Reactions: Episode 3.02 “The Hybrid”

Wow, so, who knew this episode would spark such debate here at our Reaction Round Table discussion. We certainly all were feeling a lot of feelings, so I won’t delay much. But what an episode, eh? We learned so many things. So much happened. And so much is yet to come. So let’s just jump in.

Main Players: Cin, Christina, and Abby (SBH staff); Dayna and Melissa (SBH contributors and friends).

The Missing Ingredient
Christina: Kind of duh, but when Klaus started listing out all the things he’d done to be able to make healthy hybrid babies, the realization (on Stefan’s and the audience’s part) of how one little skipped step (or maybe not that little) can fuck everything up. I think that was actually a really cool detail. The hybrids go all rabid because the doppelganger isn’t dead. Marvelous. Also, Stefan must think Klaus is dumb because the realization was written ALL OVER Stefan’s face. Good save though, Stef. That’s why I love you. Even though I’m not convinced it worked. (Also, as a side note: After we wrote this, I read Off-Color TV’s recap of last night’s episode. Her recaps are always great, but her analysis of Joseph Morgan is amazing and spot on. So much love.)
Cin: I don’t think Klaus is dumb. I think he knows something or he is at least suspecting for sure by now. I think that’s why he’s still holding Stefan at arms length. BUT, totally my favorite scene of night for sure. That shit was fuckawesome.
Abby: LOVED this part. Totally brilliant, and it underscores my theory AGAIN that Klaus will eventually have to go away (but not until season 17, okay?!) because he’ll never ever leave Elena alone.
Christina: Honestly, once again, this story line was my favorite of the night. It was the only one that actually DID anything to me, you know? The others are fine; they’re interesting for the most part, but this one… I could watch a full episode just about these goings on.
Cin: It was the only storyline that kept my attention past #VDBingo. Honestly, if I wasn’t ‘working’ the episode, I would have tuned tons of the episode out. (although, it was better than last weeks episode, I’ll give it that) But this shit? Riveting. I can’t get enough of any of it. I need more.
Melissa: I too was madly in love with this whole story line (though I still enjoyed the rest). I do think that Klaus will have to leave us at some point (sorry Abby) (Abby: *wibble*) and I do think he noticed Stefan’s complete lack of a poker face. The dude knew what Katherine was up to and Stefan might as well have jumped up and down squealing “Elena didn’t die! Elena didn’t die!” But my theory (which my own recap went way too in depth on) is that Klaus wants Stefan around. He needs family just like everyone else on this show. If Klaus goes after Elena now, he loses Stefan. But if he waits, and brings Stefan to a full ripper and fully partners with him (shipper heads just exploded) then even if killing Elena doesn’t fix the problem, he still has Stefan.
Dayna: I SO loved everything about this A-plot. The three Musketeers hiking, the Klaus/Stefan interaction, the very fact that we’re only in episode 2 of the season and already Klaus has tried — and failed — to raise his hybrid army. What other show moves shit along so quickly? I totally think Klaus read Stefan’s non-poker face and clicked to the fact that his doppelganger is perhaps not as dead as he had thought. And I love Klaus all the more for the fact that he’s going to take Stefan to Chicago next ep to put him more in touch with his inner Rippah! before going back to Mystic Falls to fix that little oversight.
Christina: Melissa, that is an excellent theory. I love RIPPAH Stefan, but he’s mopey. And that face… how could Klaus NOT notice it? I mean, he really didn’t seem fazed when Stefan tried to change the subject. He definitely had to notice. But I like the idea of him trying to turn Stefan into MORE of a full-blown rippah. I want to see Stefan OUT. OF. CONTROL. Does that make me a bad person?
Melissa: Since I had such a good theory 😉 and this little section is talking Klaus and a bit of Rippah Stefan, I had to add that based on that end scene, I think Stefan needs/wants Klaus too. (Christina: RITD! Sorry, couldn’t contain myself) I’m pretty sure Stefan doesn’t believe he’ll return to Elena and based on his history, we know Stefan craves a family or at least a place to belong. That moment when Klaus put his blood in the bottle, did his puppy eyes and said Stefan was his only comrade and walked away; he gave Stefan a choice. Not much of one but it was there. Stefan still chose to follow Klaus. They both need each other and I think THAT is what will fully bring Stefan to a ripper status. His need for friends/family, knowing Klaus is the only hope for that, and refusing to deal with those emotions. He’ll shut it off to be the Ripper.
Abby: Well, well, well…it’s not so lonely here in I-Love-Klaus-Land anymore, IS IT? Vindication is delicious, if you want to know. Also: I want to keep Rippah Stefan FOREVER.
Cin: Oh, I still think he’s Voldemort. But I’m getting over my ‘reminds me of my ex-husband’ issue with JoMo. And it’s all good. Actually, I’d give him my MVP of the episode for last night – well, tied with P-Dubs (Sorry. He’s just too deliciously awesome). And I never saw THAT coming.
Christina: I have been a closet Klaus fan since he showed up. I mean, I wished DEATH UPON HIM when he daggered Elijah, but he’s been growing on me more and more, and I kind of want him in my bed. I said it.
Dayna: I’m apparently all about Team Original now. Also, my imaginary Original family includes Henry Cavill as the dreamy, artistic brother. What? Don’t judge.
Cin: Cavill is busy in tights. I NEED JASON BEHR.
Melissa: If you people get Cavill and Behr, I want Leto, looking like and using the alias of Catalano, who just hangs out with Katherine and leans against walls. And technically, Abby, I think Team Klaus got even more lonely this episode. He needs hugs.
Cin: My bosom is always free for the hugs. 😉

