Reactions: Ep 3.03 “The End of the Affair”

Well, WE certainly had a lot to say. This episode was sort of bananas in terms of what we learned, right down to minor details and facial expressions. The more I talked about it, the more I think I liked the episode, even if there were things IN the episode that I didn’t quite like. But we’ll get there. So without further ado, our Roundtable Reactions!

Main Players: Cin, Christina and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna, Melissa, and Mel (SBH contributors and friends).

Chicago Daytrip and the Apartment of Improbability
Christina: Alright, it’s the third week in a row with questionable travel, and I just can’t hide my consternation. We needed a section for this. Let’s assume that Mystic Falls is somewhere near Falls Church, VA (which sounds like Fells Church, which is the town they lived in the books). That’s AT LEAST a 12 hour drive. And Damon and Elena made it in, spent time there, and got back IN ONE GODDAMN DAY?! Are you effing kidding me? I don’t understand the geography. Like, honestly, whatever. I get it. It’s to keep the plot moving, or whatever. But things like this take me out of the story, and it makes it harder and harder for me to suspend my disbelief. Vampires? Check. Werewolves? Check? Witches? Check? An hour to get from VA to IL without the use of a portkey? No. That’s where I draw the line.
Cin: Considering they left in the morning, were there at dark and weren’t back until the — wait. You’re right. According to the MF timeline, Caroline was tortured & rescued & coddled by loved ones all in one day…. Definitely a portkey. Jesus. Christ.
Dayna: In the interest of keeping what small bit of sanity I have left after watching this show, I’m going to chalk it up to the show’s wacky timeline. It’s not that the distance is shortened, it’s that time is all kinds of fucked up in TVD Universe. Hence going to Chicago and back in one day. Not that they specifically said it was one day… See? Fucking timeline.
Christina: Well, that is true, but they make it SEEM like one day. Especially when they intersperse the Damon/Elena with the Stefan/Klaus which implies that this all happens in one day. That’s what fucking throw me off. I mean, they have to realize that this is wrong, right? It just boggles my mind. As for the apartment, it had WAY too little dust to have been closed up from 90 years. Second, how did Klaus not SMELL Elena in there? He’s tasted her blood!
Cin: Word to ya motha. That shit REALLY got to me. Like, I had a mini-rage blackout over it. No way he couldn’t smell her even with the bottles of corrosive flesh. No vampire mythology I’ve EVER read has them not able to tell when a human nearby. And she’s a fucking juicy doppleganger morsel. *shakes head*
Melissa: I’m going to assume it was a couple days and the editing just threw it off. Or, because I should probably put theories here instead of in comment boxes; maybe Mystic Falls in in the Southeast corner of Virginia. An easy jump to TN and only about 6 hours (driving the speed limit which Damon doesn’t do AT ALL) from Chicago. But I don’t think the apartment hasn’t had people there. I’d bet Gloria or Lexi had been in there from time to time. Even Katherine and Damon. Making sure no new names were added to the list.
Christina: Alright. I’ll give you that on the apartment. It was just a thought that struck me, but you’re probably right that other people come there. Plus, Stefan’s comment about people breaking in… either that happens, or he knows people come and go. I’ll let that go 🙂
Abby: I honestly don’t care about the timeline at this point. I don’t care what day it is or how long it takes them to get anywhere. I thought Damon and Elena’s scenes were the least riveting of the episode, but the bar was so high I don’t think it’s any kind of fault on them. I think I’ll probably catch more nuances on the next viewing, but overall – the logistics just didn’t matter to me, I was too caught up in the story.
Christina: My problem is that it DOES take me out of the story. I can only suspend my disbelief so much, and usually it’s not a problem, but once I noticed it, it’s like I’m going to keep on noticing it. It’s a burden I have to bear. I’ll try not to mention it again, haha. THAT said, I agree about Damon and Elena. Not really compelling (no pun) at all.
Cin: I’m with Christina here too (shocking, I know) but it takes me so far out of the episode. I mean, I watch shit like Gossip Girl. I know how to watch certain TV shows with my brain dimmed down to mush – but this is TVD. I’ve been conditioned – YES, CONDITIONED – to expect more. No me gusta.
Melissa: I didn’t catch much else for the Damon and Elena scenes on a second viewing. But like you said, that’s not on them (I enjoyed Damon’s stuff this ep) but on the fact that Joseph Morgan, Paul Wesley and Candice Accola were insanely brilliant.
Cin: As per usual. This is becoming a pattern.
Dayna: I can’t believe I’m even bothering to fanwank this shit, but: Okay, we know from 2.08 “Rose” that Mystic Falls is a little west of Richmond. If you Mapquest Richmond to Chicago, it’s a little over 13 hours. Damon woke Elena up at 6:00 a.m. If she packed quickly and they left within that hour, they could BARELY have made it to Chicago when there is still daylight (it IS summer), which there obviously was when they were at the apartment. No telling how long Damon was gone before Elena called him, then he was another hour. BUT, they don’t get to the bar until around last call, then they leave after the aborted attempt to save Stefan. It’s obviously the next day when Damon talks to Katherine on the phone again. All of which is a long way of saying it’s possible, but barely, and GODDAMN the show is making me work for it here. Why you gotta be like that, Show?
Cin: And on a similar vein, why Chicago? Same thing I was saying last week about ‘Smokey Mountains, Tennessee’ (HA! – ya’ll I even made a map. Go see our 3.02 recap comments to check it out). I mean, we know Stefan has some ties to Chicago in the 1980’s and that Julie Plec is from there – but why not NYC? Definitely closer. Or Philly? Or Washington, DC? Or Atlantic City? Come on! *sigh* Ok. Whatever. It’s in the script. Got it. Mother f-ing TVD geography!!! UGH!
Melissa: But guys, Damon can drive double the damn speed limit and compel the cops so they can get there faster than any of us. So let’s say that MF is a couple hours outside of Richmond, making it a quick drive for a vampire. That puts Chicago about 11 hours away and if Damon’s driving at 120-130, they get there in about 5-6 hours. People make those kinds of drives all the time. It’s iffy but I think it is manageable. Oh and I’m guessing Chicago because at the height of the 20s and prohibition, where better to get everything that’s against the law then in a city run by the mob? Plus everyone does New York. I love that they picked Chicago.

