Reactions: 3.05 “The Reckoning”

Wow! So much happened last night. And we’re still reeling. Our reactions took a long time to compile today. There were just so many feelings to be felt. But we’re here now, and we’ve got our thoughts organized. So without further ado, I give you our round table reactions to last night’s ep! Oh, god, I’m so excited!

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, and Melissa (SBH contributors and friends).

Cin: Boys and girls we finally met the true RIPPAH. And. it. was. glorious. Seriously, I quivered. QUIVERED! [Abby: *CHEERS*]
Christina: THAT’s what that was. You know, I felt it, but I didn’t know how to describe it. TOTAL QUIVER. Also? Um… WOW? I was actually really scared that Elena’s pep talk was going to get Stefan to ACTUALLY control his mind against compulsion… in 20 mins. If that had happened, I’d have been SO PISSED. Cop-out. That’s what that would have been. So thank CHRIST that he couldn’t do it and Klaus’ compulsion took over. RIPPAH’D! THIS is the Stefan I’ve been WAITING FOR! OH THERE ARE SO MANY EMOTIONS.
Dayna: I was afraid that he was going to fight off the compulsion too, and was prepared to throw something at my TV. I’m so glad that they had him try but fail.
Melissa: I’m in a fucking glass case of emotion. I think it made it so much more heartbreaking that Stefan was fighting the compulsion, he really was, so that when Klaus took it away, it was much worse.
Cin: I totally agree. I’m glad he failed, but seeing him try was even better.
Abby: I have mixed feelings. I love that Stefan has gone all Angelus on us, (in a good way, not complaining) but I’m not sure I love that Klaus took his free will out of it, that kind of thing makes it too easy to forgive and excuse his behavior. On the other hand, this show hasn’t let me down yet, so I’m prepared to go along for the emotional ride. I did LOVE that Klaus compelled him as a last-ditch kind of thing, and clearly as punishment. There was a very ‘disappointed parent’ feeling to it. Stefan had proven he couldn’t be trusted, so Klaus made him behave. It’s wonderfully creepy, because Klaus DIDN’T KILL STEFAN….he just “fixed” him. Now he’ll be a good boy. *SHIVER*. [Dayna: And isn’t it interesting that we’ve heard the same term — fixed — applied by two different characters, in polar opposites ways, this season?]
Melissa: We had a discussion about the compulsion thing earlier this week actually when the fuss over that spoiler came out. I don’t think any of us here are thrilled that Stefan’s a ripper due to compulsion but for the sake of a show that will have to bring him to redemption at some point, it makes the most sense. I mean, Angelus got his soul removed as justification.
Dayna: I’m still a little bit disappointed that it wasn’t Stefan’s choice to throw the switch, because given all the shit he’s had thrown his way, I think it would have been a believable and understandable thing for him to do. I could still see him being redeemable even if it had been his choice. And story-wise it’s really a minor thing for me, except for the fact that I just KNOW it’s inevitably going to be a BIG. FUCKING. DEAL in the stupid-ass ‘shipper wars, which will turn it into a major thing for me, as I will have to control the urge to club baby seals that said wars incite in me. Hey, maybe Bill can help me with that: “Every time you get the urge to club baby seals, you will remember this pain…”
Melissa: But I loved three things about it. In the moment, I loved the heartbreak. Especially because I think Elena knows that Stefan is so proud of fighting against his nature and to have the will to fight taken away is so heartbreaking. Second, the torment on Klaus’ face as he had to get to that point sucked. You know he wanted Stefan to be on his team by his own decision. Third, Klaus may have compelled Stefan to turn off his emotions but Damon’s done that and doesn’t become a ripper. I think Stefan will still have a lot to answer for. Like take Angelus in BtVS. Every vampire loses their soul but Angelus finds a joy in torturing his victims. Most vamps in Whedonverse just kill to feed. That’s what I’m looking forward to in Stefan. The guy who takes his instructions to a brand new level of twisted intense fuckery.
Cin: Exactly. That joy that was in Angelus was just frightening. And to this day, I think that is the best work Boreanaz ever did. Like in 3.17 “Enemies” of BtVS, I *knew* he wasn’t really Angelus. Because of the subtle difference. I think that’s what we’ve seen from Paul Wesley so far this season. A pretend ‘Rippah’. Sure he was acting the part – but he wasn’t FEELING it. When he did that subtle change after the compulsion. Guys, that shit was just so damn hot. And yes, scary as hell.
Abby: Indeed. In some ways, Stefan is more frightening now than if he were Rippah-ing of his own free will, because there’s just no way to get to him through the compulsion. He’s a cheerful sociopath, and that’s always fun.
