#VDBingo 3.04 “Disturbing Behavior”

‘Sup, House Guests?! So, I was away from the boarding house last night… doing very important business… *nods*. So I’m just now hitting you with last night’s VDBingo squares. Holy crap, that was a crazy episode. First of all… SO many of the story lines got serviced (that’s what she said?), and there was so much going on. AND to top that off, we were marking squares like it was a freaking finale or something.

So look-y here for the official marked squares. It’d probably be easier if I listed the ones we DIDN’T mark, but for posterity’s sake… or something… here we go: (20 total)

  • WTMindfuck
  • Someone just died.
  • Vampire Barbie is Awesome (I mean, like, holy! FREAKING awesome!)
  • Rolling in the Deep
  • Elena the Protector
  • Damon + Alaric = BROMANCE!
  • School? What’s that?
  • Boy Bling Alert!
  • ELIJAH (FREE Space)
  • Oh, Mystic Falls
  • Triangle Trouble
  • Damon: Actions First, Thoughts Later
  • Someone just got compelled… It must be Thursday!
  • Jer’s got the Sixth Sense
  • Stefan is SHIRTLESS (A little torture porn-y, but hey, we’ll take it how we can get it… that sounded wrong. BUT HE WAS SHIRTLESS)
  • MIND BULLETS and other witchy-juju!
  • Kathi’s a team player. Right…
  • Hybrids have more fun.
So, yeah… that pretty much means that you ALL got bingo. YAY! But make sure to email us and let us know. Our email address is over there to the right. Be sure to include some form of “VDBingo 3.04” in the subject line — and be sure to include your card number! 
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