Episode 304 “Disturbing Behavior”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Elena and Damon take a day trip to Chicago (I know, I know), where they find Stefan’s old apartment, and also find Stefan! But he’s still with Klaus, who apparently used to be Stefan’s BFF for a while… until Klaus compelled him to forget everything about their friendship, and his romance with Klaus’ sister, Rebekah (an Original!). But now Klaus has uncompelled Stefan and he remembers EVERYTHING. God, I hope we get more looks at what this all entails… Oh! And so Gloria is going to help them figure out what Klaus did wrong with the breaking of the curse, but they need Rebekah’s necklace to do that… but guess who has it! Also, Elena and Damon? They try AGAIN to get Stefan to come home, but their efforts are futile, AGAIN. Meanwhile, back in MF, Caroline gets tortured by the gay daddy she thought always got her, but turns out, just wants to cure her of her vampirism (don’t worry, the irony isn’t lost on us). Tyler and Sheriff Mom save her from his clutches and Car breaks down and sobs in Tyler’s arm and we all have a sad. But wait! There’s more! In one of the flashbacks, we see a new character: a vamp hunter who is chasing Klaus and Rebekah… and they’re afraid of him! WHO IS HE?! We don’t know. But let’s recap an episode, bitches!

Hey, we’re in Chicago still!

Klaus, Stefan and Rebekah are having alcoholic beverages while Rebekah is refreshing her wardrobe.

Rebekah: There has to be more to this dress.
Klaus: There’s not.
Rebekah: So women in the 21st century dress like prostitutes, then?

Klaus’ look says it all. Yes, yes they do. She complains about how she used to get looks when she wore pants, and there’s some talk about how she wore pants so girls today could wear nothing, and that’s interesting. I wouldn’t have taken Rebekah for a suffragette, but I supposed it makes sense. There’s some banter about the awful music, and basically I really like Rebekah in this scene.

Klaus wants her to hurry up because he only wanted one thing from her – the necklace. And now she’s lost it and/or misplaced it. Or whatever. She asks Stefan how he likes the dress,

and he says he’s like it,

but she sighs because she can always tell when he’s lying. Heh. That wasn’t foreshadowing or anything. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here… The boys roll their eyes at each other, and Stefan’s all “you’re the one who pulled the dagger out.” Ha! Stefan decides to get some fresh air.

Natch, before he’s even outside, he sees Katherine across the street… and follows her, like she knew he would.

Back in Mystic Falls, Elena is making chili to take to the Lockwood party. Oh, goody, another Founder’s function.

Damon makes a crack at her family recipe, all, “I knew your family. It sucked back then too.” Hah! Take that Johnathan With an H, you crazy inventor, you!

Elena gives him a look, he smirks, and then she, like, playfully hip-checks him, question mark? I… don’t… I don’t…

Alaric butts in, all, “Why are you here exactly?” THANK YOU! Also, why are the two of you suddenly acting all chummy? How much time has it been? Either they’ve bonded REALLY quickly (kind of like how they travel), Elena is feeling vindictive Re: Stefan, or Rebekah has been walking around in her grody, bloody dress FOR A LONG TIME. Ugh.

Elena says that Damon’s there because he’s afraid she’s going to snap over the fact that she just spent the entire summer looking for someone who doesn’t want to be found.

She’s all, “I won’t break,” but he points out that she’s still wearing his necklace… the one that’s supposed to symbolize their unbreakable bond or some junk. INTENSE STARES!

Back in Chicago, Stefan has caught up to Katherine, who was waiting for him at the street corner (which is where she belongs – OOOOHHHH). She all, “y’all look chummy” – she used my word! Stefan tells her that if Klaus finds out she’s there, it means trouble for her, and she’s all, “thanks for caring.”

Then she gets down to it: the necklace Klaus needs is the one he gave to Elena, isn’t it? HOLD UP! How does she know? How does Katherine know about the necklace?? Is her hearing THAT good? If so, then how come Klaus, who is like a bajillion years older than Katherine, COULDN’T HEAR ELENA GODDAMN BREATHING IN THE VICTIM-NAME CLOSET?! KHHHAAAAAANNNNNNN SSSHHHOOOOWWWWWWW!