RITD Speakeasy
Abby: I freaking love Season 3. Every time I turn around, there’s a whole new crowd of people waving the #TeamKlaus flag. I loved these flashbacks. Cheerfully monstrous Stefan makes regular Stefan all that much more interesting. I think if I were to go back and rewatch all the other episodes from previous seasons, knowing what I know now from Season 3, Stefan’s agonized restraint would be so much more affecting than it was the first time around. As for irritable, bossy, elitist Klaus, harassed by his sister? SO MUCH LOVE. I liked that he was ready to write off Stefan as an obnoxious upstart until Stefan started struggling with his inner monster. I love that Klaus has been waiting all these years to get his buddy back. How much more poignant is that scene at the end of S2 where Klaus gives Stefan and Elena their moment to say goodbye? If there was any wondering whether or not Klaus does, in some twisted way, care for Stefan, I think those questions have been answered.
Christina: Totally. I am SO with you on all of this. When Klaus told Stefan that he now remembered what it was like to have a brother, I can’t lie… I contentedly sighed. (Though I also kinda raged about how if he hadn’t been a psycho intent on creating hybrids, maybe Elijah would have stayed around longer). But, Stefan and Klaus together, happy. I’m happy. In a very twisted way. I loved Flashback Stefan and Klaus. I hope we get more of them.
Cin: I’m not sure I buy the ‘brother’ thing. Not that I didn’t love every single scene with the two of them in the episode, because I SO DID. It’s just, Klaus is cray. Stefan was fucked up. Their ‘brotherly love’ was built on lies and deceit. Which is what Niklaus is all about all the time, but still. Does he care for Stefan? I’m not so sure about that. I just am still not sure Klaus knows what caring for someone means, or that he ever will. As for more flashbacks of the two of them together, I don’t see that happening. They had their fleeting affair. It ended abruptly with a compulsion cocktail. Plus, didn’t Stefan kinda make it clear to Elena that it took him 30 years to get straight again. I’m pretty sure the 20’s was the last time he was ‘The Rippah’.
Melissa: Girl I am all about the ‘brother’ thing. But I think we have to remember how twisted a viewpoint both of these guys have on brothers. And I do think Klaus cares in some way for Stefan. Otherwise it is too easy to compel some other vampire to traipse through the woods on a mission. Klaus picked Stefan because it is Stefan.
Cin: Let’s talk about MY favorite scene of the night: When Klaus almost killed Damon. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. It’s Damon & part of me loves him. BUT, he is so asking for it. And I LOVED Klaus in that scene. I just don’t understand why he hasn’t killed him. At least we know now that he ‘promised’ to not kill him. ROFL! But you guys, he is such a gnat to Klaus in every single way. I mean, and I’m still not even sure Klaus’ heart was in it. I felt the threat from Elijah was much more serious, and honestly I think Damon felt that too. Damon was stone cold TERRIFIED of Elijah. Klaus, not so much. I wonder why?
Melissa: My only working theory on this is that in this aspect alone, Klaus and Damon are a lot alike. Damon threatens Stefan all the time and never really goes through with it. However, I do think Damon is playing with a double edged sword. For one, Damon makes it clear that he knew where Stefan was in his ripper days but that he stayed out of his way. So Damon didn’t trust Stefan at this point. Anyway, I think part of Damon totally gets how much Klaus wants Stefan around and plays on the fact that Klaus won’t kill Damon as long as he doesn’t fully have Stefan back as a bestie. That said, Damon better be careful because the minute Stefan is back to calling Klaus his brother is the day Klaus won’t think twice about killing Damon because Stefan won’t give a shit.

