Poll Results: Episode Name Change

And we have our winners. You, the viewers, have spoken, and we have our Top 3 Mis-titled episodes of TVD Season 2. It’s not that the titles that TPTB gave them were bad, it’s just that based on the actual content of the episodes, we think the titles could have turned out a bit differently. So, here we go, eh?

#3 with 12% of the votes:

2.07 “Masquerade” | “Mindfuck”

Yes, we know it was actually a masquerade ball, and that’s where the title came from. But like Cin said in a comment on the poll page, I can’t even think about this episode without breaking into hives. From a recapper’s standpoint, this episode was hellish. There was so much going on, so many things to make us question what we already knew, what we thought we knew, and whether we ever thought we had even the slightest grasp on sanity. Plus, Katherine ripped out Aimee’s spine. Yeah. She fucking did that. Also? Getting her witch friend to link her with Elena so when she got injured so did Elena? FUCK THAT SHIT. I’ve delved back into my suppressed memory of this episode too long already. Somebody hold me.

#2 with 16% of the votes:

2.05 “Kill or Be Killed” | “Mandatory Town Volunteer Event #367”

Again, this title makes sense. There was a lot of werewolf/vampire tension, and if you didn’t… then you would be. We get it. But holy shit, man, another town event. When do these people ever get anything done? They’re always engaged in car washes, heritage celebrations, haunted houses, school dances, parades, movies in the square — and now a park clean up? We get that this town sees a lot of passers-through, so things might get tarted up a bit, but is Mystic Falls really in desperate need of public park re-beautification? The answer: YES AND EVERYONE MUST SHOW UP OR YOU WILL BE DOCKED YOUR RATIONS. Whoa, Mystic Falls. We didn’t realize you were like that. Okay, maybe that won’t really happen, but either way, I’m starting to feel like at any minute the interim Mayor Lockwood, Sheriff Mom and any other spare adults are going to start requiring people to meet in the square for The Reaping. *shudder*


Alright, I’m okay. And *drumroll*…. our #1 choice for must-change episode title with 22% of the votes:

#2.19 “Klaus” | “Elijah”

We learned a lot about Klaus in this episode. We did. And this was really the episode that first introduced our favorite murderous, no-conscience Werepire. But — and this is a BIG but — we also learned more about Elijah this episode than we ever had before. And we’d known him for 10 episodes already. And now? ELIJAH IS BACK IN A MOTHERFUCKING BOX WITH A GODDAMN DAGGER IN HIS CHEST AND KLAUS IS OUT RUNNING FREE MAKING HYBRID BABIES!!! In S3 we’re sure there will be episodes that could VERY FUCKING EASILY be named “Klaus” in which we will learn EVEN MORE about said Hybrid King because it’ll be — wait for it — FROM HIS POINT OF VIEW!! #2.19 was about Elijah. It was ELIJAH’S STORY. THEY #PULLEDTHEDAGGEROUT, for crying out loud. Even the most Klaus-y fans (Abb’s, I’m looking at you) will tell you that the Klaus revelations were supreme, but Elijah & Daniel Gillies… they MADE this effing episode. And that’s not just our Elijah-love talking. I think most of the viewership would agree. Gillies is awesome. Elijah is awesome. Someone needs to #pullthedaggerout AGAIN. And Klaus needs to get his OWN damn episode. Maybe we can call it “Elijah.”

Whew! So, there you have it. Excellent episodes, and excellent titles. They could have just been a bit more descriptive.

We’ll be rolling out a new poll tomorrow, so be sure to be on the look out for it. I’m going to go lick my re-opened mental wounds now. *whimpers*

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3 Responses to Poll Results: Episode Name Change

  1. ROFLMAO!!! You guys nailed this!!! Number one is deffinately my most favorite and the one I voted for. How can you call and episode Klaus and have all the information coming from Elijah… Klaus get your own thing… Or atleast and episode where you tell the story. We know you like to talk about yourself. Show producers help this poor man out ok!! 🙂

  2. Gloria says:

    2.19 IS “Elijah”. Totally.

  3. Gabriela says:

    The Reaping in Mystic Falls? Well, there are certainly enough teenagers to enter the Games! What a grisly thought…

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