Poll: Episode Name Change

Alright, kiddies. We’re back with another poll! This was a topic that we’d discussed a bit during last season — some of the episodes had awesome names. They were apt. Like “The Sacrifice,” “Katerina” or even “Bad Moon Rising”. Others titles, while pretty, didn’t seem to have much to do with the episodes themselves. Like “The Sun Also Rises.” We get it… but what? Like… what? So, we got to thinking… some of these episodes could probably use a rename.

So we call to you, dear readers. We want your thoughts. If you could rename one episode of S2, what would it be? Let us know! 

(Choose carefully… you only get one vote! :))

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6 Responses to Poll: Episode Name Change

  1. Hannan says:

    Haha”masquerade mindfuck” is funny but I’m voting sun also rises to goddesses

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      The “Mindfuck” option is kind of an inside thing for our fellow bloggers out there. That episode TRAUMATIZED just about every person who had to recap it. The pacing was so fast, and it had almost twice as many scene cutaways as a normal episode, and the dialogue… Tons & tons of dialogue. Seriously, just the WORD “Masquerade” sends Christina into hives & after her initial 3 watches & recap, has refused to even try to watch it again. I haven’t seen her this shaken up about something since Mockingjay.

      Yes, “The Sun Also Rises”… I mean, what? I mean at the end the sun came up and they had to face a new day after a horrific tragedy, but still. 90% of the episode was in darkness and the entire thing was full of despair. Those Goddesses gave their lives for Klaus, they deserve their due!

  2. Gabriela says:

    I like the “Roadtrip”. Every episode with a roadtrip has been a great one so far, so please, let’s acknowledge that!
    The whole poll got me thinking. How about “The Descent” (well, no one is climbing down mountains in it – oh, it is meant metaphorically… or from a medical point of view…) turning into “toil and trouble”?
    And please don’t change the names of the last two episodes. I studied English lit in a very distant past, and when both Hemingway and W. Faulkner novel titles were announced I had a dance at the office telling my colleagues that (YES!) here is my reason for watching: VD is worthy of the Literature Nobel Prize!

    • Cin Salvatore says:

      You have a point about “The Descent”, I guess I kind of got that because it was about Damon’s descent into darkness and clarity during/after Rose. Other names would have definitely been more clear like “Existential Crisis”.

      I GET the reference on “TSAR”, but even then I can’t get behind it’s usage for THAT episode. Honestly, that episode and “Klaus” ((because let’s be REAL. That episode was soooooooooooooooooooo Elijah’s episode – and it got my vote)) are what made this poll come to fruition.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I voted “Klaus” -> “Elijah” because that was definitely the episode where I fell hard for him (and started watching TVD again).

    But hey, it’s all good. If an episode named “Klaus” featured Elijah in half of the entire episode’s screentime, my mind is blown imagining how much screentime Elijah would get in an episode named “Elijah”.

    (And they’d better not return the favour by getting Klaus to tell Elijah’s story and dominate the screentime….*glares at writers* NO, just….no)

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