to bring a close to it, even though it would mean Lexi had to go too. And while I didn’t initially like her running out, the fact that she went back I think shows that she’s stronger, not weaker. She may still have hope, but I do think she’s finally seeing that she can’t live in the past.
Abby: I got that, it was a nice parallel. I’m just not sure I trust Elena’s new resolve, as t’were.
Melissa: I’m with Dayna. I think Elena finally did some confronting of her own emotions and the decisions she’s been making. I know a lot of the SE fans were pissed that Elena’s like ‘now I’m done’ but I felt like she wasn’t saying, ‘now I’ve justified my freedom to jump in Damon’s bed’ but more of a ‘my friends are pretty screwed up right now. My brother has a million issues, my friends don’t know how to get through life and I’m wasting their time trying to save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.’ It was this sense (to me at least) of Elena going, I can still love Stefan but this needs to be a personal problem. I can’t keep bringing everyone else into it. And I really, really loved that. It will however, be a fine line for the writers to show Elena’s love for Stefan without it returning to its previous all-consuming nature.

Caroline Wins Everything Ever
Abby: LOVED how Caroline went to rescue Tyler’s mom. That’s our girl! She forgives, she moves on, she takes care of business. So much love for her. Caroline Forbes Lives Forever!
Dayna: Vampire Barbie is THE BEST. How cute was she, all wigged out about the ghosties in the haunted house. “Did they pinky swear?” dies.
Cin: Car is always precious, and I loved it when she got all super tough on the horde of ghost tomb vamps, but I do have one Caroline thing to nitpick. Girl can’t keep a secret to save her damn life. Not one. I know last season she was having to deceive some ppl with her vamp secrets, and I thought she was doing an OK job. This year? Not so much. It’s what I feared going into S3 with all of this Forwood drama – they are reverting her back to her human personality completely instead of mixing it as much as they did last year. That’s not what I want. I want MORE of her being able to handle herself in these supernatural situations, not used as comic relief or a romantic foil.
Christina: You know, I kind of feel the same way. I’ll always love Caroline, but my fangirly excitement for her has been waning all season.
Melissa: So I find this hysterical because I was just about to come up here and talk about how much I’ve loved Caroline this season, especially last night. And even if I disagree, I love that this show can manage to create a character that can cause such opposite reactions. (Though all the characters do that). Anyway, I first have been so happy that Caroline’s not into keeping secrets this season. I feel like with the sacrifice stuff, she realized that if people had been upfront with people like Tyler from the beginning about Klaus and so many other problems, that they wouldn’t have so many screw ups. And so it seems like she’s more of this, I’m not bullshitting around anymore. We live in a life or death every other minute town so start talking and work it out. I love that. Plus I think that bluntness, now that we’ve seen how much Caroline loves her friends, comes out as more comic relief than the blond bitch of S1. I don’t necessarily always want Caroline as comic relief but tonight it made sense. Like with the soapdish, I think while a joke, in a subtle way it showed that Caroline knows Damon pretty well still.
Cin: I can totally see your point and even agree with some of it – I just want her to be POWERFUL. You know? Like instead of going around trying to be this normal teenager to be all she can be.
Melissa: I definitely see your point too. I think the last bit, when she was like “Bonnie, here’s how shit is gonna go down. You are going to close the damn door because it is all kinds of drafty up here in Mystic Falls and I’m going to kick some civil war vampire ass because this is my town and no one gets to go randomly kill people without my say so.” It was like she was being human Caroline for most of the episode, fighting for the girl code, trying to make peace and get things to work out. And at the end, she just went fuck that noise, I’m a vampire and kicked some ass. Last week may have had the Buffy reference but Caroline fighting multiple vampires (all older) alone in the street was a much greater Buffy reminder to me. Give me that Caroline all the time. The one who fights for her humanity but also knows when to throw down.

