Reactions: 3.04 “Disturbing Behavior”

So, um… where do we even begin? VDBingo last night was N-V-T-S, NUTS! (name that reference!). And you KNOW that means that the episode was just as crazy. There was so much. Almost every single character had some involvement (where was Matty?), and a lot of plot got itself developed last night. Now to just see where it goes! And here now to discuss what we think about the cuckoo shit that’s going down… our round table discussion. So without further ado:

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, and Mel (SBH contributors and friends).

Need a Lozenge For That Coffin?
Christina: AHHHH ELIJAHHHH!!!!!!! He’s there! He’s there with them. AGGHHH! When Stefan was standing at the coffin, I SO thought he was going to open it and #pullthedaggerout already! But nooooooooo.
Cin: Don’t even get me started. I’m STILL livid that we were so close, yet so far away. This must be what hell feels like. Because I’m on fire with blind fucking rage!
Abby: Pull the dagger out, already! Seriously, I’m getting to the point where the sight of a closed coffin fills me with fury. That tease, where Stefan was alone with them was SO MEAN. I wanted to reach through the TV and open the damn thing myself. GIVE BACK OUR BAMF, SHOW!
Dayna: Look, I get how TV works. It’s the writers’ job to manipulate our feelings to facilitate our understanding of the story they are telling. I get that. But I should be engrossed in those feelings, not saying “Damn, they are yanking really hard on my strings, here, to make me do/feel something.” They are now stepping into The-Boy-Who-Cried-Wolf territory here with these near-dedaggerings. Major party foul, show. Put up or shut up.
Cin: Right? It’s just like fucking cruel to keep him from us at this point. What are they so afraid of? That he will overshadow all of the not-so-awesome things on this show this season (because he would) and once again dominate every mention of anything awesome ever? UGH!
Dayna: He totally would.
Melissa: My one bit of peace about the Elijah thing is they haven’t actually opened his coffin and halfway pulled the dagger out. So I keep going with as long as these hints are there, he will be back. That’s enough for me. Though really Stefan, you’re a vampire. You don’t need to move slowly. You throw those coffins open, rip the daggers out and run (with the daggers) and let Klaus’ family take care of him. But you know, keep the daggers in case Elena & Alaric need to take care of business down the road.
Christina: But, but, but… maybe it’s because Stefan doesn’t really want to kill Klaus? Maybe I’m just hoping? Haha
Christina: But… RITD. I have RITD on the brain. Oh, right. ELIJAH! Okay, I’m better now.
Dayna: Also, Stefan: If you want to know about Michael, you know who I bet could tell you? ELIJAH. He’s the show’s DEF (Designated Exposition Fairy). The reason I fought down the rage black-out about the whole thing, though, is because we finally know how many coffins there are!!! There are four. Which makes it not only plausible but likely that this vampire hunter Michael (which is another Hebrew name; I see what you did there, Show) is one of the Originals. The way they talked I’d be inclined to say elder brother, but the use of the first name could be a misdirect if he is going to turn out to be dear ole dad.
Cin: I disagree. I don’t think Michael is an Original at all & if he is, he’s not the dad. Call it a hunch, but it’s one I’m willing to go out on a limb for. He COULD be the head of a werewolf coven. But I don’t know. I just feel like making him an Original is kinda cheating. BUT he is supernatural, he’d have to be to live as long as he obviously has. I’m not sure. At any rate – still no Elijah. And no Elijah makes Cindy a very unhappy, very cranky girl.
Dayna: Preach!
Melissa: I have to comment about Michael and the coffins. Okay so with four coffins left and one being Elijah, I’m betting the other three are the siblings and that both Mama & Papa Original aren’t in there. Also part of me feels totally weird about calling the Original parents of Elijah “Mama & Papa” (They aren’t a pop group). [Dayna: LOL!] Anyway, now that the name of the vampire hunter is out, I don’t buy for a minute that he’s Daddy Original. (Now I’m just thinking of Little Orphan Annie. Damn it). [Christina: Remember Daddy Warlocks? LOLZ] Michael being the vampire hunter’s name does however lean me more closely to dad being named Enoch. I liked Noah but Enoch’s been my second choice since the Originals keep having biblical names. Which leads me to the real point of this comment, which is Michael. I’m either uselessly speculating or brilliant but I don’t see how this vampire hunter’s name can’t be connected with Michael the archangel, whose main purpose throughout Judaism, Christianity and Islam is to protect the people from evil and vampires being evil, etc etc. If nothing else, I hope there’s a significance between all the names because this show keeps knocking the continuity and symbolism out of the park. That said, I have absolutely no doubt that Michael is supernatural. The way Katherine mentions a vampire hunter sounds like she’s heard the legends a lot longer than just last century. Oh! Not to throw in even more (except I’m going to) but I wonder if Michael can kill, like really kill, not stab with a Dagger of Animated Suspension, an Original. That would explain why they’re so intent on running from him. And it gives the show a way to truly kill Klaus which has to happen at some point. (Sorry, Abby).
Cin: Enoch? Really? LOL! Yeah, I have a hard time not seeing Michael as the REAL Michael from religion since S5 of SPN. I’m still fucking bitter that Dean was never Michael’s meatsuit btw – but bygones… But yeah, Klaus has to have a way to die. Everyone does. Maybe Michael is the holder of that knowledge? Hmmmm…
Melissa: I don’t watch SPN (too scary) but Michael’s like one of the few people who doesn’t have a zillion legends about him. In all the major mythologies, Michael’s the archangel. So I don’t see how TVD could totally upend that. And Enoch has this whole connection with the first time Michael was sent to earth in multiple mythologies and Enoch didn’t really die like normal people so the whole thing just sort of fits. Also all of the biblical Original names (Elijah, Rebekah & Esther) are also the names of prophets. So is Enoch (and Noah) but Enoch’s cooler to me.
Cin: Michael & his mythology was HUGE in that season. Like epic Michael/Lucifer shit for serious. The entire season. It was good. But I’m losing focus, carry on. lol You my dear know way too much about this stuff. Honestly, I think the writers probably just sit around & go ‘that sounds like an old classic name’. Less & less am I thinking that much thought is put into symbolism on this show. What about Abraham?
Melissa: I won’t rule out Abraham (I’m not that stupid) but it seems too obvious. It’s like the next step from Adam which is pretty much a facepalm.
Cin: Or Cain & Abel which would just be *eyeroll*
Melissa: Exactly.
Cin: Dollar to donuts we get a Joshua. I’m waiting on that one. Actually, looking forward to it so I can say it like Reva Shayne on The Guiding Light. “Joshuuaahh”.
Melissa: I can’t not hear that as Rachel on Friends. Ross: “How’s Josh?” Rachel: “Josh-UA, Joshua.” If the writers are paying attention to symbolism and not just throwing out random old names, I want an Abigail for one of the other girls. She was a biblical BAMF and I’ll throw a fit if I don’t get it. I could kind of see a Gideon too in all honesty.
Cin: We shall see. But as previously stated. Until we get ELIJAH back – everything hurts. Everything.