You know what, Elena?
Cin: That first scene with Damon had me more pissed at Elena Gilbert than I have ever been in the history of this show. She doesn’t CARE if Andie is dead? Or tons and tons of other people? Because Stefan might have called her? Really, Elena? This can’t be our HEROINE. That is way past *gulp* Bella Swan level of fuckery right there.
Dayna: I almost have to think (for my sanity) that something got cut for time, there. It’s not like Elena to not give one shit about the death of someone she knew a little, if not well.
Melissa: Damon has made a point, even when confronted about it by Stefan and Elena, that Andie is there to be used however he sees fit. He has never (that we’ve seen) even made a pretense that he gives a shit about her. Part of me sees that its not totally in character for Elena to ignore Andie’s death (and a deleted clip seems plausible) but I could also see her making a point to Damon. That if he’s going to treat someone like trash, they aren’t going to be nice to him about her being gone. Which is something I really appreciate of Elena. Damon deserves to see that people aren’t going to cut him a break if he keeps treating women like fuckable salad bars. And really, we can mourn Andie all we want (and when I say we, I do not mean me, because I don’t give a shit) but if they focus on that and not going after Stefan, who’s to say he won’t kill someone that matters next. (Touch my Matty and you’re dead, Salvatore).
Cin: It doesn’t matter what we or Damon think of Andie, it matters what Elena should think of her. Because Andie was a person. Let’s be honest. She’s wishy-washy at best with just about everything. This is a theme with her. But to not be affected by the death of innocent people AND THEN to ask Alaric to put himself in danger on some fool-brained mission? I’m just stunned.
Dayna: I think she knew that was a better way to bring Alaric back ‘into the fold’ than any amount of talking about feelings and stuff.
Cin: That’s a brilliant idea. Let’s motivate Alaric to live again by trying to get everyone killed! There is a lesson to be learned here, so Queen of the Universe Gilbert is going to teach it. I don’t buy it and I most certainly don’t like it. She was being stupid and selfish and immature.
Dayna: Immature and not exactly bright, I won’t argue. I really don’t believe her intentions are selfish, though. I don’t think she just wants Stefan to come back and be a perfect boyfriend. She’s trying to save him so he doesn’t have to be this thing he hates being. And I do see her caring about Alaric, not just wanting someone to take care of her and Jeremy. Her methods… well, she IS Elena.
Melissa: I’ll be quick about her methods of bringing Alaric back because I think he needed the slap in the face. When he looked at her and said he meant frozen dinners and SATs, I wanted to smack him. He knows what her life is and how the hell is she supposed to take a college entrance exam when her teacher skips class to drink bourbon with a vampire?! If Alaric wants to commiserate, he has Damon. Elena needed to throw his ass in gear.
Cin: I’d be on board with the methods if it didn’t involve rabid dogs on a mountaintop. Alaric did need a smacking. I give her that for sure. But that doesn’t change the fact that I think this whole plan was selfish. Wanting an undead boyfriend who is 180 degrees changed and has said – and MURDERED to prove the point – that he is not coming back… That is selfish. She’s hurting everyone by pursuing this. Do you not think it hurts Damon to see Stefan like this? I do.
Melissa: I do think it hurts Damon but I think Elena needs to see that. Also, I think I might be the only hardcore Elena fan that I know anymore. But I really do love the girl. Is Elena selfish? Somewhat, yeah. I’ll give you that. But on the one hand, Elena has made a history of remembering to protect her friends when she can, its only recently (after losing the last of her family-except Jeremy) that she’s let that go a bit. On the other hand, I can’t really blame her for being selfish. She’s spent the last year being told every damn thing is all about her and that everyone in her life is willing to do anything for her. If it was just Damon & Stefan pulling that shit, I’d get more on Elena’s case. But EVERYONE revolves around Elena. I’d be selfish too! I’m not saying I enjoy this fact but I don’t like blaming Elena solely when her friends and family have created this situation.
Cin: I can totally get behind that. They made this monster. But I’d rather she went goth and started doing blow than play into it. That I can respect a bit. That’s the kind of selfish I want to see. 18 year old girl selfish. Not martyr girl.
Dayna: I said it last week and I’ll say it again: I really, really hope that at some point Elena is faced with visual evidence of what Stefan is doing, not just a list of names or a headline in the newspaper or on the television. It’s one thing to “know” he has killed. She already “knows” about his past and apparently has no problem with it. It’s another thing to walk into a fucking horror-movie scene like the one in the house in Tennessee. I think if she has to actually experience something like that it is going to fundamentally change the way she sees Stefan, and fundamentally change her relationship with him. That will be the end of the innocence.
Melissa: Doesn’t Elena have to get over Stefan (and Damon’s) past to a point? She’s in this supernatural world whether she likes it or not, something Matt is learning, and I feel like there are some stuff you just have to move past. A vampire’s past seems like one of those. The present and future are different stories.