Teeny-bopper Drama
Abby:WTF, Bonnie? WHY are you focusing on your ridiculous boyfriend drama in the middle of all this crap? If Jeremy smooching a dead girlfriend is the worst thing that happens in a night, you are doing awesome because nobody new is going in the ground. Fix your priorities, kid!
Dayna: Lord knows I’m not a big Bonnie fan, but it was a realistic reaction. And after spending all these episodes watching Elena chase around try to fix Stefan, etc., it was a little refreshing to see a girl call her boyfriend out for acting like a dick.
Cin: I’m just disgusted that we had to see Bonnie’s bitchface for half the episode. I could never see that damn face again and live happily. And then when she SNATCHED that necklace out of Jer’s hand… Gurllllll… *shakes head* And yeah, I know she might have been a little justified AND also a bit over dramatic – but that’s as far as I got. I don’t want her with Jeremy. And you know, I gave this relationship a try. I really, really did. Bitchface blew it. And he loves Anna forevers. I don’t want them to work it out. I want it to go away. Along with BonBon.
Abby: Maybe I’m just old and jaded, but I have a little trouble when the characters are so preoccupied with their love lives that they ignore the bodies piling up around them. On the other hand, you have a good point about a girl standing up for herself, my dislike of Bonnie might be coloring my view…if Caroline had said that to Tyler for smooching Rebekah, or somesuch, I’d probably be cheering.
Christina: Bonnie. *YAWN*
Melissa: I want to be all hell the fuck no to the Bonnie hatred right now and I am but after reading some other reactions, I think this is going to be the focus of my personal blog post this week so I won’t go quite as in depth. I will simply say that I thought Bonnie was all kinds of awesome this week, that Kat did a great job with the script and I was all about the girl code.

Abby: I have to say it: I missed Klaus! I’m SO impatient for next week that my head may explode before we get there, just from all the speculating. And why didn’t any of this nicely corporeal ghosts undagger Elijah? Come on, ghosts! Get with the program, here!
Dayna: They haven’t specified, and it’s driving me crazy — where is Klaus’s Koffin Kurio? He told Rebekah to pull the truck around, then Damon name-dropped Mikael and Klaus took off. But did he take the truck, or leave that with Rebekah? And if he left it with Rebekah, why in the nine hells hasn’t she made with the undaggering rather than spending her time going to cheerleading practice and trying to get into Wolf Boy’s pants? Priorities, young lady. Priorities!
Christina: I wouldn’t be surprised if he took it with him. Why wouldn’t he? It’s basically his arsenal, and even if he’s using the weapons, Klaus BETTER be smart enough not to leave them lying around so that others can use them. That said, the ghosts were all preoccupied by their own unfinished business agendas. As much as I wished someone would just pull the goddamn dagger already, none of them would have thought to. *shrug* Oh, and I miss Klaus too. He’s really grown on me, and I’ve been upset the past couple of episodes when he’s been missing. I want him back, haha. Oh, god, I think I have the Stockholm Syndrome.

Uncle Douchecanoe Returns
Abby: I never much liked Mason and I liked him not at all as a smirking ghost, but I do think he did an excellent job being unlikeable, if that makes any sense.
Christina: I guess that makes sense. Though I would not go as far to say that he did a good job because even having him on my TV screen is a BAD job. I can’t even look at him. I wish he’d stayed dead. Glad he’s gone. And that’s all I can say on the matter because just THINKING about Uncle Douchebag raises my blood pressure. I may hate him more than I hate Bonnie.
Cin: I *know* I hate him more that I hate Bonnie. He is my most hated TVD character ever. He looks like a gapped toothed chipmunk and just – UGH! Hate him.
Dayna: Dang, that’s a lot of hate! I kind of thought, if they were going to go to the trouble of having him seek redemption and work with Damon and whatnot, that he could have taken the opportunity to remind Damon that trusting Katherine, working with her… Bad Idea.
Cin: If Damon needs that reminder from that idiot then Damon has more problems than we thought. But totally not liking the ‘redemption road’ bullshit. Or just the visual of all of the dead just like hanging out in space there in MF. It’s creepy and kinda gross. Also, if he wanted to help Tyler so fucking bad how about stopping in to say “Hi”? That’s right, because Trevino wasn’t in this episode AND they had to give Damon a usable plot. Oh, show…
Melissa: So I sort of ignored all the Damon/Mason stuff if Alaric wasn’t involved. I heard it was the Damon Salvatore Mutilation Hour (TM-Gale) a few times but I honestly couldn’t be bothered to care about Mason. And that to my hatred of Damon and I really don’t know what happened in that plot at all.
Cin: You didn’t miss much. Feeling feelings. Smartass remarks. Tales of redemption & woe. Blah. Blah. Blah.

