Reactions: 3.06 “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Attention everyone: let’s get some reactions up in here! Alright, so tons of crazy shit went down in last night’s episode. So let’s just get to the reactions!

Main Players: Cin, Christina (SBH staff); Melissa, Cat and Mel (SBH contributors and friends).

Ghost Town
Cin: Methinks the Original Witch is building herself an army to fight Klaus. Now, I didn’t get past the 2nd book because of the stupid, but I’ve heard things & ummm… *sniff* do I smell book type plots?
Melissa: Having heard things too, I smell the hint of lifted story lines that have been turned into their own story. But there are traces of book stuff going on for sure.
Christina: DUDE! I totally forgot about that part of the book. I can’t remember when the set up happened, but it was like the big show-down in book 4. And it was so dumb because it was kind of confusing and came out of nowhere. I mean, at least in the show, the way they’re setting it up kind of makes sense, but it’s still kind of weird. Though, I suppose I don’t automatically dislike it… except that it’s getting harder and harder for me to accept that Klaus probably won’t survive the season 😦
Cat: Hush up & watch your tongue. My formerly anti Klaus heart will break should we lose his awesomeness. I will replay him snapping Tylers neck for many moons.
Cin: Tyler’s necksnapping was a glorious thing for certain. That said, Klaus is still Voldemort. He can’t live forever. Now Elijah, on the other hand, totally can. #justsayin
Christina: Agree. I don’t WANT Klaus to die, but he has to. Also, Dear Uncle “Douchecanoe” Mason, when Damon kills you, you should stay dead. And yeah, I know you ARE dead, but like… DIE die and don’t ever come back. *sigh*
Cat: Am I missing something? Why is he back? How? Is he a hybrid now? A ghost? I can’t tell who can see what anymore. It requires more effort than I can give it.
Christina: He’s a ghost, which for some reason REALLY threw me off. Maybe it was because I didn’t think we’d see him again. And I kept having a hard time remembering that Damon couldn’t see him… or COULD he? Were we (the audience) the only ones who know it was Mason pulling the “GET OFF MY TRAIN” routine?
Cin: Damon totally saw him. Based on the promo for next week this will be the big A-plot of the next episode. As I said above, it all seems to be Original Witch’s juju trying to raise her an Army of Ghosts to fight Voldemort Klaus.
Christina: But then my question is — and this is why I was confused — HOW does Damon see him? Didn’t we just establish that you have to have died and come back to see the ghosts? Does this rule apply to vamps (duh, I KNOW vamps have died and “come back”)? I just was unsure of the rules here, I guess, when it comes to our vampy friends.
Melissa: I’m not sure if its a Damon thing completely but as I understand ghostly lore and the preview, the wall’s been broken. So even though Vicki was sent back, that spell that Matt did didn’t just bring her through. It pretty much opened the floodgates so that a lot more can go through and have some actual power. I would imagine that there are still connections that matter and with ghosts on the brain, Mason might have popped into Damon’s head unconsciously at some point, giving him a stronger foothold. But I got the distinct impression that the ghosts don’t need a contact point anymore.
Cin: That is a good theory, but the whole ‘part of Damon’s subconcious’ part leaves me feeling very BtVS First-like. I definitely think that you are on to something with the portal opening bit. BUT did the OW (Original Witch) plan it all out? Time will tell. Time will tell.
Melissa: I guess by subconscious, I don’t so much mean in a BtVS First style but like if there’s still a slight need for a contact point but not as strong of one, Damon or Tyler are the most likely people Mason would show up to first. And considering the ghosts have a purpose, they obviously don’t need Tyler. I would imagine too that even if the ghosts now have an opening into the world, there’s still someone (the Original Witch) pulling the strings on the ghost end. My theory is that she’s coming after Klaus with the ghosts but I think she also wants to come back. Klaus has said she’s very dead, I bet she doesn’t want to be so dead anymore. Also, I’m still completely weirded out by the fact that everyone forgot about Mason returning.
Cin: I didn’t forget. And I wasn’t shocked. Are you talking about people on twitter? LOL – Silly fandom, Trix are for kids.
Melissa: Yeah twitter mostly. It seemed like so many people freaked out and I was like um guys he was sort of partying it up in Atlanta with Lady Gaga the entire time.
Christina: You know, I KNEW that, but I didn’t put it together. I was just as surprised as everyone else, haha. Lest we forget people who don’t read spoilers… like me. When I can avoid it. This one did get through though. Still shocked, haha.
Melissa: Oh crazy! I guess the spoilers were a while ago but it seems like so many people love Taylor Kinney that I was amazed about the shock. Kudos to the show then for letting the news fade away so the element of surprise was still there.
Christina: Word, I guess. Sorry, I’m just shocked that people like Mason… haha. I honestly think that’s why I didn’t know. I heard it and forgot it.
Melissa: This affection for Mason Lockwood shocks me too. Speaking of, have I mentioned I hate Mason Lockwood lately? Because I can cover that again if I need too. Over and over again.
Cin: Gurlllll, you can’t hate him more than me & Christina. Like, there is an shrine of hate around Uncle Douchenozzle here in our closet at The SBH. Seriously, there might even be gap-toothed voodoo dolls… I’ll never tell ;-). I still stand behind my statement that ripping that cock’s heart out was the best thing Damon Salvatore ever did. Twas glorious times infinity.
Melissa: I heart the shit out of Damon Salvatore every time I think about him torturing and ripping Mason’s heart out.
Cin: We *may* have given Damon a few ideas on the torture. Of course, this was back in the day before he started be all mega stupid and he actually listened to people once in a while, but see: a rational Damon gets things done. *nods*
Christina: LAWDY don’t get me started on Uncle Douchetard. I am SO pissed that his face is back on our TVs. Hate. There is going to be a hate storm if they don’t find a way to get him outta there.
Melissa: This is why I always stay at the boarding house. NO DOGS ALLOWED.