Team Human
Melissa: The BAMF version of Alaric (that I don’t believe we’ve seen since he staked Logan Fell in S1) is finally back. I stood up and cheered when he told the parents of supernatural kids that while they didn’t have to go around killing every supernatural being, they had to stop acting like they operate on the same rules. The real question I have is what does that look like?
Cin: Word. He found his balls & it’s about damn time. And can you believe it? NOT ONE BOURBON DRINK THE ENTIRE EPISODE! I’m honestly still in shock.
Abby: Welcome back, Alaric Satlzman! I am so excited to see him stepping up and doing something other than swill bourbon and mope. Love the idea of having him on the council, I think it’ll be interesting to see where he goes. I’ve always felt that Alaric could be much more than Damon’s sidekick, hopefully this is the start of a new, more confident arc for him.
Dayna: Way to sack up, Alaric!! He shaved, he told Damon off, he showered, he told the counsel how it was going to be, he actually acted somewhat parental, he *gasp* pushed away a drink… Damn, when he decided to re-grow a pair, he didn’t mess around. Me likey!! I’m not going to lie, though — I’ll miss the Dalaric bromance.
Cin: I’m hoping we’ll see it again, just not for a long while. Damon fucked up. Also, when the Epic Bad Hair Bromance DOES get revamped, I think it will be a slightly different dynamic. And it will be better, because Damon has to learn to respect the people in his life, that is one of Damon’s major problems. He respects no one. Mr. Saltzman isn’t going to take it any fucking more. Period.
Melissa: I’d really like Alaric to stay BAMF but to start carrying around pencils and toothpicks to poke at Damon when he gets out of line. I mean, I like that bromance, I really do but Alaric needs to be better prepared to tell Damon to shove it in the future. Also, that was genius of the show to put Alaric on the council because it gives another reason for it to make sense why he stays in Mystic Falls.
Christina: I really want Alaric to be the driving force in that bromance, [Melissa: & my brain screams RITD] but Damon is too pig-headed to really back down. After last night, they’re probably going to butt heads for a while. Don’t back down, Alaric! We’re behind you!