The Fall of the House of Fell
Abby: Does it suck to be a Fell, or what?!
Christina: The Fells are the Jeremy’s girlfriends of the founding families.
Cat: That sentence rocks, Christina. Really.
Cin: Truth!

The Necklace
Dayna: So, not only is the necklace a talisman for the Original witch on the other side, but it has enough magic of its own to recreate itself after it was melted? WTF?
Abby: Inside that necklace is a teeny-tiny Gilbert Mulligan Ring(tm). The necklace cannot be killed by supernatural means!
Christina: Do we know that it was melted? I figured it just, like, moved itself out of the flames. It’s the Original necklace. It cannot be destroyed!
Cat: The Original Necklace. The first of all neck pieces. I can’t wait to see what the deal with that thing is.
Cin: I’m kinda sick of it already. I mean, it’s fucking JEWELRY. You want to know what piece of jewelry I want the history of? Elijah’s ring. Yes, for me it allllllllll comes back to Elijah. Always. Necklaces? *snore*
Dayna: Goes without saying, Cin. Goes without saying. But yeah, they specifically showed the necklace all melted, then there were the fireworks after Bonnie finished her spell and was moping about Jeremy, and when she went to investigate she looked in and saw that the necklace was whole again.
Cat: Wait, was that necklace in the soapdish? I ran outside to view the snow and missed that part.
Cin: No, the necklace wasn’t in the soap dish, but Caroline looked there. Had two handfuls of decorative soaps. It was kinda glorious.
Dayna: And a really nice call-back to Damon’s woefully inadequate hiding skills.
Cat: C’mon, I kinda liked the moonsoap.
Cin: I LOVE THE MOONSOAP – but the dig was kinda awesome none the less. Is it sad that I’m so easily amused with shit like soap? Possibly. LOL
Melissa: I about died when Caroline started throwing the soap around. I loved that she thought Damon was just that dumb (which he kind of is but that’s another post).

They’re Going to Make Me Pull My History Books Out, Aren’t They?
Dayna: There are Vikings now?! Is this going to be another fake-out, like the Aztec Shaman nonsense? Or are the Original vampires going to have mixed it up with the Vikings, making them cross the Atlantic to get away from them? And they came to Mystic Fucking Falls (or the area that would be MF)?! Fuck. NOW I need to go through my texts to look for Viking timelines and all that shit. GodDAMN this show.
Cin: ROFL! Word. I mean, why fucking Vikings? Do they think because of Eric Northman & Thor they can make them relatable now? You know what I would have preferred: some original fucking storytelling. When writing it’s so much easier to make your own fiction out of nothing at all than to try to incorporate it into already established historical events. We see this all the time. I see no problem in the whole ‘Eastern European Landowner’ bit we were fed last year. Not everything has to be like uber exciting. ACTUALLY given their names I was kinda hoping for some Russian ancestry. That’s my kind of history. But family ties aside – it just seems kinda kitschy now. You know?
Dayna: I don’t think they’re going to say that the Originals are Viking stock. It’s looking like maybe they mixed it up with the Vikings. Perhaps some wolves in the Viking mix? Did a little digging, and apparently the Vikings did go as far as Eastern Europe, and it would have been the right time period, so that part isn’t as far-fetched as I feared. But Virginia? That one’s a little harder to swallow.
Cin: How are you tying it to Virginia again? I’m confused.
Dayna: The show is (presumably) saying that the Vikings came to what is now Mystic Falls and did these cave drawings talking about the Originals. I know that a handful supposedly landed in eastern Canada, but as far down as Virginia?
Christina: When did they say this? Because that’s bullshit. They went to, like, Greenland, and that’s it, right? I didn’t think Vikings actually came to North America. Of course, I’m not bothering to Google this. Someone get on that, haha.
Dayna: Already did. There is conjecture that they came to Newfoundland/Labrador, something like that. Virginia is just a *smidge* south of that. (It’s in the promo for next week where Alaric says the writings are Viking runes.)
Cat: Why are you overthinking this?
Dayna: Have you MET me?
Cat: Sadly no, but I want to. I over think things too, until my brain says ENOUGH. LOL Everybody loves a Viking and wants a Viking connection. They had boats and big axes and cool gods. Let’s just roll with it.
Melissa: This is kind of my commentary in general, not specifically directed at any of your arguments. I know we all pick random things to get hung up on in our shows but last night felt like the Viking thing really threw people for a loop. Anyway, I just don’t give a shit about it. It seems like the majority of vampire stories tend to change up history a bit or say that the reasons something happened were different than history says. So if they want to throw the Vikings into Virginia, go for it. I guess it just never really makes sense to me to care about the history of a fictional show. The mythology however can make me go on for days. I’m just going to accept that Mystic Falls is a Viking Hellmouth with its personal Temple of Doom. [LOL!] There also is some potential for an interesting commentary (if the Originals were Vikings) over the fact that the Vikings quite literally disappeared in the 1400s. There wasn’t this slowly dying out, they were just gone. Considering that’s when the first doppelganger showed up, I wouldn’t be surprised if the show did something there.
Dayna: It was more like the 11th, early 12th century when what’s thought of as the Viking age came to a close. Christianity started working its way into Scandinavia late 11th century and as they became Christianized one of their economic mainstays, slave-taking, took a nose-dive as it was considered wrong for a Christian to hold another as a slave. They had also formed familial ties with Britain and other northern European nations and weren’t all about the rape-pillage-plunder anymore.
Melissa: So to clarify, the Vikings have never been a point of study for me (though Norse mythology has) but I guess I thought the traditional pagan Viking and the entire Viking age changed in the early 12th century but that the Viking people still lasted for a few more centuries? Clearly I need to do more research.
Dayna: I’m pulling from memory (and a dab from Wikipedia) but the Norwegians, Swedes, Danes etc. were pretty involved in the Baltic Crusades (11th & 12th centuries) so they had pretty much converted over as a society by then. Not that oral histories weren’t still being passed down, stories told etc. but there wasn’t so much a disappearance of the Vikings as an assimilation into European society as a whole. (Although I kinda like the idea of it being All Katherine’s Fault.)
Cin: You bitches make me feel dumb. #allimsayin

