Reactions: Episode 3.01 “The Birthday”

So, that was a pretty solid season premiere! There was a jump in time, so we had to catch up with our favorite Mystic Falls residents (are there others?). There was some exposition, but there was also some awesome action. Can’t wait for what happens next. Carol, you can’t see me, but I’ve giving you The Eye.

With the new season, we’re also back with our reactions! YAY! Cin is a bit grouchy this morning (not enough RIPPAH), and Abby was crunched for time because she’s traveling today, but we had some great and insightful guests join us to discuss the first episode. So let’s just jump in:

Main Players: Cin, Christina, and Abby (SBH staff); Mel and Dayna (SBH contributors and friends).

Cin: Hands down the best part of the episode. BY FAR. Find one person who’ll say different, I dare you.
Dayna: Holy freaking shizzballs!!! FINALLY they pay off all the lip-service to Stefan having been worse than Damon.
Abby: How much do I love Ripper Stefan? SO MUCH. SO VERY MUCH. I love the stare. I love the casual brutality. I love Paul Wesley. I take back anything ‘meh’ I ever said about Stefan. I’m sorry, Stefan! Please continue to be evil. Be evil forever!
Cin: I haven’t thought Stefan was ‘meh’ for a long time, but I totally get what you’re saying, Abby. He’s just so much MORE than we ever even imagined. It’s like he swallowed all the badass pills that Elijah (#pullthedaggerout) left behind, they mixed in his pot of Stefan angst & made this deliciously brilliant Rippah stew. *sigh* I’m still a bit hot just thinking about it.
Dayna: I would ten times rather run into Damon in a dark alley than Rippah!Stefan. He is way too creative, and enjoys playing with his food far too much. o_0
Christina: YES! RIPPAH Stefan is SO GLORIOUS. I typed that with the shift key, y’all. THAT’s how glorious. I love RIPPAH Stefan so much. So much it hurts me. And let me just go ahead and mention Klaus’ fake accent. Awesome. I want them to have their own show, just so I can see all the shenanigans like this.
Cin: YES! This is the show I want to watch this season. “Hybrid Factory.” Although, Klaus’ American accent just upped the ‘ex-husband’ factor in my brain, but you know what. I’m getting over it. It was so awesome & I totally loved it.
Dayna: I expected the red-shirts, but ANDIE!!! Welcome back An– oh, nevermind.
Christina: I KNOW! I actually thought the beginning was going to be like one of those camping openers of which we had so many, but nope! RIPPAH’D! But yeah, Andie. Sad? I honestly never had an emotional attachment to her. Hey, just like Damon!
Dayna: LOL! I think even he was like, “Dayum” at that, though.
Cin: For the record, I expected Andie die. Too bad we removed the ‘Horror Movie Moment’ square on #VDBingo too, because her pre-death scene in the TV studio would have gotten high marks. There was nothing I didn’t love about Rippah Stefan in the scene with Andie though. HAWT.
Mel: RIPPAH Stefan is for sure glorious! And hot as hell! I agree about the Andie thing too. It was kind of an “Oh shit!” moment, but I don’t really care that she died, haha.
Dayna: I won’t miss HER so much, but I think they wasted some potential with the character last season. I wonder if this is supposed to be payback for Lexi. If so, Stefan’s off; it’s not like Damon really cared anything about her.
Mel: Well that’s something to think about! But I don’t think that’s what that was because like you said, Stefan would have been off. Stefan knew that he didn’t really care about Andie all that much I think he just thought that was the only way to get Damon to stop searching for him, but I think we all know that won’t stop Damon.
Dayna: And this is Stefan NOT having flipped the switch? Although, if vampires are only able to do that for the first couple hundred years, he hasn’t got too long left before he’s not going to be able to shut the feelings down.
Abby: I liked Andie’s death. Not because it was pretty or anything, but because it was so very sad, brutal, so thoughtless. So UN-STEFAN. Stefan once accused Damon of making her a wind-up toy, and then there she was on the floor – a broken toy.
Cin: I LOVED the symbolism of it all. And yes, he could have torn her limb from limb, but he didn’t. She became Stefan’s wind up toy in the end. It was awesome.
Christina: I agree. Her death was poetic. Damon used her for his purposes, and then Stefan did.
Dayna: I wonder when/if Elena will find out about how/why Andie died. That would make the “Stefan is gone” thing more immediate and more personal.
Abby: Stefan’s last scene wrecked me. I expected him to say ‘happy birthday’ but his silence was more eloquent. Paul Wesley is a damn fine actor, and Nina Dobrev was perfect in that moment. Break my heart, why don’t you? So sad.
Christina: Totally. Even after the entire summer, the sight of the STEARS still gets to me just as fiercely as if I’d spent an entire season with him already. I can’t handle it. I love Paul Wesley so much. He’s so perfect. *sigh* *swoon* *wibble* *cries*
Cin: The STEARS crushed me, but I’m glad he didn’t say anything. Seriously ya’ll, I think Paul Wesley is going to kill us this season. I can already feel it.
Christina: Oh, for sure. I’m already dead.
Mel: I KNOW! Totally broke my heart. Even though that scene was so sad, it was probably my favorite scene from the whole show. And I have to agree, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev were both perfect in that moment. I just love them both so much!
Dayna: The silence was perfect, as were both actors in that scene. I can’t wait to see if Elena will at some point in the season come face-to-face with the evidence of Rippah!Stefan. It’s one thing for Damon to tell her the victims were his, it’s one thing to see newspaper clippings about bodies being found; but if SHE had walked into that house in Tennessee and seen what Damon and Alaric had… I’m not sure her relationship with Stefan would be recoverable after that. I’m loving the Rippah! storyline, but even with the STEARS I’m not really feeling sympathetic toward Stefan. I know the writers want me to, but…
Christina: Because he’s doing bad things? Maybe this says something about MY moral fiber, but I think the bad things are just so much fun. HOWEVER, clearly Stefan is having issues with all of that. A few times he told Klaus that he’s doing this as payment because Klaus saved Damon with his blood. To Stefan, this is an arrangement that’s going to go on for an indeterminate amount of time. He’s okay with that; he just accepts it. Honestly, I was hoping that he’d be having a bit more fun with it, but he really is fighting it. How can you not be sympathetic to someone who is fighting with themselves? It’s kind of like WoobieDamon from the beginning of Season 2.
Dayna: I don’t know what my issue is, exactly. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that, while Damon never pretended he wasn’t a monster, Stefan had the self-righteous thing going on. Also, we’ve seen Damon do some effed-up shit, but nothing to compare to the casual brutality Stefan had on display. Not that the two need to be compared to talk about either character; I just couldn’t seem to muster up a lot of sympathy for Stefan, there. I understand he made the deal he did with Klaus to save his brother, but Damon is alive and well, now. Is it truly more “honorable” to be Klaus’s Rippah! and kill a shit-ton of innocent people than it would be to break his word to Klaus?
Christina: If it means getting other people — like Elena — killed, then yes. Unfortunately. Or fortunately. Because I do love me some RIPPAH! 😀 (I’m a horrible person, maybe).

