Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Okay, we weren’t going to say anything, but… we’re going to be away from the boarding house this weekend. We got a super secret phone call — from a blocked number. Sneaky, sneaky — from our kit kat Stefan last night. I KNOW! Crazy, right? Anyway, he and Klaus invited us to come party with them in the Hamptons this weekend, so we’re packing up the house and heading out. We’ll be sure to report on any shenanigans, though. That is, if we don’t get compelled to keep them to ourselves.

Anyway, so we’re not going to be releasing any Quote of the Days for Saturday, Sunday or Monday (we don’t think you really want to read things like “WHOOO! CHUG CHUG CHUG!” as the Quote of the Days).  But we’ll be back bright-eyed, bushy-tailed (and maybe only slightly hungover) on Tuesday.

For our U.S. readers, have a great Labor Day Weekend! And for our international readers, we hope you guys have a fantastic weekend as well. Happy TVD thoughts to everyone! Only 2 more weeks until Season 3!

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