Stefan doesn’t deny it. Kathi knows that Stefan is up to something. He admits that he knows where the necklace is, he just has to keep Klaus and Rebekah from finding out.

She’s like, “Surely, you have a better, more diabolical plan than that.” And he’s all, “Of course, I do. And don’t call me Shirley.”

He says that if the most diabolical woman he knows can’t figure it out, then he must be doing something right. She tells him not to get too cocky; Klaus is smarter than everyone. She also warns him about Rebekah. Apparently she’ll ruin him. Hmm… I’m kind of looking forward to this.

Back in Mystic Falls, Jeremy is napping and Anna is lying right there! She says his name and he wakes up (with a gasp) and jumps out of bed. She’s trying to ask him if he can actually hear her, but he’s ignoring her, trying to ask her questions like what she’s doing there and where she’s been.

Finally, she’s like “JEREMY! Tell me you can hear me!” and he does… he can! What gives, Anna? She’s been trying to get him to hear her for days, yelling and screaming. It seems she could only get through to him because he was dreaming about her.

They’re having a bit of a Ghost moment just looking longingly into each other’s eyes. I swear to god if we find out Jeremy is into pottery making…

Downstairs, Caroline is here! Yay! And she’s come bearing gifts. No, it’s not chili. Worse. FAR WORSE.

It’s Bonnie. UGH. She’s all, “I’m back, bitches!” and I just, I can’t. She’s all, “I leave for the summer, and things go to hell for both of you?” BITCH! But also, they seem just fine right now, WITHOUT YOU. WHY ARE YOU HERE?! Oh, Jeremy’s come down the stairs. Hugs and kisses time! Gag me.

But he can see Anna in the mirror, so that’s fun.

Out in the middle of town, Damon is hanging out with Sheriff Mom. He’s like, “Carol called your gay ex-husband in to torture Caroline?” She says she has him detained to make sure the vervain is out of his system, so Damon can go in there and compel him to forget. She doesn’t want him to kill Bill. She’s all, “just because you and I are on okay terms doesn’t mean I approve of your lifestyle.” Damon is like, “Is that what you told him when you got divorced?” OH SNAP! Hahaha.

They go down into the torture chamber Bill had Caroline in. She told Damon to double-check him for vervain before he tries to compel him. Bill tries to explain that he was just trying to help Caroline. Damon retorts that if there’s anyone LESS in need of help, it’s his annoying – but awesome (admit it, Damon!) – control-freak daughter. He bites Bill’s neck and determines that he’s vervain free. Sheriff Mom tells him to just to the Men In Black thing, but Damon asks why Bill thinks he can change a vampire, and Bill’s all,

Cocaine is a helluva drug The mind’s a powerful tool. It can be trained and retrained. You just have to be strong enough.” Damon is all “I agree! I love mind control!”

He compels Bill to leave, and that all he’ll remember is that he brought Caroline back-to-school shopping. Aww, I hope he bought her some more school scarves (as opposed to recreational ones)!

Back in Chicago, Gloria is trying, and failing, to find the necklace. Rebekah suggests using her; she only wore the thing for a thousand years. Now THAT’S thinking outside the box! High-five! Anyone? Anyone? Ahhhh. Gloria takes her hand and proceeds with the juju. Stefan looks a bit worried.

Back in MF, Bonnie is talking about how boring the normal side of her family is, and Caroline is all, “bitch please, I’d KILL for normal.”

Caroline wants to know where Elena learned to cook. Elena says it was Shake ‘N’ Bake and Damon helped. Bonnie’s also skeptical on the Damon front, and Elena tells them to chill; they’re just friends. But then OH GOD IT BURNS! Her necklace!

It’s searing her skin!

Back in Chicago, Gloria senses something and works her juju some more.

In MF, Caroline says that maybe the burn is telling her something – that maybe she shouldn’t be cooking without Stefan. Is that a euphemism? Bonnie asks to see the necklace.

