Episode 305 “The Reckoning”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Elena and Damon get awfully chummy, and she spends most of her storyline having Caroline roll her eyes at her, trying to get her to admit that she – GASP – likes Damon. Speaking of Damon, Sheriff Mom has him compel CarDaddy, but guess what! He can’t be compelled! Damon gets all pissy because it’s not a situation he can charm his way out of, so he snaps Alaric’s neck, bites CarDaddy and gets in a fight with Caroline to prove that he’s still the asshole in control. Speaking of assholes in control, Klaus wants Gloria to find him the damn necklace. She sees it with Elena, but leaves out the tiny detail of her being alive. But later, when she’s alone with Stefan, she straps him down, bleeds him and works her juju on him to prove that he’s in love with the doppelganger and that’s why he’s two-timing Klaus. Speaking of two-timing Klaus, Rebekah knows Stefan’s doing it too, because it’s in his kiss that’s where it is!. Speaking of kissing… okay enough with that. Bonnie’s trying to help Elena figure out what kind of magic is on the necklace, while Jeremy sort of rekindles his relationship with GhostAnna. But then he starts to feel guilty, like he’s cheating on Bonnie, so he shuts her down, and we all have a sad. Katherine comes back to MF from Chicago, and she and Damon decide to go on a roadtrip with the necklace. And now that Klaus knows that Stefan can’t let go of his past… whatever THAT may be… he’s brought him (and all the coffins) back to Mystic Falls! Are we ready for some DRAMA?!

Hey, look, it’s the school!

Oh, but wait it’s empty.

Just another typical day in Mystic Falls. Oh, wait, hey, it’s Matty. Working out.

With a shirt on? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! Suddenly he hears a noise, and goes to investigate, because the people in this town STILL don’t know what a scary movie is.

He follows the sound – and a slightly ghostly figure of a girl – over to… a classroom… where he sets off about two hundred mouse traps!

What? It’s Caroline, Tyler, Elena and Bonnie participating in something called Senior Prank night (note: how were they going to get out of there?). I swear to god, this town exists in a timewarp, or a nature preserve like The Village or something, because if we had tried to pull something like this at MY high school, we’d a) get suspended, b) get expelled, or c) have the entire school get put on “lockdown” while the bomb squad was called in before we were hauled away in the back of separate police cruisers and sent off to juvie, or a psych ward, or military school – IF we didn’t get caught setting off some sort of alarm in the process. God, this town is trusting. ANYWAY.

Matty isn’t having it, and I don’t blame him. Elena’s acting all high and mighty as per usual, all, “if I’m doing it, you should do it!” Yeah, and what if you drove your car off a bridge, Elena? Too soon?

Elena says she’s making memories or something, and walks out, and HOLY OMG IS SHE SMILING?! OMG. Cin! Cin, hold me! Elena is smiling and I don’t know what to do with myself!

She walks out of the classroom, and Tyler is giving instructions to some extras to Saran Wrap the teacher’s toilets. Wait, wasn’t he just in the classroom? How did he beat her out there? Goddamn portkeys!

Also, someone named Dan needs bodies in the gym. This is either the most horrible plot for a porno ever (well, that’s questionable), or we’re going to have to endure Senior Prank shit for a while longer.

Anyway, Elena’s out in the hallway alone again, because she certainly doesn’t learn from experience, and turns the corner RIGHT INTO KLAUS!

Klaus: There’s my girl.

She turns to run, but he’s there too, cutting her off!

He’s all, “You’re supposed to be dead. What are we going to do about that?” I vote kill her, but well this wouldn’t be TVD, would it?


Elsewhere, Damon and Katherine are out on the open road, and Damon is finding the whole “having to look at the road while you’re driving” to be optional.

They’re talking about how he and Elena have a difference of opinion on how he should behave. And to prove that she doesn’t need him to pretend, Katherine starts making out with him…

while he’s driving at high speeds.

He shoves her off him and tells her she doesn’t do it for him anymore. HAHA!

