#VDBingo Ep 3.05 “The Reckoning”

Holy shit. That right there was my FAVORITE episode of the season. OH MY GAWD. SO MANY EMOTIONS! And a lot of them involve yelling and exclamation marks! We’ll get back to you with our Reactions tomorrow morning (and you better BELIEVE there will be a certifiable SHITTON of them!), so in the meantime, let’s list us some #VDBingo squares!

There were a lot again tonight. I saw a lot of Bingo’s called on Twitter (yay!). Here’s the official list: (16 total)

  • WTMindfuck (so much! The end especially! OMG!)
  • Someone just died.
  • Teenwolf Alert!
  • Rolling in the Deep
  • How’s that “normal” working for you, Matty?
  • Elena the Protector
  • School? What’s that?
  • Trangle Trouble
  • Someone just got compelled… It must be Thursday!
  • Jer’s got the Sixth Sense
  • Kathi’s a team player. Right…
  • Hybrids have more fun.

So, how did you do? We had bingo in the SBH! If you got bingo, be sure to email us (at the address over on the right) and let us know! Be sure to include something like “#vdbingo 3.05” in your subject line, and don’t forget to include your card number!

We’ll also have new cards available for the next 5 episodes some time next week. We’ll make a post when they’re ready for the requesting, so keep your eyes peeled! DAMN! Alright… I gotta compose myself now…

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3 Responses to #VDBingo Ep 3.05 “The Reckoning”

  1. Rebecca (hrebe2017) says:

    Do you send us new cards without a new request for Ep. 6?

  2. Rebecca (hrebe2017) says:

    Hi! Do we need a new card for Ep. 6? Your first post regarding the cards indicated that the first card was only for episodes 1 thru 5. Please let me know whether to use my old card going forward. Thank you!

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