Bonnie goes to grab it when it sparks and flies out of Elena’s hand!

Back in Chi-town, Gloria is all, “I found it.” OH SHIZZ. Rebekah wants to know where it is, but Gloria says it doesn’t work like that. It’s with a girl and some of the girl’s friends. Rebekah is like, “Right a dead girl and her dead friends.” Oh, dramatic irony! Rebekah just wants the necklace back, but Gloria will need to “dive in again” to get more deets. For that she needs more time and space, which she emphasizes when Klaus promptly invades hers.

Gloria: You’re harshing my juju.

Klaus says that they can wait, but that’s not what she asked. Sensing what’s up, Stefan comes up to Klaus and leans in close.

Stefan: Why don’t we just come back later? I’m hungry anyway. I’ll let you pick who we eat.

Oh, lord, I just got the chill and drifted off to RITD fantasy land. I SO hope that we get to see some more flashbacks of the two of them. Like… really see the two of them. Like, I’m seriously waiting for some surprise sex, like that first sex scene in Brokeback Mountain. I want to be watching this and then suddenly, HOLY SHIT! WHERE DID ALL THIS FUCKING COMING FROM?! Like THAT. That’s how Klefan needs to be. Can’t you just FEEL the tension? Don’t lie.

So, naturally, Klaus is swayed, and they get out of there. But not before he makes eyes at Rebekah.

Not sure what that was about. But… please, show. Just one surprise.

Back in MF at the Lockwood mansion, Bonnie has arrived with some magical reinforcement by the way of a grimoire.

It’s got an identification spell that she might be able to tell her what magic is on the necklace.

While she works, Caroline, blunt as ever (love her), asks Elena if she’s switching Salvatores. I feel like that’d be the name of a really raunchy Harlequin romance based on this series. She wants to know the deal with Damon. Elena protests that he wants to find Stefan as much as she does, but Caroline is all, “If my own father, who I love dearly, can’t change me, then no one can change Damon.” GURRLL. She SO gets it. We’ve been saying this forever, Car! You go, Glen Coco girl! Elena deflects again, but Bonnie’s got something.

Actually, she’s not doing anything. The necklace is floating in front of her, but she’s not doing it. It’s got its own magic!


Over by the chili table, Damon and Alaric have found each other (and booze).

Damon is complaining about how the only reason for all these functions is so that the Founders’ Council has an excuse to get together in back rooms and plot against vamps. That’s so dumb. Why can’t they just say it’s a Town Council meeting? No one ever goes to those anyway. And if Claire Dunphy anyone shows up to complain about the traffic, then talk about vamps some other time. It’s not hard. This is just dumb, and a waste of resources. Good thing they’re always doing fundraisers!

Anyway, changing subjects, Alaric tells Damon that he should “take a beat.” Look, I understand what he’s saying, but that is probably one of the most awkward turns of phrase ever. “Breather” okay, “break” even. But who says “take a beat” besides maybe my high school principal who introduced me to the phrase “be on the stick?” Yeah, say that to a bunch of high schoolers during morning announcements and see if you don’t get ridiculed. Actually, she was one tough bitch. She once stopped a fight by pinning a girl to the ground by the throat. I KNOW! Violent fights were not uncommon. One time, a girl stabbed another kid in the head with a pair of scissors in the math building, and every day all the male teachers had to be available for after school bus duty just in case fights broke out. Of course, none of this is as bad as that one time a principal of a different school in our system was found beaten within inches and tied up on the baseball field… only to find out he did it to himself as a set up! This is all true.

Sorry, where was I?

Damon is all, “Exsqueeze me? Bacon powder?” It’s not Alaric’s business. But Alaric is all, “Oh, but it IS!” He’s supposed to be looking out for Elena, and this is him doing it. Damon gets all defensive, and Alaric repeats himself about taking a beat. WHEW.

The tension is broken when Sheriff Mom comes to get Damon for the council meeting.

Back in Chicago, the trio is feasting.