Cin: If she walked into the slaughterhouse she’d just cry and moan louder. I want her to get MAD at him. I want her to think he’s a monster. And I’m a STELENA fan. But still, even more than my ships I want a heroine who stands for something. One thing that Elena Gilbert has always stood for was holier than thou-atude. If she is going to judge Damon for snacking on sorority girls and killing the odd human every 4 episodes or so, then by damn, she should recognize that Stefan deserves the same treatment. I know she loves him. But the man has a problem. He’s a bloodaholic. And it’s one thing to get your bloodaholic lover into BA (Bloodaholic’s Anoymous) and walk through the steps with them. That’s super swell. BUT WHAT IS THE FIRST STEP? Admitting you have a problem and wanting help. Reaching for it. A silent phone call that may or may not have been from the afflicted while in the middle of a killing spree is NOT reaching for it. I love Stefan. I really, really do. And I want them to find him. I just want her attitude about how they go about it and WHY they are doing it to change. She should want to stop the monster. She doesn’t. She just wants to get her lover back. It’s astonishing to me that Damon is the rational one in this situation. I mean, I think I kinda like it, but still. Just, UGH!
Dayna: What I would like to see happen is ultimately for her to do the walking him to BA, as it were, but ultimately deciding that she can’t be with him (yeah, I said it). As mature as she can be about SOME things, Stefan is not one of them. She needs to be hit upside the head with what he is, the way she has been with seeing Damon chomp on people, snap Jeremy’s neck, etc. Or, if she CAN still love him, it needs to be with eyes wide open, not this romanticized vision that she has.
Christina: I totally agree. You all know how much I LOVE Stefan. And going back to our reactions last week, I do feel sorry for him. But I totally agree. There is a line between how I feel about Stefan, how I feel about Stelena, and how I feel about Elena. I LOVE RIPPAH Stefan. I like the internal struggle; that he’s doing what he’s doing, but kind of hates himself for it. On the one hand. On the other, I want him to fucking ENJOY IT. And come on, Stefan, please already. And I’m a STELENA fan, but, Cin, what you’re saying is FUCKING RIGHT ON. Elena IS being selfish. Like you said, she’s being selfish in a Bella Swan kind of way too (oh, god, I just retched). She is so freaking blind to what’s going on. She’s smart, and she has a history of doing the right thing — that’s why we named her Elena the Protector. But she isn’t protecting ANYONE right now. And she needs to get back to smart, level-headed Elena, and realize — and be afraid of — what Stefan is doing. Totally agree. If that means they have to split? FINE. I’m endgame Stefan/Caroline, anyway, haha.
Cin: Preach. We share a TVD brain. As usual.
Dayna: I’m beginning to suspect I’m the token non-Stelena fan in the House. I’m totally getting the small, dark bedroom with the peeling wallpaper in the back, aren’t I?
Cin: This is The SBH. We don’t DO wallpaper. That’s for tacky founding families. But we’re watching you.
Abby: You can come hang out with me in the basement! I’m tending Elijah vigil candles and hanging up TEAM RIPPER posters down here.
Melissa: I think we’re only seeing the search at this point though. There’s an excellent point there Dayna that Elena hasn’t been faced with the hard truth of what Stefan’s done. But she’s also looking at it from the perspective of he did this to save his brother, something Damon seems to keep trying to forget. Remember S1, how Elena kept trying to get Stefan back from his mini-ripper moment? She wasn’t judgy or harsh but kept telling Stefan she loved him and wanted him back. And then she kissed him, stabbed him with a syringe of vervain and threw him in a damn dungeon until he sobered/smarted up. THAT Elena may sacrifice a lot to bring someone back but she does NOT let them get away with it. I do agree that she isn’t fully aware of what Stefan’s done but I don’t see Elena letting Stefan be automatically forgiven when/if he does return. And, Elena is smarter than people (on the show or off) give her credit for. I think she gets that if Stefan can do these things while still caring, he’ll be that much worse once he flips the switch. She may be a bit naive but I think she does get that they need to get to Stefan before he turns it off or all hell will break loose.
Cin: I can see that, Melissa. I really can. And I love Stefan and want him healthy and not self loathing for sure – because seriously? Who misses that? NO ONE. But I just wish she would stay one steady course. Care about death of strangers or not. Judge vampires or not. If she were to tell Damon straight up “OK, I’m not being judgy about this because I love Stefan and it’s a problem for him, then I can’t very well crucify you when you slip up and someone dies because I care about you too.” That is consistent. And if she’s going to be an adult in the eyes of this show, then I expect that. I WANT to love Elena. Sometimes I do, and I don’t like being mad at her. I mean, come on. It’s not like she’s Bonnie or Tyler here. LOL
Melissa: See I like that Elena’s changing the course as it were. Her life has been turned upside down so many times she’s a carnival ride. It makes perfect sense to me that she not stay martyr girl. Besides, what did being a martyr ever get her other than Jenna and John killed, Damon bit and Stefan on a ripper spree? I’d change things up too.
Christina: You’re right. I don’t want her to be a martyr. That shit’s been done. And I see your point about how she may actually see and be afraid of what Stefan is doing, so she’s trying to help him. And Elena does have a big fucking heart. That’s why she’s going after him like that, but I just can’t get behind her methods. I know we talked about this already, but I feel like she’s being careless and not planning very well. She’s acting on impulse, and I don’t like that because that’s not strong Elena. That’s scared, desperate Elena. Which, don’t get me wrong, is an excellent character evolution, but it’s not the Elena that I can get behind. And toward the end when she was all close to Damon and Alaric was like “Do you know what you’re doing?” Yeah, emotions are rising to the top. That’s what I’m afraid of, what I don’t like. Elena is letting her emotions control her (in this way she’s always been like Damon), and that leads to selfish Elena. That girl, I don’t like. I don’t like what might happen.