Taming the Rippah
Melissa: The guy leaves bodies all over the carpet. Do you have any idea the dry cleaning bill on a thing like that?! A time out is totally necessary.
Cin: Right?!? But it was kinda hot. I love how he’s just chilling on the couch running the show. LOL And then why DIDN’T they lock him up? They went to all of that trouble & almost got killed by a member of the Army of Ghosts to pull it off & then what, just decided to abort? Laaaammmeeee. Me wanted some Rippah in chains. 😦
Christina: That’s my new band name. Yeah, I didn’t really understand why they went through all the trouble, got stuck in a car that burst into flames in a REALLY suspicious way, and then did nothing. Like, okay, I was cheering a bit when Stefan called her pathetic so she stabbed him. Like, go, Elena! But still. That’s it?
Cat: I so wanted to love the Rippah. Lack of vampire balls was always my complaint about Stefan but…still not buying it. Lock him up, chain him up, sink him in the lake. Whatevs.
Cin: Oh, I more than was buying it. Actually, Rippah Stefan & Klaus have been the only things I like about this entire season, BUT this week they took a major step back. He wasn’t acting all compelled not to feel and shit. I mean, I guess maybe he was a bit – but even so – I wanted more. MAJOR points for calling Elena pathetic to her face though even if he did get a few stakes to the tummy for his trouble. LOL
Christina: I really liked that he did it too. The enjoyment I got out of those like 15 seconds was two-fold, haha.
Cin: Also, I must bitch about the car catching flame. *SIGH* I know that these witchy CW shows like to make peopel think, that just anything and everything will catch flame at any time, but I’m sorry – no way would a car just go up like that. None. It took me way out of the moment and was just stupid. Let’s try some new tricks please.
Melissa: I see the thing on the car but unlike the TSC one, I got the impression that more than just Vicki was forcing that fire to be a little too out of control. Like maybe whatever force is behind Vicki was giving a helping hand. Could be just me though. I think maybe a scene or two got cut but maybe a combination of things went into letting Stefan go. They probably got a call from Bonnie about Matt’s extra-curriculars and realized that Stefan might be useful. And maybe there was a level of hey we can still catch Stefan off guard so we’ll have to deal with the asshole. Which speaking of, is something that didn’t quite fully click until I was reading ya’ll’s frustration with Stefan, is that everyone calls him a cocky douche as a ripper or hints at that personality. Like, Damon, when S1 levels of interesting/evil is a more charming level of evil. Ripper Stefan is just an asshole. I mean, don’t get me wrong I freaking love Ripper Stefan but this episode reminded me of those comments. I’m hoping this was just the start of the ripper thing and that Stefan’s acting out a bit, especially at Klaus for forcing him to do this and then making him babysit. But thank heavens for Elena stabbing him because that was such a moment.

