Episode 306 “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Matty likes to work out while WEARING a shirt. The kids are participating in some shenanigans known locally as “Senior Prank Night,” and are destroying the school with their silly pranks. Matt and Bonnie bond over Vicki, and he decides to kill himself so he can talk to her too. But don’t worry; Bonnie brings him back. In other news, Klaus is back and is He. IS. PISSED. He wants Bonnie to figure out the whole doppelganger issue, and figures out that the Original Witch lied to him, and he actually NEEDS the doppelganger alive to keep his hybrid pups alive (by feeding them her blood). Klaus also decides that Stefan isn’t becoming RIPPAH fast enough of his own accord, so he compels the humanity right out of him. Stefan attacks Elena, it’s messy, Elena realizes they’re over, Damon apologizes for leaving (he’d been away on a roadtrip with Kathi), and Stefan’s is left by Klaus as Elena’s protector, and he’s living in the SBH. Awkward. Meanwhile, Jeremy’s been kidnapped by Kathi, who took him and Damon away to find Mikael, the dude who’s been trailing Klaus. Damon runs off when he has Elena withdrawals and Jer and Kathi continue on to NC, where they actually FIND Mikael. And he wakes up! Without pulling out a dagger. THERE ISN’T A DAGGER!

It’s 5:15, and Elena and Alaric are heading to the woods so Alaric can teach her to use some of his awesome toys.

He shows her one that shoots two stakes into your opponent’s chest when you punch them, but she’s too much of a scrawny weakling to deploy it.

I’m not being smarmy. Alaric tells her she’s not strong enough and needs to lift weights to put some meat on her bones.

Then he hands her a live vervain grenade, and she throws it away just in time before it exploded in her hands.

She yells that it’s not a joke, and I’m just waiting for Alaric to be all, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” But he doesn’t. He gets all serious face. Vamps aren’t a joke and blah blah blah common sense things. Elena is all, “you don’t have to use pronouns. You can say Stefan.” Alaric says the fact that she got out of bed this morning after all the shit Stefan did to her in last week’s episode… that makes her the strongest person he knows.

Aww, bonding moment.

Elena puts the stake shooter back on her wrist because this has suddenly turned into an action flick.


Oh, hey, OMG! It’s time for school! People look AWFULLY happy to be there, so it must be the first day of school.

Luckily Caroline is here to confirm this, and oh, hey, it’s our gang’s Senior year.

Elena suddenly realizes something. It’s her and Stefan’s anniversary. Technically. The first day of school is the anniversary of the day they first met.

You know, sometimes this show makes me forget that these kids are teenagers (and not just because they must have all their adventures on the weekend because they’re never in school). But GURL, THAT IS NOT AN ANNIVERSARY YOU CELEBRATE. Or think about, if I’m going to be honest. I mean, AT LEAST wait until the anniversary of “The Night of the Comet,” so you can celebrate (or mope around, as the case is now) your first kiss. Or whatever episode it was you first banged. But when you first laid eyes on each other? Just go to class.

Elena listens to me, and we head on over to the SBH, where Stefan is having a bloody Twister party with some co-eds.

Damon mentions that some of the party patrons have bled all over the Persian rug, and they owe him a new one.

Stefan is all, “don’t you mean us?” Excuse me, guys, don’t you both mean US? WE’RE the ones who take care of this place. Anyway…

Damon doesn’t see how this party is helping Stefan protect Elena, and Stef is all, “these ladies are helping me be all that I can be.”

They’re Army recruiters?! My, those have changed since I was in high school. There’s a knock on the door and Damon goes to investigate.

It’s Rebekah, and not only has Klaus left her here, but in her mourning, she’s taken to the local shops. She asks which room is her, and Stefan tells her she can’t stay here.

But because Rebekah is Rebekah, and probably because her brother is Klaus, she goes to find an empty room by herself.

Back at school, Jer’s all, “What? It’s not cool to talk to Juniors anymore?” He guesses that Bonnie’s mad, which she denies.

She passive-aggressively says that she’s okay with sharing space in their relationship with GhostVicki and GhostAnna. Jeremy offers that he hasn’t spoken to Anna in a while, and Bonnie’s all,

“GURL, that is SO not the point.” As much as it pains me to say this, I agree with Bonnie, Jeremy. You should have told her. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Jer explains that he had to talk to her to get info for Damon, but Bonnie points out he’s had no closure for when they died. He has the power to decide whether he wants to see them.