Dayna: I’m way tired and completely WTmindFucked right now, so I may feel differently after I rewatch in the morning, but my first impression is that I’m torn on Rebekah. As a vampire ex-girlfriend of Stefan’s, I thought she was cool and worked. As an Original? Not so much. Maybe it’s just that Elijah set the bar SO high, but I expect my Originals to have a little more… gravitas to them? She struck me as very petulant, spoiled, etc. I get that she’s Klaus’s baby sister, but… I dunno. I’m a little underwhelmed right now. Will re-evaluate after second viewing.
Cin: Hated her. Her face is funny. She’s NOT what I wanted out of an Original at all, but I can see why she would side with Klaus. She’s just as crazy as he is. Unlike Elijah who was the calm in the storm of insanity, she seems to be more than a few slices shy of a loaf. Just like Nicky. LOL
Melissa: After my first viewing, I adored ADORED Rebekah. Even more so as an Original. I’m heading to a second viewing soon so we’ll see if it sticks.
Abby: I liked Rebekah. We didn’t get to see enough of her to really get depth, but I think she has great potential, and I liked that she had some sass and ginger to offset grave Elijah and bossy, mercurial Klaus. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her. I also really like the notion that Stefan had a special romance that he was made to forget – honestly, this can of worms is SO wiggly that I just can’t wait to see where it all goes. This is much more interesting than any “oh, Stefan MUST be with Elena, he has no life, no past, nothing outside of her. Dude is over a 160 years old, I WANT him to have more baggage than an airport terminal.
Christina: I agree. I really dig her as an Original, especially since she has the spunk to put Klaus in his place when he needs it — i.e., STABBING him. Also, I’m really looking forward to see where this romance with Stefan is going to lead. See my comments in the section below. I’m VERY interested…
Dayna: Okay, so after the second viewing, I didn’t see Rebekah as the spoiled brat that was my first impression. Still not sure she has enough presence for an Original, but I’m reserving further judgment for now. She does offer a potentially very interesting dynamic in that, for her, she just saw Stefan five minutes ago, not 80+ years ago. Between her just being awakened, and Stefan only just now accessing his memories of her, this could be really, really juicy.
Melissa: After 2nd-5th viewings of that final scene with Stefan and Rebekah, I definitely love her. She’s got sass and spunk and she is 100% a little sister. But I would argue to anyone dismissing her off a single episode is forgetting that none of the Originals make a great first impression. They make lasting impressions.

Witch Done Right!
Cin: How welcome & glorious is Gloria? I’m gonna name her Glorious Gloria, because she is Ah-Mah-ZING.
Melissa: Right? Right?! First, let’s talk about how Gloria, like Lucy and Bree has sass and attitude and especially like Bree, doesn’t take shit from vampires but isn’t stupid about it either. (Dear Bonnie: Please take note). Clearly, bar-owning witches are awesomesauce. Second, she basically gave Klaus a spanking with that flaming stake trick and then gave Damon and Klaus a time out. Third, as a witch and one who clearly was aware of what Stefan was doing in the 20s, I love that she introduces him to the whole damn bar. Sure we can talk about the servants of nature thing but there’s still a point where a witch is his or her own person and needs to be allowed to live their lives. So I like the idea that Gloria works with vampires and isn’t all that concerned about them using humans but doesn’t work for vampires. She’s very much her own person. I mean, the woman tells Klaus how it is.
Christina: Word to your mother. That is EXACTLY what I loved about her. She was so SASSY. And the fact that she hasn’t aged very much… how old is she exactly?… that was awesome, too. Anyone who can put Klaus in his place, but not have him kill you immediately is a-okay in my book. So looking forward to more Gloria. And I really hope Bonnie gets to meet her. She needs to be schooled hard.
Melissa: Word right back. I want Bonnie to spend some time with Gloria to learn how to be an interesting person.