Damon’s Closet of Secrets
Christina: Obvs this was Damon actually feeling feelings about his brother and wanting to possibly keep track of him, right? But did anyone else get like a Buffalo Bill type feel off this?
Dayna: I found it interesting that he knew right off what he was looking for. It was a nice show rather than tell that Stefan has indeed gone on these benders before, and Damon is well-familiar with his pattern. I guess Elijah and Damon are both used to cleaning up after their little brothers.
Abby: All I know is that it’s just as well Damon wasn’t using this method to track Katherine or anyone prior to now, or Stefan would surely have found a way to avoid having sex with Elena in this closet too.
Cin: I liked what Damon said to Elena about the “search”: That Stefan would never come back in her lifetime. The girl needs to move on (my vote is with Matt) and Stefan and Damon need to come to grips with their own problems alone. I liked that Damon seemed to know the patterns, but has he been cleaning up his messes all along or staying out of his way? Me thinks it’s been a bit of both.
Abby: Damon and Elena’s new dymanic makes me laugh, and they play it well. I think they’re going to be grand fun to watch this season, and I’m glad the writers kept the romantic undertones fairly restrained.
Cin: Totally. I was worried about the Delena overkill or Damon being all ridiculous with her. When the only scene they gave us was the dumb bubble scene, what were we to expect? Oh how they wind those Delena shippers up… it’s almost comical. But seriously, they acted like siblings the rest of the episode and that I can live with. Maybe she can start to accept him if she isn’t put in a position to judge him. Of course, this is Elena we’re talking about, so I’m not gonna hold my breath.
Christina: I agree. Elena is judgy. I said it. Also, put aside the fact that she’s depressed and really not in the right mindset for a relationship, she really does go better with Stefan (though I’m with Cin on this. Endgame would be Stefan and Caroline, haha). But yeah, their… partnership works well, and I’m looking forward to their adventures, a la episode 1.11 “Bloodlines.”
Dayna: I would totally board the Caroline/Stefan endgame ship. And I still want to see an Elena/Alaric “moment.” I know, I know! It’s effed up, but there it is. In terms of the ‘main triangle’ though, I actually like the Damon/Elena dynamic. I don’t think they should become romantically involved right now, but as an endgame I prefer that over Elena/Stefan.
Cin: My endgames as of now: Elena/Matt. Stefan/Caroline. Damon/someone else, possible an original. BUT none of those things are even close to coming true and that’s fine. The thing with Delena is the baggage. He only opened his heart to her b/c of his feelings for Katherine – and some might say the same about Stefan, but that’s OK, because at least Stefan & Elena had a healthy relationship, IMO. As I’ve said OVER & OVER again, Damon needs to get past those issue and quit trying to MAKE this attachment happen. I’m sorry, but she doesn’t have that spark with him. Tell me one woman who isn’t lusting after her true love from the jump? Tell me one woman who doesn’t trust her true love? Who doesn’t respect them? I’m sorry, I just don’t see how they can ever work. Not where I will believe it.
Christina: Preach.
Cin: Men don’t change. That spark doesn’t change. Sure we could get into a huge BtVS discussion about the Spike/Buffy/Angel thing & how that did end up working to a degree – but Buffy changed too. And still, even though she grew to love Spike (and I’m a person who does ship Spike/Buffy on equal ground with Buffy/Angel) she was never IN LOVE with him. Angel was her true love. She knew that. Spike knew that. And it was sad that he resigned himself to 2nd place. I don’t want that for Damon.