Bad Hair Bromance* Heroics
(*thanks to Melissa for coining our new name for Dalaric. It’s perfect!)
Abby: I’m glad we seem to be getting away from drunk, self-pitying Alaric. I don’t like him like that. It’ reasonable, but I want him back and functional, not moping. Pull your act together, Mr. Saltzman!
Melissa: Right?! Thank goodness Elena is there to remind Alaric that lost and lost cause are two different things. And how awesome was her burn about his drinking?! I want my sexy slayer back.
Cin: This last convo with Alaric was the only think I liked about Elena in this episode. They both needed to hear/say it. Now, let’s see if they can walk the walk. I need Alaric back in form.
Dayna: Not gonna lie, I maybe ogled shirtless, scruffy Alaric a little. Then I thought about how long it had likely been since he’d showered, and the fact that he’s been drinking liquor pretty much non-stop, and my sense of imaginary smell slapped some sense into me. However, the shot of him moving back into Casa Gilbert — into an upstairs bedroom this time — made me hope he’s turning the corner and will soon return to his fine badass form (hopefully with a shave and some of that manscaping @ErnestoRiley was Tweeting about, because damn! Matt Davis is hairy!)
Christina: I’M not gonna lie… I don’t think I looked at his face in that scene. He is hairy, but I like it. RAWR. At least he’s not Austin Powers. Speaking of hair, though, Ric needs to invest in a haircut. As does Damon. His hair helmet was in fine form last night.
Cin: I’m with Christina. I’m usually not about the hairy dudes, but Matt Davis is PULLING IT OFF.
Dayna: Maybe they could take their bromance to the barber shop for an outing.
Melissa: Y’all, Damon called Alaric his brother. BROTHER! I mean let’s just take a moment for that please. And, Alaric’s first reaction at his apartment is to tell Damon to go away. Granted the HoYay fans would have a field day with this but still, Alaric is moping and yet he practically assumes that Damon will show up. So much so, he tells him to leave. But then the brother thing. I’m going to be on cloud 9 about that for weeks.
Cin: I totes agree. The Bad Hair Bromance (side note: Damon’s hair during the Stefan scene: Out of hand. WAY out of hand) elevates everything in an episode. And it was for seriously glorious in this episode. The sneaking about behind Elena’s back. The partnership. The heart to hearts. *sigh* If only I wasn’t pissed that they were indulging Elena, it would have been magic times infinity.