Heartbreak Warfare
Christina: When Stefan went into the closet where Elena was hiding… not gonna lie. My heart jumped a little bit. And then it swelled, and got all melty. But then there was Elena standing next to all of the names on the wall, and she was smiling at Stefan, and I kind of wanted to smack her. She’s so blinded by Stefan. It’s so sad.
Abby: This scene made me hold my breath, because I wasn’t sure which way it would go. I didn’t THINK Stefan would reveal her, but I wasn’t 100% sure.
Cin: That was by far my favorite scene of this season so far. And no words. Just… Paul Wesley OWNS me, ya’ll.
Melissa: I don’t think she is though. She’s doing the same thing she did in S1, pulling out the vervain syringe. I think Elena’s biggest problem is that she isn’t seeing how different this fall off the wagon is. She loves Stefan but she sees how wrong he is or she would trust him and not use the syringe. However, shit’s about to change…more on that below.
Christina: That’s what I mean. She’s blinded by this vision of Stefan that she has. She doesn’t realize this is a different animal all together.
Dayna: I thought the vervain dart thing was a nice call-back to “Miss Mystic Falls.” It suggests that Stefan WANTED to be saved from himself the last time. This time, no.
Christina: Stefan’s whole “I don’t want to see you. I don’t want you anymore” or whatever he said, was so heartbreaking. She needed that. Not that I want Elena to hurt, but she needed to be told that. Truth be told, though… I was kind of hoping for a bigger emotional fallout. That’s not going to deter our stubborn Elena…
Dayna: I was a little underwhelmed, honestly. Not that I’m all “Yay! Domestic Violence!” or anything, but to really get it through Elena’s head, I wanted Stefan to be really scary, not just break up with her in a harsh tone of voice.
Cin: I totally agree. I was expecting a bit MORE from the big confrontation. I hope she gets the picture, but I wanted it to make me be like ‘Damnnn… Cold blooded’. I’ve seen this scene compared on twitter (by press who got the advanced screening on Wed) as being close to the Buffy/Angel scene in “Innocence”  — and um, no. Not at all. (Melissa: Completely agree. Two very different situations) In no way. It didn’t hurt her as much. He wasn’t as malicious. I think people who make those comparisons haven’t watched the original source material enough or something.
Christina: Exactly! I didn’t want him to necessarily manhandle her, but a more emphatic declaration would have been nice. He was kind of dead (sorry, pun) about it. I get that he kind of has to shut himself down to spurn her like that, but you just KNOW that Elena’s not going to get it.
Melissa: Personally, I think Stefan was trying to pull a Caroline. He was doing what Caroline did to Matt by trying to drive her away. But I think (at least I hope) that Elena proves me right in the fact that she’s not Matt. Elena’s pretty good at seeing through the bullshit and I hope she sees through it too. Not because I don’t want Elena to get how awful Stefan is as a ripper (I do) but I want Stefan to understand that he has to be honest with Elena for once in his damn life and quit trying to protect her.
Abby: I’m VERY glad that Stefan didn’t fall for the vervain dart again, but I also think it was reasonable for them to try it. I was half-expecting a Katherine cameo there, but I thought the breakup was well done. I didn’t need him to be violent, he made his point just fine. In fact, I think if he’d gotten violent it would’ve lent credence to the “I’m in the grip of madness” idea, whereas a straight break up was very sane, and very final.
Dayna: Good point, Abby. Here’s hoping Elena will listen, at least for an episode or two.
Christina: Totally. I didn’t want violence. I just expected something a little more emotionally jarring. Though, I suppose for Elena it was. I dunno; I blame my cold. But I did wonder if he was going to betray her.
Cin: I didn’t really want violence. But to me he just wasn’t cold enough. I wanted to see cold & calculating. Seriously, a well placed sentence or two will stick with you for 20+ years. TRUST ME ON THAT.
Melissa: Let’s remember too though that Stefan hasn’t gone full ripper yet. And in that moment, he was still hearing Klaus tell these stories, he wasn’t remembering them. We know that Stefan is going to fully switch it off within a few episodes. Pretty sure we’ve barely caught a glimpse of the cold and sadistic Stefan. If we’re crying now, over small moments like the closet, I predict everyone being a puddle of melted muddy unicorn tears (credit to Erin) by the midseason finale.
Mel: I was totally holding my breath too when Stefan walked into the closet! Even more so when he was like “look what we have here” I think my heart literally stopped beating for at least five seconds, haha. I had my doubts that maybe he would say something, but in the end I think he really truly does love Elena. He really is trying to protect her. That scene outside in the alley though was so heartbreaking. I cried. I admit it lol and I too wanted more from Stefan and even Elena. I guess we shall see if this tough love thing he did will actually work and she’ll back off… Doubt it!
Christina: Speaking of loving Elena… When Klaus uncompelled Stefan so that he could remember… did you SEE the look on his face when he saw Rebekah? I… I was actually a little taken aback. He looked like he really did love her so much, and when all that emotion that had been compelled away came back to him. Ugh. Kind of gutted me again. And then it made me wonder… if he was compelled this whole time so that his true self was hidden from him, did he ever really love Elena? And even if he did, does he love Rebekah more? Because that’s kind of interesting.
Melissa: I loved that look! I mean I’m of the opinion that when the choice is Stefan/Elena or Damon/Elena, I choose Stefan. But I have absolutely no issue with Elena choosing to let her cookies bake some more and Stefan being in love with someone else. And you know, even if Stefan does truly love Elena just as much as he loved Rebekah, I think the parallels between Elena/Katherine/Rebekah will be fascinating. From what we saw, Rebekah very much has the personality of Katherine (not quite but similar in many ways with the games and attitude) but she’s the opposite in looks. Elena has the looks of Stefan’s first love but none of her evil personality. (This is why Stefan should just choose Klaus). (Christina: HELLS YEAH!) But I find the idea of a true love tangle between Elena/Stefan/Rebekah/Katherine/Klaus fascinating. And I add Klaus not because of a Klefan thing but because he clearly gets jealous if he’s not first in someone’s life. He wants to be the number one, the most loved, which again goes back to last week’s points about Klaus needing someone to love him.
Dayna: Like Abby said above, it’s good to see that Stefan loved someone other than Katherine and now Elena because yes, he’s been around a long time. He should have a whole freaking set of emotional baggage, including carry-on, garment bag, and five suitcases. And an Original at that? Damn, Show! Way to up the ante!
Abby: Here’s to that. Also, I think we have to give Stefan some sexypoints for being all “Oh, you’re an Original? That’s okay, honey…I am AWESOME.” Because he is.
Cin: ROFL! Preach!
Christina: Sexy points, for sure. And I agree with Melissa up there. The love tangle is going to be interested, and I kind of like that Klaus is like that. If we want to get all shrink about it, it’s because of the way his (step)father treated him when he found out he was the product of an affair. And emotional hurt that old… oh, man. DRAMA. Awesome. Awesome awesome awesome. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. I need more Klaus and Stefan!
Melissa: I can’t wait to see the ramifications of Rebekah and Stefan. She just woke up and in a way so did Stefan. The last memory Rebekah has is of choosing a man she just met and fell in love with over her brother of a thousand years. Every memory Stefan has of a woman he fell in love with just came flooding back. This isn’t a Katherine situation where he moved on but seeing her is still shocking. Stefan never got over Rebekah. 90 years later, they’ve both been thrown back into their own love story. Fascinating.