The Irony of It All
Melissa: I’m still processing my thoughts but since Bill Forbes isn’t dead and can’t be compelled, I want to have more discussion about the whole he’s acting like a card carrying member of Westboro towards his daughter even as he’s gay. Last week it was just ironic to the point of almost laughable. But this week, I was bawling when he sat there and told Caroline that even as she saved his life after torturing him, he still insists there’s something fundamentally wrong with her.
Abby: I’m not sure I buy the ‘human mind withstands compulsion’ thing that Bill has going on, but I’ll overlook it because it led to such awesomeness with Caroline. I hate this character, though. I hate Bill. I hate his smugness, his meanness, his non-acceptance of his kickass vampire daughter. I wish Damon had succeeded in killing him and THEN gotten the Vampire Barbie beatdown.
Dayna: Gee, Bill being left alive isn’t going to come back to bite anyone in the ass AT ALL Did anyone else see those great big anvils falling when Bill pontificated about the abilities of the mind to control one’s behavior, etc? My only question is, which Salvatore brother is going to get Westboro’d? Stefan, so he can once and for all pray away the gay rid himself of his Rippah! tendencies? Or Damon, so that he can become a real boy and finally feel worthy of Elena’s love?
Cin: This entire mess just makes me want to hurl. It’s so wrong, just – UGH! Why? I don’t want these ‘ways’ to interfere with either Salvatore brother. First of all, it makes me sick. Second, it’s a lazy Deux ex Machina. And I don’t like lazy storytelling. This entire show is kinda hinged on keeping it’s ‘wow’ factor by relying on these enough, but ‘fixing’ a main character/characters with something so offensively wrong to me – just no. No. No. NO!
Dayna: Which is exactly why I don’t want to see it employed “against” either of the boys. But… what if one of them decides to ask for help in learning to control their urges? Because really, I think bringing Bill in and having him do what he has done serves very little story purpose otherwise, and this show usually makes better use of stuff like this.
Christina: OMG I said this very thing. WTF was the point of all that??? Caroline is rescued, and suddenly it’s like Bill doesn’t give a shit. I don’t underfuckingstand. I KNOW it’s going to come into play again, but the fact that… no one seems to… APPRECIATE what happened. I mean, obvs Car does, and Elena does. They all understand what happened. But, like… I can’t explain it. It’s just WEIRD. The way they’re dealing with it. I mean… if you think about it, Damon’s the only one who’s really had a real emotional reaction to it. Whether or not his actions were actually powered by emotion or just him being a dick is another questions, but the way he dealt with Bill was exactly what I wanted to happen to Bill. Though Car stepping in and KICKING HIS ASS was epic. But… y’all get what I’m saying. Just… it’s almost like the only thing the torture-porn really did was facilitate Damon’s alienation again… which he could easily do on his own (not like he’s never done it before.). Sorry, I’m big-picture here, haha.
Cin: CarDaddy has got to do a great deal for me to not want his head on a fucking spit. HE’S the one who needs to change and accept. That’s his daughter he is shunning! I don’t want anyone to ask him for anything until he shows some form of a soul. Right now I just want to forget this entire mess & for him to disafuckingppear.
Dayna: I don’t need for him to be likable for him to be useful. Yeah, he’s a bigoted, hateful douchebag, but he’s a bigoted, hateful douchebag who has perfected what may be a useful technique. (I don’t mean what he was doing to Caroline, I mean whatever he did to work on mastering his own domain mind so he couldn’t be compelled.) I can see Stefan (less likely Damon) being all “Your ideas intrigue me, and I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.” That only works if one of them chooses it, though.
Melissa: Hmm, interesting. I hadn’t thought about the Salvatores subscribing. I just thought that the whole thing was too obvious and yeah lazy until that very last scene between Caroline and Bill. Because up until then it was all judgment and assumptions, something Liz rightly pointed out. It’s hard to change your mindset when for hundreds of years you’ve been told to believe one thing. And so while it was lazy to me for the torture scenes, that last one got me since it was quieter and spoke more to the heart of the issue, that no matter what Caroline does to prove him wrong, her dad will always believe something is fundamentally wrong with her. If they can keep telling that story, I’ll like this story line.
Cin: But I don’t want to keep seeing this story because it smacks of racism. And for them to have a gay character do that – I don’t know it feels so dirty. And wrong. And I don’t know, every time it happens it takes me OUT of the story and into a ‘WTF’ place. But we shall see.
Melissa: I’m back and forth. Sometimes it takes me out of the stories but other moments I like that the show is using someone who you would think is more understanding to tell this story. I’m willing to give it time to see how it continues to develop.

The Bitch is Back in Town – Hello, Katherine
Melissa: What is she up to?! And why is she always fabulously awesome?
Abby:I suspect that Katherine’s master plan is all about Klaus Removal. She’s tired of running, she doesn’t want to worry about him anymore. I do think that she wants Stefan to be safe and, if not back with her, at least where she can keep an eye on him without spending every minute worrying about him getting done in by his drinking buddy.
Cin: I don’t think it has anything to do with Stefan, but I do agree with you on the tired of running thing. Plus she doesn’t like not being the tip top of the food chain. She has motives, but since I don’t think she is capable of real love I don’t think it’s concern over the Salvatores.
Dayna: I will admit, I really felt like the show dropped the ball big-time with the Katherine character last season, like they couldn’t really figure out what to do with her. Well, they figured it out, and she is once again fabulous. Not to mention once again five steps ahead of everyone else. She may have said that Klaus is smarter than everyone, but I think Ms. Petrova may be selling herself short, there. I absolutely believe she is sincere in that she wants Klaus out of the way, and she is pulling out all the stops to make sure that happens.
Cin: That ‘Klaus is the smartest of them all’ line is one of the dumbest things she’s ever said. Obviously he’s not. Because if he was he wouldn’t have been gotten played by Stefan all summer long. I will contest that I’m kinda excited to see her actually be useful in her sinful little way, BUT I still don’t trust her. Not as far as I can throw her.
Melissa: Like I said on twitter, you listen to Katherine but you don’t trust her. I think she does want Klaus gone, especially since she saw that aside from trusting the wrong person, the Mystic Falls clan was getting shit done on that end. I’m curious as to what her plan is with the necklace. It can’t be just to get it out of Mystic Falls and you know that Katherine knew Klaus and Stefan were on their way. And Dayna I think you make a good point with Katherine last season. She was never really supposed to be the big bad but I think it took too long to keep her locked down. She was a wild card for too many episodes last season.
Christina: I know I’m alone here, but I’m going to say it: I fucking HATE Katherine. She is useful, yes. But I think up until now she wasn’t not actually being used. So, I’m excited to see how they keep using her, but I do not think she is awesome. I groan every time she shows up. I hate her. With a fucking passion. I hate her almost as much as I hate Bonnie and Tyler (also, I totally just got “Total Eclipse of the Heart” stuck in my head). However, all that shit said, it really astounds me how she’s always one step ahead of EVERYBODY. I think I said this last week — she’s even ahead of Klaus, and that’s fucking impressive. I just… I need to see where this is going.
Cin: I can’t disagree. I don’t like her either. Never have. I’m tired of them trying to make her work out. That said, I think if they can give her a true purpose, I’m willing to watch the ride. You know, until she has to die. And that day has come & gone & will come again. I promise you that. And for the record, she’s NOT ahead of Stefan. I totally loved that shit.
Christina: Exactly. I am too. But, what you said: I’m tired of them trying to make Katherine work. This is their last chance (hahaha, okay sure). I just… I wish she would die already. Okay, reigning in my emotions once again.
Dayna: Please. The day Stefan comes up with a workable plan and pulls it off will be the day Damon willingly signs up for anger management class. He may think he’s all on top of it, but right now he’d be dead if Katherine hadn’t just saved his ass. And all of his “planning” has fooled Klaus and Rebekah not at all. He needs to leave the diabolical plotting to those who are, you know, diabolical.
Cin: BUT Stefan is smart. And yeah, the plan might have been a bit flawed, but it was working for a while. AND I don’t think Gloria would have killed him. He’s Stefan Fucking Salvatore for chrissakes. But Kathi, she’s got her own agenda – and it’s not just about keeping Klaus at bay. I don’t know, I just find it impossible to trust her.