Caroline, gurrrlllll
Abby: There are not words enough in any language to describe how much I love Caroline Forbes and the way Candice Accola plays her. I LOVED the interplay between Caroline and Tyler because it felt beautifully natural and real. Wonderful chemistry. Caroline Forbes lives FOREVER.
Mel: Just when you think you can’t love Caroline anymore than you already do this episode happens! The scene when Sophie said to Caroline “great party, Caroline.” And Caroline said “Thanks. Now leave it.” Was so epic! She is so awesome. I also LOVE the chemistry between Tyler and Caroline! I am officially shipping them forever and always.
Dayna: Between her telling Sophie to leave (with an extra side of compulsion) and her picking that guy up and moving him out of her way, she was the freaking HBIC at that party. LOVE.
Cin: I love Caroline. Like, more than air or good drugs or butter – BUT, I hate the Forwood. Therefor, I hated almost every scene Caroline was in last night. I was actually disgusted. I called this over the summer and now that it’s actually on my television, I’m just sick about it. She deserves so much better & more. She has become what she was before & I’m sorry, I barely think we had the right to call her “Vampire Barbie is Awesome” square last night. And that’s very disappointing to say the least.
Christina: The only reason I called it was for when she moved the guy at the party. It amused me to no end. But I totally agree with you. She’s regressing to what she was before she even became a vampire. I’ll admit that Tyler doesn’t bother me QUITE as much as he used to, but I still hate him. He does not deserve Caroline at all. And she deserves so much better. She’s feeling vulnerable, and she doesn’t like it. However, I was really glad that she pulled the ol’ creeping out in the middle of the night. I actually cheered her! “Yeah, Caroline! You banged him, now run!” Well, until…
Abby: That thing with Mrs. Lockwood in the end? HOLY DIDN’T SEE IT COMING, BATMAN. Well done Mrs. Lockwood! I kinda like her being badass, even though I’m going to raise ten kinds of hell if Caroline gets badly hurt because of this, but I do like that Mrs. Lockwood finally did something herself. I’m really looking forward to the Mystic Moms side story.
Mel: I did not see that coming either! Huge “WTF?!” moment there! I am very curious to see what’s going to play out there and I’m super excited to see what will happen when Tyler finds out what his mama is up to! And like you said, all hell will for sure break loose if Mrs. Lockwood hurts Caroline!
Cin: What the hell was that Carol shot her with? Have they given vervain coloring now? What level of vampire hunting is this & why has she been letting innocent red shirt sheriff’s deputies with young families DIE over & over again while she’s been sitting on it? Also, if she’s that smart, Elijah (as amazing as he is) never would have been able to get her off the vervain. Seriously, another ‘in the script’ moment to help facilitate this lame ass Romeo & Juliet bullshit. And yes readers, this will be a theme for me. There is NOTHING that will bring me around to the Forwood. Ever. Deal with it.
Dayna: I’m looking forward to the bitch-fight between the Sheriff and Mrs. Lockwood. Although if last night proved anything, it’s that Mayor Lockwood is a MUCH better shot than the Sheriff.
Christina: I wouldn’t be surprised if Sheriff Mom orchestrated the whole thing. I knew better than to trust her at the end of last season.
Dayna: I don’t get the feeling that the Sheriff set it up. I think this is Carol taking things into her own hands since, as of the finale, she didn’t trust Liz to do it any more. And it seemed like she wasn’t sure whether Caroline was a vampire until she touched the purse that had been dosed with vervain. If Liz had set it up, I don’t think the vervaining would have been necessary. Also, I don’t think Carol has any notion whatsoever about Tyler, so it will be interesting to see her get a little “those who live in glass houses” comeuppance.
Christina: She has no clue about Tyler. I agree about the glass houses thing. I don’t trust either of the adult women on this show at all. Also, I totally thought Caroline’s hand burned on the purse because of silver buckles. Oops. Getting my show mythologies mixed up 😛 (also, self, what kind of purse has real silver buckles?! Dumb.). So if Sheriff Mom had nothing to do with it, I hope Sheriff Mom’s been doing some target practice and takes out Tyler at some point. Ah, sweet justice.
Cin: We’re not that lucky.

