10(ish) Things We Want to See In TVD Season 3

Tonight is the night. Finally.

We here at The SBH are excited, anxious & a bit nervous actually (but SO ready to play #vdbingo with all of you on Twitter tonight!). We all have our own high expectations and desires for the coming season, but even if we don’t get everything we want, we know we’ll love it anyway. The show is coming back and it completes us.

We decided to do things a bit differently this week and all 3 of us are submitting our TVD S3 Wishlist. We didn’t merge lists. We didn’t talk about our lists. These are what we individually want. Abby is super busy preparing for #tvdnashville this weekend, so I took the load off and put the post together. I’m not as smooth as Abby “Keeper of the Awesome” Graham, but hopefully you’ll enjoy!

10(ish) Things We Want to See In TVD Season 3

~ Abby ~

7. For Matt to get a break. Just one break. Even like an ice cream
cone or a day to sleep late or something.
6. Mystic Mom Mayhem. I love both those actresses so much, I’d like to
see more of them.
5. I’m with Christina on the RIPPAH. We need lots of that. And for
Klaus to keep saying it.

3. Weapon Of Mass Elijah! (#pullthedaggerout)
2. Heart-snatches. We definitely need more heart-snatches.

~ Christina ~

10. A attendance-mandatory town Gay Pride Parade led by Caroline’s dad. I mean, HELLO, it’s Car’s dad! Where do you think she gets all her spunk and fondness for organization? Sheriff Mom? Bitch, please! But in all seriousness, I want Daddy Forbes to show up and be awesome, and refreshing, and immediately supportive of Caroline and her fairly recently-acquired fangitude.
9. Bonnie to die. That’s it. If you were with us for Season 2, this should come as no surprise to any of you.
8. Caroline, please! JUST SAY NO TO BESTIALITY! Gurl, you can do so much better than Tyler. Just because he’s there doesn’t mean you’ve got to hit that! Okay, fine, have a romp, but then get out of there. Also, make sure that boy gets tested… and I don’t mean for rabies. Dude’s been with Matt’s mom.
7. For Alaric to not be miserable. If that takes a new piece of tail, then I want him to meet a nice young woman who is maybe already a vampire (so she doesn’t face the threat of being turned) who he can fall in love with. Also, she should be immortal so she doesn’t die. Fuck it, let it be one of the Original sisters. She’ll be badass and beautiful. I mean, have you SEEN what that gene pool can do?! (Option 2: A badass Meredith would also be acceptable.)
6. More and more of Jeremy’s gaping maw. I asked for it last season, and my appetite wasn’t filled. Come on, McQueen, don’t let me down!

5. For Matty to get a promotion, and a raise, and the girl (which would also require him to get a clue).
4. To meet all of the Original siblings and have some really cool flashback sequences. If the two siblings we’ve already met are any indicator, they are going to be AWESOME. And they better kill someone, in true shocking, Original fashion. I vote Teenwolf. Or Bonbon.
3. Some KLEFAN action! Please! Put aside the fact that it would be endlessly entertaining, it would be totally fucking hot. AMIRIGHT?! Just LOOK at them. Plus, these two TOTES have history. Remember how Klaus knew about Stefan’s previous RIPPAH days? Yeah, Klaus was so a part of that. And you know taking in that much human blood makes you lusty in other ways than just for more blood. These two are Rolling so far in the Deep, I’m getting all worked up just thinking about it.

'We could have had it all...'

2. RIPPAH Stefan on my screen pretty much at all times. If I can’t have Elijah on my TV (and someone better #pullthedaggerout before the Winter hiatus), then I want suave, sexy, holy-shit-I-think-I-might-faint RIPPAH Stefan. The passion. That danger. The questionable morals. THOSE eyes. Always and forever. Stefan, call me; I’m yours.
1. ELIJAH! I swear, they better get him out of that box, and fast, before I strangle someone. I could wax poetic about Elijah all goddamn day. It was such a surprise to meet him in episode 2.08, and for me to fall completely head over fucking heels in love with him before that episode was even over. He showed us what a REAL vampire can be like. He’s polite, quiet, reserved, and so ridiculously smoldering, I sometimes forget my own name. And then, OH THEN, he was just TAKEN away from us! Like three times! Unacceptable. He needs to be taken out of his box pronto. Our gang needs his expertise! More importantly, I need the Gillies on my TV screen again! MAKE IT HAPPEN, PEOPLE.