Speaking of Daddy Issues…
Dayna: Soooo… the Sebastian Roche character… Papa Original? Who else would two Original Vampires be afraid of? And in the same episode where Caroline’s father is torturing her?
Christina: You know, that’s what I thought too — that he’s Papa Original. Klaus especially would be afraid of him seeing as he’s the product of an affair (ooooh, gives interesting meaning to the ep title). I mean, Papa Original went and slaughtered all of Klaus’ bio-daddy’s family. He’s a scary dude. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s who he is.
Melissa: HOLY SHIT! I just had a thought that would be soooo much more fascinating (to me at least) than Roche being Papa Original. What if it’s Klaus’ real father? Werewolves obviously existed before vampires since Klaus inherited the gene. Werewolves & Vampires hate each other of course and how much would Klaus’ real father hate his son for choosing to be a vampire?! This show loves to have these damn daddy issues, particularly with the dad trying to kill their supernatural offspring.
Abby: That theory doesn’t really make sense, considering that we know (or have been told by Elijah) that Original Mama’s werewolf lover was killed by Original Papa. I think this might be the opening to a group of vampire hunters dedicated solely to killing Originals, or something ancestral like that. It would be a nice parallel to the whole private history of the Founding Families in Mystic Falls.
Dayna: Even if he somehow survived Elijah’s father trying to kill him, though, he’d be long dead if he were Klaus’ werewolf father. Werewolves aren’t eternal, at least not in any mythology I can think of off-hand. Speaking of the Original family, did anyone get a good count on how many coffins there were? When he first went in to #pullthedaggerout (WRONG ONE, KLAUS!!) it looked like there were only five, but when Klaus went back it looked like maybe there was an upper tier that could have held more. If my theory holds, there should be 6 — one for each sibling, with Mama Original actually dead-dead (they had to find out somehow that the white oak could kill an Original) and Daddy Original still out there hunting Klaus down.
Cin: I just think he’s the big bad vamphunter dude. Although Daddy Original would be kinda awesome, is he old enough? Anyway, I’m trying not to assume anything about him at this point. I liked seeing Klaus scared, that’s about as far as my thought process went.
Melissa: Pish posh. I don’t see anything that says werewolves can’t live forever just that they don’t. And what does Elijah know? He trusted Klaus. I’m going to stick to my riddled with holes theory and figure out how to patch up those holes. Either it’ll be complete shit like every other theory I come up with or I’ll turn out to be brilliant and you’ll all bow down before me. (I may be developing a Klaus complex.)
Cin: I know nothing except Elijah is awesome. What? You brought him up!