Christina: That’s exactly what I’m looking forward to — the REAL Rippah. And Melissa makes a good point. Damon’s pretty good at turning off his humanity switch, but has never really gone THAT far with it. Stefan will still have some answering to do. But all that aside, the fact that Klaus took away his free will doesn’t automatically make it easy for Elena to forgive Stefan. I mean, she can be a stupid bitch, but she witnessed him attack people… He attacked HER! Lest we forget that! I’m just waiting for Elena to have a mental breakdown. Girl is due for one. But she saw things… and I’m HOPING against hope that she will STAY traumatized. This goes against EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING, but right now… she better stick to Damon. Oh, god, I just retched a little.
Abby: I am not sure how I feel about Damon as romantic hero. I am giving the idea sideways looks from a safe distance away.
Cin: ROFL! Sideways indeed!
Melissa: I totally agree that she’s due a mental breakdown but I’m loving that next week’s previews show Elena trying to fight back and train to be tougher. Is she going to be able to really fight Stefan or any other vampire? No, not really. But if she’s stronger and learns some self defense, she might be able to get the element of surprise on a vampire and escape. With any woman, I want the answer to always be stand up and fight back, even if a breakdown comes before that so to see that Elena’s pulling a Caroline is thrilling. Life sucks, you can break down and cry for an hour and then you pull yourself together and move on.
Christina: I think girl is going to need at least a full day, but yes, exactly, haha.
Dayna: The Klaus part of the equation was really nicely done, and a great way to show as well as tell that his driving force is loneliness and a sense of isolation. He SO didn’t want to have to resort to compelling Stefan’s allegiance. He wanted his pal back from the 1920’s. It also underscored the jealous/possessive thing that Klaus has going on. Dude does NOT want anyone to supersede him in another’s affections. Sigh. I think the engagement is off, you guys. *sob* [Abby: *wibble*]
Christina: Well, it could be a forced engagement. And we always have flashbacks, haha. You guys… Klaus kind of breaks my heart. I feel really weird about LOVING the bad guy. I mean, I make no apologies for loving my Elijah (yes, MY), especially when he was being bad. But Klaus is a different animal (pun!), and… I still… kind of love him. And I feel bad for him. He IS so lonely, and you can just feel the hurt emanating off him when Stefan tries to fight him (and then he reacts like a child by taking away his free will). But deep down… dude, Klaus has abandonment issues for real. Last week or so, someone was asking this on twitter, I think it was @tvdnews — Has Klaus ever actually loved anyone? I think yes. I think yes, he has… and intensely. I’m just still trying to decide who it was.
Abby: I agree that there has been a Great Love, but I also think that Klaus loves everyone he commands, at least a little. He has a sense of obligation to them. He definitely has love for Stefan, otherwise he’d have killed him off ages ago. He keeps trying to get his friend back, and it’s both terrifying and heartbreaking. I think Klaus loves Rebekah, and all his boxed up family members, but he’s so hair-triggered against betrayal and such an absolute control freak that it’s all become utterly twisted. Julie Plec is right – Klaus needs a hug. AND THERAPY.
Melissa: I’m with Abby. I think Klaus loves more than just one person, but he’s been so hurt that he’s desperately trying to turn it off. Katherine put it well in the flashback with Elijah, “what is life without love” when she loved more than one person and I’d say there was a time Klaus felt the same.
Dayna: I think the big love/consequent hurt had more to do with family and less with any romantic entanglement. Especially as he’s trying to create a hybrid family, not just bring over one person to be a companion to him. The damage he’s trying to heal is a familial loss. Also, while it will be interesting to explore the story of the Original Petrova, all of the interactions between Katherine/Elena/Klaus and Katherine/Elena/Elijah have DEFINITELY made it seem like she must have been more important to Elijah than she ever was to Klaus. Which begs the question of why she would have been used in a curse on Klaus. Perhaps because at that point Elijah was firmly on his little brother’s side, and the girl was used to punish him for siding with Klaus? And if that DID turn out to be the case, and Elijah still stayed with Klaus after that happened, how would that reflect on the relationship between the show’s other pair of brothers?
Christina: So basically… abandonment issues. Haha.
Cin: I think between mine & Christina’s Elijah essay , Abby’s Klaus essay & Dayna’s Original’s essay (all at – we all really talked all of these family matters to death. Even before the addition of Rebekah – we had the Klaus dynamic spinning in our heads ALL. SUMMER. LONG. I pimp those out to anyone interested in our umm, very in depth thoughts on the subject. LOL