Outside, Matty pulls up and suddenly Vicki appears. They talk about “life stuff.” Matty’s all alone, and he misses her. She asks what he would say if she told him there was a way he could help her come back, but before she can say anything else, Tyler comes up to the car and they walk into school together.

Back at the tomb in NC, Kathi is trying to get Mikael to wake up by dangling a mouse over his face.

He is unfazed. Her phone rings.

It’s Damon. Apparently Kathi has been there for two days, and has tried “everything,” to lure him awake (he was already awake, no? Why did he fall asleep again?), but to no avail. Damon tells her to get a move on because they need him to kill Klaus so Stefan can get “derippified” and stop destroying the SBH. Heh.

Kathi spots a mourner who doubles as another shot.

Back at school, Elena gets a phone call from Damon.

He warns her that she might not want to come over to the SBH for a while. Mostly because it has a new resident: Barbie Klaus. Clever, Damon. While that’s supposed to sound like Vampire Barbie, I guess, since Damon was the one who nicknamed Caroline that, it just immediately makes me think of WWII Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie. I wonder if this was intentional. If so… OMG, Rebekah and her brother might get a helluva lot more dangerous before the season is out.

Damon explains that Klaus left her there after Damon mentioned Mikael.

She asks how Stefan is, but he’s all lame about not answering her. After she hangs up, Elena spots Caroline, and says that she totes forgot about the bonfire that the students have every year.

Caroline says that she HAS to go because it sets the tone for the entire year, or something else high school-important.

And suddenly there’s a Tyler attached to Caroline’s face. He wishes her a happy first day, and she notices a big blood stain on his shirt. She rushes him into the girls’ room and tells him that it’s not cool to wear your breakfast on your shirt.

He reassures her it was a bloodbag provided by Rebekah, who Klaus left in charge of watching over him, since he’s Klaus’ new asset and all. She’s disgusted that he’s amused by this, but he thinks it’s pretty awesome that he’s the first of Klaus’ hybrid babies to survive.

Caroline is def NOT impressed (though, I am. I def think it’s pretty neat. But I, like Tyler, am biased…). Car is all, “OH NO YOU DI’N’T!” and she and Elena leave.

Right outside the bathroom, Elena runs into Stefan, who’s returned to school so he can continue watching over her. She’s all understandably on the defensive, and he’s all, “Do you think I want to be a senior for the hundredth time? I’m not a fucking Cullen.” Okay, so he didn’t say that last part, and the answer is no, he doesn’t.

Alaric comes up and tries to put a stop to it, but Stefan warns him not to get in his way. Careful, Stefan.

In the few minutes before the bell rings, Elena tells Alaric how she’s one of Klaus’ assets now because of her blood and Stefan is sort of her bodyguard, she guesses.

Elena: Whatever he is, he’s definitely not Stefan.

Ooh, apparently Ric is teaching AP American History. I have a feeling this class is going to be more interesting than the AP US History class I took in high school.

Stefan comes in and makes some noob vacate his seat right next to Elena’s. Alaric tells everyone to put their thinking caps on. Like, really. In so many words. He starts to talk about the Native Americans when Rebekah comes in asking about Vikings.

She introduces herself: “I’m new, and I look about 10 years older than the other kids in this class, but no one will ever question this history is my favorite subject.” Dun dun dun. I guess.

Outside the building, Matty’s gone to the “stoner pit” to try to talk to Vicki again. Because he thought she’d be comfortable even though she seemed just as comfortable in his truck this morning. And would probably be comfortable in the boy’s bathroom, all jokes aside. Anyway, he finally presses for more info on how he could help her come back.

She explains that she has help appearing “from the other side.” AGAIN just before she can elaborate, Jeremy comes interrupting them, “looking for his stoner lab partner.”

Likely story. He leaves, and that was weird.

BUT, now Jeremy is in the boy’s bathroom (SEE, Matty?!) telling Anna how Matty was talking to Vicki – right out in the open. OH THE EFFRONTERY! Anna wants to know what kind of Help Vicki says she was having…

So, we go back outside to find out. Vicki says the witch she’s been talking to can do magic on their side to push Vicki back over to the side of the living. Oh, yeah, I’m sure it’s as easy as that. There won’t be ANY side effects. This isn’t goddamn Pet Sematary. *rolls eyes*.

