One (+) Cap Per Episode ~ S2 ~ ELIJAH!

The most famous One Cap Per Episode has finally arrived. And because Elijah is so very special (as well as only being in 10 episodes, non-daggered) he gets TWO Caps Per Episode. How awesome is that? What’s not awesome is the fact that S3 has begun and that damn dagger is back in our lover’s chest. GRRRR!

I hope everyone enjoys the pictures I chose. I had a bit more trouble than you most of you would think. Even with 2 caps per episode, Mr. Gillies is just too damn charismatic and sexy for screencaps. He brings the swagger, squints & smirks to a whole other level. We here at The SBH absolutely ADORE him. But then again, I think everyone knows that by now.


2.08 ~ “Rose”

2.09 ~ “Katerina”

2.10 ~ “The Sacrifice”

2.11 ~ “By the Light of the Moon”

2.14 ~ “Crying Wolf”

2.15 ~ “The Dinner Party”

2.19 ~ “Klaus”

2.20 ~ “The Last Day”

2.21 ~ “The Sun Also Rises”

2.22 ~ “As I Lay Dying”

That concludes our One Cap Per Episode feature… for now. I like doing picspammy posts, so we’ll see what I can think of next. Now that S3 has started back, lots of fun stuff in store.

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13 Responses to One (+) Cap Per Episode ~ S2 ~ ELIJAH!

  1. Dayna Barter says:

    That top one for The Last Day… hebedeh… just… RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pepca says:

    Oh that expression on the second one for Klaus my favourite!

  3. Pepca says:

    Ooops, – i forgot “is” – is my favorite – I’m a little struck by all the awesomeness, sorry, you understand, don’t you?

  4. Anonymous says:


    (that is all I can say for now)

  5. rehabber says:

    He is one character that I agree with you on, there is not a bad picture or ep that Elijah has been in. I am as worried about him in the series as I am about my favorite Angel Cas in Supernatural. Why do they keep putting my favorite characters in peril? Just get the damn dagger out already. I understand Daniel is busy, but come on. lol

  6. anonymous says:

    My favorite is the one right above the caption 2.14 Crying Wolf – head tilted back, hair beautiful, combination smirk-smile. LOVE IT!

  7. Gloria says:

    Elijah. Yay!! Thank you so much for this made-of-awesome post.

  8. Tina says:

    That was lovely, Elijah really is the Original and should be mayor not stupid Carol Lockwood who shot Caroline >__<. One cap I would have liked though was the one where he has the little tea cup and goes 'I believe the term you're searching for is OMG'

  9. atsi says:

    hey guys i dont know if you know but elijah was on the secret circle for the first ep.. idont know if hes gonna be on again.. but u should go check him

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Your sarcasm is to be commended, but that said, why can’t you just enjoy the subtle awesomeness of both Daniel Gillies and Gale Harold? People non-familiar with Gale Harold (playing Charles Meade on TSC) have been saying this very thing since first seeing pictures of him and seeing the first series promos. To clarify, Charles Meade is basically a straight, witchy version of Brian Kinney, the character Gale Harold iconicized on Queer as Folk from 2001-2005. A vehicle for Gale Harold and honestly, the only reason I will watch every single episode of TSC with barely contained control.

      I love Elijah. Actually, love doesn’t begin to cover it. But honestly, I barely see the comparisons because I am so familiar with each actor separately.

      I don’t mean to come down on you. I get the joke, I really do. But I have MADE some of my twitter friends familiarize themselves with Brian Kinney so they would stop making similar comments. I can only implore you to do the same.

      • Dayna Barter says:

        Atsi, she ain’t kiddin’. 🙂

        Seriously, though, QaF was worth the watch. I’m looking forward to seeing what Harold brings to TSC. As for Elijah, that mother-effing dagger better be coming out pronto!!

  10. atsi says:

    ahh i didnt kno it wasnt elijah.. i seriously thought it was him for a second so i got really excited and posted.. i didnt even know that Gale Harold even existed..seriously.. so i guess sorry for the misundertanding

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