Well, the boys are. Rebekah’s girl is dead, and she’s bored. Klaus is all, “you weren’t kidding; you were hungry.” YOU GUYS! IT’S SO HARD NOT TO… okay. Calming. Calming down.

Klaus and Stefan banter about how it’s been a long day, yeah try being related to her. Rebekah gets all miffed and wants to know why they’re both being mean, especially Stefan, who used to love her. Klaus tells her to relax; he feels sorry for any man who doesn’t give her what she wants.

She tells him not to treat her like a brat, but whenever someone says “I’m not a brat” in that tone of voice, it’s hard to take him or her seriously, and basically I just don’t like Rebekah in this scene.

Stefan counters to Klaus that he’s no picnic either, and that after one summer with him, he wants to kill himself. He excuses himself,

and I just now realize that he and Klaus have been cradling dead women in their arms this entire conversation. I am simultaneously creeped out and thrilled because, holy shit that is awesome freaky! Stefan puts his lunch down and leaves, and yet Klaus CONTINUES to cradle his bitch. It’s like he’s digesting and he’s getting ready to go for seconds.

But just the woman lying limp in his arms. What a crazy mofo. I love him.

Back in MF, Jeremy is in the Lockwood mansion for some reason. He’s looking for Anna and yay!

She’s there. Wait, did he just sneak off to go talk to his dead ex-girlfriend. Is this cheating? I mean, they’re technically NOT in the same area code (not that that excuses cheating. I mean, what if you’re in a city that has more than one area code? HUH, BOYS?! HOW DOES THAT WORK?! Sorry… where was I?). He apologizes for earlier, but he got distracted by Bonnie. Anna wants to know why he hasn’t told Bonnie, and we’ve been wondering this ourselves for forever!

He deflects. He doesn’t know how this works. It’s a push and pull; she can try to reach him, and he can try to reach her, but we already know that it only seems to work if they’re trying at the same time. We also find out that she’s in this place called “the other side,” where she’s all alone. She’s not quite in Jer’s world, but not really gone. That sounds like a very lonely existence.

Anyway, Anna says that whenever Jer says he sees Vicki, Anna feels a darkness, like a demon or something, I guess. She asks Jeremy not to let her in, because she can only get in if he lets her. Oh, and then we find out that they can actually touch when she reaches over and grabs his hand! Oh shit!

“Ooooh, myyy looove, my daaarling, I’ve huuungered fooor yoour touch…”

Back in Chicago, Gloria is cleaning up her bar when Stefan comes in. He thought she was resting, and she’s like, “now we both have a secret.” She heard the girls in her vision talking… about him. She says she didn’t tell Klaus because she would never help that hybrid half-breed with anything. Hah! The necklace, she says, was a talisman from the original witch, and she wants it. Stefan says can’t help her, and she tells him not to be difficult. She’ll tell Klaus what a liar his sidekick is… and then she hits him with the MIND BULLETS!

Oh, Stefan!! She’s gotta get it out of him the hard way. Oh, no she di’n’t!

So now he’s set up on a altar table, and there are candles fucking EVERYwhere!

He’s paralyzed by her juju, and she’s cutting into him, and doing all sort of magic, and you are DEAD, Gloria. Not my Stefan! She says she’s got to get the info out of his head, and he’s laying there grunting and bleeding his blood into these glass chalices on the floor.

His essence is leaking out of him and she’s going to use that, along with some herbs to get the info. She smears some on her hands and presses her hands to his bare chest.


Back at Lockwood Manor, they’ve all determined that Vamp stuff has quieted down. Damon’s all “looks like we’ve made it through the worst.” Carol dismisses the meeting, and everyone disperses…

but Bill comes in. Do Carol, Sheriff Mom and Damon think that everyone on the council is clueless, or just plain stupid? Uh-ohs.

Back in Jeremy’s room, Bonnie’s recruited Jeremy to help her figure out the necklace situation. He asks why she can’t just call on the great and powerful Oz old witches for help, but Bonnie says they cut her off. They took back her power when she brought Jeremy back to life. She apologizes for not telling him sooner, and says that Elena says he’s been having a hard time since then.