Back in the bathroom, Anna is explaining that it’s inconceivable that she could – if she has a strong enough anchor on the living side. Like Anna is tethered to Jer, if Vicki gets a strong foothold, she could…

Vicki continues: She could come and go between the worlds as she pleased, and she won’t have to rely on Matty having to think of her. She’ll still be a ghost, but in this town, is that such a bad thing? Matt thinks yes.

Back in the bathroom, Anna is all, “She’s bad news, Jer!” She says again that there is darkness all around Vicki. When Jeremy tries to defend Vicki, saying that she’s not a bad person, Anna reminds us all that you can’t upset the balance of nature without paying a price. If she’s using a witch on her side, there’s no telling what the price is that she’s agreed to pay.

Outside, Vicki is making this sound really good to Matt, especially when she says that he won’t have to be alone anymore. Sad.

He goes for it.

Later, it’s football practice time! AND cheerleading practice. Some chick notices that NotNowDana is missing.

But lucky them, Rebekah is there to fill the spot. Car tells her that she can’t infiltrate all their lives – but she’s only interested in Car’s. Her everything… including her boyfriend.

Um, Single White Female, anyone? Jeez.

Hey, look a new coach. He’ll last three episodes, tops. He’s giving the guys a hard time… you know… like a football team should be given, but Tyler no likey,

so he compels him to get them leave so they can go get drunk at the bonfire. Car comes up to him to warn him about being subtle, but he’s all,

“coming from the Queen of Subtlety?” BURN. Tyler tells her to chill. He’s in control. Klaus has given him a gift, and he’s just putting it to good use.

They’re distracted by the girl shouts on the other side of the field where Rebekah is demonstrating her amazing acrobatic abilities. All the girls cheer and Tyler is impressed too.

And Rebekah keeps turning around to give Caroline sweet-as-molasses stupid bitch glares. You’re going down, Klaus Barbie Klaus.

Elsewhere on the field, Elena is having a bit of a jog around the track. She looks a bit more like she’s prancing, or floating lightly above the track. It’s a little odd. But whatever.

Stefan comes up to bother her some more, this time about going to the bonfire. She tells him to leave her alone and turns to jog lightly in the direction they just came from. As he’s asking her who she’s going with because he doesn’t want it to be weird if he brought a date, she runs into a guy, who apologizes to her. Stefan shoves him to the ground, and she’s all,

“WHO ARE YOU?!” Well, at least outwardly he looks like a roid-rage boyfriend. Do you think someone will notice and send the guidance counselor after him? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry. Just the thought of there being a responsible adult in this town. Oh, man. *wipes tear from eye*

Back in NC, Katherine is dripping the dead mourner over Mikael.

He sputters a bit and tells her to get it away from him. She protests that he needs blood, but he insists.

Ah, but he’s awake. So, he’s just been napping? This is all very weird. Kathi throws the body aside, and starts to tell Mikael that she remembers him from the 20s when he was hunting Klaus. Right on.

Back at the school, Damon walks in on Elena lifting weights.

Now, I’m not a free weights kind of person, so I can only speculate on what she might have on there, but I’d have to guess they’re about 5lbs each. I mean, it’s almost comical that we have to watch this at all. And a little mean. We get it; she’s kind of scrawny. But whatever. Damon’s there, and after making her sweat from pushing down on the barbell while she’s trying to lift it, she tells him she wants to lock Stefan up until they can get Klaus killed and the compulsion breaks.

Damon reminds her that in addition to compulsion, he’s also high on human blood. He’s gone now; there’s no coming back for him. Elena’s all, “do it for me,” so you know what he did.

He grabs her hand and shows her his sternum. It’s bone. To get to a vamp’s heart, she has to go under the ribcage.

And he’s all touchy when he says it. A moment for the Delena shippers to rejoice.

Okay, moving on.

It’s time for the bonfire! Wait, it’s on school grounds? Or well, it’s off in the woods, but it’s close. Weird.

Elena, Damon and Ric are in Ric’s classroom to discuss the plan. She’ll lure him away from the bonfire, and Ric will stab him. Damon asks why Bonnie can’t do anything, and Elena says because she doesn’t trust Bonnie. Oh, sorry, that’s me. She says it’s because she doesn’t trust Stefan not to hurt/kill/maim Bonnie.

Caroline’s role is to prep the old Forbes jail cell where CarDaddy tortured her. Damon brings up the good point of Rebekah – it’s his job to keep her away… with his charm. If he wasn’t so in love with Elena, methinks he’d actually enjoy this part. Oh wells.