Dayna: I kinda see Alaric’s point re: shitty guardianship, but that whole kiss-off was such a self-pitying douchebag move. Here, kid, you’re 18, and on your own. Peace out. I mean, WTF is THAT shit?
Christina: Yeah, really. I lived “on my own” when I was 18, but I was in college. I lived in a dorm. 5 mins away from a cafeteria that would feed me as many times a day as I required. I doubt I’d be able to really take care of myself. Yeah, yeah, Elena’s been through a lot, and all that jazz, but seriously, Alaric? This is why you can’t spell “comfort” B-O-U-R-B-O-N.
Dayna: You know what would make you a better guardian, Alaric? NOT running away and leaving the kids on their own. Suck it up, put on your big boy pants, screw the top back on the bottle, and sack up.
Cin: Preach.
Abby: I, too, was disappointed in Alaric. I don’t like drunk, self-piting, impotent Alaric. Can we please get our badass back? Thanks much.
Dayna: I rewatched this morning, and I will give Alaric half a brownie point for at least being self-aware enough to know he’s a trainwreck. It looks like he’ll have an opportunity to rethink things next ep. Another thing struck me with respect to Alaric on the rewatch: I felt like he WAY under-reacted to that scene at the Tennessee house. For one thing, it had to smell really bad in there. For another, I get that he’s seen people get killed, has killed some vampires himself, but to look at the scene Stefan left behind and hear Damon’s narration… I wanted more of a reaction. Do y’all think it’s just because he’s basically numb beyond the point of feeling anything (other than self-pity) right now?
Christina: That’s how I took it. I feel bad for Alaric, but get it together, man.
Cin: Get it together indeed! What was with that hair and fucking field trip shirt? He looked like a 15 year old with an hormone problem. Get a haircut, shave, and get some grown up clothes! You are Alaric Saltzman. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT! Also, what the fuck is he talking about “I pull it together at school” — really, sir? Is part of “pulling it together” polishing off a bottle of rye while at a party with half of the student body of said school, because seriously – just, no. *sigh*
Dayna: If there were any parents left in town, they’d be outraged.
Christina: Word. There are only 2 anyway, and they’ve got their heads so far up their own asses, it’s not like they’d notice.