You Wouldn’t Like Him When He’s Angry
Abby: Do. Not. Fuck. With. Klaus.
Dayna: I love how he flips back and forth between the p-i-s-s-e-d and the faux joviality. Klaus as a cheerful sociopath is Klaus at his sexiest. Rawr. [Elijah, I’m sorry. I love you forever and ever, but you’ve been in the box all summer, and a girl has needs. I’ll just look, not touch. Promise!]
Cin: With every episode this season JoMo has been pulling me in more & more. He was amazing in this episode, AND if Paul Wesley hadn’t literally made my body have an involuntary reaction in that once scene – he would have for sure been my MVP for the ep. As it was, God he’s just so fucked up and loves it. It’s so fun to watch. So fun.
Christina: Does anyone think that this is not PRECISELY what I love?!? I have fallen SO FUCKING HARD for Klaus over the past few episodes. I love him, and I want to give him a hug even though he would kill me.
Cin: I’m *SO* telling Elijah on you when they #pullthedaggerout. Cheater.
Christina: Hey, Elijah knows what’s up. Sure, he’s been boxed all summer, but they’re brothers. They can share. Also Elijah is a much more REASONABLE choice. Klaus is just me sowing my wild oats. He’ll understand. My heart will always belong to Elijah. My body, they can share 😉
Cin: If you think he wants Klaus’ sloppy seconds, you don’t know Elijah like I do! That’s OK, you just go hussy it up with all the originals. I’ll take care of our boo.
Christina: Elijah and I will work it out. We always do. He won’t forget that I loved him immediately.
Cin: Forget? Maybe not. But he will be adequately distracted. Of THAT I can promise you.
Christina: Fair enough. Wait… where were we? Oh right Klaus being awesome.
Abby: Seriously! I love it when we get to see glimpses of why everyone is afraid of Klaus. Stefan has been more scary, in some ways, because he’s been the hands-on guy, but I love watching Klaus freak out, and I especially liked how quickly he figured out the Original Witch angle, and reasoned out the most likely thing to do by going backwards against what he was being told. Clever, and cool. I’m convinced they have Complicated History together (Klaus and the Original Witch) because of the way he said she wanted him to be stuck alone forever. That speaks volumes to a very personal relationship.
Dayna: And it shows why he’s still alive and was able to break the curse after all this time — Klaus may be mercurial and occasionally impulsive, but he ain’t stupid. And yes on the Complicated History.
Christina: It’s like when you break up with someone and then find joy when they’re still single, or get a new significant other… only to end up single again. What? Just me? haha

Scared Straight
Christina: Oh, thank fuck. How long have we been waiting for this? Since the first episode of this season? Elena NEEDED to be scared. She NEEDED to be SHOWN that Stefan is a scary motherfucker and that he was never coming back. Now… NOW Elena can grow (she won’t give up; she can’t), but now shit can get moving, you know? I’m so glad this happened. Harsh, whatever. It’s good. It’s very good.
Abby: Agreed. Elena needed a good shove and this was definitely it. Seeing Stefan eat her classmates was an excellent way to get her head back on straight.
Dayna: All of which would be more effective if we hadn’t, you know, watched TV before. Because though Elena “gets it” now, we all know that in the course of the series Stefan of course WILL come back and get redeemed and shit. And I’m afraid that these hard-earned lessons are going to fly right out of Elena’s head the moment “her Stefan” comes back. What will be interesting is to see how she deals with Stefan and Rebekah in the short term; since Klaus has left orders that she’s to be protected, neither Stefan nor Rebekah can up and kill her. Hopefully she’ll kindle some of that Petrova fire and get her bitch on.
Melissa: I know I’m the sole defender of Elena for most of fandom but I’m going to reiterate what I’ve been telling most people. Elena never giving up is NOT the same thing as Elena forgiving everything. She’s been going after Stefan with vervain syringes, fully prepared (I believe) to take him down. She may be insisting that love is enough to bring him back but I’ve never seen her have an attitude that love is going to fix everything. That fire came out full force when she was telling him to fight back against the compulsion. Maybe its just me, but I heard Elena’s inner voice as ‘damn it, Stefan, quit being a fucking wuss and fight. You’re the one who said our love is worth fighting for, well now you have to and I do not accept defeat.’ I think that’s why she was so angry at Klaus, because she wanted Stefan to have the ability to fight his ripper nature. Even if he chose it and not her, he still would have made a choice. And in a way, he did, he still chose her but Klaus took any future choice away. I just always have to defend Elena’s fire. I think its always there, simmering and every so often it gets stoked up enough for her to lash out. I don’t see Elena automatically trusting/forgiving Stefan right away but I do see her working to save other people by turning off the ripper.
Christina: She better get that fire back. I like her better when she fiesty… which is usually when Damon is around. *sigh* But yeah. I’m afraid that these lessons will fly out of her head the minute Stefan is better, but never underestimate the power of betrayal. He did some horrible things to her last night… and it may take her a while (please god!) to get over that, if she ever does. It’s cool though. Just moving things right along to make way for my Stefan/Caroline endgame, haha.
Cin: Speaking of, I’m kinda of pissy that all of the teenwolf drama keep Caroline out of the A-plot again this week. What I would have given to see HER in there protecting on Elena & such. Has she even met Klaus yet? I want some tough girl boot camp led by our Miss Forbes. And she needs to get those girls into shape!