In Memoriam
Dayna: One thing that struck me about all of the ghosts was how “static” they were. Like, there was no sense of moving on, as if they really are “stuck” in some kind of limbo. Anna – still looking for her mother and being all in wuv with Jeremy. Frederick and the tomb vampires – still looking to punish the founding families. Lexi – still working to keep Stefan housebroken. Vicki – still a hedonist, even without a real body, still looking for connection, still being self-destructive. Even Mason, who talked about seeing things from the other side and wanting redemption, was motivated primarily by not wanting Tyler to have to follow in his path, just as he was concerned before his death about Tyler never becoming a werewolf. I don’t know if this was intentional on the part of the writers or not, but it was an excellent job of showing what not “moving on” means. Grams, on the other hand, was an interesting inclusion here. She said the witches on the other side still talk to one another, so she’s obviously not alone like the vampire and werewolf spirits said they are. Is this possibly just a witch thing? And what about her comment, “Who do you think makes the rules?” Also: no human ghosts showed up, so there is apparently some kind of divide between what happens with humans and what happens with supernaturals. I really don’t want this show to delve into the whole soul thing, but they’re clearly drawing some sort of delineation here.
Abby: I’d wondered about the ‘no human ghosts’ thing! You’d think that if the ghosts were coming through, a large number of campers would be wanting words with Damon.
Christina: And don’t forget Aimee, Katherine’s spine-rip victim. BUT WAIT. You guys… where was Jenna?
Dayna: Shooting a movie? Seriously, though: I understand not every actor or actress could be available, but if anyone had unfinished business it was Jenna (what about her thesis?!), and I think they needed to hang a lantern on her not showing up with all the spooks on the loose.
Melissa: I don’t know that Jenna had unfinished business though (we all knew that thesis wasn’t getting done). Her final scenes with Elena made it clear that Jenna’s biggest fear over the last year had been taking care of her niece and nephew. She thought she failed but in that last moment of trying to kill Greta was doing what she could. I guess to me that felt like she made her peace before she died and didn’t have a reason to come back. Hmm, and on the no human ghosts as well, maybe it does come back to some of this nature stuff. The witches are the servants of nature so they’re always trying (or supposed to be) to create balance. Which makes sense that they would be doing that on the other end. Both the witch manipulating Vicki and Grams had a balancing nature purpose. Humans, in a sense, are natural. Born, live, die, the end and go find your peace because that is the natural order. Supernaturals though, being offkilter from the balance of nature, would be more likely to have unfinished business (or perhaps its merely perceived unfinished business–such as in Frederick’s case) with the world. They also may not have a chance to find peace because they aren’t natural. That’s the best theory I can offer.
Cat: Hm. I guess I just thought it was the Night of the Convenient Ghosts, but I was kind of expecting a Walking Dead kind of scene when the Illuminations happened. (Side note – we need a contest “What’s the next ridiculous founding event in MF?” Night of the first teepee collapse? Night of the first founding bastard chile’?)