The Buffification of Elena
Cin: I’m gonna be real for a second: I don’t read twitter on Thursday nights anymore. (see example above as to why), but I was scrolling threw my timeline this morning and saw this tweet by @tbrick2 Ummmm… are people in this fandom on drugs? What the fuck is THIS SHIT?!? Not only is Elena nothing at all in any way like Buffy, but she was huffing & puffing over a damn pussy weight. And we’re just supposed to believe that some running around a track, hurting herself on free weights and pretending to be falling down drunk was going to make her strong enough to get that toy of Alaric’s to work? Whatthefuckever.
Christina: Oh, wait. So that was her training montage? I was wondering about that, haha.
Cin: That wasn’t fucking much of a training montage. ROFL!!!!!!!!
Melissa: In Elena’s defense but not so much fandom’s, I think that her being able to stab Stefan was out of anger in the moment. It just kind of felt like she was pissed and tired and in a hellfire bitch mood and that gave her strength. You know, she hadn’t been letting herself hope much in Stefan, then there was a glimmer and she cared and then Ripper Stefan pulled the pathetic card and Elena pretty much snapped and went fuck that noise. NOW…on the comparisons to Buffy, I get the hints of Buffy/Giles that were going on. Nowhere near the levels of real Buffy/Giles and I think the people doing the more serious comparisons are the ones who have never really watched Buffy. The jokes are coming from the fans who love both shows. I’m all for Elena trying to be stronger though. She needs to fight back (or at least try) and more than just on a mental level.
Cin: Oh, I totally agree on all counts. She did do that out of anger, BUT I just don’t like when people get all ironical about epic characters. She does need to be stronger – but working out isn’t the only change that needs to be made. She needs to stay tough on this vampire front. She needs to get mad how Alaric got mad.
Melissa: Agreed! Okay I have a little thing I want to comment on that is related but will take me a second to get there. There was this blog I read a couple weeks ago that talked about how love triangles are often set up for the girl not to have 2 romantic choices but 2 physical manifestations of who she wants to become. The girl in most of these stories is deciding what kind of person she is going to be and the boys often symbolize the two directions she could go. Which has had me thinking about Elena in regards to Damon/Stefan. Something I’ve noticed is that Elena is a fighter with Stefan. (Note that is not fights with Stefan). She fights for what she wants, for the people she loves and she makes Stefan fight for it too, even when he’s ready to give up. Yet with Damon, she’s often a lot more willing to let Damon take charge and save her. And I find that very intriguing. Damon, by nature, is the guy who fights for what he wants. Stefan, love him as I do, fights for a while but when things get tough, Stefan (I think) worries that he won’t be successful and gives up. Damon stubbornly fights through even when he should really let things go. So I just, i don’t know, I find it interesting that Elena acts more like Damon in this fighting for what she cares about but does it because of Stefan. It just came out a little stronger in this episode and seemed to indicate that Elena is still changing and hasn’t completely figured out who she is yet. Or to bring Buffy back into it, Elena’s a cookie that still needs baking.
Christina: I just had deja vu reading that. I was actually thinking about that not too long ago — that Elena (Oh dear lord I almost just wrote Sookie…) kind of plays opposite parts of herself when she’s with the different Salvatore brothers. The thing is… I don’t think she becomes docile when she’s around Damon. I think she’s still a fighter, but it’s different. I actually feel like, despite what her actions may imply, that she’s a bit more rational when she’s around Damon. I think I like her more around Damon. She’s def a fighter when she’s around Stefan, but it’s more of a stubborn fighter that I’ve come to kind of loathe. She’s irrational and she makes stupid mistakes. What that means for the triangle, I don’t know. But I love that you brought that up. It’s very interesting, and I think we could probably go on about it… but that’s another topic for another day, haha.
Melissa: Sorry, I should clarify. I don’t think she’s totally docile around Damon, I just think she lets him take control more than she does Stefan. But Stefan does that too. Stefan also shows elements of ‘I just need my big brother to step in and save the day because I don’t have anything left’. And I think Elena’s mistakes come because when you’re the only one fighting, there’s no one to look out for the mistakes. You’re right though, it could be quite the topic. I just had to bring up how much I like that the writers haven’t made a clear distinction between the Damon!Elena and the Stefan!Elena. She’s one person and both boys are influencing that.