A Plague on Both Your Houses
Christina: I seriously wanted to shout this during Carol’s dumb “You don’t need her,” “you’re better than she is,” whatever it was spiel. Not that I’m going for the Forwood (I just threw up in my mouth a little), but that just felt very dramatic and very… just Romeo & Juliet-esque. Well, minus the Juliet part since she wasn’t there. Just… ugh. I can’t with this aspect of the story line.
Cin: You know what I don’t need? Forwood. It’s about as useful as what it sounds like & honestly, it’s already doing what I said it would do. Making me not love Caroline with every fiber of my being. All I kept thinking was “Girlfriend, if you hadn’t screwed the pooch, you wouldn’t be in this mess!”
Christina: LITERALLY! L-O-L!
Dayna: Tyler made up for A LOT with me last night. First calling his mother on referring to Caroline as a slut, then not just telling his mother about being a werewolf, but MOTHER-EFFING LOCKING HER IN A CAGE AND MAKING HER WATCH WHILE HE TRANSFORMED!!! (Melissa: But how awkward was that?!) You are hereby forgiven (by me, at least) for your former ass-hattery, young werewolf. But I’ll be watchin’ you. You hurt Vampire Barbie, I’m putting a prong collar on ya.
Melissa: 100 points to Hufflepuff for Trevino’s cocksock comment. I’m still calling CestYay on Tyler and Carol though. (CestYay meaning incestuous relationships for those who haven’t realized the SBH is built on a gutter).
Cin: I forgive Tyler nothing. But then again, I hold grudges.
Christina: That scene was very Oedipal to me. It made me uncomfortable. And I too hold grudges, though I see where you’re coming from, Dayna.
Abby: I FORGIVE HIM. I’m firmly on Team Tyler these days, he’s SO much more likable than he was. Plus, if Caroline forgives him enough for shirtless hugging (Shoutout: Price Peterson!) then I’m okay with him too. I like the tiny glimpses of normal that show us that Tyler is and has always been part of that circle of kids who grew up together, which we didn’t really see much in the past two seasons. He’s part of the gang, albeit a hormonal, occasionally furry part.
Christina: Though WTF with CarDaddy, eh? In my wishlist I said that I wanted him to be ON HER SIDE. Did you not HEAR me, writers, even though you wrote and filmed this episode months ago?! Outrage. But also… scared for our Caroline!!
Abby: You know what? I don’t think the orphaned bunnies feel so safe with Caroline’s dad anymore.
Cin: No, Abby. I don’t think they feel very safe at all. Should we plan an extraction? LOL
Abby: Well, we already sent one to live with the Ripper…
Dayna: HRG Man is Caroline’s Big Gay Vampire-Slaying Daddy!! Enjoy your type-casting as “father of a supernatural-powered blond cheerleader daughter,” dude.
Christina: HAHAHA I thought the same thing!
Cin: I wanted Bill Forbes to waltz in MF and be super extra fabulous and cover Sheriff Mom with chinze and kill Carol with cucumber sandwiches while making everything better in the world. I WANTED to maybe see where Caroline gets her beautiful effervescent personality. And what did I get. HRG. Boo. Fucking. Hiss. Even on stupid “Heroes” he did nothing for me. Never liked him. And then, oh THEN, he turns out to be a fucking by-the-books douchebag, founding families monster? I don’t think so. I don’t think so one little bit. There is NOTHING fabulous about that, you guys. And what is the point of having a gay character who is related to Caroline without fabulousness? Nothing. At. All.
Christina: DUDE! I am SO upset that Bill didn’t waltz into town like Penny’s super-stereotypical gay husband on Happy Endings. THAT is what I wanted. I wanted flamboyance. Wouldn’t it have been amAHzing? UGH. Talk about disappointment.
Melissa: I’ve decided that since Forwood (and obviously Caroline is for wood) [Dayna: **dies**] is happening, I am going to be on board in the sense of investing enough to think about what I want out of the relationship. I will always be #TeamMatt but my personal feelings apparently do not affect the outcome of the show. (Much to the surprise of this fandom). So I at least want to be somewhat invested, not trying to fast forward. Plus its Caroline! (May She Live Forever)
Also, how stupid is Carol to only figure out one of the vampires in MF? She said she spent months on this. Dumb bitch. Bill however, is much higher on my evil list.
Dayna: So, um, the promo for next week: what is this “curing” Caroline business? If the show pulls some kind of un-vamping rabbit (no relation to the Orphaned Bunnies) out of its ass, so help me…
Cin: Is that what the promo said? Lord above please tell me that’s not what the promo said. *goes to YouTube*… Shit. Ok, ummmmmm… no. Unfuckingacceptable horseshit. DIE CarDaddy. DIE like a wolf dies!
Abby: He had damn well better not unvampire Caroline. I don’t think they would go there. It’s just, too magic pencil-y.
Christina: Not only that, but what would be the point of unvampiring her? Why? To show what a gigantic douchetard Bill is? Would Caroline die? Because if Caroline dies, I can’t be held responsible for my actions.
Cin: This show is already about 3 toes over the line with me until someone #pullsthedaggerout of Elijah. If ANYTHING detrimental happens to Vampire Barbie…. Just, no. That’s my final straw.
Melissa: It looked to me like Daddy Shit-Face thinks a cure happens by killing vampires and I’d bet the slowness is to see if there are others. I can’t imagine this show would pull a vampire reversal that easy. Or go to the hybrid puppy story line either.