~ Cin ~

11. Bonnie needs to die. She’s a terrible excuse for a witch and I’m sick and tired of her keeping a pulse just because she’s the token everything on this show. She needs a mentor who knows what is what, and to stop walking around being such a judgy little thing. Come on, I KNOW I wasn’t the only one who was hoping the “consequences” for Jeremy being saved was Bonnie to bite it. I know better.
10. Matt to find a purpose & some peace. Maybe his long lost Dad could come into town and look just like Josh Holloway. Maybe he realizes that he wants to be a real player in these MF games and takes some aggressive action like we saw hinted at in 2.21. Don’t be a victim or a follower Matty/Peeta. We know you are better than that. And for CHRIST’S SAKE keep Car away from that dog. *spits*
9. Damon needs to stop trying to make Delena happen. I don’t “hate” Delena but I don’t love it either. And the reasons why are all over every Reaction post we’ve ever done here at The SBH. Damon deserves to be loved by someone who accepts him. Who will be his partner. Who doesn’t want to change him. Sure I want Damon to face his demons and reach his fullest potential, but pinning over women who don’t respect or truly love him isn’t the way. I know Rose didn’t have a massive following until her last episode, but I never disliked her. She was a good partner for Damon. She accepted him and worked with him and was loyal. She didn’t preach to him. She just liked him for him. That’s what Damon needs so he can stop all this moping about and temper tantrums. Also, R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I’m sorry, but the fact that he doesn’t respect Elena (and vice versa) is a huge recurring theme on this show. That’s not love. That’s not even a healthy friendship.
8. Elena to be single and/or quit being the center of everyone’s universe. I’ll admit that the Stelena gets to me. But I think even it has run its course. I’d like for Elena to quit being the glue that keeps the entire show going. To quote Rose in 2.11: “Save Elena. Protect Elena. All things Elena.” Yeah show, we get it, Elena’s the heroine. But guess what? I’m bored with it. Let’s move on shall well?
7. Meredith. Why isn’t Meredith in Mystic Falls? With the dwindling number of human characters this question plagues me more and more. We don’t just need Meredith, we need Meredith to come with a group of siblings and cousins. Shit, she could be MEREDITH FELL! It would be so easy to introduce another founding family that we don’t know much about who could be worked into the show seemlessly. Or heck, ANY OTHER KIND OF FAMILY. Let’s face it, they are running out of humans to kill. When you bring in a character for 3 episodes then kill them, it doesn’t impact the audience. We NEED characters we care about in order for the “shocking deaths” to matter. I honestly see this a huge problem going into S3. One that could start a slide in the overall quality of story. The stakes have to stay high, and to keep them high we have to care. As it is, the only humans I would care if they died right now would be Matt, Alaric & Jeremy. That’s an issue.
6. THE GAY! And I don’t mean just CarDaddy, I mean some real live boy on boy action up in here. You can not tell me that those dirty wolves aren’t doing the nasty. Did you SEE BraDie’s haircut? Gurl, please.
5. A Brand New Alaric. I know he’s been threw a lot and Lord knows I don’t want him to put the bourbon down, but boy needs a new attitude. I want a mad Alaric. A take charge, but with his brain Alaric. A sleep with everything that moves Alaric. I want the badass. I know it’s there just waiting to bust out. As much as I love his epic bromance with Damon and his relationship to the Gilbert orphans, I want more for our sexy schoolteacher. He needs a little spice in his life. Some adventure that brings him not only into everyone else’s action but making his own. I want to go “Dammmnnn, boy”, because if Kalaric taught us nothing else, it showed us that Matt Davis has it in him. Oh does he have it in him. And me wants.
4. ROLLING IN THE DEEP aka The Rippah Stefan/Klaus stew of awesomeness. The Klefan will be epic. This is one of the only things that I know is coming (at least a little) that I want. So basically, it all hangs on you, #4. But I don’t just want them to be bad together. Oh, no. I want them to be good too. Very, very good. Like #6 good. Don’t get me wrong, my endgame couple is probably Stefan/Car (I’m patient on this front), but for now if you are going to be without inhibitions why not taste all the flavors of the universe. And let us watch. PLEASE!
3. Say NO to Forwood. *sigh* Why? I just don’t get it. I know that this ship has a ton of fans already and I know it’s going to play a pretty big part in S3, but I don’t like it. I WON’T like it. So loyal readers, prepare for the Forwood hate coming to a SBH Reaction post near you because it’s coming. In spades. Caroline is my heart and she deserves so much better. So much more. *shakes head*
2. Jason Behr. As an Original sibling. As another Salvatore descendant. As the new bartender. I. DON’T. CARE. I need this man on my television again and I need him in Mystic F-ing Falls. Now. Hell, I’d even take him being a werewolf and I HATE the weres on this show. As long as he doesn’t die and gets naked often, I seriously don’t care. I need this.