Of course Jeremy brushes it off, because why further this plot line? He’s probably afraid he’ll unleash JealousBonnie, which I’m picturing looks something like this:

He says he’s just been out of it lately. They dig into some grimoires and suddenly Anna appears and tells him that the darkness she spoke about? It’s here!

And shit goes up in flames! Whee!

Back to Chicago. Gloria is impressed with Stefan’s willpower. She tries again, and finally breaks through to see Elena… and he loves her.

He’d do anything for her, and he has. She sees that he’s got a lot of guilt about it, and he has to protect her from Klaus. WHY? Because she’s the doppelganger! And then Gloria explains to us what we’ve known since episode 2 (has it only been two eps?): Klaus’ hybrid babies aren’t working because Elena is still alive! DRAMA!

Then suddenly, Kathi is there, all, “this is creepy” for some reason, and then, like, fucking STABS Gloria in the neck!

“Maybe you did need my help after all.”

Back at Lockwood Manor, Caroline asks Elena if Stefan told her where he got the necklace, which of course, he didn’t (he wouldn’t have remembered!). Alaric comes up and Elena says it’s beyond time to go. Now where did Damon run off to? Caroline speculates that he’s probably doing bad things to good people, which is always a safe bet with Damon. But not this time!

Car spots her dad, has a mini-freakout, and runs out. Elena’s all “speaking of doing bad things to good people” when Ric asks what’s up. They leave, and Damon follows them out.

He tells them that Bill is apparently impervious to compulsion, and apparently threatened to out him to the rest of the council (the irony of THAT is not lost of Damon). Ric wants to know what Bill wants, and according to Damon, Bill wants to control the council. He already wants to put vervain in the town’s drinking water supply. Elena suggests it’s maybe a good idea; it’ll keep Damon in check. He gets all defensive, as per usual,

and when Ric tries to step to Elena’s defense (I am really impressed with his stepping up to the parenting plate lately, btw), Damon… fucking snaps his neck.

*SIGH* Damon, Damon, Damon. What a child. Grow up, already, asshole! Yeah, so he saw that Ric was wearing the ring, but dammit.

Elena:: What is wrong with you?!


Back in Chicago, Stefan is wrapping Gloria’s body in a rug… like ya do… and Kathi is waxing poetic on how he’s going to fix his disastrous diabolical plan. He needs to bond with Klaus (hehehe) to make Rebekah jealous since she still loves him like it was yesterday. So basically, he’s taking a page out of the Katherine Pierce Playbook. She wants to know what else he’s going to get out of keeping his secret besides keeping Klaus away from MF. Stefan’s no dummy, though, because he’s all, “you keep talking to me like I actually trust enough to tell you anything.” Heh.

Katherine reminds him that she saved him from the “High Voodoo priestess,” so he relents and tells her that he used to know Klaus and Rebekah back in the day. They were running from a hunter, who Kathi says she remembers hearing about hundreds of years ago.

Stefan: Don’t you want to know why an Original vampire, who can’t be killed, is afraid of a vampire hunter?

Yes! Yes, I do! Katherine says she wants in if he’s going to kill Klaus, and he’s all “It’s good to want things, Katherine.”

UGH! So many secrets! He picks up the Gloria in a Blanket, and tells Katherine to find a partner in diabolical crime elsewhere because he’s a loner, Dottie. A rebel works alone.

Back in MF, Tyler comes into his room and Caroline is waiting on his bed because I guess they’re a thing now and we HAVE to see them at least once an episode.

She seems happy to see him, and I guess I’m happy that she’s happy, but whatever. She’s hiding out from her dad. He asks if she’s okay, and offers to kick his ass, which is kind of sweet, I guess. But she declines the offer. He’s still her dad, through everything.

She tells him he smells (take THAT!) from football practice (Oh.), but they start making out anyway. Hey, wait a minute! They got a new football coach?! Maybe they’ll actually make it the championship this year! Oh, who are we kidding, he’ll be dead before kickoff.

Oh, Caroline’s phone rings before anything bad can happen.

She’s only answering in case it’s a friend emergency. It’s Elena.