Cin: Rumor has it that twitter was a river of tears last night. I didn’t even get misty. The only ‘re-death’ that affected me in the slightest was Anna & Pearl. And the super dramatic music made it even worse. I just wasn’t feeling any of the ‘OMGTEARSFOREVER’ over these characters that we AT MOST knew for a few episodes in the past and who are, you know, already dead. I’m a TV crier. I really, REALLY am. But for things I’m really emotionally invested in. The end of Lost & BtVS. The Tenth Doctor’s last episode of Doctor Who. Alias, like, so much. Every other week on Everwood, heck, even Supernatural on more than one occasion (we don’t speak of my sobfest during “What Is And What Should Never Be”), etc, etc… TVD doesn’t make me cry. I have gotten past misty TWICE in this entire show and both of those were because of Caroline and both were in S2 ((Compelling Sheriff Mom & when Stefan brought Elena & Bonnie over to ‘slumber it’ in “Daddy Issues”)). Stefan’s STEARS have gotten me close, but still no dice. I’m not trying to judge or just be mean here – my point is what I said all summer: I AM NOT EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN THESE CHARACTERS THE WAY I THINK I SHOULD BE. And that includes most of the main characters but most definitely the characters who come in & die within a half dozen episodes. It’s a problem on this show that is only getting worse the more they kill off characters that people ARE invested in and don’t replace them. I shouldn’t say that. They replace them. They just replace them with characters who we know won’t live past a season – at best. This is a HUGE problem for me with this show. It keeps me excited and anxious, but I just don’t have the care factor that is needed to push me to the emotional depths I think I need to go with a show.
Dayna: Yeah, I wasn’t down with all the bawling either. The two things on this show that have made me cry was when Caroline compelled her mother to forget she was a vampire, and Damon giving Rose sun and horses and taking her pain away before he mercy-killed her. (Damn, even typing THAT gets me misty.) Last night? Nothing.
Cin: I’ll admit, the Rose thing kinda got to me too. But I didn’t cry. Just misted. Carry on. LOL
Christina: I think John’s letter to Elena in “The Sun Also Rises” is the only time this show has ever made me legit cry. There are moments that make my eyes water, but that’s the only one that made me sob just a little. There were not tears for me last night. Not even a mist at Anna and Pearl. I think I was too pissed they were making her disappear, haha.
Cat: People cried? I was never emotionally invested in any of those ghosts. I liked Anna well enough, but a single ep back wasn’t going to make me upset.
Cin: Cat can testify to my penance for TV sobbing. If this show isn’t hitting me in the tear glands… something’s wrong. All I’m sayin’.
Melissa: Oh I was crying up a river on my end. I do get way too invested in fictional characters (when I was little and was given a jar of glitter as “pixie dust”, I used to jump off the roof so I could learn how to fly and hang out with Peter Pan–overly invested has been my thing for like 23 years) but sometimes I think I cry over the TV people when I can’t cry in real life. I don’t know. Anyway, yeah I was crying last night. But I’ve always been a mad fan of Anna and Lexi and there will several moments that got to me. Even Damon being all his version of apologetic with Alaric got me a little teary-eyed. I think this basically tells us that I have a heart and all of your hearts are stuck on the same dagger that’s got Elijah pinned down. #pullthedaggerout
Cin: Whatever the reason, Melissa – our cold dead hearts are numb to this shows dramatic musical moments. Sad but true. LOL