Cin: I’m gonna be real here for a second. I think last nights over-dramatic Stelena shit – it cured my Stelena-ness. Oh, don’t you worry, I’m still not, NOR WILL EVER BE, Delena either, but that shit got a little too dramatic too fucking fast. And seriously, on mute – the face acting was bad. Maybe it’s my Nina Dobrev as Elena (because as Katherine I’ll admit, she’s still kicking ass) thing this season, but I’m just very eye roll-y about it.
Christina: Totally agree. The whole “you can do it because you love me!” shit was… I hurt myself rolling my eyes. That’s why I’m so glad that Stefan tried to control himself, but in the end it didn’t work. SO GLAD. Look, I realize what this show is… it’s a drama, yes? It’s going to be dramatic, but I don’t need this preachy, love-conquers-all bullshit like this. It accomplishes nothing. From a story-telling POV, what happened was much more interesting, and let’s just pretend that all this pleading never happened, kay?
Abby: I actually loved Elena telling him to fight for her, because it was a good point and high time she told him off on that score- but if this is the part where we complain, I do have one little gripe. The harsh-breathing thing whenever Stefan is struggling with blood-lust kinda freaks me out.
Christina: Hahaha. Was it like when he was screaming on Gloria’s altar last week? Because THAT was freaking me out. But I see your point… it was a good-for-her moment… but it just felt like too much. Like… we’ve been over this before, you know? In the very first ep, Elena is all “I love you, remember that, blah blah blah” and it was a very touching moment, and we got some STEARS. He knows she loves him. He knows he loves her. I just felt like it was a overkill pleading with him. *Shrug* Maybe it’s just me. I do have a cold and frozen, dead heart. 🙂
Cin: We’re so cold, we’ve become numb. *double shrug*
Melissa: You have become cold and evil. It’s like a dagger is in your heart and someone needs to #PULLTHEDAGGEROUT . 🙂 I liked the whole love can conquer all belief vs reality. Because that’s what it was. So many of us want to believe that love can conquer all, that if we just fight hard enough, we can get past the shit and to the good part of life AND ITS NOT TRUE. I loved that. This idea that it didn’t work. Here are two people who have made the love the foundation for everything they go through. Fight for love, live for love, etc…this is what you need. And when everything went to hell in a hybrid, love wasn’t enough.