You’re Harshing My Juju
Abby: GLORIA IS HARDCORE. Wow. I knew she’d have Stefan down for a ritual, but I did not see it coming down the way it did. If we had any doubts that the witches are playing their own game -and let’s face it, we had reason to doubt, the way Klaus keeps pulling witches out of his pockets- I think we can lay those fears to rest. The witches are definitely working their own agenda, and it doesn’t involve helping Klaus.
Dayna: I *may* have done a slow-clap right there in my living room when she said she wasn’t going to help that “hybrid half-breed” with anything. I totally get why, for plot purposes, she had to die before she could reveal what she knew, but she will be sadly missed. RIP Gloria.
Cin: I know what you mean, Dayna. I mean, we finally get a decent witch – someone who actually knows a thing or two and of course they kill her. Because if they make Bonnie learn a few things and become useful that would be bad. *dramatic eye roll*
Melissa: Does she now hold the record for the longest lasting black female character? Which is just sad and really shows how awful the show has been in this regard. But on a Gloria note, I love that she fully cleared up that the witches are doing their thing and Klaus can suck it. Greta may have drank the Kool-Aid but Gloria clearly had better taste. I would say RIP but you tortured my Stefan so rot in hell Gloria.
Cin: BUT yes, I hate that we missed the opportunity with her – but witch done fucked up when she messed with Stefan Salvatore. Therefore I hope she’s burning in the pit.

Oooh, Shiny!
Abby: I have a theory that the necklace is a lot more than just a way to contact the ‘original witch’. I think it may be what’s keeping the baby hybrids from succeeding, or otherwise interfering with his plans. If that’s the case, it would be brilliant to give the necklace to Rebekah way back when, because Klaus wouldn’t be likely to notice it or take it from her.
Cin: But OBVIOUSLY Rebekah knew exactly what the necklace was & has never told Klaus. You’d think he’d be a bit miffed at little sister for that. If he knew it was a threat to him or any kind of clue – he’d want it so he could have control over it. I think that whole ‘tattling’ on Stefan bit was to deflect Klaus’ anger away from her because of that little tidbit.
Dayna: I’m tending more toward thinking that the necklace holds to key to destroying Klaus rather than having to do with his reproductive difficulties. Especially if Gloria is to be believed when she was going through the litany of what she was picking up from Stefan with regard to the doppelganger being alive and that being why Klaus couldn’t make-a da babies.
Abby: I think Katherine snagging the necklace was brilliant, and it’s probably safer with her than with anyone else. It’ll be interesting to see where she and Damon go with it, I like it when they work together, lots of fun snarking and undertones.
Cin: As you will see in the last section, I didn’t even notice she took the necklace. Furthermore – I’m kinda tired of Damon’s one liners. I don’t know what it is, but lately they have been a bit more offensive. But anyway…
Dayna: I am totes on board with that Road Show. Katherine/Damon scenes always give us such delicious dialogue and snappy one-liners. Methinks she has some knowledge of its use/power that we, the viewers, aren’t privy to yet.
Cin: *giggles* “Firefly” references bring me joy. Carry on.
Christina: That’s exactly what I thought when I saw “shiny.” #browncoat
Cin: Well, that’s what SHINY means dammit! *nods*