What Have You Done NOW?
Dayna: WTF is Katherine up to? She herself pointed out that it’s not in her best interests to be anywhere near Klaus, so why risk being in Chicago with him, both in the 20’s and now? Are they trying to make us think that she really does love Stefan? And btw, Katherine, you couldn’t drop a dime to Damon about Elijah suffering a dagger relapse while you were chit-chatting? Really? *bitch*
Abby: WORD. My hope is that she’s planning to undagger Elijah herself, thereby putting him in HER debt and theoretically clearing the decks between them…because let’s be serious, once Elijah wakes up, I don’t think Katherine is going to be his priority any more.
Christina: True. But Katherine being there has something to do with Stefan. She is such a freaking stalker. She was there when he was at the Speakeasy, she was there at the Bon Jovi concert. She’s everywhere. AND she always seems like she’s one step ahead of EVERYONE else, and that kind of freaks me out. But, still… I don’t know if she actually loves Stefan, or if it’s just obsession, but I bet that’s why she’s there. And that’s why she might end up being the one to undagger Elijah.
Melissa: I am completely okay with Katherine being the one to #pullthedaggeroutofElijah. Hell, I don’t care who does it as long as it happens.
Cin: I have no idea what Kathi’s game is, but it smells bad. If she was trying so hard to stay out of harms way all these years then why was she so close? I don’t know you guys. I just don’t even know.
Melissa: I think it makes perfect sense why Katherine is often near Klaus. Setting aside her worst ex-girlfriend of the year award for the Stefan stalking, she has to stay one step ahead of Klaus (and Elijah) to stay alive. Sipping margaritas on a beach doesn’t exactly give her the heads up on where Klaus is. But if she’s following him, she can know where he is and where she will be.

