10 Things We Never Want To See Again On #TVD

There are plenty of things we love to see on our Thursday night visits to Mystic Falls, but over the last few years a number of items and situations have turned up that were so awful, so gross, or that we just got so darn sick of that we never want to see them again. This week, we acknowledge a few of the things that we do not miss in Mystic Falls.

10 Things We Never Want To See Again On #TVD

10 . Vervain eyedrops. Every single person who has ever worn contact lenses did the oogey-shiver with that one and we don’t want to do it again.

9. Jeremy Gilbert’s Corpse. Enough is enough. Snatch out our hearts if you must, villains, but don’t break them with that particular trick anymore.

8. A mouthful of wolfsbane. Because… I mean… just… EW, okay? EW EW EW EW!

7. Pieces of Campers. Alright, alright… you’ve made your point. Camping=Death. Got it.

6. A Martin Witch.
We just don’t like them, okay? We do not like their magic tricks. We do not like them burnt like sticks. We do not want them helping Klaus. We do not want them in our house!

5. The destruction of the Grill. It’s not so much the Grill itself we get upset about, it’s the destruction of Matt Donovan’s livelihood and college dreams that we can’t handle.

4. The torture of Caroline. We will reach right through our TV sets and kill. everyone.

3. Snakes in a Well. Unless Samuel L. Jackson is guest starring. Then it’s okay.

2. The dagger. $#%@!*& $@%#$#@!

1. The Moonstone. Good riddance to mystical rubbish. Destroying that thing was the only good thing Greta Martin ever did.

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9 Responses to 10 Things We Never Want To See Again On #TVD

  1. rehabber says:

    I would like to never see Vicki again, she was the worse thing ever for Jer. I would have put the dagger in first place, want Elijah back and dagger destroyed. lol

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      I must agree on THE DAGGER. It will always be my #1 no no. Elijah needs to throw those damn things into the Bermuda Triangle.

  2. I agree! If I could add a few more…
    11. BONNIE’S NOSEBLEEDS. I honestly feared she was gonna drip all over Jer when bringing him back to life.
    12. LOCKWOOD STAIRCASE. This thing has seen more injuries than a hospital triage. Carol just put in an elevator and call it a day.
    13. PRODUCT PLACEMENTS. I know it’ll still keep happening…but they are so comical in their obviousness…and takes away from the characters & the scene, IMO.

  3. Pepca says:

    I definitely second everything. Getting rid of the dagger must be a priority, though.

  4. anonymous says:

    Uh Oh! I enjoyed the vervain eye drops. Hmmm! May be I should get some counseling about this. Elena (she really needs counseling) and I could go together and split the cost.

  5. Gabriela says:

    No, please, no more vervain eye drops! I remember screaming when I saw that scene for the first time. And to second that: no more attacks on Damon’s beautiful blue eyes either! I mean: think about the bloodstains Pearl must have caused on that pretty antique silk sofa!
    I can agree to all 10 points, although the product placement sometimes makes me laugh and thus provides some comic relief in times of heightened drama.
    Other things I never want to see again:
    Kitchen knives being stuck in Gilbert bellies
    black birds sitting on window sills or flying into car windows
    Stefan having to dig out long dead family members
    silly teenagers binge drinking somewhere on the Lockwood property
    Stefan being stuck in uncomfortable school chairs having to listen to incompetent history teachers

    Instead I would just looooove to see:
    the inside of Stefan’s bathroom (I would love to compare it to another nice wellness oasis in the SBH)
    at least one of the Salvatore brothers finally earning some money (who pays for the house, the Porsche, the bourbon, the fancy soap?)

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