1. ELIJAH! #pullthedaggerout and keep it out. This man needs to be at the center of everything in Mystic Falls. I need the Gillies so badly that honestly, until he does come back to swish that hair, I’m going to be miserable. Grouchy, bitchy, and miserable. You’ve been warned.

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13 Responses to 10(ish) Things We Want to See In TVD Season 3

  1. Jessica K. says:

    I would definitely have to agree with you Cin. Jason Behr is a fine specimen of a man that had completely evaded my mind until reading this post. We don’t need him in his Roswell state, but a more snarky ass like his guest stint on Dawsons Creek. Add being a vampire to that mix and you’ve got one amazing original!

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      Girl, have you seen what he’s been doing LATELY? Watch Skinwalkers & The Tattooist & The Last International Playboy. You’ll see exactly the kind of benefit TO EVERYONE he could be to this show. Damn.

      • Jessica K. says:

        I will have to check those out. I must admit that I thought he had vanished into late 90s-early 00s actor obscurity!

      • Cin Salvatore says:

        Oh no. I mean, he hasn’t been like as everywhere as he should be, but definitely not vanished. Netflix is the Behr-fangirl’s friend. 😉

  2. anonymous says:

    I agree with more Elijah (miss him dreadfully). Daniel Gillies has some great acting chops. Let face it – the best lines on the show are given to the Damon character (and Ian S. does a fantastic job with them) but the other actors aren’t left with much. Look what D.G. has done with lines like “Hello There” and “Jenna”. When he told Rose he would forgive “you” the look on his face had me screaming at the TV – “Watch Out!”. He has to come back! I also am a big Klaus and Stefan fan. I loved the “appetite” video where Klaus and Stefan are looking at each other at the end. Also loved the smirk on Stefan’s face when he was pulling Elena’s hair. Klaus and Stefan – Hoorah!

  3. Vanessa says:

    I want everything you ladies listed. Mostly Meredith! I mean come on, TONS of story lines there. 🙂 Thanks again ladies for the entertainment. Looking forward to Bingo tonight

  4. Candy says:


    That’s all.

    Oh, and Klefan too. Tee hee!

  5. WOW. Mmmm time for a rethink..

  6. rehabber says:

    Jason Behr is a great choice, but also Josh Holloway would be nice eye candy. Bonnie needs to have something really bad happen to her, it would give me something to cheer over, can’t stand that character. Alaric is my favorite human on the show and I want to see more of him, but my top wish is for the DAMN DAGGER TO COME OUT OF ELIJAH.

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