Bad Juju
Melissa: So I’ve had this thing against the whole ghostly relationship stuff and then this week I realized that this is Mystic Falls and unlike Grey’s Anatomy, ghost sex is probably about as routine as homeroom. But my heart cannot afford to be emotionally invested in Anna & Jeremy! I’m holding out hope that Anna’s still there on accident, (and actually I think the idea that now multiple ghosts can get through because the wall or whatever is gone, solidifies my theory that Anna slipped through) but I know she’ll have to leave and my heart will break again. Unless maybe there’s a spell Bonnie can do but in order to do it, one of the first two ghosts has to stay and she gives Jeremy back his true love. I can be completely okay with this plan. Also, I just moved into a house on Denial Avenue.
Christina: Maybe Bonnie can do a spell so that she switches places with Anna, and Anna lives and Bonnie dies? What? Wishful thinking?
Cat: Did anyone else laugh when Bonnie went through the list of young Jeremy’s love life & loss? The kid is what, 16? And he’s had two dead great loves that are ghosting him?
Cin: Bonnie was the bitch we all know & hate in this episode for damn sure. Could she *BE* a bigger cunt? Well, maybe if she was me, but you know…
Melissa: I think you guys know how much I adore Jeremy and Anna together by now but I was a little heavier on Team Bonnie in the scheme of taking sides. Just because Jeremy clearly told her that Anna can get through when he’s thinking about her and he’s obviously thinking about Anna a lot lately. I get Bonnie’s anger at that. And I don’t think its so much from a “her or me” standpoint. I give a lot of credit to Kat’s performance last night in the scene by the lockers because she didn’t come across as the Bonnie bitch show to me. It seemed like she was saying, I understand that Anna still matters to you but I thought I mattered too. I think Bonnie’s trying to figure out if Jeremy really does care about her or if she was a rebound because he never got over Anna. And in fairness to Jeremy, he never had the chance to get over Anna because they didn’t break up. I think Bonnie was just hurting and feeling alone and trying to understand what Jeremy wants. Plus in Bonnie’s defense, it’s not like she can see Anna. It’s not a very fair love triangle. That said, while I feel for Bonnie, I am Team Jeremy/Anna so hard it is ridiculous.
Cin: I am so about Jeremy/Anna Ghost Sex that I got completely excited last night when they were on the bed touching. Ask Christina, I was like “#VDBingo be damned, we’re about to get busy up in ‘ere!” – LOL So yeah, bring. it. on.
Christina: Haha, it’s true. She said that. I see what you’re saying, Melissa. I DO feel bad for Bonnie, and I totally understand where her hurt is coming from. That said, 2 seasons of BitchBonnie, and I’m not so easily swayed to her side. Also, I too am a huge Jeremy/Anna fan. They can touch! They can touch! Well, then, DO something with this realization, amiright?! 😉