In the back of their moving truck, Stefan is waking up from what was apparently an afternoon of Klaus breaking his neck. This must have caused some brain trauma, because pretty sure Stefan asks Rebekah, who’s there standing guard, why Klaus brought them back to “Mythtic Falls.” Seriously. Go listen to that shit. He says “Mythtic.”

Rebekah explains that Klaus has figured out Stefan’s little secret. Stefan says that he’s done everything Klaus has asked him – unfortunately, the problem is that he neglected to tell him the doppelganger was still alive. His bad.

He asks where Klaus is, and she’s all, “with any luck, ripping that cow’s bloody head off.” Heh. But Stefan doesn’t find it funny. He gets mad and tackles her, and they fly out of the truck. She’s all, “color me jealous” and stabs him in the gut with a crowbar.

Inside the school, Klaus is unloading his laments about not being able to make more hybrids, which is sort of the point of his existence, and he’s betting it has something to do with the fact that she’s still kicking. God, I love Klaus when he’s angry. She’s all “then just kill me,” and he says he will, but he’s got ways of making her suffer.

Over in the gym, there are thousands of paper cups set up all over the floor, and the kids are filling them with something out of a water gun. Is it pee? It wouldn’t put it past these freaks. Suddenly Klaus comes in with Elena, and he breaks up the gang of pesky teens, but asks NotNowDana and male sidekick to stay behind.

He’s all, “I remember you,” and that sort of gives me chills along with the fact that he’s all, “I wasn’t in my right head last time.” Because you were in ALARIC’S head! BOOM!

Then he asks Dana to lift up her foot (aww, he remembered her name!) and not put it down until he tells her to. Oh, and he tells the boy to BEAT HER TO DEATH if she does. Shit.

Elena’s like, “You don’t have to kill anyone,” and Klaus is like,

“Oh, come now, love. Of course I do.” Is it wrong that Klaus is, like, REALLY turning me on right now? No? Good.

Back out on the road, Damon’s pulled over because he wants Katherine to spill her gossip.

She pulls out the necklace, and explains that Klaus wants it – and she has it, so it’s leverage. Even better, she learned a little something when she stole the necklace from Bonnie. She makes Damon repeat that there’s no turning back from here, and he says he won’t. Good, because she also stole Jeremy.

Um, okay?

Back at the school, Caroline is squeezing honey on to a doorknob as another prank, and Tyler walks up and ZZzzzzzz.

She asks if Matt’s going to be okay, and he’s all, “Bitch, I’m kissing you and you’re asking me about Matt.” She just wants to know if their friend is okay. Tyler says he doesn’t think Matt has many people to talk to anymore, and is probably feeling lonely, and wow, look who’s suddenly so observant! He also says that he loves her big heart. And because Caroline is Caroline, she says she wants the school year to be great, amidst all the crazy bits.

Make out time!

But it’s interrupted by Rebekah, who seems to know them both already – and that Ty is a werewolf. Caroline is all, “And who are you?” Rebekah is like, “I’m the new girl,” and then CRAZY VAMP EYES and fangs and she rushes Caroline!


Over at the giant pool – WTF is the school board budget in Mystic Falls?? Because DAAAAMN – Matt and Bonnie are busy toilet-papering it up.

Bonnie’s all cheerful, and Show, what have you done with Bonnie? Is this a podperson? Isn’t woe-is-me kind of her schtick? Anyway, she tells Matt he should be into this, and he asks where Jeremy is. Bonnie says Jer told her about talking to Vicki – and Matt is relieved that someone else knows. Aww, Matty.

He marvels at how just last summer his only worries were that Elena was breaking up with him, and he sucked at CPR (which is quite a situation seeing as he was a lifeguard at the pool). But now everyone is something supernatural, and that pretty much explains why he’s not into Senior Prank night. Again, I say: Aww, Matty! He says he’s going to get more TP.

He goes into the restroom and starts grabbing rolls out of stalls. He’s just… grabbing them off the top of the dispensers. Hold on. Minor detail, I KNOW, but WTF, show? This school has the budget for a pool, but can’t pay its custodial employees enough money to actually put the toilet paper into the dispensers? Anyway, he’s about to head out with more TP goodness when one of the stall doors he closes, swings back open of its own volition.