Let’s Put a Clock On It
Cin: I *know* this isn’t an overly popular opinion, but when Tyler got his neck snapped – I cheered. [Christina: Gurl, I did too!] I wanted to see him wake up and bleed out the eyes and die a painful death. I haven’t been so happy about a death on this show since Uncle Mason. So yeah, that’s how *I* feel about that. Now, Hybrid Tyler… we’ll see. It’s weird. I just don’t even know right now.
Abby: Hybrid Tyler! SO EXCITING! Will he and Klaus get to have some bonding time? I’d LOVE to see Klaus start trying to mentor Tyler, that would add a whole new dynamic to this mess. I can’t wait to see Trevino get his hands on this plotline, it’s going to be amazing.
Dayna: I’d like to be optimistic but I think that, by successfully bringing Tyler over as a hybrid, his clock is ticking down. The question for me is how he’s going to be taken out: 1) The transformation is only successful for a short time, then he turns rabid like the others did; 2) He gets too big for his britches and one of the gang needs to take him out because, let’s face it, him having the ability to fatally bite any vampire at will makes him too big a threat to tolerate for long; or 3) When Mikael comes to town, he isn’t going to tolerate Tyler’s existence any more than he will Klaus’s.
Abby: I will NOT be okay with them killing off Tyler without a darn good reason. I’ve only liked him for such a short time! I do think the idea of the hybridizing being temporary, and him either reverting to plain werewolf or going all hybridrabies-y would be an interesting twist.
Cin: I think a damn good reason is that he’s a hybrid. Every single supernatural element on this show has a damn good reason for dying. Except Caroline. She’s what makes rainbows shine. *nods* No way do I think the hybridization is temporary. Seriously this show is so bad at the do overs as it is, going there is just to much. If they are doing that they might as well heal vampirism. Cause honestly that’s what they’ll be doing. Healing it from him. So just, no.
Dayna: I don’t see how they could bust him back to a garden-variety werewolf, what with the dying and all.
Christina: The hybridization only being temporary would be interesting, but I don’t think Tyler is going to get rabies and die. Am I crazy, or didn’t they address this in the episode last night? I was kind of confused about this because there seemed to be a jump in time (from Elena being attached by Stefan to suddenly her being the hospital), but Klaus did realize that the witches fooled him, right? (I think I tweeted that it’s like this season’s Curse of the Sun and the Moon). Elena’s not supposed to die. If she died, then the hybrid babies would have rabies. But Klaus realized that they hybrids needed the blood to transition completely… and didn’t they feed Tyler her blood? No, he’s going to be sticking around for a while… unless Mikael or someone else kills him. I too am kind of looking forward to Klaus mentoring him, but not gonna lie. If Tyler ultimately bites it? Oh well. It was his time.
Melissa: Yeah Klaus caught on. He told Rebekah that the Original Witch obviously set it up so that Klaus could break the curse by killing the doppelganger but with the doppelganger dead, hybrids don’t work. Also, I hate how torn this show makes me. The part that still doesn’t care for Tyler is all like whatever if he dies. But I love Trevino and he does such good work that I want to see him get as much to do as possible. This season’s tougher for me because I know a big character can die, for good. The first two seasons really had to bring you into the relationships and if you didn’t see the writing on the wall with Jenna, you were an idiot because she was the easiest one to kill. Now though, I could see the end of this season actually killing someone we care about and Tyler could be a top choice. He definitely creeped me out with his so we all just nearly died tonight and technically I did but this year’s going to be awesome. Something’s not right there.

Melissa: Suicide sprees are not acceptable! Stop it, Matty.
Abby: I loved this. VERY teenager-y, to do something reckless and ridiculous but that, in a reckless, ridiculous way, might actually accomplish something if you look at it sideways. Plus, it’s about time Matt did something outrageous. I’m glad he didn’t stay drowned, though.
Cin: I love Matty, and I was yelling at him the entire time. He has absolutely NO WAY of knowing if that would work or if Bonnie would be able to get to him on time. I mean, HELLO – pissy super vamps are in the school – and he’s going to put his faith in a 100 girl to drag his weighted down ass out of that pool and revive him. For what? At a chance to maybe see that slut of a sister of his? Ridic. I call total ridic.
Dayna: I’m actually *gasp* liking the Matt arc this season. His reaction to everything has probably been one of the more realistic ones we’ve seen, from his initial “Peace, out” last year to the dawning realization that, with all of his friends involved in the supernatural in some way, ‘normal’ isn’t really an option anymore, not if he wants to keep those friends in his life.
Christina: It actually made me kind of sad that he did that, but it was actually really smart (in a stupid way). Proud of Matty. And I like that he’s not so normal anymore. Makes it less weird that he’s the only out-of-the-loop teenager.
Melissa: So first, Abby, you pointed out on twitter that Vicki never liked Elena and was killed to save Elena. Also, Anna hasn’t said anything about Elena needing to die. Yet Vicki’s “solution” to the hybrid problem is that Elena has to die. Obviously that’s not true (though it would stop Klaus’ hybrid conveyor belt) but we’ve got two possibilities from this. (That I can think of.) So either Vicki’s working for the witches to get Elena killed to stop the building of the hybrids or there’s a lot more to the blood of the doppelganger than just a hybrid curse. My money’s on the latter. I’m sure Vicki doesn’t have a problem with Elena dying though.
Dayna: My theory is that it’s not Vicki at all — it’s the Original Witch either using Vicki’s visage or puppetteering her to communicate. Hence her passing the message along to Klaus (through Matt and Bonnie) that the doppelganger had to die. It was Klaus’s knowledge of that Original Witch and his relationship with her that made him say, “Hey, I should probably do the opposite, since the bitch hates me and all.” That would also explain Anna’s assertion that whenever ‘Vicki’ appears, there is a darkness.
Abby: My theory is much the same, though I’m having trouble accounting for Anna in the equation. Logically, if the Original Witch Ghost (OWG) is controlling the Recent Vampire Ghosts (RVGs) then shouldn’t Anna be a puppet as well? I’m not sure why Anna would get to be a Plain Old Ghost (POG) if Vicky is stuck being OWG’s RVG gameface.
Melissa: Which is why my theory remains that Anna slipped through on accident. That the power of her and Jeremy’s bond pulled Anna through when the OWG or whoever sent Vicki in and Anna’s not really supposed to be there.
Cin: I can honestly say you all are on this speculation train wayyyyyyy more than I am this season. But I like it. Fascinating stuff.
Dayna: I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but I didn’t… totally hate Bonnie this episode? I’m really glad she doesn’t have that access to the dead witches anymore, making everything too easy and convenient. I don’t know how the hell her tiny self managed to drag Matt out of the pool, but since she actually pulled him out and did CPR rather than using witchy ju-ju, I’ll let it pass.
Abby: Bonnie is growing on me, albeit veeeerrrry slowly. She’s always been my least favorite, but now that she’s not being used as the weekly magic trick, I like her a lot better.
Cin: Not sure I can ever use the term ‘like’ and ‘Bonnie’ in the same sentence, but I’ll refrain from the hate for saving my Matty. That’s as far as I can go.
Christina: She gets a pass because she saved Matty, but I’d still kill her in a game of MFK.

