Quote of the Day ~ 8/14/11

2.01 ~ “The Return”

Stefan: Don’t flirt with me Katherine. I’m not Damon, I haven’t spent 145 years obsessed with you.
Katherine: Yeah, well based on your choice of women I’d say otherwise. Though I’ll admit, it did bother me that you’d fallen in love with someone else.
Stefan: Oh, I was never in love with you, Katherine. You compelled me. So none of my feelings were real.
Katherine: Believe what you want Stefan, but I know the truth. And deep down so do you.
Stefan: The truth? Well, the truth is you’re the same lying, selfish, manipulative bitch that you’ve always been. So whatever it is that brought you here, let’s just get on with it and leave town. Because if you don’t, I will hunt you down and rip your heart out.

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