He’s a bit spooked, but closes it. As he’s leaving, we see GhostVicki behind the door!

She calls out to him, and he stops like he maybe felt her or something, but he keeps going on his way. Damn.

Back in the gym, NotNowDana is getting tired, and but Klaus reminds her to keep her leg up. Elena wants to know where Stefan is. He’s in timeout. Heh.
Just then Bonnie and Matt come in, and Klaus is all “YAAAAAAY!”

Not really, but he’s glad Bonnie’s there. Since she’s responsible for Elena’s still breathing, Bonnie is also going to be responsible for finding “the fix,” as he says.

Rebekah comes in, with Tyler as her prisoner. Klaus introduces her.

Klaus: A word of warning: she can be quite mean.

God, Joseph Morgan’s delivery fucking SLAYS me. He starts to explain that all his hybid babies die in transition – “It’s quite sad, actually” – and then proceeds to force feed Tyler some of his blood.

Ooh, I LIKE where this is going. He tells Bonnie that she’s going to find a way to save his hybrids. Oh, and for Tyler’s sake, she better hurry – and he SNAPS HIS NECK!


It’s cool, Bonnie. Take yer time, gurl.

After the commercials, Matt is concerned that Tyler is dead, but Elena tells him that Klaus’ blood will bring him back.

But Klaus reminds us all that Bonnie has to race against time to save him. So she better go get her grimoires and charms and voodoo dolls or what have you and get going. He’ll hold on to Elena for safe-keeping.

And y’all, the way he gets all up in her face and the way he says that… whew! *fans self* Alright. I may have a crush. Bonnie and Matt run off.

Rebekah starts to get all catty, “So, THIS is the doppelganger. The original one was much prettier.” Klaus tells her to take Teenwolf somewhere else, and she does. Klaus tells Elena not to pay attention to Rebekah, who is “a petty thing.”

He’s close to her again, you guys. He is so hot and so creepy. *sigh/shudder*

Out in the hallway, Matt is interrogating Bonnie about what she’s going to do.

She tells him the curse Klaus is talking about is over 1,000 years old and her grimoires don’t go back that far. And no, she can’t talk to the old-ass witches (official term) because they cut her off when she brought Jer back to life. Okay, I think Matty’s the last one to know that, so I think Bonnie’s done explaining that one. Good, because I’m sick of hearing her talk. She realizes that she can’t talk to the dead, but Jer CAN! Dun dun dun!

Speaking of Jer, he’s still unconscious and Damon’s pulled him out of the trunk and has flung him on a picnic table like a ragdoll. Katherine is yapping away about what if she told Damon she knew how to kill Klaus – and not dagger-kill him, but KILL-kill him.

Damon’s all “YOU’RE LYING!” Or she’s just desperate. Or drunk. Or all three. Which is weird because where was the liquor tonight? Anyway, she wants to know if he remembers Pearl (Anna’s mom, in case you don’t). Apparently centuries ago, she told Katherine she knew a vamp who knew how to kill Klaus, but didn’t tell her because it was her leverage. Unfortch, she’s dead, but she told Anna (also dead), BUT lucky for them they have Jeremy!


Back at the school, NotNowDana (who has been allowed to rest) looks shit-scared. It’s all quiet until Stefan comes in to ask Klaus for his forgiveness and to pledge his loyalty.

He promises Klaus that Elena means nothing to him anymore, and damn, that even hurt my heart, and says that whatever Klaus asks of him, he’ll do. And now I got THE chill. Klaus “buys” it immediately – and says they’ll drink on it.

He orders Stefan to drink NotNowDana and Male Sidekick Chad, and when Elena protests, he BACKHANDS her! Stefan rushes him, fangs bared, and Klaus grabs him around the neck, all,

“She means nothing to you, eh?” BUSTED. NOW Klaus is pissed. He wanted Stefan to come to him on his own.

But now that it’s clear that’s not going to happen, he compels the free will RIGHT OUT of him. Oh, Klaus/Stefan, no. Oh, shit, this isn’t good (and yet, is totally awesome! You know… from a villain, plot driving POV…). From now on, he has to do what Klaus says.