Product Placement Jeremy
Christina: Facetime With Friends? Also, I really just created this section so I could say THANK GOD we were spared another week of not having to deal with Bonnie. There’s no amount of mental preparation I could do for that. I know it’s harsh, but I’m going into this season not wanting her around.
Abby: Jeremy is in my ‘wait and see’ pile. I liked his scenes, I liked his interplay with Matt. I liked all of those things but I need to see more before I can really make up my mind. I think he’s going to be an interesting character, but I need more time to watch him do it before I have a lot to say on him.
Cin: Why does Jeremy have a job? So Mommy Elena can control even more of his life? He doesn’t need the money. That said, yay no Bonnie – I’m totally with Christina on that & yay Jeremy/Matt scenes. Although, who eats ice cream when they get the munchies. Lame.
Dayna: Count me on the “Yay no Bonnie!” train. And yeah, ice cream for the munchies? Where are the Cheetos, the Doritos? How is the CW missing THAT product-placement opportunity?
Abby: As for Bonnie, I’m holding out hopes that the writers are going to turn her awesome, the way they did with Caroline. Lightning never strikes twice but I think there’s potential there we haven’t gotten near, IF she can stop whining and commit. Bonnie isn’t a sympathetic character, though, so it’ll take some pretty spectacular things -and I DON’T mean magic witchy juju- for me to really LIKE that character.
Christina: She’s going to have to pull a rabbit out of her ass or something for me to even consider MAYBE taking her seriously and feeling anything but contempt for her. I’m sorry. I hate Bonnie even more than I hate Tyler.
Cin: I agree that that’s gonna have to be a pretty big rabbit… but her & Tyler are about equally hated by me. Especially since he’s ruining Car for me, that pushes his points up to Bonnie level.
Christina: We should maybe talk about Jeremy’s actual storyline here, what with him TRYING to tell Matt about seeing Vicki, and Matt being all heartbreakingly “I see her too because I want to see her.” 😦 However, at this point, I really don’t know what’s going on here. I mean, I GET it, I just don’t know what point Vicki and Anna are serving right now showing up to Jeremy. I’m patiently waiting to see where this goes, but for right now, I’m a little meh about this storyline.

