Poll: The Most Embarrassing Item in Damon’s Room

So, Cin, Abby and I have been thinking lately… Damon is a pretty suave dude. He’s always shiny and clean, well-dressed, and charming (sometimes to a fault). Outwardly, he’s a well-put together, pretty package (let’s just forget how he is on the inside for the moment). He has no trouble “convincing” a girl to come home with him. And once they get there, forget it. He’s got that California King bed, and a bathroom to absolutely die for. And he keeps it all nice and clean. But WHY? There’s no doubt that Damon is a minimalist; he likes things to be nice and neat. But what if he’s hiding something?

So we got to thinking… what if it’s something embarrassing? Something he doesn’t want other people to know he has. What could it possibly be? We’ve been brainstorming, and we’ve come up with 8 likely candidates. Which do you think it is? What potentially reputation-ruining item is he hiding from us? (Don’t worry; we’ll find it eventually… if we can ever get a peaceful moment in this house. Also? We should really get Damon to wear a bell around his neck or something. He is a sneaky dude. Anyway…).

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2 Responses to Poll: The Most Embarrassing Item in Damon’s Room

  1. It Ain't Piano Lessons Honey says:

    After seeing Gone With the Wind in his room, I suspect that his dvd library consists mainly of RomComs. Wouldn’t be surprised if Pretty Woman was one of his favorite films.

  2. Vanessa says:

    haha i love that a Taylor Swift CD is listed. DIdn’t Damon once mentioned “the ability to listen to Taylor Swift” 🙂

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