She’s standing next to a dead Alaric. Def qualifies as an emergency.

Inside the Manor, Bill is pouring himself a drink, and Damon sees him, says he always figured him for an abstainer.

Bill likes everything in moderation. He says it keeps the mind clear from influence – like from compulsion, which Bill says he tried to warn Damon about. He says it’s a human skill he’s worked to hone… plus Damon’s technique is lazy. HA! Damon, how many times have we told you, you are TOO cocky, asshole! Hopefully this is a wakeup call, ‘cause yeesh.

Damon wants to know why Bill doesn’t just expose everyone to the council. Bill says he would never out his daughter to those morons, and I have a laugh. He also says that he didn’t think Damon was self-destructive enough to kill the Sheriff’s ex-husband. Honey, you don’t know Damon Salvatore. Damon vampspeeds and bites Bill’s neck.

And it’s very shake and tremble-y, and kind of weird. Commercial!

How is it that they’re making a movie about Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots? It’s like the movie Battleship. I’m waiting for the new animated classic Hungry, Hungry Hippoes. Only it’ll have to be all socially conscious, so the white blobs will be tofu or something. Oh, Hollywood frivolity.

ANYWAY, Damon’s all enjoying the fresh blood, and Bill is like, “What are you going to do? Kill everyone who discovers your secret?” Damon says no, he’ll just find pleasure in moments like this. BUT he doesn’t get to enjoy for long because HOLY OMG IT’S CAROLINE!

She fucking THROWS him across the room and off her daddy.

She bites her wrist and tries to feed it to Bill to heal him, and when he tries to decline she tells him to grow up. HEE! Then Damon says something about teaching that something, which after 15 listens STILL sounds like “ass wheel,” a lesson. Caroline tells him to get of there, and when he dares challenge her, she turns around and SMACKS HIM! Yeah, Caroline!

But, oh, shit! He pushes her back and she flies against the desk. He jumps on top of her and closes his fist around her throat.

Damon: I’m stronger than you, little girl.

Caroline: Well, I’m angrier.

YOU GO, CAROLINE! She head butts him and kicks him against the wall.

Then she takes CarDaddy and vampspeeds out of there. Damon is all, “Bummer. I love a good girl fight.” Um… Damon… did you just call yourself… nah…

Elena, who saw practically the whole thing, is livid. He can’t pull that sort of crap in this town anymore, not around Elena! Wait, okay. So, it’s perfectly okay for him to be biting on people and killing people… as long as it’s not around Elena? Who’s the stupid bitch now? He asks why not; it’s nothing he hasn’t done before.

“Why is it suddenly so important for everyone to keep me in check?” Elena doesn’t want everyone to see him as the monster that he is.

But, as she points out, he doesn’t have to ACT like one! And her voice here is so full of emotion, she sounds a bit like she’s going to cry. I don’t know if it’s just that Elena’s never had to yell at anyone like this before, or if it’s supposed to show how emotional she gets over Damon, but it’s a bit jarring… and an impressive detail. Damon reminds her that he’s not Stefan, so please kindly stop trying to turn him into his brother.

Back at la Casa de Gilbert, Bonnie leaves the room to get the vacuum because there are ashes everywhere (though why she had to announce it all weird, I don’t know).

As soon as she’s gone, Jeremy sees Anna in the mirror (also, hey! We used to have that soap in our bathroom!). Anna asks if he’s okay, and he tells her that she has to stop because Bonnie is there. She can’t keep popping up. But she reminds him that she only pops up when he’s thinking about her too. Then Anna realizes that he hasn’t told Bonnie about his seeing her because he’s scared to let her know that he still cares. Told you!

Then, OMG, Jeremy tells Anna goodbye, and she disappears! Oh noes!

Jeremy comes out of the bathroom, obvs having decided to tell Bonnie about the crazy shit that’s happened to him.

As he’s telling her, Anna is sitting there begging him to hear her because she’s all alone. Aww, Anna.

Back in Chicago, Stefan… IS IN THE ROOM WITH THE COFFINS!