Pimp Daddy K!
Abby: Klaus! Oh how I missed you, and oh, how very worth the wait you were. Joseph Morgan nailed it. He was fun, he was scary, and underneath it all were little glimpses of cold hard steel – the plotting, the master plan. I LOVED THE DARTS. I LOVED THE POOL TABLE. I REALLY REALLY loved the fact that nobody in the bar paid any mind to those two torturing the hell out of Simon Camden.
Christina: Haha, word! Well, they WERE all compelled (Wow, it really MUST have been Thursday!). I loved the darts too. They made me laugh. God, I really do love Klaus. Even though he stabbed Elijah and put him in a box. *grumbles*. But, Joseph Morgan was superb last night. Like I said in the RIPPAH section, that accent at the beginning, how disarming he can be when he wants to be. Jesus. I’d TOTALLY fall for his tricks. And then he goes and decides to make Simon his first hybrid baby. Awesome. Just… so many shades of it.
Cin: I totally agree. He sold it. This is the Klaus I was wanting to meet last year. It’s the addition of the Rolling in The Deep I think that pushed me over the edge. Even so, THIS storyline has been the only one I’ve been holding onto for satisfaction all summer, so expectations were high. JoMo met them, and then surpassed them. I totally loved it. And yes, like Christina said, he’s still on our list b/c of the Elijah dagger incident – but what he’s giving us is so glorious, I can overlook it for the moment. That said, I’m WATCHING YOU HYBRID!
Dayna: JoMo is ON it (but yeah, daggering Elijah was NOT COOL.). It’s interesting to see how he obviously is smart and manipulative, and has a plan, but true to his werewolf side, he is short on patience. I’m a little surprised he didn’t go on more bloody rampages while he waited all those centuries to break the curse. He’s obviously loving his little toy Rippah.
Christina: I was actually surprised that he didn’t join in on the eating of the chicks at the very beginning. I think the fact that he didn’t participate makes him scarier.
Cin: Word. Totally scarier. He likes to watch & honestly, I love that. It’s spooky but at the same time it just showed so much charisma. I’m sooooo going to hell. lol
Christina: Rawr. I’m going with you.

Random Bits
Cin: Can we talk about Damon’s hair? Because seriously, what the fuck is up with the shag? I know that some folks like Magically Delicious’ hair longer, but I’m not one of them. I liked last years hair and this crap just looked like a wig. A “Lost” level wig. And that way leads to devils.
Christina: I don’t know what was worse: his hair, or Alaric’s.
Cin: You’re right, it is a pretty damn close call there. Have the bromancers been skipping their spa treatments? Inquiring minds want to know!
Christina: They’ve been skipping for trips to the liquor store.
Cin: And what the fuck was Elena wearing to her bday party? A nightgown? I get that they wanted to maybe reinforce the pure heroine thing and that Nina Dobrev barely weighs 100 pounds, but come on!
Christina: Maybe she was just as bored as we were during the party.
Cin: I’m gonna be honest. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the episode. Heck, the only thing I was even slightly whelmed over was every single scene Rippah Stefan and/or Klaus were in. The rest of it bored me to tears. Second place goes to Matty. I think there is room for something there. The Jeremy ghost thing isn’t grabbing me yet, the Alaric soul searching was tired, the Elena moping and parenting was predictable, the Damon bits were kinda interesting, but the hair distracted me. *sigh* I’m sorry. I warned everyone I was going to be a bitch until Elijah came back.
Christina: I agree. The RIPPAH/Klaus bits were my favorites. I will admit that I drifted in and out toward the middle of the episode. I don’t remember much of the party, and I couldn’t tell you HOW we got to the scene with Stefan, Damon and Andie. It just reinforces my spiel from our Wishlist. I need RIPPAH Stefan on my screen at all times.
Cin: I think to make it through this season until they bring Elijah back we’re all going to need that. God bless RITD!
Christina: AMEN!

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9 Responses to Reactions: Episode 3.01 “The Birthday”

  1. Lauren Knott says:

    Klaus is so hot. OMG. I kind of have a crush on him now (don’t worry, Elijah is still, and will always be, my number one Original). And UGH Damon’s hair. So ugly. SO UGLY! Get that shit cut, man! I’m not totally sold on Rippah Stefan yet. Maybe it’s because he’s still repressing his guilt? I heard that around episode 3 is when he stops feeling guilty for all his murdering, so I think that’s when I’ll be ready to swoon over him. I’m also not totally sold on Forwood. Kind of ugh, kind of yay, I guess. Part of it is because everyone else seems so pumped on Forwood, and Forwood fans are just as obnoxious and arrogant as Delena fans. I don’t really appreciate everyone bashing Matt just for the sake of Tyler, who wasn’t even really likable until the second season. Everyone is so mad at Carol Lockwood, but I kind of thought that was badass. I am looking forward to Carol Lockwood and Liz Forbes fighting over their children (badass Mama Bears!). Anyway, Klaus, Klaus, Klaus, Klaus! So hot. He looks so cuddly, like you could cuddle with him under the covers. But he’d totally eat me :/

