One Cap Per Episode ~ S1 ~ Caroline

This weeks “One Cap Per Episode” is dedicated to the the wonderfully awesome Caroline Forbes. Centered exclusively in S1, this is before Miss Mystic Falls 2010 was transformed into our beloved Vampire Barbie.

In Season 1 Caroline was very hit or miss with the public. Personally, I always loved her. Candice Accola has such honesty that even when Caroline is being a typical shallow teenage dream, she had so much spunk. And now, well, you all know how amazing she is. It’s all part of the package. 😉

1.01 ~ “Pilot”

1.02 ~ “The Night of the Comet”

1.03 ~ “”Friday Night Bites””

1.04 ~ ” “Family Ties””

1.05 ~ “You’re Undead To Me”

1.07 ~ “Haunted”

1.08 ~ “162 Candles”

1.09 ~ “History Repeating”

1.10 ~ “The Turning Point”

1.12 ~ “Unpleasantville”

1.14 ~ “Fool Me Once”

1.15 ~ “A Few Good Men”

1.16 ~ “There Goes the Neighborhood”

1.17 ~ “Let the Right One In”

1.19 ~ “Miss Mystic Falls”

1.21 ~ “Isobel”

1.22 ~ “Founder’s Day”

Next Friday: S1 Elena Gilbert!

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One Response to One Cap Per Episode ~ S1 ~ Caroline

  1. rehabber says:

    In season one I disliked Caroline almost as much as I did Bonnie, but WOW, S2 came along and she is one of my favorites. Still not a Bonnie fan.

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