Klaus: Now kill them… rippah.

He runs to NotNotDana… and does just that.

Oh, shit.

Over at the rest stop, Damon and Kathi want Jer to contact Anna, and he’s telling them it won’t work.

But then she pops up, and he starts talking to her,

but Damon and Kathi can’t see her, so they exchange a look. And that’s pretty funny. Anna’s saying she won’t help them, even though Jer explains it’s because they want to stop Klaus. Kathi leans over to Damon and says “You’re going to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs,” but to me, it sounds like she said “legs,” and that’s funnier, so let’s pretend she said that.

So then Damon walks up to Jeremy and, like, slams the kid sideways so his head hits the table, or something. I dunno, it was fast. But then Damon starts talking to the air “Anna, I know you can hear me…” and starts demanding answers. Only, I SWEAR TO GOD (I listened to it like 10 times), it sounds like he says “Jenna,” and I’m wondering if this is just Ian being a mumbler, AGAIN, or if it’s showing that Damon is going kind of nuts and is confusing Jeremy with Alaric. I’m going to go with the former.

Side note: What the fuck is with people saying things all weird this episode? Surely, it’s more than normal, right? I mean this cast is FULL of mumblers. I mean, it’s not everyone, but still. I don’t have the luxury of closed captioning, and if you guys knew how many times I had to listen and relisten to things… going a little nuts here. But it just seems like way more than normal. Anywhozit!

She finally says “Michael” (which is actually spelled Mikael, apparently. Though, to me, that’s MIK-aye-el. Whatever… Oh, and what’s with spelling all the names with Ks, show?), and Jeremy repeats it.

She tells him that Mikael is a vampire who hunts vampires, and they’d be idiots to wake him, which Jeremy dutifully repeats. Of course, do you really think they’re going to listen?

Back in school, Caroline is just now waking up. Rebekah is blah blah blah-ing about how having a mobile phone in her day would probably have been handy, and whatever. She tells Caroline that Tyler is “dead-ish,” and that when he wakes up, he’ll be a hybrid. Rebekah continues to play with the phone when she finds a pic of Elena and Stefan, and she’s all “gag me.” Then she spots something. She strides over to Caroline demanding answers:

Rebekah: Why is that doppelganger bitch wearing my necklace?


Back in the gym, Elena is watching in horror as Stefan is finishing up the snack he’s making of Male Sidekick Chad.

Klaus is all nature show host, “it’s always nice to see a vampire in his true element. The species has become such a brooding lot.” Elena is all, “you did this to him!”

Klaus: I invited him to the party, love. He’s the one dancing on the table.

Klaus has the best lines. *sigh* Rebekah comes charging into the gym demanding to know where the necklace is. She shows Klaus the picture. Just proof of more of Stefan’s lies. Rebekah asks Elena where it is, and when Elena says she doesn’t know, Rebekah get’s all vampy, says “you’re lying!” and attacks Elena.

And I’m not even upset because those were some of the best om-nom-nom noises I’ve ever heard!!

Klaus pushes her off of Elena, and she screams to him to make Elena give her the necklace, like the brat that she is.

The way he looks at her so annoyed: priceless.

He turns to Elena, “Where’s the necklace, sweetheart? Be honest.” She says she’s telling the truth. Katherine stole it. Natch.

Klaus says that makes things a lot more difficult. If they had the necklace, it’d make Bonnie’s job easier, but since they don’t, “let’s put a clock on it, shall we?”

He puts 20 minutes up on the scoreboard clock. If Bonnie hasn’t found a solution by then, he tells Stefan to feed on Elena. “You know you want to.”

Ruh-roh. He leaves the room, leaving him to fracture Elena’s spine if she tries to run. HARDCORE. Love it.

Elsewhere in the school, Matt and Bonnie going to reconvene by his truck so they can get started. She still hasn’t located Jeremy. Matt’s just going to grab his stuff from the weight room, but when he gets there, there are clothes all over the floor.