    P.S., Have you guys checked out The Secret Circle? Gale Harold totally reminds me of Elijah (I guess it’s the hair). I guess he can fill the Elijah-shaped hole in my heart. *sigh*

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Yes, I watched TSC, and Gale Harold had the hair before Elijah/Gillies. He is Brian Kinney for chrissakes! Also, even though that show got tons of swoonage and uptalk from everyone I know who went to SDCC – I’m much more interested in the adults there. That said, I thought it was better than TVD pilot, so it I take that as a positive sign.

  2. Gabriela says:

    I enjoyed the episode so very much. I had nervous breakdowns all through the day because I just couldn´t wait to see the two gorgeous Salvatore brothers again, and they didn´t disappoint me.
    I even loved Damon´s hair. I guess they had it a bit longer so the audience could get a sense of time having passed. Or maybe Andie prefers it that way? I was rather sad to see her go. I had expected Damon to catch her, when she fell, but no. It wasn´t to be. Quite sad. She was the reason we were introduced to a certain bathtub, and I shall be forever grateful for that 🙂
    And congrats to Paul Wesley. That was some fine acting he showed us. The telephone scene – it moved me to tears
    PS: I have been a Gale Harold Fan for a very long time (we watched QaF during our student years and just adored Brian Kinney -and his perfect hair!). And I just loved him in the Secret Circle. His way of portraying his character reminded me a lot of 1st season Damon.

  3. Sofia says:

    The Vampire Diaries is back! And with that, tons of great reading during the week… Again, great “review”, girls, I was laughing out loud and now I kind of feel the need to rewatch the episode to pay attention on the details…
    Quoting tumblr folks: “Everything is Rippah Stefan and nothing hurts!” lol What a fantastic performance by Paul Wesley! Maybe it was his summer wedding, maybe it was the great writing, I don’t know, but I loved it! And when I thought old cute brooding Stefan was completely gone, that last scene! And with that track… Gotta love that show.
    I was very pleasently surprised by Damon’s attitude. I so thought he was going to behave like an idiot towards Elena after the “kiss”, but he kind of put that issue aside to take care of more important problems.
    And Bonnie being MIA? Love it! I feel bad for hating Bonnie so much, since Katerina Graham is such a sweetheart, but it’s stronger than me…
    Amazing Caroline is amazing. She should win an Emmy just for that scene when she grabs that guy in the dancefloor. And I like her and Tyler beeing toguether, although I’m not that invested in the Romeo & Juliet storyline.
    And speaking of awesomeness, just write a spin-off for Klaus already. With Elijah. And Mason Lockwood. And Lexi. I’ll stop now. But seriously, he was amazing, taking things to a whole other level. JoMo (loved the nickname) killed it.
    Oh, what a start… Can’t wait for the next episode.
    And last but not least, congratulations to the site’s staff. SBH is flawless!!!

  4. Colleen says:

    Can we discuss the Caroline/Tyler let’s get it on scene? My BFF and I both said “Woooah! Are we still watching the CW?” Trust, we are far from prudes, but that was a bit much. Also, was there a botox peddler on the set? Because there were a few foreheads that looked suspiciously stone like.
    Great recap y’all!