Oh, good, Tyler’s here. Now it’s a party. It’s his job to raid his mom’s vervain stash to keep Stefan down, but Ty’s not down with that plan. Ha! Oh, Klaus-loyalty. Car has to remind him that Klaus is the “bad guy,” and derides him for acting like a sycophantic slave boy thing. Damon’s all, “oh boy,” like, “I’ve seen this ALL before!”

He explains that Tyler has been “sired” – meaning that he has unabashed loyalty for Klaus because Klaus created him. He says it’s a rare phenomenon, but maybe not in hybrids.

Finally! Finally they used this word! And in conjunction with Klaus… it’s just sounds so delightfully naughty. Awesome.

Car asks how to fix him, and Damon is all, “get a new boyfriend.” Heh.

Over at the bonfire, Stefan comes up to Rebekah who’s pumping the keg (not a euphemism). She’s wondering where Tyler is, and Stefan is just being a douche. Elena comes up, and Stefan is still a douche.

She pours herself a cup (presumably) and downs it. He tells her to slowdown because they both know she’s a light weight. They both know. That just feels so awkward. The way he says it just feels like a couple who’s broken up, but awkwardly run into each other and one of them decides to reminisce about how they used to have sex. Ugh.

Maybe it was that knowing look.

Over at the Donovan house, Matty is lighting a bunch of candles to get the mood just right. Vicki is walking him through the spell or whatever.

He cuts his hand and drips the blood on the pic of him and Vicki that we saw a few eps ago. He says, “I accept you” out loud,

and the candles get the flame boners that we saw last season, and the picture is smoking.

So you know some serious shit is ‘bout to throw down. The candles go down, and a door slams and aww now Matty and Vicki can touch.

Back at the school, Jeremy is trying to get Bonnie to help with the Vicki situation, but she’s turned her snobby nose up at it because of previously stated (good-reasoned) issues. He gabs that Anna thinks Vicki might have contact with another witch. Bonnie’s all, “WHATCHU SAY?!” and says that if he thought there was another witch, shouldn’t he have come to her BEFORE he went to Anna? And that’s another valid point. And when Anna shows up and tells Jer to tell her that it doesn’t matter, and he turns to her, and RIGHT THE FUCK IN FRONT OF BONNIE says

“Not now, Anna,” I want to reach through my TV screen and slap some sense into that boy. Oh, Jer. Bonnie says she can’t deal with that right now and decides to deal “instead” with Matt resurrecting his dead sister. Bitch, the two issues are related. How do…? I don’t… whatever.

Back with Matty, Vicki is exploring all she can feel. Come now, sickos. It’s just objects like a monkey wrench and the heat from a flame. Games over, she tells Matt that she can’t let Klaus’ hybrid survive. He says she can’t kill Tyler (I say, yes, she can).

But she doesn’t want to kill him – Elena is the key to creating the hybrids. When he tries to stop her from leaving, she punches him with the wrench, all “I wanna stay” and walks out the door. Um. Um. Goddammit.

Back at the bonfire, Elena is (faking) having a good time, and it’s kind of awkward. But she really kicks it up when she sees Stefan watching her.

Also, Damon has finally found Rebekah who is toasting marshmallows. She’s not too impressed with them until Damon shows her the warm, gooey center underneath the burnt exterior. That sentence felt really dirty to type. Anyway, she said she’s been through 10 of them already. WTF was she doing? Just burning them? If she was eating them, wouldn’t she have known about the center already? Whatever.

She seems to enjoy it when Damon feeds it to her from the stick. That sentence also felt dirty.

Elena is watching from afar, and Stefan calls it for what it is – Damon’s “got his flirt on” (that’s a direct quote) and that’s making her jealous. They have some “no, I’m not.” “Yes, you are” back and forth, and whatever. She walks away.

Matt’s come to and he’s called Bonnie for help. Bonnie asks where Vicki is, and we see her at the bonfire, on the verge of enjoying her first ciggy in like a year.

Back over in marshmallow fantasy land, Damon is showing Rebekah a s’more for his next trick. He says that being locked in a coffin for 90 years is no excuse for never having had one.

He’s looking at her with his flirty sideways smile, and she suddenly asks him why he’s being so nice to her. Damon’s all, “I can be mean, if that’s what you’re into.” Heh. She wants to know why he’s distracting her. She doesn’t buy his “good housemate” schtick, and reminds him they’ll never have a fair fight…

before she stabs him in the gut with the marshmallow stick.