THERE’S A NAKED BOY?! WHERE?! But it’s just Matty’s clothes, which WERE in his gym bag, but are now… not. Hmm. Because he doesn’t know they’re under a time crunch, he goes following a trail of clothes back to the pool (how many items of clothing did he have in there?!). He spots his keys at the bottom of the pool and starts stripping down to get them.

But NOT his shirt. OH NO! When did this become ABC Family, people? COME ON! Vicki is there and she calls his name – she can help if only he’ll hear her. Matt shakes his head a bit, almost like he CAN hear her, but he refuses to believe.

Fed up, Vicki is all “GET OFF MY TRAIN!” kicks his shoe into the pool. It even makes the same kind of noise as in that scene in Ghost when that dude teaches Sam how to flick bottle caps and shit.

Matty is definitely spooked. He looks down at his phone, and he’s got a text… from Vicki. I’m really glad it says “unknown” and not “Vicki” because that would be too much. He calls Bonnie.

There’s been a change of plans. Since they can’t reach Jeremy, he’s got another idea, but he needs her help. All while he’s on the phone explaining this to Bonnie, he’s carrying weight belts and heavy shit into the pool area. I don’t like the look of this. Matt reasons that Jeremy can see ghosts because Bonnie brought him back from the dead, so Matt needs her to do that for him. She says she can’t anymore, but Matt reminds her that she doesn’t need magic; she just needs to be better than he was at CPR, and OH GOD, MATTY!

He picks up one of the weights, which he’s chained to the weight belt (where did he get the chains?) and hugs it to his chest before… before… before he jumps into the pool! MAAATTTTYYYYY!!!!! And it doesn’t take long before he…

I can’t even!

Run, Bonnie! Matty is drowning! OH GOD! Bonnie FINALLY gets to the pool, unfastens the weight belt and pulls Matty out of the pool.

Back out in the woods, Jeremy might have a concussion, and Katherine has Damon’s phone – and is being a giant bitch about giving it back. She finally gives it back, but warns Damon that he’s not supposed to go back. But luckily, Bonnie has had the sense to text Damon a bunch of times that Klaus is causing trouble.

He leaves Jeremy with Katherine so Anna can guide them to Mikael, but he’s going back to Mystic Falls. Katherine calls after him that the Damon she knew wouldn’t have been so stupid as to put himself in harm’s way, and Damon’s all

“I wouldn’t have done it for you.” Ooh, burn!

Back by the pool, Bonnie is pumping Matt’s chest, but he’s still away in the inbetween. Hey, that’s where Anna and Vicki are, right? Well, there’s Vicki!

In the dream-state, Matt wakes up, and he and Vicki can talk!

She says she doesn’t have much time – she needs him to give Bonnie a message. And suddenly Matt is coughing up water, and HE’S ALIVE!

Matty! Don’t you dare do that to us again!

Over in the gym, the clock is ticking down and Elena is telling Stefan about how Car’s dad was able to withstand the compulsion, so maybe it’s possible. Elena, forgive us both while we scoff. Have you SEEN what Stefan is capable of?

Stefan: Maybe it’s just mind control, right? Yeah. Maybe it just takes some focus, a couple decades of training. No big deal.

My, Stefan. Is that sarcasm I detect? Elena says that when the buzzer goes off, he just has to try to restrain himself, but he’s all,

“I’M A RIPPER! A RIPPER DOESN’T STOP. I listen to the words that come out of your mouth, and all I hear is the sound of your heart pumping blood through your body.” When the clock ticks down, he says, he’ll have to feed on her. And he’s not going to be able to stop. Damn.

But now wait a second. Did my TV just change channels on its own? What is this telenovela I’m watching now? Because everything suddenly gets more and more dramatic.

Elena shouts back at him that he CAN resist the urge; he just has to try! Stefan is all, “why, because I love you?” Yes, Stefan. Elena says that’s exactly why – because he loves her, and after everything they’ve been through, he owes her at least that? What? Not killing you? You know what YOU owe HIM, Elena? LISTENING TO HIM WHEN HE TOLD YOU TO STAY THE FUCK AWAY. UGH. Teenagers.