Doppelganger Roadtrip and The Psychic Undaggering
Christina: Lemme just get this out of the way — the cemetery is in Charlotte, bitches! Wee! Okay, carry on.
Abby: The roadtrip parts of this episode were fun, but not the same kind of awesome as the rest of it. I did love Jeremy’s general “oh, WHATEVER” to it all, though. He’s so jaded. It’s adorable! Also pleased that Damon got a few digs in on Katherine. She’s had them coming for quite some time.
Cin: Word. Love Jer’s attitude. And he’s just so much better when he’s not around Bonnie. There. I said it.
Dayna: LOVED Jeremy in this episode. So blase, so matter-of-fact, just so Over It. Also love? The way Damon is now toying with Katherine. I’m not totally convinced that he’s just “whatever” toward her, but he’s certainly playing her well. This is the Damon I like.
Abby: AMEN!
Melissa: So here’s a fun thought by way of closed captioning. Jeremy says “a witch entombed THEM in the 90s”. Not him. Them. Which brings up some real fun questions in my opinion. For instance, Klaus told Stefan that “you build your army so big no one will dare pick a fight.” It could be just me, but I don’t see Klaus as building an army just for the hell of it in case some random being tries to take him down. I think he NEEDS an army for himself. And considering Klaus looked scared shitless at the mention of Mikael (also noted in CC), I’d say the “them” is going to get real interesting.
Cin: I’m not putting all my chips on it being a “them”. I need to download the episode but take it from someone who did QoTD’s for a full year – they mumble on this show. Badly. So getting all wild speculation of a possible turn of word ain’t happening for me.
Dayna: It would definitely be interesting if there is a “them” and not just a “him,” but I’d be hesitant to assume that based on CC, which can be notoriously inaccurate. Also interesting: witches having the ability to entomb vampires! Except… if witches in general are all “fucking vampires!”, then why would they entomb the one vampire who hunts them down and kills them, and who has a hard-on to kill Klaus? Unless it was one of Klaus’s witches who entombed him, but he wasn’t daggered… Gah! Always with the more questions!
Abby: I bet it was a Klaus-loyal witch that did the entombing. The way that dude collects witches, it would make perfect sense. It’s also possible that our one-man chain gang was pretty destructive in general – what with that whole shooting up speakeasies thing- and maybe the Servants Of Nature got bitchy about collateral damage.
Christina: Ooh, I like that. That’s totally something those witches would do, too. Also, Melissa makes a good point. Klaus is definitely building up an army to fight Mikael, and whoever else might be entombed. Though, I watched Jeremy say that like 6 or 7 times, and it sounded like “him” to me. Could be wrong. Jeremy is a mumbler. But I like the possibilities of it being “them.”
Cin: See. Mumbler. I trust Christina’s ears, we’ve been down this road way, way too many times.
Melissa: I go with the if I’m wrong, I’m wrong but if I’m right, I’m sure as hell want proof so I can gloat mindset. Thus the speculation.