  5. nat says:

    ” I just couldn’t seem to muster up a lot of sympathy for Stefan, there. I understand he made the deal he did with Klaus to save his brother, but Damon is alive and well, now. Is it truly more “honorable” to be Klaus’s Rippah! and kill a shit-ton of innocent people than it would be to break his word to Klaus?”

    i get what u mean..i mean if he breaks his deal with Klaus, Klaus will be hella pissed and basically destroy everyone important to Stefan including Damon and Elena BUT then if he keeps his end of the deal..he’s just killing a whole lot more innocent people. worst situation ever but this recap i read elsewhere shed light on Stefan’s character so beautifully:
    “But then you get down to the end, after Stefan has told Damon to step off, and murdered Andie in front of Damon, and committed all sorts of atrocities in the past hour, and he goes out to the parking lot and he calls Elena on her birthday, granting her one birthday wish (which he didn’t even know about) to know that he’s alive. Up to that point, Stefan had been relatively quiet and you didn’t REALLY know how far gone he was, but the second he hit send on that call, you knew the score exactly. Stefan is still Stefan, he’s still very human, and he still loves Elena. And he’s not badass because he’s running around killing people and following Klaus’ orders–he’s badass because he is doing ALL of this in spite of the person that he wants to be and has worked so hard to be because it’s what he has to do for the people that he truly cares about. You guys–I love that. I love it because it’s a hard choice and it’s a complicated choice, and I think that it’s really a challenge to delve into the grayer areas of morality and how far you would or could go for your loved ones. Obviously, no one would think that killing innocent girls is a good thing, but you can kind of understand why Stefan does it–THAT’S the intensity of his love. And you know, maybe this is overthinking it a little (but I don’t think so), but there’s not much in this world that’s truly OURS, that really belongs to us, but you do have what you believe in, and how you act, and the choices that you make, and so in that sense, Stefan has truly now given away everything that he has in this world to protect Damon and Elena”

  6. Regina says:

    Klaus’ fake accent was brillant!!! Loved it & it had me rolling, it was so funny to hear him like that!!! Stefan is a beast, he is just so good at being bad. & I agree that the end part was so sad when he called elana’s phone. I thought he was gonna say something like stop having damon tracking me, or stop trying to find me, go on with your life or something to keep her out of danger but he didn’t. that scene mad be cry.Tyler and Caroline make the perfect couple whatever anyone says!!! Tyler & Caroline need to keep that & next episode Tyler better help Caroline when he fines out what his mom did, Its gonna be on. Cant wait to see how that one plays out!!! & yep I agree with yall on Alaric,He needs to step up & get it together. & ok so i see yall hate Bonnie more & more everyday but yall gotta give my girl a chance, Bonnie is awesome. I cant wait till she gets back for staying at her grandparents place or whereever she was at!!! Im kinda suprised that yall didnt talk about the part with Damon in the tub & getting out & not even covering himself. Only having different items having him covered when he walked into different rooms. It was really asuming!!!

  7. Oh yes, agree that Elena’s party kinda bored me. Best parts was catching a glimpse of Maria as an extra, Caroline being a HBIC. Vicki totally freaks me out, asking Jer for help. Help with what? Poor Matt, though he knows things he still doesn’t want to know things. I truly hope Tyler and Caroline thing was a one time thing. They had both been drinking and it had been a really long time for both of them.

    I want to smack Carol for hurting Caroline, Tyler BETTER save her THIS time. I also h-a-t-e Damon’s hair. It WAS sad when Andie died BECAUSE Stefan wouldn’t let Damon save her, he had Damon pinned. It was like a broken toy. But I do feel Damon cared about her, in his own way.

    Alaric is just pathetic at the moment. And I could have gone without seeing Bonnie’s face. I am not a Bonnie fan, in the books yes because she isn’t judgy and she cares about everyone. By the way, who is Bonnie living with, being a minor and all? Grams died, she left town for her dad’s right?

    OMG RIPPAH STEFAN! Wow oh wow oh wow. I loved learning a bit of the history of him and Damon being aware of his pattern. Stefan seemed to be just as cold as Klaus but reminded us that he has a heart with that call to Elena. The pain on his face! And I am sooo glad that Elena didn’t make it about her and tried to comfort HIM.

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