Birth of a New Bromance?
Abby: Poor Matt. He’s so SAD.
Christina: I know, right?! Between the STEARS and now the MEARS… I… I just can’t.
Cin: But he was shirtless. He needs to come to my bosom and let me make is alllllll better.
Melissa: I want a mini-series on the S3 DVDs that gives us shirtless hugs between all the HoYay couples. It won’t happen on the show so they could throw us a bone on the special features right?
Cin: That is a very good dream. Alas, our happiness means nothing. *sigh*
Christina: Melissa, that is a brilliant idea. BRILLIANT. First up, I wanna see Klefan. Like… out in the woods… and… I’m going to go sit over here for a while… my brain…
Dayna: So, essentially, if they could just do a TVD Ho-Yay Porn Featurette, that would be great. Please consider this, TPTB.
Christina: I’ll bake you all cookies.

It Always Comes Back to the Family You Choose
Melissa: Everything about this show always comes back to needing family. And I love it. Okay so I have more to say (obviously) about the whole family thing. Because this entire episode was built around family. From Tyler forcing his mother to face reality and yank her out of the perfectly groomed bubble she tries to live in, Caroline learning that for all her years of preferring dad to mom, her dad is willing to kill her, Matt fully coming to terms with the fact that he has no family (tears), Elena/Alaric and I’m sure Jeremy choosing to be a family and Stefan and Damon realizing they won’t give up on each other because they will always be brothers, it was a nonstop focus on family dynamics. Which is something I really appreciate because Julie and Kevin have made a point to say this show is, in large part, about family. Pretty much everyone on the show has had at least one member of their blood family taken away from them but they’ve made the efforts to create their own family.
The episodes where the little moments center around that will always be my favorites.
Dayna: I like how Elena handled Ric in this episode. He needs the Gilberts, probably more than they need him right now. But rather than staging an intervention or making an emotional plea, she hauls him out on a werewolf hunt — during a full moon. You know what? This season is making me so happy to be able to like everyone again.
Abby: This part was necessary, but you know me – I’m all about the blood, gore & badassery. I’m happy that Ric may be out of his doldrums, though, and if it took Elena’s pep talk to get him there, I’ll take it. I did like the ‘family you choose’ thing reflecting nicely against what Klaus is up to, and the way the brothers, who did not choose to be family but ARE, are torn apart.