I hope that shit was clean. If not, now Damon has marshmallow remnants in his belly.

Over at Lockwood Manor, Tyler is waking up, and Caroline informs him that he was being a “d-bag.” Also that he was sired, which means that he puts Klaus’ needs before anyone else’s; Klaus is his master.

Tyler objects to being anyone’s pet, and, you guys, the jokes. They write themselves. She says that Klaus has to be controlling him otherwise why is TyTy suddenly acting like his old douchebaggy self? Tyler jumps up and apologizes,

and Car reminds him that he’s a vamp, and everything about his personality is going to be heighted. So he has to be careful not to get so much sand in his vagina.

“I will, I promise,” he says. He asks her not to hate him.

Tyler: Everything I like about me is you.

Dammit, Tyler. Why do you have to say sweet things, you d-bag?

Back at the bonfire, Elena is being fake/real drunk on the bleachers talking about constellations. Stefan tells her that she should go home, and Elena stumbles a little. Either she really drank away her frustration at him, or she’s just really good at faking it. Maybe she’s got practice at all the other bonfires she’s been to at MFHS.

Wait a sec. Just realized something. If there’s such a guarantee of booze at these bonfires… and yet the event is advertised at school… don’t you think that teachers and/or the police would be aware of this sort of thing and would be patrolling like crazy? Oh, I’m sorry. This is Mystic Falls we’re talking about. Carry on.

Stefan is suddenly like his old ProtectorStefan self and tells her he’s going to drive her home.

Instead of walking down the bleachers, Elena decides she’s going down from the side. We actually used to do this when we were younger, but these were bleachers that pulled out from the wall in our gym, so there were places to get a foothold. Elena, alas, is trying it with outdoor bleachers. Silly, silly girl. And inevitably, after teasing Stefan that she won’t fall, she does.

And he vampspeeds over there and catches her. Hmm, methinks she really WAS drunk.

She says she knew he would catch her,

and they look all intensely in each other eyes, and… something doesn’t seem quite status quo anymore. But no time to think because Alaric is there to shoot Stefan with two vervain darts!

And he goes down. And… Elena doesn’t look too happy about it. Elena, I know. You were in his arms again, and that close to his beautiful face, and girl, I know. But she’s resolute. Ric comments how she looks “not sober,” and she’s all, “the plan worked. Let’s get him out of here.” See? Told you she was drunk. And she was totally drowning her sorrows. Sadface. Alaric loads Stefan into the back of their SUV.

Across the parking lot, Vicki is enjoying the shit out of that cigarette.

Matt, however, is pacing in Alaric’s Planning Powwow Classroom, apologizing to Bonnie. He trusted Vicki; he didn’t think she’d do this. Bonnie says she needs to know exactly what he did to release Vicki so that she can figure out how to seal her back in to the “other” side.

Back out in the parking lot, Alaric notices an empty gas can lying by the car. Vicki is standing nearby and flicks the cig into the gas,

which immediately sends the car up in flames. But there’s witchy-juju trapping Elena inside! Oh noes! Vicki appears inside the car and not convincingly at all apologizes, but Elena doesn’t seem to hear her. Ric has gone to get a broom (in a fire, Ric?). But it’s to break the window, which turned out to be a bust.

Back inside, Bonnie found a spell to block the magic helping Vicki. (Does she just carry a shitton of candles around with her? I’m guessing yes.). She cuts a slice across Matt’s uninjured hand. Um, ow!

Back in the Car, Stefan is waking up. Elena is having a harder and harder time breathing in the increasingly smoky car. Stefan kicks at the back door trying to open it.

Bonnie is chanting her spell, and suddenly Vicki is ripped from the car and lands in Ric’s classroom where the Thursday night séance is being held.

Matt tells Bonnie to hurry up, but we find out that Vicki is still here because of Matt. He needs to let her go. He tells Vicki he can’t let her hurt anyone. Plus she shouldn’t be there despite the fact that he didn’t want to be alone.

He has to let her go. And he does. And Vicki disappears. Oh, oh, sad Matty.

Outside, Stefan’s got the door open, but somehow passed out again (wow, vamp narcolepsy is running rampant tonight).

Elena and Ric pull him to safety JUST as the car explodes. Isn’t that how it always goes?