Family Matters
Abby: How much do I love the interaction between Klaus, Rebekah and Stefan? SO MUCH. Loved the shopping trip opener. I like Rebekah’s spoiled, bratty attitude, particularly when she’s protesting that she is NOT a brat, which she totally is. Stefan’s “I’ll let you pick who we eat.” had me dying. I liked the casual brutality of them sitting around sipping on people while chatting, using them like living wine glasses. Creepy and cool.
Christina: I have ENDLESS love for the fact that Klaus was just chilling, cradling that chick in his lap. Like, I can’t get over it. Amazing. So fucking amazing. He is a Creeper Supreme, and I fucking love it. Sorry, that was a lot of “fuckings,” but I’m tired and I can’t adequately express my emphatic emotion for the fact that he was CRADLING THE DEAD GIRL IN HIS ARMS LIKE IT WAS NOTHING. Okay, done. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Cin: It was beyond glorious. I ADORED that entire scene. I love Rippah Stefan. I just, he & Klaus together — THEY COULD’VE HAD IT ALL!!!!!!!!! Stupid Elena-loving bullshit. *spits*
Melissa: It’s like he was holding a bag of chips to snack on whenever he wanted. Twisted, creepy and fucking fabulous.
Cin: Ah-mah-zing even.
Christina: Totally ah-mah-zing. They needed to be snacking on each other. Okay, okay, I’ll stop 😉
Melissa: They’d probably want to suck harder if it was each other.
Dayna: Can I just say that, based on the Klaus/Rebekah interplay, I REALLY want to see an Originals Family Reunion. That opening scene was Gold. Klaus saying “trousers.” “So 21st century women dress like prostitutes?” Yes, Rebekah. Yes, they do. Perfect delivery on that “I’m not a brat!” line. Any trepidation I had about Claire Holt in this role is gone. She’s fantastic. Klaus and Rebekah do beg the question, though: How the hell is Elijah so much cooler, calmer, saner than the rest of his family?
Melissa: I have the feeling that the other three coffins hold Original siblings that are more like Elijah in demeanor. But Elijah has also been referenced as older and he hasn’t been stuck in a coffin for centuries. I’d say he’s had more time to be calm. But that interaction was fantastic. The banter was priceless and Claire nails -absolutely fucking nails- the little sister role. I felt like I was watching my siblings interact.
Abby: I wasn’t surprised that Klaus used Rebekah to test Stefan, it’s the logical thing to do. I’m also not surprised that she’s thrown in her lot so completely with her brother’s, because after 90 years in a box, I’d be trying to stay on his good side, too! Rebekah has to prove to Klaus that she’s choosing KLAUS as her first loyalty, to make up for making ‘the wrong choice’ in the 1920s. The fact that Klaus didn’t just stuff her back in the box as soon as he found out the necklace was gone speaks to his craving for companionship, but you can almost feel the tension between them, the threat of being put back in the box is always there for her.
Dayna: I’m really intrigued to see how/if Rebekah’s stance toward Klaus might change if she has some other members of her family (*cough* Elijah *cough*) with her to stand against him. Although I suspect Rebekah might find Klaus more fun to be around than Elijah; I can’t imagine Elijah puts up with, let alone indulges, her tantrums.
Christina: I’m with you on that, but I think Elijah does have a soft side (I mean, we SAW it… that LOOK in 2.19 “Klaus” when Elena comes back in the room. You KNOW what I’m talking about). BUT, Rebekah wants to be indulged… like a little brat, and he def won’t stand for that. God, I just can’t wait for them to all be together again.

He’s a Stupid Bitch
Cin: Damon, what, what, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? Now, this is likely to get the masses stirred up for sure, but it couldn’t be helped. Damon Salvatore is a STUPID BITCH! Everything was going so well, and then he has to revert to S1 fuckery all of a sudden? And S2 stupidity? WTF!
Melissa: Oh Damon. I enjoyed you in S1, I hated you in S2 but there was room for redemption. And these first few episodes of S3, you were getting that redemption. With the exception of the hair, I’d started to like you again. And then you fucked with Caroline and I’m done. I’m really glad that Caroline got to kick his ass because that whole “you suck” thing wasn’t enough and if she gets in a few more ass-kickings this season I’d be okay with that but that little mullet haired shit is dead to me.
Christina: Hahahaha yessss. (Oh, god, I just Klaus’d myself again…)
Cin: Christina… *DIES FOREVER* Melissa, I can’t go so far as to mentally murder him, but it’s just disappointing on an epic level that he’s still so damn stupid. I just can’t believe they are using his Damon-ness to advance others in plot. I mean, WHY did this have to happen to make Alaric & Caroline stand up to him? Are all the characters on this show so damn reactive? Oh. I forgot. This is TVD. OF COURSE THEY ARE.
Dayna: See, now I’m gonna have to go and be disagreeable with y’all and shit that I wanted to avoid doing. Damon reverting to S1 and S2 stupidity in the face of everything going so well is, like, the entire point of his character. He is self-destructive to the extreme. Of COURSE he’s going to fuck up when things are going well.
Cin: I can’t say I disagree with you there. It all so very expected. Thus the massive disappointment.
Melissa: I get the regressing, I really do. I just think that killing Alaric and the first attack on Bill would show that regression without him needing to add on attacking Caroline. That’s what did it for me. Oh also, the whole “I am not Stefan” thing. If you don’t want to be compared to Stefan then quit fucking trying to act like him! Look, I don’t think Stefan and Damon are like each other or ever will be. But Damon will spend several episodes trying to do the right thing, looking out for other people, being nice (for him) and then something happens that snaps him off the rails. And he inevitably tells people who get on his case that he’s not Stefan. And it pisses me off. He can’t keep doing things that Stefan would do and then get mad when people think he’s changing. Ugh. That just really annoys me. As do all the fans who get on Elena’s case for trying to change Damon. Damon tries to change too, fails and blames other people. That’s not on Elena, that’s on Damon and he should take some fucking responsibility.
Dayna: As someone who is generally interested in the character, I’m disappointed that he didn’t overcome that tendency, because I’d like to see him continue to grow, but JP and KW are constantly harping on the 1 step forward, 3 steps back thing, so yeah, it was expected. But also still not ‘getting’ it is Elena, who still hasn’t gotten it through her head that hello, vampire! I’ll also point out that killing Alaric? Stupid. Wanting to kill Bill? Not so stupid. He tried it the compel-and-send-on-his-way way, and that didn’t work. Bill is a threat. Exactly what is he supposed to do with that?
Cin: I can’t disagree BUT he can’t just solve everything with immediate death without thinking things through OR consulting the rest of the group. He never consults because he knows he won’t like the answer. And as much as I am hating Bill, he’s only a real threat to them living happily in MF. Why not hit the road? Why not make HIM hit the road? Why not lock him up in a torture chamber until he is brought around? I just have a problem with him being so impulsive all the damn time. It was my huge problem with him last season, and I don’t want him to fall back into those patterns.
Melissa: I agree that Damon has to learn to consult with the group. I think the Alaric part made sense because Alaric has known that Damon is impulsive and emotional. Alaric just needed to get to a point of realizing that the supernatural will always operate on a different level from the humans. It doesn’t have to be us vs them but it should be us and them. It’s not one big happy family. I don’t really want to go into the Damon/Elena thing in this reaction post but I will comment that I think that scene with her and Caroline should have come before Damon’s freak out. Showing up afterwards makes Elena look incredibly stupid and like a potential abuse victim. I’m fine with her having to confront her feelings but the timing in the episode just felt off.
Christina: I don’t really feel like starting this either, but the Elena/Damon thing felt really sudden and TOTALLY disjointed from the rest of… everything. Especially that scene toward the beginning where she’s giggling in the kitchen with him, and Alaric looks at her like “wtf is wrong with you?” Exactly, Alaric. Exactly. Ugh. BUT, the point of this section is Damon. I see what Dayna was saying — this is the POINT of his character, but it’s fucking hackneyed by now. Damon, stop acting like an impulsive child and perhaps think about yourself in the bigger gd picture for once, and not just of poor little you. GROW UP.