Stefan concedes that he DOES owe her, because she’s the only reason he hasn’t completely turned his humanity off.

BUT, unlike what she wants, he can’t change who he is. And the more blood he drinks, the more he wants. And lord have mercy if he gets a hold of Elena’s? If that happens?

She dead.

Over in one of the chemistry classrooms, Caroline is waiting for Tyler to wake up, and Rebekah is being a Super Creep by staring at the pic of Elena and the necklace some more.

Oh, and for someone who’s been essentially dead since the early 20s and thus has had NO exposure to modern technology until now, she’s AWFULLY good at figuring out how to use all the gadgets on that phone, like the countdown clock. I still have walk my mom through loading music on to her iPod.

Anyway, Tyler wakes up with a gasp. He wants to know what’s going on, and Caroline hesitates for a second, but after Rebekah urges her on like a bitch (Gurl, you are so going in our Burn Book), she explains that Klaus is turning him into a hybrid, and he’s in transition.

Rebekah fills in the details that unless Bonnie finds a way to complete the transition, he’s as good as dead.

Back out by the pool, Matty is up and walking. Bonnie says that as soon as he’s feeling better, she’s going to kill him. Heh.

He tells her that he saw Vicki, and she has a message for her. Basically, it’s what we already know – that the original witch who cast the spell made it so that the hybrid babies can’t transition while Elena is alive. Matt’s all, “Tyler is going to die, isn’t he?”

But Klaus has been listening in. That stealthy bastard. He’s like, “I wouldn’t be too sure about that.” He says that given the choice of doppelganger or hybrid, he goes hybrid every time. And I would make a lewd sexual joke here, but there’s no time, people!

Back in the gym, the clock is just seconds away from the end. Stefan tells Elena to run when the clock gets to zero, no matter what Klaus said about her spine. If she stays, it won’t matter.

Stefan begs her to leave, and I’m screaming “Run, gurl!” but Elena is still stuck in her gorram telenovela, all,

“There is another way, Stefan. It’s for you to fight.” *rolls eyes*

The buzzer goes off when the clock runs out, and Elena is all “don’t give up blah blah blah,” but I’m more concerned about Stefan, who’s wincing and grunting on the floor like he’s giving birth.

Oh, Stefan. He rushes her, and she screams, but he manages to side-step her. He yells at her to run, and FINALLY, she listens and takes off out of the gym and off down the hall.

Despite his best efforts, Stefan is still in pursuit, banging himself into lockers and walls along the way. Elena’s watching him through a glass door when Klaus is suddenly behind her.

Klaus: We gotta stop meeting like this.

Stefan makes it into the cafeteria and finds a broom. Seriously, where are all the custodians? First they don’t properly restock the toilet paper, and now they’re leaving their supplies in the middle of the cafeteria? What are they paying them for?

Anyway, Stefan takes the broom and snaps it in half. Just as he stakes himself in the gut(Wait, what?!), Klaus and Elena comes in.

Klaus: Now, this is fascinating. I’ve never seen this before. The only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl.

Klaus asks Stefan why he doesn’t just turn his humanity off. The guilt must be exhausting. But Stefan continues to fight it. Klaus chides him; he’s not THAT strong. “Turn. It. Off.” He pulls the stake out of Stefan’s stomach. “NO!” Stefan shouts and shoves Klaus. Like that would actually do anything.

You guys, the COLDNESS in Klaus’ eyes… *shudder*. He shoves Stefan up against wall (rawr) and fucking compels the humanity out of him!! OH GOD NO/YES!

Elena, softly, asks what Klaus just did, and he turns to her.

“I fixed him.” *chills* And not the good kind. He says that a test is in order.

He walks up behind Elena, and is essentially all, “Chopper, sic balls.” What he really says is: “Ripper, perhaps you’d like a drink from the doppelganger’s neck.” And it doesn’t look like Stefan is going to be able to hold out much longer. His eyes get all crazy and vampy and


Over in the chemistry classroom, Tyler is slowly dying. Klaus strides in. He’s had an epiphany. The original witch says that the doppelganger needs to be dead, so he’s fairly certain that she reverse psychologied him, and he needs to do the opposite of what he thought – Elena needs to be alive!