Mikael, Vamp Biter
Christina: So, Mikael feeds on vamps. Not people — VAMPS! So. Who was shocked by THIS?
Cat: ME! Seems so obvious now though.
Cin: This revelation did surprise me. Granted I have spent exactly ZERO time trying to think about Mikey (sorry, Mikael is lame. If it had been Michael I would have respected the name. As it stands… no) and was adapting a wait & see attitude – but still. It got me. I really hope Katherine isn’t dead. I like her way more than Elena this season. I’ll be sad to see her go.
Christina: I don’t know why, but I was NOT shocked by this. Maybe because we knew he was a vamp who was a vamp hunter, my brain made the connection without my realizing. However, his biting Katherine like that DID shock me. It was an out-loud “OH SHIT” moment for me. Also during this scene, I had a thought. Mikael (or Sebastian Roche) is pretty much exactly how I pictured Klaus when I was reading the books. So I’m wondering (see also: kind of maybe hoping) if Mikael and Katherine will develop the same sort of relationship as BookKlaus and BookKatherine (minus the siring bit). Like, they’d be on the same team, and she’d be loyal and shit. This could be very interesting indeed.
Melissa: I was surprised even though I have been speculating about Mikael. I caught on a split second before when he said he doesn’t feed on humans and I went “but no animals? Oh shit, he’s gonna eat Katherine” and then he ate Katherine. I kind of heart Sarah from OffColorTV so much for her comment about that. “Tastes like bitch”. *DEAD*.
Cin: Shit we need to finish this so I can read Sarah’s recap. I can’t read before or I’ll plagerize her because she’s awesome. LOL

SIRED! Finally!
Cin: I didn’t want to like Tyler enjoying his hybridness, but I kinda did. He seemed more confident and maybe even a bit charming. Almost generally happier – and then when they revealed the BOOM!SIRED! I was like “OMGWTFFINALLYAWESOMESIREDSAUCE!!!” Seriously ya’ll, I’ve been waiting & bitching about them not having any kind of ‘sired’ mythology for 2 years now. I also like that although he does seem to be Team Klaus, he isn’t a puppet. Really enjoyed the scene in the classroom when everyone found out about it at once. Seeing those characters in shock gives me a chuckle.
Mel: Why Tyler? WHY?! I thought we were over this bullshit douche box business! I am not a fan.
Cin: I didn’t think he was THAT douche-y, and for me to say that is an accomplishment. Caroline called him out but I think it was more about him not being all “GO TEAM ELENA” – because as you all know, that’s the most important thing in MF. *nods*
Christina: I didn’t think he was being that douche-y either, actually. I actually… and I can’t believe I’m going to say this… I actually really enjoyed Tyler last night. I really, really like the idea that he’s going to automatically be loyal to Klaus. It really brings me joy. I’m also glad he’s not a puppet though. Because now whatever he does because of it, he’s going to be conscious of it, and it can have REAL results and consequences. Sorry, but I like my characters feeling guilt, haha.
Cin: Once again, Christina & I share a brain on this matter. This should surprise exactly no one, but for us to reach so deep as to both NOT think Tyler was a douche – well, that’s a brainshare that deserves a shout out.
Cat: Since I FF though almost all of his scenes, I don’t know what you’re talking about UNLESS it’s the last scene with the towel. Which you’d have to be a hybrid moron/zombie not to watch. On the actual topic of siring – I like it – makes sense to me.
Melissa: I only have minimal comments on Tyler. I liked him for the most part last night and I liked that the siring thing will have an influence but not a puppet thing. BUT HELL TO THE FUCK YEAH FOR SIRING!!!! That is like such a huge thing in multiple vampire stories and I have been waiting for it. This is going to be awesome! But I did love him when he said everything good about him is Caroline. (Duh).