Now, Stefan, make the right choice. You know what you have to do to stop Klaus. You know which one you have to undagger. Come on, come on, comeoncomeoncomeon. #Pullthedaggerout, dammit! But just then Rebekah comes in.

BUZZ KILL. She says “Nick” went to go check on the witch. She comments on how the “family cargo” is dreary, well it wouldn’t be so dreary if you hadn’t interrupted what was about to happen! We’d be throwing a fucking parade! UGH!

Stefan asks why she doesn’t undagger all the siblings, and she says it’s because Klaus would hunt her down. I would too, at this point, man. Interrupting Stefan and shit.

Rebekah: He’s a vindictive little bastard, my brother.

She still loves him though. Though, she used to hate him and did for a long time, but it was exhausting. Stefan starts trying to dig deeper — when he met Klaus and Rebekah, they were on the run (“Also exhausting.”). He wants to know what they were running from. He knows about the man looking for them, and they both seemed afraid. He wouldn’t think Klaus would be afraid of anything. Rebekah informs us that nothing in this world is truly fearless, not even Niklaus.

He presses for more info, but she’s not allowed to talk about it. She says that Klaus told her about the girl that Stefan loved, “the one who died” (hint: she means Elena), and that Stefan is only with Klaus because Klaus saved his brother. She thinks that Klaus secretly admires that about him – that he’d sacrifice anything for family. But shhh, that’s our little secret.

Then out of nowhere, she pulls him into a kiss,

and you can TELL he tries to return it, but there’s just something missing.

She asks if he’ll ever love anyone as much as he loved “that girl,” and he says maybe, but she can always tell when he’s lying, apparently. Oh, yeah, then why don’t you know that Elena is still alive, eh? Oooh… maybe she DOES. Anyway, she didn’t believe the kiss.

Klaus comes in. Gloria is gone and they have to find a new witch immediately.

He can tell something is wrong though, and Rebekah outs Stefan – he’s been asking about Michael.

She says she can sense that he’s not with them, but Stefan tries to deny it. Klaus rushes him and oh god, everything went black!

Back at the SBH, Damon is making liquid breakfast, one for him and one for Alaric.

He goes and shakes one glass by Alaric’s ear, and like it’s a special “Ric Call” because he wakes up instantly (with a gasp). He’s alive!

Damon comments that it took a bit longer than usual, and he should probably get the ring checked to make sure it’s not going bad.

Ric’s all, “you killed me!” and Damon’s comeback is “you pissed me off.” NOT GOOD ENOUGH, DAMON. What is WRONG with you?! Ugh. Get out of my face.

Damon says he was on a tear because everyone was telling him how to behave. Alaric posits that they just realized that Damon was a dick. Touché.

Out in town, Caroline says that she won’t tell Elena “I told you so,” but Elena does it to herself: Caroline and Damon were right – she was trying to change him.

Caroline tells her to cut the shit and just admit that Damon’s gotten under her skin and she’s attracted to him, “in all his bad-brother glory.” Elena denies, but what? That she’s not attracted to him, or that she won’t admit it?

Elena, on the verge of tears again, says that she can’t admit it because if she does or even thought about it, what does it say about her? Um, that you’re moving on after a boy told you it was over? Though, I admit a DAY isn’t very long. Though, really, the timeline has probably been much longer than that (which means Rebekah was wearing that nasty dress for HOW long?!). Caroline says it’s because she’s human… yes, having normal (or what should be normal) human reactions.

Caroline spots Bill leaving, and goes to talk. He’s leaving before someone kills him. He thanks her (!!!) for coming to his rescue. Caroline tries to assure him that she’ll be okay.

Bill: You’re a vampire, sweetheart. I don’t think you’ll ever be okay again.


Over at Lockwood Manor, Alaric is petitioning Carol and Sheriff Mom to let him have the Gilbert seat on the council since he’s taking care of their children. Carol’s all, “that’s not how it work,” blah blah blah.

Alaric: The council’s job is to protect the people of this town. Now, your daughter’s a vampire, and your son’s a werewolf. So who’s looking after the actual people?

