10 Things To Do In Mystic Falls When There’s A Storm

Is Hurricane Irene getting you down? Don’t worry, we’ve got an extra special edition of the SBH Top 10 to see you through! You may be evacuating, stuck in your house or cursing at traffic, but our friends in Mystic Falls have their own creative ways to handle bad weather. Stay safe, East Coast, and remember: there’s plenty of extra rooms (and alcohol!) here at The SBH!

10 Things To Do In Mystic Falls When There’s A Storm

10. Play “find the body”. It’s like the world’s most gruesome Easter egg hunt. First one to find a town resident gets an awkward moment with her boyfriend!

9. Movie party in Damon’s room! The whole town can fit on that bed; we might as well use it.

8. Drink. Bourbon is an all-weather beverage.

7. Attack your enemies. Hey, they call it “violent weather” for a reason, right?

6. Ride it out in a coffin. Shove over, Elijah! We’re staying in here with you. (And while we’re in here, we’ll #pullthedaggerout.)

5. Do your homework. HA! HAHAHAHA!!!… I’m hilarious.

4. Lock yourself in the Salvatore Basement. You know one of those boys will get locked in with you sooner or later.

3. Help Matt Donovan polish the ketchup bottles. It’s not like they’ll let him go home. 😦

2. Preemptively banish Tyler & Klaus to the garage. Seriously, git. Both of you. Nobody wants to sit around smelling wet wolf.

1. Have sex. Except you, Stefan. You’d rather look through unused closets, right? Freak.

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9 Responses to 10 Things To Do In Mystic Falls When There’s A Storm

  1. Sharnelle says:

    as long as damon has changed his sheets (sweaty rose, sweaty damon) i’m down for that bed!

  2. rehabber says:

    Please no wet wolves, but I am with @Sharnelle, clean sheets and I will join you on Damon’s bed. #5 was very funny, just what is homework in Mystic Falls?

  3. It Ain't Piano Lessons Honey says:

    Glad to see that Stefan’s self cock-blocking abilities have not gone unnoticed. I would love to hop on Damon’s bed, and watch the big screen. Who wouldn’t?

  4. Jennifer says:

    LMBO @ ALL of these! And the comments!!! 😀

  5. Regina says:

    Yeah Movie Party in Damons Room!!! & Go Head & Banish Klaus!!! But Not My Love Tyler : ( lol.

  6. Gabriela says:

    Wet wolf – what a terrible thought!
    My favourite is definitely movie night on Damon’s bed. And in combination with No. 8, please!
    Although I would’t mind some time in the basement either. Whose turn is it to be locked in? My bet is on Stefan. Lovely!

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