Rebekah’s Mean Girl Movie Is Hereby Dubbed “Feathers”
Christina: Feathers in the hair? Really? Is this a thing again?
Cat: She’s lovely. Amazing. I like bitchy female vampire. There isn’t anything I don’t love about her. And Christina, you need to spend some time in a mall – even my 50 year old hairdresser was sporting feathers recently.
Christina: I got back and forth about Rebekah. I like her because I like bitchy characters with questionable morals, but sometimes her bitchiness hits the wrong person, and is transferred to me. Like with Stefan. Rippah or not, she should stop being mean to him. On the other hand, I can totally relate to her on the s’mores thing, which I thought was pretty funny. Not that I’ve been daggered and in a coffin for 90 years, but because I don’t think I’ve ever had a s’more either. That scene hit close to home, hahaha.
Cin: I’m still very much on the fence with her. Like, I’m barely paying attention to her, so *shrug*. As I say each & every single week: UNTIL ELIJAH COMES BACK I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!
Melissa: I still like Rebekah. I think I’ve liked her the fastest of any Original actually. I was trying to figure out why she was so interested in the high school shit but then I remembered that being dead for the last 90 years meant she hasn’t had the chance to do the whole prom/cheerleading/mean girls routine. This is all new to her. I’m still convinced she has ulterior motives though. I may have more to say about Rebekah but for now I want to see a couple more episodes. Oh but can we just talk about the scrap of material she was wearing?! She certainly made her peace with the prostitution fashion line in a hurry.

So, what did you guys think? WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR OPINIONS!

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9 Responses to Reactions: 3.06 “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

  1. claudia says:

    I loved this episode. And, as usual, it’s hilarious to read your reactions. My only complaint was how Katherine could have missed that. If the guy she was running from for five centuries is deathly afraid of someone else, why wake him? She should’ve found the reason first and then decided how to go about it. I understand she was probably desperate, but it was just pathetic. I really hope she’s not dead, though.

  2. Regina says:

    This Episode Was Great!!! I Really Don’t Think Katherine Is Dead, I Think She Is Only Alive Because Mikael Needs Her. & Tyler Is Horrible Now. & Now I Beleive Stefan Is Still Trying To Control It But He Cant Fully Do It Cause He Was Conpelled.

  3. about the damon/mason thing…damon was rolling up a rug, similar to his cleanup after he killed mason…perhaps that reminded him of Mason and voila! the ghost of uncle douchecanoe appeared…

  4. anonymous says:

    “Rippah in Chains” – that comment did funny things to my heart(?) They need to have Stefan in more shirts without sleeves. Loved the twister game. The boys have been having a really bad time with their stomachs lately – Rebekah got both of them in the gut and then Elena also gets Stefan (why did I enjoy that so much??) These vamps need some Kevlar or something – Elijah with the heart protector model and the Salvatore boys with the stomach girdle version.

  5. I loved the episode. I still DONT like Rebekah. Im ticked off a Tyler. I know you ladies dont like Bonnie. I do happen to like her and I wish there was more development of her character than superhero crap. I think that the REAL Stefan showed through a little bit at the end when he caught Elana. I dont think that was all compulsion.. And now I am going to rewatch for anything that I might have missed..

  6. anonymous says:

    I have to ask – are you able to get home/business insurance for the boarding house? I mean when I think of the damage over the past year – wolves and vampires crashing through the windows, first edition books and built in bookcases destroyed by the battling bros, countless rugs destroyed, Stefan’s room trashed by assorted Vicky and Damon (multiple) assaults, personal liability damage for sorority girls (both bros), blood stains everywhere, furniture damage from assorted battles . . . how do you cover the damage?

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