Act Your Age, Not Your Shoe Size
Abby: Rebekah….I’m a little undecided about her. I like her, she’s good fun, and she’s not stupid, but I’m not sure if I like the pouty, sulky, bratty thing. I want her to be more complicated than that. I suspect she will be, there’s definitely a brain in there, I’m curious to see what she’ll do next. Did she leave with Klaus or will she stay to keep an eye on Stefan? If Klaus is off on his own and she’s staying in Mystic Falls, that will make things interesting. Rebekah reminds me of Early Season 1 Caroline. I’m glad Caroline became awesome, she’s much more interesting the way she is, with more depth.
Cin: I don’t like her. And she doesn’t remind me much of Caroline in S1. Caroline, even when bratty always had a heart. Rebekah just has the cray. I honestly don’t see her lasting past spring hiatus AND it still bugs me that Klaus hasn’t taken her to task yet about the knowing the necklace was from the original witch. That shit had better get addressed & quick.
Melissa: There was something in Rebekah’s reaction to Klaus learning about Elena being the cure for hybrids that made me think she wasn’t all that thrilled that he broke the curse. Like she thought he wouldn’t really get an answer. Considering she has a necklace that connects them to the Original witch (perhaps it wakes up the witch?), maybe Rebekah knows more than she’s letting on. And on the bratty thing, I wonder if its sort of similar to Caroline’s mentality. Car has this ‘life sucks but we persevere and look to the positive’ attitude. Sure crap can go down but at the end of the day, you have to find a way to get through. I feel like Rebekah does a variation of that. Clearly the Originals have been playing games with each other for centuries; she just seems to go with a devil may care attitude and that feels bratty. And if she does/did know more about Klaus’ hybrid problem, her pouting over not just killing people makes sooo much more sense.
Dayna: I’m with you, Abby. I’m a little undecided, but I can see some potential there. She does have flashes of intelligence and vulnerability in between her tantrums. I almost wonder if the tantrums aren’t a little bit for Klaus’s benefit. He expects her to act like a spoiled brat baby sister; if she gives that to him, Klaus has no reason to look deeper, and that could give her some leeway to do things that he won’t expect because he doesn’t take her seriously. It will be very interesting to see how she acts when/if she stays in Mystic Falls while Klaus is away. Can’t wait for her (?) flashbacks to Mom and Elijah, because I think that will tell us a lot more about her too.
Abby: Interesting on the acting the way he expects her to, I hadn’t thought of that, and I like it. Very manipulative, and Rebekah originates from a time where manipulating men would be a must-have life skill. I did like how she demanded that Klaus MAKE Elena give her the necklace, that was playing the baby sister card all over the place, and Klaus’s reaction was awesome. Love how he visibly gathered up his patience and then talked nicely to Elena, like HE was the sane one who as acting reasonably. LOVE.
Dayna: WORD. The Original family interaction is killing me. That is one family reunion I would love to be a fly on the wall for.
Melissa: So maybe Rebekah’s pulling a moonwalking bear.
Christina: What is a moonwalking bear?
Melissa: The moonwalking bear is sort of an awareness test thing. It’s basically used in videos to teach people about observation. There’s one about basketball where at the start of the video, you see a white shirt team and a black shirt team and are told to count how many passes the white team makes. What most people miss, is that in the middle of the game, a guy dressed as a bear moonwalks through the court. It’s this idea that if you’re looking so closely for one thing, you miss the crazy right under your nose. So, if Klaus is focused on his hybrid army and on Rebekah being a bratty little sister, he could miss her true intentions.
Christina: That’s kind of hilarious. Also, I think it’s right on the money. Klaus, for as smart as he is, has huge gaps in his awareness. It’s good for the good guys, or it can be, but it actually makes me really nervous for him. He’s gonna slip up. He’s NOT the smartest. Not ultimately. Or well, he’s smart, but he’s going to miss something.

I Feel All The Feelings
Melissa: There’s been a lot of talk about how you can turn off your emotions as a vampire. But Rose told Damon that a century or so, you just have to pretend not to care because those emotions are there. And we’ve seen with these older vampires the way strong emotions break through. Jealousy on Katherine’s side, a desire for companionship from Klaus. Stefan’s humanity may be turned off but I wonder how long he can keep the emotions away. And will those feelings, especially love, be enough to bring him back?
Abby: I think that’s the path that the feeling-feelings issue will take, for sure. Though I do note that Klaus did not put any failsafes in the compulsion, which means another Original *coughRebekahcough* could compel Stefan to feel again without much difficulty. Let’s wake up Elijah and ask him about it!
Christina: Hear, hear! I’m with you on waking up Elijah to get his input. I wonder if that was intentional on Klaus’ part (probably not), or him just getting sloppy when he’s feeling the feelings (more likely). I love Klaus all impulsive and kind of desperate. Also, Melissa, your last couple sentences there sound like a synopsis or a book’s backcover copy, haha. Fun.