Leave a Nightlight on for the Ghost Stories
Dayna: I’m kind of torn. While I think the ghost storyline is interesting in its own right, and I truly believe the ghosts are going to hold the key to bringing Klaus down, those scenes felt like such a slow-down when intercut with all of the Stefan-Klaus and the Damon-Elena-Alaric action. I got more out of them on the re-watch (which I did immediately following the first watch, because HOLY EFFING SHIZZBALLS, SHOW!) than I did the first time around; I wonder if there is a way to tell this story where it won’t inevitably feel like just a break in the action from the main plot.
Christina: I felt that way too, that it was a slow-down. I’m still waiting for it to get interesting. For a minute there, I thought Matt was going to be able to see Vicki, too, but I’m glad it’s just Jer. But OMG when Anna showed up and said not to trust Vicki? Holy crap! Who do we believe?! That was the most interesting part of these bits.
Cin: I agree with Christina. I was totally kinda bored with it until the ‘Don’t trust her’ thing. That revved up my interest in this storyline like woah.
Melissa: I am officially creeped out by the ghost thing now. The minute it became clear that Anna and Vicki have different goals, I started wondering who was controlling Vicki (or both). What sort of dark forces are my boys going to be facing?! Also, because I have a zillion questions on this subject. Can Anna & Vicki see each other? Do they even know both came back? Is Anna evil? Just Vicki? Both? Who might be the darker evil behind their visit? Will Jeremy listen to Anna but Matt bring Vicki back on his own? Did Anna kick Vicki out and that’s why the glass broke? (See, zillions).
Dayna: Those scenes definitely raised more questions than they answered. I totally didn’t see the opposing ghosts thing coming. That said, given their personalities in life, I’m more inclined to listen to Anna than Vicki when it comes to what’s better for all involved.
Christina: I’m more inclined to believe Anna too. But I liked her more than I liked Vicki (which was not at all). But what if Anna is lying? Oooohhhhh.
Abby: I think it has great potential, and while I whine whenever the camera cuts away from Team Ripper, I’m actually very interested to see where it will go.
Melissa: I may have spent too much time thinking about this last night, then needing to leave a light on to go to sleep because I kept thinking every noise was a damn evil ghost.