Vampire Barbie – Now with the Self-Defense Expansion Pack
Abby: Damon’s ass-kicking has been coming for YEARS, and it was epic. I love that she’s not afraid of him anymore, Caroline has come such a long way from Season 1. I love that she didn’t let her Dad protest about the blood, and it broke my heart how quickly she’s forgiven him, when he so doesn’t deserve it. It was all just so perfectly Caroline, and I’m so glad that the writers gave her a chance to throw down with Damon at long last.
Dayna: I think they played it just right in not letting it go on for any length of time. She got one shot in on Damon and put him through the window/glass door, he put her down on the table, she surprised him by breaking his hold and kicking him off of her, and then she grabbed Bill and got the hell out of there. To have it go on any longer would have strained credulity, given that he is 150 years her senior. The character point was made — Caroline isn’t afraid of Damon anymore.
Cin: You guys, it was SO GLORIOUS! Damon needed to be taken to task by her. He’s pushed Caroline around long enough – hell he pushes everyone around & Vampire Barbie isn’t going to take it anymore! Plus, Caroline fights. Notice she always slaps & throws. Damon is a pusher. He like shoves & shit. Girl fight indeed! I’m still very disappointed that the fact that he is her true SIRE still hasn’t come up though. They are wasting so much potential not tapping into that. Also, Damon DID kinda defend her character when he first confronted Bill in the Vamp torture chamber – but still. He totes deserved it.
Melissa: I think the fact that he confronted Bill and saved Caroline from Klaus (which stands out to me because Damon’s actions weren’t to save Elena’s friends, they were to stop the sacrifice and he chose to do that by saving Caroline) speaks to the idea that as her sire, Damon does have a connection with Caroline. And there are moments on the show where it seems that Damon will suddenly realize the value of and start respecting Caroline. I HATE that I’m saying this but I get that there’s a level of overlooking when it comes to Damon. Not just Damon, vampires in general, but Damon’s harder for me to get over. Anyway, its what makes me think there’s potential in the relationship between Damon and Caroline. That said, Caroline’s ass kicking of Damon has been looming for a while. I like what you said Dayna on the character point. Caroline had to show that she was pissed and get a chance to take it out on Damon. Major development for her. I love watching Caroline realize how awesome she is. I also love the way Caroline elbows people in the face.
Cin: Caroline kicks fucking ass. No wimpy shoving match for this girl, no sir!

The Other Side
Abby: Anna broke my heart a little, begging Jeremy not to shut her out, being all scared and lonely. So sad! Also: such a trap! I don’t trust her one bit, and I don’t think it’s going to be a case of good ghost/bad ghost. Something is going on and it’s a lot more complicated than Poor Little Ghost Girl.
Melissa: I love Anna! Don’t make me think she’s evil. I think its a lot more complicated than good/bad ghost for sure. But I have this feeling that Anna came through on accident. Like whatever force of darkness is messing with Jeremy sent Vicki through and Anna slipped in as well. Plus, Anna hasn’t been like bring me back instead. She just wants to talk to Jeremy. I refuse to ever believe anything bad of Anna.
Cin: I at least WANT to trust Anna. And to see Malese Jow looking up at McQueen with those big doe eyes… I got totally lost in it. THEN when she could touch him – all I kept thinking was “YAY! GHOST SEX IS POSSIBLE!”. I’m such a whore.
Dayna: But if Jeremy takes up pottery or starts listening to the Righteous Brothers, I’m out.
Cin: That’s totally fair. LOL
Abby: Bonnie and Jeremy….eh, they’re cute, and I’m glad he was honest with her, but this couple doesn’t do it for me. I don’t mind it, but I don’t cheer for it. I’m kind of meh about the whole thing.
Cin: It’s the Bonnie aspect of it. She sucks. Hate her. We were better off without her in our MF lives. BUT what the fuck was going on at the end when Elena just disappeared? Freaky deeky.
Melissa: That was Katherine. Totally threw me for a loop too until Katherine waved the necklace in front of Damon’s face.
Cin: Of course it was. 2 fucking viewings I missed that. I was thinking it was ghost shit. I’m such a fucking dumbass. Not as dumb as Damon, but still. Actually, I missed her dangling the necklace at Damon too – so yeah, I AM that dumb.
Christina: That’s the part where I bbm’d you “Kathi!” I clearly did not have a grasp on language last night. Also, this whole ghost thing… maybe it’s because I’m tired, but I really couldn’t care less. Anna? Meh. I liked her, but I never loved her, so the fact that she’s back, I’m more like “prove yourself to me” than excited or whatever. She was all Poor Little Ghost Girl, and I was kind of mad at Jeremy for being stupid (because HELLO, for Bonnie? Really, Jer? Really?), but… I’m still waiting for this story line to play out and show me it’s worthy of being paid attention to. If Bonnie dies as a result of it, it will be my favorite story line ever, but for now, I wait with not-so-bated breath.