From the Tweetosphere
@VampireDiarieCW: Haha I think Michael Made Klaus bleed in his pants!
@CoolAuntJenna: All Hell breaks loose and Alaric.. aka Mister “You-Need-To-Take-A-Beat” is doing what? Home eating Cheetos and watching The Big Bang Theory.
@thomascgalvin Tonight’s lesson? If you’re sad, just try to kill yourself. That’ll make everything better.

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8 Responses to Reactions: 3.05 “The Reckoning”

  1. Lauren Knott says:

    I love Klaus. There. I said it. This former Damon-loving, current Elijah loving girl loves Klaus. I think it’s amazing that after everything he’s done, I still manage to feel bad for him. Joseph Morgan is an amazing actor. I want to give Klaus the biggest of hugs.

    You know who else I want to hug? MATT!! Oh, Matt. I’ve always liked Matt, and it always made me feel sad how everyone put Matt on the back burner for the sake of Forwood. That pool scene . . . I literally shouted “What the fuck are you doing?” at my TV. I’m glad he gets to see Vicki, I guess. But I’m just happy he didn’t commit suicide.

    Paul Wesley rocked this episode. And I know all the damn Stelena fans are going to be mad because he’s actually a Ripper now and that gives room for Damon and Elena, but fuck that. Paul Wesley is awesome.

    This episode was awesome. The best. My favorite.

  2. Hetal Salvatore says:

    very very awesome recap.
    also i m wondering since Tyler is a hybrid now he is invincible too like Klaus? and his blood will b cure to werewolf bite?
    it has to be.

  3. Regina says:

    Wow The Last Show Was Crazy!!! I Think It Was Very interesting How Klaus Was, You Could Totally See He Was Wanting Stefan To Be Trully With Him & Didn’t Want To Compel Him, But He Had No Other Option. But Tyler Was A Good Thing That Came Out Of It!!! I Love Tyler!!! & Im Not Sure Whats Gonna Happen With Him Being A Hybrid & All But I Think Its Going To Be Very Entertaining!!! I Wasnt Really Paying Attention With The Matt & Bonnie Sence, It Wasnt Really Wowing Me. But Anyways Did Anyone Else Love How The Beginning Was??? I Thought It Was Pretty Funny, Remembering What Happens When Its Senior Prank Time!!! Also Loved The Stefan & Elena Moment Ever Though Stefen Ended Up Feeding On Her. But It Should Be Interesting To See How The Next Show Goes With Stefan Being On Watch & Mikael Coming Into Play!!!

  4. I love you ladies and this is the first time when I am reading a different script but my comment is WHT!!! Matt tried to kill himself. Jeremy is in a car trunk. Klaus and Rebekah are so off the rails it is sick. COMPELLING STEFAN!! Isnt that the point of free will? Something that no one can take away from you, And NOW we are just going to torture EVERYONE because Stefan is going to hang round and rack up a body count in Mystic Fall. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED on Tyler. As if a wolf wasnt BAD ENOUGH@!@@@ This is not good. And I am certainly not sure I see SEXY in any of this. And honestly WHT is ELIJAH@!@ How many weeks are we going to look at his coffin. And MICHAEL is BAD BAD BAD BAD!!! This is a nightmare.. Rippah Stefan is bad cause he fought for almost 100 years to get THIS Stefan. This is just so so not good!!

  5. Rachelle says:

    About the whole Rippah Stefan compulsion thing, I’m not quite sure, but I think his eyes did NOT dilate when Klaus compelled him to flip the switch. (As Price Peterson pointed out later as well, so I’m not imaging things…again…hopefully) And I don’t think post-production, or whoever is responsible for that, would just overlook that. It’s a pretty big deal and stuff. So that would mean that he actually did choose to become a full blown Rippah and that would just give a whole another dimension to the delightfully non-caring jerk he is about to become.

    Anyways, loved reading your reactions, as always 🙂
    (and also, because of you I watched The Princess Bride for the first time a couple of weeks ago. BEST. MOVIE. EVER. So thanks for that)

  6. Rosalie says:

    What happens to the hybrids when Elena eventually gets old and dies? Is Klaus going to have heaps of blood stored? Because I’m pretty sure that won’t last forever. And I have a feeling that turning her into a vampire won’t work. Her blood won’t work. It’s just like with vampires, it needs to be human blood.

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