Good point. He says that the supernaturals follow their own rules and look after themselves, so that’s what they, as humans, need to do. He’s all, “I’ll see you at the next meeting.” Oh, shit. Well, played Alaric!

Over at the Mystic Grill, Bonnie is spacing out at the table outside when Elena comes over and asks for the necklace back – she just feels weird without it.

Bonnie hands it over and starts telling Elena that Jeremy’s been seeing Ghosts of His Girlfriends Past, and Elena is all “What?!” which feels like an odd reaction. Bonnie says it’s the “consequences” of her bringing him back to life, and she’s about to ask what she’s supposed to do, but Elena is gone!

Um, WTF?

Over at the SBH, Elena is there… already? Okay, I know they travel fast on this show, but this is ri-goddamn-diculous. Damon answers the door and tells her that he’ll accept written apologies only. Then she smiles and oh god it’s Katherine. Also SHE GOT HERE SO FAST I SWEAR TO GOD IF SHE DROVE FROM CHICAGO… I GUESS MAYBE IF SHE VAMPSPEED RAN HERE I’LL ACCEPT IT BUT IF SHE DROVE I WILL GET STABBY.

Damon’s face pretty much expresses my emotions on the subject. She’s all “are you two lovebirds fighting already?” He asks what she wants, and apparently she took Stefan’s advice literally, because she’s come looking for a partner in crime. Damon says she has great timing; he was told he needs to “take a beat.” She can take that as a yes, since the walls are starting to close in around him here. She offers to drive, and good because at least now we’ll know what mode of transportation to not believe when they get to wherever it is they’re going in a too-short amount of time. They’re destination right now is just “away from here.”

She shows him that she has the necklace.

Oh, fun.

Back in the Chamber of Secrets Coffins, Stefan is waking up. Hmm. This doesn’t look like the warehouse. It’s very small. Klaus is there, and Stefan wants a chance to explain.

I wish I knew how to quit you.

Klaus assures him that he’s not bad, only curious. Rebekah thinks Stefan is holding on to a piece of his old life – and she’s got “instincts” about this, which apparently border on “supernatural.” Heh. Klaus just wants to check it out, and see what it is Stefan’s been hiding.

Klaus walks over and opens the door to the storage unit they’ve been riding in. Did this make anyone else think of the trailer that the Paddy’s Pub gang tried to use to go on a roadtrip to the Grand Canyon? At least this trip seemed to turn out better. Well, sort of…

Klaus: Welcome back to Mystic Falls, Stefan.

Well, shit.

(All screencaps courtesy of hotn-caps.com)

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4 Responses to Episode 304 “Disturbing Behavior”

  1. onlymystory says:

    Um, a kid in my speech class was stabbed in the back with a pencil once. That was random.
    I don’t really have much to say about the recap since I helped with the reaction post but I had to share that.

  2. Gabriela says:

    Good grief, you have really disturbing behaviour in your schools…not that is any better over here on the other side of the Atlantic!
    I love your recap, particularly your comment about Katherine and street corners – I really had to try hard not to laugh out loud here at the office. I know, I should learn not to read SBH at work.
    Just one small comment about the plan to put Vervein in the town’s water supply ( Elena suggests it’s maybe a good idea; it’ll keep Damon in check. He gets all defensive, as per usual.): yes, well, don’t we all love scenes of Damon in his bathroom? What would happen with Vervein in the water? He couldn’t shower, he couldn’t take a bubble bath – and I would really miss that, not to think about olfactory effects of such a stupid plan! Keep the MF water vervein-free, please!

    • OMG, you’re totally right! I hadn’t even thought of that. Bad idea, putting vervain in the water! There would be so many riots if Damon couldn’t bathe, haha.

      • Cin Salvatore says:

        While I also didn’t think of that – and it would be bad – I can’t help laughing at seeing a stanky “Lost” island version of Damon wandering around. You know, having to run to the next township to bath & all. Whining about missing his bathtub, etc. Although, I wouldn’t put it past him to tap his own well & make the SBH staff haul water up for him. So screw that shit.

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