Condition my fist, CarDaddy
Christina: No, CarDaddy. NO. That is NOT how you treat your daughter. I do not trust this man… I mean, OBVS, but there’s something fishy here. He seriously scares the bejesus out of me. More so than Klaus does, and he’s pretty damn scary (and cuddly? I need help).
Cin: I’m not scared. I just want to stone cold murder his sorry ass.
Dayna: This whole fixing Caroline, conversion therapy thing was SUCH a parallel to the fucktard efforts to “cure” homosexuals, and here we have it turned on its head with a gay parent trying to cure his vampire daughter. It made the parallel kind of interesting and wacky.
Christina: That is EXACTLY what I was thinking the whole time. I even said in bbm to Cin, “with him being a gay man, you think he’d have some sensitivity to wanting not being accepting of who somone really is.” I really don’t like him. At all. Bad, HRG!
Melissa: And, as Red pointed out to me, its also a twisted form of detox. I absolutely hate Bill but I do like the parallels to someone trying to “fix” a gay person (such bullshit) because I can’t think of another show that has addressed this in this way. Which, to completely tangent, is something I love about fantasy in any form. It allows us to make commentary on social issues and to reach people who wouldn’t listen to a standard, albeit much needed, lecture.
Abby: Everything about these scenes was awful and heartbreaking. I, too, saw the parallels, but Caroline was just so REAL. No more torturing Caroline, show! NO MORE.
Mel: I only have this to say about CarDaddy. If he shows his face again, let’s face it, he will. I hope someone kills him dead! I don’t think I can handle him coming back around and hurting Caroline again or anyone else for that matter. You better watch your back, CarDaddy!
Dayna: Hah! Love the title! Okay, Tyler on his knees, slipping Caroline’s ring onto her left hand, then picking her up and carrying her out over the threshold? Is that an anvil I saw dropping?
Melissa: Terrible title I know but I definitely had the same thought. Not so much on the carrying part but the Tyler on his knee putting the ring on her finger for sure. But you guys I swooned hardcore. I’m a horrible horrible person but I heart Tyler so much right now and he’s almost making me like Forwood.
Abby: Tyler has redeemed himself in my eyes. I never thought I’d forgive him, but he wolfed up and came to the rescue. He’s decided what side he’s on and it’s Caroline’s. I’m Team Forwood all the way.
Mel: Oh I love, love, LOVE Tyler! He has totally redeemed himself in my eyes too. Tyler coming to her rescue was great. But I especially loved the scene when he was standing outside her bedroom door and he said something about her sneaking out. Super cute! But not as cute as them laying in bed together and him consoling her *sigh* I really do love them together.
Dayna: I’m now firmly pro-Tyler and pro-Forwood. Yeah, I said it. I love how Tyler is all “fuck this” and pragmatic this season. He obviously talked to his mom to know that she wasn’t able to call Bill off, he went and told the Sheriff and got back-up, he went in to rescue Caroline, AND was there to comfort her afterward. Our obnoxious, aggressive little puppy has gone from snapping at strangers, chewing the woodwork and pissing on everything to mark it, to a fucking full-blown Lassie. Caroline’s in the well!! LOVE.
Christina: Okay, this is either because a) I’m feverish, b) I still don’t care much for Tyler, or c) an amalgamation of both a and b, but i TOTALLY didn’t even notice any of this. I didn’t get this parallel AT ALL. That’s pretty funny, though. BUT, I will tell you this (and SHH, don’t tell Cin), but when Tyler and Car were in her bed after they’d freed her, I was like “Alright, Tyler. Alright. You’re a good guy. I l-l-li… l-l-l-lik… I like you, maybe a little… ugh” Dear Show, stop making me like the characters that I hate.
Melissa: So I’ve watched the episode twice and the final segment like 5 times now. The look on Stefan’s face when he gets those memories back amazes me. The point here being that to watch that moment with Stefan means I cry through the Caroline bedroom scene a few more times and…I CANNOT BELIEVE I am saying this…but damn it Team Forwood. I promised myself I would forgive people if Caroline forgave them because she’s not stupid about it and then he held her and rescued her and dammit was just perfect.
Cin: I’m going to be honest, I only skimmed this section. I care that little about anything Forwood. Saving Car is good. Being Tyler is bad. Sorry, they are doing what they started last year & are redeeming him via Caroline sympathy. And I resent the fuck out of it. And I’m not going to drink the kool aid.

From The Tweetosphere
@sjopierce: Um I think I’m going to start shipping Klaus with everyone. #tvd
@awkwardmegs: I can’t be the only one shocked that Elena knew that Windy City was Chicago.. When was the last time she went to school?
@DSylvan: If I were an evil Rippah vampire, the first person I’d rip up would be whoever created Old Navy’s advertising campaigns.
@AbbyGraham: Vampire Diaries is the number 1 LEAST recommended show by cardiologists.
@heroine_tv: Damon was auditioning to be a Sassy Vampire Friend.

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10 Responses to Reactions: Ep 3.03 “The End of the Affair”

  1. Maria says:

    Cin, you are my spirit animal. That’s all.