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9 Responses to Reactions: 3.04 “Disturbing Behavior”

  1. anonymous says:

    You guys love the interaction between Klaus/Stefan/Rebekah. I love the interaction between you – awesome discussion as always. I’m surprised that the Salvatore Boarding House didn’t tremble when partially NekkedStefan was on the table being tortured – Didn’t anyone hear –

    • We did tremble. With rage! How can we squee at that? That’s OUR BOY being tortured. I mean, sure, we noticed he was shirtless, and maybe that was the first thing that registered. But TORTURE. NOT COOL, GLORIA. NOT COOL.

  2. Regina says:

    I agree that Stefan should have opened the coffin & pulled the dagger out, & I loved Katherine so is so on her game but I agree that you cant trust her. Also Im not liking Klaus sister. I respect her character but i hate her character, how she acts, she is such a bratt major. & she sold Stefan out, what a lame. Anyways Yeah Bonnie is back!!! & I disagree with yall about Damon, i dont care what yall think, Team Damon always & forever!!! No matter what he does thats why I love Damon!!! & Idk what to think about Anne right now. idk if i can trust her or not, only time will tell really. & Gloria was messed up with the Torture. Also i dont car what yall say but caroline can go somewhere, I wanted to see Damon take her down, but unfortunate for me that didnt happen 😦

  3. Brian in Shortsville says:

    Please, History of the World Part I.
    Back atcha: “My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives. ”

    Oh, TVD: I’ll offer a deal here. You guys get to keep Elijah forever and ever and ever, but we have to clear screen time for him. So we bring back either Vicki or Anna (your choice), and whichever of the two eats all of Jeremy, Matt and Bonnie. That little love-pentagram is boring me to death. In exchange I get to keep Rebekah. Wardrobe should win an Emmy for last night. I almost swallowed my remote during the retail therapy scene. I seriously can’t wait for Rebekah to come face-to-face with Elena and tell her “sorry little girl, must be at least THIS tall to ride this ride.”

    It’s win-win for me, ’cause I want Elijah back too, and flashbacks AIN’T gonna CUT IT, I want him in action in the present day, chewing scenery and out-Damoning Damon without getting blood under his fingernails. You want Damon to grow and progress, give him something awesome to aspire to.

    Methinks Michael-the-Hunter is going to turn out to be a supernatural entity sort of like Elena is a supernatural entity. Not vamp, not wolf or witch, but some sort of creation of witches as a check on the Originals. and I’m not going to be surprised if I ultimately find out Bill Forbes is and has been in cahoots with him since Bill left Liz, Caroline and Mystic Falls. Now that he’s back, Uncle Snark Daddy’s old job of “Occasional Shit Disturber” is vacant. I don’t see either of the Salvatores going to him to suppress their natures, unless he can make them human, which in your hypothetical scenario, he wouldn’t be able to. Bottom line, they’re only voluntarily giving up vampirism to give a family of stubborn little baby Gilberts to Elena of the Blessed Vagina.

    I call foul on Alaric joining the council. He knows what ineffectual buffoons they are, and his knowledge alone isn’t going to change that. From his POV, I don’t see what he hopes to accomplish by joining them that he couldn’t accomplish as a lone wolf with ties to and relations with all of the players. Alaric just doesn’t strike me as a herd-joiner. Especially of a DUMB herd. A dumb herd that needs its’ vamps to protect Mystic Falls. As far as his deal with Damon goes, Damon is Damon, there is NO upside in poking the irritable, impulsive vampire when he’s in a mood. We’ve been over this, kids. Alaric knows that better than ANYBODY. He got off light because he has Damon’s respect after a fashion. Damon making sure he had his ring on before snapping his neck is just Damon’s way of expressing it. And from the council’s POV, they should let him on as the representative of a Founding Famly full of vampire-sympathizers. Just too dissonant.

    I love Katherine. I would be fine with Elena getting eaten by the miscreant vamp of your choice and Nina Dobrev playing Katherine full-time forever. The writers must have read Tibor Fischer. The furthest place in the world from Klaus is all the way around the world and RIGHT BEHIND HIS BACK. Tough to avoid someone when you aren’t keeping track of where they are. Chance of blundering into one another and all. And Katherine is probably right in saying Klaus is the smartest of them all. But she’s been playing chess with him for 500+ years with her life on the line. And if she wins, her prize is to get to play another match against him TOMORROW, again, with her life on the line. That sort of thing WOULD turn her into the self-preservation Grand Master we know her to be. She’s not going to fare well if she tries to face him down, but she’s completely believable to me as a spy and watching for an opening to take him down.

