The SBH Top 10: #TVDNashville Edition

I’m back from Nashville! It was a fabulous time. If you’re thinking of heading to TVD Chicago in April, take a look at my review over at Trust me, it’s worth going if you have the chance. A lot of people have been asking for stories, so I begged the indulgence of my co-conspirators here at The SBH and they let me make use this week’s Top Ten. Enjoy!

The SBH Top 10(ish): #TVDNashville Edition

12 David Anders crashed Zach Roerig’s Q&A. The fact that nobody saw this coming proves that David Anders is a master of being underestimated. We all thought he’d already left the hotel, but he slipped into the back of the Q&A while the stage lights were blinding Zach and sat down with the audience. David Anders is made of hilarity, and if you ever have the chance to see him live: GO!

11. Abby gave Daniel Gillies a standing ovation of 1. Yes, I really did do this. What? I’m an enthusiastic person! How was I supposed to know the audience was shy?! Besides, it was Daniel Gillies. If I hadn’t done better than polite applause, I’d have been evicted from the SBH forever.

Abby: (standing) YAAAAY DANIEL GILLIES!!!
Everyone Else In the Audience: o.O
Abby: ….perhaps I should sit down now.*

*(For the record: he deserved the standing ovation. You remember that, TVD Chicago.)

10. Actors Vs. Chair. So, there was this chair. One of those tall director’s chairs with a built-in footrest; the actors used them on stage during Q&A. For whatever reason, one of these chairs had it in for Joseph Morgan, with the footrest giving way partway through his panel. The next day, that same chair –or perhaps its equally uncooperative cousin- ambushed Paul Wesley. During the group panel with Zach Roerig & Michael Trevino, the fellas asked the staff to shuffled the 3 chairs like a shell game so no one would know who had it. It was Paul again, and by the end of the panel he’d given up on the footrest entirely and had his feet on a metal box that I suspect started life as a decorative planter. After we left, I’m pretty sure the Creation Staff broke that chair up Office Space style, with a bonfire and condemning speeches for good measure.

9. Everyone is taller than I am. How do these guys fit inside my TV every week? Looking up at them was exceedingly strange.

8. Zach Roerig was climbing the walls. The huge monitors on either side of the stage were flanked by TVD banners that the actors signed after each panel. Zach Roerig wasn’t content to sign at a level he could actually reach, so he started dragging tables around and climbing on things to get more height while the Creation Staff and all of Team Matt wrung their hands and prayed he wouldn’t fall.

7. Paul Wesley adopted an orphaned bunny. Adoption day finally arrived! Nobody finds this as funny as I do, but I sneaked Paul a bunny during the autograph signing, so Paul Wesley, at least, is in the clear with the OBA. (Unlike Stefan Salvatore.*) Lest Team Originals thinks me derelict in my duties, by the way, Joseph Morgan & Daniel Gillies would have gone home with bunnies too, (for pocket and coffin, respectively) but the signing was on Saturday and I needed them for the centerpiece that night.

Bunny Trivia: The orphaned bunnies came from Aurora toys, and their fur is made of soy. They’re also stuffed with Kapok fiber – a sustainable rainforest crop. Hey now, don’t judge. I thought Ian Somerhalder was coming.

*BTW, if you’ve ever wondered which of these is my personal favorite list, it’s that one.

6. Zach Roerig is awesome. The man can act, sing, bale hay, restore a barn, tapdance, loves dogs and is not-so-secretly plotting a fictional seduction of everyone’s fictional mom. If he hadn’t given me a hug, I might have thought he was a figment of our collective imagination.

5. Michael Trevino Is Delicious. One of the more memorable questions from the weekend was one from the question box that asked Michael Trevino: If you were a cheesecake, what kind of cheesecake would you be? That’s a hell of a thing to ask a man at 8:45 in the morning on a Sunday. He took it in stride, though; “Um….the delicious kind?” he replied, and moved on. Late on Sunday night I was filling in my husband on the events of the day. I’m one of those people who becomes incoherent when I’m tired, and I had so many things to tell him that it came out kind of like this:

Abby: “…there was this thing with the chair, and Paul Wesley doesn’t like movies in the theater, and Michael Trevino is delicious, and…”
Husband: “Wait, what?”
Abby: “No, no, as a cheesecake!”
Husband: “…next time you go to one of these things, I’m coming with you.”

4. The Audience Threw Michael Trevino Under The Bus. During his Q&A, Michael Trevino told us a story about a (classic) practical joke that Kayla Ewell & Candice Accola played on Zach Roerig. They put toothpaste in his hand while he was sleeping, and then tickled his face, with predictable results. The story was funny, but funnier was a fan asking Zach what his favorite kind of toothpaste was, as David Anders was leaving the room. David told Zach to tell us the toothpaste story, and the audience calls out: “TREVINO TOLD US THIS MORNING!”

3. Vampire speed is much less intimidating without the special effects. Joseph Morgan was kind enough to demonstrate the mechanics of vampire speed to a small group of fans, and it’s hilarious and involves walking forward in a very determined way while wearing one’s Vampire Face.

2. There was a crazy fan encounter. This has nothing to do with TVD, but it was so bizarre that it deserves a spot on the list. As far as I know, the only crazy fan encounter that happened all weekend happened to ME, and it wasn’t a fan of mine. I was waiting in line for autographs on Sunday when this wild-eyed woman hurries up to the line asking“Who’s Abby? Where’s Abby?!” Like an extra-friendly idiot, I raised my hand and chirp “I’m Abby!” and the agitated stranger made a beeline for me.

Agitated Stranger: “DO YOU HAVE A COMPUTER?!”
Abby: “Up in my room, why?”
Agitated Stranger: “Can you go get it? It’s really important!”
Abby: “Oh no! Is there some kind of emergency? Do you need to check a flight or something?”
Agitated Stranger: “Twilight tickets go on sale today! Can you go get the computer and check it every fifteen minutes so I can get mine right away?”
Abby: ..…
Everyone Else In Line: o.O
Abby: “…um, I’m sorry, but no. I can’t really take the time.”
Agitated Stranger: : (

There were witnesses, guys. That actually happened.

1. Paul Wesley would prefer to keep both his elbows and his knees. I didn’t think anything could top the cheesecake question, but I was wrong. “If you had to decide, would you rather live without your elbows, or your knees?” Seriously. That was the question. I don’t know what they were smoking over at the question box table, but somebody needs to cut down.

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5 Responses to The SBH Top 10: #TVDNashville Edition

  1. Oh Abby Abby Abby I so needed this list today. Hilarious! I love you! Thanks for making me feel as if I were there without being stalkarazzi-ish (made up word) in terms of privacy. So happy to hear how fun Nashville was (takes the bitter sting of envy down a notch) 😉

  2. Great list, Abby! I would add that everything apparently stressed Paul Wesley out and the running theme of Ian’s groping. That came up at EVERY panel. Thanks for that, Gillies! lol

  3. OMG!!! AMAZING AS USUAL.. I so wanna live your life!! And the Twilight girl… Seriously!@! Get a smartphone.. Or an Ipad.. 😛 Im glad that you have a fun. And David Anders is soo on the funny list now… 🙂

  4. Betsy says:

    Awesome list as always!! Glad you had a great!! Sounds like it was fantastic 🙂 Also, read your review, very insightful, wish I could go, but it’s too far away. I’ll try to make it agin to the one we have in Spain 🙂

  5. Pepca says:

    Wonderful post as always! Reading it feels as I were there myself. I probably wouldn’t be as patient with the Twilight fan as you were. Glad you had fun and thanks for spreading it around for those of us who weren’t there:)

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