  2. Ine says:

    I love this post, very interesting to read your reactions and thoughts on things :). The beginning amused me because I don’t know where all those American states and places are, and I don’t notice the weirdness of it. (I live in Belgium, where you can’t drive in a straight line for more than 7 hours without crossing the border.)

  3. Jessica K. says:

    As always, loved reading the reaction post today. Completely agree about the encounter between Elena/Stefan at the end. She needs to swallow the pill she has been given and get a clue. After rewatching the episode today, the look on her face even after Stefan has forcefully told her to “kick rocks” still says, “I don’t care what you say to me, I’m still going to save you” Girl needs to get a clue. That scene reminds me of the girls that keep getting put down by their boyfriend over and over but keep coming back for more. When will it end?!

  4. sruskaya says:

    Wow, I have to jump in on the Stephan/Elena break up because I’m surprised how underwhelmed some of you were!
    I haven’t had much patience for Elena’s ‘save Stephan’ compulsion these last couple weeks, and I didn’t think I really had any sympathy for their relationship, or her desire to bring him back.
    But… but.
    The ‘break up’ got me precisely because it was so underplayed, so… just like that. Because it was real. It wasn’t drama, I didn’t get that he was trying to push her away or make her lose hope- he didn’t have ulterior motive, he wasn’t crazy or malicious or being cold to be cold, it just… that was it. When he said it, he meant it.
    I’ve been there. Haven’t you? Holding onto someone you had something real with because you love them and can’t give up on them and you know they wouldn’t give up on you? Some crazy circumstance has just twisted everything around, and if you can just reach them it’ll be okay, so you do everything you can and you don’t give up but then face to face… turns out it’s just, “I don’t want to see you. I don’t want to be with you.” And they mean it. And there’s no ulterior motive or regret or doubt or tears. There’s no explanation, no room for discussion or why or ‘what about…’. It just is.
    And that’s it. And you’re standing there in your best and just wish you were in rags, cause that’s what all your faith and fierceness really were if only you’d been able to see them, all along.
    It isn’t made out of soggy cheeks and begging and disbelief; it’s made of dumb, mute, shock.
    And they nailed it. My heart broke a little in that scene.

  5. Rosalie says:

    I think it might have been the next day, because you couldn’t tell with Caroline in her room, but in the scene with Katherine it looked the middle of the day (next day).

  6. Gabriela says:

    I just loved your reactions, girls. And I really enjoyed the episode, even Tyler (and I thought I would never ever say that about Tyler). But he redeemed himself, well, at least a little.
    All in all, this was Paul Wesley´s episode. I couldn´t take my eyes away from his facial expressions. Shock, love, desperation, doubt, anger, temptation, fear, brutality, tenderness, grief – I bet there was much more I can´t even remember at the moment. It all registered on his face this episode, and I was very very impressed by his acting.
    Another thing which surprised me (a little): Damon being prepared to be hurt and tortured (by paper umbrellas!!!) by Klaus, just to give Elena and Stefan their 5 minutes. How noble is that? But is that really Damon? I have to think about it for a while. And I had to giggle a bit about the thought that the Originals seem to like to put strange wooden objects into Damon. First pencils, now paper umbrellas, what a strange behaviour….:)

  7. TriniJax says:

    Did you guys notice how Paul Wesley’s accent went all New Jersey when he and Damon were talking in the alleyway outside the bar? Loved it!

  8. anonymous says:

    Gabriela – Your post had me laughing so hard! I can just see Klaus or Elijah decorating their home with a Damon wall hanging. They could use it to stick all their wooden things in – pencils and a little wooden pegged notepad, little umbrella momentos from all the bars they’ve been in, fancy toothpicks with cellophane for hor d’ourves when guests come. Every home should have a Damon wall hanging!

  9. as usual, this recap is flawless. i love the segment of the break up. i saw the comparison of season 1 and 3. i thought that this is a “new moon” situation. Stefan wants to let Elena believe he doesn’t want to be with her so she can be safe from Klaus and himself. She’s stubborn. She’ll keep fighting, because she’s naive and in love, but it’s only a matter of time before Stefan gives into the blood, and goes full blown rippah. that is when the rebekah relationship will pan out. when he is the worst version of himself. My hope is that by the midseason finale, Stefan will be back to Mystic Falls, because seriously, it must get expensive for Damon and Elena to trail them every day. As for Katherine, she’s an evil manipulative bitch. obviously, she’s up to no good. i can’t wait!

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