Poll Results: The Most Embarrassing Item in Damon’s Room

You guys. YOU GUYS. We totally went snooping in Damon’s room this weekend before we left for the Hampton’s (we’re not really supposed to talk about it, but Klaus forgot to compel us. There was a lot of booze this weekend, and they don’t call it BLOOD Alcohol Content for nothing… Anyway, yachts. Plural. Klaus is one crazy mofo, y’all!). But back to Damon’s room… you’ll never guess what we found.

All of it. Damon has ALL of these things in his room. Like… I KNOW! We couldn’t believe it either. And like, Twilight has sticky notes in it, and I swear there was a page that had highlighting on it. I don’t remember which page it was because I was laughing so hard. I think the best part was that Damon couldn’t figure out why we were laughing so hard whenever we saw him. The jig is up, Damon. We KNOW you now.

Anyway, because you guys are awesome and voted in our poll, here are the top three embarrassing items you thought were most likely in Damon’s room.

#3 with 14% of the votes: a dish of water under his bed for the Orphaned Bunnies

Who knew that Damon could be such a softie for the Orphaned Bunnies, eh? They’re fairing a lot better with Stefan being away (not to mention all RIPPAH-y), but it’s good to know that they’re being well taken care of. Abby’s so proud! (However, if they keep doing THIS well, we might have to start selling them to a coat factory. Happy bunnies = multiplying bunnies, and we already have enough to babysit. DON’T TELL ABBY!)

#2 with 26% of the votes: a Taylor Swift CD

We thought we’d heard “Love Story” late at night.

and #1 with 32 % of the votes: the Twilight series (may or may not be stolen from Caroline)

We don’t know. He might have bought this himself. He seemed entirely too interested when he was reading it at Caroline’s back in Season 1. One thing we can’t figure out yet: Team Edward or Team Jacob. I’m hoping for Team Charlie.

Well that’s it for this poll. We’re not going to be posting a new poll this week because GUESS WHAT! We’re preparing the new VDBingo Cards for the new season! YAAAAY! So get your bingo markers ready, because we’re (with the help of the CW, of course), about to unleash craziness all over you! Be on the look out for the new VDBingo post in the next couple of days so you can request your new card. We’re excited. Are you excited?

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4 Responses to Poll Results: The Most Embarrassing Item in Damon’s Room

  1. Carina Maria says:

    oh no, now i have this picture in my head, damon sitting on his gigantic bed, watching the last song on dvd, cuddling a bunny and eating nutella. before he falls asleep reading twilight, in the background you can hear taylor swift.
    sounds like a pretty perfect girl´s night 🙂

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