Back at the SBH, Damon is cleaning and dressing Elena’s tiny little wound on her cheek. She mentions that she saw him working his own marshmallowy magic on Rebekah. Damon’s all, “yeah, before she skewered me.” Ha. He says that he thought Elena was too drunk to notice it, but she admits she was faking most of it.

Damon’s all, “So was I.” Aaaaannnnd pause number two for the Delena swooners. Ric interrupts them; he’s going to take Elena home.

Back at Lockwood Manor, Caroline and Tyler are getting dressed from a romp on the office couch. They couldn’t wait, I guess. Tyler points out that she’s always running out on him afterward, and Caroline is all, “you have to earn the over-nighter.” YOU GO, GURL! She leaves,

and Tyler is left standing there, wearing nothing but the chenille throw from the couch. And, it pains me to say this, but damn, boy. You’re kind of ab-ilicious.

He turns around and notices Rebekah standing in the doorway. She has something for him, a present. It’s a chick… with a really, really nasty looking gash in her neck. He tells her to leave, but she refuses.

Rebekah: I think my brother would want his hybrid to indulge in everything life has to offer.

Turns out Tyler can’t resist and he rushes the girl. Hmm… this smells like trouble. Or maybe it’s just wet dog.

Back in NC, Kathi is lighting some candles, and Mikael is still awake, though still bound. He apologizes for being rude to her, and says that he’s been denying himself human blood for a very long time – longer than he can remember. Think about that. That’s staggering. He asks why she woke him, and she tells him about wanting to kill Klaus. He admits that he can AND WILL kill Klaus (*GULP*).

Kathi takes the chains off.

Katherine: A little blood will grease those muscles up real quick. Just sayin’.

Heh. Mikael is all, “I don’t eat living things.” A little impatient with this game, Kathi says rather snootily, “Then what do you eat—“


Back in the SBH, Elena says that it’s okay if Ric wants to rekindle his bromance with Damon. Ric’s not too enthused. And then, they run into Stefan? Why is he not chained up? Wasn’t that the plan? Stefan says that Elena needs him; he’ll always protect her.

It’s good they’re keeping him alive and unchained, or something. Before they leave, Stefan thanks Elena for not letting him die in the fire. She didn’t let him die because she still has hope, even after everything he’s done.

Elena: I know who you really are. Better than anyone, Stefan. And I’m not giving up.

She gets all up in his face, and he whispers, “Elena, do you have any idea how pathetic that makes you?” OHHHH SNAP.

She’s all, “No, Stefan. It makes me strong.”

And then she fucking STABS him with the stake shooter thing! WOW! Either emotion is REALLY key, or she built up a helluva a lot of muscle in the past 24 hours! Haha, Alaric’s all proud.

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Jer is on the phone with Bonnie, basically begging her to talk to him, when Anna appears. She’s not supposed to be there – because he’s not supposed to be thinking about her when he’s on the phone with Bonnie.

He says he didn’t think he was. He says that he doesn’t think that he can stop thinking about her, and she returns the sentiment. They go to do the Ghost hand touch thing again, and this time it’s like Anna is solid.

Something is different… they can really feel each other. Oooooooooh, Ghost sex! Come on! Please????

Back at the SBH, Damon is finally giving us a night off and rolling up the damaged Persian rug himself when he hears the tell-tale whoosh-y sound of a supernatural being. Also, several vases break.

He goes to investigate, and OMG IT’S MASON LOCKWOOD! He throws Damon across the room all,

GET OFF MY TRAIN This is going to be fun.”

Oh. Shit.

(All screencaps courtesy of hotn-caps.com)

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3 Responses to Episode 306 “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

  1. “and suddenly there’s a Tyler attached to Caroline’s face”…I almost spit out my drink when I read that!

    The bonfire, school event? IKR?! weird school. Also, would everyone (Tyler, Mrs. Lockwood) stop giving Caroline grief about not sleeping over? She’s still a teenage girl and wouldn’t her mother expect her home? Would it be okay with Mrs. Lockwood for Tyler to have a girl there overnight? Probably, since this is Mystic Falls, I guess.

  2. Gabriela says:

    Like Natalie just said: it is dangerous to read the episode recap AND have a drink at the same time – damage to the keyboard may be a highly probable result!
    I just couldn ´t stop giggling. I so enjoyed the Tyler-pet-jokes.
    And the marshmallow scenes! I don´t think I will ever be able to eat marshmallowsagain without having a stupid grin on my face and thinking about unclean roasting sticks…

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