He produces a vile of Elena’s blood for Tyler to drink. If he doesn’t feed, he’ll die anyway, so this is like an experiment. Tyler takes it and gulps it down, and promptly collapses to the ground. Clearly he’s having some sort of violent reaction. And Klaus is watching him like a kid on Christmas. Tyler jerks some more, then raises his head up and kind of growl/screams, and he’s got crazy teenwolf vamp eyes!

Klaus: Now, that’s a good sign.

Um. Mind blown.

Over in the town hospital, Elena is waking up in bed. A nurse walks in and tells her she lost a lot of blood. Elena looks down and notices a blood bag lying by her leg.

“Wait, you’re taking my blood.” The nurse is all, “of course. It’s for your friend Klaus.” And she injects a sedative into Elean’s IV. She needs plenty of rest. Whoa, wtf?! Awesome.

Outside, Rebekah is being our exposition fairy, in case we missed anything. Elena’s wasn’t the problem; her blood was the solution. She asks Klaus how he knew, and he says the original witch hated him, so why would he do anything other than the opposite of what she said? Um, maybe because that’s what you’ve BEEN doing? Maybe she wants to know why the switch. Actually, I’d like to know where the epiphany came from myself.

Rebekah: A thousand years in the grave and she’s still screwing with you.

Klaus: Well, it makes sense if you think about it from her perspective. It was her failsafe in case I ever broke the hybrid curse. The doppelganger had to die in order for me to become a hybrid, but if she was dead…
Rebekah: Then you couldn’t use her blood to sire yourself a new species.

He makes a crack about how then he’d just be alone for all eternity, and Rebekah is all, “whoa, wait a sec — Is that what this is about? Your obsession with hybrids? You just don’t want to be alone?” And

OMG, you guys, the look he’s giving her… I’m going to go with yes. Klaus says that he just wants to take his girl (I’m assuming he means Elena), his hybrid and get the hell out of this one-pony town.

And holy mother of all that is Jesus… are those KLEARS I see shining in his eyes? Whahthafuh?

He seems to compose himself again and tells Rebekah to go get the truck and he’ll get Elena.

As she walks away, Klaus looks after her with this… I can’t even describe the look on his face. But it’s quickly replaced with amusement, when he realizes Damon is there.

Damon wants to know where Elena is. No “hi.” No “hello.” No “my, Klaus, you look ravishing in that Henley” (which he TOTES does, btw). Klaus says she’s making a donation to the greater cause. He tells Damon not to interfere, but Damon’s still testy (because he’s breathing), and basically beckons Klaus to kill him. Fortunately, Klaus promised Stefan he wouldn’t, and UNLIKE Stefan, Klaus keeps his word. Though, if you think about it, Stefan probably doesn’t care much anymore.

Klaus shoves Damon back on the car, strangling him, and in a last ditch effort to save his neck (literally), Damon offers up info on Mikael. This stops Klaus in his tracks immediately.

“WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MIKAEL?!” Damon says not much, except that Mikael knows that Klaus is here. Klaus is all “you’re bluffing,” and Damon is like “It’s possible, pig. I might be bluffing. It’s conceivable, you miserable, vomitous mass. Katherine and I found him. Consider it our leverage.” Klaus lets him up, but throws him against another car and disappears.

Damon makes his way back into the hospital and finds Elena’s room. He rips her IV out, and sees the tube that was leading down to a bloodbag. For a second, I think he’s going to sip on it, but of course he wouldn’t do that. He scoops Elena up and carries her out of there.

Back at the school, Caroline is asking Tyler again if he’s okay. He says he’s great.

It’s like a rush. EVERYTHING is better. And now some more making out. NEXT. He says it’s going to be a great year, and now Caroline looks skeptical.

Over in the gym, Matt is finally getting his stuff together to leave.

Bonnie starts to lecture him about how what he did was reckless and stupid. But, Matty points out, it was worth it; he got to see his sister again. Bonnie continues her lecture about how he doesn’t want to be part of this world. He needs to be apart from this, live his life, and die an old woman, warm in her bed. Well, BonBon, the whole “normal” thing wasn’t working out too well for him NOT knowing the world, so he’ll probably be okay for a while.