From the Tweetosphere
@JessiVanessi: Hey makeup department: lay off the bronzer on Stefan.
@Shirarose1: Well at least Damon learned how to hide things better…
@AndySwift: This is the best episode of Intervention I’ve ever seen. #TVD

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11 Responses to Reactions: Ep 3.07 “Ghost World”

  1. Colleen says:


  2. anonymous says:

    How dare someone torture Stefan and leave his shirt on! I am outraged. If you’re going to torture him then you have to take off his shirt. I think that’s a rule. Also, much as I love Caroline, come on writers! She is kicking the ass of a BUNCH of vampires at minimum 150 years older than her and Damon gets his butt kicked by one werewolf?? Okay, I kind of ignored it when she beat up Damon – spur of the moment adrenaline rush (do vampires have adrenaline?) but this is really stepping outside the older is stronger rule. I adore her and want her to be badass but “realistically” (should I even use that term in association with this show?) badass. TVD – Play by the rules of your universe!

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Tell me about it. I’m sick and tired of these boys getting tortured, working out, etc with shirts on. HAVE THEY FORGOTTEN WHAT NETWORK THIS IS?!? *sigh*

      They often break their own vamp rules. This show is getting realllllllly good at ‘It’s in the script’ mentality. Then again, most of the fandom licks it up like warm cream in a dish – so they just keep at it.

  3. This episode really was kind of a let down. The only moments I enjoyed was Damon’s smirk at Alaric and Lexi banging Stefan’s head against the car.
    The Anna and Pearl reunion was nice but not even misty worthy. However, I have to admit I am more emotionally invested in TVD than any other show ever. (I have cried in 1×14, 2×01, 2×05, 2×06, 2×08, 2×12, 2×21, 2×22, 3×01, and 3×05.)

    Random Note: While I am SO excited for next week’s return of Elijah, I am also very much looking forward to the scene of Damon dancing on the bar that we saw in the promo. Haha!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wait…so we got to see Elijah (FINALLY) and you guys are NOT going to monument that with gushes? Come on guys, I had expected a lot more from you.

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      We’re saving ourselves. If the network insists on keeping in on the downlow, then we’ll play along… But come next week – all bets are off.

  5. Gabriela says:

    Nice comments, Ladies! I particularly liked the part about the poor Fells 🙂
    From now on it will no longer be “red shirt”, it will be “Jeremygirlfriend”…
    Well, it wasn´t my all time favourite episode either (mostly because I don´t like how the writers made our poor brothers suffer in stereo), but there were highlights. I think it must have hurt Damon more to say ” I don´t have anyone else I can call” than being skewered by various objects. THAT is how I want them to suffer. Psychologically. And if there is any physical torturing to be done, please get rid of the shirts! Bloodstains are a bitch to get out of grey cotton!
    No, this was not an episode to cry over. I usually cry a lot watching movies or TV (The Tenth Doctor’s last episode of Doctor Who. Yes! Couldn´t stop the tears for hours! Which led to the totally embarrassing situation that I had to cry as well, when I saw D.Tennant in real life…and it was a comedy he played in!), but TVD usually leaves me shocked rather than teary-eyed. There are exceptions, of course: Elena saying good-bye to Stefan, when Klaus gets her. Damon trying to commit suicide.
    But I enjoyed the episode nonetheless. There were some nice bits of humour in there, and Caroline searching the soap dish had me laughing out loud.
    More of these wonderfully nerdy fannish insider jokes , please!
    By the way, I think Damon would not have HIDDEN the necklace, he didn´t think it would be dangerous in any way, or he wouldn´t have offered it back to Elena. On the other hand he knew that Klaus wants it, so he SHOULD have kept it hidden with the new roommate in the SBH… I am confused now!

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      OMG!!!!! We don’t even TALK about End of Time tears. I couldn’t even THINK about that episode for MONTHS & MONTHS without breaking the fuck down like an infant. I’m talking major ugly crying every single time I watch it. The last 30 minutes… And just the phrase “I don’t want to go.” — Shit. Now I’m getting misty.

      I was actually going to fly over to London with Cat (see above) to see Much Ado – but financial reasons made us change our plans. Still wish we could have, but yeah – that man breaks me.

  6. Gabriela says:

    And not only End of Time, he had me already at Bad Wolf Bay….
    Wish you could have seen him in Much Ado, he had the audience in tears – of laughter! He will be on stage again sometime, maybe then you can go see him.

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