    See, Gloria WAS what Bonnie should be. Not leaving herself vulnerable to vampires, not taking their crap and only working with them on an ad hoc basis when their goals overlap. If all she wanted was the damn necklace, and wasn’t going to help that hybrid half-breed with shit, then Stefan screwed the pooch (again). He could’ve kept Klaus out of Mystic Falls by letting him know he’d procured the locket for Gloria, and gotten in REALLY good with Rebekah by claiming he’d saved it all these years to remember her by. Oh, and I’m through buying Ripper Stefan. I AM buying Martyr Stefan. I don’t think he’s off the rails at all. I think he built up enough of a tolerance to human blood during Season2 that he’s got it together this season. He’s doing things he doesn’t want to do (oh EMO!), but he’s doing it because Elena’s days are numbered as long as Klaus is breathing. So he’s playing his Stefanized version of the game Katherine is so good at – q.f. see “I took a page from the Katherine Pierce playbook-” trying to seem the way he thinks Klaus expects him to be. And of course, being Stefan, he’s so bad at it Klaus was back sniffing around Mystic Falls when the episode ended. Good job Stefan! There’ll be another Valentine’s Day to give Elena another locket. Now, I think the locket, Michael and Elena are going to intersect to turn Elena into some kind of Klaus-killing Goddess. Balance of nature and all that. King Hybrid killed the doppelganger (only he didn’t), so the doppelganger acquires the power to kill King Hybrid (only she won’t).

    Candice Accola is a goddess the way she’s playing Caroline so perfectly. How much range did she play in this episode? How much of it did you NOT buy? Emmy-up this girl.

    OTOH, writers commit more Bonnie-cide this ep, having her play sidekick ex machina while Caroline raps Elena’s empty head with the clue-by-four about her relationship with Damon. Bonnie is supposed to be Elena’s besty and hate Damon more than anyone else in Mystic Falls. So, of COURSE Bonnie FOCUSED on her magic during that scene, then started trying to lecture Katherine at the end. Zero character growth. And, since she has powers as the plot dictates, now the witches have cut her off. O-KAY. So she’s dull, annoying and now useless at the level the stakes have been raised to.

    • First of all, BLAZING SADDLES!

      Second, are you suggesting that Michael is going to show up in the present, and he’s going to show up as Bill’s lover/partner/husband? Because, whoa. That… that spells trouble, and that could be A-W-E-S-O-M-E. You know, in a really shitty, I kind of don’t want to see this sort of way. Interesting…

      Third, “…Caroline raps Elena’s empty head with a clue-by-four about her relationship with Damon…” LOL! That is genius! I kind of have a feeling that it’s not going to work very well. Or Caroline is going to have to hit her with it daily or something. Oh, Elena. Get it together, girl.

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Thanks for the comment love. You & Christina share the other half of her brain that I don’t get, but that’s kinda awesome. LOL

      Just jumping in to say that the Michael as Bill’s lover thing is my absolute FAVORITE Michael speculation yet. PLEASE let this be true. 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    Loving your speculations on the other Original names! Those sound appropriately ancient and I love the Biblical connection (especially when Enoch and Elijah were two people who never truly ‘died’ in the conventional sense).

  5. Gabriela says:

    Thanks for letting us in on your reactions to this awesome episode. There was so much drama, but also so much comedy in it, that I fear we were just in for some relax time, before another big tearjerker comes our way next week….
    As for your reactions, my favourite line was” The day Stefan comes up with a workable plan and pulls it off will be the day Damon willingly signs up for anger management class”.
    Yep, very very true 🙂
    Damon came across as the little boy that he still is. He always pretends to be the grown-up bad boy, but no, most of the time he reacts as my 4-year-old nephew would.
    Someone tells him what to do? No way, he does the opposite. Sitting in that biggest chair the Lockwoods could provide, checking out the buffet and nagging about food, expecting others to apologize to him when he himself did something wrong – totally childish. And then presenting himself as a poor orphan (his sentence about Caroline having one more parent than he and Elena have) made it even clearer to me. I think he terribly misses his brother, worries about him, and therefore turns to childlike behaviour because he just doesn´t know how to react as an adult. And nevertheless I still love him to bits 🙂 And I don´t want him to grow up, never ever!

    By the way: Stefan said something which I will use when it is time to write Christmas cards:
    no presents this year, because “it is good to want things”!

  6. Joyce says:

    I agree with what you guys said about Daroline. Damon has been pushing her around since the first season and that has to change. Although, Bill kinda deserves it (I was hoping for #KillBIll to trend since Care said daddy at the end of episode 2. Haha!) since what he did to his daughter, even if he thinks he has the purest intention is so unjustifiable for me. And, speaking of Bill. He has to be back. Damon has to kick his a** some more. Damon would be like Care’s pseudo-daddy. Did I just say that? I wish TVD will bring up the sire-progeny relationship between Damon and Care. There’s so much potential there for character development and Damon needs another vampire to bond with aside from Kat. Not Daroline season 1 bonding where he used her as fastfood, but, you guys get my drift? There’s something bigger and badder lurking around and Damon will need all the help he could get, and Care would be a great ally. I know they’re on the same team – Save Elena and bring back Stefan team – but they should sort things out. Damon should apologize to Care already! I mean, yes he saved her three times since she became a baby vamp (giving her blood in the hospital, rescuing her from the wolf pack, and a 2-in-1 rescue before last season ended – from Klaus and from Tyler, come on we know Ty was about to attackk Care that time) and actions speak louder than words, but yeah. Unlike the Delena relationship, can’t they make this thing official, let Damon properly apologize to Care. He needs it and she deserves that. :)) And I also like the “with expansion pack” haha! Reminds me I haven’t played Sims 3 in a long time.

    Anna, such a sad fate. I wonder what’s on with the ghosts.

    And yeah Klaus, Steffie and Rebekah are so fun to watch. Is rebekah the new student? I remember there’s suppose to be a new girl who will fight against Care for the Queen B post in Their school. I read it a few months ago, I think.

    Always so fun to read your works. You guys are awesome. Kudos! 🙂

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