Matty says he gets it; it’s fine. But right now he can feel Vicki watching him and he wants to say goodbye, so he shoos her out of the room.

And sure enough, Vicki comes up behind him while he’s tying his shoes. And they have a sweet moment, and awww.

Back at the SBH, Damon is giving Elena bourbon to forget. Wow, it really is a cure-all, eh? He also offers to compel her to forget, but she wants to remember all of it. You go, girl! Look, I love Stefan, but you NEEDED to know that. Damon shows her the necklace. He stole it back for her.

Elena: He’s really gone this time. I watched it happen. After everything we went through to help him. Now he’s just… gone.

Now Elena is on the verge of tears and asks Damon where he was.

He says he shouldn’t have left, and then SWEARS to her that he will never leave her again.

And oh shit it’s Stefan! He’s leaning against the door jamb, all,

“Well, isn’t this cozy?” Damon asks why he’s here. Stefan says that 1) he lives here, and 2) Klaus is gone and asked him to keep an eye on them until he returns. Until then, Elena’s under his protection. He pours himself some bourbon and walks out, telling them to carry on. Too late. Mood’s ruined.

Off in a cemetery in NC, Jeremy and Katherine have apparently found what they’re looking for. I’m assuming Jeremy is reciting whatever Anna told him here. Either that or he Bing’d up a storm on the drive down. They’re outside a tomb that says “Pickett” on the outside. Kathi wants to know how he knows Anna’s not lying to them.

Jeremy: This is the place. It’s the oldest wing of the largest cemetery in Charlotte. She said that a witch entombed him here in the 90s.

Kathi pushes the doors open, and sashays her way over to the coffin, which she forces open.

Sure enough, Mikael is in there, all chained. But I don’t see a dager… and them OMG HIS EYES OPEN!! WHERE IS THE DAGGER? HOW IS HE NOT DAGGERED? WHAT’S GOING ON? IS THIS REAL LIFE?!

(All screencaps courtesy of hotn-caps.com)

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5 Responses to Episode 305 “The Reckoning”

  1. If loving Klaus is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

  2. Ang (@8oh3) says:

    So I had to pause halfway through to say two things.
    1. I’m totally with you on the mumbling. Paul definitely slurred the heck out of Mystic Falls – not sure if that was him “acting” like Stefan would after having his neck repeatedly broken, or what.
    2. The text message from Vicki was so dumb. The fact that the sender was unknown implies that Vicki sent the text… from an unknown number… in Limbo (or wherever the f*ck these Ghosts of Unclear Intentions are). Really, show? Obviously the text *should* have been like an unsent composed message on Matt’s phone, implying that GhostVicki used his phone to type it. Duh.

    Yeah, I’ll stop my petty ranting and get back to your awesome review now…

  3. Gabriela says:

    I just laughed my way through your episode description. How would they have left the classroom with all the mousetraps in there? No idea, but good point, ladies!
    I loved the episode. So many highlights! Klaus as nasty as ever, Katherine and Damon exchanging great dialogue lines (I understood “legs” as well!), Stefan being compelled and turning the switch, and then Damon, showing his feelings in such an open, un-masked way, when he made his promise to Elena. I felt he never looked more vulnerable, not even while dying from wolfbite. Very interesting dynamics now in the SBH. Will Elena be allowed to go home? Will she even want to? If not, where would she spend the night? With two brothers trying to protect her, there is bound to be lots of brother rivalry. I can´t wait!

  4. Mija says:

    I love your recaps, so funny and true, And this episode was amazing! 🙂 Is it wrong to still hope that Klaus and Stefan end up in a bed together, they need to make up?!

  5. Rosalie says:

    My thoughts:
    Stefan definitely said Mythtic Falls.
    I’m pretty sure Damon said Jenna instead of Anna.
    I’m also pretty sure Katherine said legs instead of eggs.
    I love reading these reviews each week and cannot wait for the next one.

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