Overheard on Twitter:
(These are some funny tweets we caught last night during the episode)
@thomascgalvin: I just Binged “Google” for the hell of it
@thomascgalvin: Alaric always brings the best toys. I bet he was the first kid to get a Nintendo back in the day, too
@Entertainocd: The unicorns are currently lying in puddles of dirty water, crying tears of congealed glitter.
@BDShipper: I can’t wait for the day Damon breaks Elena leg and people are like “That was so hawt! OMG! Why can’t someone break mines? No one loves me.”

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9 Responses to Reactions: Episode 3.02 “The Hybrid”

  1. Eric says:

    Cool dialogue, although I have no idea what the fuck you all are talking about.
    Stumbled upon this and scanned through your convo simply because it was great banter. Bravo and keep it up!!

  2. Shannon says:

    I was kinda looking forward to what you guys would have to say about Damon telling Elena that he wants her to remember how she felt during these months with Stefan gone. I’m still trying to figure out if Delena is gonna happen this season or not, but I hope so.

    • onlymystory says:

      I can’t speak for everyone but I personally feel like there hasn’t been enough there to really facilitate a full discussion yet.
      That said, based on that specific scene, I think the more telling moment is after, when Alaric asks Elena if she knows what she’s doing and she says no. I think that moment where Elena turned back in the woods so Damon would be safe was a key one for her in realizing just how close they have become (most likely over the last couple months especially) and the possible ramifications of that.
      Also, everything I’ve read has been Julie and Kevin saying that this season Elena will have to come to terms with her feelings about both brothers and where she will go from there. So I don’t really see Delena happening this season. I see a lot more moments between them and things getting much more confusing. But I think this season will move Damon, Elena and Stefan to a point where decisions have to be made because it won’t be one-sided anymore.

  3. anonymous says:

    Love your recaps as always. It’s like a ramped up Point – Counterpoint on steroids, I haven’t read any other recaps cause I usually come here first but did anyone feel like Stefan was inviting Klaus to kill him because he failed to bring wolf-vamp first boy back alive (sorrry – he has no heart – can’t be bothered to remember his name). That – I failed you, do what you have to do, with the arms kinda of out. I think Partial Rippah Stefan would welcome it if Klaus just killed him and ended his pain. (DON’T DO IT STEFAN – YOU WILL BE FULL RIPPAH SOON AND NOT CARE!)

  4. DJ says:

    I think this was one of my fav eps so far actually. Everyone being confronted with their demons and having to face them and draw their own conclusions. loved it a lot. also I expect the Klefan-dynamic to change now. Since Klaus still needs Elena to die and there’s no way he’s not gonna figure that out eventually, Stefan now has to be proactive about finding a way to end Klaus and not just reactive in keeping him from accidentally finding out about Elena.
    Also, thank the lord for Alaric and Matt shirtlessness. Not because of the square, but of Alaric and Matt being shirtless. It’s been a good day…

  5. Gabriela says:

    Hi everyone!
    I enjoyed the episode, mostly because the dialogues were so nicely ambiguous and meaningful. Has Stefan just let go of Elena by asking Damon to keep her at home? Damon wanting Elena to remember her feelings – well, the feeling of being thrown into the cold water? That was one of my favourite scenes, by the way!
    And Alaric asking his two bickering co-hikers whether they were 12 – yep, that brings back memories of a great scene that took place right on the SBH doorstep!
    Did anyone else feel like they were watching the Fellowship of the Ring walking up the Misty Mountains? They got the hair right!!

  6. Rosalie says:

    I love your reaction posts. Can’t wait for the recap!

  7. Vanessa says:

    Can I be a fly on the wall when you all are actually talking about the episode? Course it might help if I didn’t have to wait 3 hours after you ladies. That is a sucky part about west coast life

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